A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 11

Colt said again, "Hey, pop, what ya' doin' out here? Who's that boy?"

"Colt, please go get your pop for me, son."

Colt ran to the house screaming, "Pop, poppa Mike, come quick; there's a man in the barn with a boy, and I thought the man was you, pop!"

Mike and I jumped off the couch and ran to the barn, following Colt, as we entered the barn. Mike froze in his tracks and I ran into him. Knocking him to the floor, I couldn't see why he stopped. But Colt was still looking at someone other than us. I had to step over Mike as I said, "Sorry, love, why did you stop so fast?" As l looked up, I was stunned, shocked, stupefied, all rolled up into one. I was standing there looking at a spittin'-image of myself, 30 years younger.

Colt said as he looked at the young man, "Are you the man in that picture with Charlie?"

I was still stunned, unable to speak; Colt's question shook my mind, and started me wondering if he could be my Uncle James.

The man came up to me, and opened his arms hugging me, and hugged me close, and said, "I am your Uncle James. And yes, Colt, I am the other man in that picture. And Charlie is standing right here next to me, but I am sorry none of you can see him.

Charlie and I have been watching over your family, and we are very proud of all of you. Before I say anything more, you need to summon help for young Mathew, here; that's this boy's name. He needs something that only your son can give him, his blood is a rare type, and he needs a transfusion, right away."

Mike looked at the boy lying on the fresh pile of hay, that he assumed James had placed there, saying, "My god, this boy is dying; I'm calling Chuck right now." He raced to the phone in the barn, and first called Larry, and told him to get Chuck to the ranch as fast as he could. Then he called Chuck, and told him the story. Chuck told him to call 911, and get an ambulance, on the way, he should beat it there. So he called for the ambulance, too.

James continued while Mike was on the phone, saying, "I am sorry, JC, for what my brother did to you; you know we never got along very well, after he found out about Charlie and me. All I can say is he is paying for his actions now, as much as your son's biological father is. And I am sure the same fate will befall Mathew's foster parents, for they are the ones that did this to him. Charlie and I both want you to accept him as your own, as you did Colt. Love him as much, as you have Colt, for he needs you all, and above all, love each other. You have a truly blessed family. Take care of them, and they will take care of you. I have to go soon, I can only be seen here on earth once, and this is my time to shine upon your family." Then he motioned for all of us to stand close to Mathew, and we did, then he hugged us all. When he started to leave, just then, I felt a kiss on my cheek, but James was too far away to have done it. James smiled and said, "Charlie still loves you, as much as ever, and we all will be together again one day." As he started to leave He said, "Everything will be all right!" Then he walked into the night, never to be seen again.

There were so many tears, so many questions I wanted to ask him, but he was gone.

Just then Larry pulled up with Chuck, but no ambulance, as yet, so Chuck ran in and started to work on Mathew.

I said, "Chuck, I know you aren't going to believe us, but James and Charlie were here tonight. James told me that Mathew needed a blood transfusion, that only Colt could provide. I know that's hard to believe, but please, Chuck, if the boy needs it..."

Colt spoke up and said, "If he needs my blood, I will give him all I can, I don't want him to die." Colt was crying now, and so were most of us.

Chuck said, "From what I can see, he needs blood, alright, he has been hurt very badly. Bring me that bag Colt, would you please?" Colt ran, to get the bag, and brought it back to him. "This is so unethical, doing a transfusion, without checking for a blood type and cross match, but he will die, without it. Colt, please come here, son, and lie down here next to him." Chuck opened his bag, and pulled out a plastic tube, and some needles, first cleaning Mathew's arm, and then, inserting the needle, then he said, "Colt, this might hurt a little, son," as he inserted the needle into Colt's arm. He removed the clamp and the liquid life began to flow from Colt into Mathew. About this time, the ambulance arrived, and the paramedics came in. Chuck told them what was going on, and for them to load both boys into the ambulance, saying, "Colt here should be able to walk into the ambulance, for now. We need to get to the hospital as fast as you possibly can. JC, you and Mike can follow us there, ok?"

