A Second Chance, Part II -- Life Goes On
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This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 9

The party was a great success, as most unplanned parties are; it's when you try to plan them that they screwed up.

Richard had told us that the airstrip was completed and underground fuel was filled and the FAA has given us their blessing on the new runway at the ranch. In fact, the runway was paved, not just a dirt one, because we were going to keep it open in the winter, and it was much safer being paved. We even took Colt out and showed him that it was painted with a white center line and all the other markings a runway should have. Our munchkin was excited about us getting a plane. All the equipment to keep it open in the winter was already in the new hanger/storage building.

For some reason no one had told him about Cowboy or Buckaroo, not even Richard, had let it slip. He just knew that when I went on a business trip, I flew in a larger plane. It just never crossed our minds to tell him. But now I thought lets keep that as a big surprise for his birthday, December 6, we were going somewhere very special to celebrate his becoming a teenager. Therefore, I spread the word to all, about that secret.

Mike, Colt and I were sitting in the living room in front of the fire, it was starting to get colder at night, on the plains of Wyoming, and that's where we were, Winter wasn't far off now either.

Another day in dreamland was coming to an end. Colt was getting ready for bed, and Mike was closing up the house, while I got the Jacuzzi ready for our nightly routine. After tucking our munchkin in, Mike, and I got undressed, climbed into the hot water and took up our usual places.

We were both tired, happy, and god knows in love. Tonight we made wild passionate love, we explored each and every opening of the other's body, we kissed, and sucked, what seemed like every square inch of the other's skin. We even sucked each other's toes, and last but far from the least we enjoyed the other's magnificent member, which we shared, until we both had a beautiful climax, in the hot water. Then after drying each other off, we continued with our passion into the bed. By the time we drifted off into sleep, we had another wonderful climax; drinking, then sharing that wonderful mix of semen, tasting it and loving it, in our most loving and passionate kissing.

The next couple of days passed, with mostly the same routine. Thursday arrived, and this was the day Richard and Mike were going after the new plane.

We woke up at the sounds of our munchkin knocking on our bedroom door wanting to come in. Not thinking clearly I said, "Ok." Well to my surprise, he was in the door and on the bed before I realized that both Mike and I were naked and the sheet was off enough of Mike that Colt could see he was lying spooned up behind me, and both of us had a morning woodie, that he could clearly see. Also to my surprise, Colt was in just his jockeys. And wanting to get into bed with us.

My god, what a dilemma I thought, then Mike, as calm as he could be, said, "Come here son." As he rolled away from me, allowing Colt to get between us. Then he just pulled the sheet back up.

Colt immediately started hugging Mike saying, "Sorry poppa Mike, but pop told me it was ok to come in." Colt was blushing a bright red on his somewhat red skin, (pun Indian) then he rolled over and hugged me saying, "I love you, pop, and I am sorry for barging in on you, and poppa Mike." He was still blushing.

"I said, "You have nothing to be sorry about son, it was I that told you to come in. And really I knew this day would come, sooner or later." Then I looked at Mike, to see what his expression was. And as I knew it would be, he was grinning from ear to ear. Mouthing but not speaking, "God I love you."

We lay there and figured, well we have to get up, so Mike just got out of bed, naked but without the woodie, and calmly walked into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. Therefore, I thought to myself, what the hell, so I did the same, and of course, my manhood was a limp as a wet noodle. I was thinking to myself, god now what, we both just left Colt lying there, in the bed, and we didn't say anything.

When I got in the shower with Mike, I said, "Give him two minutes, and he will be in here with us." Smiling at Mike.

Mike said, "It'll be less than that," as he looked over my shoulder, there stood Colt naked, about to step into the shower with us.

I just said, "What the fuck! Come on in, son and make this a family shower, this morning." You can believe me or not, but not one of us got aroused, of course that could be because we each washed ourselves, not touching anyone else, but yet, it was absolutely wonderful, all of us showering together. After the somewhat shorter shower than usual, we dried ourselves off; Colt took off naked into his room.

Mike and I finished with the rest of the morning routine. Then headed out to the kitchen for some breakfast. There was Colt helping Julie again, god he was turning into a good cook as well as a wonderful son. We all sat down in the dining room to a scrumptious meal of a Western omelets, coffee, and of course a large glass of milk for our munchkin.

Mike spoke saying, "Richard is on his way here to pick me up, and so I am not sure when I will be home." He was beaming with a smile just knowing what a big surprise this new plane was going to be for Colt.

Colt said, "Poppa Mike can I go with you and Richard to get the new airplane?" You could see the excitement all over his face. Although he knew that, he was not part of the plan to pickup the airplane, because Richard had told him that, he (Richard) would feel much better if he waited until he could check the plane out for the first flight.

I spoke saying, "Son, you know what Richard said about the first flight, don't you?" You could see he was disappointed.

