A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 23

My God, I jumped to my feet and headed into the bedroom to find Richard lying there not breathing. I immediately started CPR on him, telling Mike, "Get the boys to turn this plane around and get us back to the islands, NOW!" God, I didn't want to be so sharp with Mike, but I just hoped he understood. I pounded away on Richard's chest relentlessly, holding his nose, blowing my fearfully quickened breath into his mouth, hoping and praying that he would just open his eyes. I thought to myself, why in the hell hadn't we bought one of those Defibrillator things you read about. I just kept saying, "Come back, bud ... come on ... wake up ... come on wake up..."

I saw poor Andrew, standing next to us, still naked, of course, very, very limp. I told him, "Please get dressed, Andrew. And I know this isn't easy for you, but, for God's sake, please try to get some shorts on Richard."

Andrew was in shock. He just stood there. Larry, who was watching, and heard what I had said to Andrew, found a pair of boxers, and guided them up Richard's legs; finally Andrew helped him and raised Richard's legs enough to get them on him. I was still working hard, keeping up the action on Richard.

I then felt the plane start to drop in altitude, and make a very fast right turn; so sharp that Andrew and Larry almost fell over, and I had a hard time keeping up the CPR. Then I heard the engine get much louder. I knew what had just happened, for when you are just cruising somewhere, you only use about sixty to seventy percent of the possible speed of a jet. Well, I'm now sure that Colt was now using one hundred percent plus.

The next twenty minutes seemed like forever. I still could not get Richard to open his eyes, but I could feel a faint pulse in his neck. It seemed to be steady, but I'm no damn doctor and I was scared and worried half to death.

Larry spoke saying, "Andrew, I love you like a brother, and I know this is a big shock to you, and I promise you we'll do all we can to help Richard, but you really need to get dressed before we land." He was trying hard to console Andrew.

Mike came back from the flight deck, saying, "We'll be landing in just a few minutes now, and there'll be an ambulance and a doctor waiting at the gate. Colt and Matt are handling this amazingly well. I can't believe how totally in control of the situation Colt is; it's almost like he trained for just this emergency." He was looking at Richard and then asked if he could relieve me.

I said, "No, I'm alright, I'm just keeping an eye on him; he's breathing steadily now, and his heart beat is steady. I just can't get him to open his eyes."

Then Andrew came over, leaned down, and kissed him on the lips, looked at me and said, "Oh God, thank you!" Then he got on the bed to help me, finally, somewhere during the past few moments, he had completely dressed, except for shoes. He started massaging Richard's neck and shoulders, working down to his chest. I guess, just trying to get him to wake up. Then he spoke again, saying, "Come on my love; please open those beautiful eyes for me; come on, I can't loose you now; please come back to me ... Please!"

I guess the shock was wearing off, because there had been no tears, no expression of any kind on Andrew's face, until he just spoke those last words. Then he broke down, and started to cry, and God, did he ever cry, great big alligator tears, and then he started to sob as well. Of course, there were some others with tears, not crying, but tears of sadness and possible loss, just the same. Mike just sat down on the bed next to Andrew, pulled him close, and held him, letting Andrew cry on his shoulder, telling him, "Calm down, buddy; Richard will be ok; he's breathing comfortably, now, so just let it all out; things will be ok."

I felt the flaps drop, we never even circled like you normally would we just went straight in and landed. I didn't even feel the wheels touch the ground; all I felt was the breaks come on and we didn't taxi very far either, and then we stopped.

No sooner had we stopped, than Colt and Matt came off the flight deck, running back into the cabin, and saw we were in the bedroom. Colt looked like he had seen a ghost. He was as white as a sheet, and he was crying when he saw Richard, lying on the bed, with his eyes still closed. Matt wasn't managing much better, either.

I thought to myself, how in the hell did those boys get us here in the condition they were in right then? Then again, maybe, well maybe, they had just held up under the stress, long enough to get us here. The boys were totally shaken up now. I ran to them, grabbed them both in a hug, and said, "Fucking great landing boys, and Richard's breathing again. You two may just have saved his life. So don't cry, because if you keep it up, you will have me doing the same thing." Of course, that didn't do much good, for there on the bed lay their mentor and best friend, not even able to say hi to them.

Mike opened the outer cabin door. There were stairs waiting, and just outside was an ambulance waiting as well. However, up the stairs came the paramedics and an older man, who, as he entered the plane said, "I'm Doctor Brooks; where's the patient?" Mike led him and the paramedics back to the Captain's Bedroom.

