A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 16

Well, the next few days were wonderful. Matt went in to see Doctor Chuck, on Tuesday, and all the stitches were removed, except for the ones that would dissolve on their own. He was given the ok to shower, and to do just about anything. 'Just about anything' meant no ruff-housing, for another week; doctor's orders. This was ok, though, because his ruff-housing partner was away at school for the week.

We took Matt to Demarkus' and had him completely outfitted. In addition, of course, I had Bill and Janet, completely stow Cowboy with all the clothes and other items for both boys, in total secrecy. Only a few people knew what Mike and I had planned for Sunday. Bill even had to pull in a favor or two from Greg, but it was accomplished, and everything was falling into place beautifully for what Mike and I wanted. I had a surprise, which Mike didn't even know about, and it was going to be a big surprise for everyone but me.

I laugh at that thought, as I write about it here. Of course, at this point in the story, I know the outcome, but that would spoil the story if I told you more now. Tease; tease. Stay alert.-- you might figure it out!

Things were progressing nicely in preparation for the big day. Our younger son was having a ball since he had the run of the ranch; he was so inquisitive toward all the aspects of its operations that Mike thought that Matt wanted to work on it. I would love it if he took to the ranch, but he was also wanting to fix everything he could get his hands on ... mechanical, electrical, and electronic; you name it, and he was into it.

The more both Mike and I thought about his interests, the more astonished we were. I was excited about the fact that the school would soon be running IQ testing, for both boys were exceptional, in my opinion, but I'm a proud father of two wonderful boys, and a lover to a truly great man.

Mike and I talked about the trip on Sunday, and we still couldn't believe that Colt hadn't even heard, or suspected, anything about Cowboy or Buckaroo. How Richard could keep that a secret from him, while teaching Colt, and then Matt, to fly was astonishing. Well ... at least no one knew if Colt knew about them. If he did, he should win the Oscar for his performance of not letting on.

Everything at home was continuing; Matt had been sleeping with us for the last few nights, now; he still wasn't completely at ease with being alone. I, for one, could understand that what that boy had been through in the past week or so, would have put many people in the funny farm. Even Andy came out to see us and was surprised at how well Matt was adjusting, but Andy didn't come out on an official basis -- he came out as a friend, and he was becoming a good friend to the family. We even had them over for dinner on Thursday night, and his wife, Joyce, was a very nice woman, and to our surprise, wasn't the least bit homophobic ... just the opposite; she thought that what we were doing with the boys was commendable. Even Matt had a good time with them, that evening.

Friday rolled around and the excitement in the boys was evident, because Colt had called every night and talked for at least an hour with his brother, and of course with Mike and me for a lesser period of time. He always ended the call wanting to know where we were going for their birthday. When he always got the same answer, `that's a surprise' he just said, "I love you both, pop and poppa Mike." He was truly a wonderful son.

We all boarded onto Little Colt on Friday and flew up to get him and you would have thought Matt was go'na come unglued with excitement. Both Mike and I really started suspecting that there was more to it than their being brothers. But we'll just have to wait and see what develops.

We picked up Colt, and the boys hugged each other for a long time, and there were tears in their eyes; no crying, though ... just tears ... tears of joy. And of course tears are contagious; Mike and I were wiping our eyes, as well.

When we climbed into Little Colt, I was shocked when Colt told Matt to fly us home. In fact, it had Richard smiling with pride in Colt, and had Mike and me in tears this time, real tears, for as much as Colt loved to fly, he let his brother fly us home. That's one time I kicked myself in the ass, for not having the camera with me, but yet again, we needed some wonderful moments to just remember as fond, warming memories.

Matt flew us home with Richard manning the left seat -- the pilot's seat. All the while, Colt filled Mike and me in on every thing that was happening at school. He really was enjoying it, but you could tell he would rather be home than there. He was, and did turn out to be, the one that wanted to be close to the ranch, even after he got older. He just loved it, and the horses, and of course, what he would still say that he loved, to this day, I'm sure, was `the two bestest dads in the world'. Sorry; my pride is getting in the way of the story.

That night, we were again, four in a king sized bed, but we all loved it, and there was very little sleep, the boys were so excited. Surprisingly, though, the boys told us that there wasn't enough room in the bed, and they sheepishly left our room, heading back to theirs.

