A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 20

Richard requested he be allowed to pick up the boys because he had some business to take care of that day in Rapid City, South Dakota. The use of Little Colt would make his business much easier to handle, so we agreed to his request. He told us they would be late coming home, and not to worry. Again, this was not something Mike or I would question, as long as it was Richard telling us this.

I had also checked for a taxi service in Custer, South Dakota, and found a company there that would provide the required service, if and when Colt was able to fly Little Colt by himself, which I knew was going to be very soon. The next question was, will he be responsible enough to do that without supervision? Mike and I talked about that very subject at length, and figured that all we could do is trust the boys and see what happened. I personally felt Colt was responsible enough, and I was definitely going to give him the chance to prove himself.

The week passed quickly; Friday evening came, and we heard a radio call on the aircraft radio in the office. It was Little Colt coming in, and Richard was asking both Mike and me to be out at the hanger when they landed. We agreed and headed out, and of course, put on some warm clothes, as it was cold on the plains of Wyoming in December.

We saw Little Colt approaching, and they had dropped the landing gear on final approach. We knew Colt was flying it, because he was always flying it from the day it arrived. Moreover, what a beautiful landing it was, not even a squeak from the tires hitting the runway which was dry and clear of snow. Little Colt taxied up to the hanger without shutting down, the side door opened, and Richard got out and closed the door behind him. The engines roared again and we knew Colt was still manning the controls. He taxied to the end of the runway and took off. We were baffled, not knowing what was going on.

Richard came up to us as Little Colt left the ground, and said, "You have a new pilot in the family. Colt passed his FAA test with flying colors. In fact, the Air Marshal told me he was the best pilot he had tested in the last couple of years."

I spoke saying, "My God; you're kidding, right?"

"Nope, that's your son, Colt, flying in circles over the ranch now and waiting for me to wave him in." Richard replied, then added, "I told you when I was late a couple of weeks ago he was ready. And he is!"

I just hugged him and thanked him. Mike was just as happy, if not more so, than I was.

Mike said, "Thanks so much Richard; you've been a real friend -- not just a trusted employee."

Well, Richard waved Colt home, and he again landed without so much as a squeak from the tires again, taxied up and parked Little Colt inside the hanger. Then he shut down the engines; Matt opened the door and both of them got out.

Colt ran up with his temporary private pilot's license, waving like a flag. Saying, "I got it! I got it, pop and poppa Mike; I passed my test and got it!" He was so excited, smiling from ear to ear. And my God, so were two very proud dads, standing in the very, very cold, on a wonderful December late afternoon / early evening, when their son had just become a fully qualified pilot. I thought to myself, not bad for a boy that just turned thirteen.

Mike said, "Congratulations, son, I always knew you'd get it, but not quite so fast." He was hugging Colt and looking at Matt, and added, "Your turn's coming, son." Then he released Colt and hugged Matt.

I shouted with pride, "Congratulations! My son, the pilot! You really did do it, and I am so very proud of you." Then I hugged him so tight he cried out saying, "Not so tight, dad, you're hurting me." He was still holding his license in his hand, and smiling, so he wasn't being hurt that bad, I thought. Then I reached out and grabbed Matt in a big hug, hugging him so tight he too, said, "Not so tight, pop, it's hurting."

I just said to them both, "Boys, I'm just so very proud of you both, I want to squeeze the dickens out of you." Both boys and Mike just laughed at me.

Then Mike hit me jokingly in my arm, saying, "Now, dad, or pop, whichever it is, let's take these two out for dinner tonight." I agreed and added, "Richard, would you and Andrew please join us at the Corral? We have something to celebrate tonight!"

Richard said, "Let me call Andrew and ask him." He was smiling and I knew they would, if at all possible.

Well Richard and Andrew were getting to be quite a couple, even though Andrew was only in his mid-twenties. He was built like ... well ... let's just say ... gorgeous, handsome, or whatever. That beautiful, blue-eyed, blond hunk, stood about six feet tall; how Richard ever hooked him, I'll never know, but he did, and they were in love.

