A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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Co-Author & Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 12

As soon as the buffet breakfast was set up at the tables, the group got up and headed over to help themselves. Upon returning to the table they noticed Joel and Aaron were coming toward them.

Joel spoke saying, "Well guys, we can start the tour as soon as you folks have eaten. You don't mind if we join you, do you?" not waiting for an answer, he and Aaron went over and filled some plates with food, then returned to the Andersen's table.

Colt said, "Nice to see you both again, this morning; sit down and join us." then he looked at Aaron and said, "how was your night?" he was trying to be polite, and make conversation, knowing that their night was more than likely as wonderful as theirs had been.

Aaron spoke with a sheepish grin, saying, "Great as always!" He gave Joel a great big sexy grin. Then he pulled out a chair for Joel, then one for himself and they both sat down, joining the rest of the group.

JC said, "After we eat, I would like for us to break up into two groups. Richard, Andrew, Earl, and Jack in one group, Mike and our son's and me in the other group." He was telling this to Joel, then he continued, saying, "Joel, you can take my group, and show us the business operations. Maybe Aaron can take the other group, and check out the recreation part of the operation." he stopped and waited for a reply.

Joel spoke quickly, saying, "That sounds good to me, is that ok with you Aaron?" he looked at his partner with a serious expression.

Aaron replied, saying, "No problem, I would be happy to show them around." smiling at the group as a whole.

Joel said, "Ok then, I think we can have you ready to leave by 10:30 or so, if that's ok?" he was looking at JC for some sort of conformation.

JC simply replied, "That would be nice, but we don't have a specific time that we have to leave," smiling at Joel, then he continued, "But 10:30 would get us home at a reasonable time tonight."

They all chit chatted for a little while, until they had all finished their breakfast, then they split into two groups as previously agreed upon. Joel took his group and headed for the office, while Aaron took his group off toward the lake front and the boat docks.

While in the office, the Andersen's were going over the books, and the employee list, Colt said, "How many employees do you have working at one time? It seems that you have a large number of employees on the list here." handing the list to Joel.

Joel just looked at the papers Colt had handed him, saying, "Well, this list shows all of them, we have two or three crews, kind of." He was clearly trying to figure out how to explain the list to them. Then he continued, saying, "We have a spring and summer crew that works mostly with the vacationers and fishermen crowd. And those are more specialized in horse back riding, and fishing. We have another crew that works in the fall, with the hunters, and those guys are more into the hunting and guiding specialty, then of course, there are also those that love to just come up and visit anytime. And for the latter, we have some general guides." Then he looked at the other papers that Matt had handed him and said, "Yes, those are the documents on our horses, we have 42 at the present. We have enough tack for 50 head, and most of it, isn't that old and it is in excellent condition. The horses are all well broke, and are great for the novice riders." He was grinning at the two boys, thinking to himself, 'These boys are sharp, and know their business well.' He was feeling very much relaxed, now that he had got to know the Andersen's, he felt he wasn't going to lose his job, after all. So he began to really tell them how the place was being run, by the present owners, and what he felt could be improvements, and if he had his way could be made.

JC looked at his sons and said, "Well boys, this is your property, if we buy it, so you guys figure out what you want to do, I will support anything you decide on." He loved every second of this, watching his two son's thinking and struggling with this important decision. But he knew well that they would make the right one.

Colt looked at Matt and said, "Brother, we need to talk to the others before we decide on anything, don't we?" he was so serious, it was almost funny, to see him like this. The little boy in him was fast fading with the weight of this decision on his and his brother's shoulders.

Matt's look was much the same as Colt's, saying, "Yes, indeed we do!" He agreed with Colt, and then he looked at his two dads, saying, "You guys are making this tough on us, aren't you?" He gave them both an evil grin.

Mike said, "Sorry boys, but you have to grow up, sooner or later." He was laughing at the boys, but it was a laughter that was not meant to be funny, but more a laughter that showed his love and concern for them, it was evident in his smile and in his eyes as he continued looking at his two wonderful sons.

