A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 21

Dinner was served and even Julie sat with us in the dining room. The meal was out of this world. Even Helen, who was a great cook in her own right, was amazed at how good the prime rib was, and made several comments about it, almost to the point of making Julie blush. That was funny, to say the least, having two women in the house who were getting along so well.

Zeke, Mike, the boys and I were just eating and enjoying the food and making small talk. The boys were digging in to a point you didn't want to put your hand in front of them or you might just get a fork stuck in it.

After dinner, we all went into the living room where earlier that day, Ben and the other ranch-hands went up on Casper Mountain with the required permit, and brought back a beautiful Christmas Tree and had it set up in the living room so we could decorate it.

This was the first year we were going to have the boys and Mike's parents here, so we wanted a nice, big, full, beautiful tree. Mike and I went out to the barn, and brought in all the boxes of Christmas decorations.

Helen said, "Why don't you guys let me and the boys do the decorating?" She was looking at Colt and Matt, with that, 'come on boys, help me here' look. It was so nice to see them both just say, "Sure, grandma!" with excitement in their voices. So Zeke, Mike, and I sat there watching them, while drinking our coffee.

It wasn't too long, before they were finished, and it came time to light the tree. Well, Matt plugged it in, the lights came on, and the tears came to my eyes, just remembering how much it used to hurt Charlie at Christmas time.

Helen saw them and asked, "What's wrong, JC?" she looked kind of upset by my mood change, but continued saying, "Is there something we should know, hon?" There was a lot of concern in her voice. And by now Zeke was looking at me, too, as were the boys.

Colt said, "What's wrong, dad? Why are you crying?" His cute face was not smiling and happy. He knew I wasn't happy, and both he, and now Matt and Zeke, were looking at me. I felt a little embarrassed at causing the unhappiness to fill the room.

I shook my head in a side-to-side motion saying, "Nothing's wrong." Then I thought, well, darn, they all need an explanation, as to why this happened to me. So I said, explaining, "Well, Charlie and I never decorated for Christmas ... here at the ranch house ... 'cause of what happened to him that winter when my Uncle James and he met and fell in love. That was the winter both of Charlie's parents were killed, a week before Christmas. From what Charlie told me, when they came out here to his parent's ranch, the day after the accident, it was all decorated, and all the lights were still lit, when he and James got here. He had some people come out and take down all the decorations, and the house has never been decorated since then." I was still fighting back tears, and Helen was teary eyed now, too. And everyone else became kind of somber, as well.

Mike spoke up and said, "Now everyone, listen to me; this Christmas is special to all of us and that's why JC and I wanted to have the tree this year, and we talked about it and decided to do it to start a new, happier tradition, and I am sure Charlie would want us to all be happy. So please ... let's all have a wonderful Christmas." He was trying hard to cheer up everyone. But it wasn't working so well.

Zeke said, "Maybe we should take the tree down, Mike; it's not worth the heartache for JC, if this hurts him." He was sincere about it, too; you could tell by the way he said it.

I said, "NO, NO, NO, I am just fine, and I want this Christmas to be very special to all of us. The boys have a right to a wonderful Christmas, and so do the rest of you. And I know in my heart, that even our guardian angels would want this for us." I was feeling better, just knowing the rest of them would have taken down the tree for me. But I'm not going to let that happen, ever again.

Well, Mike spoke saying, "Marshmallow roasting time again. Boys, go get the stuff, and let's have fun." That was the best medicine Mike could have given me, until later that night, of course, when I knew we would have more fun. Well at least a little more fun, since the boys were going to sleep in our room, so Zeke and Helen could have the boys' room.

Thank God ... now we had the house a little more soundproofed ... after that night we heard the boys making out.

Mike and I had had some more work done while the boys were at school. At least no one would be able to hear what was going on in either room unless they were standing at the door with an ear to it. The thought of Zeke and Helen, standing in the hall, with their ears glued to our bedroom door, caused me to chuckle out loud.