I've even given Richard permission to take Andrew with him, anytime he was flying one of the 737s. It was almost a rule, that the second bedroom on either bird was the Captain's bedroom and reserved for him ... unless I needed it for myself, of course, and then he knew that that was very seldom. Andrew reminded me of Mike, when he was that age; the only difference was the color of their eyes.

However, I was partial to Mike's emerald green eyes that I'd fallen in love with, and God, do I love him, every square inch of him!

Thinking back, though, about how much I still loved Charlie and his deep, dark blue eyes, but my love for him was different, somehow, than my love for Mike is now. Charlie was ... and always will be ... my first true love. There are no words for how I feel about each of them differently; God, I love them, and I'll never stop loving either one of them.

I've had folks ask the question, "What would you do, if suddenly you had both of them alive, and the same age?" I just tell them that it's really no one's business but mine; but I do know, that there would be a place in my heart for them both, equally, but differently; my God, is that possible. If it weren't, I'd make it so; believe me.

Well, we all went to dinner, and had a great time; the boys were exceptionally happy. Christmas vacation was upon us, and their Grandparents would soon be coming to the Lazy L.

We got home from town, later than normal with the celebration of Colt's getting his pilot's license. I felt a little sorry for poor Matt; he was kind of left out of the conversations a bit, but ... he was a trooper. He joked with his brother a lot, while the adults chatted about this and that, most of the evening.

Andrew seemed to have a great sense of humor, and took jokes as well as dishing them out. I like that in a person, and that fit in with Richard very well, 'cause he was a joker if there ever were one. Dinner ended and we all said our goodbyes, and headed to our respective homes.

When we got home, the horses were whinnying, and Matt said they were telling him they were hungry, so Colt and Matt went to the barn and fed them some oats, which would help keep them warmer on these cold winter nights.

By the time the boys came in from the barn, we had a nice fire going, and they both hung up their coats and kicked off their shoes. They came into the living room for a little while, and chatted, but just stayed long enough to get warm by the fire. Then the both of them were off into their little dungeon, to play some game or the other ... I was thinking maybe something else, but who knows.

There was lots of love in the house over the weekend -- both types of love. There were showers together with the boys, and the family bed was being used regularly. We did notice the boys radiating their love for each other, much more openly around us, but not so around Julie or the others on the ranch, It was almost as if they wanted us to know all that was going on, but they were not saying it directly. Mike and I knew they were very close, and we were proud of that. We also knew there was sex between them -- they both hinted at it all the time. Mike and I had the father-son talks with them, and explained what a monogamous relationship is, and how it was so important to keep it that way for their own safety.

Sunday night approached, and the next morning we all were going to fly down and pick up Grandma and Grandpa, the boys' real ones, and Mike was acting like a nervous kid -- as if getting ready to see a dentist for the first time. We talked to the boys, and set up the roll-a-way double-bed in our room for them. The four of us knew that was just a show for the Grandparents; if you think for a single minute that those boys were going to sleep in it, you need to read another story, or go watch Leave It To Beaver.

There was a family shower with the boys, and afterwards, we all got into bed; Colt wanted to sleep on the outside edge behind me in our spooned arrangement. So I agreed. Colt snuggled up behind me, and I snuggled up behind Matt, who was snuggled up behind Mike. There we all were, sleeping together. The next day was going to be fun, and the boys were excited. Nevertheless, we all drifted off into dreamland.

Mike woke first, and started the shower, the sound of which woke me; I in turn woke up the boys. The normal morning woodies each of us was sporting were visible to all, but there was no shame in them, for we were truly becoming a family that loved each other -- not in the sexual way, but in a very healthily loving way. Of course, there were pairs here that loved in both manners. In addition, both Mike and I had seen the boys kissing several times. Nevertheless, so have the boys, in turn, seen Mike and me showing our affection for one another.

Well, lets just say the shower was a normal one ... each one washing and drying himself. The boys headed off into their room to get dressed, Mike and I took just a little longer in doing that, for we needed to show our love by passionately kissing for a while, and some minor groping, too. Finally, we all ended up in the dining room where Julie had a wonderful breakfast waiting.

