A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Author's Note: This Chapter is dedicated to Mike and his family for sharing this tragic story with us. All of our sympathy goes out to you and all who have been victimized by prejudice and out right hatred of what they don't care to understand.

Chapter 10

Colt was awakened by a strange sight coming from the pool in their bedroom; there before him, came two of his teachers, Luke Running Bear and Gerry Shining Wolf. They were just standing there, completely dry, even though they had just gotten out of the pool.

Gerry just said, "Hello Colt, would you please gather Earl and Jack, we have a story to tell you that Charlie and James felt you boys needed to hear. That's why Charlie, James, Luke and I are standing here ready to fill you in on what happened."

Colt was stunned to the point of shock, not able to speak, he got out of bed waking JC, and still he grabbed his shorts and put them on. Then without speaking to them, he went to Earl's and Jack's room to wake them up.

JC didn't recognize the teachers at first, so he was quickly on the defensive and asked instantly, "Who are you, and what are you doing in my home?"
Before the teachers could answer, Matt and Mike both woke up. Matt saw them standing at the foot of the bed and said, "Dad, those are two of our teachers from Crazy Horse School, Luke Running Bear, and Gerry Shining Wolf. Why are you here?" Matt asked the two teachers.

"We have a story that Charlie and James felt you boys needed to hear, So Charlie, James, Luke and I are here, to fill you in on what happened." Gerry answered, "We are just waiting for Earl and Jack to come in here, with Colt."

Matt got up and grabbed his shorts, pulling them on. JC got up and did the same. Mike just said, "You don't mind if I just lay here in bed, do you? I have a sore leg." So JC, after putting on his shorts, got back into bed with Mike and pulled the covers up, then they lay back, propping themselves up on pillows, as they waited for the boys to return.

In Earl's and Jack's room, Colt told them to just put on their shorts, and that this must be important for Charlie and James to bring their teachers here. So both of them just donned their shorts and followed Colt back into the master bedroom. Once all four boys were there, standing next to their teachers, they all began hugging each other and of course shaking hands.

Gerry kindly said, "Why don't you boys all just have a seat there, on the bed with your dads, and I will tell you part of the story. Then Luke will tell you his part. I want you all to know that Charlie and James are standing right here with us. We know you can't see them, now, but you can see us, and I can tell you this, they are both very proud of you all, and so are we, and we all love you dearly." Both Gerry and Luke moved a few paces, and you could see they were each hugging someone else, and that someone was either Charlie or James.

Matt said, "We know our guardian angels come to us often, and of course we know that they can not be seen again by us. But we do love them both, and know they watch out for us." He was still a little scared of the unknown and showed it in his face.

Colt, with a fearful voice said, "Thank you Charlie, and you too James, for being here."

Earl and Jack were having a hard time understanding what the hell was going on. Neither of them had even heard about Charlie and James, being the boys' guardian angels. And now two of their school teachers were standing there in front of them, looking very much younger than they remembered them being, from their days at Crazy Horse. Earl just spoke saying, "Hi Gerry, you look so much younger now than you did in school?" He looked as scared as did Jack, Colt and Matt.

"Boys, that's some of what we are here to explain to you, as best we can. First of all, I guess you need to know that we are both in the ethereal realm, or as you know it as the 'Happy Hunting Grounds', and we are here with Charlie and James. Please don't be afraid of us; we are only here to tell you our story, and hope you can pass it on to others." Gerry stated, in an almost godly tone, one of calm and reassurance.

Matt said softly, "What happened to you? If you are both angels now." he was very upset, and showed it now.

Colt saw Matt was shaken up by what Gerry just said, so he pulled him closer, hugging him. While Earl and Jack were doing much the same, only Earl was already starting to cry, remembering the loss of his mother. Then Jack said, "Don't cry love, I'm here for you." That did it. All the Andersen's were now showing signs of sorrow for the teachers.

Gerry continued with his story by saying, "Well, let me tell you about Luke and me, and how we met." Gerry paused, and looked at Luke, and then he shed a tear before he continued to speak, "Luke went to school at Crazy Horse from elementary school through getting his bachelors degree in secondary education. Then he attended the University of Wyoming, getting his Masters Degree in education. He then returned to Crazy Horse, as a history teacher. Two weeks in to his third year, we met each other. If you can believe there is such a thing as love at first sight, you know we fell in love. I preferred the role in Indian terms, as that of wife, and he was my husband." All the time Gerry had been speaking, Luke was holding his hand, staring at him with love showing in his beautiful brown eyes. Then Gerry continued, "We made a home for each other, and shared many years, just a little over five to be precise, as a couple, deeply in love with each other." Gerry paused letting Luke have the floor for a little while.

