A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 11

It wasn't long before the Andersen's, all four of them, were seated in the dining room with hot coffee, waiting for the rest of the bunch to arrive. Julie was preparing a nice breakfast for them before they departed for the Lodge in Canada.

Andrew spoke, as he entered the dining room, "Good morning all, the old man is right behind me." he said that with a cute but sinister smile on his face.

Colt just looked at him and said, "He's not that old!" speaking in defense of there buddy.

Matt echoed much the same, saying, "Good morning buddy!" just as Richard entered the dining room, getting himself a cup of coffee, then sat down next to Andrew, giving him a warm smile.

Andrew looked up to see Earl and Jack coming into the dining room, arm in arm with kind of a sad look on their faces. Then he said, "What's wrong guys, someone spoil your day already?"

Earl just shook his head and said, "We just had some old friends tell us a very sad story." Then pulled Jack over and sat down next to Colt and Matt.

Colt began telling Richard and Andrew the story that had just unfolded in the bedroom a while ago; he did a fine job in re-telling the story, and to a point he had the entire family including, Richard and Andrew, in tears again. Then he just said, "Sorry to have brought everyone down again, but you needed to hear it as much as we did, guys." pausing for a few minutes, then he said, "Enough of that, now, let's eat and have some fun today."

JC remarked, "Thank you Colt for telling that story so well, I don't think I could have done it." He was being very sincere about it, and then said, "As for today we need to leave here pretty soon, if we are still planning on going up to the lodge today."

Richard had checked the route and said, "Well, our trip today will take us up to White Rivers, Ontario. That's just a little over 1100 miles, so Little Colt could make the trip on full tanks, but that's stretching it a bit. I think we need to stop for refueling somewhere along the way. Maybe St. Paul, that would be good, we have to fly over Lake Superior, and that's like flying over and ocean." He began laughing about that.

Colt said quickly, "I'll fly us bud, unless someone else wants to do it?" He was looking at the other pilots in the bunch, waiting for someone else to speak up.

Earl said, "I can do, it if you want me to?" He said that with a look of hesitation, wanting to offer his services but, thinking, 'I really don't want to do this, but they are being so nice to us.'

JC ,looking pleased with his new extended family, looked directly at his oldest son, and said, "Colt, you will do just fine, and I'm sure if you get tired, there will be plenty of other pilots aboard." then he broke into a hearty chuckle.

They all stopped talking as Colt got up and went into the kitchen to help Julie carry out a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, fresh OJ, and of course her home made biscuits and gravy. She was planning on filling everyone to over full before they left for the day. Everyone dug in like they were eating their last meal, and before long everyone was stuffed like little porker's.

Andrew, thinking, 'wonder how cold it will be up there?' asked, "Do you think we should take some warm clothes?" he was looking at Richard when he said it.

Richard answered, loud enough for all to hear, "That's not a bad idea, it could get rather cold up there, so I suggest you all grab a warm jacket." then he headed for the hanger.

Everyone ran for their rooms to retrieve a warm jacket, and their overnight gear, then headed for the hanger. Richard was already there and checking out Little Colt, making sure he was topped off with fuel, and drinking water. As soon as Colt and Matt arrived, they started their preflight inspection of the little guy, while the other's all boarded and got themselves seated and buckled up for the flight.

As soon as Colt and Matt were finished with their inspections, they too boarded, closing the door behind them. Colt just spoke quickly, saying, "All of you, check under your seats and make sure you have a life vest. I don't want you having to use it, but you can never be too careful, guys." giving them all a cute little Colt evil grin.

They were soon airborne and winging their way toward the Lodge near White Rivers, Ontario. In flight, everyone could hear everyone else through the headsets, the plane was now equipped with enough headsets for everyone to have one, and be plugged into the plane's communications system. Of course the pilot could control what the passengers could hear as far as what was being said between him and the air traffic controllers, and other aircraft.

I looked at James and said, "It's so funny having them all with those headsets on, so they can here each other, and all we need to do is listen." I was laughing most of the time I was saying that.

James pulled me into a hug and kissed me, saying, "You're an evil old man, Charlie, but you know what?"

I just asked, "WHAT?" giving him an evil little grin.

"I still love you, and always will!" James said between kisses and hugs.

The weather was great, and everything seemed to be going well. St. Paul was close. Colt just announced, "I'm going to land for top off time, that's for the plane, and us too, and then he chuckled into the microphone."