During breakfast. Larry arrived with the car. We asked him to join us, and he did. After breakfast, we all headed for the Casper airport, where Richard and the crew were already there with Buckaroo ready to leave for Arizona to pick up Mike's parents. Julie was going to prepare one of her specialties, bone in prime rib roast; of course, it was Black Angus beef, home grown at the Lazy L. In fact, from the time that it became a working cattle ranch, all the beef we ate there was homegrown.

Larry pulled up to the base of the boarding stairs and we scampered aboard Buckaroo. It was the first time for the boys, and they again were amazed at the "big plane," as they were now calling the 737s.

Colt suddenly stopped short, then ran to the front bulkhead, dragging his love with him. With love in his heart, a thankful smile on his lips, and a finger pointing straight ahead, softly but excitedly he said, "Matt ... look at that painting ..." His voice caught in his throat. It was the portrait of Charlie. Then he continuing saying, "... that's the man that carried me from the railroad track to the front porch of the ranch house." Colt had tears in his eyes; I guess they were tears of thanks or admiration for him. And, of course, that brought on glassy eyes for me, too, so I looked away not wanting to end up crying as well.

Matt said, "Are you ok, bro?" He was genuinely concerned for his brother; you could see it in his expression.

Richard asked both boys to come up to the flight deck with him. He told me that now, all Colt's hours aboard either of the 737s would be logged as time toward his commercial license, and that by the time he was sixteen, he would be able to fly either of the "big planes" as their pilot. He needed a minimum of two hundred flying-time hours. And of course, be re-tested, by the FAA air marshal, in one of them. He informed us that Colt would be doing the flying today as part of his training. And that Matt was going to get some lessons from Joe Mattson, the flight engineer. Needless to say, both Mike and I were very proud of those two boys, and every time they progressed in some new and wonderful task, we always thanked our two guardian angels for giving them to us.

Well, Colt taxied Buckaroo out to the beginning of the runway, and then the powerful engines thrust us into the sky, and we were heading to Phoenix for the rendezvous with Mike's parents. Mike was still a little nervous about them meeting the boys for the first time.

I just told him, "Mike, take it easy; those boys are wonderful, polite, caring, good looking kids, that I'm sure your parents will love, as much as we do. At first there may be some shyness from the boys, but I can assure you they'll all love one another by the time Zeke and Helen go back home." Mike just nodded his head in agreement with me, but what else could he do? He knew the boys as well as I did, and even loved them as much, if not more then I did, if that were at all possible.

After reaching cruising altitude and the "Fasten Beat Belt" sign was extinguished, Mike, still facing forward, leaned over to me and in a whisper from the side of his mouth, said, "We have an hour or so to kill; wanna join me in the master suite?" He turned to face me, wiggled his eyebrows a couple of times and was looking at me with the sexiest, cutest smile, ever. I just melted.

Unfastening my seatbelt, I got up (both, from the sitting position, and also in the tenting of my trousers) as he took my hand and lead me into the aft bedroom.

Once there, he grabbed me in a big hug. We began hugging, caressing, kissing ... deep passionate kisses ... the likes of which, we hadn't done in a long time. I guess the altitude makes it more interesting, but before long we were both as naked as two newborn jaybirds. We didn't even leave on our rings or watches. We were totally and completely at the mercy of each other. And we showed no mercy in our loving each other.

We were going wild with passion; Mike had me on my back on of the bed, with my legs up over my head. And he was entering my most private spot, with KY applied somewhere along the way. I just don't remember him doing it, but the passion was so hot! I might have forgotten that we were on a plane, for a few seconds, until we hit a couple of turbulent spots that bounced us around, and what that did for love making was totally unreal.

