A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 8

Well life goes on, and Mike came home from the hospital, about a week later. Chuck gave him a clean bill of health. Colt was turning into a wonderful young man, but he was still our munchkin, and I guess he always will be. Star and Colt were as thick as flies on shit as the old expression goes. Richard had been coming out to the ranch much more often now that the new landing strip was under construction. We even had a hanger already for the new KING AIR C90B turboprop that had been ordered and was due to be picked up during the coming week, along with our court hearing with Judge Roy Franklin about getting permanent custody of Colt.

Richard had taken a real liking to Colt, and was talking to him a lot, about flying. But who couldn't take a liking to that wonderful little boy. School, for Colt, was only two weeks off, and both Mike and I were already getting that lonely feeling, just thinking about him going away to school. We even had talked about making him a day-student, but that would be so hard on him. The plane ride alone was 30 minutes and the car would be an additional 20 minutes on a good day. So we conceded in making him a boarder, for only Monday through Thursday nights. Four nights, and then he would be home. God, could we live four nights without him? I guess we will have to try. There were kids in town that were riding school buses for more than an hour each way to school.

Nevertheless, Colt was getting use to the idea that he would only be there 4 nights. And home for three; he loved that idea, and so did we. Star had been playing the daddy with the mares, Ginger, Lady, and Sugar for sure were with foal, how many others he had made preggers, was still in question. Colt was spending more time with Mike than me; of course that was due to Star, I think, or at least I was hoping that was it.

Richard had asked both of us what we thought about him teaching Colt to fly. I was a little concerned but Mike was thrilled with the idea. So I lost that minor skirmish and conceded. Richard had explained that there were several young pilots, some as young as 12 years old. But that they would be restricted in only flying with an instructor or a fully licensed pilot, similar to a learners permit to drive a car. Until they could prove their ability to a Federal Air Marshall.

Well, Sunday had arrived, Julie was again off, and Mike and I were enjoying each other in the most enjoyable way ... when we heard, "Knock, Knock, can I come in?" from our munchkin.

Mike just told him, "We're kind of busy right now, why don't you go fix us breakfast again."

"Ok, poppa Mike," I could hear him running back down the hall toward the kitchen.

"Now where were we?" Mike said as he engulfed my throbbing organ, he seemed to be in overdrive now, and, God, he was hot. I had a mouth full of Mike and he had a mouth full of me. We worked at that for a little while longer and then I felt the oh so great tingling in my loins, and started moaning in a mumble with my mouth full of something wonderful. "Loooove, oh, shittt, I'm goiiing," and I unloaded into my lovers mouth. As I did, he treated me to a wonderful load of his tender semen moaning in a whimper. "Oh, gooooooood, I love youuuu!"

We tried to lay there for a while but it wasn't part of Colt's plan. Again, there was a knock on the door.

I said, "Give us just a few more minutes, son."

Mike looked at me, whispering, "You know damn well he knows what's going on in here..."

"Let's just get our robes and go out; we can shower later." I still had a part of load-of-love juice in my mouth. So I just leaned over and passionately kissed my love. And our juices merged and wow, what a great taste.

We both got up, put on our robes and headed out the door only to find Colt standing by the door. With a look that told us, he might just as well have been in the room with us. I looked at Mike, he was blushing, and I am sure I didn't look any different.

Colt was excited, "Pop and poppa Mike, I made pancakes this morning!"

He had the table all set and OJ poured and coffee brewing. And the grill hot, and ready for the first load of batter. Mike was shocked and I was too.

Mike asked, "Want me to cook them for you, son?" I looked at Mike and then Colt to see how this was going to play out.

"Nope," Colt said in a matter of fact tone. Then he poured out three perfect sized pancakes on the grill. And watched them ever so closely, until the bubbles formed then with ease he flipped them over; a few minutes later, he stacked them on a plate, like a pro. Handing the plate to Mike.