JC nodded his head in an agreement with Mike saying, "Sure, guys, it's a tough decision, but everything in life can be tough if you don't think about it, you need to make the right one. It's too easy to make the wrong ones in life. I know you both better than you think I do. I know you will make the right choice." He reached out and took Colt's hand, then he reached over with his other hand and took hold of Matt's hand, while holding them, he continued, "I love you both, and what ever you decide on, I will be here for you always!" The two boys had tears in their eyes, trying hard to hide them from Joel. It didn't work though; Joel clearly saw their overwhelming love showing through.

Joel smiled and said, "It's alright guys, I just wish I had as loving of parents as you both do." then he took the papers, and put them back into the file cabinet. Then he asked, "What else can I do for you?"

Meanwhile out at the boat docks Richard, Andrew and the other boys were looking over the recreation operations of the lodge.

Richard, knowing JC, Mike and the boys trusted him to let them know what they needed to know about the outside operations, asked, "How many and what kinds of boats do you have?" he gave Aaron a little grin.

Aaron replied, saying, "That's a long question." then smiled as he continued, "We have 12 each 16 foot boat with 9.5 horsepower motors for the fishermen to rent. Then we have 6 each 20 foot ski boats, with 110 horsepower motors that we also rent out. Some of our fishing guides have there own boats, and if they do, we pay them differently than the guides that use our boats." he took a deep breath, as he finished speaking.

Andrew asked, "Do you have lifeguards on duty, and do you offer an area for swimming?" He was concerned about this, as he used to work at a camp, before that got sued out of existence over a swimming accident.

Aaron thought about the question and said, "Well, not really, the water is so cold here that hardly anyone goes swimming. If they do, we tell them it's at their own risk." he looked at Andrew and acted as if he were freezing, then he smiled at him with a cute grin.

Earl looked at Jack and said, "Did you hear that? I think there are some horses somewhere around here?" he was chuckling at Jack, and Aaron was thinking to himself, 'How did he know that, the horses were not close by.'

Aaron said out of curiosity, "How did you know that?" he was truly wondering.

Jack said, "Well, we have sort of a gift, that is, we hear and understand horses, and other animals. Don't ask me why or how we do it, we just can!" Aaron looked on with disbelief.

"Could I see you talk to some?" Aaron asked, sheepishly.

Earl just said, "Well, sure, but you will have to take our word for it. Unless you can understand them." He was chuckling, as they all headed for the corrals.

At the corrals, there were only 5 horses still there; the others were all being used by the other guests of the lodge. So Earl and Jack struck up a conversation with them. Of course Aaron was shocked, but could not believe they were really talking to the horses, well, not talking to them, for everyone could talk to horses, but he couldn't believe the guys could understand what the horses were saying back, until one of the horses said, "I have a rock under my rear left shoe, could someone get it out for me, Please?"

Earl and Jack in unison said, "That one there has a rock under her rear left shoe." grinning from ear to ear as they told Aaron.
"She says her name is Kandy, and she likes you a lot. Aaron. Earl giggled. "She said you always give her apples, and she said to thank you for doing that."

Aaron went over and picked up Kandy's left rear hoof, and sure enough, there was a rock stuck under it. He took out his knife, popped the rock loose and Kandy nickered "Thank you."

Earl said, "She just thanked you." he then looked at Aaron with a 'see I told you we could understand them expression on his face'.

Aaron just shook his head in amazement, and said, "I guess you were telling the truth, otherwise, besides the rock thing, how could you have known her name was Kandy?" Then they climbed out of the corral. Kandy and several other horses said, "Bye, it was nice to meet you. Thanks again." Then the group finished their tour of the outside grounds. It was vast and beautiful, with well kept grounds. It surprised all of them how well kept the place really was. Richard was sure that JC would be happy with the place.

Earl and Jack were kind of thinking to themselves, 'I would love to come up here on vacation, if we ever get a chance.' then they hugged each other and smiled.

Time was getting to the point that the two groups needed to get back to the lodge and meet up for the flight home.

