A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
(Copyrighted by the author)
Co-Author & Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 13

The next morning found Earl and Jack getting up rather early. They didn't want to bother the rest of the family, so they just took their showers together and of course took care of their morning woodies, and then got dressed and headed out into the kitchen.

Julie was there; sipping on a cup of freshly brewed coffee and smiling at them, saying, "Good morning you two, you look really happy today." giving them a warm grandmotherly smile as was so normal for her.

"Good morning, Julie!" was the boys' reply, as they too poured themselves some coffee. Then sat down with her.

Earl said, "We had a wonderful time yesterday, up north, with the family, but today, Jack and I need to fly out and get our stuff and close out our old apartment." he and Jack could smell the aroma of Julie's well cooked food, so they were looking for it.

Julie noticed their smiles, then she went to the oven and opened it. Pulled out a pan of biscuits, and pointed at the stove saying, "The sausage gravy is in the large pot on the stove, boys. Just help yourselves, it's very hot, so be careful." again, she was grinning at them.

"Thank you, Julie; you do know we love you!" Jack said, then took a few biscuits, and ladled some wonderful sausage gravy over the top. Then continued, "Your here awfully early, aren't you?" He looked at Julie with an early morning smile.

Earl got himself a plate full of biscuits and gravy for himself, then he too sat down with Jack and Julie.

"Not really! I come in about the same time every morning. It takes a while for me to get the morning meal ready, but mostly, I enjoy just being a morning person." Julie said, cheerfully, as she continued sipping her coffee, and watching the two handsome young men she had grown to love, sitting at the table with her. "Is it Charleston?" she asked. Thinking, 'That's where they are going, if I'm not mistaken.'

"Yes! That's where our old apartment is located." Earl replied, at Julie's statement. Then he started chowing down on the fantastic breakfast.

Julie got up and went to the refrigerator, opening it and poured a couple glasses of orange juice for the boys, then she placed them on the table in front of them. Each of them thanked her, but they continued eating rather quickly. They were in a hurry to get on their way. It wasn't too long and they had finished breakfast and excused themselves.

Earl, as he got up said, "Julie, that was a truly great breakfast, hon, and would you please let the rest of the family know we have gone to Charleston," giving her one of his real cute smiles as he left the room.

Jack stood up and hugged Julie, saying, "Wonderful meal, Julie, and thanks so much." then he started to walk out of the kitchen too, but then he turned back to her, saying, "Would you also tell the guys that we should be back here late tonight or early tomorrow." She didn't even have time to acknowledge them before they were out of the kitchen and well on their way to the hanger area.

Earl, as he got to the hanger, opened it; and both he and Jack pushed Little Colt out of the hanger, then they closed the hanger doors. They both got into Little Colt, after checking him thoroughly, outside, and making sure the plane was ok and ready for their long flight to Charleston.

Once inside the plane, Earl said, "It's so nice to be taking this trip with you! I love you so much, you know that don't you?" he was smiling at Jack with the cutest sexiest smile.

Jack blushed a bit, saying, "Yes, Love, I do! And I love you even more every day." He pulled Earl into a tight embrace and planted a big wet kiss on his lips, then he said, "That will have to do, sweetheart, until we get to Charleston."

"Why?" Earl retorted, with a frown on his face.

"Cause I'm teasing you, you big hunk." Jack giggled with a twinkle in his eyes and so much love in his heart, it was about to burst.

Earl said, "You know that's over 1600 miles without a kiss, don't you?" knowing Jack was just playing with his emotions, as much as he loved it, he still had not completely gotten over the fact they had been separated by the previous employer for too long. He was very deeply in love with Jack as well.

"Well, I guess I can make an exception to the rule then!" Jack said, into the headset, then he leaned over and kissed Earl on the lips, pushing his lover's headset off to one side of his face. Then he began laughing at the sight.