"Those are for you poppa Mike, I hope you like them?"

Mike buttered and put some syrup on them, then took a bite saying, "They are great; where did you learn to cook pancakes like that, son?" The look on Mike's face told me that he really meant what he just said.

"Grandma Julie showed me how to do it." He looked at Mike, and then me, with a look of pride on his cute face.

He repeated the process for me, and they were every bit as good as Julie's have ever been. In addition, the real shocker was he had made them from scratch, no mixes. What a young man we had there.

The rest of Sunday, we more or less just lay around, not doing much of anything. Colt was in his room playing video games, Mike and I were watching some Football game, and I don't even remember who was playing. I just knew that Monday was going to start a very hectic week with the court hearing and the new plane coming in. Richard wanted Mike or me to go with him to get it, so Mike decided he would go. So I could watch our munchkin, as we didn't want him to see it until we landed. There was going to be a big surprise about the plane that we felt would make him so happy.

I looked up, and saw Mike, and said, "How would you like to get our munchkin, and go to dinner at the Corral tonight? I don't feel like just sitting around here."

"Hon, that sounds nice; let me go see what Colt's doing?" Mike got up, went into Colt's room, and asked him if he would like to go out to dinner. The answer was like the charge of the light brigade; he was out in the living room in a flash. Well, we decided not to call Larry, and just drive ourselves to dinner. We had been doing that a lot over the past several years. I always felt it was imposing on Larry to just pick up the phone on a whim, and ask him to drop everything for us.

Mike went out to the garage, got the car, and pulled up, waiting for Colt and me. We all piled in, and Mike headed for town, and the Corral Steak House. Upon arriving there, we spotted Richard, with a friend sitting there.

Mike went up and said, "Small world, isn't it!" putting his hand out in a gesture to shake Richard's. Richard stood up and shook Mike's hand, then mine, and of course Colt's.

Richard said, "Let me introduce my friend, Andrew?" He made the introductions and then asked us to join them. Therefore, we accepted, seeing that they had just arrived as well. There was the typical small talk, that usually accompanies dinner.

Colt spoke saying, "Richard, you know I have to go see the judge, tomorrow, don't you?" He was looking somber, but seemed excited as well; I guess only our munchkin could have a look like that. I mused to myself.

"No, I didn't know that." Richard laughed jokingly at Colt. "How many times have you told me that this week?" Again, he smiled sweetly, at Colt. Then shook his head in amusement. Even Andrew was smiling.

Speaking of Andrew, I looked at Richard and kind of nodded in Andrew's direction, as if to have spoken the words, who is he?

"By the way, Andrew, here, is a very close friend, and is spending the next couple of weeks with me ... or should I say ... a real ... close ... friend!" Richard was glowing with pride, but Andrew was blushing some.

I spoke saying, "Welcome to our world, Andrew; you have a great guy there; take good care of him. We would be lost without our pilot." I was smiling with a huge smile. Mike was chuckling as well. Colt looked like ... what's everyone laughing about? And when Mike saw him, he really started laughing.

After we all had stuffed ourselves, the waiter brought the checks, I reached out and grabbed them saying, "My treat tonight!" Richard objected strongly, but I prevailed saying in a joking, but friendly voice, "I am your boss; now listen to me!" I then paid the waiter, but Richard insisted on leaving the tip, so I conceded. We all said our goodbyes, and left the restaurant.

Mike got the car, and again we were off to what I thought was back home, but Mike had decided on driving up the mountain to let Colt see the wonderful view of Casper at night from atop. As we drove up Casper Mountain Road, Colt was looking out the windows, then he looked at me, then back out the windows again. When we got to the top, Mike pulled up, stopping the car.

"Pop, this is close to where Star and I spent that night when I ran a... sorry, pop and poppa Mike, I'll never do that again!" I could see he had tears in his eyes.

I said, "I know that, son, and it was as much our fault as it was yours. But you do remember what we said, don't you?" Mike was looking at both of us, just waiting for Colt's reply.

