A Second Chance
By: Tickie
(Copyright 2006-2007 by the author)
Editor: Radio Rancher
Re-write Editor: Gerry Young

This is a story of love between two men. As such there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 18



Time doesn't stand still for anyone; the next several years seemed to pass much too fast for me. I would have cherished much more time with my Li'l Cowboy. That's not to say we didn't make the most of the time we had together. God, we did share every second of every day with one another, after loosing James the way I did. I wasn't going to let him out of my sight for long. I always felt deep in my heart that if an accident were to take JC from me, I wanted to be by his side so that we could depart this world together. I couldn't ever go through the pain of loosing another man in my life the way I lost James.


I'd already had a heart attack, and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. I was seventy-six at the time, and JC went nuts with worry, as did everyone else. There were so many visitors coming to see me that the hospital had to move additional chairs into my room, and of course JC wouldn't leave my side, so they placed another bed in the room for him. He didn't even leave to get fresh clothes or his toilet articles; he had Mike bring them to the hospital. He stayed with me day and night, never leaving my side for more then a nature call or a quick shower.


This was a wake-up call for JC and me, so I told him, there and then, "Mike loves you more than you'll ever know, love, and you really need to start thinking about him in the same way."


My god thought he was going to come unglued, he was so upset with me even thinking those thoughts. I still told him that I released him from our commitment. You would've thought I had just branded him. He got so mad at me; I'd never seen him so upset with anyone before. In fact, as I recall, the nurses came running in and made him leave the room for a while. I was in tears, for this was the first time I had hurt him so badly.


When the nurse came back, she had to give me a shot of something to calm me down. When JC finally came back into the room, he had been crying. I could see it in his beautiful blue eyes -- they were all puffy and red, and there were tears still in them. I was much the same, but for a much different reason. He came to the side of the bed and leaned over and kissed me passionately, then told me he was sorry for the outburst. I told him he had nothing to be sorry for; it was I who had started the problem.


The rest of the time in the hospital wasn't fun, but I did get to spend it with my Li'l Cowboy at my side.


Mike was running the ranch so well that neither JC nor I had to worry about a thing. Mike had moved into the apartment which had access to the ranch office. We now call it the Manager's apartment. It wasn't because of the closeness to JC that I noticed, most of the time; it seemed he wanted more privacy than he was getting in the main house. I could see the love he had in his heart for JC ... and me ... for that fact, but the love he had for me was more like the love one would have for a grandfather, and it was more pronounced after my hospital stay. I thoroughly loved him for that. Mike treated me like a king; any time he could do anything to make my life easier, he did it without question; but when he was looking at JC, I could see that there was much more on his mind.


JC, on the other, hand looked at him with `close friends and the old buddy' attitude even after what I'd told him in the hospital. Not once did I ever see my man give anyone the indication there was more. God, how I loved him for that, even though things were not as sexual as I would have wanted, but I was getting older, and desire was always there on both our parts. Because of that, many a night I settled on just taking care of JC's needs, and I could sometimes see the hurt on his handsome face at not being able to pleasure me as he wanted so badly to do.


Ben moved out of one of the hand's rooms and into the other downstairs apartment across the main entry into what is now known as the Forman's apartment. Both Mike and he loved their little homes away from home. Of course, I guess you could say that Mike and Ben were permanent parts of the ranch. Ben had become Mike's right-hand man. We also had ranch hands -- about ten to fifteen, depending on what was going on and the time of year. Come to find out, Ben was quite good at doctoring animals; I guess it was the Indian in him. He saved the ranch a tidy sum of money in vet bills.


We had about two hundred head of top-notch Black Angus cattle, and that sure made it nice for Clyde. He never had to purchase beef again, and we eat it regularly. His prime-rib was out of this world. Speaking of Clyde, he and I were sure getting older by the day, and of course he was younger than me by some years -- about twelve or so -- even though, our ages took a toll on us both. Yes, he is getting up there in years, too. I'm afraid that one day I'm going to have to find a replacement for him. God, is that going to be hard to do! He told me about a young girl well, in my eyes she would be considered young -- whose name was Julie, and from what he said, she was a great cook and housekeeper ... but I wasn't into thinking about that yet. JC kept insisting that we should hire her, if for no other reason than to give Clyde some relief. The more I thought about it, the more I gave in; finally, a day came when Clyde was sick with the flu, I guess. Julie showed up to take his place for a few days at Clyde's request. Bless his heart, he told her he would pay her for the work she did.


