A Second Chance
By: Tickie
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This is a story of love between two men. As such there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 15

Morning came and the day was filled with turmoil. Mike and JC went out checking the ranch, and Clyde was busy, getting ready for the party.

Greg came out and we worked on the plans for the new construction on the ranch, along with other company business, which would never stop.

Greg and I also went over the guest list for the party, making sure that only those that were comfortable with JCs and my sexuality would be there ... we didnt want any unpleasantness spoiling our special day.

It looked like we were going to have a guest list of about seventy-five to eighty people present. Later, Greg let Clyde know the number, but in plenty of time for the final preparations.

Saturday ended after a wonderful prime rib dinner with all the trimmings.

JC, Mike, and I talked well into the evening, mostly just small talk, but quite a bit about the new ranch operations. I was very pleased with Mike and his ideas.

I was getting horny, because we seemed to be too busy for making love, so I said to JC, "Hon, can we go to bed now? I need you."

JC said in a hurry, "Mike, if you want to just watch TV or make any phone calls, just use the phone in my office. Theres a TV in the guestroom. But you can stay in the living room if you want to. Fuck! Just make yourself at home, bud!" He then looked at me, saying, "Im coming love." Grinning at Mike as he left the room, knowing Mike knew exactly what was going to happen.

JC and I undressed each other as soon as we got into the bedroom, and headed for the shower. We washed each other totally, then dried, trying not to get the other off, but we were both so horny that, it was hard to keep from climaxing in the shower. But we both wanted to be on the bed tonight.

I took JCs hand and we got onto the bed but this time I wanted JC inside me. So I turned onto my stomach and said, "Lil Cowboy, take me tonight; Im all yours forever."

JC took the tube of KY, and worked up my crack and my rosebud, working first one finger in, and playing with my love nut, causing me to moan; "Careful love, or Ill shoot too soon." Then he slowed down, working his way up to three fingers, all the while stroking his own cock, until I was ready. I then got up on my knees giving him complete access to my rosebud. Then I felt him pressing his manhood into my hole, until I could feel his balls slapping my butt. I had learned from him that rocking back and forth, in rhythm with him, was pure ecstasy. He was stroking my cock, and it was driving me wild, I told him "God! Im so closeee, Im cominggg I shot my load onto the bed and all over JCs hand.

JC moaned, "Oh, God! I am ready; oh shittt! Im cominggg When I shot my load, my ass muscle squeezed his cock so hard he thought his manhood was going to break. We just collapsed onto each other. He kissed my back and began working his way around me; then he rolled me over so he could kiss me, and make love to me face to face. We fell asleep on top of the bed, totally spent, and naked.

The big day had arrived; we woke with someone knocking on our bedroom door.

JC yelled out, "Who is it?"

I was trying to pull some covers over us, but that was useless. We were still lying on top of the bed, both with our morning hardons. I looked at JC.

JC yelled again, "Who is it?" I was blushing not knowing if they would just walk in or not.

"It's Clyde; breakfast will be ready in about thirty minutes. I need to get things going for the party."

JC replied, "Okay, Clyde; have you woken Mike yet?"

Clyde answered through the door, "Hes up and sitting outside, already."

JC loudly said, "Okay, we'll be out in a few!" He then looked at me, smiling with a warm loving smile, and said, "Good morning, love; it's our special day!"

"Oh, God, I love you so much, JC!" I leaned over and kissed him, our tongues pressed together looking for a place to play. Then, realizing that we really didn't have time for lovemaking that morning, I broke the kiss telling JC, I wish we had more time, my love, but we need to get moving. Remember though, after today well have all the time in the world, love."

JC grinned as he said, "That's okay, youre right, my love. We have forever, together, and dont you forget it. And tonight, well be alone again in our home." He reached out and brushed the hair out of my eyes so I could see his beautiful blue eyes again.

We took our shower together, because that's what we always did, and we always will, if were together. It just seems so right, and we both love it so much. We dressed casual. We would change into more fitting attire later. We then both went into the kitchen for breakfast, finding Clyde and Mike sitting at the table waiting for us.

"Good morning" I said, as I entered the kitchen, looking at Mike.

JC looked around and said, "Good morning, Clyde, and you too, bud." He smiled at Mike and Clyde.

