A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 15

The next few days were much less stressful for Matt. He and Colt were really bonding well now, and for that matter so were Mike and I with him. Richard did come out on Saturday, and we all went up flying in Little Colt. Colt did very well as always. He was getting to be quite a little pilot. Matt watched every move Colt made while he flew the plane. And the emotions from Thursday didn't raise their ugly heads again, so far anyway.

Richard was taking a liking to Matt, but not as much, yet, as he had been with Colt, but Matt was new to him. Both Mike and I figured it wouldn't be long until Matt had him twisted around his little finger as well, and maybe even tighter then Colt had him. That thought had Mike and me laughing at the time. Our little private joke went un-noticed by the others, though. Our little family was doing well.

We took the boys to a movie in town on Saturday night, with popcorn and big sodas for all; it was fun. The boys, for the last few nights, stayed in their own room to sleep; of course, in the same bed.

Colt wanted Matt to start school on Monday with him, when he went back to Crazy Horse, and wasn't happy, that he couldn't. Matt had several Doctor's appointments to keep that week.

The last few nights for Mike and me were, let's just say, wonderful, without interruptions from our munchkins. We made passionate love, and physical love as well -- lots of it, to be honest.

Sunday was a day Colt wasn't happy about, because he would be off to school again. I did promise him (for their birthday) that we would be going somewhere very special, but it was a big surprise. I also promised them both, that because their birthdays fell on a Sunday, and we were going somewhere special, they wouldn't have to go to school, on the following Monday. That brought smiles from both of them. Matt smiled, even though he hadn't even started school yet. I guess that's just instinct with kids.

Here it is, now, Sunday night, and we were all sitting by the fire, again roasting more marshmallows; of course, we restocked, when we went in town to the movies on Saturday night.

Mike was showing them how to roast them, without burning them, and said, "Don't hold them in the flames; just hold them close to it, then they'll turn a golden brown, not charcoal like those you guys are eating." I had to laugh at that. The boys just looked at him funny.

Matt spoke saying, "But that takes too long for them to cook." Then he put his marshmallow into the flames again. I just laughed more.

Colt said, "Like this, poppa Mike?" He was holding his close to the flames but not in it, but it, too, was too close, and it burned, as well.

"Well that's a little better but you're still too close to the flame, though." I couldn't take it any longer; my sides were hurting from laughing so much, so I just got up, went to the kitchen, and dished up a large bowl of strawberry ice cream for each of them. I only filled a small bowl for me, taking it into the living room. They all dropped the marshmallow roasting, very quickly, and turned into little munchkins again, including Mike. I swear, sometimes he's a bigger kid then they are. I love him just the same ... though maybe even more, because of that.

"Well, boys, its bedtime, school tomorrow, for Colt, so it's time for us to tuck you both in." I said, smiling at them.

We went to tuck the boys in for the night. I noticed the roll-a-way bed was folded up, and put away in the walk-in closet, once again, and both munchkins were lying close together, in the large bed, with their arms wrapped around each other in a warm hug. We each leaned down and gave them both gentle hugs and a kiss on the forehead, then went into our room for the nightly routine.

Mike filled the Jacuzzi, and we both got in, relaxing in the heat of the water. We just talked; after the past couple nights of hot sex, we just caressed each other, kissing and hugging, then more kissing and more kissing, our tongues playing with each other, and our eyes reflecting the light from one to the other's. After some time, we both got out, and dried each other.

Then we climbed into bed, curled up close and again hugged and kissed each other some more. Neither of us was planning on what happened next, but the passion got the best of us, and the hugs gently turned into caresses, and the caresses turned into fondling one another.

Before either of us realized it, we were deeply into the use of our hands, working each other, passionately; it was more than just the fondling now; we had to kick off the covers, as it was getting much too warm under them. As soon as I saw my love's erect member, I just twisted around on the bed so I could do more then just handle his erection; I wanted to find it, taste it; I wanted it in my mouth. I was like a bee being drawn to the sweet nectar of a flower, only this nectar was the only flower in the field. And it belonged to my love, and he was willing to share it with me. I engulfed it, sliding it deep into my throat, until I smelled my man's pubic region, and what a wonderful smell he has. I was so much in heaven; I hadn't noticed I was getting an instant replay on my own hard manhood -- not until I felt the intense pressure that was building deep within my loins. Not one word was spoken between us, just moans and groans, as first, my love let me have the nectar of his blooming flower, which drove me deeper, if deeper was possible, into the mouth of my lover. And then, with a flood of emotion, I, too, released my nectar into his waiting mouth. Then, it was as if we were drawn back to reality. I turned around on the bed, to face Mike again, and took him in a deep passionate kiss. All I could think was WOW... What a sensation, as we mixed our love juices together, inside each other's mouths.

