A Second Chance Part 2, Life Goes On by Tickie copyrighted by the author, Editor Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between two men. As such there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no sex between them or with any adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 3

I got up from the table and started running after Mike and Colt, but in the fog, it was hard to see where they went, I was scared we would lose Colt in the fog, but I could still see a little bit of Mike, as I followed him. 

Mike was still yelling at him, "Colt stop son, please stop!" 

I ran faster and faster, then in the dense fog, I saw, first Mike stopped, and on his knees, I was so scared, wondering if he, or worse yet, Colt was hurt. I just ran up to Mike, and as I got to Mike, I looked up, and then I fell to my knees as well. There, by the little tree that held James initials so long ago, Stood Charlie, with Colt in his arms. My god, I was crying, and I could not believe my own eyes. Then Charlie moved toward us, Mike and I, he was still holding Colt in his arms. Then he spoke, "JC, my love, you and Mike, will always be happy together, and James and I are together for eternity, both of us, will watch over the three of you, forever. Colt this is for you son, you will always be loved by JC and Mike, trust them and love them. If you ever need me, just look to the mountain, and we will be there in sprit, for this is the last time I can be seen on earth. However, I will always watch over all of you. Colt, I want you to hold this secret of me helping you, within your own little family, only tell those people, that JC, or Mike, tell you it's ok to tell. Will you do that for me, son?"

"Sure, sir, anything for you, you saved my life last night, and I want to thank you."

Charlie put the boy down and walked over to JC, opened his arms and took him into a hug, and then reached out to hug Mike and Colt, pulling them all into a big hug. Then he stepped back saying, "Together you are strong, be strong for each other, I love you all we will all be together again someday." With that, he turned and started into the fog.

We all yelled in unison, even little Colt, "I love you." Then Charlie was gone, as if he had never been there, but the three of us would always know that he had been there, for we saw him with our own eyes, and god we felt him as well. Mike, Colt, and I just held each other there in the rain for a long long time. All of us crying, tears of joy, not sorrow, to me it was as if the weight of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders. We all went back toward the table and shelter from the rain, when my cell phone rang. I answered it.


"JC this is Harvey, I have some good news for you, but we have to work fast. Can I come out to the ranch now?"

"What's up?" God Charlie is acting fast I thought.

"JC I have Judge Franklin with me and we need to see you at the ranch."

"Harvey we are on Casper Mountain right now, if you head out to the ranch we can meet you there shortly." 

"Be careful, and we'll see you soon." Then he hung up the phone.

I said, "Let's go guys; we have some important people to see at the ranch now!" 

We all started trotting toward the car; Larry saw us coming and got out opening the doors for us. We all slid in and I told Larry, "We need to get to the ranch in a hurry, but please hold down the speed a bit." That means instead of 100 miles and hour, we will be doing 95.

I then spoke saying, "That was Harvey on the phone, and he said he had good news for us. He wants to meet us at the ranch now, and he is bringing Judge Franklin with him."

"Is he going to take me away?" Colt sniffled.

"No way will that happen son, NO WAY! No one will EVER take you from us, if I have anything to say about it." I replied.

"Mike, I think Charlie is at work again. With a pair like him and James, looking out for us, how can we go wrong?" 

Mike just looked at Colt, and me saying, "Love there is no way with those two pulling for us, that anyone would try to hurt us." He had tears in his eyes as he spoke those words to us.

Larry was driving, and, as I suspected, we were doing 95 on WYO. 254, and that brought back very old memories of the winter that Charlie's folks were killed on this very road. But it was a quick trip from the mountain to the ranch that day. We pulled up front and there was Harvey's car in the drive. Thank god, I had called Julie on the cell before they got there, or she would have had a fit over not being told. Bless her sweet heart; she was a jewel in our lives.

As we all got out of the car Colt looked up at Mike and me, and asked, "What's going to happen to me in there?" he was scared and you could see it in his cute brown eyes.

"Son, nothing bad is going to happen to you, remember both JC and I love you." Mike told him as we entered the house.

