A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 13

Larry met us out in front of the courthouse, then we went home. How wonderful that sounded. After spending the better part of a week in the hospital, home just sounded so good, and Colt was playing tour guide for Matt, telling him about every turn in the road and every blade of grass that was growing. I swear that boy could talk the ears off a jackass. Nevertheless, they were bonding so well, and so were we. Hell, by the time we got to the ranch, Matt was just our son, the newness was gone. Now was the time for adjusting.

Julie met us at the door, saying, "Welcome home, lost travelers," with a wonderful grandmotherly smile. "We have something special for you all, so just go in and get ready for dinner."

Colt said, "Matt, this is Grandma Julie, and you will love her." Julie blushed a little.

Julie said, "Come here, please, Matt, and give me a hug." Matt went over slowly, not knowing really, who she was. When he got closer, Julie pulled him in tight, and squeezed him, and kissed him on the forehead. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

We all went to get washed up; Colt, and Matt headed into their bathroom, and Mike and I went into ours.

While Mike and I were in there, we talked a little about the sleeping arrangements for the night. I told him that we could put the roll-a-way bed in Colt's room; there was plenty of room for a while. Mike agreed and said that we really need to add another bedroom onto the house. The old house was once a four bedroom home, but with Mike's and my offices, there were only two bedrooms left. But there was room to have an addition put on. I told Mike that I would have Bill get on that, right away. And the boys were still young enough to share a room, we just needed to get a set of double beds, because the room was big enough to handle them, and two dressers, and the closet was a walk-in with a private bath. We agreed on that; at first, we thought of just a set of twin beds, but we figured that doubles would be nicer to sleep in, and it would give us a little extra room if we ever needed it. We then headed back into the kitchen, finding Julie getting the dinner ready to be served.

Colt came out and said, "Can I take Matt out to see Star? I missed him." You could see he was itching to move, like a track star in the starting position.

"Let's wait until after dinner; it's too late now to go riding, anyway, and that's something you can do tomorrow." Then pausing for a second, Mike added, "Oh, sorry. I almost forgot about the fact that Matt can't be so active for a couple weeks. Doctor's orders; sorry, son." Then he went into the dining room with Colt and Matt following him.

Julie had prepared a beautiful meal, with special decorations -- kind of like a baby shower, only for teenagers. Where she found them, I'll never know, but they sure fit the occasion. The meal was her specialty, prime rib, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, tossed salad, and for dessert, my God, she had Baked Alaska. You would've thought the President of the United States was coming to dinner.

We all sat down to eat, and Julie joined us, only because I told her she had to. What a fine lady she was. House keeper and cook? No way! She was truly our grandma, if ever there were one!

After dinner, we all decided to go out to the barn, the very place we started this journey, only 5 nights earlier. I was a little uneasy, and I think Mike was, too.

As we approached the barn, Star whinnied, and Colt spoke, "Hi, boy. Thank you; I'm glad to be home again, too."

Matt looked shocked, and said, "I understood him, too. He said, 'Welcome home, Colt.' " He not only looked shocked, he was frozen in his tracks ... just outside the barn door.

I said, "Did you really understand Star?" I was thinking, no, this can't be. One boy that can talk to horses is one thing, but now another one. Mike looked at me, and he just shook his head in disbelief.

Matt answered, "Y—Yes, pop, I really did, and I've been around horses a lot, and this ain't never happened before."

Colt said, "You talk to Star, Matt, and see if you two can talk together?" Then Star whinnied a few times.

Matt said, "He just said he understood me, when I told pop, yes." I was totally amazed at what was happening.

I said, "Wonder if there'll be room for us in this circle of horse whisperers?" With a stunned smile, Mike just shook his head and agreed.

I said, "Boys, you two can stay out here for a little while -- maybe a half hour, but not any longer, OK? There's a storm brewing, and it feels like snow in the air. We are going in, to get a nice fire going, in the fireplace. If you're good, maybe we can roast marshmallows later tonight."

Matt said, "Ok, pop and poppa Mike, we'll be in soon." God, that felt so nice, hearing him say that to me. And Mike was just grinning, with love in his eyes.

Mike and I went inside where it was a lot warmer. We built a big fire in the fireplace, just knowing that we were going to have a couple of icicles, running in soon.



Matt and I talked about what happened last Friday night here in the barn, and I really got spooked. I almost felt like James was standing in there with us. Matt said he could feel something strange, too. It got so scary that Star was even talking like there was someone else there.

Matt said, "Pop told us about his Uncle James and some man named Charlie, remember."