As I broke our kiss from the lack of air, I told my love, "That was absolutely the most fantastic feeling I have ever had. God, how I do love you; did I ever tell you that?" I was staring at him with pure love, my hands playing with his golden blond hair, and those emerald green eyes were staring back into mine.

Mike just said, "Yes, I do believe you have, many times, love, but I will never, ever get tired of hearing that from you, 'cause I love you more then life itself." I could tell he was now staring into my deep, dark blue eyes, as well.

We cuddled up again, but this time, so very tired, we drifted off into a sweet, peaceful, sleep; we knew that all was well in our home that night, with two wonderful boys, sleeping just down the hall from us.

We were awakened by the alarm clock; the noise was terrible -- what a horrible way to wake up! I would much rather have the boys charging in. This morning, though, they were still asleep. It was a Monday morning, so why would any boy be awake, at 4:30 a.m.? I got up and went into the boys' room and turned on the small light; I didn't want to use the overhead lights. There were two of the cutest munchkins lying there, asleep in each other's arms. I even went out, retrieved the digital camera, and took a couple more pictures, for our book of memories. When the flash went off the second time, Colt woke up, stretching and saying, "Morning, pop; was that lightning I just saw?" Then he saw the camera and said, "You didn't just take a picture of us, did you?" he was blushing ever so cutely.

Now, Matt began to move around, opened his eyes, and said, "What time is it? It's still dark out." I noticed as the covers slid down that some of his bandages were loose.

"It's 4:30, son, and, time to get up. We have to take Colt back to school today, and you need to go, too. We're go'na get you registered, as well, so please, son, hurry up." Then I added, "As soon as you get yourself washed up, and your teeth brushed, I want to see you. Before you get dressed, though -- we need to fix those bandages before we go anywhere."

He said, "Ok, pop, just as soon as I go to the bathroom and get cleaned up, I'll be out!" He and Colt took off for their bathroom.

Mike had already gotten up, and dressed and was heading into the kitchen, to get a pot of coffee started. He was going to scramble some eggs, and make some toast before we left, but as we passed in the hallway, he patted me on my naked butt, saying, "Don't you think maybe you should put your robe on, the next time you go wake up the kids?" I must have turned every shade of red on the color chart; how asleep was I to forget that, or was it that I was getting so comfortable around our sons that my subconscious didn't see a problem with it?

I quickly got cleaned up, and dressed, and I was back in the kitchen before Matt came out. Colt was already sitting at the dining room table, with a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, milk, and OJ, chowing down. Matt came into the kitchen naked; I was shocked, to say the least, but he wasn't the least bit shy. I told him, "Son, please go back into my bathroom, and I'll come and take care of those bandages, OK?"

He turned and ran down the hall, and I followed him. When I got there I noticed why he was naked. His bandage from the surgery scar that was going across his stomach just below the navel, had fallen off completely. It wasn't too bad, but the doctor had placed it, so once it was healed, and the redness was gone, you would hardly be able to notice it. It was kind of like in the creases of the stomach; Chuck did a great job of hiding it. That just made me glad, that we had him as our doctor. I took care of doctoring Matt; then he got dressed, ran into the dining room, and started chowing down on Mike's delicious breakfast.

We knew Richard was there, because we heard Little Colt being started. Colt's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He knew he was going to fly today, again. That was kind of a blessing in disguise; he was going to school, but he was also going to do something he was falling in love with -- FLYING!

Well, we all headed out to the hanger -- Colt, with his backpack in hand; the rest of us were just along for the ride. This trip was also serving as Matt's first trip to Crazy Horse. We were also going to get him enrolled today, and we even took along some of his new clothes that we had purchased over the weekend, to put into the boys' room; yes, the boys were going to share the same room. It was funny, now that I look back on it, why it was that Colt didn't want a roommate, and we didn't push it. Again, two people came to mind right then -- our angels. Later I told Mike about it, and he had the same strange feeling as well.

After we all were aboard, Colt started to taxi out to the end of the runway, turned into the wind, which was nothing at that moment. Then he gave it full power and we were heading down the runway and into the air. As we flew toward Custer, Matt didn't have a set of headphones so Mike took his off and handed them to him; Matt just smiled from ear to ear. Now, for the first time, he could hear what was being said. The last time he was in the cockpit with his brother, he didn't have on a set. Richard was going to get another pair, but forgot.