Well, when JC found out about that, he immediately put her on the payroll without saying a word to me and worked out a schedule with Clyde and Julie that they both were very happy with.


Julie didn't work much, as Clyde was a man of his word; she only worked one day a week, and she was happy with that. I guess it was about a week or so before I realized what had taken place. JC told me that if Clyde ever retired, Julie would be hired full time if she wanted the job. I told JC that I loved Julie, and her cooking was definitely as good as Clyde's, but if he ever told anyone I said that, I would deny it, for Clyde was much, much more then my cook; he was my companion and had been there for me over the many years I had been alone.


In addition to the cattle we also had about fifty head of top notch Quarter horses, some of which were blue ribbon winners in many horse shows. Ben was a very good judge of horseflesh. Each of us had our favorite horse to ride, but none that we claimed to be our personal animal. JC, on the other hand, started falling in love with a newborn filly that he named 'Darling'; he was like a new daddy with her. I was so happy he was taking to ranch-life and yet was still a strong businessman.




Back to the present, I was feeling extremely horny as JC and I were watching something on the TV in our white socks, enjoying our after-dinner dessert of Clyde's wonderful apple pie with ice cream. I just looked over at him and gave him a sexy look and his eyes popped open and a huge grin began to show, "Would you like to join me in the Jacuzzi?" I ask him.


"Would I ever!!!" He got up, came over to me, and pulled me up and kissed me, then, with the house to ourselves, he began undressing me right there in the living room in front of the fire.


I returned the kiss with passion; our tongues played together dancing with the flickering firelight; each movement of his gentle hands brought chills up my spine as his hands were under my shirt stroking my back, pulling my shirt over my head as I pulled his off as well. There we were ... bare-chested, and hugging so tight I was having a hard time breathing. But God, how wonderful it was to just hold him close and rub each other's backs; not breaking our kiss, we both reached between us and began to unbuckle our belts and dropped our trousers to the floor. Our pants came off with ease. We continued to hug and kiss in our undies, but soon we had them off as well. There we both were, bare-assed naked, except for our white socks, standing in front of the fireplace and loving each other. I don't know how long we continued, but it seemed like hours, and my hardon stayed with me all the time; and I mean ... it was hard!


JC backed up gasping, "Wonderful, sweetheart; you're looking absolutely gorgeous tonight." Then he guided us toward the master bath and the Jacuzzi, and filled it with sweet smelling bubble-bath and hot water; we were both soon standing in a mountain of bubbles, not even able to see each other's erections, but we could sure feel them without a problem at all.


"Sweetheart, let's take this to the bed," JC said, pulling me close to him, and planting a deep-tongued kiss on me. I returned it with as much passion as I could. Then he helped me out of the Jacuzzi and we each dried off the other ever so slowly. All I can say is ... I loved that little blue pill, even though the doctor's told me I shouldn't use them, but fuck em' I needed my man, as much as my Li'l Cowboy needed me.


We headed for the bed; I pulled back the covers and pushed JC slowly back until he more or less fell backwards onto the bed. "Slide up, Cowboy!" He did, and I crawled up over him, face to face; he was on his back and I wanted so bad to have that love handle deep inside me again. I lowered myself onto my Li'l Cowboy. All the while he was stroking my very hard member, sending those wonderful feelings deep inside me. I was soon riding his pole and loving every inch of it.


"Now I know why James called you his `Buckaroo'; you're a wild ONE!!" JC exclaimed with the most pleasurable look in his beautiful blue eyes. He then began to play with my nipples with one hand, while he kept up the stroking with the other. He felt so good inside me, I just couldn't hold out any longer. "Ahhhhhhhhhhggggg ... Ooooh ... I'm here! Oh fuck I'mmmmm commin'..." As I unloaded all over his chest, he smiled at me, and then his smile turned into something much more visible. Then groans of a lover, about to shoot a big load of love juice.


