A Second Chance Part II, Life Goes On by Tickie, copyrighted by the author; Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no sex between them or with any adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 5

Mike and Colt finished grooming their horses and Mike showed Colt where all the tack was kept, and explained that whenever they used anything, they always put it back in the same place they found it. God, was Mike sounding like a father now. Mike reached out and ruffed up Colt's hair, that deep chestnut brown hair that went so well with his beautiful brown eyes. Mike said, "Son, want to go in and see what your pop is doing?" God, he's got Mike calling me pop now. They both left the barn and headed for the house entering through the kitchen. Julie was fixing lunch; she turned to look at them, smiling then saying, "Did you boys have fun this morning?"

Colt spoke up saying, "Sure did, Grandma! You should have seen me, I had a race with poppa Mike, and I beat him home." He was smiling from ear to ear, and was as happy as any boy could be.

I said, "Son, you haven't even seen all your new clothes yet. They all came yesterday after you and Grandma Julie left."

Colt looked at me and said, "Are they in my room pop?" He was even more excited now, and without waiting for an answer, he was running down the hall, into his new room.

I followed him and said, "Yes, but I guess you figured that one out already." I just chuckled at him, "I think the dresser is empty now, so you can put all your stuff away, just the way you want it, son. Remember this is your room now, and you fix it up the way you like. Remember, you have to keep it clean and tidy. Ok?"

"You bet, pop, I love this room, I never had a big room like this before." He started digging into the boxes as if they were Christmas presents. Then he took his jockeys out of the plastic wrap and put them away so neat, and then the rest of his clothes. He even opened the new shirts and hung them on hangers. I was amazed at how neat and caring he was.

"Son, after lunch, do you want to go shopping for some goodies for your room?" I was thinking on the line of electronic games and maybe a new computer that he could hook up to our T4 line. However, I didn't say anything to him.

"Hah ha, can we, please!" He even started putting away his clothes faster but still very neat.

I left him in his room to finish what he was doing, and saw Mike standing in the doorway, watching us in silence. He was amazed at the munchkin, and how well he seemed to be adjusting to us. Mike told me he wanted to come shopping with us, so he picked up the phone, called the bunkhouse, and told Ben that we three would be gone all afternoon.

I called Larry and told him we would need him around 2 p.m. for a shopping trip. Then I told Mike that I had called Bill, and told him to go to Riverton, and see what all he could find of Colt's, or items they thought my son would now, or someday want, from the Johnson home. I also reminded him to be sure he took a copy of all the legal papers with him. He told me that both Janet and he were going for the female touch. I smiled. Mike seemed to be happy about that.

We heard Larry pull up, and Colt was out the door in a flash, so Mike and I followed. By the time we got out the front door, Colt was inside the car and Larry was getting out, opening the same door. I thought, God, what a boy we have there. My heart was swelling every time I saw him, doing cute little things. Mike, I am sure, was feeling the same way, because he would have that "I love you" look on his face too. Believe me, I know that look, after 10 loving years with him.

We returned to the ranch around dinnertime, but Julie was gone for the day, with our meal ready for our return. It was great, and we all enjoyed it so much. The big event of the evening was that our munchkin was in his room, with his new stuff, setting it up and arranging his room the way he wanted it. He was so happy, and still walking on cloud nine. Mike and I went into the living room to talk. I said, "Hon, what about school for Colt, you know it starts soon. And I don't like the idea of school bussing, and I don't even know if they come out this far."

Mike replied, "Well you said something today, which made me think about Crazy Horse. You remember the mountain carving?" He was serious about it, and I could see that.

"Yes." I replied, "Do they have a boarding school there? I know its only 200 miles to Custer. And maybe 150 by air for a small plane. But our planes can't land at the small airport." He had me thinking now, if only they do have a school there. What a wonderful way to keep our son close to his roots.

"Oh yes, love, they just completed the Jr. High and High Schools, and from what I read, the College will be done in a few years. I just thought it would be so nice, because he would only be at school during the week, and home every weekend and all the holidays." I could see my love was beaming with his idea. Moreover, that last statement convinced me he was going to Crazy Horse for sure, I will see to that.