"Yes pop, but shucks I still want to go, but that's ok, maybe when they get home, he will take me up flying?" Both Mike and I were fighting hard not to give into his request. How could you say no to that cute boy? Nevertheless, we stuck to our guns.

I told him, "I am sure if you ask Richard when they get back, with the new plane, to take you for a ride, he would." That brightened his day for sure, because he beamed with the biggest smile, and then headed out the door to his beloved horse.

Richard arrived to pick up Mike, before they left, Richard went out to the corral, and talked to Colt, for a bit, after I had told him about the conversation at the breakfast table with Colt. Then Richard and Mike left, saying that they would be back around 3 or 4 PM, but they would stay in touch. As part of the new landing strip, there was, an aircraft radio transmitter and receiver located both in the hanger, and in my office. Of course, with cell phones, I didn't really see the need for it, but Richard insisted, so we have it.

I thought that I would take Colt; and just go into town maybe that would make him feel a little better knowing he still needed to get some school supplies. However, would that be fun for him, no not at all, shit, let me ask him, you don't know until you ask, right? I told myself, god now I am talking to myself. What has this boy done to me? So I went out to the barn finding him with Star; brushing him, I have to say; that horse looked like a polished onyx gem, that boy took better care of him than himself.

I asked him, "Would you like to take a trip into town, and go shopping for some school supplies and maybe a big strawberry sundae?" I figured that a little bribery would work wonders, and it did. So I got the car out and Colt and I headed for the Super Wal-Mart. We picked out a backpack that he fell in love with, because it had a black horse on it, plus the other items like pens, pencils, notebook paper, etc. Then we headed for the ice cream shop. Colt ordered a large strawberry sundae, and I ordered a small one. Colt devoured his, I just picked at mine not being a big ice cream fan.

It was after lunch now, so we headed home, along the way, Colt was watching the skies, looking for airplanes, and said, "What's our new airplane go'na look like pop?"

"Like an airplane," I said, with a snicker, looking at him for a split-second, because I was driving.

"Oh! Thanks! A lot!" Colt said in a matter a fact tone. Then said, "Why won't you tell me? Poppa Mike or Richard wouldn't tell either.

"Well son, it's like this, that's go'na be a surprise for you. So you will just have to wait until your poppa Mike and Richard come home with it." I laughed out loud, saying, "I got'cha boy!"

When we got back home, I went into my office and Colt went to his room, to mess with his new school supplies, and who knows what else. Time seemed to pass and over the radio, I heard "Lazy L, this is Little Colt, do you copy?" Colt heard that and came running into the office saying, "Pop is that them?" I just waved my hand in a "be quiet motion." So he just listened.

I picked up the microphone and said, "This is the Lazy L."

"This is Little Colt, we are about 20 minutes out, and have surprise for Colt, over." Colt looked like what did he just say, saying, "Is that the name of the new plane, pop?"

I answered the radio first saying, "This is Lazy L, message received, we will be waiting. Over." Then said to Colt, "Could be!" Just knowing he was curious about the surprise.

"Little Colt, over and out"

"There here, they're here!!!..." Colt squealed, as he was running down the hall. Stopping to tell Julie, "They're here, come see the new airplane, they're here!"

By the time I got to the kitchen Julie had her sweater on, and was about to go out to the hanger, so I joined her. Colt was not waiting for anyone, he was already there. I just thought to myself, wonder if he would be getting on the school track team.

Colt was looking everywhere and anywhere in the skies, looking so hard for that plane; however, Richard was sneaky and came in for the first pass over the ranch house, which was not the route you would take to land here. God, how great it was, because Colt was not looking in the right direction. Then, the next thing you heard was the sound of two roaring engines flying over his head about 50 feet off the ground, which scared the hell out of Julie, and startled me some, and I pretty much knew what was going to happen. Colt however, was shocked, as he only got a glimpse of it, as it passed overhead, extremely fast.

Colt yelled out, "There it is, pop! There it is!" He was jumping with joy, and as excited as I can ever remember him being. Of course, that is a hard one to gage with him.

I just said, "It sure is, son. Now watch closely!' They made several circles around the ranch, and started to climb, banking into an easy turn lining up on the runway. True to Richard's form, he set that cute plane down as if it was a feather, floating to the ground. I had to grab Colt, to keep him from running, out into the props. Richard shut the engines down, and Mike opened the backside door. Nevertheless, waited for Richard, before they both left the plane, and came over to see us.

Colt was not saying anything, he was dumb struck, looking at the airplane, and It was painted: White: With a bucking Black Stallion with a White Star on the forehead, on the nose cone. With "Little Colt" painted down both sides of the fuselage in black and gold script. Then he came to his senses, and yelled out, "Oh, it's got my name on it, and it's got Star on it too." He turned toward Mike, and ran to him, crying big crocodile tears of joy, and saying, "I love you!" He hugged him quickly, then ran to me saying, I love you too, pop!" He hugged me too. Then surprisingly he ran to Richard, and hugged him too, saying, "I love you too!" Then he ran to the airplane and went inside.

