A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 27

Well, needless to say, we each with our own partners, made wild passionate love, in the old bed, for the last night in the old bedroom.

The next morning, we all showered together again, in the old bathroom. Then we got dressed, and went out to see Julie, preparing a wonderful breakfast of waffles with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and lots of good, fresh coffee, not the kind we had been drinking over the weekend, with all those grounds in it.

After breakfast, Colt, Matt, Mike and I went to the old bedroom and began the task of moving all our clothes, etc. to the new master bedroom. The drapes were still not installed, but even if they didn't get it all done today, I didn't care, for we would soon find out that we enjoyed the view of the mountain, after the lights were out. Moreover, in the morning, the view was spectacular, with the sun coming up. It didn't take that long for the four of us to finish the moving job. Then the cleaning crew came in and thoroughly cleaned the place, before Richard and Andrew arrived with one of the company trucks, loaded with their stuff. Then the boys and Andrew put all their gear into the old master bedroom.

Richard said, as we sat in the dining room drinking coffee, "How can Andrew and I ever thank you enough, JC? I feel so wanted and welcomed here on the ranch with you and Mike and the boys." He truly was thankful; you could see it, not only by what he was saying, but you could see it in his face, and those steel-gray eyes of his.

I replied, smiling, as I looked at him, "You're more then welcome, my friend ... yes, friend, you are so much more than just my head pilot! For God's sake, Richard, you are really more then a friend as well. You're the mentor to my sons, and they adore you and Andrew. Richard, you ... are ... family!"

I really wanted him to feel that he was part of the Lazy L, now, and not just some charity case. "Richard, you've been here for all of us, time and time again, whenever we needed you for any reason; you're Johnny-on-the-spot, and you never even think of complaining, when I call you, in the middle of the night, to fly me to Paris or Pakistan or wherever. Hell, man, we all love you, and don't you ever forget it! You're the boys' uncle, for God's sake!"

It wasn't long before Andrew, Colt, and Matt joined us in the dining room. All of them looked as if they could use something to drink. Just then, Julie came in carrying a huge tray with real homemade lemonade, and ice filled glasses, for all of us. About that time, Mike came in from the new addition, to join us.

Mike spoke saying, "Well, the drapes are up and working great. I didn't know that we could program them to open when there was a full moon, or at any set time. It's fantastic, isn't it?" He was smiling from ear to ear.

Colt, looking at Mike, said, "That sounds so cool, dad." Then he added, "Dad, and dad Mike, Matt and I are all moved into the other new bedroom, across the hall from the new master bedroom, and it's fantastic, too. And it's only a few steps from you guys." He was smiling, with the cutest, sexiest smile in the world.

Matt just looked at both Mike and me, and said, "Well, dads, you know we really only needed a closet, not a beautiful bedroom, cause we never sleep in our room anyway." Then he started laughing, and wrinkling up his nose at us.

Richard and Andrew just looked at the boys and smiled, for they knew, all too well, the sleeping arrangements that the Andersen family had.

Richard again spoke saying, "Colt, you and Matt have really helped Andrew and me, today, and we sure appreciate it. I think we both are going to be very happy here."

Andrew then started talking by saying, "Now, if only I can find a job a little closer to the ranch." He chuckled at that statement, because he worked as a hardware store clerk all the way on the other side of town.

Mike looked at me, I knew what he had on his mind, and I just nodded my head in agreement. Then Mike started to speak, saying, "Andrew, I have a proposition for you."

Before Mike could say anything else, Andrew jumped in, and with quite a serious tone in his voice, asked, "Now you're propositioning me? Right in front of Richard? In front of Mike? In front of the boys? And on the VERY day Richard and I move here to the ranch?" He looked back at Richard (in a way that no one could see his face), grinned and winked and pitifully asked, "What kind of orgiastic group of guys have we gotten ourselves involved with, by moving here, love?"

They both broke into laughter and happily looked back to the others whose features had gone from a comfortable familial attitude ... to one of shock ... and quickly back to giddy reactions.

"Alright, asshole," Mike continued his proposed proposition; "I can see right now that you're gonna fit in well, here, but back to what I was TRYING to say ... how would you like to quit that job of yours, and go to work here at the ranch, working for me, as my assistant?" Andrew rather looked funny, but interested in what Mike had proposed. Then he looked at Richard and me, then at Colt, and Matt. You could see he was thinking and contemplating his options.

