A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 19

I swear that I'm going to kill the makers of alarm clocks; 4:30 a.m. is too damn early in the morning for anyone to get up. Nevertheless, like it or not, it was time for all of us to rise and shine. Of course, if Mike and I had wanted to, we could just send the boys off to school with Richard or one of our other pilots. However, I really think that would start a war between Mike and me, not counting the boys.

Our morning routine went as always, but with a slight difference. This morning, our youngest was going for his first day of school at Crazy Horse. The school year had begun at the end of August, and his prior school attendance was poor. We figured most of that was due to his ex-foster parents' abuse of him, and their not wanting to be caught by the authorities.

Well ... they were caught, and from what we found out, both were facing a long jail term; the District Attorney was not going to give an inch, on the charges, which were serious. That asshole father was being charged with attempted murder and child abuse, and that bitch that called herself a mother was charged with being an accessory, likewise, to both, the murder charge and the child abuse.

Sorry; back to the story; it's too depressing, even thinking about those two.

By the time we had finished breakfast, and made our way to the hanger, Richard wasn't there yet, and we didn't know where he was. I called his house. There was no answer. That was strange, because Andrew was there most of the time, and he would have been sleeping. So I called Richard's cell, got his answering service, and then told Mike that we had a problem ... we needed to get another pilot a.s.a.p.; time was running short.

Always ever so conscientious, Colt got Little Colt out of the hanger, and cranked it up so that it would be warmed and ready to go. But still ... no Richard yet. All of us were really starting to worry. Mike said that we'd have to wait for at least another thirty to forty-five minutes before one of the other pilots could get here.

I looked at Mike, motioned him to come with me to the small office in the back of the hanger, and we left Colt and Matt at the plane with Little Colt running.

Once in the office, I said, "You know ... Colt could take us to Custer without a problem, but we'd be stuck there without a pilot. Someone could drive one of the pilots up to fly us back."

Mike said, "But that would mean Colt would be flying illegally. He has all the required hours for his private license but hasn't been tested yet. Do you really want to take that chance? He might jeopardize that very license by breaking the law." Mike was truly concerned and so was I.

Speaking before thinking it through, I said, "There's another alternative ... but then Colt would be breaking two laws ... we could let him and Matt go alone, and then drive the car to school ... and then ...; Christ! That's no answer, either." I was getting rather worried about Richard, more than about the boys, even. For Christ's sake ... we could just keep them home another day, but it was still too early in the morning to call the school.

We went back out to Little Colt and discovered the boys inside the plane where it was nice and warm. I told Colt to shut it down, and that more than likely, they weren't going to school today. He shut down Little Colt and then, as we all started back to the house, we saw some headlights coming up the private road, so we stopped to see if it was Richard.

Thank God, it was. We all got back into Little Colt, and Colt started the engines again as Richard got into the right (co-pilot's) seat; he had been letting Colt completely fly Little Colt, as if he, Richard, were just there as a passenger. Once everyone was buckled up and had their headphones on, Colt took off for Custer. As soon as we were airborne, Richard explained that he was caught behind a traffic accident, and that he had forgotten to charge his cell phone, and apologized for being so late. Mike and I both told him not to worry; we just figured we would keep the boys out of school another day if we had to.

When we arrived at Custer, Richard also drove us to the school. Mike and I helped the boys get their stuff into their dorm room. We had just barely twenty minutes to spare, so we all hugged and even kissed each other. We told the boys to have fun, and that we'd see them in just three nights. Then we all said our goodbyes and fought back tears, as the boys took off for their first classes.

Mike and I were still standing in the boys' room, not wanting Richard, waiting in the car, to see us crying. God, the boys were only out of sight for less than a minute, and we were consoling each other, while we hugged and cried onto each others' shoulders. God, how we missed them! Their cute smiles and their voices would be sorely missed at home. After about fifteen minutes, we had used the boys' bathroom to wash up a bit before going back to the car.

Getting, into the car Richard said, "Were the boys late?" He looked concerned, with a serious look on his face.

Mike replied saying, "No, they had about twenty minutes to spare, so we just stayed and talked to them for a bit, before they had to run off to their classes." Mike was again trying to fight back some tears, with a little more success this time.

Richard replied, telling us, "I know it's hard to see them go; you don't have to hide your feeling for them from me." He turned to look at us, and you could clearly see the tears in his eyes as well.