"Damn it!" Earl said, as he grabbed the headset, keeping it from falling off. Then he leaned over and grabbed Jack and pulled his headset off and planted a huge passionate kiss on his mouth, deep tonguing him, then grinned at him saying, "If we don't stop making out, we'll never get this done." As he spoke he started the engines, one at a time until Little Colt had come to life, they let him warm up for a few minutes. Pushing the throttles forward, bringing the plane onto the runway, then they gave him full power, as Little Colt raced down the runway, becoming airborne rather quickly. They turned east and were on their way toward Charleston.

The sound of Little Colt taking off, woke Matt with a start. He jumped, with a jerk and in doing so, he woke up Mike.

Mike said, "What's wrong! Son?" somewhat worried at the sudden actions of his younger son.

Matt, realizing that Little Colt had just taken off, said, "Nothing now, poppa Mike, it was just, Little Colt taking off, so I guess Earl and Jack just left?" then he began to stretch his arms and back, reaching over and rubbing Mike's chest saying "You are so nice to look at first thing in the morning, poppa Mike." then he leaned over and kissed Mike on the cheek.

Mike pulled Matt even closer and kissed his son on the lips, saying in a half mumble, "I like real kisses!" then he continued to passionately kiss Matt.

Colt woke up next, seeing his brother and poppa Mike making out, then he spoke up saying, "No fair, I want some, nookie, too!" so Mike reached over and pulled Colt into the same hug that Matt and he were already in, then he kissed Colt on the lips, with the same passion he had just shown to Matt.

Well now, JC was coming into the world, as well, stretching his limbs, looking at the group hug, and saying, "Looks like I'm the last one, again this morning."

Colt broke the hug that he was enjoying with his poppa Mike, turned around on the bed, pulled his pop into a huge bear hug, and began kissing him with passion. Then he said, "Time for a swim, I'd say, the last one in has to blow everyone else." then he started for the pool entrance, dragging his dad with him.

Matt carefully pulled Mike up off the bed, trying not to hurt his, still somewhat sore, leg, knowing it was now safe for Mike to go swimming. They both, jumped into the pool at the same time. Matt spoke up as they entered the outside part of the pool, saying, "I guess poppa Mike and I owe you two, a good blow job, seeing's we were the last ones in the pool." then he smiled broadly at his pop and brother.

"That seem like a good idea, Son. Yeah, that's a very good idea," JC replied, "Hell; you know I'd never turn down the chance to get a blow job from any of my loving family. I'm certainly not going to turn you down this time, but I think since we are in the pool already, maybe we should swim a few laps and have a little fun in the water first."

Everyone agreed with that and they all began to swim laps for a while. Then Colt dove underwater and pulled JC to the bottom of the pool, for a deep, passionate, underwater kiss. That started the real fun going, as Matt pulled Mike under and did the same thing. They started switching partners and generally had a ball, playing like school kids dunking each other, and splashing each other; giggling and grinning. The prize for the one who got tagged each time was a wonderful deep kiss and a bear hug. Strangely, no one seemed to object to getting tagged.

"I think we should probably get out of the pool now," remarked Colt. "We all seem to be looking more and more like prunes, here. Besides I think there is a debt that needs to be paid, if I remember correctly." He looked at Mike and Matt, and grinned his cute Coltish grin.

They all climbed out of the pool, dried off and headed back to the huge comfy bed to take care of the payment.

"I'm not quite clear on this, exactly. Do each of us have to blow each of you or do I blow one of you and Mike blows the other one?" Matt asked smiling, broadly.

"Well, I guess we'll leave that up to you two since it wasn't actually spelled out, you can do which ever you like. I hope you choose the first one, but what the heck, next time we will be more specific." JC answered. "I tell you what; I think I can solve it to everyone's satisfaction. We will do a daisy chain. Matt, you blow me, and Mike you blow Colt, while I blow mike and Colt blows you. Does that sound good?"

"Damn," I said to James, "it looks like they are having all the fun. Let's join them in that bed, and have at it ourselves." So we got into a sixty-nine and had a wonderful time. We gave them a ton of extra energy and their suck fest lasted two or three times longer than usual.

When everyone had been pretty much drained of every last drop of love potion number nine, they all headed to the huge shower and carefully cleaned each other up. It was time to get dressed and start the day.

