A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 17

We had been flying now for about an hour when Colt came back into the lounge looking around, still somewhat amazed at Cowboy.

I asked him, "What are you doing back here, son?" He looked at me with a wonderful smile.

"Pop, Richard showed me how to use the automatic pilot," he answered, then continued saying, "Pop, it's hard for me to believe that all of this is yours ... the big planes ... Little Colt ... the ranch ...; pop, I don't understand it at all."

John came into the lounge and announced, "Lunch ... is being served ... in the dining area; would you all be so kind ... as to be seated ... please."

I thought to myself, we need to get John to loosen up a bit; he ... is ... too ... formal.

I said, "John, thanks; we'll join you; come on boys, and you, TOO, big boy," I looked at Mike with a big grin.

The rest of the flight was fun, and the boys loved every second of it. When we were first able to see the islands, Richard banked the plane, and circled them for a long time at very low altitude so we could really see them, just like a tourist would, and both Colt and Matt were just staring out the windows. You could just tell they were in heaven.

After we landed, and de-planed, Larry picked up the company limo, and pulled around to the boarding stairs. We all piled in, and we were off to Chef Mayoki's home; yes, his home; even if he was serving meals, it was far beyond being called a restaurant.

Mike, the boys, and I got out of the car, and Larry excused himself, and left for a couple hours, as I had instructed him to do so.

As we entered the establishment, I met Chef Mayoki, and said, "Hello, I'm JC Andersen, and this is my partner Mike Andersen, and these two young men, are my sons, Colt and Matt ," I smiled broadly at him.

Chef Mayoki said, "Welcome, JC; I'm so glad to see you again, it's been a long time. Would everyone please follow me?"

Chef Mayoki led us down a hallway, through a set of sliding doors, and onto a covered patio; several tiki torches were burning around the outside, accenting the eating area. There was the sound of the ocean -- the waves, splashing on the rocks. We were so close to the surf, that you could almost feel the mist of the ocean spray. The mood was of total happiness, and the evening air was very comfortable. He seated us, then said, "I'll be back with some refreshments and hors d'oeuvres." He bowed to us as he left.

I asked, "Boys, what do you think of this place?" I was watching for a reaction, which was evident by the cute smiles on their faces.

Mike said, "It's absolutely gorgeous, just like I remembered. The mood hasn't changed; it's perfect for the islands, and for us."

Colt was checking everything out, saying, "This looks like one of my video games, it's like a jungle," and then he giggled.

Matt spoke just saying, "It's real nice, pop, and thank you, too, poppa Mike, for bringing us here." He, too, was smiling.

Recapturing past memories, my eyes darted and lingered around the familiar dining area, as I spoke, saying, "I've been here only twice before boys -- once with Charlie, and once with your poppa Mike, there, a long time ago. If I'm not mistaken, Chef Mayoki looks a little older now. Of course, so do we; don't we, love?" I just looked at Mike with a loving smile, thinking, what a pleasant place for our anniversary.

Mike said, "Yes, love, even though it's not our anniversary, I still love this place; but what better reason to come back here, than to celebrate the birthdate of our two wonderful sons. Thank God, someone gave them birth so that WE could have them." I stared at JC and the boys with glassy eyes ... not crying -- just welling up with pride.

I said, "Thank you, Mike, that's the most heartfelt love." I reached out to both boys who were sitting one at each side of the table. Mike saw what I was doing, so he, too, reached for the boys' hands. Then as we all held each other's hands, I continued; "I want this night to be very special, boys. I want you to remember this place and all the love that has been here before, and IS here now. Please ... just promise me this one thing ... promise me you will always love and trust all of us."

I had a very hard time saying that without crying, but this was to be a happy night, and it was turning out that way already.

Then a cute young Polynesian lady appeared, carrying two Mai-Tai's, two Pink Ladies, and a tray of hors d'oeuvres. Don't ask me what they were, because the last time I was here, I didn't know, then, either, but they were exquisitely made, with a taste to match. She placed it on the table, then lit the two candles.