Colt spoke hesitantly, "So you both fell in love and became a couple. How wonderful." He was still holding Matt in a loving embrace. While Earl and Jack were hugging each other as well.

Luke began to speak with a soft warm voice, saying, "Well, yes we did Colt, we fell in love, and committed to each other before god and our fore-fathers. Gerry was the wife, only in the fact he was the best cook, and prepared the most delicious meals anyone could have enjoyed. We were so very happy, and we made many friends. We loved our students dearly. You four were some of the most wonderful students we had the privilege of teaching. I had a brother who was also gay, and we use to have him visit from time to time. He really enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his. This next part I'm going to let Gerry tell. I don't remember it very well, as the mind in the after life forgets the parts that hurt too much to remember." Luke was beginning to become glassy eyed.

James and I were hugging them and trying hard to pass warm loving thoughts to all the boys, and to JC and Mike who were just lying in bed cuddled up with each other, taking in this very sad story.

Earl said, "Sorry, but what happened?" He was kinda becoming impatient, not wanting to show it.

Gerry took over, and began his story again, saying, "Luke needed to attend a function near our home. So I stayed home to prepare dinner for us. As I finished dinner, and was waiting for Luke to come home, I received the most horrifying call of my life. I was told that Luke was in the hospital, I asked what had happened and was informed that two teen aged boys had taken a baseball bat and beaten Luke nearly to death, he was still alive, and at the hospital. I immediately rushed to his side in the hospital, he was in a coma, and I stayed by his side day in and day out, holding his hand, telling him how much I loved him. They told me there was little chance he would recover, but I prayed and hoped for the best. His brother Edward joined me, at his bedside, holding his hands. We switched places just long enough for a few winks of sleep now and then. But no matter how much I wanted my husband back, our fore-fathers called him home. We stayed by his side for all of 10 days, while he suffered the cruelest death anyone could imagine." Gerry had to stop telling his story now, as he was crying pitifully.

Earl, Jack and the Andersen family were in tears as well, to a point that they welcomed the pause in the story.

Gerry finally regained a semblance of control of his emotions and continued his narrative, "Luke died one day before his 30th birthday. We had made plans to celebrate it together, by ourselves, at a quiet little restaurant we dearly loved; instead I had to plan a funeral for the love of my life, and husband. We had talked about what we would like done, if one of us were to die before the other. We just had not wanted it to happen at such a young age, and by such a violent means." He was crying big tears, as he continued the story, "I had Luke's body cremated, and I took his ashes up on the mountain carving, there at Crazy Horse, and his brother and family and I, scattered them with the great chief." Gerry looked tired, and was clearly in distress over the telling of this story.

Jack asked, "What happened to the assholes that killed him." He didn't care if anyone liked what he said or not.

Gerry grinned through his tears, saying, "They killed him, not for being gay, they killed him because he was an Indian, and then they pleaded guilty, and were sentenced to life in prison, without parole. They are now serving out there life sentences in South Dakota's State penitentiary. Of course that would not bring back my wonderful husband. I went into a deep depression over the next few weeks, and was becoming unable to function as a teacher or a human being. I will have to stop the story here, and let Luke continue, because what happened to me is foggy now, and I am not sure what happened."

Luke just hugged Gerry, and with deep emotions and a soft voice, began telling Gerry's story, "Well, like Gerry already said, he went into a deep depression, and was not able to teach properly, and requested some time off, which, now that I look back on it, was a big mistake. I felt then, and I still feel, he should've buried himself in his work, but he didn't. In fact, the more he thought about it, the worse he slipped into deeper depression. I tried very hard to watch over him, let him feel my presence, and let him know that I was alright, and would wait forever for him. His mind was in a fog, though, and not able to accept what had happened." Luke was now crying and holding Gerry very close, while tears continued to stream down his already tear streaked face.