The four happy people made their way to the dining room to have a wonderful breakfast. Julie had a fresh pot of coffee ready and she was just getting a platter of biscuits on the table for the family.

"Jack and Earl have gone to pick up their things, and close their apartment, and they said they will be home sometime this evening." Julie told them. "God, it is so nice to have them home, and to see them so happy being together. They love each other as much as you guys do, you know." she smiled and giggled.

"Yes they do." said Colt. "I am so glad Pop got them out of that terrible situation they were in."

'All of us are better off, thanks to our dads.' James and I heard Colt thinking, 'and of course our wonderful Guardian Angels.' We went over and kissed Colt on his cheek, and then repeated the gesture to each of the four guys sitting there. They each reached up and touched their faces where we kissed them. It was so cute.

Julie wondered what that was all about. She smiled at all of them, and said, "Don't forget that I love all of you too."

"Thanks Julie, We love you too." JC told her.

Richard and Andrew came walking into the dining room saying together, "good morning all." Then helped themselves to some of the biscuits and gravy, OJ, and hot coffee.

"I have an idea." Said Mike, "I would like to go for a horseback ride, today. My leg is feeling so much better, and I really want to get outside and try to get the feel of the outdoors, before we take off on our camping trip. Do any of you want to join me for a ride?"

"Certainly that's a great idea." said Colt. "I'll go get the horses saddled in a few minutes. I think we should go out to the stream near the back of the ranch..."

"Yeah, Great idea!" chorused JC and Matt.

Andrew spoke saying, "Sorry guys, Richard and I have some errands to run today, but otherwise would love to have joined you," smiling warmly at the family.

Richard just nodded in agreement with Andrew, all the while eating the delicious biscuits and gravy.

"Julie, would it be too much trouble for you to put together a picnic lunch for us," JC asked.

"That is no problem at all, I can have it ready in a few minutes, but I wonder if I could go too." Julie asked. "It's been years since I have ridden, and I just had the urge to have a ride. Do you think any of the mares are gentle enough to let me ride one of them?"

"Julie," Colt said, "I'm sure that Fern would be happy to have you ride her. All you have to do is ask her, and I'll let you know what she says."

Colt headed for the barn and called the horses to him. He asked them softly, if they wanted to go out for a ride. They all said of course and stood still while Colt got them all ready for the upcoming outing.

Meanwhile, Julie whipped together a very nice picnic lunch and packed it so someone could pack it in the saddle bags. Colt reminded everyone that they needed to be home somewhat early, so they could be home to meet Earl and Jack.

Julie spoke up, saying, "Oh, yes, I almost forgot, Earl and Jack said that they might not be back until tomorrow. But Jack said they will call you and let you know." chuckling at forgetting that part of the message.

Everyone soon gathered in front of the barn and found their respective horses. Julie really looked good for her age. She didn't look like she was more than maybe forty-ish. She calmly walked up to Fern and asked her if she minded if she rode her, and Fern nuzzled Julie's hand and nickered. Matt grinned and told Julie, "She said it will be her pleasure to carry you. She says you have always been nice to her, and she likes you."

JC said, "Boys, can you guys come over here for a second." waving them over toward Mike and himself. Once they had arrived, he whispered, "I think we all need to get our swimming suits, now that Julie is coming along. When I thought of it just being us, I was in hopes of a skinny dip, but that can wait. We can do that when we go on the camping trip." he was half giggling as were the boys, when he mentioned skinny dipping.

Colt just said, "Ok pop, I'll run in and get a pair for each of us. I also need to take the cell phone, and have the house phone forwarded to us. I don't want to miss our new brothers' call." He ran back into the house. Upon returning, he handed a pair of trunks to each of them, and put the cell phone into his saddlebag. Then he saddled up Star, the other's were already saddled up and waiting for him to return. They all started off toward the Plate River that ran across the back part of the ranch. They kept the ride at a slow and easy pace, so that Julie wasn't made to feel that she was holding them up. Julie very quickly got back into stride and began to pick up the pace. She knew that the fellas were holding back for her, and she soon had Fern going at a slow gallop.

JC looked at Julie, as she was now in the lead, and said, "It looks like grandma is in a hurry?" then he broke into a fit of laughter, which quickly spread to the rest of the guys.