I spoke first saying, "Hello there, Harvey, and you too, Judge Franklin." I noticed that they were both dressed casual. Which relaxed me, and I am sure, helped Mike relax a bit as well.

Harvey spoke saying, "JC we need to have a talk and you both need to fill out these documents. Can we sit there at the dinning room table, so we can all chat together?"

"Of course!" I replied. "Do you want Colt with us or would you like Julie to fix something for him in the kitchen?" I didn't want to scare the boy, with unnecessary legal mumbo jumbo.

Judge Franklin spoke, "Ok I need to say a few things before the boy leaves. First thing to remember, Colt, is that I am not here. Next what we are doing will not leave this room. Now Colt, you don't have to worry about anything son, no one will take you away from here, unless you want to leave. Do you understand what I am saying son?" He waited for the response from Colt.

"Sir I don't ever want to leave here, I love my new pop and poppa Mike." Then he saw Julie and said, "And an... Grandma Julie too."

"Ok son, why don't you and your new grandma go into the kitchen, and see what she has for you?" With that, Julie took Colt into the kitchen and closed the door so the four of us could talk in private.

As the Judge spoke, Mike and I were filling out all the documents that Harvey had handed us. I had also been asked to retrieve the clothes Colt had been wearing the night before, along with all the photos; I had taken, with my digital camera, that I printed out. When the Judge and Harvey looked at the pictures and the clothes, they both damn near cried, at the sight of them. Julie had come in with a big pot of coffee and some sweet rolls she had made, placing them on the table. Then the Judge asked me to have Colt com in the dining room, again, so I got up and got him from the kitchen, telling him, "Son, don't be scared but Judge Franklin wants to see you again, OK?"

"Ok pop." He ran into the dinning room in a flash saying, "Sir did you want to see me?"

Judge Franklin said, "Yes son, can I ask you to let me and Harvey see your cuts and brueses. We can go into the bedroom if you would like that better?" The Judge was so soft spoken that Colt didn't hesitate; he just started removing his shirt first then took off his shoes, and lowered his pants and underwear all in one move. He sure wasn't modest, in the least. After Judge Franklin and Harvey looked the boy over, the judge told Colt, he could get dressed and go back into the kitchen with his new grandma. So Colt left again.

Then Judge Franklin asked us to fill him in on all that happened from the time we found him last night; and he wanted details. Therefore, between Mike and I, we told him everything we knew or heard. We even included what had happened on Casper Mountain, just an hour or so ago. And if you think that wasn't hard, there wasn't a dry eye among the four of us. Both Harvey and Judge Franklin were having a hard time, believing this story so they both asked if Colt could come in and have a private talk with them. Neither Mike nor I objected, which surprised them, some. 


Judge Franklin...

Both JC and Mike left the room and Colt entered. I asked him to tell us what happened last night, and try to remember everything he could. I also told him he was not in any trouble, and we were going to help him, and that he was not to worry about ever going back to his father again. It took some guiding to get the whole story out of him, but he was as cute as a button and told the almost unbelievable story, either of us had ever heard, but there was no way that, that story could have been coached, both Harvey and I just looked at each other in amazement. I had made up my mind, by the time the boy finished the story. At one point in the chat, Colt revealed to me something that only one other person in the world would have known, and that person was Charles Lambert, and that one spoken phrase from the boy's own mouth, told me that there were such thinks as sprits in this world. I asked Colt one final question. "Son if you had anywhere in the world to live, where would that place be?" I thought this was the best question I could ask, a 12-year-old boy, that had been beaten like he had been...

Colt was now looking down at his shoes and started to speak when Judge Franklin reached out and put his fingers under his chin raising his head so he could look into his eyes. "Right. Right here sir, with my pop and poppa Mike, Please! Please don't send me away!"

"Son, I promise you, that will never happen, now, can you run into the kitchen, and send your pop and poppa Mike back in here for me?"


Colt turned around on a dime and ran into the kitchen yelling, "Pop! Pop!, the Judge man said I am staying here." He was so excited he was giggling. Then he said, "Oh yes! The judge man wants you and poppa Mike to go back into the other room." He then ran up to Julie and hugged his new grandma...