All I could say was, "He can't start it can he?" with concern in my voice. Richard just held up the keys, wiggling them at me, smiling, with an evil grin.

I just said, "Thanks for thinking ahead, might as well take him for a spin in it, or you will be pestered for the rest of the day."

Richard said, "Ok, but I want to take all of you up." Well, the plane held the pilot, co-pilot, and four passengers, with and extra jump seat if needed, so all of us got in, that was Mike, Colt, Julie, Ben, and me. Therefore, someone had to sit in the co-pilot's seat. So Richard said, "Colt, you come up here and sit with me right here, please," He was pointing at the co-pilot's seat. Colt was in that seat so fast; you would have thought he could fly the plane. And he would some day, but that's getting ahead of my story.

Mike closed and locked the door, I was sitting right behind Richard, and Mike sat right behind Colt.

Richard spoke saying, "JC, you, and Mike pick up those extra sets of headphones and plug them into those two jacks." Pointing at the jacks, by the two seats, we were sitting in. "Colt put on the headset that's hanging there beside you." Colt put on the headset. Then Richard did the same, then, I assume, we all heard Richard speak into the microphone, "Ok Colt, now let me show you how to start the plane. Reach over here, and flip that switch that says ignition. Make sure the key is on, and then pull that throttle back about half way."

Well, I am not going to take you step by step, how to fly an airplane, but I am going to tell you that our cute little boy, that day, started on an adventure that will be one of total amazement. Neither Mike nor I had found out much about Colt's IQ, but we figured it had to be high, he caught on to the task, so fast, that it was shocking, to say the least.

Richard had Colt taxi that plane to the end of the runway, turn it into the wind, and then, we took off. Richard seemed to be only lightly touching the controls, while he talked to Colt, but our son was truly flying that plane. We flew for over an hour. Richard had Colt doing right turns, left turns, steep climbs, shallow dives, stalls, etc. At the end of all that, we just flew straight and level for a while.

"Colt take it home and land it." Richard told him, Mike looked at me in total amazement, shaking his head. I was a little worried, but I did know Richard was not the type of person, to do this without knowing the outcome.

"No, you do it, I am scared!" we heard over the headset, as Colt spoke to Richard.

"Nonsense, you will do just fine, son!" Was Richards reply, and then he reached over and patted Colt on the shoulder.

"Help me please; I don't want to crash it?" Colt said stuttering.

"Relax, son, take it easy, and slow. I'm right here with you, so don't worry." How calming his voice was.

We all felt the plane began a turn and started loosing elevation. I remembered how the 737s felt when we started an approach, this felt the same way, only in a much smaller airplane. I had never really thought about what it was like, to land an airplane, but I was getting a lesson, and my son was teaching it to me. My heart leaped with joy as I though about it, `my son the pilot'. Then as we leveled off, we could see the ranch, about 10 miles in front of us, and we were lined up on the new runway perfectly. Then I saw Colt reach over and pull a lever called `Flaps', at that moment, again that feeling of just stopping in mid air came over me, and I am sure, everyone else on the plane. Mike was watching as intensely as I was. The rest of our friends were just looking on, with amazement. The closer we got the lower we got. What a wonderful sight it was, seeing the ranch from this vantage point was wonderful. I had never seen it from the air, and it was spectacular for the lack of a better word. And my God, our son, not the munchkin, but our son, was flying this bird, of course with the best pilot in the world sitting beside him, knowing that everything was being done under his watchful eyes. Still, Colt was doing the work, and flying his namesake home. We continued to loose elevation as we crossed the road, leading to the ranch house. Then with a very light bounce we were on the ground, then I saw Colt push with both feet on the peddles and we felt the braking of the plane, as we started slowing down. Then the plane stopped in the middle of the runway.

Richard said, "Now taxi it to the hanger son; you did a wonderful job on that landing."

We started to move again as Colt pulled on the throttles again, and the engines speeded up. He pulled the plane up to the same spot where we first got aboard. Then he pushed the throttles forward, and the engines slowed way down, then he reached over and flipped off the ignition switches, stopping the engines completely. We all got off and when we were standing outside the plane, we all gathered in a group in front of Little Colt. Ben took several pictures with the digital camera.

Richard spoke, "Colt, you flew that plane, I didn't do anything but talk to you, but you flew it. In addition, you did a wonderful job of it too. Before I'm done with you, you will be a fine pilot, one day soon, very soon." Colt was blushing a very bright red, and was hanging his head. But you could see the pride he also had in his heart. "Oh and I almost forgot something son," Richard handed him a Pilot's Log Book that he had already posted 1.5 hours student training.

We were home safe and sound, by the hands of our son, who was beaming with pride, and so were two very very proud new fathers.

To be continued...