"Yep." He replied, "There's nothing we can't talk about, right?"

Mike spoke saying, "You got that right, and never ever forget it, son."

I agreed saying, "You sure did, and another thing, both of us love you very, very much." I don't think there was a dry eye in the car right then.

Mike started the car and we were off heading back to the ole homestead. Joking and laughing all the way home, telling stories (knock, knock ones). Colt was as bad as we were with telling them. While Mike put the car away, Colt went out to say goodnight to his beloved horse, and I started a fire in the fireplace. The rest of the evening was spent sitting around the fire. There was some talk about the upcoming court visit tomorrow, but most of the chitchat was fun and games. We tucked our munchkin into bed and we both retired to our room.

Mike went in and filled the Jacuzzi and we undressed each other, like always, and settled into the hot water. We looked at each other not saying one word. However, we both knew this was a night of relaxation, just holding each other, caressing each other, and kissing each other. We just wanted to feel ourselves, feel the presence of being together. Feel the love we had for each other, even feeling the sadness that sometimes love brings. Even the overpowering of joy that love also brings. To all these mixed feelings, was added the realization that we were more in love now, than we had ever been. We spent the better part of two hours in that hot water, and that also drains you physically. But the power of love, without sex is draining as well, and that's what we were doing. We were feeling the power of love, without sex. God, what a wonderful, blissful feeling, that is. Even knowing that, we got up and dried each other, then crawled into bed, cuddling up, holding each other, as we drifted off into bliss.

Mike woke me up with a kiss, saying, "Did I ever tell you, I love you?" As I opened my eyes, he started tickling me. Then he said it again, "Did I ever tell you, I love you?"

"No! Never!" I got out from between the tickling and the kissing. A few minutes later, there was that knock on the door, knowing it was Colt, I said, "Go away, and come back another day, munchkin!"

However, were we surprised when Julie said, "Well, munchkin and I, have breakfast ready; remember, you have a court hearing this morning. And our young Colt is raring to go."

Mike replied saying, "We'll be out just as soon as we can." Then he got out of bed with me in tow and headed for the shower. After a quick shower together ... well, we thought it was quick, anyway ... we took care of the rest of the morning duties, and got dressed for our visit with the court.

Colt said as we entered the dining room, "Good morning, pop and poppa Mike, you are real sleepy heads!" He was excited, about helping Julie prepare breakfast for all of us.

Things got hectic after breakfast, for everyone. Larry came out to pick us up. Richard was there, trying to get the finishing touches put on the landing strip, and make sure the in-ground aviation fuel tanks were inspected and filled. I just thought, what a week this is going to be.

Larry dropped us off at the Natrona County Court House, then went to park the car. We waited in the lobby for Harvey to show up; when he entered, he told us not to be upset with anything Andy might say in the courtroom, and for us to remember he has his job to do. Then he winked at us. I half figured out what was going to happen. So I whispered my thoughts to Mike.

We entered the courtroom on the second floor, and the bailiff seated us in the front row. Colt was nervous, and I have to admit; so were Mike and I.

Then the court was called to order, with the clerk saying, "All, rise, and stay standing until being seated. The Superior Court of the State of Wyoming is now in session. The Honorable Judge Roy Franklin, presiding. The Case A 65578, in the matter of the Adoption Petition of Justyn Case Andersen and Michael Earl Hendricks Andersen known as the Adoptive Parents, is now open. All, please be seated."

I looked at Mike with tears in my eyes; I couldn't have cared less if the world was watching. I kissed him in front of everyone there. Colt was standing there in shock as well, but I don't think he realized what Mike had done.

The Judge knew this was going to be a surprise, as Mike had his name changed, on Friday, without telling anyone, other than Harvey and the Judge. What a wonderful surprise that was.

Judge Franklin spoke, "In this matter of the adoption of the minor child "Running Colt Johnson," does the state have any objections to my granting this adoption?"