As we entered the dinning room, both Harvey and Judge Franklin were standing looking like they were about to leave. 

Judge Franklin spoke, telling us both, "OK, guys, this is what is going to happen. First, I am going to issue an order; making you both Licensed Foster Care Parents, which will give you the legal right to have Colt live here, with you. Then I will have Andy Higgans, a friend of mine, also a CPS caseworker; get in touch with you as soon as he can. There will be some interviews with them, but don't worry. I have him in my pocket, ok. He winked. Next, Harvey there, will have all the legal documents taken care of by this afternoon. In addition, by the close of business today you will be delivered a Foster Care License, that will be official. Then as soon as all the interviews are over, and I can get all the reports in, we will have a court hearing to make you the legal parents of Colt. Now, do either of you have any questions for me or Harvey, there before we go?"

"Yes." I replied, "I have one major one. What is going to happen to Colt's so called father?"

"As we speak, the state police are looking for him, to arrest him, for child abuse, and assault on a minor. Also, I forgot to tell you, the legal removal of his parental rights regarding Colt, were taken care of, before we came out here today."

Mike spoke next, "Judge Franklin, or Harvey, who ever can answer this one, please help me. I know that JC and I are not legally married, because that's not legal, in this state, but how would I change my last name to Andersen?" 

JC... "My God what are you saying Mike?" My god, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Mike asked that question, I wanted to just hug him, I loved him so much it hurt right then.

Judge Franklin spoke, "That's so easy, just have Harvey here, fill out a simple name change request and I will sign it without question, how's that for a quick answer?" He just smiled at Mike and me.

I said again, "Mike, are you sure you want to do that? What will your parents think? God, I am so honored by that, my love. I will have to show you, later, how honored I really am." I was smiling at him with the cutest sexiest smile I could, without embarrassing him, or me.

Then Harvey and Judge Franklin said there goodbyes, with the assurances that everything was under control, and that we were not to worry, just take good care of the little munchkin. 

After they left, we all returned to the kitchen and Colt hugged Julie again and said, "I love you, Grandma!" Julie's eyes began to fill with tears, as she hugged the cute little boy, who had already stolen her heart. Julie looked at Mike and me and said, "I realize that this is going to sound strange to you two, but I have just found a grandson, that I can spoil. Would you two daddies mind if I take Colt home with me tonight, so he and I can get to know each other a little better. I have an attic full of toys that I would love to see get some use. Colt, honey, would you like to come stay with me tonight; I know we could have a great time getting to know each other." She smiled broadly at Colt. He hugged her tight, and grinned, "Ok, Grandma, I'll come with you if it's ok with Pop and poppa Mike? Then I'll be able to get to know you better. I love you already though." He grinned and looked at us for approval.

First I looked at Mike, he nodded, then I said, "Julie, are you sure you would want that munchkin to spend the night?"

"JC, I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want to get to know him better, and I have lots of toys that need someone to play with." Then she pointed at the kitchen, saying, "Your dinner is all ready and in the warming oven. So if it's ok with you two, my grandson can go get his coat, and we will be back early tomorrow morning?"

I looked at Colt and told him, "It's ok with me, son." Then looked at Mike and he just nodded his head in approval.

"Thank you pop, and poppa Mike!" 

Julie and the munchkin got up, excused themselves, and left for the night. A few minutes after they left, there was a knock on the door and it was the delivery guy from Demarkus's with a ton of boxes of Colts new clothes. By the time, he was finished unloading all the boxes, into the old guestroom, which will now be Colt's new room. God how nice that felt. Then, another car pulled up in front, and it was a lady from Harvey's office with some papers for us. She explained that they were the Foster Care License, and placement orders from the court. 

I looked at Mike and said, "My god what a hectic couple of days this has been, my love. Would you care to join me in the kitchen for something to eat? I have no idea what's here?" I was smiling at him with that sexy look in my eyes.

"I would love to, why don't we just go explore the kitchen first, then the bedroom later, love." He said, with the cutest little grin, and the sexiest wiggle in his ass. 