The flight was fun, but for the first time, it was somewhat bumpy, with the turbulences of the storm, still lingering around, that had dropped so much snow at Thanksgiving. Colt's landing was great, even with the turbulences and the crosswinds. Richard even said, "Great landing, Colt; that was the first real test of you skills in bad weather." Colt was all smiles. Even Matt was smiling after hearing Richard say that to his brother. I was seeing a bond there for sure now -- Matt was showing pride in what Colt was doing, and vise versa, with Colt.

We retrieved the car and headed for Crazy Horse. The roads were a little icy, but Mike was a good driver, and we got to the dorm and helped Colt get his gear transferred in. Matt helped, too, as best he could, with the restrictions and all. When we entered their room, Matt was surprised that they had their own phone, and there was a TV and stereo set. He told Colt that he thought it would be fun, sharing the room, when he came back, next week. We told Colt we would try to be here for lunch, and we could eat together at the Crazy Horse Restaurant. That excited him and Matt. It came time for Colt to head off to class, so we all hugged him, and he was gone.

We went over to the administration building to register Matt. There was no problem at all, I just showed them the adoption papers, and within 30 minutes, Matt was a student of the Crazy Horse Jr. High, along with his brother. They explained that the first week would be testing for Matt, to see what grade he should be in. Colt had been tested at the beginning of the year. He was very high in his grade level. Right after Christmas, the school was going to run some IQ testing. Both Mike and I were excited about that. We figured Colt, to be high. And Matt was no dummy, either!

After we left there, we had a few hours to kill, so we took Matt to Mount Rushmore to see the mountain carving there; however, that was a wild ride with the snow-covered roads and all. When we got there, we found that the monument was closed for the season. Of course, you could still see the carvings.

Then we turned around and headed back to the Crazy Horse restaurant where we were to meet Colt for lunch. We had just gotten back, and were seated, when our bouncing boy came charging in to meet us with a big grin on his cheeks.

He said, "Hi, y'all. I wasn't sure if you were go'na come back or not, but thanks for being here." He was so cute, talking almost like a grown up.

Matt asked, "What classes do you have? Is it like regular Jr. High."

"Yep, just like the one in Casper, only all the kids are Indian, or half-Indian, like you and me."

Well the small talk continued, until it was time for Colt to go back to class. Then, we all left the restaurant together, and said our goodbyes and had our hugs. Colt and Matt, wanted to be alone for a bit, so they asked if they could sit in the car for a few minutes, alone. We let them, I had a feeling that something was already in the wind, but who's to say?

Richard, Mike, and I just waited as the two said their private goodbyes. Colt got out of the car, and as he did so, we could see he had tears in his eyes. We just waved at him, because he was running like crazy to get to his class on time. As I got into the car, I saw Matt trying to wipe his eyes.

"Son, is there something wrong? I noticed Colt was a little upset, too." Both Mike and I figured there was a bigger bond than we first thought. Nevertheless, what the hell, if they were closer than brothers, that was fine, too.

"No, pop, it's just we're go'na miss bein' together this week." He had tears in his eyes, too.

Right then, I almost wanted to just go back and get Colt, and bring him back home. But I knew better; they were young and had just found one another -- who wouldn't be sad to see the other one leave? I just told Matt, "Son, it's only going to be four nights, and he'll be home again." I thought back to some of my business trips, away from Mike, and I knew that that didn't help much.

We got back to Custer, parked the car in the storage shed, then all got back into Little Colt. Richard started the engines and said, "Matt, you come up here, and sit." He was pointing at the co-pilot's seat. Matt was up there in a flash, and sat up straight in the seat. He was so cute, sitting there; he put on the headphones, and so did Mike and I. True to Richard's style, he started telling Matt what to do after turning the engines completely off.

Step by step, he talked Matt into re-starting the engines. He told him how to taxi, and how to steer the plane while on the ground. When he had us sitting at the end of the runway he explained how to keep the breaks on until you had the engines both up to 90% power; then, you get clearance from the tower. He told Matt to release the breaks, and when the plane began moving, to start pulling back on the yoke, slowly, until he felt the plane leave the ground. Then climb at the right rate of ascent, until we reached the altitude that the tower told us to be. Then he explained how to tell what direction the plane was heading, by reading the compass, etc.

Sitting there in our seats, it was déjà vu all over again, just like that first flight with Colt. When we got close to the ranch, Matt was doing quite well, flying in circles and banking to the right and left, climbing, and even a few stalls, and some diving as well.

Then it was time to land, and like a pro, Richard talked Matt into landing Little Colt. It was a good landing, too.

When we landed, Richard said, "Matt, I think you'll be a good pilot, too, one day. I'll have you flying as well as Colt does, before you know it; maybe even better! Who knows?" Richard smiled at him, then he reached out, and shook Matt's hand.