Andy Higgans stood and spoke, "The Child Protective Services strongly object to the adoption of a minor male child to parents of the same sex, more so -- the sex of the parents both being male. The home life of said parents would not be conducive to bring up the said minor child in wholesome surroundings. We are furthermore recommending that this court remove the foster care licenses which they now hold." Then he sat down, not looking at us, just looking at the Judge; but he had a slight grin on his face. We both were shocked at what he just said. But Harvey was tugging on my sleeve shaking his head, indicating for us not to speak.

Judge Franklin spoke again, "Mr. Jackson do you have anything to add?"

Harvey stood and faced the Judge and began to speak, "My clients are caring and loving people that would never intentionally hurt anyone, let alone, this cute, lovable, child, sitting here with them. They have the means, and the ability to maintain a nurturing, loving, caring, and stable, home for young Running Colt. I think to remove this child from their home at this time, or any time in the future, would be devastating to his stability. I, therefore, humbly request that you grant this adoption, regardless what the state's recommendations are.

Judge Franklin again spoke, "I understand, son, you go by the name of Colt, is this correct?

Colt looked first at me, then at Mike, for some guidance. I said, "It's ok, son; stand up and answer the judge."

Colt stood up, almost as if he were standing at attention, with tears in his eyes and a worried frown on his face. "Y... Yes sir!

"Come here, son." Judge Franklin said, motioning him to come up to the bench. Colt, scared but proud, walked up to the judge. "Will you come back to my office for a few minutes, with me? Judge Franklin asked Colt. Colt replied, "Yes, sir." The judge got up and took Colt's hand and they walked back into the Judge's chambers, closing the door behind them.

While they were out of the court room we didn't speak, just kept looking, first one, then the other; between Harvey, Mike, Andy, and me, we didn't say one word, but there were all kinds of thoughts flowing in that room. About five minutes had passed when out of the Judge's chambers came a bouncing boy, with a smile from ear to ear. I was hoping he knew what we didn't.

Judge Franklin spoke in a stern voice saying, "After careful consideration of all that's been presented to me in documentation, and here in this courtroom, along with my private discussion with young Colt, there, I have one more question to ask of the respective adoptive parents."

The judge looked at me and said, "Justyn Case Andersen, do you fully understand that if I grant this adoption, there is no turning back; it's forever and permanent?"

I stood and solemnly stated, "Yes, I do, sir."

The judge looked at Mike and said, "Michael Earl Hendricks Andersen, do you fully understand that if I grant this adoption, there is no turning back; it's forever and permanent?"

Mike stood and said with a tear in his eye, knowing we were getting our munchkin. "Yes I certainly do, sir."

The judge then looked at our Colt saying, "Colt do you understand that if I grant this adoption, both JC, and Mike will be your parents and there is no turning back; it's forever and permanent?"

"Yes, sir, I do. And I want them, too." Judge Franklin just smiled a very little smile.

Then he started speaking to the court, "I hereby so order that this Adoption Petition of Justyn Case Andersen and Michael Earl Hendricks Andersen, known as the Adoptive Parents, and the minor child, known as Running Colt Johnson, be granted by the powers of this court. And be it further granted, that the said minor child be known from this date forward by the name of Running Colt Charlie Andersen. With all the duties of a natural parent and child relationship.

"Now, I have one other matter before this court. That affects the outcome of the preceding case. Request for Name Change for a Mr. Michael Earl Hendricks, who wishes his legal name, changed to that of Mr. Michael Earl Hendricks Andersen. Although this matter was previously signed before being entered into court, on Friday, last week, I have not yet issued the order. Therefore, by the powers vested in me, by the State of Wyoming, I hereby so order. Case closed." Then he hit the gavel loudly.