Mike's leg was beginning to feel like it use too. So he yelled out, "I'm going to open up, and give Ginger a good run, so DON'T follow me!" then he slapped the reins against Ginger's flanks saying, "Come on, my beautiful girl, let's show them that I'm ok." she took off; first into a full gallop, then into a full run. It was so nice for James and me to see Mike at his best again, he was thinking, 'God, thank you, it feels so good to be free again! And thank you, God, for my wonderful family!' James and I were so happy for all of them now that Mike was back to good health again.

Matt yelled out, "Come on, Dark Star, let's catch him." he gave Dark Star his head and it wasn't long before Matt and Dark Star were at a full run alongside Mike. "God, Poppa Mike, I really love riding like this, and it is so good to see you riding like your old self."

Colt pulled up alongside JC and said, "Pop, let's not join them, we should hold back a bit, for Julie, I would hate to see her try and follow at their pace, and get hurt." JC just nodded in agreement, as he and Colt just kept up the pace that Julie was holding.

As soon as they all arrived at the river and dismounted, Julie pulled a large blanket from one of Fern's saddle bags and with Matt's help, she carefully spread it out on the ground under the shade of a couple of large pine trees. Everyone else took care of removing the saddlebags, and placing them on the ground, close to the blanket. Then they unsaddled the horses, then turned them loose to play and graze. The fellas excused themselves from Julie; Colt told her, "We're just going to go change into our swim suits, grandma." He grinned at her.

Julie just smiled at him and said, "Dear, you guys don't have anything I haven't already seen." she was so cute, grinning at Colt and then she looked over at JC and said, "That's right, JC, I've seen all of you, and I do mean ALL..., all of you, plenty of times. So if you want to swim naked, then by all means, Do it!" she was laughing, now, and so was Colt. They were all blushing in various shades, at her remarks.

They all knew she was right, of course; it was just that she had, for the first time, confronted them with the fact, that made them realize they had nothing to be ashamed of in front of her. But by the time all this came out, all of them had stripped and donned their suits.

Colt pulled JC into the river, which even in the middle of summer was really cold, saying, "Come on old man, it's time you got in and had some fun with your kids." as soon as they were in knee deep water, JC pulled Colt under or at least down onto his back and started tickling him for making that remark, saying, "Old man! Am I? I'll show you old man, you little twerp." he grinned a mile wide. By the time he got that statement out, Matt had grabbed him around the waist and had pulled him off Colt, saying, "That's my brother you're messin' with, old man!" He was laughing so hard, he had trouble holding on to JC's waist. This, of course was not helped any by the actions of his poppa Mike; who came up behind him and started tickling him under his arms, saying, "Remember, Son, you have two dads!" That started a full round of games for the next hour or so. All that time, Julie was laughing so much so, that her side began to hurt, from the giggles. But what really got her almost sick, was when the guys started pulling off each other's swimsuits. This had her kicking her legs and feet into the blanket with laughter. Matt looked over and saw his grandma, laughing so hard that she was actually in pain.

Matt just yelled out, "Ok let's stop and get dressed, I don't think our sweet innocent grandma can stand much more of our playing like this!" he was a little concerned about his grandma. He ran over to her, still naked and said, "Are you ok, grandma?" He had a worried look on his cute face.

"I'm just fine, honey!" she said, trying to gather her wits about her. Then she pulled Matt in closer, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, saying, "You look so cute in your birthday suit." causing Matt to blush a bright pink.

"I was just worried about you, grandma!" Matt replied, with a cute but blushing smile. Then he turned and walked back to the other side of the trees to dry off and get dressed. He returned to the blanket and then sat down with Julie. The others followed suit and quickly got themselves dried off and dressed.

They all enjoyed the wonderful picnic lunch that Julie prepared. Soon they had the horses re-saddled, and then they started riding back to the ranch. The trip to the river was wonderful, and the day was filled with fun and excitement for the members of the family that were there, Colt remarked, "It's too bad that Earl and Jack and Rich and Andrew aren't here to enjoy all this, with us. I miss them when they aren't here."