Mike looked at me and said, "Glad you're feeling better, hon." Little did he know what I was thinking.

We all had our share of marshmallows, or at least the boys did.

Julie got up and thanked us all, for a wonderful evening, excusing herself, telling everyone, "Good night, all; I'll see you all in the morning." Then she left.

Helen said, "Julie is sure a nice lady, no wonder the boys call her grandma Julie, she's so sweet, and a wonderful person." I was shocked that Helen was so nice to Julie. But then again they were birds of a feather, so to speak.

Well, it came time for bed, and we had already put Zeke and Helen's stuff in the boys' room and told them that the boys were going to sleep on the roll-a-way double bed, in our room. And that the boys had even slept with us on some occasions. This of course didn't surprise them, in the least, for they saw the love, we had as a family, and were proud of Mike and me, for taking in the boys in the first place.

Zeke and Helen excused themselves, and headed to bed. Mike went around the house, turned off the lights, pulled the plug on the Christmas tree, locked up the place, and as he came down the hall to our room, he stopped by the boys' room and said, "Night mom, night dad."

Not waiting for a response, he entered our room and closed the door, which we normally wouldn't do. Mike was already filling the Jacuzzi, and the boys were already stripped and waiting by the tub. Well, it wasn't long until we all were in the tub, and relaxing for a little while, just letting the bubbles do their work on us. Mike leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and said, "I love you so much." And I replied, "I love you too."

Colt looked at us and said, "You two are so cute when you kiss each other." He just started grinning his patented grin.

Matt said, "I have a question, for either or both of you two, about what Colt and I feel for each other?" You could have knocked me over with a feather. And Mike's mouth was wide open.

I said, "Sure, son, what is it? You know there's nothing we can't or won't talk about with either of you." I was wondering where this was going.

Surprisingly, Colt spoke first, "Well, dad, and dad Mike, Matt and I are closer to each other than brothers, I think?" He looked at Mike, then at me, continuing, "I kind of really miss him, when he is not close to me, like ... like when we are in bed, we can't sleep in separate beds, like in the dorm. The beds there are small, and we still sleep in the same bed."

I spoke saying, "Well, boys, there is nothing wrong with that." I thought about what the boys were about to say, for a few seconds. Then I looked at Mike to see if he had any idea where this was heading. He just shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, "I don't know."

Then I added, "Boys, you do realize that Mike and I know that you two have sex together. All we ask of you is that, you be safe, and if you two love each other, more than just brothers, that's ok with both of us." I was looking to see what they were doing.

Colt spoke, "You knew we had sex?" He and Matt were shocked to some degree. I think they knew we knew, all along, but wanted to bring it into the open. I, for one, was so proud of them, for being open with us about it.

Mike replied, "Yes; we know you have some sort of sex together -- what kind ... we really don't want to know; but if you love each other, and you express your love in a physical way, that's fine with us. We're happy for you."

I was watching the boys closely while Mike was talking to them, and I noticed that their hands that were next to each other were under the water and I knew they were both holding each other intimately.

We kind of changed the subject, as we all got out of the tub, and dried off. Then we all got into bed, the boys did put on their jockeys before getting in. Then Matt said, "Pop, Colt, and I would like to sleep in the other bed, for a while. Is that ok?" I figured, there was going to be something intimate, going on in the next bed, because neither of them were exactly limp, when they got out of the Jacuzzi.

"Ok," I replied. Then when both of the boys were in the other bed, we turned out the lights; it was dark, no moon out. Mike and I cuddled up together, figuring we would have the bed to ourselves.

It wasn't long before we heard the boys, doing more than just talking; they were definitely doing other things that were making both Mike and me as hard as hell. In addition, the boys were starting to make those special moaning sounds. You know, those special sounds people make when they are being given extra special attention. My God, our boys were lying in a bed, not five feet away from us, and they were making love to each other. Just the sounds, of their pleasure came to us through the dark. I couldn't tell you how close Mike was to me if I didn't feel him, and when I did, I noticed that he was rock hard, too. I kissed him passionately, over and over again, and again. The more we kissed the more noise we made, and the more noise that came from the adjacent bed, our two, hot, little boys, were totally, into what ever they were doing.