Everyone else just more or less agreed, into their own microphones, which had everyone pulling off their headsets, shaking their heads and rubbing their ears in pain from the sudden loud jumble of noise. It wasn't long before Little Colt was on final approach, into St. Paul, at a private airfield that Colt knew about, that had a nice restaurant they could all have lunch at, while Little Colt was being serviced.

They landed and Colt taxied up to the hanger, and shut down the engines. Matt got up and headed back to the door, opening it, saying, "Time for lunch, all, let's go."

JC was the last one off Little Colt, as he emerged from the plane saying, "Lunch is on me, guys, so let's go." He had a larger then life smile. He reached out and got hold of Colt in one arm and Matt in the other, and headed off toward the smell of food.

Mike looked around and found Earl and Jack standing close to each other, so he too said, "Come on you two, our treat." then he took one of them under each arm and pointed them in the direction that JC, Colt and Matt were going, saying, "Come on, you two!" He looked at Richard and Andrew, as he grinned his widest grin.

Those two just followed, arm in arm, behind Mike and were goggle eying each other, like two love sick puppies. It was so cute to see them doing that.

Once inside the restaurant, they had to wait a bit for the staff to set up a table large enough for the group of eight. As soon as it was ready, they all gathered and sat down. The waitress began taking their orders and as soon as everyone finished ordering, JC spoke up and said, "I'll take the bill for all of us." smiling at the middle aged woman.

While they were waiting, JC took out his Cell Phone and placed a call. The others just talked softly as JC continued his call.

JC said, "Hello, is this the White Rivers Lodge?"

"Yes it is, can I help you sir?" was the response on the other end of the call.

"Is Joel McCarren there, this is JC Andersen calling." JC said, in a professional manner.

"One minute sir, please hold, I'll get him for you." came the response from what sounded like a younger man.

It didn't take to long before JC heard, "Hello this is Joel speaking; can I help you Mr. Andersen?"

"Hi Joel, I hope you're not full, I have a party of eight coming up today, to see the property." JC asked with a little grin on his face, as he looked at all of them sitting around the table, he also noticed they all had stopped talking and were paying attention to his conversation with Joel.

Joel responded to the question saying, "How long are you planning on staying?"

"Just tonight, we will be departing in mid morning sometime, I should think." JC stated.

"Well we can put some up in the lodge, and others in cabins if that's ok?"

JC replied simply saying, "That's fine, I will need a room with two large beds for my partner and my two sons. And two others with large beds for two other couples. Will that be a problem?"

Joel just said, "That will be just fine, we'll have them all ready for you."

"Oh and one other question, I understand you have an airstrip and fuel for small planes at the lodge?" JC asked with a questioning look.

Joel stated openly, "We have facilities for small aircraft up to twin engines and fuel, along with a nice landing strip with full lighting, that is radio controlled."

JC said, "Ok, Joel; we should be arriving sometime this afternoon to early evening."

Joel said, "I'm looking forward in seeing you and your family, JC, see you when you get here."

JC simply said, "Thanks Joel, see you soon." then he closed his cell phone as the waitress started bringing out their lunches.

Colt spoke up saying, "Pop, who is Joel?" He was still chewing a bite of his sandwich.

JC answered, "He's the manager, and I think we might want to keep him, from what I heard from the owners." He was smiling at Colt's interest.

Earl and Jack were like two love birds, they just couldn't keep their eyes off one another, squeezing each other's hands, and making love with their beautiful eyes. Matt looked over and said, "You know, no one could ever guess, you are a couple?" giving the other boys a little grin. Then he asked, "Have you two committed to each other yet?" now with a look of admiration and caring.

Earl said, "No, not yet, we haven't had the time, but we would love to!" he was holding Jack's hand and smiling at him.

Jack grinned saying, "Yes we would love to, as soon as possible, thank you!" giggling in response to the question and Earl's answer.

JC spoke up quickly and said, "That can be taken care of, as soon as you two want to sit down and let me know what you need and want to do. I'll take care of it for you," giving both Earl and Jack a heartfelt warm smile.

Earl and Jack, in unison, said, "No, you don't have to do that!" both with looks of surprise.

JC said, "I know I don't, but I am." in a matter of fact tone, in his voice. Then he looked at his own two sons and said, "Don't you agree?" expecting a reply.

Colt, with a mouth full, just shook his head in agreement, while Matt said, "Totally, I feel the same way pop." then returned to feeding his face.

As soon as everyone had finished eating, JC handed the waitress three one hundred dollar bills and told her, "That should cover it, and the rest is for you dear!" giving her a warm smile. As the rest of the party started out of the restaurant, heading back toward Little Colt.