"Oh, Charliiiiie! Ahhhgggg ... I'm here, love; oh, shit, here it commmes ...!!!" He shot his wonderful hot load of love nectar inside me and I loved it. I leaned over, still connected, and kissed him, our tongues playing together; our arms and legs began to move and envelope each other as we moved into a full-body embrace. My sticky cum sliding all over both our chests. I rose up and looked into his blue eyes and said, "I'm not moving until morning!!"


"God, how I love you! My Buckaroo ... My Sweetheart ... My Everything!!!" JC just reached over, got hold of the covers, and flipped them over both of us. I stayed on his chest until we both fell asleep.


I woke the next morning to the wonderful smell of hot coffee, interlaced with the aroma of frying bacon. Good old Clyde was preparing breakfast. I was still laying on my man, our chests stuck together like glue; I had to hurry to relieve my over-flowing organs, as I pulled away from him.


JC's eyes popped open, "Ow! That hurts! What'cha doin', love?" He then started smiling and then continued, "Forgot we didn't clean up." He then started laughing and so did I, as I ran to the bathroom. JC quickly followed, and we stood there pissing into the commode together, playing the sword fighting game with our yellow streams.


"Honey, we're acting like two little kids!" JC yawned.


I glanced up at his face and smiled, "What's wrong with that?"


"Nothing, I just love it when we play sexy GAMES!!" He chuckled, then broke into a full laugh.


I reached over and pinched his ass; "Sure ... if I can do this all day?"


"It belongs to you, so have fun!" He wiggled his cute butt at me.


I just reached out again and slapped it, "Come on, let's shower." He turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Then we took care of the morning shower, shave, etc. After we finished and were both dressed, we headed into the kitchen for breakfast.


As JC and I entered the kitchen, Clyde said, "Good morning, you two; you look happy this morning. Did you have a good time last night?" He was grinning a huge toothy smile at us.


"Good morning to you, too, my friend! And, yes, I had a great time last night," I grinned back at him, "But I can't speak for handsome here!" I gestured toward JC, as I pulled out the chair and sat down at the table.


"Clyde, he was absolutely exciting last night!" JC chuckled as he, too, pulled out a chair and sat next to me. "You would have never known that he claims to be an old man!" This brought out laughs from all of us.


As we were finishing up our meal, the phone rang. Clyde said, "I'll get it, guys." He left for the office, then returned ... with a worried look. "It's for you, JC, and I am so sorry!" He sat back down at his place.


"What's wrong?" I asked before JC had a chance.


"I'd rather wait until JC talks to them, Charlie; Please?" He was really upset and I could tell it, and from looking at JC as he got up from the table, he was worried as well.


"I'll be right back!" JC stated as he left for the office.


JC <><><><><>


Picking up the receiver, he said, "Hello, this is JC, can I help you?"


"Hello, JC, this is Karl, and I have some bad news for you, but I don't know where to start?"


"Hi, Karl, just spit it out old friend. I haven't heard from you in ages. So what's up?"


"Well, JC, there's no easy way to say this. But your dad died this morning." He paused.


"How did he die ... and don't worry, I don't really care, anyway!" I was shocked, yes, but as far as I was concerned, David wasn't my father, anyway.


"JC, you can't mean that!" He raised his voice; "He was your father!"


"How did he die?


"I guess a brain tumor, from what I heard. For God's sake, he was your father, JC; you can't mean that?"


"Look, Karl, you know what he did to me, and I'm not going into that again. And don't plan on me coming out for the funeral, either."


"JC, you can't mean that?" It was obvious that he was upset with me; he was an old friend, and a good one at that, when we were just kids.


"Karl, please don't think the worst of me, but when he didn't allow me to attend my own mother's funeral ... well ... that did it for me. He stopped being my father forever. And that, my friend, is the final word on this. I am a very happily partnered man with a loving man. And I don't plan on being away from him at all. In fact, he is also my father ... in my eyes." I was trying hard to make him understand how I felt.


"Well, JC, I'm just so sorry about that; I didn't know what had happened with your mother. I think I'd have been very upset as well."


"Karl, not to change the subject, but is there a chance you could come out and visit us one day?"


