A Second Chance Part II, Life Goes On by Tickie, copyrighted by the author; Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no sex between them or with any adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 4

We were awakened by a little munchkin, running into our room and jumping into the middle of the bed on top of the covers still wearing his sneakers. While both Mike and I were still naked under the covers, I thought to myself, it's time for some new rules. Of course, that would have to wait for a few, as he had his arms wrapped around my neck, in a big hug saying, "Good morning pop." Then he jumped over to Mike's side of the bed and wrapped his arms around Mike's neck saying, "Good morning poppa Mike." Mike looked over at me and said, "So much for peace and quiet around here anymore." Then he grabbed Colt and started tickling him saying, "Ok young man, we need to set down some rules, OK?"

"What's wrong poppa Mike, did I do something wrong?" Looking sheepishly at Mike.

Mike spoke saying, "Not really, because you didn't know the rules yet. OK?"

"Ok, so what are my rules?" Looking at first me then Mike.

"First rule is: you never come into this bedroom, if the door is closed, unless you knock, and wait until you hear someone say come in, unless it's a real bad emergency. And if your bedroom door is closed, no one will enter your room, without first knocking and waiting for an answer unless it's an emergency." Mike explained to Colt. "You see, the rules will work both ways. We won't expect things from you that we wouldn't follow ourselves." He grinned at Colt. "Do you understand those rules son?"

"Ye... yes, sorry poppa Mike and pop." He was blushing when he finally thought about what we might have been doing. "Cause you might be making love, right?"

Mike said, "JC you field that one ok?" As he was laughing aloud.

"Chicken." I said, and then told munchkin, "That could be the case, or we just might not want you to see some surprise we may have for you. Ok?"

"Ok, pop." He said, as he jumped off the bed and headed down the hall after he closed the door behind him.

Mike and I both got up and took our shower together as we always do. Well, sometimes, depending on the mood, we do other wonderful things together, but on this morning, we only showered. We both felt like this was going to be another hectic day in our new life style. After getting dressed, we headed for the kitchen, where we found, only Julie, preparing what looked to be a great breakfast.

Mike spoke saying, "Good morning sweetie how was your night with the munchkin?"

"He was a wonderful little boy, he is so cute, and a pleasure to be around. You would never know he had been abused by anyone, you two daddies have already made a huge change in his life," Julie responded, with a grandmotherly smile.

"Good to hear that Julie." I replied, and then asked, "Speaking of the munchkin, where is he?"

Julie looked at me saying, "He said he was going outside to look around, I said it was ok, if he stayed close to the house.

Mike and I wanted to see him again, now that we were awake and dressed.

Mike told Julie, "Sweetie we're going outside, when you want us back just yell. OK?"

As I opened the front door and looked out there was Colt sitting on Star, our unbroken Stallion. I was in shock, to the point of not being able to speak.

Mike started to yell at him, then softened saying in a much lower voice, "Son, you shouldn't be on him, without a bridle and saddle. And do you know he has never had a rider on him."

When Mike said that, I was shaking, scared he was going to get hurt real bad, if that horse would spook, or worse. Before Mike could get to him Colt just turned Star so he could ride away toward the barn, but before he moved, he spoke.

"It's ok pop and poppa Mike, I talked to Star, and he told me he wanted me to ride him this morning." Then he leaned over Star's neck and said, "Didn't you Star?" Star just flicked his head and whinnied as if to say, yes I did. "See I told you he wanted me to ride him." Then without saying another word, Colt and a black flash, took off toward the fence, into the pasture and they both cleared a 5-foot buck and pole fence.

Mike turned toward me and said, "I don't believe my eyes, or my ears. I have never seen anything like that in my life. Love, we have a very special little boy there, or should I say, a very special young man there."

I told Mike, "I know, love, like I said last night; our lives will never be the same, just better." Then thinking for a few minutes, as we watched the pair running an playing in the pasture, I said, "Love, you know he looks like he is part Indian, and with a name like Running Colt, I wonder if one of his parents weren't Indian, or at least part Indian? We need to find out, because, if so, I want him to know his people, it's so important to know your roots." Mike agreed with me, as he walked out toward the fence to watch Colt and Star playing. I yelled at them both, "Have fun, when breakfast is ready, I'll let you know!" I turned and walked back into the house, and told Julie what we had just witnessed.

She was dumbfounded and told me, "I just knew he was a special boy." She was about done with breakfast, and said, "JC can you roundup the kids for me?" With a huge smile on her face.

I went outside and rang that damn dinner bell again (Thank you Clyde). That thing would wake the dead. Mike turned and waved then yelled at Colt, telling him he needed to get back in the house for breakfast. Colt headed for the barn and in a few seconds was in a full run to the front porch grabbing hold of me, in a big hug.

"Thank you, pop, for keeping me! I just love this place. And, you too poppa Mike!" He was hugging one then the other of us, not knowing who to spend the most time with. That made my day, knowing he had enough love to share with both of us.