"We sure will, Chuck." Mike, Larry and I, headed for the hospital.

By the time we arrived, I had completely filled Harvey in, on what had just taken place at the ranch, and that we were now on our way to the hospital. Harvey told me if I needed him there, to just call him back, and he would come over. There wasn't much he could do right then, however. I thanked him and told him I would call him back if I needed to.

Arriving at the hospital, we found that we were met by Andy Higgans, and a police detective named, Lt. Lawson.

Andy spoke, "Hello, Mr. Andersen, I heard some terrible news about Mathew; we have been having problems with his foster parents, since they found out the boy was gay. However, I never in my life expected this to happen, or I would have had him out of there, a long time ago. May I ask you to tell Lt. Lawson and me just what happened tonight?

Mike spoke saying, "All we can tell you is that our son, Colt, is in there right now giving him his blood, and Dr. Lomer is with him."

Andy spoke, "What? Colt's blood and Mathew's are the same!" He was truly shocked; you could see it in his face.

I said, "I guess so; Chuck, our doctor, started the transfusion in our barn. Why are you so shocked, by the fact that Colt and Mathew are the same blood type?"

Andy opened his folder looking through some papers, then said, "Because blood type AB- cross match Tc(a-) is so rare that the national blood bank can not keep it in stock, usually. Mathew is indeed a lucky boy, and may I add, so is Colt." He just shook his head, and so did Lt. Lawson.

I was shocked at what he had just said, for like a jolt of lighting, a thought just passed through my mind; what the hell would happen, if my son, Colt, needed help? That thought scared the hell out of me, and my face showed it, because Mike noticed it as well and all of us could see the terror in his eyes. But was it for Colt or Mathew?

I said, "My God, that means these boys are more or less dependent on each other, in an emergency." I was also amazed, looking back at what Charlie and James, had truly done tonight. Nevertheless, whom could we ever tell it to, other than Judge Franklin? They would have us all in the funny farm.

"Now, can you tell us everything that happened tonight, so Lt. Lawson can take the necessary action, regarding the boy's foster parents?" Andy asked us.

I told the story the best I could without telling him that James brought him to us. I just told him that Colt was working with his horse, Star, in the barn and a stranger, apparently brought the boy, and told our son to get help. By the time Mike and I got there, the man was gone, and I don't think our son got a good look at him. Then, I added, it was as if some guardian angels were watching over Mathew. We called our chauffeur Larry, and had him pick up Dr. Lomer, to bring him to the ranch. Then I called for an ambulance, on 911. Dr. Lomer checked the boy out, as soon as he arrived, and when the ambulance arrived, he was brought here to the hospital with my son attached to him.

I said, with concern in my voice, "I'd like to go see my son now, if you don't mind, please? I could see Mike was on edge, and so was I.

Andy spoke saying, "You don't mind if we accompany you, do you?" He was truly concerned about Colt, as well as his charge, Mathew.

"No, let's just find them!" I said, a little sharply, but not meaning to be cross at him.

We headed deeper into the hospital, which brought back memories of when Mike was last here, and that gave me goose bumps down my spine. We arrived at the emergency room, where there were several nurses and orderlies, running around, some, more frantic than others. Andy walked right up to one of the nurses, and spoke to her.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, could you please tell me where I could find a couple of boys, that were just brought in here, by ambulance?" He spoke like a true official of the government. This rather brought a smile to my face. It also brought back some of his remarks at the adoption party.

She replied, "Are you a member of his immediate family?"

"No, I am with CPS and Mathew, the injured boy, is my ward." Then gesturing to me, he continued, "They are the other boy's, Colt's, parents." How official can you get, I thought.

She replied, saying, "I can only say, that they are in surgery right now, and the boy you called Colt, the one that is giving the live blood transfusion, is with him." Then she looked at Mike and me, saying, "That injured boy is very lucky that your son Colt, was around." She just shook her head in amazement. Then continued speaking, "Just as soon as one of the Doctors knows anything, they will be out to speak with you. Would you please excuse me now, I need to get back to my duties." She turned and walked away.

I said, "Why don't we just go get some coffee and relax, if we can?"