She just said, "That's too much sir!" then tried to hand one of the bills back to JC. He just waved her off with a cute little smile. "Thank you so much sir!" she said smiling at JC.

Colt and Matt again inspected Little Colt and made sure the plane was topped off with fuel and drinking water. Richard also checked out the plane, I guess that's the professional in him, but he always did it, and I'm sure he always will. While all the inspections were going on the rest of them got in and got themselves buckled up for the next leg of the trip.

As soon as they were airborne again, Colt said, "Take a look outside guys, looks like the Pacific Ocean out there. Good thing we have good instruments or we might just be flying in circles." He then busted out laughing, as did the rest of them. It seemed like hours of nothing but water in view but soon there was the sight of land in the distance. Colt again spoke, "Land ahead, and we should soon be landing."

Everyone just looked out their respective windows; some could see land and others couldn't from the angle of the plane. But it wasn't long like Colt had said and they were approaching White Rivers Lodge. From the plane you could see the lodge and some of the cabins, it was beautiful, and the place was surrounded with pine trees. The lake that was in front of the lodge was gorgeous, a deep blue color. The air strip was just south of the lodge and there was plenty of room for Little Colt to make it's approach as well as the landing. Like always Colt or Matt did a fine job, of making the trip fun for all, I say Colt or Matt because you never knew who was actually flying Little Colt; they seemed to have been taking turns. They taxied up to the only hanger at the air strip and parked Little Colt. Everyone got up and headed for the door as Matt opened it.

Joel met them as they got off the plane saying, "Welcome to White Rivers Lodge, fellas!" He had a very warm and inviting smile on his face. He also was a gorgeous hunk of man. Stood about 5'11" had a good tan, blond hair, with green eyes, and a swimmers build.

JC said, "Hello Joel, nice of you to meet us here." He then spoke to everyone saying, "Don't forget your stuff guys." That was to inform everybody not to forget jackets, and overnight gear, which was very little as no one brought more than a change of socks, underwear, and overnight toilet articles.

Joel told us, "Come on guys, and just follow me." Then he headed off toward the lodge.

As you entered the Lodge, you were awed by its majestic beauty. The main lobby was huge, with a large stone fireplace in the center of the room, where you could be seated completely around it. There were many overstuffed chairs and sofas, all in leather. There were mounted fish, mounted deer, moose and bear heads, hanging on the walls along with some beautiful oil paintings from the areas around the lodge. There was also a set of stairs that went up from both sides of the room onto a second and third floors with complete balconies, where the rooms opened out on to them. The place was very well kept, and looked to be in excellent condition. Everyone just drooled over the place. The front counter was long and the guy standing behind it was as cute as a bug's ear. He looked to be maybe 20 to 25, stood about 5'10", hazel eyes, tanned well, with beautiful blond hair, and an average build.

Joel said, "Everyone, this here is my partner, Aaron Nelson!" He was smiling at his partner, who was blushing a bright red at the introduction.

Colt just said, "Nothing to be blushing about Aaron! We are all partnered up, here." Pointing at JC, Mike, and Matt he said, "All four of us are partners, the two older ones are our dad's, and Matt and I are brothers, but together we are the Andersen family." He was so damn cute, telling this, that everyone relaxed, including Aaron. Colt continued pointing at Earl and Jack saying, "These two are partners, and our close friends, and self proclaimed brothers." again, pointing at Richard and Andrew, he said, "And last, but not the least, our mentor and his partner, also self proclaimed family members." Everyone was chuckling at Colt's introductions, including Joel and Aaron.

Aaron spoke quietly, saying, "Would you like me to show you to your rooms now?" He was so cute, now that he had stopped blushing a bit.

Mike said, "That would be great; why don't we all go get freshened up a bit, and meet back here in the lobby in about 30 minutes?" He looked like he needed the use of a room for a bit, as did the others.

Aaron took JC, Mike, Colt and Matt up to the second floor, and to their room. The room was very nice with two king size beds and a sofa. It had a large screen TV, and small refrigerator and microwave. There was a nice size bathroom, with a tub and shower, that was separate. Once they were inside the room, he asked, "How do you like this room, I have another if you would like to see it?" He stated more than asked.

JC responded saying, "This will be fine." then he looked at Mike, for his approval.

Mike nodded back, saying, "I like it, how about you two?" He looked at Colt and Matt.

Matt just agreed, saying "It's great, just wish we had our own bed?" with an evil grin on his cute face.