Mike shook his head, smiled a sexy smile, and said, "Do you think we ran'em off?"

"Maybe, love; who knows?" I answered.

We took the opportunity afforded us by the sudden lack of two jubilant boys. Mike and I were able to again enjoy each other's bodies ... without interruption this time. Moreover, we both knew why -- we could hear them; no, we weren't eavesdropping on them, but, nevertheless, the sounds we heard were revealing; we were in fact, very happy for them, both of us. Mike and I just lay there in our bed, with the sounds of young love filtering in on us. We were moved into passion, ourselves. In fact, it wasn't long before we made passionate love that night, for a long, long time, before we fell into a deep, blissful, sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

Saturday was a hectic day, with two boys probing at either Mike or me, trying to get some idea of what was going to happen the next day.

It was about lunchtime when Ben came running in, looking for Mike. Saying, "Mike, we have a problem. Sugar's down, and we need you!"

Colt heard that and came out from their room saying, "What's wrong with her?" He looked scared, and Matt was standing next to him with a worried look too.

Mike just got up and ran to the barn, saying, "I suspected this, she had problems with the last foal she had." Colt and Matt were right on his heels.

As soon as they got in the barn, Matt said, "She's telling me that it's hurtin' her real bad, poppa Mike."

Colt asked, "What can I do, poppa Mike?" He wanted to help -- you could see it in his eyes.

Mike said, "Don't worry; I think we can handle it, boys. Ben will help me. But you boys should watch, in case you have to do this yourselves, one day."

I got to the barn, about the time Mike told the boys to watch. God, I didn't even want to watch that mess. Nevertheless, they both seemed to pay attention to what Mike and Ben were doing.

My God, Mike stripped to his waist, washed up both arms, and dove into Sugar. When I say dove in, he was up to his armpits, inside her, working hard, to deliver the colt that was trying desperately to be born. The sweat was running off his head, and it was December in Wyoming. It was cold. Still he was going to save those two if he could.

Both Colt and Matt were watching, not saying anything until, finally, we saw the front feet of the foal along side Mike's arm. Sugar whinnied and grunted some.

Matt said, "She just said, thank you, its not hurtin' so bad now."

Colt echoed, "Yep, poppa Mike, that's what she said," reinforcing Matt's translation.

Mike, Ben, and I just shook our heads in total amazement, of our two horse whisperers. Once the foal was out, we could see that it was a cute chestnut, filly, with four white legs.

Excitedly, Matt asked, "Can I name her, please?"

Mike said, "Why not? Do you have a name for her?"

It was cute the way he spoke up, our newest son. "Starling ..." Matt replied, then added, "'cause it's Star's daughter."

Colt said, "Matt, that's a great name for her; thank you."

Mike quickly washed up and headed to the house to take a shower. God, he really needed it. The rest of us hung around the barn, until Sugar got to her feet and Starling was standing as well -- wobbly, yes ... but standing, nonetheless. Then we all went back to the warm house.

The rest of Saturday went well, with no more crises. I guess there's never a dull day on a working ranch. Our two boys were a bundle of nerves, on the eve of their birthday. However, no matter how hard they tried they couldn't find out where we were going ... I did finally break down, and told them that we were going to take Little Colt and fly somewhere. THAT perked up their enthusiasm; did it ever! Now they both were acting like two balls in a pinball machine. It was so funny to watch them.

After another of Julie's wonderful dinners, and then some more marshmallow-roasting, it was bedtime again. Both boys wanted to sleep with us that night. I asked them, if it was going to be a repeat of last night, and they both blushed a pretty pink. Mike and I both chuckled, at the cute expressions on their faces. Mike and I said, "Ok; let's get some sleep," and off to bed we went.

The boys quickly undressed in their own room. Mike and I got undressed and just got into bed. The boys walked in, wearing their Jockeys, and joined us. The night went as planned. We all snuggled up and went right to sleep.

During the night, though, both boys were dreaming something, because they were restless all night. I didn't care, though, because I knew why. Mike and I had them so wound up over the big surprise, that anyone would have been restless. I do think letting them sleep with us helped them sleep better, though.

I woke up to the sounds of laughter, and tickling. Colt and Matt had Mike held down, as they tickled each other, and all of them were squirming all over the bed. It was so much fun to see them playing together like that.