Colt spoke first, saying, "Dad and Poppa Mike, Matt and I think this place would be a bargain at twice the price they are asking. We definitely think we should buy it, and we definitely need to have Joel and Aaron as the management team. They work perfectly together, and they also love the place and are taking very good care of it. We should also implement all their suggestions for improvements to the place. Everything they suggested seems to be a sound idea. I can picture this place becoming like a second home for all of us.

The Lazy L is a great place, but this place is so cozy and laid back, and everyone here is really friendly and kind. The animals are all being cared for properly. I over heard the horses telling Earl and Jack that they are happy and well cared for. There is even a small dairy heard here. There is nothing better than fresh chilled milk. They also have their own chickens so there is a good supply of farm fresh eggs. All in all this is a fantastic place. We really should buy it."

JC smiled broadly and said, "I knew you would recognize the value of this place, guys. This is a gold mine; if it is properly taken care of it can bring in a small fortune, but even if it didn't it is worth buying if for no other reason, than to make sure that Joel and Aaron have a job for the rest of their lives if they want it. I bet this place is beautiful at Christmas time, all decorated in evergreen boughs and with a giant Christmas tree in the great big entryway. You could put a twenty foot tall tree in there. It would be simply beautiful. We have to come back here sometime around Christmas." Everyone gathered for a group hug and then took turns hugging Joel and Aaron. Everyone was beginning to cry when it was clear that it was time to leave. They all promised to come back soon, and Joel and Aaron were invited to come visit the Lazy L as soon as they could find the time to get away for a week. Colt and Matt volunteered to come and get them and fly them to the ranch. They both agreed to come visit as soon as the arrangements could be made.

"It looks like we have a new project to work on, and we have definitely made some new friends here too. Thank you Dad and Poppa Mike. We love you." all the boys chimed in.

There is a lot of comfort here, I said to James, as I held him in a tight embrace and kissed him deeply. Tears filled our eyes as we thought of what this place will mean to the people we loved more than life itself.

"There will also be many lessons to learn here as well." James told me softly, "This will be a place for healing later. I am glad we can be here along with Joel and Aaron, to help them when they find they need extra love and compassion. Life is full of lessons, I'm afraid." I said, as I stood next to James and held him to me.

Everyone climbed on board, after Colt and Richard inspected the plane. Everything checked out perfectly, and soon we were in the air once again, heading for home.

They got a good start and were airborne again by mid-morning so they would get home at a decent hour tonight, again they planned on stopping in St. Paul at the same restaurant, the food was good, as was the service. The trip over the lake was nice, but again boring. JC and Jack had fallen asleep in their seats, while the others were either reading or listening to Colt and Matt when they allowed them to hear. But most of the time everyone else was talking to their respective mate, while Colt and Matt were talking intimately to each other in private. I could tell you what they were talking about but James and I figured they have a right to their privacy too. I know their hands were doing as much talking as their mouth's were. At around 2 pm they landed at the small airfield in St. Paul.

They woke up the two sleeping beauties and they all piled out of Little Colt and headed into the restaurant again, and to their surprise, the lady that waited on them before was again waiting tables, so they made sure she waited on them.

JC just went up and asked her, "Hello, would you be willing to serve us again, Ma'am?" He had his usual warm smile on his face.

She just turned and saw who was speaking and smiled, saying, "Of course! I would be most happy to!" knowing the nice tip she got the last time. She thought, 'I'll even do better this time, whether I get a tip or not.' smiling at all of them as she set up a large table again for the group.

Once everyone was eating, JC looked at Earl and Jack sitting next to him and thought. 'How nice it was to have them back on the ranch and working for them.' Then saying, "Well, you two look happy, when are you planning on going out to Charleston?" then he took another bite of his burger.

Jack looked at JC, and as soon as his mouth was empty, he said, "I think probably in the morning, we need to get rid of that apartment, you know we never used it much." he and Earl snickered with those special cute grins of theirs.

