A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 24

I was the first to wake. I looked at the others; lying in such peaceful slumber. I was thinking to myself, what a wonderful night we had last night, all four of us; the love we have for each other is indescribable. Then my mind wandered, as I thought about what I would have done over, in my life, if I could have rewound time itself. The only thing I could think of would have been finding Charlie sooner; like when 'David the asshole' kicked me out of my home. It still hurt to think about all the lost years. Then my mind flashed back to the present.

July in Wyoming is a wonderful time of the year, too. Richard was doing great; he and Andrew were again enjoying each other. The construction of the new bedroom/wing that Mike and I had once thought about adding, when we got Matt, was almost done. This new wing of the house was actually a two-bedroom wing; incorporating a new, larger master bedroom with direct access to bath, Jacuzzi, and swimming pool.

The access to the pool was accomplished through a smaller pool, in the bedroom itself that connected to the outside pool by swimming under a heavy glass window that was extended from the ceiling to the floor. The part over the water was extended about six inches below the surface, into the main pool that was outside. The pool was heated and lit when we wanted it that way. When you looked out of the huge glass window, you could see Casper Mountain, so you could lie in bed, and see the mountains, if you had the electronically controlled drapes open.

Then my thoughts came back to our plans for this weekend. Mike and I, along with the boys ... yes, just the four of us ... were going on a fishing trip, back into the Wind River Mountains, and the Washakie Wilderness. We would be taking the horses and packing back into one of Charlie's old favorite fishing spots. My mind shifted to the present, as Mike woke saying, "Good morning, love." He and I were cuddling close together, after the romp with the boys last night.

I just moved up, and kissed him, then said, "God, how I love you." Then I continued to kiss him. Eventually, nature called, so I got up and headed for the bathroom and Mike followed. We got into the shower and began washing each other when our two boys joined us. Doing the same thing, washing each other.

Matt spoke saying, "I am getting excited about this camping trip." Through his soapy face, you could see a grin brightening it.

Colt said, "How many horses are we taking, dad Mike?" He, too, had a soapy face and his eyes were closed tight.

Mike replied, "Six; Sugar, Lady, Star, Darkstar, Ginger, and Fern. Two of them, we will load up with the gear, and of course, the others we'll ride.

It had been a long time since we all went out camping together. I guess it had been about three years since we had last gone. Well, we all finished showering and dressing, and then headed to the kitchen, to find Julie already preparing breakfast. She had already packed some boxes of all the foodstuffs that we would need for our weekend camping trip.

Colt went to get the six-horse trailer and truck out of the barn, so we could load the horses. It was kind of funny to watch the horses being loaded. Colt called to them one at a time to get in, and unbelievably, they were entering the trailer, just as he told them to. Mike and Matt were loading tack and saddles in the storage compartment on the horse trailer; the entire tent, sleeping gear, fishing tackle, fishing poles, and clothes were already loaded the night before. We also packed a hundred pounds of oats for the horses.

"Are we ready to go?" I asked the boys.

Colt responded, "I think so, pop." He had the cutest little smile of excitement, on his face, as he waved us to the pickup.

Mike, Matt, and I climbed in and Colt drove us to the trailhead just south of Dubois, Wyoming. We had been here before, and there was a great area to park the pickup and horse trailer. We parked and unloaded the horses; it was so funny to watch the boys, talking to the horses.

Matt said, "Darkstar, you stand still now, please, I need to get your saddle on you." He was serious, and didn't have to tie up any of the horses.

Colt told Star, "You hold still now," and he saddled him without any problem. Star gave a soft whinny. Colt said,"Yes, Star, it's a camping trip. You'll have a good time; I'm sure you will."

Matt smiled, and said, "I really love the way we can talk to them and they understand us," He grinned and kissed Colt.