Colt asked, "Where are the menus, pop? When do we order?" Matt was looking at Colt, nodding his head up and down, like saying, yes, where are they, pop? It was so funny, I chuckled at him.

I answered him, saying, "Son, we don't order; Bill has arranged everything. The meal has already been ordered for us."

Mike answered, too, re-enforcing my statement by saying, "Yep, it's kinda different boys; just wait and see ... you'll love it."

I said, "Its okay, Colt; I'm sure we'll all enjoy it; if not, it will be the first time we will be disappointed here." I looked at Colt with a pleasant grin.

We just sat there for a while, sipping our drinks, not really saying a lot, out loud -- just enjoying each other's company. Then the young lady appeared again, carrying four more drinks, and four very large shrimp cocktails in brandy snifters. She placed them on the table, putting one of them in front of each of us. She bowed and left the patio. The shrimp cocktails were fabulous; the shrimp was so tasty and mouth-watering.

Mike, Colt, and Matt just sat there eating and not saying anything, but you could tell they were in heaven, enjoying the fine food.

It seemed like an hour had passed, since the shrimp cocktails had been served, but in reality, it was more like fifteen minutes, then the young lady returned, with a beautiful large wooden bowl filled with a fruit salad and with four smaller bowls. She placed them on the table, picking up the used dishes.

Matt exclaimed, "This shrimp is really good, pop; everythin' tastes SO good!" I smiled at him and he returned the smiles, along with a cute smile from Colt, as well.

Mike said, "Yes, it is, boys; it's scrumptious ... or delicious ... or whatever you want to call it."

Then chef Mayoki and the young lady came in, again. He was carrying a large platter with a beautifully prepared, bone-in-prime rib, dressed with all types of greenery. The young lady was carrying dinner plates, silverware, and four more drinks. I giggled, thinking, they're trying to get us drunk.

Setting the platter down, chef Mayoki picked up the two cutting knives and began his artistry. It smelled delicious, and looked scrumptious. After carving, he served my plate first and asked me to taste ... waiting for my approval or disapproval. I tasted it ... it melted in my mouth. It had the most exquisite taste I'd ever had in a piece of beef. I complimented him; "Delicious! Very delicious!" Then I looked at Mike and the boys, with a dreamy expression of how good it tasted.

Chef Mayoki then served the rest of the plates, giving them first to Colt, then Matt, and last to Mike. He waited for approval or disapproval, from each in turn.

After receiving the approval of each of our boys and Mike, Chef Mayoki and the young lady bowed and left us to eat. We had no idea that we were so famished, but we devoured that prime rib, which had to have weighed at least eight pounds. We all were so stuffed, we just lay back in our chairs. I thought, for a minute, that we were all going to fall asleep. We just looked at each other, wondering what was next.

Contentedly remembering the past, being happy both then and now, and yet ... holding back from a little emotional choking, I said, "Ok, boys; I have something very special to give you both. I just hope they will mean as much to you as they do to me. Even your poppa Mike doesn't know what I'm about to give to each of you." I almost lost it, then and there.

I wasn't able to finish all that I wanted to say, when Mike excitedly interrupted, "Oh, my God, love, I know what it is now, and I love you for thinking of it." Then he shut his mouth, not wanting to spoil what I was saying.

Regaining my composure, I smiled at Mike and after a brief moment, asked. "Now, love, can I finish what I was saying?" He nodded, and I continued ... looking back and forth between the boys as I reached into the inside breast pocket of my tropical jacket and retrieved their special gifts; "Well, sons, these belonged to Charlie and me, and now I want you both to have them, and I hope you will love them as much as I do."

I got up from the table, and walked over and took Colt's right hand and placed the 18K gold bracelet that once belonged to Charlie, on his right wrist, saying, "That now belongs to you, son. Love it as much as I did, and remember ... for as long as you wear it, both Charlie and I will be by your side, forever."