"I would love to, guy; let me get back to you on that. Right now, I'm so tied up with my business and all, I don't even have the time to go fishing anymore." I could hear his laughing over the phone.


"Well, Karl, I do have to run, but again thanks for the information on David, and the offer is always open for you to come out and see us."


"I will try, JC, but no promises, old buddy. But I will try!"


"Again, thanks for the call, and take care of yourself."


"Thanks, and bye for now." He hung up the phone.


I headed back into the kitchen to find Charlie and Clyde chatting away, and I could tell that Clyde had told Charlie about the call from the expression on Charlie's face when he saw me coming into the room.


Charlie <><><><><>


"I'm so sorry, love!" I told him as he sat down. I couldn't understand why he seemed so unconcerned with the news.


"Me too, JC; I am so ... so sorry for your lose," Clyde said, almost in unison with me, with a look of sadness on his face for JC's lose.


"It's alright, you guys; it means nothing to me." The expression on his face showed he meant what he had just said.


"JC, you can't mean that NOW! He was your FATHER!" I raised my voice at him, but began to remember what he had told me many years ago.


"NO! ... NO! He wasn't my father; I lost my father for good the day my mother died, and that asshole wouldn't allow me to attend her funeral!" Obviously, he was upset, but not from loosing his father; it was just his memories that came flooding back.


"JC, you need to at least go to his funeral; I'll go with you, honey, but you really do need to go!" I was trying hard to get him to think better of his real father.


"I said, `NO!' and I mean it, CHARLIE!! Sorry to be harsh, honey, but I will not go to that monster's funeral; as far as I'm concerned, he can rot in HELL!" His gorgeous face was blood red with fury, and there was no doubt he meant every word spoken.


"Ok, love, but please don't be hasty about this decision, PLEASE? Just take a day to think about it, for my sake. PLEASE?" I still thought it would be better for him in the long run if he at least went. I thought that later in life he would regret not going, so I was going to push the issue as far as I dared.


"Sorry, Charlie, but my mind is made up, and I'm not going ... PERIOD!" He was getting redder by the second.


Clyde was shuddering; he had never seen either of us like this before and he was scared. "Please, you two, stop yelling at each other, for my sake; PLEASE!" That was the first time that JC or I had ever heard Clyde raise his voice at either of us.


"Okay guys!" I looked first at Clyde, then at JC with an 'I give up' look and a shrug of my shoulders, then looked back at my Li'l Cowboy. "I won't say another word on the subject, love." I picked up my coffee and took another sip.


"Thank you, love; I'm sorry if I got upset with you or Clyde. But please try to understand where I'm coming from on this." He, too, stopped then, getting up and going to the coffeepot, and poured himself another cup of coffee. Looking back at me, he asked, "Honey, would you like another cup?" I just nodded, yes, so he picked up my cup and re-filled it, placing it back on the table in front of me. Then he looked at Clyde, "How about you, old man?" He chuckled as he spoke, trying to bring us all back to a more ordinary and peaceful setting.


"Yes, please! And thank you!" Clyde grinned, "And what's this shit about OLD MAN?" We all broke up laughing, which was a good thing, seeing we really did need a lighter atmosphere in the room right then.


About that time, Mike came in, "Good morning, you all, what's up? I heard a lot of yelling in here from out at the barn." He looked worried, but he was a big part of the ranch, and his concerns were as much a part of the family as were JC's or mine. I just let JC do the talking, and I figured Clyde was gonna do likewise.


"My ex-father died this morning, Mike, to answer your question. And, no, I'm not going to the asshole's funeral." He was looking directly at Mike when he said those words. "Now ... join us for some coffee, and I'm sure Clyde can rustle you up something good to eat if you talk nice to him." He smiled at Clyde as he finished talking to Mike.


Mike was shocked at what JC had just told him. "My God, JC I'm so sorry to hear that." He was scared to say more, as he remembered the yelling he heard coming from the house earlier. "Clyde, would you mind fixin' me some bacon and eggs? Any style will do."


"You bet; I'll have'em in a flash." Clyde got up and started fixing some bacon and eggs for Mike.


"Just wanted to let you two know that last hundred head of stock is on the way to market this morning, and we did quite well on that bunch." Mike was smiling with the news of a good profit on this last herd of cattle we trucked out early that morning.