Mike and I just had to kick off the covers and get into a sixty-nine position, so we could take each other's manhood. Hey, all that youthful enthusiasm was definitely giving us some interesting ideas. We never spoke a word, but our grunts, moans, and groans, were being echoed, in the next bed.

My God, I was so horny and hard, that my boner was hurting, I mean, really hurting, from the intense hardness, in the staff, and Mike's was bouncing to every beat of his heart. It was not, that we were so close to coming, as it was the excitement, causing our erections to pulse with every heartbeat. In addition, the more we worked each other's tool, the more groans we uttered, and the more we uttered, the more moans and groans were coming from the bed next to us.

In my own mind, I could just imagine what was going on in the next bed, but I had my mouth and hands full, in my bed, and Mike was not about to loosen up his grip on my tool; he was stroking it, and sucking it, harder and harder, and I was returning the favor. I felt Mike push his finger into my butt; He hit my love nut, deep inside my love tunnel. I returned the treatment, with as much of a tender loving caress as he was showing me.

Then we heard what were most definitely the sounds of two boys, releasing themselves to each other. As their moans grew louder, Mike and I were turned on to the point of no return, and we both emptied our loads into each other's mouths. We drank every last drop of the other's cum. As we came down off our high, the boys were running around the room, looking for something in the dark.

I just spoke gently, saying, "What are you two looking for?"

Colt said, "Sorry we made so much noise, pop, but we need to find some clean underwear, cause these are kind `a... wet." You could tell by his tone that he was embarrassed, and I would bet my bottom dollar, he would have been blood red in the face if there had been any light. I am sure something else was already that way.

I said, "Ok, guys, lets all just go get cleaned up, in the bathroom, and we can just sleep here, in the big bed tonight."

Well, Colt turned on the bathroom light, and they jumped into the shower, for a quick clean up, so Mike and I joined them, and took a quick one, too. After drying off, we all climbed back into the big bed, only tonight, because the boys got their jockeys messed up, we just all slept in the raw. In addition, it felt wonderful. Nothing more happened; other then we all spooned up together, and drifted off in to dreamland.

Well, the rest of that Christmas vacation was great. Zeke got to see both the boys talk to all the horses, and now he's a firm believer that our two boys are truly horse whisperers. Helen was very thrilled with the way the boys took to her, and their trip home was wonderful, too. Zeke and Helen even were able to go up into the flight deck and watch Colt and Matt fly Cowboy, landing it in Phoenix. We all said our goodbyes, and the boys flew us home.

Over those two weeks, there were many nights of love between the boys, as it had been that first night in our room. In addition, it turned Mike and me on, as much each time. However, I refused Colt's prodding both Mike and me to join their fun. I had, after all, told them before, it would never happen ... at least not until they were both of legal age.

When the boys returned to Crazy Horse School, they were indeed tested for there IQs, Colt scored a 158, and Matt scored a 156. It really confirmed what we already knew in our own minds, that we had two very bright and quick-to-learn sons.

That school year did wonders for Mike, and I found that our life together was becoming even better. We, as a couple, grew closer in both our relationship and in our hearts. The boys had to be a huge part of that; our family was bonding much, much more. It almost seemed like Mike and Matt were closer, as were Colt and I.

I guess it's like most families, where one child is closer to one parent than the other, and vise versa with the other child and parent.

By the end of the summer, Matt and Darkstar were very close, and he was slowly breaking the horse, if you could call him just talking to him, and going for very short rides, for the colt was still not ready for the weight of a young man.

Yes, Matt was growing like a weed. He was also now a private pilot, with a full-fledged license. However, he was also working hard at learning the real workings of becoming a flight engineer. For Matt, life was going well, and Mike and I were so proud of him.