Colt also saddled up Mike's Ginger, and my Lady for us. Matt started getting Sugar, and Fern saddled, with pack frames. As soon as he got them saddled, Colt, Mike and I all helped load the pan-yards with all the gear -- tent, stove, lanterns, the sleeping bags, fishing poles, tackle and just about the kitchen sink as well. It was funny to watch us pack for this trip, you'd think we were really going to stay a month from what we had loaded, but in reality, we were only going to spend two nights and three days.

After the packhorses were loaded, we all mounted and headed up the trail to Charlie's favorite spot; it was about fifteen miles of rather rugged trail. It would take the better part of the day to get there.

As we rode along, climbing up the trail, the view was breathtaking. This part of Wyoming was indeed a beautiful place. With the pine trees, and the gorgeous meadows of wild flowers, and tall green luscious grasses. We stopped at the little creeks and springs along the way to allow the horses to water.

At one of the springs, Matt commented, "God, this is just so beautiful; I've never been up here before. Thanks for thinking of bringing us up here, dad." He was sitting on Darkstar and the pair were very handsome together. You could tell that he and Darkstar were already bonding, by the way they looked at each other. You could see the love and trust between them. If Matt would have been in a headdress and loincloth, you would have seen one gorgeous Indian, sitting on a beautiful horse.

Mike looked at me and said, "I love this place; I know what I want to do besides fishing later!" He was smiling at me and I knew what was on his mind, and so did Colt and Matt, because they, too, were smiling with the sexiest grins, and both were adjusting there equipment -- not the riding equipment, either! Well ... I suppose you could think of it as riding equipment, depending on how you looked at it ... or how they were sitting on it.

We all did well, going into the cozy little meadow on Whiskey Mountain. After getting there, we unsaddled the horses and unpacked the packhorses as well.

I told the boys, "We need to hobble the horses so they can range free, but can't spook and run off." I had always done that in the past, and figured it was the only safe way to keep them close.

Colt spoke to me, saying, "Dad, they all said they wouldn't run off, and would really like to just graze, without the hobbles, in case they need to get away from a grizzly, if one should show up." My God, he was talking to those horses as if they were as much part of our party as the rest of us. With the boys' capabilities, I had to consider that, in fact, they were doing just that. They really did understand each other and trusted each other. I realized that Colt and Matt had communicated with the horses and vice versa and there was no reason not to trust them.

I agreed to let the horses run free, for the first time. Thinking to myself, what can go wrong? I was laughing at that thought, for it was a long way out, if we had to walk back to the truck and trailer.

We all pitched in and began setting up the tent. It wasn't too long before it was up, and all the personal gear was stowed. The boys took turns blowing up the air mattress and fixing up the bed, for later use, which, I assure you, was only used the way a loving family could use it, and it got plenty of use! When that camping equipment company says their air mattress can take whatever you can do to it, I bet they didn't consider a family like ours, but, by golly, they were right. It stood the test quite well.

Well the day of getting here was coming closer to the end, so Mike started the campfire, and Matt set up the stove and started a pot of coffee. For the first night, Julie had fixed a bunch of club sandwiches that were out-of-this-world delicious, or was it that everything tastes better when you're camping?

(Can someone tell me why they call them 'club' sandwiches? Do you have to belong to the right organization to eat them?)

The fishing was going to wait until morning, we all agreed, or was it that no one wanted to go fishing at all. This subject brought on loads of laughs from all of us. We all had our coffee and sandwiches. It was kind of nice sitting there in the middle of the woods, with a warm fire, heating the front side of you, while the backside of you was cold. Yes, it's hot in Wyoming in July during the daytime, but when you are at ten thousand feet, it gets damn cold, once the sun sets.

Colt spoke saying, "I dare you guys to go for a skinny dip in the beaver pond out there." He was already pulling off his boots and socks.

Matt said, as he laughed, "I take your dare, but I bet our dads chicken out." He was out of his boots, socks, and now his shirt, and jeans, standing there in just his underwear. In just a flash, they were gone too. There he stood in front of the fire nude. God, he was so beautiful. I was so glad the two boys were adults now. There was no more having to hold back our deep love and affection for our two wonderful sons.

