A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 22

Well, the aroma of coffee mixed with the wonderful scent of bacon cooking flowed into the bedroom, and I just looked over to see Mike lying beside me and next to him on the outside edge of the bed were two beautiful boys, sleeping together curled up hugging each other. What a great feeling ... the four of us were so close in our relationship that we were totally comfortable laying there together.

Not a hint of impropriety among anyone of us. Moreover, I don't think anyone would ever consider what we were doing as unnatural -- all sleeping naked in the same bed with our two sons -- and nothing would ever keep anyone of us apart from the others. For each of us was totally and completely in love with each other. In addition, the two couples were totally in love with each other as couples. Since we had more-or-less developed the philosophy that ... "the family that plays together, stays together" ..., nothing was ever done, sexually, between us, unless it was done with all four parties involved. This was one of our special times together.

Well, I'm getting too far ahead of my story here, so let's just get back to the present.

I leaned over and kissed Mike and said, "Hon, let's get showered before the boys wake up. I don't want them getting any ideas, this early, today." Mike and I had already planned for their opportunity to be given on the trip to Hawaii, and not before.

Mike nodded his head in agreement, saying, "Sure, hon." We both got out of bed, quietly sneaked into the bathroom, closed the door, took a quick shower and tended to other morning necessities.

Then we both went back into the bedroom and began getting dressed, when Matt opened his eyes, then stretched and yawned, saying, "Good morning, dads!"

Mike replied saying, "Good morning, son; you two slept in a bit longer this morning, didn't you?" He was smiling at Matt.

I said, "Good morning, son; why don't you wake up sleeping beauty there, and join us for breakfast." I, too, was smiling at him, as he began to shake Colt awake.

Colt opened one eye, then the other, yawned, and said, "Good morning, dads." Then started to stretch.

As Mike and I left the bedroom, we looked at each other, winked, turned, and said in unison, "Happy Birthday, boys!" I spoke again saying, "See you both soon, for breakfast."

Julie was preparing kind of a special breakfast for the boys -- one of her special Western omelets with hot salsa. Both boys loved it and considered it their special treat, and have for a few years.

As the boys entered the dining room, both sporting huge grins, they sang in sing-song unison, "Good morning, Grandma Julie."

Those boys were so close that they almost always spoke in unison; it was like one reading the mind of the other before they spoke. I sometimes wondered if they were not only horse whisperers, but equally able to communicate with each other silently. If you look back at it, it almost seemed like they became one person that night in the hospital, when Colt gave that life-saving transfusion to Matt.

After breakfast, I told Julie, "Hon, when you're done here this morning, you're free for the day. As you already know, we'll be gone before lunch, and won't be home until tomorrow." She just nodded her head in agreement and went about her work.

Larry came out in the car, picked us up, and we headed for the Casper airport. Arriving there, we saw Richard and Andrew walking around under Cowboy, giving the plane its pre-flight check-up. And soon as Larry stopped the vehicle, both Colt and Matt got out and trotted off to Richard to help him check the aircraft. You could just see the boys lighten up whenever they were around Richard and Andrew. Richard was truly the boys' mentor; he had taught them everything they knew about aviation. Of course, there was a lot of book learning involved as well, and the boys excelled very well doing that.

Mike, Larry, and I went ahead and boarded Cowboy. We were all excited about tonight's dinner at Chef Mayoki's restaurant. It wasn't long before Richard, Andrew, and the boys all entered the aircraft. Andrew came over and sat down with Mike and Larry and me, while Richard, Colt, and Matt headed for the flight deck.

It wasn't long before we heard Cowboy's engines revving up as they came to a roar and we started moving out onto the taxiways. Once at the end of the runway, we felt that surge of energy, as I'm sure Colt was flying the aircraft. That old familiar feeling of being suspended in air overcame us. As we gained altitude and the Fasten Seat Belt light went out, we noticed both boys coming back into the cabin.

Colt spoke saying, "Richard told us both to go take a nap, because he wanted some time with Andrew before we get to Hawaii." Both Mike and I knew what this was all about, for Richard and I had planned this, to give the boys the opportunity to do ... whatever. Mike and I were excited, as only two loving parents might be, knowing what we knew.