Andrew, after thinking for sometime, spoke saying, "Rich, love, what do you think about this offer?" He was very interested in Richard's opinion on the matter.

"Sounds great to me, love!" Richard replied. He looked at Andrew and smiled at him.

Andrew then asked Richard, "Did you have anything to do with this?" He rather hinted that if you did, I will say no. but yet again, he looked lovingly at him. Richard's simple reply of "NO!" Stopped him in his thoughts, then Andrew spoke again, only this time, to Colt and Matt saying, "Ok you two, did you put Mike up too this?" Neither of the boys said anything, they just shook there heads `NO'. Then he looked at Mike again answering Mike's question, saying, "I guess this was yours and JC's then?"

I replied saying, "Look Andrew, we know you, and you are a good, and hard worker, and that job in town is getting you nowhere; therefore, Mike and I thought you would be better off here, on the ranch, with us and of course, closer to Richard. We can sure use your talents. So if you want some time to think about it, take all the time you need."

Of course, he would never know the real reason for this offer was to have him close to Richard as much as possible all the time. The boys didn't know about this either, only Mike and I knew the true reason for this. I also felt that Mike and Andrew were becoming very close friends, this didn't worry me in the least, the friendship they had was not one of a sexual nature, it was more of a true friendship.

Mike chimed in jokingly saying, "Well, don't take too long, I'm not getting any younger." Mike then began to laugh as well as all of us, except Andrew, who was now really thinking hard.

I guess it was about 5 minutes or so that passed when Andrew spoke up saying, "YES! I would love to work for you, Mike!" Looking at Mike now more as a close buddy would, rather then an employee and employer.

Mike said, "Well, silly, go call that place you worked for, and give them your notice, now!" Andrew looked at him again and smiled. He got up and walked down the hall to Mike's office, and used the phone to call the store, and give them notice.

Well, the next few weeks were great. Richard and Andrew were really settling down into the routine of ranch life. Colt and Matt had been planning on their commitment celebration that was going to be held on the last weekend of the month, here on the ranch.

Ben and the ranch hands had been hauling some very large rocks in and getting what looked to be a nice size circle of rocks built just out past the end of the patio area of the yard. It looked almost like we were going to build a rock wall around a fire pit. Neither Mike nor I had the slightest idea what was going on. Colt and Matt were doing all that part of the work.

The boys did ask Mike and me to help with the guest list, and they wanted their Grandparents here, and some special people from the Crazy Horse School. They also had some school friends they wanted to invite as well. They had also talked to Richard and Andrew about their help in the celebration. From what I was told by Richard, they had said they would help the boys but he would not tell me what the special help was going to be.

Both Mike and I knew there were things being planned that neither he nor I knew about, and that the boys were very secretive about. So all we could do was wonder what was going to take place or happen.

As we got closer to the wonderful day, Mike and I were getting all the responses back from the invitations that were sent, and were we surprised to find out that there were going to be over 200 people at the celebration. I know I was so proud of that, so many great folks would be here.

Richard assigned a couple of other company pilots to take Cowboy, down to get Zeke and Helen, so they would be here for the celebration. He and Andrew were too involved with the boys' celebration, and of course so were the boys. They would not be back to Casper until Sunday morning, but they would be here in plenty of time.

Colt and Matt were getting so excited about it that they were just a bundle of nerves; it seemed as though every time you talked to them they had to think hard before they answered us. It was so cute to see them squirm; I started joking with them about forgetting something or someone on the guest list. And that drove them nuts.

Colt said, "Dammit, dad, will you stop tormenting us? Don't you think we have enough to worry about?" I just laughed at him and patted him on the back.

Matt said, "Love, you know that will just make them do it more, don't you?" He too was nervous about everything that was about to happen. Then he looked at me and had that patented Matt smile on that cute little boy's face, even though he was a man.

I just had to rib them some more, by saying, "I know you two pretty well, and I know you'll forget something, then Mike and I will never let you live it down." I was about ready to just burst into laughter when Richard saw this and he came over to me, put his arm around me, and said, "JC, do us all a favor, please; leave the poor boys alone. They're so nervous now they won't know what to do tonight in bed." I looked at Richard and said, "I guess you don't really know those two, then," chuckling at him.

Well, it came time for dinner. It was Julie's night off, because she was going to supervise the caterers for the banquet tomorrow. Therefore, I said, "Hey, all, how about us all going to the Corral for dinner tonight, my treat?"

Colt and Matt were standing closest to me and they both said in unison, "Love to, dad!"

