A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 26

I was awakened by someone playing with my manhood, and I looked and saw Colt looking into my eyes. He whispered, "Dad, God, I love you, I can't even imagine what my life would be like right now if Charlie hadn't brought me to you, those many years ago. You and Mike have made me what I am today, and you even gave me a brother, and a partner in life. Just promise me you will take care of yourself for me?"

He was so cute; laying there saying those things to me. In addition, he was letting me know how much he loved me, in another way as well, but as he finished his statement, he stopped fondling me. Then he added, "That was just to wake you up, dad, so I could talk to you alone, but tonight, I'd love to finish the job." Then he winked at me. I almost laughed but thought better of it, because he was so sincere about what he had just said.

"Thank you, son, I will! And I love you, too," is all I could reply. He had caught me by complete surprise, and my heart swelled with love and pride for him.

You might expect that from a little boy growing up. However, here he was -- a young man of nineteen, and he was saying those kinds of words to me in somewhat of a private setting. Regardless of the morning breath, I reached over and gave him a hug and a kiss, as best I could in the tight fit of the sleeping bag.

Still whispering he said, "That little talk we had last night still scares me, dad, I couldn't bare loosing anyone of us." He returned my hugs, and kissed me again.

I said, "Son, I'm sorry if that talk still bothers you, but I really do think it was something we all needed to think about. More so out here in the wilderness, where there were no other distractions." I saw him tear up a little, so I took the back of my finger and wiped the tear off his cute cheek.

Mike stirred and said, "What are you two chatting about over there?" as he began to stretch and then yawn.

Colt said, "Nothing important, dad Mike, just dad and me talking about some things." I guess he didn't want Mike to know what he had said, but later I would fill Mike in on our little talk, and explain why Colt was reluctant to talk more about it that morning.

Matt was now stirring, rolling over onto his back, then he stretched and said, "Good morning, everyone."

I said, "Ok, before we get up, let's plan out what we'll do today. I think we should have breakfast, then break camp, head back toward the trail head, and camp at another nice fishing spot about half way back. How do you all feel about that?" I looked at Mike, and the boys, and grinned at them.

Colt answered saying, "Sure, dad, sounds like fun to me!" Then he got up, ran out of the tent, and jumped into the pond. God! That shocked me to no end. That water had to be damn cold. I for one was not going to do that for sure. Then he yelled back at us saying, "Come on, guys, we don't have a shower here and you all stink!" He kept heckling us for sometime, until Matt got up and ran out of the tent saying, "Come on you guys!" as he hit the water, joining Colt.

Mike looked at me and said softly, "You know, don't you, that we'll never hear the end of this, if we don't join them?" Then he reached out, took my hand, and pulled me to my feet. We slowly walked out to the edge of the pond, and then looked at the boys who seemed to be enjoying the cold water. They both were egging us on, so Mike just took my hand and pulled me, as he jumped into the water with me in tow. All I can say is that the water had not warmed up one little bit, and the shock was no different from that of the first day. Well, one thing that was true, all of us were wide awake now, and the stink, as Colt said, was either gone now or frozen to an odorless state.

It didn't take long and we were all out of the pond and standing around the front of the tent, in the morning sunshine, drying with some hand towels. Then we all got dressed and started breakfast, which again consisted of pancakes, eggs, and bacon with good amounts of hot camp coffee.

After breakfast, Mike started packing up the insides of the tent, and the boys started getting the horses ready.

Colt yelled for Star, and the others. Sure enough, they all came over to the tent area and stood there waiting for their outfitting. I was helping Matt get the saddle blankets and the tack all sorted and ready for the horses. Then Matt helped Colt saddle up all the riding horses first, and then they saddled the packhorses.

Mike was the man that knew how to pack a packhorse, so we just stood there, handing him the items in the order he was packing them. The last item was the tent and frame. Colt, Matt and I took the tent down, and folded it, and Mike packed that as well.

Before we left the campsite, we all scouted around the pond, and the area at the camp, looking for anything small that might have been overlooked. As soon as we were sure we had it all loaded, we mounted our horses, and started back toward the trailhead. I took the lead, since I knew the way back, because our path, going back, was a little different from the trip up. On the trip up, we took a short cut that bypassed the lower pond, where we were going to spend tonight. Again, we stopped at every spot along the way where we found any water, so the horses could drink, and at the springs, we also drank.