Matt said, "Larry, would you excuse our dads and us for a while." He and Colt were both smiling, with the cutest sexiest smiles you could have imagined. I knew in my own mind, the boys knew what we had planned, but what the hell, they wanted it as much now as Mike and I did.

Together, Mike and I said, "Ok, boys ... err ... MEN! ... since you're NO LONGER BOYS ... let's go!" We both looked at Larry, sitting there with Andrew, drinking a cola, smiled at them and shook our heads, grinning. They both knew what was going to happen, I'm sure, for they were both chuckling under their breath.

Mike, Colt, Matt and I all entered the aft bedroom. I closed and locked the door as Colt turned and addressed us, saying, "Ok, pop and poppa Mike, this day has been a long time coming, and now ... would you two please join Matt and me ... for a group romp?" Both boys had the sexiest smiles on their faces.

Mike's eyes darted back and forth between the two boys ... err ... YOUNG MEN! and me. A big, shit-eating grin crept across his lips ... and slowly ... and seductively ... he began to unbutton his shirt. But Matt stopped him and said, "I take that as a yes, dad?" Mike just twitched his eyebrows a couple of times while his grinning lips opened slightly, revealing his tongue sexily sliding across the bottom edge of his brilliant white teeth, before licking his own lips.

At that sign of encouragement, Matt started to undress him, and Mike reciprocated by starting to undress Matt. While Matt and Mike were busy undressing each other, Colt came over and started undressing me, while I returned the favor and began undressing him.

Soon ... or was it an hour later? Who knows? Time seemed to stop ... all shirts and tees were off and carelessly scattered across the carpet. We all were down to being bare chest to bare chest with each other. Mike was passionately kissing Matt, and Colt was doing the same with me.

My God, was this wonderful, or was this WONDERFUL?!?!? We all had seen each other naked before, of course, and had even slept in the same bed naked. However, we weren't there yet, and we were all kissing passionately, groping each other's cocks through our trousers. I don't think I've ever been as hard as I was right then, and, my God, we all were in Paradise. This went on for several minutes -- just kissing and fondling each other. Then we swapped partners; Mike and Colt, and Matt and I, still just shirtless, all close together. We were reaching out playing with nipples of the other, and I thought for a few minutes that I was go'na to shoot my load even before we got the rest of the way undressed.

I know this went on for at least thirty minutes, even though we were still standing ... and standing on wobbly legs, at that! ... and I was so fucking hard, it hurt. Finally, simultaneously, we each started to undress our respective partners.

When we were all totally nude, including all our jewelry, for we wanted nothing between us but our skin, Colt spoke saying, "Can we all just get on the bed and just do what comes naturally, and let's just see where it takes us."

No one else spoke. We all jumped onto the bed, twisted and turned into ... whatever position that seemed appropriate at the moment, with no pre-conceived idea of who was to do what with/or/to whom, and I was looking directly at Colt's rock hard cock. I opened my mouth and began licking it like a popsicle. Feeling someone engulfing my manhood, I glanced down to see Matt sucking and licking it, playing with my balls, and I felt him also fingering my rosebud. Oh, my! I was NOT going to be able to hold out long with what he was doing to me. I looked up to see that Mike was also licking and sucking on Matt's huge member, and was it hard. Then I glanced over to see Colt was fingering Mike's rosebud, and licking and sucking Mike's cock. A four-way daisy-chain! Wow!!!

My word, we were all enjoying this so very much, there are NO words to describe it. All of a sudden, the plane started bucking up and down, we were hitting some bad turbulence. Naturally (Hee hee hee!), this just made our love session even more enjoyable.

Then the intercom came on, and Richard spoke saying, "Sorry for the turbulence folks, but a little bad weather should make for a little more enjoyment in the aft bedroom." Before he turned off the speakers, you could hear him laughing out loud at what he had just done, knowing he took us through that turbulence, JUST to make our love session better. We all stopped what we were doing, long enough to look at each other and laugh at what Richard had engineered. However, that didn't last long, and very soon, we were back at each others' bodies.