Mike returned the greetings, saying, "Good morning to both of you, I love this ranch. It's so nice and cool compared to Arizona.

I just said, "Just wait until winter comes, and see how cold and snowy it gets." Then we all began to chuckle about what hed just said.

JC smiled saying, "Well, I haven't seen that yet."

We all ate breakfast, then we excused ourselves, so Clyde could prepare for the party.

Clyde said with a grin, "Thanks, and Ill have everything ready on time, Charlie. You three go do something and get out of my way. Please?" He laughed good-naturedly at us. Then he motioned us out of his kitchen.

JC, Mike, and I decided to call Carl and take a short trip around Casper, until it was time for the party, which was a good idea. It helped keep our minds occupied with something else. I was nervous, and I could tell JC was nervous as well.

Mike just kept looking at the two of us, with a sincere and heartfelt look about him. I knew in my heart that one day JC and Mike would be together, but I also knew that JC would never leave me for anyone else.

We took in all the local sites around town, and headed back to the ranch about 11 o'clock in the morning. We all changed into something a little more formal. At about 11:30 a.m., some of the guests started arriving. Greg took care of the guests. The place was decorated exquisitely. There were blue and gold crepe paper streamers around all the tables, which were also covered with blue tablecloths. There was a podium, and stage set up with a small band playing country music, which was a total and pleasant surprise to both JC and me. The party started on its own.

Clyde had set up a buffet style luncheon for everyone. Everybody just started helping themselves, finding seats at tables or milling about. JC went one way and I another, speaking to all our guests, some of whom, JC was meeting for the first time, so he was somewhat at a loss for words, but he did very well, and everyone at the party seemed to like him. Time passed quickly that afternoon. The band was playing and some of the folks even danced.

That triggered JC. He came up to me and said, "Lets dance together, my love."

I gave him a loving smile and said, "Okay, my love," and we danced a few slow dances, and kissed in front of everyone there. It felt so strange doing that, but everyone seemed unchanged at seeing us being affectionate with each other. It was about five o'clock, and so I took my glass and tapped my spoon on it, getting everyone's attention. When everyone quieted down to a low roar, I laughed out loud telling them, "JC and I have something to say, if you will indulge us for a few moments."

Everyone just clapped their hands for a few seconds, and then there was silence, in anticipation of our remarks.

I began speaking, "When JC and I started planning this party, we talked about having some kind of commitment ceremony, or maybe just exchanging vows, but were both on the shy side and we figured everyone already knew what this was all about and how committed to one another we are. But even though I'm not one for speeches, I thought we should say a few words to all of you." I turned to JC and he was giving me a bewildered look. We hadn't planned this; I was just winging it.

Then I continued, "First, thank you all for coming today, and for sharing our joy. You are all special to us, and we love having you in our lives. Mostly, I just want to say a few words about this guy, standing beside me. Before I met JC, I thought my life was pretty much over, that the best days were behind me. Then JC came along through a chance meeting on a flight to Paris, and woke me up. He gave me a new life with his love. I've hit a few rough spots over the last several weeks, but JC has always been there for me, supporting me, and loving me. But I dont just love JC for what he's done for me; I love him for who he is -- a sweet, kind, generous loving man with the biggest heart in the world. A few of you have had some problems understanding and accepting the changes I've gone through since loosing James, but if you have any doubts that this is for real AND a good thing think about where I was just a month or so ago and where I am today. The difference is JC." I turned and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "Thank you for loving me, Justyn Case Andersen. Please take this bracelet as a token of my love." The inscription reads, "With all my heart, Lil Cowboy, Ill love you forever. Charlie."

Then I placed the bracelet on JCs left wrist.

JC took the microphone from me. "This isn't fair. Charlie didn't tell me that we were going to make speeches." He took a deep breath and looked around the yard. "Before I speak, I would like to quote from a great story I found on the internet. It reflects how I feel about our life together..." He then pulled a paper from his pocket and began to read...