"I think we need to take a trip up there, and let Colt see the place, I am sure he will love it, I know we both do. I want to take Richard too, so he can checkout the airports, and see what he thinks about a smaller plane to move Colt and us back and forth. What do you think about that hon?"

"I love the idea, this way we only loose him during the week and we have him all the fun days!" Mike was grinning, and he was so happy right now.

"I don't think we should tell Colt anything about this until after we go up and he gets to see the carving and the wonderful place it really is." I said with a loving smile.

"I agree whole heartily, love; I think it would be unwise to try to tell him now, I think the best time would be on the trip itself." Mike was thinking hard about it and so was I.

I sat there for a little while and said, "Let's go find our munchkin, and have some of that left over apple pie, if there's any left." Hoping there was.

Mike got up, went into Colt's room, and asked him if he wanted to join us for some apple pie and ice cream. Well that's all it took for the bouncing boy to be off and running, into the kitchen again. Mike dished up a good size portion of pie and ice cream for each of us, giving the rug rat the biggest slice. We all devoured it. Mike and I had coffee, and the munchkin had a huge glass of milk. It was getting late and I knew we were going to have a somewhat hectic day again tomorrow so I said, "I think it's bedtime, with having a busy day tomorrow coming up, remember the CPS case worker is coming to interview all of us."

Mike said, "Yes, I am tired, too, and I know a little 'Colt' that has been 'horsing' around all day, and by all indications, should be tired too." He was hugging Colt, and ruffling his hair at the same time. It was so cute, and Colt just giggled, and rolled his eyes, first at me and then at Mike.

Colt said, "Do I have to sleep in my room tonight?" I could not tell from his expression if he wanted to or not.

So I looked at Mike as I said, "Well, son, you'll have to start sleeping in there sooner or later, and I think with CPS coming tomorrow, it would be better for you to stay in there tonight, OK?" Mike nodded his head in agreement with me.

"It's ok, pop; I don't mind, anyway, sort of, I mean... my room is so cool, now, with all the cool stuff in there. Will you tuck me in, though, please?" Colt asked, with the warmest smile I had ever seen. How could anyone ever turn him down when he asked for something?

Mike said, "Well, you get ready for bed, and we will both come, and tuck you in, OK?" And our munchkin was off to his bathroom, in a flash.

It wasn't very long, just about enough time for Mike and me to go around the house turning off lights, closing up windows, and locking the doors. Then we heard our little boy, yelling, "I'm ready pop, and poppa Mike! Please come tuck me in now?"

Both Mike and I entered his room, and there he was in bed with no covers on, and as Ray Stevens would say "Lying' there, in all his radiant beauty", in his jockeys waiting for us. Mike reached over and pulled up the covers, and tucked him in. God, he was so beautiful lying there, if it hadn't been for seeing the bandages all over his body, God, I felt so sorry for him, and the pain he had endured, then, Mike leaned down, and gave him a hug, and a tender kiss, on the forehead, saying, "Goodnight, my beautiful son, sweet dreams." Then I leaned over, hugged him, and kissed his cheek saying, "Goodnight, my son, you sleep well. We both love you so much, and we'll see you in the morning, OK?

Colt just smiled, and said, "Ok, pop; goodnight, pop and poppa Mike, and I love you both, so much!!" Then we both left his room, closing his door.

Mike and I went into our room, closed, but didn't lock, the door, and I thought; if Colt needs us in the night, he can come in here, regardless of the rules. I want him to have free access to anywhere he wants to go. I told Mike this and he agreed with me.