We all agreed and headed for the Hospital cafeteria, but before leaving, we told the nurse, standing at the nurse's station, where we would be. Andy and the Lt. Lawson were with us as we got our coffee, and some small snacks, and we talked about the life Mathew had, about how he lost his parents, and how the foster parents had been abusing him.

Andy came right out and asked us, "Would you two take Mathew in, as his foster parents, until we can find him a home?" He was serious and you could see that in his eyes, and by the way he said it.

I first looked at Mike, and said, "Hon, how would you feel about that?" I wanted him to actually say it; I knew we would take him, in a heartbeat.

Mike replied saying, "You had to ask me that? You know damn well we'll take him! You would have to crawl over my dead body, to keep me from wanting him." He was smiling from ear to ear, just knowing what Andy had just done for us.

"Well, Andy, I guess you have our answer, don't you!" I replied with a huge smile on my face.

Before Andy could reply, Lt. Lawson said, "Gentlemen, I have some folks that need the long arm of the law to pick up. I wish you all well, and I hope that boy is alright, because if he dies? I know two people that will be put away for a long, long time. And as it is, I think it will still be a long time until they see the light of day again." Then he got up, and shook all of our hands, and left.

Then Andy spoke, "Ok, you two wonderful guys, how can I thank you for ... well, damn it ... being there for us, I mean for Mathew." My God, the man had tears in his eyes. He really cared about that boy, up in the operating room, fighting for his life. Then he opened his briefcase and pulled out some forms, filling them out, and said, "If you both would sign these, I can make you temporary foster parents, for Mathew Nighthorse, effective immediately. Then, maybe Judge Franklin can make it a little more permanent, if you wish.

I said, "Is that his name?" I thought, my God, he's Indian, and Crazy Horse popped in to my mind.

Andy said, "Yes, his biological father was a full blooded Sioux, and his mother was of Irish descent. Therefore, he is half-blooded Sioux Indian. In addition, I can see in your eyes, JC Andersen, the wheels clicking. Moreover, the answer to your next question is ... Yes! You can send him to school with your son, Colt, provided he makes it. God forbid he doesn't!"

It wasn't too much longer before Chuck came into the cafeteria, wearing his green scrubs, went over, poured himself a cup of coffee, came back and sat down with us, then spoke saying, "God, that was touch-and-go, but I think the boy is going to make it. Thank God for Colt, or he wouldn't have. I have never seen a boy hurt that bad, by the hands of another human being, if you could call them that. I couldn't believe how many internal and external injuries that boy had; some were old, and some were very fresh. I have documented it all and there will be steps taken to punish that pair of scumbags." He was shaking his head in disbelief, with pure exhaustion in his face. He was tired; you could tell he had worked hard.

I asked, "How is Colt?" I had a look of concern and fear on my face.

"Colt's doing fine; he was a little trooper in there, is all I can say; you have a gem in that boy; we had to take three units of blood from him; of course we were pumping him full of plasma at the same time." I was picturing in my own mind, a poor little boy, with tubes sticking in both arms. He must have been scared without someone to hold him that cared for him.

"Where is Colt, now?" Mike asked with concern.

"He's in the same room as Mathew. He refused going to sleep in a different room. So, before he passed out, we had to move a bed into Mathew's room. He will be asleep for some time. You can all go see them, but they are both asleep. Colt will be fine, although he will be tired for a few days, losing three units of blood, takes a lot out of you, and will take a while to replace. We have given him some medication to help his blood rejuvenate itself. Thank God, three units was enough, because we couldn't have taken any more from your son. You know you're all welcome to go see them. They're in room 201, and the nurses have been told that you can see the boys, anytime you wish."

I just said, "Thank you, Chuck; looks like you need some rest, too."

Chuck finished his coffee, excused himself, and said, "I think I'm going home. The other doctors on duty will be keeping a close eye on the boys; please don't worry about them. You should get some rest, too."

Again, both Mike and I thanked him for coming out to the ranch, and taking care of our family.

Chuck looked back and said, "Your family; is Mathew your son, too?" He looked shocked.