Richard and Andrew were in the living room watching something on TV, so I asked them again, and they both said sure, but that they wanted to treat us. This turned into a bickering contest for most of the way into the Corral. However, by the time we all arrived, it was decided that I would indeed pay for the evening's meals. I very seldom loose these battles, even when the boys wanted to pay, but they loose before anyone else does.

The meal was wonderful, and the nerves of the boys seemed to be easing up some. Moreover, the rest of us started letting up on them. It was cute though when Colt spoke.

Colt said, "I just know tomorrow will be wonderful. I have the two best dads, and the two best uncles working on it." I had to fight back the tears, and Mike couldn't fight them back. I looked at him, and a single tear rolled down his cheek. I reached over, pulled him into a hug, and kissed the tear away.

Andrew said, "Thank you, Colt, I hope you and Matt will always be happy together. I know I've fallen in love with you both, as nephews." He, too, had glassy eyes. Richard on the other hand just said, "Thanks, boys." Nevertheless, the boys knew he was indeed proud of them, and happy for them. He was just a little better at controlling his emotions than the rest of us, it seemed.

After dinner, Larry picked us up, and drove us home. When we got back to the ranch, everyone said let's go swimming in the nww pool. Therefore, we turned on the lights and we all got into swim trunks. If it would have been just the boys and us, I think we might have just gone skinny dipping, but with Richard and Andrew there, it was decided, by the boys and us, to use swim wear for the night.

I said, after we all got into the pool, "Richard, enjoy the pool anytime you need or want to. I know that Chuck wants you to swim as much as you can." He just nodded his head in agreement with me.

Colt and Matt were acting goofy, and having a ball horsing around, and playing, just as they did when they were kids. Mike and I were doing much the same. Of course, I felt Mike's hand slide into my trunks, and grab onto my tube steak. I just whispered into his ear and said, "Later, my hot lover boy, we have all night, you know, and I'm sure we'll have company as well." I pointed at the two boys, who showed signs of a tent in both of their shorts.

And believe it or not, so did Richard and Andrew. We never did swim nude in the pool if Richard or Andrew were there. There would be many times that the boys and Mike and I would do it though. In addition, I am sure there were times when Richard and Andrew would do it also. However, never in mixed company. As close as those two became, I am not really sure why we all kept that practice going, but we did.

The boys were swimming under the glass partition, into the master bedroom just to have fun, and it was so nice to swim under the glass and get out onto the drip pad in the bedroom, where you could dry off, without getting water all over the carpet. It rather looked like a very large shower area just a little lower then the carpet, maybe two inches, or so, lower than the floor, and it drained back into the pool. There was a nice towel rack that could be heated when we wanted, right next to the pad. In addition, something I hadn't talked about was, there were some sliding stainless steel bars, which were moved by an electric motor, with the controls by the bed, and at the door. If you wanted to, you could close the opening under the glass with the bars. We seldom ever closed the bars, unless we really didn't want someone to intrude on our privacy, or we were not home.

It was getting late so the four of us excused ourselves, and left Richard and Andrew in the pool. We swam under the glass and into the bedroom. As soon as we all got into the bedroom and out of the pool standing on the drying pad, I noticed that the bars were closing. I looked up to see that Colt was standing by the wall switch with a grin on his face saying, "I want this night to be private, is that ok dads?"

I just said, "Ok," and Mike just nodded his head in agreement.

Therefore, we all stripped off our trunks and placed them on the hooks on the towel rack. Then we all headed into the very nice shower to wash off the chlorine. The shower area was great, it wasn't much bigger than the old one, it was just a little more romantic, with lights that could be controlled and dimmed to set the mood. The Jacuzzi was also about the same size, but again, with controlled lighting as well.

Well, back to the shower, Colt and Matt washed each other, as did Mike and I. There we were all in the shower, washing, fondling of course and passionately kissing our partner. This continued for a long time, how long is a long time? Who the heck cares, if you are enjoying the sexy touch of your lover, as well as the erotic sights of seeing everyone enjoying each other. How much more erotic would you want it to be, if you were watching everyone grinding their hips together sporting huge rising hunks of man flesh and swapping tongues with their lover.

Colt spoke saying, "Tonight, I want this to be special for both of you." He was looking directly at Mike and me. Then he added, "Matt and I want to make you two the happiest men in the world, and we want to do all the work. We want to play a new game with you."

Matt said, "Yes we want to do something kind of kinky and special just for you, if you will let us, please?"