We arrived at the new campsite about two o'clock in the afternoon. We unloaded the pack horses, and unsaddled them all. I was about ready to set up the tent again when Colt said, "Dad, lets just sleep under the stars tonight, Ok?"

I looked at Matt and Mike, and said, "That sounds ok to me; how about you two?" Both Mike and Matt nodded their heads in agreement. So we just got the air mattress out of the pack, and the boys began to blow it up. Then we laid out the sleeping bags again.

As soon as we had the camp in some kind of order, we all grabbed our fishing gear and began fishing the new pond. Mike and I took the west side and the boys took the east side. I thought to myself, they would have that sun in their faces soon, and Mike and I would have it to our backs. As we started to leave camp, we all grabbed a handful of beef jerky, which sure would taste good. In addition, it also acted as our lunch.

Well, the best fisherman contest today ended up with Colt winning; having caught seven, ranging from sixteen to twenty-eight inches, all nice native trout, not like the ones yesterday, which were all nice brown trout.

Before we had dinner, the boys stripped and headed into the new pond to explore and swim. Of course, Colt was the first one in, followed quickly by Matt. Both boys again started taunting us. Telling us again, that before they would sleep with us, we needed to wash the stink off.

Mike said quietly, "Come on love, it's inevitable; you know it is." Then we both stripped, and this time I just ran and jumped in. It was cold, but the funny thing was, either I was getting used to the cold water, or it wasn't as cold as the pond at the higher elevation. Mike followed me into the pond, and we started horsing around with the boys.

I guess you could say that we washed each other, using old Indian style soap. It's a plant that produces something like a lather and leaves a clean smell behind. It was fun and different, I guess, I know the boys loved washing us, as much as we loved washing the boys. However, like all cold water, you do have a tendency to shrivel up in the manhood department. I was the first to tell them that we ala needed to get out, very soon. I didn't want any of us coming down with hypothermia.

The boys got out with us, and we all dried with hand towels again. Then we got dressed in clean clothes.

Colt said, "Dad, I think we might want to set up the tent and put a tarp over the tack." He was looking at the western sky when he said that.

I looked to see a few wispy clouds, but didn't see anything unusual about them, so I asked, "Why do you say that, son?"

"I just have a sense that we are in for a thunderstorm tonight." Colt replied.

Matt spoke saying, "I feel it too, dad!" He too was looking at the western sky.

Agreeing with the boys, Mike said, "Ok, let's get with it then!" He and the boys opened the tent and tent frame and began setting it up. While they were doing that. I started stacking the tack in a neat pile, so the tarp we had would easily cover the equipment. Then we all carried large rocks to place on the edges of the tarp, for if we did get a mountain thunderstorm, there would usually be a huge amount of wind with it. I thought to myself, so much for camping under the stars tonight.

After the camp was as secure as we could make it for a storm, we figured we needed to get dinner out of the way as well. For dinner, we had a great meal of pan-fried trout, fried potatoes, native greens and some canned peaches. Colt was a very good cook; I think all that help he gave Julie in the kitchen paid off in the end.

Mike and Colt decided to build a bonfire, so we all gathered some dead downed timber. After getting the fire going, we all decided to sit around the campfire for a while.

However, off in the distance, we did hear the sounds of thunder. I guess the boys were right; we were in for a thunderstorm. Therefore, we all got up and headed for the tent. No sooner were we in the tent, than it started to rain, just a light rain, at first, but it was soon followed by a tremendous downpour. Then the wind picked up. The tent was flapping in the wind, like a sail on a ship, in a gale. It was kind of spooky at first. Then we all took our shoes and socks off, and kind of cuddled up, on the sleeping bag to watch the storm outside. The once mirrored surface of the pond changed to one of small waves and little white caps.

Colt and Matt both heard the horses talking, then Colt opened the flap of the tent to see them better and yelled out saying, "It's ok, Star, keep the other's calm, boy! Come closer to us if you want."

Mike looked at me and smiled saying, "Maybe we should go tie them up?" You could see he was worried about them.

Matt said, "No, please don't do that, dad, they'll be fine. Star and Darkstar will keep them safe." He said that with conviction, knowing the horses would follow Star and Dark Star.

Colt spoke as well saying, "Yes, dad, the horses will follow Star and Dark Star anywhere, even into hell if they took them there. The others trust them completely." He was serious as could be.