Mike said, as he laughed at Matt, "So ... you think we'll chicken out, do you?" With that, Mike began to strip, and it wasn't long before he was naked, as were both the boys, now. They were all looking at me, laughing, and egging me on.

Colt spoke saying, "Come on, dad, don't be a chicken. Cluck! Cluck!" Then he came over to me and started to unbutton my shirt. Mike was pulling my boots off, then, they got my socks off. Matt joined in and unbuckled my pants, pulling them and my underwear off in one swift movement. I just let'em have their fun. What the heck, I knew this was going to be happening tonight. The hard part was yet to come though.

I said, "Ok, so we're all naked now. Who's going to be the first to jump into the beaver pond? That water's going to be freezing cold, I hope you all know that?" It wasn't but a flash and Colt had grabbed one of my arms, Mike had the other, and Matt was grabbing my feet. They toted me to the edge of the pond, and I could feel them start to swing me as if they were going to throw me in. However, I knew it was coming so I just grabbed hold of Colt's wrist and Mike's wrist very tightly, and then they tossed me toward the pond, but to their total surprise, and my giggling delight, I pulled them both in with me. Matt was the only one still on the bank. Well, Mike, Colt, and I were in shock as we hit the water. God!!! It was so damn cold, I couldn't even catch my breath let alone gather my thoughts to figure out a plan to get Matt in there, too. That's what I thought anyway, but Colt was tougher then that, he got out of the pond rather quickly, and before Matt saw him, he was behind Matt and grabbed him around the waist, and took him into the pond with the rest of us, as he got in again.

There we all were, in freezing water, splashing around and shivering uncontrollably. I was getting numb, in no time, and said, "Guys ... this was fun, b... b... but it's t... t... time to g... g... get out, NOW!" I knew it was just too cold to be in that water any longer.

Everyone got out of there fast, once I told them to. We all ran up to the campfire, which was blazing away, but again, sadly, it only heated the body on the side facing the flames. Everyone was facing the flames, and you could see the effect that the extremely cold water had on our members. They were all shriveled up, to a point where you could hardly tell, we were not little boys. We all kept turning in circles, trying to get warm, from the fire, and more importantly, we were trying to get dry.

Matt said, "It's t... t... too f... f... fucking c... c...cold in that w... w... water for this sh... sh... sh... shit!" He was shivering so bad, I could hear his teeth chattering.

Mike was shivering, too, as he spoke, saying, "Y... You ... Got that right!" He, too, was clenching his teeth from the cold.

Colt looked at all of us and said, "Let's get our clothes back on. That should warm us up some."

I said, "Why? Pick up all your clothes and put them inside the tent, and let's all get in the sleeping bags, for a little while and warm up." I was picking up my clothes, as I told them this. Then I headed into the tent, putting my stuff on a pile along the outside wall of the tent. Colt followed me in, then Matt, and last but certainly not least, came Mike. Once we were all inside the tent, and the clothes placed along the outside wall, we all got into the very large sleeping bag that had been zipped together from several smaller ones, making it large enough for maybe three people, snuggled together, side by side. Nevertheless, it now had four grown men in it, and it was so nice and cozy, with all of us in it. We all lay there together, getting each other warm, and enjoying the sensation of our skin rubbing the person who was next to us. Our heat was radiating through our bodies, into each other's.

Body heat is magically wonderful. You'd be amazed at how warm it can get. It wasn't too long before we were no longer little boys, in the manhood department. However, we were not in the mood for that recreational activity, just yet. It was too early and we just lay there and talked for a while.

Unbelievably, we all lost our erections, and just enjoyed the warmth we were sharing. How tender and loving this was! I know, if someone would've come by the camp about this time, there wouldn't be any doubt in their minds that we were a bunch of gay men camping out. However, who the hell cared? It certainly wasn't any of us, for there was nothing wrong in our minds as to what we were doing. We totally enjoyed each other's company, whether we were engaged in physical sex or not.