"That's great, guy!" JC grinned back at Mike.


"Thanks, boss!" Mike smiled back with a cute but sexy smile at JC.


I knew how he felt, but JC didn't notice or didn't show any signs of reciprocating the affection being shown for him by Mike. I just wished in my own heart that my Li'l Cowboy would start showing something more than friendship for him. I honestly wouldn't have minded sharing him with Mike, thinking. `How can I get JC interested in him? Mike's a real hunk, and JC's gonna lose him to someone else, I'm afraid. Could I dare just come out and ask him if he would like to share our love with Mike? Nooooo ... after that episode in the hospital, I couldn't risk another strain on our love for each other.'


So, I again let my thoughts drift away with frustration at not having the right answers for myself. But I will NOT give up on the idea of them being together. I would've loved the show those two could have provided me. But yet again, JC wasn't one to expose himself to anyone other than me. My thoughts were broken as JC began to speak.




Time moved on and summer had once again come and gone, and life on the ranch was wonderful. JC and I had just came back from a business trip. I was very tired, those trips were really starting to wear me out, and JC noticed it. He kept telling me I didn't have to go on them all the time. He soon figured out it was a useless cause, because I wouldn't let him go alone, and he knew the reasons very well.


Once we were back at the ranch, Greg and Carrie came out and wanted to have a chat. He and Carrie were talking of retirement, and asked if they could start looking for replacements for themselves. I told them it was up to JC and to speak with him about it, for I was no longer running the company. They told me that they had already spoken with him and it was ok with him as long as I didn't have any objections.


It was so cute, I almost felt like the father after the kids asked their mother if they could go to the movies or something, I felt strange but told them it was fine with me. They stayed that night for dinner; Clyde, of course, prepared a grand prime rib with all the trimmings, baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob; it was just coming into season (which reminded me of Halloween) and his famous apple pie. That, also, reminded me of when JC and I first met on the wonderful flight to Paris. I had tears in my eyes every time I thought of that fateful night so many years ago.


After dinner and everyone had left -- including Clyde -- I looked at my love sitting by the fireplace, "Honey, could you draw us a Jacuzzi tonight? I'm so tired, but I'd love to have a little fun, if you don't mind?" I gave him a sexy little smile as he got up to leave the living room.


"I'd love to, sweetheart!" He grinned back at me, leaving the living room for the bath to draw the water.


While he was gone, I went into the office and took out a special folder I'd been working on for the past several months. It was some things I wanted to tell JC, but didn't have the courage to do so at the time. It was mostly about how I felt regarding him and Mike, and his late father. I just knew it would upset him to speak openly about it at the time. But never the less, I wanted him to hear them, one way or the other, knowing that he would read them if anything ever happened to me. I was deep in thought when JC came into the office.


"The water's ready, love; what are you working on?" He looked over the front of the desk at the papers. I covered them and closed the folder and put it in my desk.


"Nothing important; now, are you ready for this old man to suck you dry?" I joked with him.


"Only if I can return the favor?" He quipped back at me with a sexy grin.


"Let's go, then." I got up and walked from behind the desk and he took my hand, leading me into the bathroom. He started undressing me as I did the same to him. Like two old lovers, we knew exactly what each other loved and enjoyed, and believe me, we always pleased each other to the fullest.


Once undressed and in the Jacuzzi, JC pulled me into a loving hug and began exploring my body with his tongue, while I explored his with my hands. He was rock hard; I just wished I could have said the same for me. Even the little blue pill had to work overtime with me, but it was working all the same. I was to a point I wanted to suck on that tool, so gorgeous on my man, and take him all the way down my throat; I wanted to feel his balls on my nose, and inhale the fragrance of him deeply.


"Sweetheart, let's move this to the bed; it's more comfortable for you, love." He stood up and helped me out of the Jacuzzi, pulling the plug behind us. Then we began drying each other, moving toward the bed all the time we were toweling each other off.


Once we neared the bed, JC carefully laid me down on it, and crawled on top of me in a sixty-nine position so that I didn't have to do anything but suck. Did I ever suck on him! Anyone would have thought I was trying to suck his insides out through his penis. He was so damn hard it made me envious of him, for I wasn't able to do it that well anymore even with the little blue friend.