There were hugs and huge hugs and kissing all round the room. We didn't even see that Julie, Bill, Janet, Richard, Larry, and Ben, along with so many others from the ranch and the office, were sitting in the back of the courtroom. I looked at Mike and Colt and said, "I think it's time for a party." Everyone shouted "Congratulations; let's party!" I spoke saying, "You're all invited out to the ranch now, and we will have a party, just as soon as everyone gets there." I then called Domino's, and told them that we needed, for starters, 24 large pizzas delivered to the Lazy L. "... As for toppings, just mix them up. We're having a party." Of course, they needed my credit card number.

We all, Mike, Larry, Julie, and I, left the courthouse together and headed back to the ranch stopping only to get fuel and some party favors; it was like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years all rolled up into one.

Colt was sitting there saying over and over, "Colt Andersen, Colt Andersen; pop, is that for real? Poppa Mike, you are too, poppa Mike Andersen; now the whole bunch of us, is Andersen's" He was ready to bounce out of the car with excitement.

I spoke saying, "Yes, Colt, my son, its for real," as I looked at him and the moment started to sink in. My God; then it really sank in! I turned in my seat and looked into those beautiful emerald green eyes, saying, "And yes, my love, it's for real, Mr. Michael Andersen! Why in God's name did you do that?"

Mike looked back into my deep blue eyes, and said "Because I love you, and need you, and we are truly a family now, Mr. Justyn Andersen." He then leaned over and kissed me. Then Colt joined in a family hug right there in the car.

The others apparently drove in their own vehicles. By the time, we got back, Ben and the hands were already busy getting the grounds ready for the party. The party crowd grew rather rapidly, 'cause most, if not all, of them came directly from the courthouse, including Andy Higgans and Judge Franklin, just to mention some of them. There are too many for me to speak of here. The Domino's deliver guy showed up not too much later, with all 24 pizzas. Julie was the little trooper, and helped him with putting them out on the many tables that were set up. For a spur-of-the-moment party, it was looking like it was going to be a success, but what party wouldn't be when it was to celebrate the forming of the Andersen Family?

Mike, Colt, and I kind of went around the crowd talking and shaking a lot of hands. Colt was amazed at the number of people that seemed to know us and when he found out that most of them worked for Mike and me.

Richard came up saying, "I have a question, if it's not too personal?"

I looked at him and said, "Go ahead and ask, my friend," wondering why he would ask me if he could ask a question.

"I just noticed that Colt there has Charlie as part of his name? I think I know why but I am curious about it is all?" I could see he was just that. And he was grinning as well.

Colt spoke before anyone else could saying, "Cause I wanted that name, because that man saved my life the night he found me, and brought me to my pop and poppa Mike." I was watching him as he got an expression like he was deep in thought, then looked at Mike and me saying, "You are my real dads now, aren't you? Can I now call you dad and dad Mike?"

Mike spoke saying, "Son, you can call me anything your little heart wants to. Because I love you so very much!" Mike was somewhat shocked at the new event. And so was I.

I could just say, "Ditto, son, I would be honored being called dad or daddy, and I, too, love you so!" I reached out and hugged him again.

It seemed that we were standing in front of Judge Franklin and Andy Higgans while this exchange had taking place.

Andy Higgans smiled at us and said, "You guys let me explain something about what happened in court today. First, I want to say how happy I am for you all; you're going to make a great family, I can already see that just now. Second, I am sorry I had to act like I did in the courtroom today, but I was doing a couple things there. One, I had to say, what I did because of CPS views on this type of adoption and protect my job. Two, I wanted to be sure that that objection was overruled by the judge to keep someone in the future from bringing up that objection and trying to get his ruling overturned. Now, with that said and out of the way, I want to shake all of you guys' hands and wish you the very best, and be happy together; I certainly see you have a great start." We all shook his hand, and my God, you could have knocked Mike, Colt and me over with a feather.

Judge Franklin just looked at us with a very large smile and said, "Congratulations; you all make a wonderful family; just make each other happy." Then he turned and walked away.

To be continued...