Earl then spoke, "We were thinking tomorrow morning if that's ok with you folks?" He had a serious expression on his face, then he glanced over toward Colt and Matt, shrugging his shoulders as if to say, 'is that ok with you two?'

Matt picked up on it and told Earl, "That's a good plan, the sooner you guys get that done, the sooner we can go camping." He was grinning with excitement in his eyes. Then he looked at his pop and said, "That is what you had on your mind, wasn't it dad?" grinning at his pop.

JC just nodded his head in agreement, as he continued to eat. Then he spoke, saying, "Yes of course, I think we all need to relax and have a good time and enjoy the mountains again." He was smiling as he glanced at everyone sitting around the table. But more so at his lover, Mike, who was intent on finishing his food.

"God yes!" Was Colt's response to the conversation that was going on around the table. Then he said, "I have plans for you two." as he looked directly at Earl and Jack. They were now staring back at Colt, when he continued, saying, "And so do the ponds!" thinking, 'were going to dunk them in that ice water.' Then he broke out into an outright laugh, so hard that everyone around the table had also started laughing with him.

Richard and Andrew were intent on paying attention to each other, more than what was going on around them. But when the laughter broke out, they too were caught up in the euphoria. Then Richard said, "True! Both Andrew and I are excited about the camping trip." He was holding Andrew's hand as he spoke. Andrew nodded in agreement with Richard, and then took another bite of his sandwich.

The meal was over, and again JC picked up the tab, and tipped the waitress well again. They all departed and headed back to Little Colt which had been serviced by the airport personnel. Of course, the plane was again checked by Colt, Matt, and of course Richard, before they all boarded and took their seats again, for the remaining part of the flight home.

Earl and Jack spoke, saying, in their own way, "Why don't you let us take the last leg, guys?" they wanted to do something, and they were very good pilots.

Colt said, "It's all yours, fellas!" He gestured for them to take the pilot's and co-pilot's seats. He took Matt's hand, pulling him into the seats where Earl and Jack had been sitting. With everyone buckled up, Earl started the engines, then he taxied out to the end of the runway, and radioed the tower for clearance. Upon receiving it, he pushed the throttles forward and Little Colt came to life. They soon were airborne and heading for the Lazy L. The flight was smooth and uneventful, so much so that some of them were tired enough to fall asleep again, but this time it was Colt and Matt who drifted off to dreamland. They were so cute, Matt had his head on Colt's shoulder, while Colt had his head resting on top of Matt's head, and both were purring like two little kittens.

JC was holding Mike's hand, he pointed at their sons, and whispered into Mike's ear, "God, how I love those two kids."

Mike squeezed JC's hand and whispered back, "Me too, love, me too!"

James and I were watching them all, as they winged there way home, and we wondered how things could get any better for them. I took hold of James, pulling him into a warm loving hug, then I kissed him passionately, mumbling into his ear, "Want to join the mile high club?" then I bit his ear. He is still the cutest thing in heaven or on earth.

"Ow, stop that!" James said, grinning at me.

"Stop what?" I muttered again, and then kissed him harder.

"Biting my ear, that hurt!" James stated.

"You baby! You know you love it, when I do that." I said, while I still held him close.

James and I enjoyed the rest of the flight back to the ranch, and we did join the mile high club on that wonderful trip.

The trip to Canada was now coming to an end, as Earl said, "We're home guys, I see the ranch and the airstrip, straight ahead, make sure you are buckled up, I'm going in for landing." Just then, they could feel Little Colt's flaps being lowered, and the air speed being reduced. It wasn't long and we could see the ranch from the air. That was always a wonderful sight, with the green, green grass of home in sight, they all breathed a little easier. Earl set Little Colt down so soft and easy that you didn't feel the wheels touch, just the applying of breaks, as he slowed down the plane, then taxied it into the hanger area. Then Jack got up and went to the door, as Earl shut off the engines, then he opened it for everyone to deplane.

Colt and Matt didn't even wake up until Earl shook them, saying, "Ok, sleepy heads, we're home." waiting for them to move, making sure they were indeed awake.