"What a shame all that had to happen to you two wonderful guys. You were both real good teachers." Matt stated, with sorrow in his heart, which clearly showed on his cute face.

Luke, gathering his wits about him, began telling Gerry's story again, "Gerry taught home economics, and was a wonderful teacher, but was so very determined to end his own life, and join me. He felt he could no longer stand to be on Earth alone. His own father, a chief of his own tribe had disowned him, because of our partnership." Luke's tears welled up again, but he continued, "I was devastated when I felt his thoughts, and I tried ever so hard, to stop him.

Luke stopped talking again, long enough to kiss Gerry, drying their tears, and then picked up the story again, "Well, Gerry made up his mind, and this was less then a month after I entered the 'Happy Hunting Grounds', and just before the end of classes for the year. He sat down and wrote an e-mail to the school administrator, telling him he could no longer bare to be without his partner, Luke. Gerry then took his car, just off campus, parked and thought for a long time, then pressed down on the accelerator, and drove head on into a tree. The state police, being unable to notify the next of kin, which was still listed as Luke Running Bear, notified the school. The school administrator called the only person he knew would give a damn about Gerry, my brother Edward, to inform him of Gerry's attempted suicide. Yes, attempted, because at that time Gerry was in a coma, at the same hospital I died in. Edward flew out to be by Gerry's side, as he lay there in the hospital, for three weeks, in a coma. Edward prayed for him, hoping as he had done for me. Gerry finally found me waiting with open arms, just one day after his 29th birthday." Luke was a flood of tears at this point in his story, and had to stop and take a little break. But so was everyone in the room.

Matt and Colt were crying, and needed support, so they got up and moved to the big bed, and crawled in with JC and Mike, hugging their dads as tightly as they could, without hurting them.

Earl said, through streaming tears, "Would you guys mind if we join you? We need someone to cuddle with right now."

JC spoke, saying, "Come on boys, you're welcome to join us anytime." He already had two boys cuddling up with them, and he knew that two more wouldn't hurt.

James and I were also crying, no matter how many times you hear this story, you are moved to tears. And I for one, will never understand how anyone could inflict that much hatred or pain on anyone. Those boys didn't think of how much, what they did would effect so many other people. And even if they had, they more then likely wouldn't have cared anyway.

Finally, Luke was able to again resume telling the story, "Now my beloved brother Edward was planning yet another funeral, that of his brother-in-law Gerry, just a little over a month after his brother Luke's. He was devastated, because, of course, he loved both of us, and now his entire life had been turned upside down. He had Gerry cremated, as per his wishes, and took Gerry's cremated remains to the great Chief Crazy Horse and scattered his ashes with mine, there. That is now our special retreat; to us it is holy ground."

Luke paused for a few minutes, again, gathering his strength and calming his emotions, and then he continued with his own thoughts. "I am happy I have my Gerry with me, don't get me wrong. I just hate what happened to him, and to those still left behind, who still miss him so very much. There are those that also miss me, but I had no choice. Gerry did to himself what he felt he had to do. He was driven to a point where no person should have been. Those boys not only killed me, they killed Gerry, as sure as if they had beaten him with the same bat. Still, Gerry was wrong in taking his own life. And as for that, I can't speak for him. All I can do is love him, with all my heart and soul, for eternity." Luke now pushed Gerry away, so he could get a good look at him. Smiling through his tears, he said, "It's your turn now my love to finish this story."

Gerry was broken hearted, and wished he didn't have to say what he was about to. "I know, I was wrong in what I did to myself, but all my love and hopes were dashed and crushed, when that bat did it's damage. I know there are those that loved me, not in the way Luke did, but loved me for me and what I stood for. I always tried to instill in others, that prejudice and bigotry were dangers, that would hurt many more than just the ones harboring it. I guess I had to be the one trying to prove it." Gerry turned to Luke and said, "I love you more then life itself, and I guess I just had to prove that, didn't I?" he was smiling at his lover and husband.

JC said with a heavy heart, "My god, what a terrible, terrible tragedy you have told us about. I have never thought about someone having to go through what you two have. What more can I say, other then your story will never be forgotten, in this family."

Luke said, "Thank you, we want to thank all of you. I can feel in your hearts and minds that what we have told you has touched you deeply. Charlie and James just felt you needed to hear it from us, and those two have helped us in so many ways, I could never began to tell you all of them."

