A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 18

When we got back to the ranch it was late, or should I say ... early morning ... and we decided that we would first make a late-night / early-morning breakfast of waffles and strawberries with whipped cream. Mike did the cooking and I kept the boys out of their room until we were ready to spring more of their birthday surprise on them, for the rest of their birthday surprise was still to come.

In addition, the early breakfast was just a ploy, to let Ben get some items ready in the barn as well. We had ordered, and received, two brand new saddles for the boys. Except for their names being tooled into the skirts, the rest of the two saddles were identical, in both size and trim. There would be no doubt in any one's mind that these were custom-built. In addition, in their bedroom were two brand new computers, the best we could find, already connected to the company's T4 line.

Therefore, after breakfast, we took the boys out to the barn; it was cold. In fact, it was freezing cold, but the barn shot up thirty degrees when the two of them saw the saddles. They didn't know whether to yell, hug us, or just plain jump into our arms.

Colt just yelled, "Are those for us? Thanks, pop and poppa Mike, for everything. It's just too much!" He was just a bundle of joy, jumping from one foot to the other.

Matt said, somewhat more softly, "Thank you, pops ... it really is too much for me." He was kinda looking down when he said it, too.

I put an arm around his shoulders, squeezed, and said, "With all the love that you boys show us, it's only fair that we show ours, in more ways than one. You will always have our love, which is given from the heart and is completely unconditional; if we give you material things, that's just another way we want to show our love for you."

Mike was smiling all the time, and said, "Ok, munchkins, its time to get back inside before we freeze to death." He headed back to the house with Matt in tow, and I did the same with Colt in tow, as well.

When we entered the house, we told the boys that they needed to go get ready for bed. Without a fuss, they took off down the hall, and into their room. Mike and I were just waiting to see how long it would take them to realize what was now awaiting them in there. It took longer then we thought it would, but all at once there was noise coming from their room ... lots of noise; yelling and screaming. One was saying, "Now we can play games together ..." and the other one continued with, "... and sit beside each other, too." Who said the first or second doesn't really matter. Mike and I knew, then, that we had made the right choices for the birthday surprises. As we walked into their room, they both had their computers on, and were loading some game they wanted to play.

Mike said, "Ok, boys, if you two want to play, it's alright." Knowing that it was already Monday morning, and the two of them would be going to school very early on Tuesday, he added, "You don't have to go to school today, but tonight ... err ... today ... you'll have to be in bed early."

Mike and I left their room and headed for ours; we wanted to have some time for ourselves now, and since the boys were pretty well occupied with their new computers, we felt a little more relaxed ... with what we had on our minds.

Mike took care of filling the Jacuzzi, while I found some soft music to put on the stereo, then went back into the bathroom to find Mike, already naked and standing there, waiting for me to come in, so he could undress me slowly and sensually. "Little Mike" was already standing proud and firm as could be. By the time he had me undressed, so was I. From that point on, it was total bliss in the Jacuzzi. With all the love we had shared with the boys that day, we, too, wanted some special loving between just the two of us.

As we eased ourselves into the hot water, Mike decided that he was going to be top, even though physically sitting on the bottom of the Jacuzzi. Therefore ... he had me lower myself slowly onto his awaiting love handle, and as I felt him enter my most private place, he was just moaning, and I was groaning; we never spoke; we both just felt the intense pleasure of being coupled in the most loving way possible.

First, I was facing away from him, riding him, while he had his arms around my waist, playing with my tool, stroking it ever so slowly, working it, while he was paying a lot of attention to the slit in the tip, almost pushing his little finger into it. I was in heaven and Gabriel's horn was deep inside me.
Then Mike began to twist me on his pole, until I was facing him. That just about drove me over the edge of ecstasy. As I finished turning toward him, he began stroking me faster, and he was also humping me from below. I reached down and pinched both of his nipples, and he let out even more moans of pleasure. He returned the favor by reaching up with one hand, and pinching, first, one nipple, and then the other, never missing a stroke on my man handle. It wasn't long, before we both traveled that well-known road to ecstasy.

As Mike released his load into my depths, he moaned in several grunts and groans, as did I, for as he shot load after load into me, I released my several loads, into the hot water.

It was beyond ecstasy, for both of us.

We got out and sensually dried each other, and then put on our white terrycloth robes. Then we headed back, to see what game the boys were playing. Well ... to our surprise, the door was open, for if they had closed it, we would have knocked. But there, before our eyes, were the cutest pair of naked boys, having a mutual masturbation session. When they saw us standing there, they both turned bright red, and said, almost in unison, "Sorry, pops!"

Mike just said, "There's nothing to be sorry for, sons; we're the ones that seemed to have come in unexpectedly."

I said, "Boys, you need to close your door next time; OK?"

Colt surprised us by saying, "Pop, you, and poppa Mike seeing us is ok. We don't care. I thought it was ok; we shower together, don't we?" My God, out of the mouths of babes, comes the unbiased truth.