Colt rubbed his eyes, smiling at Earl, saying, "Nice flight, I guess. I didn't realize we were so tired, buddy." then he helped Matt to his feet, and off of Little Colt.

Once everyone was outside Little Colt, Richard said, "You all just go inside, and I will take care of getting the bird ready for your trip tomorrow." He was telling Earl and Jack this, but both of them insisted on helping him.

Jack just told him, "We're the ones going to use him, so we need to help." giving Richard a cute but firm smile. All the while checking the plane, and helping him clean the windows, and refilling the water tanks, as Earl was refueling Little Colt. Once everything was ready for the next day's trip, Richard and the two boys headed into the house.

Everyone in the extended family ran off to their respective rooms, and got freshened up a bit before they all returned to the dining room for a late dinner. Julie had prepared a delicious Italian lasagna, in a huge baking pan. There was a large green salad, and garlic French bread. Of course with a family of eight, now, it took a huge pan of anything to feed them all. Yes, it was late, and the trip had them all pretty tired, of course some of them had managed to catch a few winks on the flight, but that kind of sleep isn't truly restful, as they all would soon find out.

JC said, "Well now that we're home, what did you all really think about the Lodge?" he opened the floor for discussion of the prospective new property." He was thinking, 'It's a done deal, I know Mike and our son's like the place.' and knowing how most of them already felt about it, he just grinned at them all, with a knowing look.

Mike, you could tell, was happy he had gone, and was really excited about it, saying, "I fell in love with the place, honey, as soon as I saw it. I think it will be a great place to get away to, from time to time."

Matt was breaking a piece of garlic French bread off the loaf, as he spoke, "I think it's just great, Pop! Thanks for finding it!" then he continued to eat.

Colt took the bread from Matt, breaking off a hunk, Saying, "Great find, Dad! I love it, and I hope we can take another trip up there real soon. It is a nice change of pace, and Joel and Aaron are just terrific. I can picture them easily becoming part of our extended family."

JC nodded and spoke saying, "Well, I'll make the call in the morning and let them know that we will take it, then." Then he asked, "Could someone pass me the salad?" Earl handed him the bowl of salad. "Thank you, son," JC replied.

By the time they had finished dinner, they all decided to go into the living room until their food was digested a bit, before going to bed. About an hour later, they all started excusing themselves and going off into their bedrooms for the night. Richard and Andrew were the first to leave, saying their goodnights to the rest, as they left the living room.

They were soon followed by Earl and Jack, who said, in unison, "Goodnight you all, and thanks for a wonderful trip. See you in the morning." then they headed down the hall into their new room. They were still having a hard time believing it was all for real.

Earl said, after they were in their room, "Jack, can you believe all this? We have to be the two luckiest guys in the world, to have friends like them. They are more like family than friends." he was hugging Jack now.

Jack mumbling as he kissed Earl, "Yes love, we are very lucky." then as he broke the kiss said, "I don't know what we did, to deserve it, but what ever it was, we are truly a lucky couple." He then began to undress his partner; of course, he was also being undressed by Earl.

Soon the two of them were naked, and rolling on top of the bed, hugging and kissing each other, passionately. It wasn't long before they were in a sixty nine position, and working on each other, with all the love and passion they had been denied by their previous employer. It didn't take them long before their towering infernos were erupting into each other's mouths. They were getting the dessert that had not been eaten earlier, but certainly was being enjoyed now.

JC, Mike and Matt were heading into their own room, and heard the moans and groans coming from the room across the hall. After they entered the bedroom, they looked at each other and grinned broadly, knowing that as soon as Colt was finished locking up the house for the night, they too would be doing much the same.

Colt entered the bedroom and noticed that his partners were all grinning with cute little sexy grins, he asked, "What did I miss?" with a snickering chuckle.

"Nothing, my sexy, wonderful man!" Matt laughingly said as he and Mike started undressing each other.