The storm seemed to be getting worse, the wind was blowing so hard, but normally these storms blow over within a few hours, so we hunkered down and curled up with each other. Of course we had to get as close to each other as possible 'cause the air mattress just wasn't big enough for us to just sprawl out.

Nevertheless, remember, we are a family and we enjoy each other's company. The storm raged on and, God in heaven, did it ever pour. The campfire went out, even though it was quite large, before the rain came. I was somewhat glad we broke camp at the higher elevation this morning. I'm sure it would be snowing, instead of raining, and if it weren't snowing, it would be hailing up there by now.

Colt spoke saying, "I love the smell of the air when it's raining; it smells so fresh and clean." He was cute wrinkling up his nose, sniffing the air. He can be so funny sometimes, when he wants to be. I was glad to see he had lost most of that uneasy feeling he had this morning, well at least I hope he did.

Mike spoke saying, "I hope it stops raining soon, though; we have some dangerous spots to ride over tomorrow morning. You all remember those steep cliffs we rode around, don't you?" He looked a little worried, but Mike was always one to worry when it came to riding horses on muddy steep ground. Moreover, he had a right to, for even as sure footed as they are, horses can slip and fall. That could be very dangerous for all of us.

Matt said, looking at Mike, "Well if it gets too bad, dad, we can spend another night or two on the mountain; I'm sure there's nothing that pressing at home." He was now smiling at the idea of staying out a few more days.

I looked at Matt and said, "Son, Richard and Andrew are going to move in on Monday, or do you remember that?" I chuckled at him. Yes, that was something that we had all decided, right after Richard's heart attack.

One of the exercises Chuck wanted him to do was swim everyday. Now that we were going to have a nice heated pool and the extra bedrooms, the family decided to let Richard and Andrew have the old Master bedroom. Moreover, we would have the new one, which would be completed on Monday, with the installation of the electronic drapes.

Both the boys said in unison, "Oh yeah, forgot about that, dad!" They were both excited about Richard and Andrew moving in. Why in the world wouldn't they be? Their mentor and his lover were going to be part of the Lazy L Ranch. Colt and Matt both thought of them as uncles.

By the time the storm ended, it was dark out, and we all decided not to try building another fire that night. We got out some snacks and jerky and some playing cards. We turned on one of the battery lanterns, and played poker for a while. Of course it was getting cold, so that activity didn't last all that long; besides, we really were more in the mood for other, more interesting things.

Colt came over and whispered to me, "Do you want to continue from where I left you hanging, this morning, dad?" I just grinned at him, wiggled my eyebrows once, and he kissed me, ramming his tongue into my eager mouth.

Mike said, "Matt, hon, it looks like it'll be you and me together, tonight; you up for it?" He got his answer quite fast, as Matt went over and began kissing him passionately, with hot hands roaming and groping everywhere.

I guess this interaction between all of us lasted maybe 20 minutes, then Colt and I got up and we stripped each other, putting our clothes at the edge of the tent, and then we got into a sixty-nine position. I looked over to see Mike and Matt stripping each other. Mike lay on his back, and Matt straddled him, facing him, I could see he was going to ride Mike's pony. Then Colt's loving attention, that he was lavishing on my member, was getting me so turned on, I forgot all about what the other two love birds were doing, and lovingly attended to Colt's needs.

He had one incredible hard on, that needed all the attention I could muster. I sucked and sucked, wet my middle finger and probed his love button, and worked my way into it. Finding his prostate, I rubbed it hard, several different ways. He in turn was mirroring everything I was doing to him. It was great. Remember the air mattress wasn't a football field. So the wilder we got the more inter-partner-contact we had with Mike and Matt. I even got a foot in the face once. I got rid of it easily though, I just stopped sucking Colt, long enough to lick the ball of Matt's foot, and he is so ticklish, that he jumped off Mike's pony.

Matt said, "Stop that, dad; you know I'm ticklish there!" Then he remounted Mike's pony again and continued to ride his bucking bronco, for all it was worth.

Colt and I continued in our favorite position. I felt the pressure in my loins growing faster and faster. The harder Colt sucked me the faster I started over the point of no return, until I felt Colt shoot his load into my awaiting eager mouth, taking every bit of his load. Not spilling a drop, I swallowed every last bit of it. Yum! With the feeling of his hot load in my mouth, I too unloaded my juices into Colt's mouth. He gulped and swallowed every drop of my load. It felt like I would never stop shooting, but alas, eventually we did.