Nevertheless, we continued and he was working on me while I was working on his manhood. It wasn't long before I felt him twitching over me and then he began to groan as I pleasured him and he pleasured me.


JC muttered with my penis in his mouth, "Oh ... I'mmmm gonnaaaa... come... SH..SHIT... here it is... Take me love; take it allllllll... God, did he come!  I sucked ever last drop possible, not spilling any of it. He tasted so good. I could never get enough of him, as I began to feel that wonderful feeling deep in my gut, that feeling that was telling me the boiler was still working, even if it was old and running out of steam. That didn't make a difference for when the pressure cooker was about to blow ... it blew!


"Oh, my Li'l Cowboy! I'm gonna shoo...shoot. Auggggh here it com...sss, and did I come, in not one or two loads, but in five. My God, it felt good, so wonderful, having my load in my lover's mouth, knowing we were about to change places and exchange our love nectar with each other. And we did; as JC turned around on the bed and hovered over me, kissing me passionately, our two tongues lapping at each other, exchanging our juice, and what a wonderful flavor it made in combination with each other. We just lay there hugging and kissing until we fell fast asleep.


I again noticed, as I drifted off to sleep, it felt as if someone had kissed me on my cheek again; that was the first time in many years that I had had that sensation, but it really felt like James again. But all I wanted to do was be with my Li'l Cowboy and dream.


During the night I woke up with the need to pee badly, so I was able to sneak out of bed without JC noticing, and I relieved myself.


As I got back into bed, "Honey, something wrong?" My love asked.


"Nothing, just had to go pee; now let's get back to sleep." I crawled back in behind him and snuggled up again. When I again felt the sensation, I knew it was James that kissed me, for JC couldn't have done that in the position he was lying in. I just smiled and whispered, "Thank you, Cowboy," and drifted back to sleep.


We both woke up and headed for the shower, with the smell of Clyde's cooking in the air, which always smelled great. JC was so handsome that morning, with his tool standing up for me. I just had to pull him into the shower by it, and help him to a nice morning release of my favorite morning cocktail. Of course, we washed each other and took care of the rest of the morning chores, so to speak. Then we got dressed and headed into the kitchen. Both JC and I said in unison, "Good morning; something smells good!"


Clyde just grinned his everyday smile, and replied, "Thanks." And then he continued fixing breakfast as normal.


JC went to the coffeepot and poured out a couple mugs, one for each of us; about that time Mike came in, so JC poured out another one for him and handed them to us. Mike sat down across from JC and to my right side.


"Good morning, everyone!" Mike greeted all of us with one short statement. He looked kind of upset with something.


"Good morning to you, too, fella! Something wrong?" I wanted to know, and I think that from the look on JC's face, he did, too.


"Nothing really, just one of the mares isn't doing too well, and she has me a little worried." He still had an uneasy stare, looking over at JC.


"I know you, Mike; you'll do all you can for her." I smiled back at him.


JC just kept sipping his coffee and glancing at Mike, and then at me. "Think we need to call the vet?" he asked, half frowning, with concern for Mike.


"Nah, I think Ben has it pretty well under control; that guy sure knows his stuff when it comes to animals. He's delivered ... I don't know how many, now ... breached births." Both JC and I knew that already, and Ben has saved the ranch some money doing it.


I felt something strange and became a little dizzy; then it passed, so I just gritted my teeth and continued with our chat. JC was looking at me funny, too; I think he noticed, but wasn't sure either. Then the room started getting darker...


JC <><><><><>


Charlie turned pale, then started sliding out of his chair. "My God, Charlie; what's wrong!  SPEAK TO ME!!" I screamed at him, jumping from my chair, trying desperately to keep him from hurting himself. Faster than me, Mike had a hold of Charlie's arm before he hit the floor. He wasn't breathing. I checked for a pulse. I couldn't feel one. I was scared. "Clyde call 911 and then the doctor, and tell them to hurry, please!" I screamed.


Mike looked at me; "I'm going for Ben!"


"Be QUICK!" I screamed at Mike as he left.


To be continued...

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