We all headed into the dinning room, so Julie could serve breakfast, which was as always very good. Western omelets with lots of good hot coffee, OJ, and a large glass of milk for the munchkin, with a small tea cup size coffee, for him as well. He looked at that and just smiled. I grinned at Julie, as she nodded. "I am sure he needs a little more energy, aren't you?" she said, giggling.

Mike started speaking, "Colt, son, you know what you did this morning with Star, was wonderful, BUT you shouldn't do things like that without first asking someone. I think that is rule 2, OK?" Mike looked at me for backing, and I nodded my head in agreement with him.

"Sorry poppa Mike, but Star asked me to ride him." He looked scared and was looking down at his plate of food.

"That's ok son, you didn't know the rules, yet, so you didn't do anything wrong. OK?" Mike told him as he took a bite of food.

"Ok poppa Mike, I will always ask, from now on." He looked, first at Mike, then at me. Then the eating machine dug into a pile of food.

Then we were interrupted by the phone ringing so I got up and ran to the office to answer it. Picking up the phone, I said, "Hello!"

"JC, is that you?" Harvey asked.

"Yes, how are you this morning, Harvey?" Of course all sorts of terrible thoughts ran through my mind, now what's up?

"Well I hope you are sitting down, Because, I have some chilling news. Colt's Father was killed this morning!"

"WHAT? HOW in the hell did that happen?! I yelled, and then, lowered my voice, so as to not bring in a herd of folks.

"Well," Harvey continued, "from what I found out from Judge Franklin, the Highway Patrol spotted him on highway 789, between Riverton and Lander. They tried to stop him, and he tried to get away. He lost control of his vehicle at over a 100 mph. The pursuing officer tried to get him clear. However, before the officer could reach the car, it burst into flames, and he couldn't get close enough to save the scumbag. From what the officer told the judge, he was screaming in pain before he died.

God, I thought to myself, Charlie I hope you didn't have anything to do with that. Knowing he wouldn't do that to anyone. So I pushed that thought out of my mind, as best I could. I continued in thought; well if anyone should have been punished for what he did to Colt, it was he. Nevertheless, even he didn't deserve that fate. I came back to my senses, when I heard Harvey say,

"JC, are you still there, bud? Hello are you there?"

"Sorry Harvey, I was just thinking."

"Well about telling Colt, I will leave that up to you and Mike. There was something else the judge found out. The boy is truly an orphan now, his mother was killed in a horseback riding accident, about three years ago, and he has no other known relatives. So, JC, you, and Mike are all he has now, so be good to him."

"My god, Harvey! You know Mike and I better than that, he will never want for love or affection, or any material goods that he will ever need. You also know that."

"I know, JC, you, and Mike will make a great pair of dads. And with Julie there, he will even have a grandmother figure in his life."

"Thank you, bud, I or should I say we thank you, bud."

"Well enough flowers, lets get down to business now. You will be getting a visit tomorrow from CPS's Andy Higgans; remember, he is on our side so answer all his questions, and it won't be to long, before you have a boy named Running Colt Andersen. How does that sound to you?"

"Simply wonderful, is all I can say." Thinking again thank you my love. (Thinking of Charlie and James)

"Ok JC, that's about all I have right now. Take good care of that little boy of yours." Then he said goodbye and hung up.

I stood there in the office thinking; now how do I tell the poor boy about this. Well for sure, he will not hear the gruesome part of it. I then turned and walked back into the dinning room, where the others were still eating and chatting. I started to speak in a low tone saying, "Colt son, come here, please. I need to hold you, I have some bad news." Mike and Julie looked shocked, with a stare that would have melted the North Pole.

Colt got up and came over to me and I reached out, and held him in a big hug, and said, "Son, first, I want you to know that you are not going anywhere, other than right here, with Mike, Julie and me. We love you, and you will have us with you as long as we live. You do understand that much, don't you?" I waited for his response, which came in a flash.

"Yes." Colt said, but he was shaking with fear.

"Well son, this is the difficult part, I guess the best thing is to tell you what happened. Your father," I stuttered, "Well Colt, you father was killed this morning, in an auto accident, between Riverton and Lander." Colt's expression was that of calm, and he didn't seem too upset, of course, he could be in shock. Julie seemed to be the most shaken, and said,

"Can we say a little prayer for him?"

"Sure we can." Said Mike, and I agreed. So we all bowed our heads; each saying our own little prayer. Then, when enough time seemed to have passed, I said, "Amen."

Colt got back into his chair, and we finished our breakfast. We all thanked Julie again for another wonderful meal. I also asked Mike if he would take care of Colt for the rest of the morning, because I had some important business matters to follow up on. Of course, Mike was thrilled, and I think, so was Colt. Julie went on with her duties, and I headed off to my office. Mike and Colt took off outside to do... the ranching thing, I suppose, whatever that involved.