I then said, "Sons, until you're old enough, Mike and I would rather you do those sorts of things in private; please?" I didn't want to make light of what they were doing, for it was normal for them to experiment, and explore, and if there was more to it, that would be fine, as well. I'm sure that Mike felt the same way as I did, for we had already spoken about this subject not too long before.

Colt came back saying, "Well how old do we have to be, before we can do it with you and poppa Mike?" You could've picked Mike and me, both, off the floor.

I thought for a few seconds ... which I'm sure to the boys was a lifetime ... before saying, "Well, boys, you have to be eighteen years old, before it would even be considered to be legal, and that's what it will have to be! Remember, boys ... there are two kinds of love.

"One is in the heart, and that's where our love for you is ... in our hearts ... and without that love first, you see, sex is nothing but sex. It doesn't necessarily mean that you automatically love the one you're doing it with. It's just a physical pleasure that two people express with each other; but ... with the love in your heart ... FIRST ... for that person ... then sex is just a higher form of that love, shared with each other."

Mike was looking at me and so were two very naked boys with very hard members still showing. Then I said, "I hope that was clear enough, sons; if you have any questions, we can talk later ... or now if you want?"

Matt just said, "I understand, I think, pop." He smiled, with a cute little 'ok' type smile, that only he could give.

Colt said, "I understand, too, and I still love you both, so very much. One day, I want to show you how much I love you, too." He smiled, with a sexy little smile, that would turn-on a stone statue of a Greek god.

We told the boys we were going back to our room, and left them to themselves. Mike and I crawled into bed, and kissed each other good night, and curled up into our spooning position.

We were about to fall asleep when I heard Colt say, "Can we come in and sleep with you dads tonight?" I was kinda surprised, that they were finished with what we had caught them doing, but ... what the heck? ... if they were wanting to come into our bed, it was ok with us.

Mike said, "Ok, boys, just get in the middle, and spoon in."

The two boys got in and snuggled up with us, and we all drifted off into dreamland ... until a while later when Colt woke up and said sleepily, "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom."

I said, "OK, just crawl over me and when you come back, just get in beside me."

"Ok, dad," Colt replied sleepily.

Colt came back, and just crawled up behind me, and we all fell asleep until morning. We were awakened by the smell of coffee brewing. I got up and headed for the bathroom, followed by Mike. I checked my watch, and, my God, it was almost noon, and the boys were still sleeping. Mike woke them up, because they wouldn't want to go back to bed tonight if we let them sleep any later, and then Tuesday morning would be a nightmare.

So the boys got up and headed into their room to get dressed. When they came out, Julie had lunch prepared, and we all sat down to eat.

Colt was the first to show off his new bracelet to her, saying, "Grandma Julie, look what my dad gave me, in Hawaii, last night." He was beaming with pride; you could see it.

Julie looked funny, and said, "Dad? Which one?"

Colt said, "Pop. He's is my Dad now, ok?" with a cute smile.

Julie said, "Well, aren't we all grown up, now, after only one day?" Then she hugged Colt and kissed him on the cheek.

Colt blushed, not saying anything more. Julie said, "That's a beautiful bracelet, Colt; you should be proud of that. I know it meant a lot to your dad, JC."

Matt just held his up for her to see it, and said, "See, Grandma Julie, I got one, too," and he smiled at her.

She went over and kissed him, too, saying, "Hon, those are so nice, and your dad, JC treasured those for a lot of years, so I guess you boys are very special to your two dads. I know you're special to me. I love you both very much. I have a little something for you, too." Julie went to her purse, got out two little boxes, and handed one to each boy. And told them it wasn't much, but it was given with her love.

Like two young boys, they both opened them at the same time, revealing two rings, made of 10K gold, and turquoise -- the turquoise, in the shape of two Thunderbirds facing each other so delicately made, signifying brothers in flight. They were beautiful, and the boys were very excited by them.

Mike and I were somewhat surprised that she would do that, but it was so nice of her. I made up my mind, that this year for Christmas, I would give her a little extra in her Christmas bonus check to help her. Those rings were not cheap. And I know she was not flooded with money.

Mike spoke up and said, looking at Colt with a smile, "Now I have something for Matt, but I don't want you, Colt, to be upset," Then he continued saying, "Darkstar is now yours, son; you take good care of him, ok?"

Matt replied saying, "Oh, poppa Mike, thank you so much; is Darkstar really mine?"

Mike replied, smiling at Matt, "Yes, son, he's all yours, and YOU are responsible for him. Also, son, we have a real nice gelding named Thunder. He looks something like Star. You and Colt will look like a pair when you're riding together. Of course you are a pair of munchkins, anyway." He chuckled, and then said, "He's yours as well, and you'd look funny trying to saddle Darkstar, right now." We all laughed when Mike said that. Poor Darkstar was less then six months old.

Colt asked if it was all right for them to go, set up their saddles, and go for a ride. Mike told them it was ok, but they had to really bundle up, because it was very cold outside, and not to overdo the horses, either.