I said, "Thank you; that's so kind of you." I smiled at him, then told him what we had thought about, back at the ranch, when he was running so late.

Richard laughed and said, "Guess you'd better teach one of them how to drive a car." Then, jokingly, he added, "Or you might want to look into finding a taxi service in Custer" That rang a bell in my mind, so I thought I would look into just that. Then he continued saying, "You have both of them able to fly Little Colt, and even though it wouldn't have been legal for Colt to have flown you all to Custer, I would've given my blessing on him doing it, with complete peace of mind that you all would have arrived there safe and sound."

We could tell he was sincere about what he had just said. Colt now had well over forty hours flying time logged, and Richard had him almost ready for the written part of the test. We figured, by the end of Christmas vacation, he would have his Private pilot's license.

Well, by the time we got home, both Mike and I were a little more relaxed, and with both boys at school, we got back into the old routine ... Mike running the ranch, and me working on company matters.

Bill and Janet had picked up all they could of Colt's stuff from his former foster parents' place. It wasn't much; mostly, just his school records,a few pictures of his mother, and a few of his father, too. Mike and I talked about them, and decided to keep those things for him until he was older. We were afraid that if we gave them to him now, he might destroy some of them. In light of that, I sealed them in a large envelope, put his name on it, and put them into the safe.

The clothes they brought back were a joke; those were tossed into the trash, without question or consideration, of what he might want. We held a few Indian trinkets for him to see when he got home from school in a few days. Other than that, Colt pretty much had nothing; his father owed more than he was worth, and the bill collectors attached the estate, and got it all. We couldn't have cared less. Colt and Matt were taken care of regardless of what happened to either Mike or me. That was a good feeling, just knowing the boys would be financially protected, in perpetuity.

Mike's parents called, and said they would be ready to come up on the 21st of December. The boys would also be out of school by then for Christmas vacation, so we were going to take them with us to pick his folks up, using Buckaroo, this time.

It was wonderful talking with our sons on Tuesday night. Both, Colt and Matt, talked to each of us on the speaker phones, so it was like being in the same room but without seeing one another. The boys had homework to do, and they wanted to get it done, so we ended the call, by all of us saying how much everyone loved the other. It kind of reminded me of the Waltons, and 'goodnight, John-boy'. I don't think they missed being home, nearly as much as we missed having them here.

Well, it was now bedtime, and the house was empty ... well ... I mean ... there were no boys in it, to light it up. Mike and I went into the bathroom, to get ready for the Jacuzzi.

Mike said, "Lets just take a shower together tonight; I really just want to get into bed with you, right now." He had a sexy smile, with a cute little Mikie grin.

"Sounds great to me, hon." He came closer to me and began to pull off my clothes, while I undressed him. Never losing eye-contact, and with grins and passion rising, our hands flew over each other -- undoing buttons, yanking off shirts and tee's, undoing belts, lowering zippers, and quickly trying to shove down each other's jeans and tightie-whities without falling over. Then with great hurried difficulty, we each clumsily bounced from one foot to the other, trying to retain balance while removing our own boots and socks. Then ... and only then! ... came the jeans and jockies! Not soon enough! Whew!

Finally naked, we jumped into the shower. I needed Mike, and he needed me. We began kissing each other, with deep passionate kisses; then we began hugging and caressing each other. I was slowly sliding my hands up and down Mike's back, feeling every muscle twitch with the pleasure he was feeling, from my hands rubbing his back. All the while, Mike was doing the same to my back, and it was absolutely wonderful.

I was facing the door of the shower as we continued this for some time, and I kept wondering when the boys were going to pop in. It was getting to be something we expected; but tonight, for the first time in quite a while, it just wasn't going to happen. Thinking about that caused me to loose my erection.

Mike felt my change in rigidity, and asked, "What's wrong, love? You don't seem to be into making love tonight?"

I said, "Sorry, love; just lost my train of thought for a little while there," not wanting to say any more.

Mike kissed me and said, "I know love; I miss them, too. Let's get dried off and hit the bed." I knew that Mike wanted to be passionate tonight, and by God, he was going to get passion! I knew I'd just have to let the boys go ... for a little while, anyway.

I pulled back the covers, so that we had nothing but us, totally naked, on the bed. Just the sight of Mike, fully erect, looking like my very own Greek god, brought me back to reality, and now, from just thinking about Mike, my manhood was again rising to the occasion quite quickly. Mike saw that, and went down on me, in a sixty-nine position. Taking me in, with one swift lunge, he had my cock all the way into his mouth and throat; I felt his nose in my pubic hair.