"We all do" said JC.

On the trip back Julie had Fern in a full gallop. Colt looked over at his brother and said, "Grandma's back in the saddle again!" That caused JC, Mike, and Matt to crack up with laughter.

At the pace their grandma was holding, it didn't take very long at all to make the trip back. They were all back at the barn in what seemed like no time. They all quickly unsaddled the horses, curried and fed them some well-earned oats. Star just nickered, "That was fun, Colt, can we do it again soon, please?"

"Sure we can, Star, we have a camping trip coming up real soon, old boy." Colt said, while he held out a handful of oats for his beloved friend. "I love you, Star. Colt rubbed Star's neck and then kissed him on the nose. Star nickered, "I love you too, Colt, always have and always will."

Matt said, "Yes, we have a great camping trip coming." He was just speaking to the entire barn, more or less, knowing that the other horses would hear him. Dark Star nickered, "Thank you, Matt, I love you," Matt smiled and hugged Dark Star, handing him a couple of baby carrots he had grabbed from the left over lunch in one of the saddlebags. "I love you too, you beautiful stallion."

Colt grinned at his brother, punching lightly on his arm.

"Hey," Matt giggled, "I love you too, silly."

"Oh!" Colt giggled, "I wasn't sure if you were talking to him or me."

Everyone then headed into the house, and put their bathing suits in the hamper. Julie asked if anyone was hungry yet. They all looked at one another and decided that they were a little hungry, so Julie suggested that they have some cold sandwiches and a nice salad to hold them over till later when they would have a nice supper.

It wasn't but a few minutes later, and Julie had a platter full of cold cut sandwiches ready for the men folks, and told them all to come into the kitchen where Colt helped her with the salad and bottles of dressing.

When they all sat down, Mike spoke saying, "It was so nice to have you along today Julie, it made me think of when I was younger, and my grandmother use to come on picnics with me and my folks. God bless her sole, I lost her several years ago."

The boys said in unison, "We really enjoyed your company today, grandma!" they both smiled their cutest little smiles for her.

She looked at all of them and said, "You guys have no idea how happy I am to be able to be here with you, and to be part of such a wonderful family. You make me feel so welcome, and I think of all of you as my family. I love each and every one of you."

After they had all finished their light second lunch, Mike said, "I need to check on some stuff in the barn office, I'll be back in a little while." He got up and headed out to the barn.

JC excused himself too, and went into the office to make an important call about the White Rivers Lodge. The family would soon be the proud owners of that spectacular property. After he had called the agent in Denver and told them he would deliver the payment in person when all the documents were ready, he called the lodge. Waiting for someone to answer the phone.

"Hello, White Rivers Lodge, Joel speaking."

"Hi Joel, JC here." JC was thinking, 'He's a great guy, I'm so glad we have him.'

"Nice to hear from you JC." Joel said with warmth.

"Well, Joel, I'm calling to let you know that we are purchasing the lodge, for sure, I just called Denver to draw up the documentation."

"Sounds great!" Joel said, excitedly.

"The best part of all is that you will remain the manager, and when I get all the documents in hand, I will come back up there and we can have a little meeting." JC said with authority.

"Thank you!" Joel replied with sincere thanks. He was quite thrilled that the family was buying the Lodge. He knew that it would be in the hands of people that really cared about the place and about all the employees as well.

"Well, Son, I just wanted you to know what we did, so please think more about what your ideas were, I think the boys and I want to incorporate most of them." JC stated, chuckling with a cute smile that only James and I could see. But we too were smiling with him.

"We will do just that JC, and again thank you for keeping us on." Joel said, with relief in his voice.

"Joel, I know good help when I see it, and you and Aaron are very good people, my friend, and believe me, soon you'll be part of our family. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, you already are part of the family." JC said happily.

"Thank you again, JC." Joel said, as Aaron walked into the office, saying, "Who is on the phone?" in a whisper. "JC Andersen," he whispered back.

"I take it Aaron just walked in?" JC asked, in a warm friendly voice.

"Yes he did, he is so nosy." Joel chuckled, pushing Aaron away.