Colt just poked Matt in the ribs and said, "Me too!"

With their approval of the room, Aaron excused himself and headed back to show Richard, Andrew, Earl and Jack to their rooms. They all were going to have cabins, just next to the lodge, so they left the lodge and headed just west of the building. The first cabin was a double, so at one end, he put Richard and Andrew, and at the other end he put Earl and Jack. Aaron waited until he was sure that they all were happy with their respective rooms before he returned to the main lodge.

Back in the Andersen's room, JC and Mike were taking a quick shower, and as the boys joined them, the whole family started playing their family games, but they soon figured that they really didn't have the time right now, for what they all really wanted to do, so they just finished up, dried each other, got dressed again in fresh undies, and put on the same clothes they had been wearing before.

Entering the lobby, JC, Mike, Colt and Matt found Earl and Jack sitting on a sofa, waiting for them. Soon Richard and Andrew entered the lobby. JC asked where the dining room was, and Aaron pointed toward the double doors at the other side of the lobby. Then he told them that dinner was served from 4 to 10 pm, breakfast was from 7 to 10 am, and Lunch was from 10 am to 2 pm daily. JC thanked him, and the group headed for the dining room for dinner.

They all headed into the dining room and Joel met them and joined them. He said, "Would you mind if Aaron joined us?" he had a table already set up for ten, and it was obvious to everyone that he had planned this well.

JC, being the spokesman for the group said, "Of course not Joel!" They all began sitting down for the meal, then.

Seeing the table was already set up, everyone gathered around, and sat next to or across from their partners, Of course it was setup with two chairs side by side at the head and foot of the table. The long side had three chairs next to each other. So JC and Colt sat side by side at the head of the table. Mike and Matt sat at the foot of the table, next to each other, while the other's sat across from their partner's, Richard across from Andrew, sitting closer to JC. Then came Joel, across from Aaron, then Earl and Jack across from each other, next to Mike and Matt. Surprisingly, they had quite a menu and a nice size kitchen staff. So a nice looking waiter came in, taking their drink orders, and then returned to get the meal orders. They all enjoyed themselves, and had a wonderful meal. Plans were made for touring the lodge the next morning. Before long, since everyone was extremely tired from the very long day of travel, excused themselves and soon headed off to their respective rooms.

That night in the wonderful night air, there was lots of love exchanged among partners. The Andersen's only used one of the king sized beds, for they were too sexually hot and horny to sleep in separate beds. Even though they were tired, they enjoyed a long slow passionate lovemaking session together. JC and Mike were together in a sixty nine, Colt and Matt were doing the same, but they were not fingering the love canal of their sucking partner, they each were fingering the other set of partner's rosebuds. Which was a big turn on for everyone. There were groans, moans, grunts, and down right beds squeaking sounds, that no doubt, could be heard in the main lobby. But who would ever tell the new owners to be quiet? No sooner had they come down from there high, than they were off into dreamland, spooned up tight like they did when the boys were young; it was so cute and adorable, and it reminded James and me how wonderful their lives were.

Even James and I were in bed with them again,
and it was ever so much fun. Of course we helped keep them awake, long enough to have the well earned love that they wanted and needed. Of course we also made sure the others were enjoying themselves to the fullest.

The other's took care of their partner's needs long into the night, with the soothing sounds of the wild, just outside, making the mood so romantic and wonderful for everyone. But like the others in the lodge that night, they too ended up in a wonderful blissful sleep. We made sure that they all got the fullest most restful sleep they had ever had, and we knew they would wake up fully refreshed.

As the day began to break over the Eastern sky, the forest was coming alive and the new day was upon them, Matt, surprisingly, was the first one to wake up, and of course was stuck between Mike and Colt, so he had to just wait until someone else began to stir a bit, or wake up Mike. God, he really had to pee badly, so he gently nudged Mike, hoping he would wake up.

Matt just looked over at him and said, "Pop I've got to go, please!" he was waring a cute 'please help me' smile.

Mike just said, "Sure, I need to use it too, Son!" so he slid out of bed carefully, allowing Matt to slide out as well, but that started the whole show on the road, because the movement caused Colt to stir, followed by JC. Soon they all were heading into the bathroom. They figured, they might as well finish getting up, then, so Colt reached into the shower, started the flow, and adjusted the temperature.

Colt said, "It's ready," he then took off his necklace and placed it on the counter top where he could find it, and so did the rest to the family. "Come on guys, let's get a move on, we have a busy day." of course, they all were still sporting their morning wood.