It was newly engraved on top with `Colt' in script right below the word `Charlie', and on the inside the old engraving still read `My heart will always be yours, Sweetheart, with all my love, JC'. Colt watched ... dumbfounded ... and just said, "Thank you, pop; I love it."

I was fighting back tears of love, and I still had one more to give. Mike was crying; there was no fighting back for him -- he was the lucky one -- he just had to watch me fumble with my emotions.

"Now, Matt, it's your turn, You know the one Colt just got belonged to Charlie. Well, this one belonged to me. I moved over to where Matt was sitting, took his right hand and placed that 18K gold bracelet that once belonged to me, on his right wrist, saying, "That one, now, belongs to you, son. Love it as much as I did, and remember ... for as long as you wear it, both Charlie and I will be by your side forever."

It was newly engraved on top with `Matt' in script right below the initials `J.C.' and on the inside, the old engraving still read `With all my heart, Lil' Cowboy, I will love you forever, Charlie'. Matt started crying, and said, "Thank you so much, pop; I ...will ...NEVER ...take ... it ... off." He sniffled, and I couldn't hold back any longer; the tears flowed like rain.

The boys just sat there looking at the bracelets, with bright eyes, the tears of joy were fading with each passing minute. I wish, I could have said the same for me.

Mike spoke next, and said, "I have a little surprise for you, too, but your pop is a hard act to follow. He then handed them both a Birthday Card. This was something that Mike and I had planned well for. Bill and Janet were involved and so was Harvey, making sure that it was binding on everyone.

Colt opened his, first, and was quite shocked, as I am sure, anyone would be. It was a bankbook in the name of Running Colt Charlie Andersen, with a trust fund payable at age twenty-five for one million dollars. And a note that read, `This trust fund is from both, your Dad JC, and your Dad Mike. It is given out of our love for you. It will always be there for you. God forbid, that either one of us won't be. With our total unconditional love. Signed, Pop and Poppa Mike.'

Colt got up and ran over to Mike and hugged him and kissed him on the lips and said, "Thanks; I love you so much, poppa Mike." Then he ran over to me, and grabbed me in a huge hug, and said, "Thanks, pop; I love you so much, too."

Matt then opened his, and knowing what Colt had just got, of course, was not nearly as shocked, but he was still surprised, when he found the bankbook in the name of Matt Nighthorse James Andersen, with a trust fund payable at age twenty-five for one million dollars. And a note that read, `This trust fund is from both, your Dad JC, and Dad Mike. It is given out of our love for you. It will always be there for you. God forbid, that either one of us won't be. With our total unconditional love. Signed, Pop and Poppa Mike.'

Matt got up and charged over to me, and hugged me, saying, "Thank you, pop; I really, really love you so much." Then he ran over to Mike and hugged him, too, and said, "I really, really love you, too, poppa Mike, and thank you both for being so good to me."

Then the young lady came out, carrying a flaming dessert of some kind -- most of us would call it a birthday cake of sorts. It had `Happy Birthday, Colt & Matt' on it, spelled out in small orchid pedals laid out so neatly that you would have thought it was done with a computer. But the flowers were real. We really still don't quite know what it was, but it WAS scrumptious.

After we finished our dessert, and coffee, for Mike and me, and coconut milk, with some other tropical juices, mixed with it, for Colt and Matt, Chef Mayoki came out, and asked if everything was to our satisfaction. We all spoke at once telling him how fabulous it was.

After I gave him a rather large tip, I called Larry to let him know we were ready. He was outside, waiting for us.

As we walked to the car, Larry got out and came around to meet us. "How was your dinner? You all look like something went wrong?" He saw that we had been crying, and just wondered what was wrong. Of course, I assured him there was absolutely nothing wrong. Those were nothing more than tears of happiness.