We continued, each of us, feeling the balls, fingering the rosebud, of the person. we were sucking, and we all seemed to know when that person was about to cum, for we stopped long enough to prolong the feeling, just knowing we were all moaning and groaning, and, yes, even screaming or coming up for air, if our mouths weren't attached to the other's member. We never changed partners once we were connected. We just played more and more tricks on each other.

We "edged" again and again, bringing the other just to that point before losing control. To calm down the logical reaction to all the oral and throat stimulation, our hands would roam over the body in front of us -- tenderly, softly, lovingly, yet eagerly carressing, fondling, tweaking every inch of tingling flesh we could reach; we'd kiss, nibble, lick and suck on the thighs, ball-sack, and abs, and even tongue the belly-button, before returning to that prime, hot, throbbing, pulsing, twitching, leaking objective. Over and over. Again and again. Whew! We weren't just having fun -- no! -- we hungered and lusted after one another!

Now I know why they call what we were doing a daisy chain, for whatever one person did with the throbbing member he was sucking, it was like a wave of pleasure within seconds being applied back to his own member. It wasn't long before we started shooting our loads. Who shot first really doesn't matter; all I know is that Colt's nectar was the sweetest taste I'd had in a long time. That's not to say that I didn't love Mike's. No, not at all! His is just ... how shall I say ... more ... mature. And like fine wine -- slowly aged!

As soon as we all had cum, we all rolled around on the bed into different positions and began passionately kissing. Colt and I, Mike and Matt, together, kissing, exchanging our juices; what a wonderful taste of Colt's and Mike's juices mixed. In addition, I am sure that Mike and Matt were both enjoying the mix of Matt's and my Juices.

There we lay, all together, totally spent, hugging, kissing, and just being together; two dads and two wonderful sons, sharing the most wonderful love a family could ever share together.

We napped, lying naked on top of the bed. If you could have seen us, you would have had a hard time knowing which arm, or which leg belonged to whom. Nevertheless, we were all happy, and content. When we awoke, we all took a shower together and helped each other dress. Of course, there was no time to play any more. However, I can assure you this was just the first of many times we would spend together as a family.

We all went back into the main cabin, and there we found Larry and Andrew sitting there just chatting. They both looked up at us with great big grins on their faces.

Colt and Matt headed up to the flight deck to relieve Richard. For they really thought that he and Andrew wanted some time together before we got to Hawaii. But it was just a ploy to get the family together and we were back in the aft bedroom for a long time, so we really were very close to the islands.

Richard did leave the flight deck and came back to the main cabin to join us. He and Andrew sat next to each other holding hands like a couple of school boys. It was so cute seeing them, they were truly in love. Richard had told me that he and Andrew would wait until the return flight after dinner, to make use of the `Captain's Bedroom'. We even had a little sign made that said just that, and placed on the door. In addition, the master bedroom was now called the `Owner's Bedroom' with a small sign on the door as well. We had a special night planned; this dinner wasn't just for the family as the first one was; this dinner was for all of us. Yes, Richard, Andrew, Larry, Colt, Matt, Mike, and I were all going to have a wonderful dinner at Chef Mayoki's restaurant.

As we approached Hawaii, Richard was still sitting next to Andrew, so I asked, "Are you going back up to the flight deck, Richard?" Looking somewhat puzzled as to why he was still sitting there.

"No; we're in great hands. Those two will be great, you can count on them JC. You and Mike have a great pair of young men there." Richard looked so professional when he said that.

Mike and I just sat there, waiting to see what was about to happen on this landing; why we did that, I have no idea. My word, those boys have landed one of the 737s in every country we have properties in. And never as much as a hard bounce yet. Knock on wood, as the old saying goes, but really, I had all the faith in both the boys. It wasn't long before we felt the flaps being lowered, and that feeling of being stopped in mid-flight. Richard looked out one of the windows, and just smiled. I knew he was pleased with everything.