Then we maneuvered around on the mattress and began to hug and kiss each other, slowly, gently, seductively, for a long, long time. Mike and Matt were now hugging and kissing too, and after some time, we changed partners again.

Mike and I hugged and kissed each other, with tender yet deep, glowing, firey passion for the better part of an hour. The boys did the same, but I think they managed to complete another session of mutual masturbation to a full climax. God, how nice it would be to be young again, I thought. The sounds in the tent that night were again loud, and there were moans, groans, screams, and grunts, from all of us; who was the loudest or sexiest I don't think makes any difference, for we were all in love with each other.

Finally, Colt and Matt started cuddling and kissing each other again, until it was time to crawl back into bed for the night. We slept like babies.

Still in the very early morning hours of darkness, we all got up and just slipped on our boots and took care of the nature calls we all needed so badly by now. When we got back into the tent, and took off our boots again, the family got back into our regular sleeping position -- like horizontally stacked spoons.

We all just said good night to each other and drifted off into the night.

Almost immediately, it seemed, Mike was shaking me, saying, "Get up sleepy head." My God; they were all up, and had a big campfire going, plus they were all fully dressed.

As I yawned, I said, "Why did you guys let me sleep so long? You should have woke me up sooner."

Mike just said, "You were so sound asleep we just figured you needed your rest, old man!" He was laughing at me, and that did it. I might be old, but I sure as hell was fit, for an old man. I jumped up, grabbed him, and pulled him into the bed with me. Then I started tickling him, of course that was a big mistake on my part. He was fully clothed, and I was still naked, if you get the picture. I was tickled within an inch of my life. I screamed, "Help me boys! Help me!" Both of them just laughed at me. Then Mike stopped tickling me, and started kissing me. God, can he ever kiss!

Finally, I got up and got dressed; while I was dressing, Colt had breakfast cooking, which was great, a western style omelet, fried potatoes, bacon, and coffee. As soon as we were done with breakfast, we started packing up camp. We wanted to get home by dark, if we possibly could.

It didn't take too long, before we had all the horses saddled, and the packhorses loaded and the campsite checked. When we were all satisfied that the campsite was as clean as it was when we got there, we all mounted up and started for the trailhead. It took us longer then we thought because of the storm, but we didn't have any problems, due to good horsemanship by all of us. If it had been some novices on that trail, I really think they would have had trouble in a few places.

Once we arrived at the trailhead, we unsaddled all the riding horses and let them graze until we had all the equipment unloaded and repacked into the truck and trailer.

Colt and Matt made sure the horses were ready to be loaded, and started telling them, one at a time, to get in. They acted better then trained dogs, a lot better. Star was the last one in, and he kept the others moving as the boys calmly encouraged them to get in. Once we had everything loaded, we all hopped into the king cab, and Colt started driving toward home. It was about a two and a half hour drive home normally, but we decided to stop in Riverton for dinner. There was a good restaurant there and did we eat. I think we all ordered a Prime Rib dinner, with dessert, too; of course, we had two growing young men with us.

As we pulled into the ranch, we could see the new addition, and the place sure looked good. I couldn't think of anything in the world that looked any better, and it's always nice to come home after a short or long trip away.

We decided just to off load the horses, and leave the gear, other than the coolers, until tomorrow. Then we all went into the house, and it felt really nice. Julie was gone, but there were two of the best-looking apple pies and a note on the dining room table. The note read, "Welcome home, cowboys, I thought you all would like your favorite dessert. There is a pot of coffee ready to just plug in. Love you all, Julie" What a sweetheart she is.

We all decided to go get a shower first, and then sit by the fire, to have the pie. So for our last night, in the old bathroom, we all headed. Once in the bedroom we stripped each other, Colt and Matt, Mike and I, then into the showers we went. We each washed our partners and we did take a long time in there; it was so damn nice to get a hot shower again. Once we were done, we all just put on a white terry cloth robe. Then went back into the living room. Colt went out and cut into one of the pies, cutting into quarters and Matt carried the coffee cups, and pot in. Colt brought in the pie.

We all sat around on the floor with the flickering fire. I got up, turned out all the lights, and then joined the rest on the floor again.

There we all were sitting by a warm fire, eating our favorite dessert, by the flickering fire light, enjoying one another's company.

What a wonderful end to a wonderful fishing trip with the Andersen family. "Thank you again, my angels."

To be continued...