I looked at Mike, with love in my heart and in my pants, he saw it, came to me, and started undressing me, I stopped him and said, "In the bath hon, please?" He just took my hand, pulled me into the bathroom, and started filling the Jacuzzi. By the time it was filled we were both as naked as the day we were born. The only difference was we were both a little older with huge hardons. We got into the Jacuzzi and sat like always, with me sitting on the side seat and Mike sitting just below me on the bottom so his back was resting on my hard manhood, leaning back. I was running my fingers through his hair, and rubbing his shoulders, letting first one hand slide down his chest and play with one nipple for a while then changing hands, doing the same to the other nipple. Mike was just stroking my legs and playing with my toes under the bubbles of the Jacuzzi. We didn't say anything; we just lay there enjoying the feeling of touching each other and relaxing in the warm bubbling water. Then Mike told me he wanted to try something. I was willing to do anything with my love and he knew it. So he had me stand up and straddle him, as he slid back up tight against the side of the Jacuzzi and then told me to sit on his cock. God, just the thought of me doing that about had me climaxing. So I sat down on his hard meat letting the tip of it enter me, without any KY, just the oils and the very warm water for lube. Mike helped me so I didn't fall, but the feeling of his cock sliding inside me, and I just fell sitting hard, but not too hard, as the water kept me buoyant enough to keep from hurting him. When I was sitting on his pole, he reached around me and started pumping my cock and the feeling of the hot water and his manhood inside me and I lost it at that moment. Oh, fuck lovvve I can'ttt hoolld on any longger. Mike screamed saying, "Oh shit I'm heeere oh shit... don't move or I will diiiiie. I said, "Hold it down some or Colt will hear us." I just sat there on Mike's lap for a while the feeling of his manhood still inside me, made me love him even more, it that were possible. And I told him so several times. He told me that I couldn't love him as much as he loved me. What a wonderful end to a great day with our new son.

We got out of the Jacuzzi and dried each other off, and I told Mike that I had a funny feeling that we were going to get a visitor during the night, and that maybe we needed to put on some jockeys to be safe.

Mike said, "Love, sooner or later, he is going to see us naked, and I don't like sleeping any way other than in our birthday suits, OK?" I knew he meant what he said, and the more I thought about it, the more he made sense.

"Ok love, if our munchkin comes in, he will have to deal with it." So we just got into bed, like we always did, naked and in love. I reached over and turned out the lights saying, "Goodnight, love, sweet dreams," as I kissed him on the neck.

"I love you, JC, you know that; sweet dreams, hon."

We drifted off to sleep.

Morning came with the knocking on our bedroom door. Three guesses who it was ( -- ) our little munchkin, so Mike and I quickly put on our jockeys. Then told him he could come in. That was like opening the floodgates of a dam. He came barreling in, still in his jockeys. He jumped into the center of the bed, and then he started his hugging of each of us; first Mike, then me. Saying, "Good morning, pop and poppa Mike. We both said in unison, "Good morning, son." Then both of us started tickling him. And he started tickling us back, and that surprised the hell out of us. But what a wonderful feeling it was, having him interact with us like that. After a while, we all got up, to the smell of the coffee brewing. Mike told Colt, "you go get dressed, while JC and I do the same, OK?"

"Ok, pop," He said as he charged out of the room, at lightning speed, headed for his room.

As soon as Mike and I got dressed, we headed down the hall, and glanced into Colt's room. Our son's bed was made, and the room was clean. I looked at Mike and said, "Do you believe that?" as I pointed into the room. We entered the kitchen and spotted Julie and Colt. Of course, our munchkin was watching her every move, while she fixed breakfast.

"Why it is that whenever we sit down to breakfast, or any meal, for that matter, the damn phone always rings?" So I got up and ran to the office again, reached for the phone, said, "Hello." I fervently hoped that my voice hadn't shown my frustration, at having to leave the breakfast table, to answer the frackin' phone.

"Sir, this is Andy Higgans. Is this Justyn Anderson?"

"Yes, this is he," I said, with my blood pressure rising, "but could you call me JC?"

"No problem, JC, would it be ok if I came out there, this morning, for the interviews?"

"That would be fine; about what time would you like to do them?" I replied.

"Would, say 45 minutes from now be ok?"

"Sounds good to me, who do you need to speak with, if you can tell me? I thought that would help some.

"Well, you, Mike Hendricks, and of course, Running Johnson, and I think your house keeper, Julie Summers. I think that's all."

I bit my tongue trying to keep from screaming obscenities at him, how stupid can he be? For heaven's sake, Running Johnson indeed! Christ, anyone with an ounce of sense would know that 'Running' isn't someone's first name. I replied, correcting him, "My son's name is Running Colt Johnson, but he goes by Colt Johnson for now." He seemed to be a typical government employee.