We landed and taxied up to the private aviation terminal; then Cowboy's engines were shut down.

We all got up and got ready to deplane but waited for our boys to come off the flight deck. As they appeared, we all just said, "Great landing." Mike reached out to grab Matt, and I reached out and grabbed Colt; we both hugged the boys in turn.

I said, "I'm so proud of you both. That was your first landing of the big plane without Richard being on the flight deck with you."

Mike said, "we have something special for you both.' He opened the closet in the lounge area, and pulled out two new uniforms. The one for Matt was a co-pilot's uniform, having three stripes on each sleeve, and the one for Colt was a Captain's uniform, having four stripes on each sleeve.

I then spoke saying, "Boys ... as of today ... you both are working for Lambert, Lambert, & Andersen, as new pilots. Richard will still be Chief of Aviation, until he retires, which will be soon. Then we'll see what happens. But those uniforms and what they signify, are your birthday presents." After a moment's pause, I added, "Of course ... you already received another one a little earlier."

Colt spoke up saying, "That's not fair; you guys got the same present earlier as we did and it's not your birthday." He then couldn't hold a straight face, busting out with a huge laugh. Which was contagious, because first, Matt, then all the rest of us started laughing so hard they could have heard us in the main terminal building.

Larry got off the plane first, and picked up the company limousine from the parking facility. Then he pulled it around, and we all got in. Then we just took a long drive around the island, for we were early.

The drive was very nice, and we got to see the beautiful white beaches and the wonderful beauty of the islands. It was fun; we stopped at several shops and picked up different things. The boys just wanted to look around some of the surfing shops, and the rest of us messed around some of the souvenir shops. We were just killing time.

We all met back at the rendezvous spot, and piled back into the limousine. Larry headed for the restaurant. When we got there, we all got out, went up to the door, and rang the bell. Chef Mayoki came to the door and greeted us, saying, "Welcome JC; very nice to see you and this very large party, tonight."

I spoke saying, "I hope it's not too large a party for you?" with a grin on my face, knowing it wasn't, for it was all prearranged.

"For you, never too large; if we need more space I can always call on my friends." Chef Mayoki responded with a bow.

We ended up in the same place as we had been in with the boys, on the first trip to the islands. Only this time, the table was set for the seven of us. And it was truly set up beautifully.

Chef Mayoki always seems to have the very nicest looking young women to wait on folks. As soon as we had been seated, she brought out the wonderful shrimp cocktails, carefully placing them, one in front of each of us, beginning with the boys, as she knew it was their birthdays we were celebrating. Then she bowed and left.

Richard said, "I want to thank you, JC and Mike, for inviting me to this dinner; it's wonderful, seeing this place. You've told me so much about it, I almost feel I've been here before." He was grinning, between the bites of shrimp.

Larry said, "Yes, JC, thank you for the invitation." Andrew followed saying the same thing.

The young lady then brought out the mixed green salad, with a lazy susan of all kinds of homemade salad dressings, along with seven salad bowls. Then she bowed and left again.

After we all had finished the salad, Chef Mayoki entered with two young ladies, who were carrying a whole roasted wild boar, placed it in the middle of the table. Then another lady appeared with the plates. Chef Mayoki, began to carve the roasted boar, and sliced off a nice portion, then placed it in front of me. Asking me to taste it? Which I did and it was fabulous! Then with my approval, he did the same to each of the others in order around the table in a clockwise rotation. Again waiting for each one, to taste it before moving on to the next. Then he bowed and left. I always wondered what would have happened if one person would say they didn't like it. Then chuckled to myself at that thought.

Mike looked at me as I chuckled, saying, "What's funny, love?"

I just said, "I was just thinking what would he do if someone would say they didn't like the food." Everyone at the table just laughed.

After we had finished the main course of the meal, the ladies all re-appeared and cleared the dirty dishes and changed the table cloth as well, for there had been some food, well actually, it was a very small drop of gravy, dripped onto it. They all bowed and left.