I guess we lay there for about an hour, just talking with each other, enjoying the feeling of love that we shared, and not doing much else, when I said, "You guys want to roast some marshmallows in the camp fire?"

Colt said, "Sure!" He climbed out of the sleeping bag, and got his shirt, trousers, and boots on, no socks or underwear. It looked funny but you have to admit that he was practical in doing that, for we were not going to be up too much longer. Hey, I have to admit that I put on my socks, but I have a terrible problem keeping my feet warm. Even Mike said my feet were like ice sometimes. Everyone else followed his lead, putting on the same articles of clothing, and boots.

When we were all settled by the campfire, we all began to roast marshmallows and joked about the little dip in the pond we had, earlier. We hadn't been by the fire too long before I noticed there were some eyes close to us, glittering in the fire light. I knew it was the horses coming in closer to camp; well, at least I thought it was the horses.

Then there were the sounds of the night -- crickets, frogs, and of course, the whinny of our horses.

Colt spoke up and said, "Sugar is talking to Star." Then he started laughing, and Matt did too.

Matt spoke saying, "That's just too funny, those two are talking like the other horses won't leave them alone."

Mike looked at me and said, "Love, do you ever feel like we are the strangers here?" He was smiling, with a blob of marshmallow goo stuck to his chin, trying to lick it off but not being able to reach it with his tongue, so I moved over and kissed him and licked up that sticky mess, saying, "No love, not as long as I have you." We started kissing again, and kept it up awhile, while the boys took the hint. They walked out of camp a ways to check on the horses for the night.

While the boys were checking on the horses, Mike and I just hugged and kissed each other and of course, we talked about our life, and how the boys are such a big part of our relationship. Mike assured me that what the we and the boys were doing together, was in no way hurting our loving and caring about each other. I had told him a long time ago, that if he ever felt that anything we did with the boys wasn't something he wanted as much as I did, then he and I needed to talk about it. Mike just looked at me and gave me an even tighter hug, if that were possible, then we passionately kissed each other. Our tongues played in each others' mouths. I don't really know how long the boys were out, but Mike and I made good use of our time alone together.

Colt walked back into camp and was standing by the fire, just kind of looking into the sky, watching the fire and smoke, rising into the night, and he said, "Oh, what a perfect night; how could anything be so wonderful as all this?" He kind of shook his head in amazement at the surroundings.

Matt walked up to Colt, put his arms around his shoulders, and said, "It's only this wonderful, because you're here with me, love." He then kissed Colt, passionately, for a long time. As they broke the kiss, he added, "God, I love you so, you handsome stud!"

Colt responded saying, "Handsome stud! You say! Look who's talking, you gorgeous hunk of flesh!" I could see him reach down and fondle Matt's groin. Matt moaned and gave a little sigh.

Mike said, "Boys, it's getting late, and I think your dads are going to hit the sack, if you two don't mind?" Half laughing or chuckling, which ever, because the boys looked over at us as we headed into the tent and in unison, they said, "We'll join you two, ok?"

I replied saying, "Of course it's ok!" The boys didn't need to ask us, neither Mike nor I would ever say no ... well, at least I would never say no to them.

We all got into the tent and undressed completely. We had the gas heater burning in the tent for some time and they do give of a good amount of heat, and the tent was warmer than it was outside. The vent at the top of the tent was open to let out any steam or fumes from the tent heater.

Colt closed and tied the door shut, and we all just got on top of the bed, it was so cozy and warm, more so, with the four of us all cuddled up together. Colt asked me, for the first time, if we could have anal sex tonight. He shocked me, for I didn't think we brought the items we needed, but it seemed we had all the goodies needed. I just said, "Son, let's just see where the night leads us, ok?" He agreed, and Mike looked like he and Matt were going to enjoy themselves as well.