There he was, his manhood twitching and jerking, right in front of my face. I reached out and took his love-pole into my hand, gently stroked it a couple times to get a moan out of him, and then I engulfed him, burrowing my nose into his pubic hair and feasting on his masculine, slightly musky scent. God, I can never get enough of that smell.

I wet my middle finger and played with his rosebud, flicking my finger in and around the sensitive little spot until I had him squirming all over the bed. Of course, what I was doing to him, he was, in turn, doing to me.

With our mouths full of each other's meat, there were no words spoken ... just moans and groans of pure pleasure as we both were coming closer and closer to that special climactic moment when two people who are really in love, feel as if they are becoming one person, totally immersed in each other's senses -- each other's 'beingness'. The best way to say it, would be to call it something like a sixth sense -- of pure love.

I now had my finger inside my love; I felt his love nut and was working it hard and fast, and I was feeling the same sensation on my own prostate. Soon, I was more than ready to give myself to my lover. He was moaning and humming on my manhood. I just lost it completely, then, and began unloading my white creamy load into his hot mouth, and the instant I did that, he vollied back with a wonderful load of sweet nectar of his own into my eagerly awaiting mouth -- it was truly the Ambrosia and Soma of the Gods!

Finally, when we could no longer stand the intense sensitivity of our tender satiated members, we parted from that loving connection, and turned to face each other. Repositioning ourselves, we began to passionately kiss, our anxious tongues doing great battle with each other, until all of the flavor of the nectar we had shared together, was gone from each other's mouths. Yet, we continued for several more, long, minutes.

Of course, we had to come up for air, eventually. There was no mess to clean up, so we just grabbed the covers and pulled them over us; then we curled up wrapping our arms around each other, and drifted off into a wonderful, loving dreamland.

The two weeks went by in a blur, the boys were doing well at school, and one big surprise happened a few days after Matt started.

The school administration office called about a problem with the boys' birth certificates, seeing as both were new, and had just been issued by the court. They thought that the birth date, month, year, time, and place of birth were not correct, and requested that we check on it. They had Colt listed as being born on December 6, 2013 at 8:12pm, MST, Riverton, Wyoming. And they had Matt listed as being born on December 6, 2014 8:12pm, MST, Casper, Wyoming. That was indeed strange. We knew about the same day a year apart but to the minute -- how strange that is. We did contact both counties about the problem, and found that everything was correct. So we informed the school that there records were correct.

We also thought about how striking that was, so we had a friend, Ms. Angela Gallo, that was into the astrology scene, working at the office, in Casper. I called her and asked her for a reading of how the two boys will get along together. I'll show it here, for it's as much a part of this story as any other that I'm writing.

<><><> The Astrological Reading of the Combined Charts of Colt and Matt <><><>
* (See Author's Note, below)

If Colt and Matt are not getting along well with each other, arguing and disputes and general intellectual disagreement may occur. The problem is that each of them may identify with his own ideas and opinions so strongly that he regards a challenge to his beliefs as a challenge to his innermost self.

If the relationship is working out well, this simply means that the two of them will be actively and vigorously involved with their immediate family and relatives. If events take a negative turn, however, they may be constantly at odds with their immediate environment - continual disputes with relatives, for example.

The composite chart requires the two of them to have a great deal of flexibility. With this requirement, it is very difficult to let things be. Usually they get into a very competitive situation in which they are constantly trying to goad each other. Each one's self-expression becomes a challenge to the other.

Sometimes the relationship itself takes such an unusual turn that they will find it very difficult to live full lives in ordinary society. Other people often cannot tolerate such an "impossible" relationship because it is such a challenge to their way of looking at life. Something about the way they act together does defy society at large.

Obviously a relationship such as this, should find a social setting that is extremely tolerant of the unusual. At the same time the two of them must also be unusually tolerant of the unusual. Trouble is often caused if they try to make this relationship into something ordinary.

There is a balance between their individual ego drives and their need for the relationship. In fact, they will find that this relationship helps both of them to express themselves more fully.

They truly complement each other.

Each of them is strong where the other is weak, so together they will be stronger than they are alone.

They will be able to hold their own verbally and intellectually better as a couple than they could separately. Their minds seem to complement each other and make a stronger and more aggressive whole.