Colt, on the other hand was doing just as well; he was only a few hours short of the 200 he needed for his commercial pilot's license. Richard had been letting him fly anywhere the company was going with either of the big planes. He had flown to England, Japan, Hawaii, and even Munich with Richard and me.

Most of the trips Matt was with us, but there were a few when he and Mike remained on the ranch, and the two of them would take short trips in Little Colt. It was great having Matt flying Little Colt for us, when he could. I think that Mike and Matt really bonded, on those trips alone in Little Colt.

Life goes on; my God, how time does fly though. Here it was almost Christmas time again, and the boys' birthdays would soon be here. My God, where did the year go? Colt would be nineteen, and Matt will be eighteen, this December 6.

The boys had tried several times, over the years, to get Mike and me to join in their lovemaking, but I would not give in -- God! How I had to fight off the urge to join them! I would not do it, and Mike was just as insistent as I had been.

The thing that made Mike and me the proudest about the boys, was their real love for each other, for as hard as Colt tried to get us to join in their intimate love, Colt never tried to do it with us alone, without Matt. He told me one time that he would not do anything with us until Matt was a full part. For they wanted to always and forever be together. I had even asked him if Matt felt the same way about him. He just told me to ask Matt that question, for only Matt could truly answer it. God, how mature he was; of course, I did ask the question of Matt, and he assured me he felt the same way.

In the past year Colt had been awarded his Commercial Pilots License, with all the flight checks for the 737s. Matt was a full flight engineer, as well. He held a Commercial Pilots License, he just didn't quite have the same ability with the big planes that Colt did. Colt was, as Richard called it, "Born to fly," where Matt was "Trained to fly".

Richard was really ready to retire, and we all knew it, but like an old horse, you just didn't want to put him out to pasture.

Believe it or not, the boys still love to sleep in the same bed with Mike and me, and we, as a family, loved having them there. Of course, the wonderful new bed in our room was much nicer to sleep in, since Mike gave it to us for Christmas, the last time his parents spent Christmas with us. The bed was made special order, for Mike; it was an airbed that had three air chambers, instead of the two in a super king. This made the bed really nice, when the boys were home and slept with us.

There were times when they would sleep away from us, for health reasons, like being sick with the flu or a bad cold. More to keep from bringing down the rest of the family, but that really didn't work that well either. As most of you know, if someone in the family gets sick, the rest are sure to follow.

Well Mike and I were going to take the boys back to Hawaii for their, as we called it, "the-boys-being-of-legal-age birthday party." Just the thought of that was enticing, and stimulating to one's imagination.

There was a little matter of getting our favorite place in Hawaii, to have things ready for our visit on December 6, which was not a problem anymore, for Bill; he seemed to have gotten to know the right people there, to help us.

One thing we didn't have to worry about, if the boys wanted to go to college, they would be going to the College at Crazy Horse as well; we had talked about it several times over the years; both boys were smart as whips, and they could more than likely teach college courses in aviation, as professors. Therefore, Mike and I agreed that if the boys didn't want to go on to college, we wouldn't push them. They certainly didn't need to look for work. They would one day own the corporation, and the billions of dollars in its assets.

It is now Sunday, December 5, 2032, and we would be leaving in the morning for Hawaii, on Cowboy. Speaking of Cowboy, both Cowboy and Buckaroo were, a couple of years back, completely refurbished, and brought up to the newest standards of custom 737s, brand new engines, and all the other important equipment. Therefore, they both were considered almost the same as brand new planes. This made Richard, Colt, and Matt really happy. Of course, that work didn't come cheap.

That night we all slept together, in the big bed, and the boys pushed again, for the family romp, but again, Mike and I had special plans. We told the boys, no, we had to get up early, and they were still not old enough. And laughed about it.

Colt and Matt asked what there birthday presents were going to be, and we just told them that they had to wait. Then we all snuggled up in our spoon position like we always did, and then I heard them all drifting off to sleep one by one. I just thought to myself, tomorrow would be wonderful. For not only was there going to be presents for the boys, but I was very sure, there were going to be two presents for the dads as well.

To be continued...