A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 28

The next morning we awoke looking at Casper Mountain as the Sun lit her so beautifully. We could smell the mixed aromas of bacon and coffee so we knew Julie was here.

I just looked at the boys and Mike, who were still sleeping. They all were so handsome and loving, just laying there. I think I really could have just lain there forever, looking at them. Nevertheless, reality won over, so I shook Colt and said, "Wake up son; it's your big day; come on now, wake up." He opened those beautiful brown eyes of his, and said, "Good morning, dad!"

He then rolled over and shook Matt until he, too, was awake, and by now Mike had woke up. We all got up and headed for the shower, and of course took care of our morning erections, by helping each of our partners in a mutual masturbation session. After which we finished the other things; like the three "s'es" (shit, shower, and shampoo), and brushing teeth and shaving. We all dressed casually, so we could help get the final preparations completed for the big day.

We all walked into the dining room where we saw Richard and Andrew sitting there smiling contentedly, drinking coffee. They looked so happy sitting there holding hands. You could see the love between them in their eyes as they leaned toward each other for a quick but loving kiss.

Colt said, "Good morning, uncles." Richard and Andrew both looked up and smiled at us all as we entered.

Julie heard us, so she yelled asking, "Colt, can you please come in here, and help me a bit, hon?" Colt headed into the kitchen to help her, as he did almost every morning.

Soon breakfast was served and the family of four, now looked like a family of six. Of course, I didn't care at all; for we each enjoyed the other's company tremendously. As we continued to eat, Colt spoke saying, "Dad and dad Mike, we'd like you both to have a little part in today's celebration; that's ok, isn't it?" He was taking a sip of coffee as he said that, so I couldn't really tell if he was joking or not.

I replied saying, "Of course, why in the world would you have to ask us that? You know I'll do anything I can for you boys." I was smiling at him.

Colt nodded his head in agreement, as he took another bite of food, and then said, "I know, dad, but I'll always ask!"

Matt didn't say a word; he just smiled that cute, boyish, Matt smile.

Then Andrew looked at the boys and said, "Hey buddies, I have a couple of old friends in town for the weekend. Would it be ok if I invite them out for your celebration today?" I could see that he was sincere in his request.

Colt spoke rather quickly saying, "Of course you can, bud! You know any friend of yours is a friend of ours." Then Colt looked at Matt to see if it was ok with him.

Matt noticed that and just said, "Fine with me, too! Who are they? Do we know them?" He, too, was smiling at Andrew.

Andrew replied, "I played football with Kevin back in high school, and we've been friends for years. And he and his partner, Jerry, are here in town for the weekend."

Matt said, "Great! I'd love to meet them." He continued to chow down.

I said, "How did they meet, Andrew, or do you know?" I was interested in Andrew's friends for this was the first time we had even heard about his high school days.

Andrew replied, "From what I remember, I think they met when Kevin was on a vacation at some resort, Jerry was working there, and I guess it was love at first sight." He was just grinning and had a cute glint in his eyes. (Related story Kevin's Summer Vacation, Nifty Camping)

Richard said, "I remember you telling me about them; don't they live somewhere in Utah?"

Andrew answered him saying, "Yep, and they both work for the same company now. But I think they're looking for a better job and that's what this trip is all about."

I asked Andrew, "What kind of work are they looking for?" I thought that maybe I could help them if it was something the company could use.

He replied, "I really don't know, JC, but when they get here today I can find out of that's ok?"

I just said, "No, that's okay; I'll talk with them during the festivities." I figured, if I could use them, I would. If not, then nothing was any worse for asking.

Well, with breakfast over, Colt and Matt helped Julie clean up the dining room and kitchen so she would be free to work with the caterers when they arrived at around noon.

After breakfast, we all got up and went outside to fix up anything that looked out of place. Ben and the hands were all running around, getting benches set up and arranging tables for the caterers, so the ranch looked presentable for all the guests. We had a truckload of folding chairs and folding tables that were delivered yesterday and they all were being set up.

Judge Franklin and family, Andy and family, Mr. Darkcloud (Crazy Horse school's administrator) and family, John Two-Feathers (Dorm director at Crazy Horse) and family, Doctor Charles Lomer and family, Zeke and Helen Hendricks (the boys' grandparents), oh yes and Andrew's friends, Kevin and Jerry, and oh so many many more. Too many to name them all. The final count was two hundred twenty-one people that showed up, for the event of the boys' and our lives. However, I'm getting a little ahead of the story here.

Time was flying by in a hurry. We all were so busy doing our own little parts of the day's activities we almost forgot one of the most important parts of the ceremony -- the bracelets had been taken to town, to be engraved, and then to be picked up. Colt called the engravers but the store was closed on a Sunday. God, the poor boy was in a frenzy worrying about it.