The doctor checked Richard's heart, and opened a case that looked something like a laptop computer. He connected twelve wires, each with small a sticky electrode attached, to Richard's chest, arms and legs, then took what I later found out was an EKG. Then he gave Richard a shot of something, and immediately afterwards told the paramedics to get him to Leahi Hospital, ASAP. He then turned his attention to the rest of us and said, "I think he's going to be ok, but the next forty-eight hours are going to be critical. Before I leave, is there a family member here?"

I explained that Richard had no family still living, and that Andrew was as close a family as he had. I asked him if he would make it so Andrew could be considered Richard's son, in so far as the hospital was concerned. The Doctor took down Andrew's name and said he would list him as his next of kin on the admitting documents as well as inform the emergency room of this.

We all thanked him as he left the plane. Then Colt and Matt, still badly shaken, told me we had to move Cowboy to a regular parking area. So we all just sat back down and the boys went back to the flight deck, started Cowboy, and we taxied to the general aviation terminal and parked the 737.

Larry left quickly without saying anything, got the limousine, and brought it to the stairs. We all got in. The boys were still in their new uniforms, and they both did look so incredibly handsome, but of course, they were both so very worried, as were Mike and I. Larry knew where the hospital was, so we headed there, stat, as they say in the medical TV shows, meaning, at once.

By the time we got there, Richard was already in a regular room. I thought that was strange. I figured he would be in the emergency room or at least ICU, but no, he was in Room 3002, which was on the third floor. All of us went up in the elevator. When we arrived at the nurse's station, Andrew introduced himself, and the nurse pointed in the direction of the room. Strange as it seemed, no one stopped our entire group of six from going in.

We entered the room and, my God, Richard was sitting up; well ... the bed was cranked up so he looked like he was sitting up ... and he looked at us as we entered the room. In addition, he said, "Thanks to someone, for saving my life."

Andrew rather quickly said, "It was JC that did it, love; I just went into shock." Then he walked over, hugged Richard, and kissed him on the lips, saying, "Don't you ever do that again, you big galoot! You scared the shit out of me."

Very seriously, Richard asked, "You didn't stink up the bedroom, did you?" He laughed, and everyone else broke into a chuckle. Then he continued, saying, "God, you're just so hot, so stimulating, so exciting, I guess it was a little more than I could handle, today. But if I have to go, what a way to do it!" Then he smiled again.

I just love his smile. It kinda reminds me of Charlie's smile, in some ways. By now we all knew Richard was back to his old self, or at least he sounded that way.

Colt spoke saying, "Don't you ever do that to me again, Richard; you know I've never put Cowboy through his paces before, but I sure found out what that bird can do!" Then Colt smiled his amazing smile at him, continuing with, "And the airport was great, too, and gave us direct in landing." He walked over and kissed Richard on the cheek, and hugged him, then added, "And all that training for an emergency paid off in a big way."

Matt hugged him, too, and said, "I'm just so happy you're still with us, believe me! All I could see back there was us taking you home in one of those damn boxes. I don't even want to think about that again, OK?"

Matt turned and grabbed Colt and kissed him saying, "Absolutely the best landing I have ever seen, hon. Now we need to pull ourselves together and help Richard get better and get us all back home."

There weren't enough chairs in the room, so Colt and Matt went back to the nurses' station, and asked if there were some more chairs they could borrow, for a little while. Well, I think it was the uniforms that did the trick, 'cause they soon came back with enough chairs for all of us.

We all sat around talking for a while. You could see the real concern the boys had for Richard's condition. I was still amazed at how well our sons had handled themselves in the crisis.

I guess we'd been there for about an hour when Doctor Brooks came to check-in on Richard. He listened to his heart and lungs, then looked into his eyes with his little pen light. Then he said, "Well, Mr. Lane, you're doing quite well. It looks like what happened was, indeed, a coronary infarction, but I don't think there was that much damage to the heart muscle, itself. We should know by tomorrow. I understand that you're travelling by private jet, and if you progress well, I think we can let you go as early as tomorrow, as long as you have portable oxygen, which I'm sure you do on that plane. Mr. Andersen had me notify your company doctor, and as soon as you get back home, you MUST see him. I'll see to it that you've been medicated before your flight. I don't want you over doing anything, until your doctor tells you it's OK to resume your normal activities."

Doctor Brooks directed his attention to Andrew and said, "Mr. Kingston, you need to watch your stepfather close, for a while." He was grinning when he said that to Andrew. Then he added, "For the rest of you ... who ever did the CPR on Mr. Lane, you did a great job. I would strongly recommend, however, that you have a portable Defibrillator aboard each of your aircraft, Mr. Andersen; they do save a lot of lives." With all that said, he excused himself and left.