I was kissing Mike, and he was pounding my butt so fast and so hard that I could hear his balls hitting my butt with a slap slap slap, until I was ready to explode, myself. His pounding me was causing my erection to be stroked by his stomach sliding up and down my cock. No words were spoken; there were just moans and groans from both of us, and soon Mike powerfully drove himself into my love channel, parked on top of me, and thrust his tongue into my mouth and throat as we both released our semen together ... his, deep into my loins, and mine, all over our stomachs. We just lay like that for a very long time, kissing and hugging. We actually fell asleep for a little while, until Mike, being on top, got a chill and woke up.

We rose together and took a cold shower to wake up fast, and clean off the residue, because we were just about ready to land in Phoenix. We did look a bit disheveled, so as soon as we were dressed again, we both headed back to the lounge. John was preparing lunch for the whole family, once everyone was aboard and we were again airborne on the return leg of the flight.

We felt Buckaroo dropping the flaps as the plane seemed to just stop in mid-air, then we felt the wheels hit the ground, a little harder than normal. I thought to myself, Colt you were a little rough on that one, son. Then I grinned, saying, "He's a little rough on that one, hon." I was looking at Mike and he just chuckled, and nodded his head in agreement.

We taxied up to the general aviation terminal, and the engines were shut down. Colt and Matt came out of the door going to the flight deck with Richard following.

Richard said, "They both did quite well on that leg; going back, do you want them to fly or visit with the grandparents?

I looked over at Mike and said, "That's up to you, hon; they'll have almost two weeks together with the folks at the ranch, and Colt could use the log time."

Mike said, "You're right, JC; they have lots of time at the ranch," He looked at the boys, and said, "Boys, what do you want to do, before my folks get on board?"

Colt spoke saying, "Dad Mike, I would rather fly Buckaroo home, then have fun there with Grandma and Grandpa." He was asking politely.

Matt spoke up saying, "Poppa Mike, I would like to stay with Colt, if that's ok, too?" He looked at Mike with a 'can I please' look."

Mike just replied, saying, "Ok, boys; you two take us home; Mom and Dad will at least know you're flying us home, and that alone should make them as proud of you both as JC and I are, of you."

Well, as soon as the stairs were in place, Mike went down to the terminal building to look for his mom and dad. It wasn't too long before I saw them coming from the building. Their luggage was being placed in the cargo compartment by one of the ground crewmen. Mike then lead them up the stairs and into the bar/lounge area.

I greeted them, saying, "Hello, Zeke;" he was first in the door, then Helen entered the plane and I said, "Hi, Helen, how are you both doing today? Hope your trip from the ranch was pleasant." I was beaming at them, with a welcoming smile.

Helen reached out and hugged me saying, "Nice to see you again, JC; almost like old times when you worked for Delta, only no uniform." She was joking with me, then said, "Mike tells us the boys are going to be flying us home. Is he pulling our legs?"

I gave her a peck on the cheek and told her, "He's right; Colt has his pilot's license now, and Matt is quite the flight engineer." Zeke looked at me, along with Helen, like 'you are nuts, aren't you.'

The boys were both looking kind of shy, just standing in the corner of the lounge area, not coming forth to say anything. So ... Zeke, being the big burly proud grandpa type, walked over and said, looking at Colt, "You must be Colt; you're a little taller than Matt, from what I was told." As he spoke, he picked Colt up like he was nothing, and gave him a big bear hug. Then put him back on the floor, turned to Matt, picked him up, and gave him a big bear hug, too; then he spoke again saying, "Well, you both are quite handsome boys, and I bet you make your dads proud of you all the time. Don't you?" He waited for an answer.

Colt spoke first saying, "We ... we ... uhhh ... we try to grandpa Zeke." You could see he was still nervous around his new grandpa. He went over to Helen and hugged her, too, and said, "So ... you're my new grandma; I like you already." He gave her a great big smile.

Matt followed saying, "Yep, grandpa Zeke, we love our pop and poppa Mike" Then he went over to Helen, and hugged her, saying, "We're so happy we have a grandma too." He was smiling at his new grandma and grandpa.

About this time Richard came out. Like always, when we were flying in the 737s, he wore his Captain's uniform, and he looked every bit the part.