As he started past me, he reached out and pulled me into a huge hug, and the most passionate kiss he had ever given me, our tongues played like snakes, playing with each other's teeth, kissing, then more kissing until we had to break the passion so we could eat. 

Mike took my hand and pulled me toward the kitchen, saying, "Will our lives ever be the same again, love?" 

"No, I don't think so; they will be more wonderful than before; if that's possible, hon." 

We found wonderful lasagna, garlic bread, and a large green salad, waiting for us, along with two more apple pies. We ate slowly and enjoyed each other's company, for a long time. I then said, "Love, follow me, please. I need you NOW!" It was dark but early yet, but I was very tired, and wanted to be with my love right then and there. 

Mike got up, came over, and took my hand; leading us both back to the master bath, where he began taking my clothes off, first, my shirt; one button at a time. So, I reached out and started following his lead, unbuttoning his shirt. Once we were free of them we hugged and kissed passionately, again, then kissed more and more. Mike broke the passion; long enough to start filling the Jacuzzi with very warm water. Then returned to me and, undid my belt buckle, removing my trousers with jockeys all at once, then, he pulled off my shoes and socks, there I was standing naked in front of him. I began removing the rest of Mike's confining clothing, until we, both stood naked, holding each other in a loving embrace. Once the Jacuzzi was filled and the jets turned on we both climbed in it, and slid down into the, oh so comfortable, water, and we both relaxed, me sitting on the edge and Mike sitting between my outstretched legs. I was hard as a steel rod, and so was Mike, but we didn't touch those hard parts at all. For now, we just held each other. We both closed our eyes, for what seemed like only a few minutes, which turned into a few hours. 

Then I felt Mike pulling on my hand saying, "Love we both look like a pair of prunes, I think we need to go to bed." 

As I got out of the tub, we each dried the other gently and tenderly, the way we always did. Once dry, we both got into bed, without pulling the covers over us. I told Mike, "I need you inside me now, please?" Mike just grabbed the tube of KY, and began working my love spot with his fingers, until I was hot and horny as hell. First he worked in, one finger, then another, as he worked my rosebud. I was sucking on his manhood, God, I love the taste of him, and he was oh so hot, and hornier than I was, or so it seemed, by the way he was hopping around on the bed. Soon he was up on his knees spreading my legs wide, exposing my love channel to his long hard cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed into me. Oh, God! He felt so gooood, entering me, that I moaned out loud, saying, "Take me love, take all of me now, and forever, please take me faster." And he did, God, did he EVER take me. He was pumping me faster and faster, all the time he was pumping me, he was also stroking my very hard member with one hand, and pinching my nipples with his other one. I was also pinching his nipples, both of them at the same time, until I felt my own climax building, deep within my loins. He was now panting hard, and my god, he was so hot inside me I couldn't hold out any longer, and I let out a loud, "I'm coooming, shitttt oh shittt it's here, lovvvve." As I unloaded, all over, his hands and my stomach. I reached up and pulled him down, so I could kiss him. By the time our lips met, he was moaning aloud saying, "God I love you, JC, ohhhhhhh I looove you!" He stayed inside me for a very long time, as we kissed, and our tongues played in the cave of love. 

Mike was the first to break our passionate kissing, by saying, "God! Love, we can't wait this long ever again, I am so happy I hired Ben." 

He got up and went into the bathroom, bringing back a washcloth and towel so he could clean me up. It was like a Greek God was standing there, looking at me. I said, "Well we'll have to be a little more discreet about our love making, now that we have Colt, living here with us, love. Are you ready for that?"

"My darling, as long as we have each other, I don't care what else happens. I love you so much, and the longer we are together the more I love you." Mike said, as he slid in behind me, snuggling up in our spooning embrace.

"Remember, Mike, I will be here forever and ever, you will never be rid of me, forever is forever." Then I reached out, and turned off the lights, as Mike laid his arm over my waist, resting his hand on my now soft tool. 

We both said in unison, "Wonder how our boy is doing?" I then said, "Christ, Charlie will you give us a little privacy!" 

Mike chimed out saying, "Amen"

To be continued...