Andrew and the boys wanted to stay with Richard, but when visiting hours ended that evening, the nurse said that only immediate family, by hospital rules, was allowed to spend the night in a patient's room. Therefore, after the nurse left the room we all started ribbing Andrew; even Richard got in on it.

Richard said, "Since when did you become my stepson?" He chuckled softly then added, "I thought we meant more to each other then just father and son." Still smiling he continued, "But I do vaguely remember some other fathers and sons having a great time, not so long ago." That did it, and the whole room was laughing.

Andrew replied, "Well it's all funny now, but honey, you scared the shit out of me, and I didn't stink up the room either!" Andrew leaned over and gave him a big loving kiss; all the time hugging him the best he could, with Richard being in a hospital bed.

The next day, Richard was released from the hospital, with very strict rules about not overdoing anything, including getting on Cowboy under his own power. I also had Larry go to the medical supply company, and pick up four portable Defibrillator units; one for each plane and one for Richard to have at his home, for now.

When we all arrived at Cowboy, Colt and Matt carried him aboard, and put him to bed in the Captain's Bedroom. Andrew told him he would be back to join him as soon as we were airborne, which wouldn't be very long.

The boys went outside for a pre-flight check of Cowboy. About fifteen minutes later, they both came back aboard, and closed the cabin door.

Colt said, "I'll have us home soon, and I'll let Doc Chuck know to meet us at the airport." He was so professional, standing there in his recently new uniform.

Matt spoke saying, "The weather seems to be good, so the flight, we hope, will be smooth." He looked at Mike, then at me, with a smile on his face. He too, looked handsome in his uniform. I don't know about Mike, but I was so very proud of them both. But I'm sure there was pride in Mike's heart as well.

As soon as we were airborne, Andrew started to head back to the bedroom. When Mike spoke saying, "Take it easy on your old man!" I just burst out laughing at that remark, and so did Larry. Of course, Andrew was also smiling about it. But did reply, saying, "He'll be just fine ... I'll see to that ... no more excitement for him until he gets a clean bill of health, from Chuck." He had a sexy, cute smile on his face.

I knew he was the right person for Richard; he was a loving, caring man, that really loved his old man.

The flight went very well, and when we got back to Casper, Chuck was indeed waiting. He came aboard to see Richard, and gave him the once over. He sent Andrew and Richard home in one of the company SUVs so he could lie down. He told me that Richard would be ok, but he needed some rest for a few more days, before he started him on a carefully controlled cardiovascular exercise program.

Larry took the rest of us home. It was cold, but not too late, so Mike started a nice fire in the fireplace, and of course, the house was warm but the roaring fire set a nice mood. Both the boys went and took off their uniforms, and were back in just a few minutes, each wearing a set of jogging shorts and a Tee shirt, no shoes or socks. They are a handsome pair. Even in those jogging outfits, they were two sexy young men.

Matt sat on the floor, propped up by an overstuffed chair, with his legs stretched out in front of the fire. Colt lay down with his head in Matt's lap and just watched the flames flickering. Mike and I were on the couch, with Mike sitting up, while I was lying with my head in his lap. Doing much the same as the boys, just thinking, and reflecting on what had happened in the last few days. I guess there wasn't much said, but there was a lot of thinking going on.

No one fell asleep; it was so cute, though. I could see Matt running his fingers through Colt's hair, and Colt was playing with Matt's toes. I could tell Matt loved the treatment his toes were receiving. He had the most beautiful smile, on his face. Mike was curling my hair around one of his fingers, while he ran his finger through my hair.

It WAS ... as it should be ... a happy family, just sitting around the crackling fire, not saying a word, just enjoying each other's company, relaxing after a hard, stressful, not to mention somewhat frightening, last two days.

I guess we all sat there for some time, until the fire started to die down, then Colt spoke, breaking the silence, saying, "What would you all say to us going to bed?" I looked up at Mike, and he was smiling. He nodded his head, yes.

I said, "Sure, I guess the fire is going down out here."

Matt said, "Yep, and we can build a new one in the bedroom." He chuckled aloud.

Mike said, "Sure, take some of that fire wood in with you." However, he couldn't keep a straight face, and hold back very long, and he started to laugh out loud. Of course, there was a fireplace in the master bedroom, but I don't think I have ever seen a fire in it, even when Charlie and I were sleeping in there.

God, I have to stop thinking about those days! I thought about all the time Charlie waited, basically alone, before we found each other; it hurt for a few seconds as I thought about him again.

We all got up and headed our different directions, Mike closed up the house, Colt made sure the fire was banked, so as not to be a problem during the night, and Matt went in and started the Jacuzzi; filling it with hot water. I just watched in amazement, as to how everyone just did their own little thing, that we do every night we're all home together.