Mike said, "Well, boys, I trust you both, and I'm sure JC does as well." He looked at me as if to say what have I just done, then he smiled at me.

I told the boys, "Look, what ever it is; we will accept what you both want to do, as I trust you both completely."

We all got out of the shower, Matt took a towel and dried Mike, and then himself. Colt did the same for me, and then they led us to the bed and told us to lie on our backs. Mike was to have his head at the foot of the bed, and I was to have my head at the head of the bed. Therefore, we tried to get into those positions, but the bed wasn't long enough, so we had to turn 90 degrees on the bed, for the bed was much wider than it was in length. Then the boys slid us around a bit, so our waists were almost parallel to each other, about a foot apart on the bed. Then Colt told us to put our hands over our heads, and spread our legs, so that we rather looked like two X's overlaying one another, sides, legs and arms. I was wondering what was going to happen next, but I was getting so excited that my manhood was throbbing with each heartbeat. I looked at Mike, who was just as hard, and God, the boys looked like two Greek Gods, with their erections damn near pointing at the ceiling.

I spoke saying, "What the hell are you two doing?" I was half grinning at them and of course, also, wondering what the hell was going on. Normally by now, the boys would be all over us.

Colt just said, "Cool it, pops, you'll see soon enough." He really had an evil grin on his cute face.

Matt said, "We are going to model our clothes for tomorrow's celebration for you two." Then he started laughing, and dancing like an Indian out of one of those B western movies, around the room. It was really starting to get funny, to a point.

Still, neither Mike nor I could figure out what was going to happen next. Nevertheless, we would very soon see, I was sure of that. I hadn't noticed Colt leave the bedroom, but I saw him come back into the room with a large bag. He set the bag down and Matt pulled out what looked like a roll of wide black cloth of some kind, and Colt had one too. We later found out that it was Velcro and had already been cut to lengths. Matt went to Mike's side and Colt came over to my side. Colt pulled my right wrist and Mike's right ankle together and bound them with the strip of Velcro. As he did, this Matt did the same to Mike's right wrist and my right ankle.

I looked at Mike and said, "I think we are in for some kinky shit tonight, love." I started laughing a bit. I was beginning to get a little nervous.

Mike replied, "I think you're right, love." Then he chuckled.

Then Colt put a strip of Velcro on my left wrist and ankle, as Matt did the same to Mike. Then they reached back into the bag, pulled out some ropes, and began to tie us to the bed; by the time they were done neither Mike nor I could move if we had to. It was so erotic that I thought I was going to lose my load before the boys were done.

Then the boys pulled out of the bag some buckskin loincloths, or should I say some loincloths and a headband of beads with a single eagle feather in each headband. Then they took the loincloths, and a long strip of leather lacing and pulled the loincloth up between there legs and tied the lacing around there waists to hold them in place. God, you talk about sexy, there they both were standing, with just a loincloth on, and then they took the headbands and put them on. My God there stood two Indian boys; dressed as Indian bucks, dancing around the room. Their bodies, dressed like that, had Mike and me squirming, trying to get to our erections, I could see he was desperate to get relief, just as much as I wanted it.

I spoke saying, "You tied us up to show us your clothes?" Then I was laughing at them.

Mike whispered saying, "Shu love, don't do that, we might not like what's coming next." He was looking worried now. But I wasn't worried, I know our boys too well.

Then the boys came closer to the bed and danced around the bed for a bit, chanting some mumbo jumbo, not really anything I thought was real Indian talk.

Colt spoke next saying, "Dads, what do you think of our ceremony dress for tomorrow?" I could tell he was serious, and I knew they were truly going to wear what they said they were. Moreover, God, did they look good, good enough to eat, really they did. There we were all tied up so we couldn't eat them, darn it.

Mike and I said in unison, "You're kidding right?"

Colt said, "Ok then," He motioned to Matt to take off the headband and he did, then they took the feather out of it, and put the headband back on. Then said, "How about this then?"

I said, "No way." However, that was a mistake on my part, for they charged the bed and took the feathers they were holding. Colt came to me; and Matt went to Mike; and they started using the feathers on our naked bodies.

Colt took pleasure in tickling me with that damn feather, he started at my feet, and Matt was doing exactly the same to Mike, almost as if they had rehearsed this scene a hundred times. Hell, maybe they had.

Mike yelled, "Stop that, it tickles"

I tried hard to get loose, but that was hopeless, I just yelled, "Stop it boys."