I spoke saying, "I hate to break up this little party, but I think we need to get moving. It's someone's birthday. Happy Birthday, sons! I think you two need to take a shower and get dressed, OK?" They both looked at me and smiled. Then out of bed they bounded.

They both headed into their bedroom. Mike got up, and headed for our bathroom, and I followed him. When we got there, I just grabbed him and kissed him, morning-breath, and all, saying, "Good morning, my love; I sure hope this'll be a wonderful day for everyone."

Mike replied saying, "Hon, there's no way it wouldn't be; the boys love us, and, God knows, we love them so very, very much!"

After turning on the shower, Mike and I got in and began to caress each other, kissing and hugging. Other things were rising to the occasion as well. Mike opened his eyes, then, to see two naked boys, standing in the shower, watching us.

He was shocked and said, "Hi ... hi boys ... come on in and join us, why don't you?"

I was stunned, but we had told that them if they wanted to, they could always join us, so we decided we needed to cool it. Mike and I stopped kissing and started washing ourselves, and the two boys turned on the other shower heads, and began showering, too. Now, we are truly the Andersen family -- we eat, play, sleep, and bathe together -- what a wonderful feeling of being so open with each other.

Julie was in the kitchen with a wonderful birthday breakfast for the boys -- she called it, breakfast to order. They got to order anything they wanted, and she fixed it for them. Like all teenagers, they each wanted something different. True to her promise, she fixed them what they each wanted. Mike and I just took what ever she had the most of. And were happy with that.

Richard came out to the ranch so we could carry out our plan. Larry and the rest of the crew would be onboard Cowboy, waiting for us.

By the way, I forgot to let you all in on another member of my crew, John Olson. He was my in-flight chef, bartender, steward; what ever you want to call him. He just took care of all our in-flight needs.

Mike said, "Ok guys, it's time to leave." He had the biggest smile on his face I think I've ever seen on him.

Colt and Matt were out of the house in a flash and at the hanger waiting for Mike and me to get there.

Richard had already started Little Colt, so we all got in, and Mike closed the door.

Richard said, "Colt, you're going to fly it today; we need to stop at the Casper Airport; I forgot some important papers that we'll need, this morning."

"Ok, but I was going to let Matt fly, today." He looked at Matt, then went up and got into the right hand (co-pilot's) seat.

Well, Richard did have the extra set of headphones now, so everyone could have on a set.

Colt said, "I've never landed at the Casper airport before, Richard."

Richard replied saying, "That's ok, you'll do just fine. Now let's get a move on; we have a long ways to go today." Now that perked some boys' interest; you could see the big smiles on their faces.

Mike and I were fighting hard not to tell them. But why spoil this surprise; we even had someone from the company waiting at Cowboy and Buckaroo, taking video of this for the family's memories file.

Colt just did his job like he always did, and we took off from the ranch. The fifteen-or-so miles to the Casper airport was like nothing; he no sooner took off, it seemed, than he was in a flight path given by the tower, at Casper, to land. He was great, as Richard knew he would be.

As we landed, Richard was telling him where to taxi to. As we turned off the runway onto the taxiway heading for our company hangers, Richard said, "Colt, pull up over there between those two big 737's parked facing each other."

There was nothing happening, yet. As far as the boys were concerned, those were just two commercial airliners.

Colt said, "There isn't a lot of room between them Richard, are you sure you want me to park between them."

"Yes, I'd like you to pull up right between them and then shut down Little Colt, please," Richard said, with a matter-of-fact tone.

Like the good pilot he was, Colt did as he was told, and parked Little Colt and shut down both engines. Then Mike opened the back door of the plane and we all got out, and waited for Richard to lock it up.

Colt was standing with Matt and said, "Why did you lock up Little Colt?" He had a real puzzled look on his face, and Matt was kinda in a daze anyway. He had never been close to a jet before.

Richard, without the least hesitation said, "We have to take Cowboy for the next leg of our trip." How he said that without even a smile, was truly amazing.
"Next leg ...?" both boys asked simultaneously, with questioning frowns on their foreheads?
"Yeah ... next leg ..." Richard casually answered; "... to Hawaii ... Honolulu, to be exact ... Oh! ... didn't you guys know?" He could barely contain himself, as he began grinning ... pressing his hands and crossed-arms against his sides and stomach ... and, with failing restraint, trying not to laugh out loud.