JC said to Colt, as they started undressing each other, "Jack and Earl were kind of having a ball, or is that four balls, as we came into the room." He was smiling and had a sexy cute grin as he bared Colt's chest. Playing with his nipples as he removed his son's shirt. After Colt's shirt was removed, JC leaned down and gave Colt the cutest raspberry on his sexy tummy. Colt, in turn, was disrobing his dad in much the same way, playing with more than his nipples as he removed JC's underwear. Soon there was the sound of the raspberry, once again and the giggles from Colt and JC were utterly cute.

Matt had Mike down to his underwear in seconds, and then pulled him off into the bathroom and the hot tub where he started filling the Jacuzzi with hot water. He was followed soon by JC and Colt. They all got into the tub, sat back and relaxed for a few minutes.

It was not too long, though, as they all very nearly fell asleep in the Jacuzzi. They got up and dried each other, then they all headed to the big bed and crawled in ready for a lovely time of wonderful love making. Mike took Colt and placed him on his back, raising his legs up and exposing his cute little very private part. He wanted to make love to his oldest son, tonight. Meanwhile, Matt guided JC, placing him on his back, and then positioning himself, so he too could make love to his pop. They were tired, but not so tired that they could not show how much they loved each other. We sent them energy to help relieve their tiredness.

Mike slowly entered his son, with a long slow movement, after lubing up his pucker well, with some KY jelly. Then he leaned over, and started kissing him, their tongues began playing with each other, doing the dance of love, as they kissed so hot and passionately. All the while, Matt was doing much the same with his pop. JC was now moaning loudly, with the pleasure of being loved by his younger son. Matt was not only pumping his love shoot with long slow strokes, he was kissing him with passion, but he was pinching his nipples, and causing some minor pain of love. This was driving JC wild with the feeling of pure joy, and he wanted it to last forever. All the while, Mike and Colt were moaning and panting, as they were increasing the speed of their lovemaking, to a point where even the bed was starting to shake, with the fast jerks. The shaking of the bed was turning both pairs of lovers on even more, if that was at all possible. But what ever happened, it was getting close to a huge climax for both pairs...

Mike pumped harder and faster, as he let out with, "God, I lo....ve you so.....n!!!" as he shot his load into Colt. Colt almost at the same instant, let out with a groan, as he too shot his load onto his own chest, then Mike licked him clean, telling him, "I love you, so very much, Son!" Matt heard his brother's groan, and of course, that did it, he too started unloading his creamy white love juice into JC's cute little spot, saying, "I'm commmmming, pop, oh go...d, I'm here..!!! Then JC unloaded onto his chest, hitting his own nipple with his thick white and tasty, non dairy creamer. Matt just started kissing his nipples as he licked up JC's present that covered his chest.

They all got into a four way hug, and then pulled the covers up and spooned in for the night, saying together, "Goodnight, my lovers!" then they all began falling asleep one by one.

James and I kept sending all the love we could, to Richard and Andrew. Then we did the same to Earl and Jack, knowing those two were making up for lost time. So we did our best to make it as special for them as we could. Then, for our own special family, we watched them, and enjoyed doing so. For we could see that we had made the right choices.

I just went over to the bed, and kissed JC on the cheek, he moved slightly, rubbing his cheek where I had kissed it. James did the same, and almost woke him up. Then we both kissed Mike on the cheek as well, and he too moved and scratched his cheek. It was so cute, knowing they couldn't see us, but they could feel us sometimes. Then we both looked at the two sleeping boys, that loved their dads so much, and wanted the whole world to know it.

We kissed them both, and they too, moved and brushed their cheeks. We knew they would always love, and be loved.

To be continued...


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Editor's Note:

Well, I think it is wonderful that the family is buying the lodge in Canada. Joel and Aaron are very fine people, and will make great new family members, I'm sure. Everyone had a great time at the lodge, and now that JC, Mike and the boys own the Lodge, all the improvements that are needed will get started. There will be no cutting corners when JC or Mike is involved. It is wonderful that Earl and Jack are able to spend time with each other again, and won't get separated any more. JC won't stand for that. It was so cute to see the boys listening to the horses. I really like this story. Thanks Tickie, for writing it.

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