"Well, tell him he is going to stay on as well. Of course, though, that would be up to you, as the new general manager of the lodge." JC laughed out loud.

"I might just have to let him go, I'm afraid, if he don't stop being so nosy?" Joel snickered, breaking into a full laugh.... Aaron poked him in the ribs, and said, "Well then I guess there'll be none for you tonight, now." then he broke up laughing.

"Well, I'll let you two have your fun; it sounds like you have your hands full!" JC snickered, with a few giggles thrown in for good measure.

"Thanks for letting us know, JC, we really do thank you from the bottom of our hearts." Joel said, as he pulled Aaron into a bear hug, then he kissed him, passionately.

"No problem at all, guys. Remember I told you; you are part of the family now. Take care and I will be in touch again soon. Oh and don't forget that you are invited to come visit us here when you get the time to make the trip. We will come and get you, so don't worry about the cost. Just pick a time that you would like to be here and we will arrange the details." JC said, then he hung up the phone, leaving the office and going outside to the pool, and finding a seat under one of the tables with an umbrella, kicking back to relax a bit.

Colt and Matt decided to head into their bedroom to take a little nap. They were pretty tired and they just wanted a little rest. They just kicked off their boots and got onto that big comfortable bed, and cuddled up together. It didn't take long before they were fast asleep. JC got up and walked into the master bath, needing to use it. He looked over at the bed and saw his two 'not so little' boys, asleep cuddled in each other's arms. He was thinking, 'God, how cute they are, I guess they are not little boys anymore, but they are two of the most beautiful people in the whole world, and I have the honor of being their father.' he reached up and wiped a tear from his eye, as he began to get emotional over just the sight of them sleeping there in front of him. He continued on into the bathroom and took care of the necessities. Upon returning to the bedroom, he kicked off his shoes and crawled onto the bed behind Colt, and cuddled up close to him. Brushing the hair back off his beautiful face. He just stared at his wonderful sons for a long while, as he slowly and gently drifted off to sleep himself.

The phone rang, waking up Matt. So he quickly got up and ran to the office to answer it, 'One of these days, we are going to have to put a cordless phone in here in case we are waiting for an important call. I'll get one next week, when I pick up that darn screen door closer thing.' He picked it up and said, "Hello, this is the Andersen residents, Matt speaking."

"Oh my, how formal you are today, Matt!" Earl giggled into the phone.

"Hi buddy! How are thinks going with you two guys?" Matt chuckled back at him.

"Going great, we got in here about an hour ago, only had to stop once for fuel. Little Colt is such a nice plane to fly, he's so sweet." Earl said warmly.

"Now! Now! Don't get any ideas in that little head of yours." Matt chuckled.

"No it's the big head that's talking now. Really, it's a great little airplane." Earl retorted.

"Ok, so you're not in love with the plane, then?" Matt giggled, then said, "Really, when do you guys plan on coming back home?"

"Home! God that sounds so wonderful!" Earl gushed, as his eyes watered up from just thinking, 'Home, Home, my God, we have a real home at last.' then he said sniffling a little, "In love with a plane?" then he half chuckled, still trying not to cry about having a new real home with a real family that loved him and his lover. They were part of a family at last, and it was just so wonderful.

"It is wonderful, Earl, you are both family, now and you always will be!" Matt knew Earl was on the verge of crying. "Just remember that we all love you two very much."

"Thank you Matt, I love you, your Dads, and Colt I really do." Earl was crying now, as Jack came up to the phone, he saw the tears in Earl's eyes and brushed them away, whispering in his free ear, "What's wrong love?" then he kissed Earl on the cheek. Earl moved the phone over to his other ear then, so that Jack could hear Matt's side of the conversation too.

"Please stop crying, Earl, or you will have me crying next." Matt kinda croaked, with a sniffle.

"Ok Matt, I'm sorry for being such a baby." Earl said, then Jack smacked him one on the back of his head lightly, and said rather loud, "You're no baby!" then he kissed him again on the cheek.

"You're right Jack. That's for sure. He's no baby; with that big thing he has hanging." Matt said, giggling, trying to lighten the mood.