As his presence was that of authority, calm, and control, he began to speak, saying, "Nice to meet you Zeke, and Helen," nodding his head with a welcoming gesture. Then continued, saying, "If you would all please be seated, then I can steal these here two boys, so we can get this bird in the air, before I lose our take off position." He was smiling all the time.

Colt and Matt moved toward to the flight deck with Richard, and both turned enough to say, "See you all later," almost at the same time.

I said, "There goes our pride and joys. They are two of the best boys in the world, to us." I was glassy eyed saying that, and so was Mike, and it didn't go unnoticed by both Zeke and Helen.

Mike had told them about how we got the two boys, but the part about Charlie and James, was a bit hard for them to comprehend, no matter how hard either of us tried. But they both were so very happy, for Mike and me, having given them two beautiful grandsons. They even commented on how well they both seemed to show their love for Mike and me.

Zeke even asked about the boys being horse whisperers. We explained the facts, as we saw them, and told him to just wait and see for himself. He was from the old school, show me before I believe anything. But he seemed to be a fair and honest man.

I had been around them before, and I totally loved them both as much as if they had been my own parents. Of course, they weren't, and I really missed my mom. But my dad ... well ... I never missed him. I guess Zeke had taken Charlie's place in my life as a father figure, and I enjoyed being around him. He liked me too, as far as I knew, and from what Mike tells me, Zeke thinks of me as his other son. It wasn't that way when Mike and I first got together, though. He thought I was just too old for Mike ... not that I was gay, for he and Helen already knew that Mike was gay; so the biggest problem for Zeke was ... my age ... but he soon got over that, when he realized that Mike and I were really a couple, and that we loved each other very deeply.

Well, we had just taken off, and were at cruising altitude, when John came into the lounge and said, "Hi, everyone; lunch is served in the conference room." We all got up and headed there. I called the flight deck and let Richard know that lunch was on the table. It wasn't long before we had the pleasure of his company along with that of our two, very hungry, boys joining us for lunch. But at the same time?!?!?

I'm sure the rest of us were trying to figure out if Buckaroo was on Auto-Pilot??? I know I was!

There was a lot of chitchat all though lunch, but the one thing that seemed to impress Zeke and Helen, was when Richard was telling them all about Colt's accomplishments in the piloting department. Also, how well Matt was doing in the flight engineering department.

He also told them that both boys were exceptionally bright and responsive to learning the aviation trade, and that he was so very proud of them both. Of course, his bragging about the boys so much had the young'ns blushing shades of red to pink all through lunch.

Grandma, and grandpa were smiling at every mention of how wonderful the boys were. The two proud dads were just as happy to hear all the praise coming from Richard, who wouldn't praise anyone who didn't earn it. I knew him too well not to know that.

The rest of the flight was smooth, and the boys did a wonderful job of landing Buckaroo back in Casper. Once we landed and got all our stuff situated, Larry pulled the car up to get us. We got everything loaded in the car, including all of us, and Larry drove us back to the ranch.

With a smile on his face, Zeke looked at the new landing strip, and said, "I see there's been some new construction around here since I last saw the place."

As we got out of the car, Colt and Matt heard the horses whinny several times, and without a word, they both ran to the barn in a hurry. They weren't laughing aroud, cutting up as usual ... they were serious!

Mike saw that, and so did Zeke, Helen and I; so we all, including Larry, ran to the barn, too, not knowing what was wrong.

When we all got to the barn we saw both boys working on one of the horses, that was caught in boards that were kicked loose by them. Zeke was the first one to just reach down and pull the horses leg out of the broken board, and the mare just stood up an didn't limp at all, so it was a minor little problem that happens on working ranches all the time.

We all went into the house to get warm; it was freezing cold. As soon as we got in, Helen and Julie met, and greeted each other warmly.

Zeke was puzzled, as to how the boys knew about the horse in the barn, Well, Mike and I both told him about the boys' ability to talk to them, as well as understand them.

That was the first of many encounters he would witness, over the next few days ...

To be continued...

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