About fifteen minutes later there was a cart pulled in with the same wonderful dessert that we had for the first birthday party. Only this time, there were two of them, one with "Happy Birthday Colt" printed in the flower peddles and the other "Happy Birthday Matt" printed in the same beautiful flower peddles. Colt's also had nineteen candles burning on it, and of course, Matt's had eighteen candles burning.

I told the boys, "Now make a wish, and I hope it all comes true."

Again in unison, the boys said, "It's already come true." Both boys had tears in their eyes when they said that. Colt then continued saying, "Yes, pop and popa Mike, it all came true a long time ago, when some very special guardian angels dropped us off on your door steps."

It was contagious -- as I looked around the table, everyone else had glassy eyes, except for Mike and me ... we had genuine tears rolling down our cheeks.

What could anyone say after that? We all just sat there and ate our dessert. Then there were a few small packages brought out, that were left on the entry table as we entered the restaurant.

Mike took them and handed them to the boys, as he read the names on the gift cards.

He read the first one. "From Richard & Andrew, to Colt & Matt." Strange ... why would he give one package to both boys, I thought. Funny. I didn't know what he and Andrew would have given the boys.

Well Colt, being the oldest, opened the box and it was a matched set of pilot's wings, in 14K gold. They were truly beautiful. But that wasn't all; when the boys ... excuse me ... Young Men ... started to really look at them, they discovered that the wings were both engraved with the boys' full names on the back and the date they passed their Private Pilots' license test. Then in smaller but nice letters, was engraved "Your friends always, Richard & Andrew".

Both boys got up, went over, and hugged Richard, and then Andrew, thanking them for the wonderful present.

Then the next packages were handed to Colt and Matt from Larry. They were very nice pen and pencil sets in 14k gold, and the clips were pilot's wings. In addition, their names were engraved on the barrels of the pens and pencils.

Again, the boys went over and hugged Larry, and thanked him, which kinda shocked Larry, for the boys had never done that with him before.

Then Mike handed them our real presents, again in the same box, we always did this if both boys were getting the same thing; that way, the surprise was for them both together.

Colt handed the box to Matt and said, "It's your turn, hon, to open one."

My God, did we just hear what I thought we heard? He called his brother, hon, didn't he? Everyone just looked at Colt, then at Matt.

Matt just spoke up and said, "Don't be so shocked; you all know that Colt and I are a couple, don't you?" Then he smiled at us, with the sexiest little smile. Colt was laughing as well.

Matt opened the box, and found two boxes inside, and from the outside of the boxes, they saw the Rolex crown on them. Both boys were really smiling now. Colt opened his at the same time Matt did his. Both watches were the same except the backs were engraved with their first name in larger letters, then right below that was their full name, engraved in much smaller letters.

The boys just got up again and hugged Mike and me.

Colt said, "Thanks so much, they are beautiful, thanks, you are the best dads in the world."

Matt just said, "You two are really the BEST of the best."

We sat there for a while longer, just chit chatting, telling jokes. Then we left, and headed back to the airport.

We all got aboard Cowboy and got ready for the return flight. Colt and Matt were going to fly us home. Richard was not going to work today at all, this was kind of a special day for him, as well. It was the first trip he didn't have to work and fly one of the 737s for us. It felt strange to me, seeing him sitting in the recliner, as Cowboy's engines started, and we began taxing out to the runway. Then, once again, we heard the roar of the engines and we felt the thrust of power, and felt Cowboy picking up speed, then the weightlessness feeling as we were again airborne, and heading home.

Once the Fasten Seat Belt lights went out, Richard looked at Andrew and motioned for him to follow. He had that 'lets have some fun' look on his face. Knowing that look, Andrew grinned, got up, and they both headed for the Captain's bedroom.

Mike and I just sat there, chatting with Larry. Larry got up and went to the bar asking if we would like something to drink; both Mike and I declined. But he got himself a mixed drink of something, then came back and sat down.

We were in the air heading east about thirty minutes out, when Andrew, totally naked, sporting a hardon, came running into the main cabin, screaming .......

"HELP me! HELP me! Richard's collapsed and he's NOT breathing! PLEASE help him; oh God, PLEASE help him!"

To be continued...