If you could have seen Colt and Matt right then, you could have flown Little Colt into their mouths they were so far open. The boys were frozen, looking at both the 737's and their brains were in overload mode, I swear. Mike had to take Matt by the hand, and I took Colt by his hand. Then I said, "Surprise, sons, these two 737's belong to us, and Richard is going to take us to a very special restaurant, in Honolulu, Hawaii, but right now, we have to get on Cowboy for the flight; how does that sound to you guys?"

Colt, still holding my hand said, "My God, pop, and you too, poppa Mike, how did you keep this from us for so long? How much money do we have, pop?" He was so out of touch right now, I was surprised he even was able to say that.

"Enough, sons; enough. Now how do you feel about Hawaii?" I had to ask again. Mike was laughing now, and Matt wasn't saying anything yet.

Matt spoke, finally, just saying, "Sounds like fun, pop!"

Mike, still holding Matt's hand, lead him to the stairs and up into Cowboy. I followed, with Colt in tow. He was still in shock.

As we entered, I heard Matt start to speak. "There's that man again that saved me!" he was shocked, and when I stepped into the lounge, he looked at me and then at the picture again, and said, "Pop, that's you, when you were younger; don't tell me that's your uncle James."

I said, "Son, just go over and read that brass plate on the bottom frame of that portrait." He did, and just shook is head in disbelief. But what surprised us more was, that Colt was staring at me, then at the portrait.

Mike said to me, "Love, why don't you just go over there and stand next to it, so they won't twist their heads off trying to compare you and James." Then we both broke out laughing.

Finally, the boys were convinced that the portrait was that of Uncle James, therefore, we continued our tour of Cowboy, with two boys that were in awe of what they were seeing. There's just no way I can put into words the way they felt about this whole adventure.

Matt said, "You know what we should do, Colt?"

Colt tuned to look at him and said, "What, little bro?"

Matt continued saying, We need to have them add 'Uncle' to that plate, in front of `James Robert Andersen' and then beneath that name, add "Pop Justyn Case Andersen'." Then he started laughing and so did Colt, and Mike was hysterical over the thought.

It came time for us to leave; Richard came on the speakers saying, "As soon as my co-pilot gets up here, we can leave." Richard had a full flight crew on board, but the real co-pilot was sitting in the jump seat. And this, of course, was also part of the plan. Neither Colt nor Matt caught on to what Richard was saying.

Richard came on the speakers again saying, "Will my co-pilot, Colt, please get up here in the cockpit, so we can leave?" Colt heard that, and was off and running, to the front of the plane. Our 737 had always had extra headphones, so we could listen in on the pilot and the crew as if we were sitting up there with them.

Richard said, "Well, it's about time you got up here, son; we have to be in Honolulu in about 6 hours. Now get ready to taxi out."

Colt just said, "What do I do?" in a very grown up voice. It was as if he changed from a teenager, into a man, when he sat in one of the pilots' seats. Funny how just changing a person's responsibility, changes their personality.

"Just do the same things you would do in Little Colt, the controls are almost the same. Just a few more things to watch." You start up the same way, so start him up, son.

We could hear Cowboy's engines start to turn, faster and faster until they were running smooth and sweet.

"Now ... call for clearance to taxi and take off." We heard Colt calling the tower, but couldn't hear the other half of the conversation.

Richard said, "Ok now, throttle up, and move out to the end of runway 9 left."

We felt Cowboy start to move, slowly at first, then faster, turning away from Buckaroo, and Little Colt. That was so cute, the little plane between two giants.

Richard was talking to Colt, telling him what to do, and he was doing it without Richard's help. I knew, though, we were in no danger, and regardless of the fact that Colt was just 13, today, he was a competent enough pilot to follow directions.

We got to the end of the runway and Richard told Colt, "Ok Colt, it's all yours, just remember it might be bigger but it will take off just as well as Little Colt will."

We felt Cowboy's engines start to roar, and the plane shuttered a bit, then we were being pushed back into our seats, picking up speed, and then that well-known feeling of weightlessness took over our senses.

I was so proud of my sons, and right now of Colt, in particular, he was truly growing up right in front of our eyes.

I looked at Mike and Matt, sitting there, knowing Colt was flying us to a wonderful dinner in Hawaii ... on Cowboy ... as it had done once before ... with two other lovers ...

To be continued...