"Yes" I replied, "Charlie found me, in town, hurt something like you were, and brought me here to pop and poppa Mike's house." Then I told him the rest of the story, about Casper Mountain. We even went outside the barn, but it was too dark to see up there, that night. Matt was having a hard time understanding what I was saying, but maybe I couldn't explain it as good as pop could have. I told Matt, that maybe pop could tell him sometime.

It was getting cold, so we turned off the lights. Before going back inside, Matt came up to me and took me in a big hug, and said, "Colt ... you're my brother now; is that for real? I can't believe it. It's all happening too fast for me." Then he kissed me, right on my lips, I was kinda shocked. It felt so strange, but yet good, too. I felt like I wanted to kiss him back, but I didn't do it right then. We just kept hugging each other, in the dark chilly night, and we both felt that someone was standing there, in the dark, with us. It sent cold shivers up my spine.

I told him, "Yes, you're my brother now, and that's forever! And ever! You belong to pop, poppa Mike, and me, forever. For as long as you want!" Then we broke our hug. "I think we should go back inside, so we can roast marshmallows, OK?

"Ok, let's go, then, but I ... definitely ... want to stay here, with you guys. I don't ever want to get beat like that again. I really like our pop and poppa Mike; they are so good to me. And ... and ... I ... I guess ... y' ... you could say ... I ... I love them, too." Matt said, stuttering.

As we started back, toward the house, we noticed that there were some snowflakes falling, so we just ran faster, back to the house.



Mike had gone to fix up the roll-a-way bed, in Colt's room. And I had taken out the marshmallows from the pantry, for later, along with the skewers.

Mike came back into the living room saying, "Well that's done, and I'm as horny as hell; your ass is mine tonight!" He had the sexiest grin on his face.

"Oh, it is, is it? Don't I have anything to say about that?" I stared at him with a sexy smile.

"Nope, that cute ass is all mine, all mine, and always will be!" Mike replied, with a grin. Then he came up to me, and grabbed me in a big hug, planting a deep, passionate kiss on my lips, and I returned the kiss with as much passion as his.

Just then, the two icicles came charging in the door, while Mike and I were kissing. Matt looked kinda shocked, but Colt, just smiled and said, "Oops, sorry, pop and poppa Mike. It's starting to snow, too!"

Mike said, " There ain't anything to be sorry about, son. The love in this house is nothing to be ashamed of!" Then he turned off all the lights. The only light in the house was the roaring fire.

Both boys ran over, and huddled close to the fire, they were both shivering, and you could see the cold in their cute cheeks, as they relaxed next to each other on the floor. We all sat around the fireplace, in the middle of our living room, in the middle of Wyoming, on a cold snowy night, sharing a wonderful family's love, and enjoying roasted marshmallows by fire-light.

I said, "Colt, do you know that Matt and you share the same birthday? But you are older by one year. So, I guess you both have a birthday coming soon?" I wanted to hear this...

Colt said, "What? You mean that Matt and I were both born on Dec. 6th?" He looked somewhat unbelieving at me, then glanced over to see Matt's reaction.

Matt just smiled at Colt, then slid over next to him, and wrapped his arm around Colt's shoulders, pulling him close to himself, saying, "Great! Now I have a real brother to share it with."

I went and found the digital camera, and sneaked back in, and took some pictures of them, while Matt had his arm around Colt's shoulders, and both of them were holding skewers, with big white marshmallows on them, thus capturing the first of many wonderful memories we were going to have captured, forever, and to share with our sons.

It had been a busy day, and we all were tired. Of course, Mike and I had some other plans, for later, but for the boys, it was late, and they needed to be in bed soon.

I spoke first, saying, "Ok, boys, it's bedtime; it's been a long day. And you two still need some rest. So go get cleaned up, and we'll come tuck you both in as soon as you're ready." Surprisingly, there were no objections. I guess we were right ... about the tired part, anyway.

It wasn't too long, before Colt yelled, "We're all ready, pop!"

Mike and I went into their room, and guess what? Just as I thought, both boys were in the king size bed, with no covers over them, and both of them were lying there, wearing only their jockeys, but poor Matt, had several bandages, on his battered and bruised body. Oh, God, he was still such a cute little boy.

Mike said, jokingly, "Why are you both in the same bed?"

Matt answered grinning, "'Cause I asked Colt, if I could sleep with him; I still get bad dreams, and Colt said, he was sure it would be ok with you and pop." He kinda looked like he was saying, "please don't hit me." Christ, I thought to myself, what a scared boy.