I found Larry and told him, "Go into town and see if you can find those bracelets and get them back here, properly engraved, for the boys." He was so damn dependable, I knew if it were possible to find that guy, Larry would find a way to do it.

I told Colt, "See, son, I knew you would forget something." Then of course, I laughed at him, grinning broadly, and poked him in the ribs.

Colt just looked at me and said, as he hugged me, "Thanks, dad, you really think Larry will find him?" He had a worried look on his face.

"Sure, son!" I wanted to give him hope anyway. Moreover, right now, he needed to calm down a bit; he was a bundle of nerves anyway.

The caterers arrived and began setting up for the party. They not only were preparing all the food and drink, but they also were providing the band and public address system. It took them some time to get it all properly set up, but the place was soon transformed into a place of amazing beauty. Everything was gorgeous. It was a beautiful summer day in July, and Casper Mountain was the backdrop for the entire celebration.

Larry, while gone looking for the engraver, stopped at the airport, and picked up Zeke and Helen. I guess from what I was told, they, too, had a stop or two to make, before coming out to the ranch. I think it was something the boys wanted, that Zeke and Helen were doing for them. When Larry got back to the ranch with Zeke and Helen, he came up to me and handed me two gold bracelets that the engraver had finished, saying, "Well, there they are; I found him and it wasn't too difficult to twist his arm."

I said, "Thanks, Larry; the boys will be thrilled with having them."

Then I saw Zeke and Helen and went over and hugged Helen and shook Zeke's hand. "So nice you could make it here for this. I know the boys will be ecstatic to see you both."

Helen said, "We wouldn't have missed this for the world, JC, and may I ask where our grandsons are?" She was so sweet.

I replied saying, "Somewhere running around here nervous as hell." Then began to laugh, and Zeke joined me in a hearty chuckle, too.

Andrew walked up with a couple of guys and said, "JC, I'd like for you to meet my friends, Kevin Baron and Jerry Logan."

I shook, first Kevin's hand, and then Jerry's hand, saying, "Pleased to meet you both. Andrew tells me you guys are out looking for a way to improve your employment opportunities, is that correct?" I had a sincere but honest smile for them.

Kevin spoke first saying, "I am pleased to meet you, too, JC. Well ... kind of, and this is a vacation, too; we were going on over to visit Crazy Horse Monument. I heard it's a grand mountain carving." He seemed to be very well mannered, and at first impression, looked to be kind of an in-charge type person.

Then Jerry spoke, "Nice to meet you, JC; Andrew's told us all about you and your family. I'm really looking forward to seeing this ceremony today." He had a cute smile and seemed to really be in love with Kevin, for you could see it in his eyes. My impression of him was that of a person that would follow his lover anywhere he decided on going.

I said, "If you're going to be here for a few days, I'd like to sit down and talk with both of you some more. Right now, however, I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to do that, what with all that's going on." I was really thinking that I could use them. However, I would let Bill and Janet be the ones to make the final decision.

Kevin said, "We should be back on Thursday after visiting Crazy Horse." He was smiling now and I could see, in his eyes, that he had hopes.

I said, "Come back out here then, guys, and we can have a chat, no need to call first, just show up when you get back. Someone will almost always be here."

With that said, I moved off to chat with other guests. Mike was already mingling with the crowd that was gathering. More people kept showing up, all the time.

There were so many folks here, and I knew almost all of them. There were a few younger people that came, though I couldn't recall ever having met them and just figured that they were friends the boys knew from school. The boys were also mingling with all the guests, and having fun, but you could see that they were fidgety and nervous. For heaven's sake, who wouldn't be, you know how that is, don't you?

The food was going to be served after the ceremony, and the band would start playing during the rest of the party. It was finally time for the ceremony to begin. I wanted to start ... so the boys wouldn't get any more nervous then they already were ... so I rang the damn old triangle, and everyone quieted down a bit, and then they started looking around.

Both Colt and Matt really looked all grown up in their suits and ties, I thought they were going to be in native American dress, when I whispered to them on the front porch, "Ok guys, it's your show, good luck. Remember ... I love you both so very much, and so does Mike! Go get'em, tigers!"

God, how much more proud could any father be, watching his two sons stepping forward into life?

Dressed as they were, Colt and Matt both walked to the edge of the rock circle, got up on the rocks that surrounded the huge bonfire that was all stacked and ready to light.

Colt spoke, saying, "Thank you all for coming to this very humble and special occasion for Matt's and me, today. Our fathers and our uncles will be assisting us with this ceremony. If you would please bear with us for a few more minutes while Matt and I change into our ceremonial dress, one of our fathers, JC, will be narrating the ceremony for you." He and Matt both got down and headed into the house to change clothes.