Mike said, "I don't care what we do, lets just do it!" He then pulled Matt in close, and began to kiss him, then he turned to me, and kissed me never breaking his hold on Matt, then Colt kissed Matt while Mike and I kissed. My God, we all were kissing everyone else, and fondling the manhood of each and every one of the others making sure everyone got the attention they needed from all of us.

This must have gone on for some time, because we were so wrapped up in what we were doing, that the tent was getting so hot we all started to sweat. I think that was more from being so incredibly horny, that we felt the heat we each generated. I finally took Colt and lay him on his back and told him to just lie there, I was going to ride him, and I did. I got on my knees and straddled him; walking on my knees until I was directly over his hard member, and he lubed me up with some KY, then I lowered myself down on him, oh so slowly, then he started to buck up, as I lowered myself on his throbbing tool.

Meanwhile, Mike and Matt were going at it hot and heavy, Mike was on his back, and Matt was straddling him the same as I was with Colt. Matt leaned over and kissed me while I was riding Colt's hot arrowhead, and he was riding Mike's tool. Mike and Matt were groaning and moaning wildly and passionately. They were both so very hot and hard, from what I could see, they were in heaven.

Colt was so very hot, and so very hard. As I felt him enter my most private spot, he pushed past my prostate, and set me vibrating. He moaned and reached out and grabbed my throbbing manhood, and began stroking ever so slowly, with a very tight grip, making me moan and groan loudly. Then he reached up and pinched my nipples, first one, then the other, with his free hand. Of course, I was doing the same to both of his.

As the wild sex with our sons was going on and on, it wasn't too much longer before I heard the sounds of Mike's orgasmic pleasure, reaching it's climax as he groaned, and said, "Oh my God! I'm coooming ... Oh God, Matt, its sooo good!!!" In addition, Matt was shooting his load all over Mike's chest and nipples. As the two of them came down from there wonderful climax together, they began to hug and kiss each other deeply, for a very long time.

I guess the sound of Mike and Matt climaxing, caused Colt to shoot his load up my love tunnel, and with that feeling of his hot love juice entering me, deep inside my loins, it caused my eruption, to shoot all over Colt's Chest, and some of it shot into his belly button. I said, "Oh shit!! Colt! I'm coming, Oh fuck! This is so fucking wonderful!! Let me have it all, son." He did, and I let him have my load.

I don't think I had ever shot my juice as hard as I did right then. As we pulled apart I leaned over and licked Colt clean, playing with his nipples and working my way down to his belly button, darting my tongue in and out of his cute little inny. We changed partners; Colt and Matt began kissing and playing with each other, again, while Mike and I just began kissing and hugging one another. Very deep passionate kissing, but we both were spent for the night; I guess we have lost our youth.

We couldn't say that for the boys though, they both were rock hard again, and what a sight it was, to lie there on top of the mattress, watching those two wild Indians go at it again, in a sixty-nine position. Both of them were moaning so loud the horses were whining, and I could just guess what they were saying. Moreover, I told Mike that I bet the horses knew what the boys were doing.

Well sometime during Colt's and Matt's love session, Colt spoke saying, "Yes, the horses know what we're doing; they just told us to have fun." In addition, my God, what a night this was.

Mike said, "My lord, even the animals know what's going on in here." Then he started laughing, almost uncontrollably. This got me hysterically laughing, too. Then Colt and Matt started laughing. This of course had us all rolling around on the bed again. We kept playing around for at least another hour. However, we all were spent in the physical sex department. Nevertheless, like all good families, we do play together.

Mike spoke again as we all got into the sleeping bag and curled up in a spoon position. "Thank you, our guardian angels, for two of the most wonderful boys that've ever been born."

The boys spoke in unison saying, "Good night, dads."

I said, "Good night all, and Amen to that, Mike!"

To be continued...