Mike spoke up saying, "Well, I guess you could say that; while you were working on him we became his foster parents, and there is no way we will stop until we have completed the adoption process." He was gleaming with pride like a proud (poppa) lion.

"Well then, I guess congratulations are in order. I know he'll be ok, now. Thanks guys, for just being a terrific pair of DADS!" He seemed more upbeat now and as he left, you could see a change in the way he walked out.

Mike and I decided to go see the boys, even if they were asleep. When we got to the room and entered, there were two easy chairs, one in each corner of the room, and two beds, with two very wonderful boys, in them. One was battered and bruised, and the other one was his little savior; both, were fast asleep, one fighting to get well and the other, tired and weak. God, how we loved them; yes, both of them, and we didn't even know one of them yet.

Mike said, "Honey, why don't you go home and get some rest, I can stay here for a while, then you can relieve me." He was sincere, but I would have no part of it.

"No, I think I'll stay here, as well. I'm not going to miss this, for the world." He understood completely, and didn't complain.

While we sat there, we both remarked how much the boys rather looked like us. But then again, we were a pair of proud poppas, talking. I took out our copy of the forms, that Andy had us sign, and began to read them. I was shocked to see that the boys shared a birthday.

I said, "Mike you are not going to believe this, hon. Mathew and Colt both have the same birthday ... December 6th. It looks like the party is going to be bigger than we thought."

Mike shook his head and said, "Are you sure about that? That's just too freaky. First, we find out they share same rare blood type, and now, the same birthday; you aren't going to tell me they were born the same year, too, are you?"

That shook me a bit, so I looked again, "Nope. Colt is older by one year, so we will have a 12- and a 13-year-old, soon."

Mike's mouth fell open. "That is beyond belief."

Then, Mike said, jokingly, "Now tell me they have the same fucking size dick, too, and I will throw you out the window. No, I take that back; I love you too damn much to do that." He was laughing and so was I, in fact so loud, that the nurse came in and told us to please keep it down. That even made me laugh harder, but under my breath. Mike turned a deep shade of red, as well, thinking of what he had just said out loud.

We both tried to get some sleep in the chairs. The chair backs did recline a bit, so you could lie back in them, which we most assuredly did. Too soon, I heard a moan, and opened my eyes to see Colt, sitting up in bed, rubbing his eyes. It was Saturday morning and the sun was up now.

I said, "Good morning, son, how do you feel?" God, I loved him; he was such a handsome young man.

"I feel tired, pop, but yet, somehow I feel really good, too. I can't exactly explain it, but I just know that somehow I was supposed to be there for him. How is Mathew? God, Pop, he is still asleep! Will he be all right?" Colt was worried, I could see that.

Mike woke up, as I spoke to Colt, saying, "Son, the doctor told us he'll be ok, but it's going to take a while for him to get well; he was hurt very bad, and you saved his life. You really did, son. I am so proud of you!" I was smiling at him, and now hugging him. And my eyes welled up with tears.

Mike came over to Colt's bed and hugged him too, saying, "I love you so much; what you did was so brave." Mike was in tears, and not only hugging him but kissing him on the cheek, too.

Colt spoke, as he yawned, saying, "I don't remember a lot of what happened, after we got here. I just remember some very bright lights when I opened my eyes, so I closed them again, to keep the light from hurting my eyes." He then looked over at Mathew lying on his bed, and smiled; then he reached over and took hold of Mathew's hand, and quietly, lovingly said, "Matt, you get well, real soon, please; I want to be your friend. I know that you and I are really blood brothers ... especially now, you know?" God, that did it, I was now crying and so was my love.

Mike couldn't hold out any longer and said, "Colt, he is not only your blood-brother, he is now your real brother, too." With tears in his eyes, Mike reached over and took Colt, and Mathew's hands, together into in his right hand, then with his other hand he reached for mine. We were all holding hands, then Mike said, "My god, the Andersen family is getting larger all the time. Thank you James, and you, too, Charlie."

Colt looked at both of us, then looked back toward Mathew, saying, "Matt ... I know you're just go'na love our pop and poppa Mike... "

To be continued...