Richard excused himself and left for home, and his friend, Andrew. We headed into the house, in time to find Julie fixing dinner for us. She looked around and said, "Hi, boys ... and my cute munchkin ... did everything go well?"

Mike spoke saying, "Yep; I just, kinda, miss Colt, already. It seems like vacations just make you miss them more, when they have to go back to school, but ... we have our other son here, this week, to help us not be so lonely." I smiled at Matt, and he smiled back.

We all had a great dinner, and Julie ate with us. She cleaned up after dinner, then excused herself and went home for the night.

Mike, Matt and I, just sat in the living room for a while, talking about what happened today. He wanted to know what was going to happen at the doctor's office visits. We told him that some of the stitches were probably going to come out, which would make it easier for him to clean himself up. Showering is easier, and more fun, especially when you have the right person to shower with.

He looked at us and said, "Yep, pop; Colt told me that sometimes you all take a shower together." With a serious little scowl on his face, he looked toward the floor and sadly asked, "Do I have to do that, too?"

I replied firmly but softly, "My God, no, son, Colt does that, because he wants to. Remember, Matt ... you don't have to do anything that would embarrass you, if you don't want to." I was shocked ... but understood what he just said.

Matt spoke saying, "I noticed this mornin', pop, you came into our room naked. Why did you do that? I'm not sayin' I didn't like it; I just was wonderin' is all?" He looked at me, and then at Mike, with a 'did I say something wrong' look.

Mike looked at me and said, "Lover, you field that one." He broke out laughing so hard, that Matt started laughing as well. By then, I was chuckling too.

Then I said, "Look, son, that was something that happened, because ... well ... I feel so at ease in our home, that nakedness doesn't bother me, and of course, I had just been woken up by a damn ol' alarm clock, that would wake the dead. Anyway, back to what happened this morning ... if it upsets you, I won't ever do it again. Is that ok?"

Matt replied saying, "No ... no pop, that didn't upset me. It's kind'a why when I came out to the kitchen to get you, I didn't put any clothes on 'cause you would've made me take'em back off anyway, so you could fix my bandages. I've seen naked boys, and men, before, and it don't bother me. I just wouldn't do it in front of someone I didn't now." My God, he said that without blushing.

Mike just shook his head and said, "There's logic in that statement," and smiled at Matt.

Well, by now it was time to go to bed, so I said, "Son, it's bed time, and you have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Go on and get in bed, and we'll be in soon, to tuck you in, Ok?" Matt looked at me kind of sad, but headed off to their bedroom.

Mike was turning out the lights, and closing up the house, while I went in to get the Jacuzzi ready for the nightly relaxation. Which it did; of course it did other things, too. I chuckled to myself when those thoughts crossed my mind. While the water was filling, I went back to the boys' room. Mike was starting to tuck Matt in for the night. We both leaned over and kissed him on the forehead, said goodnight, and wished him sweet dreams.

Then we left his room, and headed into the bath, and the awaiting Jacuzzi. We got undressed and crawled into the hot water and began kissing and hugging -- really starting to get into the mood. Then there was a knock on the bathroom door. We broke our kiss, and I looked around the corner to see Matt standing there, in his jockeys, and his bandages. "What's wrong, son?" I asked.

Matt looked at his feet and said, "Pop, I'm so lonely without Colt, and that room is so scary and big. Could ... could I please sleep with you and poppa Mike just for tonight ... please?" He looked scared and sad, with those big, beautiful, brown eyes of his -- who could say no? Sure as hell, not me.

I said, "If it's ok with your poppa Mike, it's ok with me."

Then I looked at Mike as he gave me an evil grin and said, "It's ok with me, too; just go get in the middle of the bed, Matt, and we'll be there soon; OK, son?"

After Matt happily nodded his head up and down, and turned back to the bedroom, Mike whispered to me, "You are something else; make me the bad guy, will you. You just wait until I get you alone again."

I replied in a whisper, "Promises, promises; that's all I get out of you!"

Then he threw a sponge at me. So I splashed him with a hand full of water.

So much for the loving for the night!

We got out, dried each other off, and went in to get into bed. Our newest son was already asleep, so we both hugged each other and kissed our goodnight kisses. Then we crawled in, beside our boy, and cuddled up. We both kissed him and said good night to him, and told him we loved him ... whether he could hear it or not, we said it,and we meant it.

I just lay there thinking ... what a wonderful contented feeling it is to have as much love as there is in this house tonight. Just knowing there was another wonderful little boy sleeping all alone, it brought a tear to my eye; but again, I was so proud of him ... my little Colt.

To be continued...