"Thank you for correcting me on that. I wouldn't want to say the wrong thing to your foster child." I thought, Foster my ass, geeze, you jerk, you are just what I thought, a government bureaucrat at its best with the emphasis on the 'it'.

"Ok," (asshole), I thought to myself, "we will be expecting you in about 45 minutes then." I just wanted him to let me go back to my food, and family.

"Yes sir, I will see you then." And he hung up the phone.

I went back into the dining room, in a half pissed off mood, but I tried not to show that with Colt sitting there, I smiled and said, "Well, we're off to a flying start; Andy Higgans is on his way out here. He will be here in about 45 minutes, and he wants to interview all of us, sitting here," I was looking at Mike, then Julie, and my new son. I said, "Someone's room looked very nice this morning." First, I looked at Julie. She just gently shook her head, no, like I didn't clean it up. Then I looked at Colt and said, "Son, did you fix up your room like that, this morning?"

"Yeah, pop!" he said between bites of his waffles, with strawberries all over them.

"You did a great job, son," Mike said, before I could. So I told him that I had a big surprise for him as soon as these interviews were over, this morning.

We all finished breakfast; Julie went into the kitchen to clean it up, and brew a fresh pot of coffee, for our so-called guest, which should be arriving soon. (I had a hard time thinking of that creature as a who and not a witch "heeheehee.") Colt started to go outside, but I stopped him saying, as gently as I could, "I don't think you have enough time, son, for that. Mr. Higgans should be here very soon, and we have to make a good impression on him, you know. Remember he is going to help us keep you.

Colt stopped suddenly and said, "Pop, do you mean I might not get to stay here?" His smile had just turned to a stare that could have melted dry ice.

I knew right then that I had said something stupid. Open mouth insert foot, I thought. I put doubt into my boy's heart.

Mike looked at me, then back at Colt, and said, loudly, but with love in his voice, "No! SON, JC just meant to say that Mr. Higgens is going to make it easier for us to do all the paper work, and his input will speed up the process. Can you understand that, son?"

"Thank you, love, for pulling me out of the fire," is all I could say at that moment, knowing we had to be a little more careful how we said things. Colt was a small boy, but a very intelligent one as well.

Colt replied, "Yes, poppa Mike, sorry but I thought..." He again stopped in mid-sentence then said, "I have to pay more attention, I think?"

My god, I thought to myself, and I am sure Mike was stunned as well, at the boy's remarks just now, by the dumfounded look on Mike's face, and I am sure, I had the same look on mine. Colt then headed off to his room. This left Mike and me alone, in the living room. I asked Mike if it were all right with him, if we gave Star to Colt, after the interviews. Mike was thrilled with that idea, and added, "We need to get him his own tack and saddle too." I agreed.

It wasn't long before a car pulled up and Mr. Higgans knocked on the door.

Mike answered it; welcoming him, "Good morning, Mr. Higgans, come on in." He entered with a briefcase in his hand. Then Mike asked him, "Where would you like to hold your interviews, sir?"

Mr. Higgans said, "Your living room is fine, this is an open interview where you all will be here together, if you don't mind? After that, I may or may not want to talk to you separately."

Mike and I replied, "That would be fine." Colt was just staring at him. I still felt the tension in the air. I thought it was because of our earlier problem. I got up and went into the kitchen to help Julie with the coffee and some sweet rolls, that the dear lady had already made fresh this morning. I told her she needed to stay in the living room with us, for the interview. We set the coffee and goodies on the coffee table, since that seemed to be the most convenient spot for all of us to reach. Colt grabbed a glass of milk for himself. Then Mr. Higgans; for the next two, very long, hours, asked us every impertinent and annoying question he could think of. My god, I thought this guy was never going to leave. Finally, he said that he was very pleased with our home, and he felt that Mike and I would be great parents. I had the feeling that he didn't really like the idea of two gay men having a teenage boy, living with them. But he never said it. Later, Mike and I talked about it, and he got the same impression. Back to the present, he did take Colt into his room once for about ten minutes, when they came out; Mr. Higgans seemed to be more accepting. I wondered what was said. I figured I would find out, eventually, from Colt. After all the goodbyes were exchanged, Mr. Higgans left, saying, "This report should be in the hands of Judge Franklin by early next week, a copy will be sent to your attorney, as well. And thank you for a wonderful visit; sorry it had to be so business like." Then he got into his car and drove away, waving back at us.