They are likely to express their feelings to each other quite forcefully, but not necessarily destructively. In fact, this forcefulness will cause them both to say things that ought to be expressed between two people but often are not. Expressing their ideas and feelings openly will be one of the strong points of this relationship.

In a business or professional relationship this composite chart signifies competitiveness and the ability to stand up for themselves in any commercial activity, particularly the communications (including transportation) media.

It also denotes people working together for common beliefs and expending great mental energy in shared effort. It is excellent for any enterprise that involves a good deal of mental work.

It's likely that the two of them will be known as a very active couple in every way. Energies will be stimulated in both of them - energy for work, for play, and for anything else they may want to do together.

The energy that they arouse in each other might be competitive energy in another couple, but they manage to work together as a team and not waste energy with needless competition. This aspect signifies cooperation.

The energy that they stimulate in each other is transmitted to others around them, so that others, too, find their company exciting. Things get done when the two of them are around.

Their home-life will be characterized by austerity; that is, they will keep their home very simple, uncluttered, and neat. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is not an outward reflection of an inward coldness.

There will be a feeling of distance between them, as if they were unable to touch each other at some very deep inner level. If they are consciously experiencing problems, they will have to dig very deeply to find the answers. Both of them will have to get past their deep-seated inner fears in order to confide in the other with complete trustfulness. They should not be in a hurry. Under favorable conditions, they can make a relationship quite enduring.

Their relationship will give them good opportunities for self-expression, for being themselves and enjoying it.

They will have a light-hearted relationship in which they genuinely enjoy each other's company.

As a couple they are attracted to intellectual modes of recreation and self-expression. They enjoy talking to each other, not just to communicate what must be said, but also because they really enjoy talking.

If, as adults, they should decide to adopt children, they will pay close attention to the kids' education, making sure that they have all the right opportunities and are surrounded by the proper influences.

Their attraction for each other is based at least partly on their intellectual affinity. They will enjoy intellectual compatibility. Since one requirement of a successful personal relationship is that they communicate easily, they have an excellent start.

On the one hand, the two of them have a strong desire to get things done. There is a kind of ambition, not to get ahead, but rather to keep busy. In a personal relationship they may feel that they must work constantly to keep the relationship moving, that it will grow and develop only through constant effort.

But there may also be a reverse effect, in which the two of them may feel they always have to try very hard to make anything happen; there is a continual sense of effort and struggle.

If they make the effort to fulfill each other's needs, their relationship will grow. They will also confront their greatest challenges, but those are the basis of growth in a relationship.

They will have strong feelings that they belong together as a unit, and their emotional attitudes toward the outside world will be similar.

They are, however, likely to become too involved in their personal feelings and not be able to see what is really going on between them. They should try to stay somewhat detached from difficult situations so that they can deal with them objectively. If they can do that, this should be a very good emotional relationship for both of them.

A major source of confusion and uncertainty in their relationship may be the material resources that they hold jointly or that concern both of them.

All areas involving business and financial transactions should be regarded with some care. Deception and fraud are the dangers they may encounter in their financial dealings.

But at the same time, they may have tremendous intuitive awareness about financial and material resources.

Perhaps hidden and unseen factors in the world around them will cause changes that are difficult to understand. They will have to be very clear in their thinking in order to examine such factors.

They each have the ability to expand and enlarge their views of the world, both as a couple and as individuals.

The two of them may be in considerable disagreement about their views of life, which at first may be a constant source of trouble. They both will have to learn to understand each other completely and enlarge their views to each other's views.

If they do learn to encompass each other's views on life, the two of them will probably arrive at a position that is quite different from the views of the people around them. They may be regarded as a pair of mavericks whose ideas don't quite fit with other people's.

Their unconscious actions are less of a problem than in most relationships. They are not destroying their relationship in the manner that so many are destroyed. Although they may have troubles at times, at least they can bring their problems out into the open.

<><><> End of reading <><><>

As you can see those, two are exceptional. However, no one had to do a reading to tell Mike and me that. For we knew it, from the day two very special people, from out of our past, brought them to us. Thank you Charlie and James for the most wonderful boys in the world.

* (Author's note: Our lady Astrologer friend, we found out, uses a highly acclaimed computer program to facilitate her readings, and we feel that a link should be given here:

www.Astro.com - Horoscopes and Astrology by Astrodienst


The actual reading itself has been adapted and modified for general public reading, eliminating much of the strange and unfamiliar professional language of Astrologers.)

To be continued...