Within two seconds, the boys were gone, with riding parkas in hand. I figured they wouldn't be out there very long, as cold as it was. Fifteen degrees is cold, but try telling that to 12 and 13 year old boys, who have more energy than a bolt of lightning.

Mike and I talked about the possibility of his folks coming up for Christmas, to meet their new grandsons. He thought they would really like to come, because it had been a long time since we had seen them, but they were happy about our being partners for life. They liked me, even back from the time that I had spilled the coffee on Mike's lap, when I still worked for Delta. I still laugh about that experience; we often talk about it ... but just between him and me.

I told him I would have one of the 737s go get them and take them back home, if they would just come up. Mike said, "Let me go call them and see." He went to his office to make the phone call, and I went to mine to log on to see what was happening with the company business. I had been kinda slacking for the past few weeks, with Matt being laid on our door step, so to speak ... or should I say ... in our barn, by Uncle James ... and all the other recent activities with ... our ... two ... sons.

God! That sounds good!



I picked up the phone in my office and called the folks. It began to ring, until mom answered.


"Hi, mom, how are you and dad doing?"

"Hi, son, long time since we talked to you. Your father is doing just fine. How are you and JC doing, and the boys?"

"Oh, mom, the boys are just grand; we're both so happy we have them. We love them so much. You know, we just took them to Hawaii, yesterday, for dinner; it was their birthdays. Colt turned thirteen, and Matt turned twelve. And if JC doesn't spoil'em, I will." I laughed into the phone.

"I wish we were closer, and then we could help you spoil them. What do you think they would like for Christmas? Sorry we didn't send anything for their birthdays, because we didn't know about them, until a few days ago. Son, we really need to talk more often." She was chuckling, too.

"Well, mom, that's what I'm calling about. JC and I would love for you and dad to come up for Christmas. We'd send one of the 737s down there to get you ... and of course, take you home, again, whenever you wanted to go back."

I was hoping they would say yes ... more for the boys than us, but I would love to see them again, too. It's been over two years. God, how time flies.

"Hold on, son; let me go ask your father, ok? I'll be right back."

A few minutes passed and mom came back to the phone, saying, "Well, son, your father says that we can come up, and we can spend a couple of weeks there, too ... if that's ok?"

"That's great, mom, it sounds terrific. I know the boys will love having you here. They want to meet their real grandparents. After all, you are the real thing for them."

"I want to see them, too; why don't you send us some pictures, since you're taking digital ones?"

"Yes, we sure are."

"Well I know you have computers, so, send some of them down here. I would really, really love to know what they look like, before we come up."

Well, mom, you let me know a few days before you want to come, so I can get the plane down there to pick you and dad up.

"Ok, son; let us figure out when we can get away, and I'll call you back in the next day or so."

Ok, mom; I love you both, and you know that; I can't wait to see you both again. Don't forget to call, ok?"

"We will. Remember, son, love your man, and of course, those wonderful sons. We'll be seeing you all, soon."

"Always, mom, always! Bye bye, call back soon, now?" Then I hung up the phone.

I went to tell JC in his office.



Mike came in and told me that his folks would be here for Christmas, and that sounded so nice. I just know the boys will be happy, too.

When the boys came in -- frozen -- after only about an hour; the cold got to them, somewhat faster than they thought it would. To be honest, they had stayed out longer than I had expected them to.

Well, you should have seen their faces when Mike told them about their Grandparents coming up to visit for Christmas. They were so happy, but again they had never seen Zeke and Helen Hendricks, Mike's parents ... and mine, too, for that matter, as they have been since Mike and I became life partners. I was really happy that we were all going to be together during the holidays. You could see the pride swell in Mike, just knowing they were going to be here.

The rest of the day went well, and the boys were in their room, on the computers, until we forced them to come out of their "den-of-hibernation" for dinner.

As soon as dinner was over, they were back on them again, until we told them to hit the sack. Matt was a little nervous, what with his school starting in the morning, but Colt was a good brother, and told him that he would be there for him, always, and that he was not to worry ... no one would bother him at school.

Mike and I just went to bed. With the jet lag, and last night, and, having to be up at 4:30 in the morning again, we were going to bed without our normal, nightly, funfest. We got undressed and crawled into bed, pulling the covers over us, and then within five minutes, we had two more for the bed again.

Mike laughed and said, "I swear! I'm go'na get a bigger bed."

But the boys kinda started to get out of bed. Mike grabbed Matt and said, "Where are you going, son?"

Matt answered, "Well, poppa Mike, you were complaining about needing a bigger bed, I thought maybe we were crowding you too much?" He was seriously going to leave the room.

Mike quickly spoke saying, "Boys, I was just joking, OK?" Then chuckling, he added, "Now get your cute butts back in bed. NOW!"

Colt said, "See, Matt? I told you he was just joking, the other night!" Then he started laughing at his own remarks.

I was thinking what a wonderful pair of sons we had there; when they made those two boys, they definitely threw away the mold.

Oh, yeah, I forgot; as Emo Phillips says, 'Some of it grew back.'

"Thanks again, my angels, for giving us these two wonderful sons!"

To be continued...