The rest stepped into the shower and it was kind of crowded, it was a large shower, but for four? They managed it though, with the help of their hands taking care of the objects that were taking up too much room between them. As they finished and began to dry each other off, continuing to take care of their other chores, such as shaving each other, etc. They reached for their necklaces. JC simply said, "I can't remember which one is mine?" he was so cute, with a mischievous look on his face.

Matt said, "This one is mine, I remember where I put it," giggling at his pop with a cute boyish smile.

Colt took the remaining three and handed JC his, and then Mike his, saying, "You know what? We need to mark these some way so we don't get them mixed up. I always want to wear the one I was given at the ceremony." He was chuckling with a little Colt snicker as he left the bathroom.

Mike just agreed saying, "I have an idea, I saw something down stairs last night." not saying what it was but he knew what he was going to do.

The Andersen's entered the lobby area again, and continued on into the dining room for breakfast, finding Richard and Andrew sitting at a large table, drinking coffee and chatting. Richard looked up at the four of them, as they approached saying, "Good morning you guys, you look rested this morning." He looked happy, and you could tell that, by the way he was smiling and resting his hand on top of Andrew's.

JC just sat down and nodded, saying, "I, for one, feel great. I had a wonderful night." he and the rest of the family had that cute sexy smile of contentment.

Mike, before coming to the table, excused himself and said, "I'll be right back, I need to see Aaron for a second." He limped off toward the front desk, he was still in a little pain, but his leg was feeling much better, and the trip was not bothering him near as much as he had thought it would. It was definitely on the mend.

Colt and Matt looked around and saw that they could get their own coffee at a drink bar that was set up in the corner of the room, Colt said, "Pop, I'll get your coffee," getting up and heading for the table, with Matt just a step behind him. Upon returning, Colt sat JC's cup in front of him and Matt set down a cup for Mike, when he would return.

Mike came hobbling back into the dining room, with a big grin on his face.

Matt told him, "Poppa Mike, come sit here next to me, I have your coffee already for you."

Mike sat next to Matt saying, "Thanks for the coffee." he had an evil little grin on his face as he continued speaking, "I have the answer to our necklace problem, guys," holding out his hand, he showed them a hand full of little colored plastic split rings, about the size of pencil erasures they use on some fishing tackle. He said, "Pick your color guys, and we can put them on the clasp, and we will never get them mixed up again." he was so cute, thinking to himself, 'See I have a brain too.'

Matt reached out saying, "Great idea, poppa Mike." he picked up all the red ones saying, "Red's my color, you guys fight over the rest of them." chuckling over the choice.

Colt took all the blue ones saying, "Well blue is my favorite color." then he took his necklace off and attached the blue split ring to the clasp, then put his necklace back on.

Mike looked at the remaining colors and said, "JC, which color would you like, love, the boys' didn't leave us a very big choice?" giving the boys an evil little chuckle.

JC said, "You take the color you like best, love, I'll take the one that's left." he argued jovially, smiling at Mike.

Mike just picked up a green one and a yellow one, and then put his hands behind his back and mixed them up several times and said, "Pick a hand, my cute love?" JC pointed to his left hand, so Mike brought out his left hand, and laid the green split ring in front of JC, saying, "Looks like green is your favorite color, and mine is yellow." While they were picking their colors, Matt had attached his red split ring to his necklace.

Colt said as he reached for JC's, "Dad, let me fix that for you?" so JC took off his necklace and handed it to Colt. He took it, attaching the green split ring, then got up and placed it around JC's neck, then he leaned down and gave his dad a cute kiss on the cheek saying, "All fixed dad." then he returned to his seat.

Matt gestured for Mike to follow suit and he did, taking his off and handing it to Matt. He attached the yellow split ring to Mike's necklace, then took it over and placed it around Mike's neck, attaching the clasp, saying, "There you go, dad, all fixed." grinning at his dad, as he too kissed his dad on the cheek, not to be out done by his wonderful brother, giving Colt an evil little grin.

While all this was going on, Earl and Jack had come into the dining room and noticed the group sitting at the large table, so they joined the group, saying in unison, "Good morning!"

Colt pointed at the drink table and said, "Coffee is over there, guys." smiling at his lost friends, thinking, 'how nice it was to have them back in their lives again.'

I looked at James and said, "Isn't it wonderful seeing the family so happy and content. I just wish it would stay that way forever." reaching out, pulling James into me, hugging him tightly, knowing that forever is only possible here in the ethereal realm.

James just looked at me with glassy eyes and said, "I know love, I know!"

To be continued...


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