As soon as the Jacuzzi was filled, everyone seemed to just show up, already naked. I guess the boys had gotten undressed in their room. Mike and I had done that in our room, well, it was the boys' and our room, since, if both boys were home together, and Mike and I were here, we always slept in the huge custom built bed. However, if any one of the four of us were away, the couple that was here slept together, and the lone person slept alone. It was our family rule, you know, it was all together, or no sharing.

Anyway, we all got into the Jacuzzi ... Colt and Matt, Mike and I, holding our own partners. We all began kissing our own partners passionately, I cannot speak for the boys, but I can speak for Mike and me. We were in for a passionate night of lovemaking, and I was sure that our two young men would be joining in. However, that would be up to them, neither Mike nor I would ever ask the boys to join us, which too, was kind of a rule, that Mike and I agreed on a long time ago. We had never ever asked the boys to sleep with us, it was always their idea, and for as long as I live, it will continue to be the way I feel about it. Like I said, I cannot speak for the boys, but I feel I can speak for Mike, but I feel they know that and respect us for that. I feel that's what made this family so close now.

Well now, let's get back to the evening at hand.

I noticed that the boys were passionately kissing, and fondling each other of course; so were Mike and I. We all carried on like that for sometime, until Mike broke our kiss saying, "Love, lets get dry and into bed?" I agreed, so we got out of the tub and started drying each other; of course, our raging members were dancing together.

This didn't go unnoticed by Colt, so he told Matt, "You want to join our dads tonight again?" Matt just said in a short snappy voice, "Are you kidding, of course I do!" Therefore, they both got out of the tub, dried themselves off; and were they ever erect. Both of them had erections that pointed up at a good forty-five degrees. As we all got to the bed, no one said anything, we just seemed to naturally gravitate to each other. Mike and Matt, began kissing wildly. They took to the bed in a sixty-nine position, and began rolling around on the bed; getting into a good spot. Then Colt and I began doing the same thing. Nevertheless, when we got onto the bed, it was just a little different, hard to explain. Nevertheless, we stayed connected to the same partner that we started with, but the way we laid there on the bed we could reach out and play with the nipples of someone from the other couple, and cause some other wonderful sensations to come from somewhere deep inside our bodies.

Colt and I were really going at it, he was sucking my member, and one of his soft young man's hands was fingering my love tunnel. While he was reaching out and pinching one of Mikes nipples. In addition, Matt was doing the same to mine, and it was just wild, that's all I can say. I could hear the moans and groans coming from Mike and Matt and I felt the heat from their intense lovemaking. Of course, I knew, they were feeling ours. The sounds of the sucking and the jerking of our legs, together with the ultimate pleasure we each were receiving from the others' mouths and tongues, was absolutely breathtaking. I was feeling the tip of Colt's tongue trying hard to enter my piss slit. Therefore, I returned the favor, and when I did, his legs just darted out. You could see his toes curling with the extreme pleasure of feeling my tongue in that tight little hole. Of course, it could have been from my working my middle finger into his cute love tunnel and working his love nut so tenderly.

I was also glancing every now and then at Mike and Matt, as they were so engulfed in their love, that I don't think either of them noticed us. However, my mind was soon changed as I was seeing reactions of what Colt and I were doing and every time I moaned or groaned, Mike was twitching. It was oh so hot, and horny for me. I was feeling that pressure, building deep within my loins, just knowing I was about to loose it, when I felt Colt, jerking uncontrollably, with the release of his load of cum. When I felt it hit the back of my throat, I couldn't hold out any longer, and began shooting into Colt's mouth. As we both were unloading into each other, I felt and saw Mike and Matt rolling around on the bed, then they began to kiss and I knew they had cum, and now were exchanging their love nectar with each other. Colt and I came down from our high, turned and faced each other, and began passionately kissing deep, threading each other with our tongues. WOW!! What a taste of Colt's and my love juices mixed for the first time, it was just wonderful!

Then we changed partners, and I began to kiss Matt, and Colt was now kissing Mike. Deep passionate kisses. This went on for a long time. We were all rolling around on the bed. Then we just kind of rolled around into our sleeping positions. I got up and pulled the covers from the floor and covered all of them, then slid in beside Colt, while Mike and Matt were cuddled together, it seems so wonderful, I was cuddling with Colt, and Mike was doing the same with Matt. How could anything this wonderful not be right for our family?

We all fell asleep holding the ones we loved, well at least ONE of the ones we loved. The Andersen family was truly home to stay.

To be continued...