I spoke up saying, "Boys, you two can share a bed if you like. Remember, in this house, there's nothing wrong with the love we have for each other. One day soon, all of us will sit down and have a good talk about that subject, but for now, you two, sleep well." I leaned over and kissed them each on their foreheads. Saying, "Good night, you two; I love you both very much."

Mike said, "I love you both, too; sweet dreams, my little angels." Then we left, and I turned out their lights.

Mike and I continued on to our room, and closed the door; then in the bathroom, we undressed each other ... and weren't slow about it either! ... for it had been the longest we had ever been without loving each other, in the physical sense, for as long as we'd been partners. And, God, were we ever horny! We were no sooner undressed, and the Jacuzzi, full of water, than we were both as hard as rocks, and passionately kissing and fondling each other. I broke our kiss, just long enough to see where the hell I was dragging Mike to, not wanting to trip and hurt someone, or something, in the process of getting into the oh, so nice and hot, water. I thought of the fact that it was now snowing outside, but, as hot as we were, there could've been a blizzard in the room with us, and we would have melted every last snow flake that could have fallen.

We both relaxed into the hot water, continuing where we had left off just moments before, each caressing the other's private parts, with one hand, and our other hand pulling each other tighter together ... if tighter were at all possible. Our tongues played in each other's mouth. We carried on like that for a long, long time, then Mike pulled back a little, saying, "God, how I've missed this;" then he got out of the Jacuzzi, pulled me up as well, then we dried each other off. Trying ever so hard, (pardon the pun) not to loose it, 'cause, my God, we were both so close to loosing it at that point. Mike pulled me from the bathroom, onto the bed, without even pulling back the covers. He pushed me, till the backs of my legs hit the edge of the bed. My knees bent, and I flopped, backwards onto it. Then he raised my legs high over my head, exposing my love canal to his waiting manhood. I was just able to grab the KY, in time to keep him from having his way with me, without it. Mike then took a gob of KY, working it into my hole, then he coated his tool. Then he said, "Guide it in, love, while l lean forward and kiss you." He then slid up slowly, while I took his slick rod, into my hand, guiding it into my awaiting rosebud,; he leaned over me, and began passionately kissing me, while pushing himself deeper, ever deeper, into my most private place. By the time he had completely entered me, I was moaning, "My God, loooove, I'm hereeee! Oh, lovvvvve I'm loosing it!" Then Mike moaned softly "God, you are so fucking hot inside! God, I love you! Oh, God! I love y – yooou!" he collapsed on top of me, as he moaned and shot another load deep into me. All the time we never broke our passionate kissing. Then, and only then, we broke our kiss, for lack of air. We lay there -- Mike on top of me, just kissing and hugging, not saying anything. Looking into each other's eyes, letting them do all the talking between us.

As we were coming down for the after glow there was a knock on our door. Mike and I jumped off the bed and pulled back the covers in one quick move, and hopped back into bed. Then said, "Come in."

Colt came in, with Matt, and said, "I know its go'na be crowded, but can we sleep with you and poppa Mike tonight? 'cause we're kinda scared."

Mike said, "Why are you both scared?" I was kind of worried too, now; what was wrong? I was thinking.

Matt spoke, saying, "Poppa Mike, when Colt and I were alone in the barn tonight, we ..." He stopped talking and Colt continued saying, "Well, we kinda thought someone was in the barn with us. And it still feels like they're in our bedroom now."

I looked at the boys and they looked scared, then I looked at Mike. He even looked scared. Then I said, "Come on guys, jump in here. I pulled the covers down revealing my nakedness to them both. They didn't care. Colt got in first, and lay down next to Mike, and then Matt got in, and lay down next to me. I pulled the covers back up and thought, thank God, this is a king size bed. Even at that, we were a very close family tonight. It was funny, how everyone then got into a sleeping position. Mike turned over, onto his right side, Colt did the same, then Matt did the same, and so did I. There we all were, spooned into one another, for the night.

Matt said, "Thank you, pop and poppa Mike, and you, too, Colt; I love you all, so much!"

Then it was Colt that spoke, saying, "Love you all, and thanks, pop, and you, too, poppa Mike."

Mike said, "I wonder if we can find a bigger bed somewhere? Good night, all, and I love all of you so much, see you in the morning."

I said with tears in my eyes, "Good night, sons, and you, too, my love." Then under my breath, trying to hold back the tears, I said, "When are you two going to let me and Mike, have some privacy? Good night, my guardian angels. I'll one day see you again, James, and I still love you, too, Charlie." Then we were off into dreamland again.

To be continued...