After a few minutes lapsed, I welcomed all our guests to the Lazy L ranch. Then I saw the boys as they appeared at the front porch wearing their beautifully decorated beaded loincloths, beaded headbands, each with the single eagle feather, and beaded moccasins. My God, they were two of the most handsome Indian boys in the world, bar none, well, at least as far as Mike and I were concerned. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest, I thought I was going to pass out with pride. Nevertheless, I knew the boys were depending on me to make this ceremony very special for them and for that matter, for everyone present.

I then announced their arrival to the crowd. The boys walked down the path that leads from the house to the stone fire circle. Richard and Andrew joined the short procession, and followed them. Then Mike followed Richard and Andrew to the circle. I stood on the rock circle so I could face the guests and continue to tell them what was going to happen.

I began by telling all the guests gathered here, "This is a very special ceremony that is used by Native Americans. Our sons have modified it to some extent, for their use today, but I am sure you will all enjoy it as much as we will.

"The `Fire Ceremony' is symbolic of the separate lives of Colt and Matt, and the union into one, which is accomplished by this beautiful and exciting ceremony. As you can see, the fire circle is built with high sides made of stones. Seven types of wood are specially cut, from specific types of trees, by their dear friends, Richard and Andrew. The wood and fire circle were blessed with prayer. Normally there are three separate fires prepared in the sacred fire circle, but for reasons, known only to Colt and Matt, there are in fact, going to be five used today. One large fire prepared in the center of the Circle represents the Creator, and the holy union of two people. Two smaller fires are prepared; one in the north that represents Colt, and one in the south that represents Matt, both of whom have their own individual lives, before this commitment ceremony. As for the other two smaller fires that are prepared, one in the east and the other in the west, frankly, I have no idea what they are for, at this time. All I can say is that we will be told when the time is right."

I began the first part of the ceremony by saying, "I now ask you all to please stand, while the ceremonies commence."

As soon as I finished, Richard, Andrew, Colt, and Matt sprinkled Tobacco, sage, sweet grass and corn on the respective fires, while I solemnly said, "Please say your silent prayers for our sons, at this time, and we all thank you."

Then Colt and Matt each offered a prayer as the two small fires were lighted -- Mike was lighting Matt's, and I was Lighting Colt's, Richard lit the one in the east, and Andrew lit the one in the west. After all the small fires were burning for a few moments, Colt and Matt gently pushed their two small fires into the large stack of wood in the center, which quickly caught fire.

Then I said, "Will all who are present please praise God, as the two lives are merged into one holy union."

Then Colt began to speak, saying, "Both Matt and I are now one, before all of you and before God, but now we will ask our dads to join us as one, before God, by pushing the other two small fires into the center." My God, I couldn't move, I looked at Mike, and he was crying, and I broke into tears as well.

Matt said, "Dad Mike, take my hand, please." Mike took Matt's hand, and he lead Mike to the small fire in the west and helped him push the fire into the large center fire.

Colt said, "Dad take my hand, please; now follow me." I took Colt's hand, and he led me to the small fire in the east, and helped me push it into the center fire. Colt added saying, "Now all gathered here, you know that we have the two best fathers in the world. But, now and forever, from this day forward, they are not only our fathers, but our partners in life as well; therefore, I ask each and every one of you to say a prayer for all of us, and bless us with your acceptance of this holy union, and our unconditional love that we all share."

I was so dumbfounded and lost in the reality of what was happening that I couldn't say a word. I just stood there in a daze, and Mike was not in much better shape. Then ... surprise of all surprises ... came the unexpected, kissing of our sons; first Colt and Matt had the traditional long kiss, then they broke it, and Colt kissed me, as Matt kissed Mike; then they switched and Colt kissed Mike while Matt kissed me, then Mike and I kissed each other. As soon as we finished the kissing circle, the guests cheered and screamed their congratulations to us all.

Then the boys pulled us up onto the rocky edge of the circle, with the flames for a backdrop.

Colt spoke first, saying, "I want to thank all of you for being here today. Matt, here, is my blood brother as most of you know, but now he is my life partner as well. He means more to me than just my partner; he is part of me in so many ways. His life is as much part of me as mine is of his. Matt would you please accept this bracelet that was given to me by my loving father, JC, it was Charlie's bracelet, but I have now added some special words for you, Matt, as a token of my everlasting love. The added engraving reads; `Matt, I'll love you forever, Colt' He placed it on Matt's left wrist. Then again kissed Matt.

Matt then spoke, saying, "I, too, want to thank you all for being part of our special day. Colt, here, is more then just a brother to me; he's my lover and partner forever. Colt ... please accept this token of my everlasting love. This bracelet once belonged to JC, and he gave it to me, now I am giving it to you, my love. The new engraving reads `Forever my love, Matt' He placed it on Colt's left wrist. Then kissed Colt.