Jack heard that and said, loud enough for Matt to hear, "You sure got that right, and it's MINE, all mine." Earl smiled and said, "Well, I guess that's settled then." then began laughing.

"Now, that sounds much better." Matt joked.

"It's just... just... I don't know how to put it into words. It's like the whole world was caving in on us, Matt. You don't know how close we were to breaking up because of not being able to see each other." Earl said, still teary eyed. Jack was still hugging him as he listened in on the conversation.

"God, guys, I just wish we had known how bad it was, a lot sooner. My dads would never have let it get that far." Matt said, hesitantly, thanking God that it was all ok, now, or at least he was thinking that.

"It's ok now; Jack and I are so much in love, that no one could come between us." Earl said, as he got a tongue stuck into his other ear. Saying, "At least nothing other than a tongue in the ear." giggling at Jack.

"Tongue in the ear! Huh!" Matt chuckled. Then he asked again, "When are you two coming back home?" He thought, 'shit I shouldn't have said that again.'

"Well we have everything packed into boxes and ready to take back out to the airport, but we figured it would be safer to sleep here tonight and get up early in the morning, and fly home. Oh God did I just say the word MORNING? I hate morning. I am definitely not a morning person." Jack said, since he was now talking into the phone. Earl had started crying again, he was still trying to come to the realization that he and Jack were really back together, and would soon really be home with their family.

"What happened to Earl? Is he alright?" Matt asked with concern in his voice. "Please give him a huge hug for me, will you, Jack, You know I love him like a brother, well not exactly like I love my brother, Colt, but like you normally think of loving your brother. Hell, you know what I mean." Matt giggled again.

"Sorry he is such a crybaby." Jack said, getting a playful slap upside his shoulder from Earl, saying, "I'm not a crybaby! I'm just in love with the most beautiful, wonderful man in the world, and I can't stand the thought of ever loosing him. I am also crying with happiness at that realization that we now have a wonderful home with the people that mean more to us than anyone else in the world."

"Ok you two lovebirds, let me get this straight. Pardon that expression. You two are going to leave there early in the morning and fly back, to the ranch, then?" Matt asked, "Don't forget to have a good breakfast before you leave. I don't want you passing out from starvation. I am sure there will be a big celebration when you get back here, either Julie will have cooked something very special for you or we will go out and eat at the Corral.

"Yes." Jack answered, with a chuckle; Earl was now sticking his tongue into Jack's free ear, and tickling him under the arms at the same time.

"Stop that Earl; get your tongue out of my ear. Sorry Matt, I have a gorgeous, sex crazed man sticking his tongue in my ear." Jack stammered. "God, it is turning me on so much."

"Well you take care of that sex maniac before he strips you NEKKID!" Matt giggled.

"He's already done that! Now that long tongue of his is moving on its way down to my nipple." Jack said, as he began to giggle and squirm.

"God, you're turning me on, I'll have to go get my brother or one of my dads here in a minute to help take care of that." Matt chuckled. Then he said, "Ok, go get'em tigers. Have fun and we'll see you here at home, tomorrow."

"Ok Matt, We both love you. We'll see all of you guys to... to...morrow..." Jack sputtered, out, as he hung up the phone.

"By guys." Matt said to a dead phone.

James and I Laughed. "Look at matt's front." I said to James, 'That thing is as stiff as I have ever seen it. Matt is going to need to take care of that before long, I bet. I will nudge Colt's mind a little and get him in here." I started nibbling on James' ear.

"I bet they go into the bedroom, once Colt comes in here, and sees that big thing looking like that, and then they will have a little fun." I smiled,

"I think maybe we should join them in that exercise." James said to me.

"I love that kind of exercise." I began to plump up, "Maybe we can beat them to the bedroom." I told James, as Colt came in and saw what we had seen. He grabbed Matt and they headed to the Master bedroom.

To be continued...

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Once everyone is ready, I suspect there will be a major camping trip. I wonder if Grandma will be up to joining them on the trip, if not the whole trip, maybe the first day or so, just to have a little fun in the outdoors. We will have to wait and see won't we.

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