Colt got up and went to them, and hugged them both, saying, "You were the best teachers we ever had, and I love you both. I will never forget your story either."

Matt said, "Gerry, you were a swell teacher, and if I had known what happened, I would have been there with you, if not in body, at least in spirit. You will always have my admiration and love. Luke you were just... well crap I can't find the words to tell you how I feel. I will never forget you and what a wonderful person and teacher you were. But now, you are another one of our many angels we love so dearly." He was smiling through tears and hugging them both.

Jack said, "Sorry Gerry, I only remember Luke, and I am so sorry for what you both have gone through, as for you, Luke, you were one of my favorite teachers, and I too love you." he went over and hugged Luke, and then went to Gerry and hugged him too.

"I just don't know what to say, it's just so sad, all this crap had to happen, over a couple punk kids, thinking they were tough, and had a yellow streak down their backs, having to gang up on a person, because of the color of their skin." Earl remarked, as he continued to cry for his teachers. He then got up and went to them, hugging and kissing them both.

I told James, "Look at the love in this family, I am so proud of them all, every last one of them. I thanked both Luke and Gerry for telling their story to our family.

James just hugged them and said, "I hope you have peace, now that you have gone through hell."

I asked Luke if he would tell the family we will always be with them, and we will watch over them in good times and bad, no matter what might happen to them, before they too had to leave this earthly plane, and could not be seen again on earth. They gave up that privilege for us and our extended family.

Luke spoke, saying, "I am so glad I got to see all of you boys again, as well as your two wonderful dads. Charlie and James just asked me to tell you that they will always watch over, and be with you. I am afraid both Gerry and I must be going, and like Charlie and James, we can never be seen on earth again." He then walked over to the side of the bed, and reached over and hugged, and kissed JC and Mike.

Gerry said, sadly, "I too must bid you all a farewell, and thank you all, for listening to our story. Luke and I will always be together, now. I wish you all the best in your lives to come, and I hope you have wonderful and joyful lives together. But sadly, I too must leave." He followed Luke over to the bed, as soon as Luke was finished hugging and kissing the two dads, he too leaned over and hugged and kissed both JC and Mike.

Then the entire family said, in unison, "Goodbye, dear friends."

With that they turned, took a few steps, then both of them walked into the pool, and vanished forever, leaving behind a tale that the Andersen family would not ever forget.

The family just sat together on the bed for some time, thinking to themselves about the tragic story that had just unfolded before there very tear filled eyes. When Matt spoke, saying, "Pop and poppa Mike, why are there such hurtful people in this world?" Knowing that answer would never come, for no one could ever answer it.

Mike just said, "No one knows, son, all we can do is pray that someday it will all end." Mike took both boys in his arms, and hugged them, strongly, while JC pulled Earl and Jack into a deep embrace.

Colt spoke up and said, "Do I smell breakfast?"

Earl said, "I hope so, I am really hungry," drying his eyes.

They all got up, and headed for their showers. They needed to get a move on, since they knew that Richard and Andrew would be soon waiting for them, in the dinning room.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

I again want to thank Mike for sharing this very tragic story with all of us, you the reader are the most important people, we needed to share this with.

My Co-Author and Editor have so eloquently stated below my personal feelings on the subject of this chapter.

Also I want to again thank Darryl for his help and additions to this and many other chapters of "A Second Chance".


Editor's Note:

Tickie and I are honored and proud that we were allowed to bring you this heartrending chapter in the lives of the two teachers, who's lives were ended in a similar manner to the way this chapter described it. I hope we were able to do justice in the telling of what happened. Of course, Names and certain events were altered to protect the identities of those involved. The events depicted here are, sad to say, all to true to life. Many people have been badly hurt or killed because of senseless violence. We as adults, need to teach our young people that human life is precious, and shouldn't be taken away and that no one deserves to be hurt for being different from someone else, whether that difference is race religion or even sexual orientation. Please let us know if you got any good from this chapter. By the way, if there is a story or incident that you would like to have us share with the readers, feel free to pass it along, and we will do our best to include it in an upcoming chapter. I can't promise you that we will be able to do it, but we will certainly try. Stories like the one in this chapter, no matter how sad they are, deserve to be related to others. Thank you for reading this chapter, and I hope you will continue to read and enjoy the story.

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