Then Colt spoke again, saying, "Matt and I have in this ceremony bound ourselves into a life partnership, however we have also bound JC and Mike, our beloved parents into this same life partnership. Therefore, in remembrance of this ceremony of our shared life together we have some tokens of this commitment to each other. These four necklaces represent each of our lives. Each necklace is made of platinum, consisting of a chain, and a three-inch platinum eagle feather, each engraved the same. On the top line it reads, `JC, Mike, Colt, Matt' on the bottom line it reads, `Life Partners for Eternity'. I will now bless them in the traditional manner."

Colt then took each necklace and placed it on a long pole. Placing them side by side about an inch apart. Then took the poll to the center of the large fire circle, held the four necklaces over the burning fire. Holding it high enough so that no flames hit them, just the smoke as it drifted over them like a cloud rising into the heavens above. Then Colt added, "Dad, dad Mike, Matt, and I will now say a silent prayer to the Great Spirit. Please join us in this silent prayer, thank you."

After about a minute passed, Colt lowered the long pole, and handed each of us a necklace, then said, "Matt will you place the necklace you are now holding over Dad Mike's head." He waited for Matt to do it, then added, "Dad Mike will you place the necklace you are now holding over Matt's head." He again waited for Mike to do what he asked him to do, then added, "I will now place the one I am holding over my dad's head." Then he did just that, and looked at me and said, "Now dad, would you be so kind as to place the one you are holding over my head."

I had tears of joy streaking down my face, and did as my son asked of me.

Colt then said, "I want to thank my grandparents, Zeke and Helen, for their help in planning and designing these gorgeous necklaces, and also for their love for the whole family.

I said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes the commitment ceremony, but the party is now starting. Help yourselves to the food and anything else. You are most welcome to enjoy the festivities."

The caterers had the meal ready and began serving it, while the band started to play. The guests started to mingle, and everyone seemed to be very happy and accepting of what had just transpired. Of course, what the boys had done by adding Mike and me to the ceremony was a complete and total shock. I almost said no to the commitment, but why? When I stopped to think about it, I realized, they were absolutely right. We were totally committed to each other already and had been for most of our lives.

The party was a huge success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was funny though -- there were many mixed couples there, and as the band played, many people danced. However, what was strange, was that Richard and Andrew began dancing together, first, then Kevin and Jerry joined in. Well ... we were not going to be out done, so Mike and Matt, Colt and I, joined in as well.

It was getting late now, and finally, the caterers and band packed it up and left. After they had gone, it was down to just the six of us sitting around the fire circle that was still burning, not a huge fire, just the glowing embers. It was a beautiful moonlit night as well, and Casper Mountain had two wispy clouds hanging over it. Then, out of the silent calm night air came a gentle wind whipping though the trees, and on the wind, were the words, "You have all done well, and everything will be alright." Even Richard and Andrew heard it, as well as the boys, Mike and me.

Colt said, "Thank you, Charlie!" He had tears in his eyes, as did the rest of us.

Matt said, "Thank you, James!" He looked at Mike and me as if to say, I heard them, too, dads.

Mike spoke saying, "Yes, thank you both for a wonderful pair of sons."

I just replied saying, "Thank you, my guardian angels!"

The End of Part II...


Well ... all went well for everyone at the ranch. Richard and Andrew settled in comfortably. Colt and Matt both continue to work for the company, and Mike and I are still deeply in love -- if possible, maybe even more in love -- with each other and the boys, as always. Our guardian angels still make themselves known to us from time to time. Kevin and Jerry were hired by Bill and Janet and are doing a great job for Lambert, Lambert & Andersen, Inc. Yes, the company is growing faster then ever. Colt and Matt are now equal partners in the company, and own equal shares of everything, which includes the Lazy L of course. Life must go on, that's the way of life.

Author's note:

There will be a part III, but I will be gone for a few months, and I need a break from the story. It will continue, as soon as I get back and settled down, and thinking again. I really have enjoyed all the email I have received, from my many fans. Thank you very much for writing to me. I will do my best to make part III, when I return, as enjoyable as the rest of the story was for all of you, but life must go on.

Editor's note:

I want to thank Chuck for writing the story and for allowing me to edit it for him. It has been an honor and a privilege, to serve as the editor for this wonderful story, and I stand ready to return to the job of editing as soon as I have the chapters of book III in my possession. Until then please have a great summer, and we will all meet again in the fall.

The Radio Rancher

Co-Editor's note:

I, also, want to thank Chuck and applaud him publicly for the creativity and beauty that has come through him in his rendering of what is probably the most beautiful love story I've ever read -- it has touched my very soul. And indeed, it has been a great pleasure to have my little part in these postings. Life must go on ... and so must I.

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