Both Colt and I, went out to meet some of the other cow hands, and my new foreman Ben Alexander, I had just hired him about a week ago,... so I could get some free time to spend more with JC, and at that time, unknown to me, our new son. I told Colt that he should listen to what Ben had to say, if JC or I were not there. Colt seemed to be very bright and was grasping his new home well, and fast. He wanted so badly to ride Star, some more, so I told him we would need to get Star fitted with a hackamore bit, bridle, saddle blanket, and saddle. Colt was agreeable, but I was not so sure Star would be so agreeable. I asked Ben if he would help us get Star outfitted for Colt. So the three of us headed for the barn, where the tack room was.

Ben said, "I'll go fetch Star for you."

Colt said, "No, I'll get him! He told me this morning that he liked me."

I knew right then that Star was no longer our horse. He was Colt's. Ben just looked at Colt, like what the hell is going on here. I saw his look and told him to let the boy go get the horse. While Colt was getting the horse, Both Ben and I noticed he didn't take a lead rope or halter, we both shook our heads in disbelief, when Colt came riding into the barn on Star's back. Ben said that he had only seen that happen once in his life, and that was when he worked on the Wind River Indian Reservation. He said that it was something that only a very few Shoshone Indians were able to do. I told him that I thought Colt had some Indian blood in him, but that we were not sure yet.

Ben said, "Let me check for you. Ok?"

"How are you going to do that?" Was my reply.

"Easy, ask him." He chuckled at me. How stupid could I be? It was all so simple, and yet no one had thought to ask the boy.

Ben went over to Colt, who was still on Star's back and said, "Colt can you get down so we can get Star rigged for you?"

Colt just rolled off Star's back and landed on his feet saying, "He won't let you do that, he told me if he had to wear that stuff in order for me to ride him, I can put it on." I was in total amazement at what was going on between my son and that horse. I told Ben, "let him do it." Ben just shook his head and handed Colt first the hackamore bit (there is nothing inside the mouth of the horse). My son put that on him and Star didn't even twitch, then the saddle blanket, and again, not a twitch out of him. Now I was beyond being amazed. Now for the real test, my son, with the help of Ben, put the saddle on Star's back; I was prepared for the rodeo, but my god, that stallion stood there like a black statue not moving. Ok now let's see what happens when he cinches it up. Colt like a little pro, reached under Star, got the cinch strap, put it through the buckle, and started to pull up on it, as soon as it was snug, he put his foot on it, and gave it a hard pull, setting the saddle tight, on Star's back. That horse just turned his head and looked at Colt as if to say, that's tight enough son. I asked "Colt do you think you can get up there now so I can adjust the stirrups for you?"

"Sure poppa Mike." He just put his left foot into the stirrup and swung his right leg over the saddle and he was atop our, ah... His stallion.

Star just shook his head and whinnied. "Ok, we will in a minute Star." Colt said.

I said, "What did he say son?"

"He wants to go for a good run poppa Mike, that's what he said."

Ben walked up and said, "Colt can you tell me something?"

"What Ben?" Colt replied, looking at Ben.

"Are either of your parents Shoshone Indians?" Ben asked in a matter of fact tone.

Colt looked funny for a second than said, "I don't know, why don't you ask pop, or poppa Mike, if they are?" My god, I broke out into a laugh you could have heard in Riverton, and Ben was blushing a bright red, and laughing so hard he was crying. Poor Colt was trying to keep Star from bolting.

I had to speak, "Son that's just so funny. However, I think what Ben wanted to know was if your old mom and dad were Shoshone Indians?

"Sorry, yes my mom was full blooded Shoshone, and my grandfather was a medicine man. At least that's what I was told. Sorry Ben if I miss-understood your question."

I then asked Ben to saddle up Ginger for me, and if he wanted to ride with us, he could saddle up Lady, and give JC's horse a little work out, I was sure JC wouldn't mind.

As soon as Ben had the two horses saddled, we all took off riding together, and boy could Colt ride, he was such a natural, he was born to ride. I asked him if he had ever ridden a horse before and he told only when he was very little and then only with his mother on the same horse. My son just kept me in aw the whole time we rode together; it was such a joy to be with him out on the open range, 5000 acres is a lot of open range to play in. Of course, I had to correct him a couple times calling our Black Angus steers, COWS. We rode for a couple hours or so and I told Colt, "Let's race home." Ginger was a real fast horse, but I had never seen what Star could do. I told Ben he could open up Lady too if he wanted to. And we all raced back to the corral. I do not think I need to tell you but Colt was in the barn taking off his saddle by the time I arrived. Ben was a distant third.

Colt yelled out, "I beat you," laughing with excitement in is voice.

"You sure did son, you are a very good rider, and you have a wonderful horse there." When I said that Star whinnied again.

"Star told me to thank you." Colt replied. I just shook my head and wondered what next. Then Ginger whinnied a few times as we were brushing them down. I was watching Colt as he brushed Star. He looked at me and he was blushing a bright pink. I asked him what he was blushing for.

"I can't say poppa Mike, it's embarrassing." He was really turning a deeper shade of pink now.

"What's embarrassing son, you can tell me anything remember and I won't get mad, OK?" I was trying to get across the fact we need to be open with each other.

"Ok, but Ginger asked Star if they could make love." He was looking at his feet again and I was biting my tongue trying so hard to keep from laughing.

To be continued...