Excerpt from:



 aka "Whence Cometh My Help" R.S.V., A dramatic saga,

by Ritch Christopher, literary enhancement by Les Martin

Each new day is a lifetime. When we awake in the morning, we realize that we made it through the night and we've lived to see a brand new day. Millions will die today. Over half won't even be aware it's coming. <> Few of us ever really know what's going on inside our bodies. Will a minute piece of stored cholesterol break free from an artery and try to pass freely through the heart? We get up in the dark at night to go to the bathroom and accidentally hit our shin on the bed. Do we ever get concerned that that slight bump in the dark can cause an embolism and a day, a week, a month later, we have a heart attack or CVA without ever knowing what caused it? We drive from our house to the grocery store to pick up bread and milk, never knowing that some idiot driver on a side street is going to run a red light and crash into the side of our car. Freak and bizarre incidents which are life-threatening happen every minute of every hour of every day. Then, of course, there are the soldiers and sailors, fighting wars around the world. Do they go off to battle daily, knowing this might be their last day? No matter where or how you look, life has always been and will always be uncertain. Remember, 'Carpe diem'? Seize the day! I've always said seize the moment, make it count. It's not just an idiom when you hear, 'live each day as if it were your last', because it just might be. And that, my love, is why every moment we have together, every moment we share must count! It must be filled with meaning, with no regrets, because the next moment might not be there."

<><><><> End Quote <><><><>

JC then continued, "Thank you for indulging me. As many of you know, and some of you have just met me, I wasn't doing so well myself just a few months ago. I had no one who loved me, a job that just took me everywhere in the world, and still I was lost. I had no idea what I wanted or where I was going. And then by chance, on a flight to Paris, I met Charlie, someone I wasn't even looking for. He gave me love and support and a new life. It's a package deal and a pretty big package at that. Believe me when I tell you, that took some getting used to, but Charlie was there for me every step of the way." He turned and looked at me. "You have completed my life by giving me things I never even knew I wanted. Ill love you forever. Please take this bracelet as a token of my love." The inscription reads, "My heart will always be yours, Sweetheart, with all my love. JC."

JC then placed it on my left wrist.

I picked up the microphone and added this to my comments. "Justyn Case Andersen, you are now not only my partner in life, but you are from this moment on, a full partner of Lambert, Lambert, & Andersen, Inc. Yes, I want everyone here to know that. All the legal documents will be signed this afternoon as we have our corporate attorney present here at the party.

Both JC and I made sure that we got around the crowd shaking hands, and talking with everyone that came. The party was a huge success, and believe it or not, everyone seemed happy with the outcome.

After everyone left, JC and I sat on the porch swing, looking up at Casper Mountain. There was a slight breeze blowing, but soon the breeze turned into more of a gusty wind. There it was a crystal-clear evening, not a cloud in the sky except for a little wisp of cottony fluff up on the mountain, and in a moment I thought I heard James saying, "Well done, my love; you did well. Everything is as it should be, my love."

JC squeezed me tight, Its such a beautiful night and I just want to sit here and hold you forever!

I just looked into his gorgeous eyes and tenderly said, Me, too, honey; me, too!

As the night drew later and we sat there holding each other, not another word was spoken for a long time; we just embraced one another until I began to fall asleep. Then JC kissed my forehead and told me, Time for bed, my love! He pulled me up, helped me into the house and to our bedroom. He gently laid me down on the bed and began to undress me, ever so slowly, until he had me completely naked. Then he stood up and removed his own clothes rather quickly. Im gonna fill the Jacuzzi; is that ok with you?

I just nodded my head yes and grinned at him. He left the room, as completely naked as I was. Soon, he returned and helped me up and into the bathroom where we got into the hot water and began to enjoy each others body totally. It wasnt long before we were both completely drained and relaxed. More than just ready for bed, we were so deeply in love it hurt just thinking that anything could ever come between us.

As we both got into bed the phone rang, so JC ran to the office to answer it. Leaving the room, his naked ass was so damn cute, I yelled, Ill see ya, sweet cheeks! He turned and gave me the cutest damn smile I had ever seen from him, then continued on into the office. It just made me love him even more if that were at all possible.

As he entered the bedroom a short time later he said, It was Richard, and he just got home from dropping off Mike in Phoenix, and everythings ok! He then slid in next to me and I pulled him close and we cuddled up and drifted off to sleep.

In that twilight period just before deep sleep, once again I thought I heard James repeating, "Well done, my love; you did well. Everything is as it should be, my love. And then he added, Until we meet again. It was then that I sensed that he was kissing me on my cheek. It was so comforting, so soft, that I slipped into that deep sleep of peacefulness and content.

To be continued...

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