It wasn't long before we were back aboard Cowboy for our trip home. It wasn't that late in Hawaii, but it was late at home in Wyoming; therefore, as soon as we were airborne, we talked about going to bed, this shocked the boys, for neither of them had ever seen, let alone been on, a custom-built 737.

When we had toured Cowboy before arriving in Hawaii, the boys saw the bedrooms, and knew where they were, but only one of them had a private bath. And that one had as much luxury as our bath back at the ranch. Also the extra bedroom on Cowboy only had a queen size bed, where as, the master bedroom had an over-sized king size bed, which was something that Charlie had insisted on, when he had both the 737s built.

Well I know you've figured out what I'm leading up to, so, yes, the four of us all went into the master bedroom ... or the aft bedroom, as the official plans for Cowboy call it. Then and there, we all quickly undressed, and all four of us, crawled into bed, for at least four or five hours of contented sleep.

Well, that was the original plan that we started with, anyway; but a couple of excited munchkins thought differently.

We ended up talking more, while we lay there together, than we do at home. It was a wonderful togetherness, nothing more than cuddling with our handsome young sons, and talking about really nothing of real importance. Oh, yes; the gifts they had been given that night, came up several times, and we even had to turn on the bedside lights a couple times, so the boys could look at the bracelets again, each one, showing the other theirs'.

It was really enjoyable for both Mike and me, to see them like this. It's times like this that most parents would never see, because of the loss of togetherness that tends to occur in most families in today's world. The topic of getting a custom made bed for the ranch was even discussed. From the way Mike was asking me questions, I wouldn't be surprised, if one night we got up from one of Julie's wonderful dinners to go to bed, and found a football-field-sized bed in our bedroom. I smiled as I thought about that.

We finally got a few hours nap time, and when John called us, telling us we were about an hour out of Casper, we all got up, and stretched our legs. Mike started the Jacuzzi, filling it with nice hot water, and lots of bubble bath; it was so cute, Mike and I just slid in, like we normally would, and the two boys were standing there, looking at us as if to say 'where do we fit in?'

Mike just said, "Well ... get them shorts off and just get in. Whatcha waitin' for, an invitation?" It was cute the way he said it, more than what he said.

Colt was the first one to take off his jockeys and crawl in, sitting on the oppiste side of the Jacuzzi; then Matt followed suit by removing his. He got in and sat with Colt. Again we started talking, and the boys ... still wearing their bracelets ... showed them to us again.

They both said in unison, "See ... we'll never take them off."

I said, "Well, boys, there WILL be times you'll have to take them off for safety reasons, and I would hate to see either of you hurt because of your promises." Then I smiled at them both.

Mike said with a dead serious look on his face, "With them on, for instance, how would you have helped Sugar with Starling?" The boys looked at each other and chuckled.

Matt said, "Ooo, that would be nasty!"

Colt wrinkled up his nose at Mike and added, "They might've even got lost." Then we all laughed out loud.

Mike and I got out, dried off, and got dressed, while the boys horsed around for a little bit longer, in the Jacuzzi; then they, too, got out and dried off. They got dressed, then we all headed out into the conference room where John had some goodies prepared -- home made sweet rolls, coffee and milk.

By the time we had eaten them, Richard called over the speaker for Colt and Matt to join him on the flight deck.

>From what Richard told me, after we landed, both boys had a chance to fly Cowboy for a while; Matt was doing pretty well at flying, but not as well as Colt. Richard did point out that Colt had more flying time than Matt did, but in his own mind, he just felt that Colt would be the better pilot, and Matt was going to be more into the engineering and maintenance aspect of flying, which was very important, and if everything worked out right, that we had the makings of two great aviators in the family. However, Colt did the landing without too much trouble. He said that as soon as Colt was old enough he was going to teach him to fly the 737s, and he would help Colt get his commercial license for them.

A light bulb went off in my head could it be...????

To be continued...