I just looked at Mike and said, "Maybe I had him all wrong, do you suppose?"

"Maybe so(,) love, he seemed to leave in a better mood than when he got here. Think maybe that visit with Colt, changed his mind?"

Colt, standing at our sides, said, "I told him I was gay, and I would run away if he didn't let me stay with my pop and poppa Mike."

"My God, Colt you didn't say that did you? Mike said, in total shock.

I echoed saying, "You are a brave one, aren't you?" Smiling at my cute little munchkin.

"I only told him what I knew he wanted to hear." Colt said, Smiling at both of us, while first hugging his pop and then his poppa Mike.

I looked at Mike and said, "Do you want to tell him, or should I?" Mike looked at me, shook his head, and nodded for me to tell him. So I said, "Son, the surprise we have for you is..." I paused dramatically too get the proper effect, then I continued, "that from now on(...), Star is (...)your horse..." I was attacked by a bouncing bundle of excited boy, so hard that I couldn't finish my sentence until he quit hugging me. Then I finished saying, "Remember now he belongs to you, and you are responsible for his care and grooming. OK?"

"Oh yea, I will take good care of him, pop. And thank you, pop, and poppa Mike, for everything you..." Not able to hear the end of his sentence as he ran to the corral toward the horses and his beloved Star.

The day passed nicely, Colt and Star were in heaven, and Mike was taking care of business, which had been put on the back burner, since the arrival of our munchkin. Moreover, I was just as busy, with company matters. Nevertheless, I had also called Crazy Horse, and had spoken with the superintendent of education, there, about the school facilities, and what the requirements were for a student to attend the all-Indian school. I found out that only children with at least one parent being full-blooded Indian could attend. I explained our situation to him, and he said that he would be more than willing to have a meeting with us on Saturday, around noon, or shortly there after, basically, as soon as we could get there. I also told him that the tuition payment would not be a problem and that I was in the position to assist the school in some other financial ways as well, already knowing what Crazy Horse Memorial was all about. In addition, what they were doing to preserve the Indian culture for posterity.

After that, I called Larry and Richard, telling them I would need their services on Saturday all day, and a quick outline of what to expect. I also explained to Richard, that we would more than likely be in the market for a new small jet that could land in Custer, SD. I wanted him to have some time to do his research on the problem. It was now Wednesday and that only left two more days before our trip. Bill and Janet should be back from Riverton on Friday, I thought, but that was not important right now. Our son's education was the most important thing on Mike's and my minds. He was sharp, in fact, very sharp, but we still had not received anything from the schools in Riverton, and that was important to us. I had told Bill, and Janet to be sure they picked up all of his school records, as well, as his personal things.

Dinner went well, and Julie outdid herself as always. What a sweet and caring lady she was. When Colt finally came in, he was tired and ragged looking. I was a little worried that he may have overdone it, with his injuries still healing, but, boys will be boys, I thought. Mike was happy the ranch was running well without him. He really felt that hiring Ben was a very good move. I never wanted to tell Mike; and, I more then likely will never tell him, however, the ranch was just barely above breaking even. I knew it, but I would take that knowledge to my grave, before I would ever tell him that. The Company now was worth at least 4 to 5 times what it was when Charlie was here. All the investments that James, Charlie, and I had made over the years were paying off in huge amounts of interest being generated.

Coming back to peace and quiet, we all congregated in the living room, with a nice fire in the fireplace. Colt was lying on the floor in front of the fire and he fell asleep. Mike and I were watching the nightly news. When the news ended we got up and Mike thought he would just carry Colt to bed but found that our munchkin weighed just a little more than we could manage.

Mike shook him saying, "Son, it's time for bed,; come on, son, it's bed time." Colt woke up and started to get up from the floor when his face turned to the look of pure terror.

Colt bolted out of the back door bare feet and all, screaming, "Star is dying, he's dying..."

To be continued...