That too was a mistake, for Colt started the feather up my right leg and Mikes right arm, as Matt was doing the same to Mike at the other end of the hookup. Both Mike and I were now trying harder to get loose, but they did the job right. My God, my manhood was so damn hard, that I thought it was going to explode and spew blood all over the room. Then Colt and Matt got to the spot they were heading to, all along, it was our balls and cocks. They continued to use those infernal feathers on us, until we finally squealed like stuck pigs. In addition, I really thought, for a minute, that I was going to pee myself. I was panting, and twitching, and jerking, I could even feel Mike pulling at me at the points where we were connected.

Colt told Matt, "Think they've had enough yet?" He again had the cutest evil grin on his face, and Matt was just as cute. However, right then, if I could have got up, I think I would have really had my hands full in a wrestling match with them. But of course, we couldn't.

Matt said, "Sure, are you ready to finish them off?" He was still running his feather over Mike's stomach, and Colt was doing the same to me.

The boys both took their feathers, and put them back into their headbands, and then untied their loincloths and let them drop to the floor. God, they were both still rock hard, and they both climbed up on to the bed. Colt straddled me and Matt straddled Mike. Colt faced me, and Matt faced Mike. The two boys took the KY and lubed up Mike and my cocks, and then their own love tunnels.

Colt then lowered himself down on to my throbbing manhood, and Matt lowered himself down onto Mike's throbbing arrowhead. They both started riding us like a couple of horses, using our hard members as riding poles.

My God I was being so turned on and horny, I just knew I wouldn't last much longer, and then, the two boys leaned over the held each other in a hug and began to passionately kiss each other.

Mike was groaning and moaning now, the boys were yelping like two Indians, and I was just shaking with excitement. I let my load fly into Colt's loins, and he shuddered with the feeling. He just kept riding me, and it was now beginning to hurt, since I was so sensitive after coming, but there wasn't much I could do. Then I heard Mike groaned and he began to jerk violently, as he too erupted into Matt's loins.

The boys just got off us and did not even look at us, and then they got back on to the bed as best they could, making room for themselves. Of course, Mike and I were still tied together, and couldn't move.

Colt and Matt then got into a sixty-nine position and took there time working each other over until they both had a great orgasm together. By the time they had finished with their love making. Both Mike and I, believe it or not, were hard again. Therefore, Colt came up and kissed me and Matt did the same to Mike. And he just kissed me and started jacking me off, never breaking his kissing, of course, Matt was doing the same to Mike.

As I felt myself starting to climax again, Colt sensed it, broke our kiss, moved down, and sucked me to completion. I was totally exhausted by now, and Mike was panting and puffing too.

Finally, Colt and Matt came up and started untying us, soon as we were completely free. I thought about going after the boys, and tickling them both within an inch of their lives, but again I thought how wonderful this whole romp tonight was. I don't think I could have been more loved by my two sons than I was tonight; how many other sons would do this for their dads.

Mike said, "I am so sweaty, I think I'm going to take another shower, anyone want to join me?" He headed for the shower saying, "Thank you so much sons for a truly wonderful romp. That was the most excitement I've had in a very long time."

I agreed with Mike saying, "Yes it was just marvelous, sons, thanks for a terrific night. I'm going to join Mike, are you guys coming, too." I was so fulfilled by the warmth of the play we just had, my heart felt as if it would explode.

The boys did join us in the shower. Mike and Matt washed each other, and Colt and I did the same. When we finished showering, we all got into the new bed and curled up into our spoon positions as always.

Colt said, "No kidding dads, those are what Matt and I are going to wear tomorrow. The only difference will be that we have some special beads to wear on the outside of the loincloths. We will be bare-chested and we do have moccasins to wear with beadwork on them. What do you think of them?" I was truly impressed with what the boys were doing, and I couldn't be any happier than I was at that moment.

"I love it, sons, you will be a pair of the handsomest Indian boys in the world." I was about in tears, with happiness swelling my heart.

Mike said, "This will turn some heads tomorrow. But I love it too sons!" He was smiling infectiously, so much so that Matt hugged him and Colt hugged me.

I just said, "Well boys, we all need to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day, which I will remember forever."

Well, at that point, we all said good night in unison. Then I noticed the moon was rising. Then the drapes started opening, and my God, what a view of Casper mountain, with the moon lit night and not a cloud in the sky, we all lay there, I am sure, we were all just thinking to ourselves, as we drifted off into another world, Thank you God and our wonderful angels.

To be continued...