A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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Co-Author & Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 14

Colt pulled Matt to the master bedroom and began stripping him, not even worried about waking up his dad, who was still napping on the bed fully clothed except for shoes. Matt in turn was removing Colt's clothes as fast as he could; he was so turned on by that phone call. He whispered into Colt's ear, "How did you know I needed you so much?" then began licking his ear as he began hugging him tightly.

"I had a dream, you needed attention, and from what I saw in the office, it came true. OH YES, DID IT EVER... COME TRUE!" Colt whispered back, then turned Matt around and passionately kissed him, probing his mouth with his tongue and groping his groin with his hand.

Matt said as he pushed Colt onto the outer edge of the bed, away from JC, far enough away that he thought 'that should be safe and not wake up pop', "Quiet, love, or you will wake up dad!" Then he crawled on top, his erection was so hard, and so was Colt's. They began just humping and rubbing their erections together, moaning into each other's mouths as they continued kissing.

Colt mumbled into Matt's mouth, "It's ok if he wakes up." Then he rolled Matt over so he could be on top, Then he slowly slid down on Matt's body, kissing first his neck, then on down his front, playing with first one nipple; tracing the outline of the cute little button, then slowly moving to the other nipple, just nipping at it, causing Matt to quiver with joy. Then he started moving down his tummy, until he found Matt's belly button, once there he began darting his tongue in and out, then swelling it around, doing the dance of love with his brother's now so hot body. Matt's tool was throbbing with every heartbeat as Colt continued to lick every inch of his brother's body. He was making sure not to even come close to that beautiful joystick that was standing so proud. He continued down Matt's left leg, licking the insides down over the knee and down to the foot.

Then Colt licked each of Matt's toes, one by one until Matt was twisting and squirming on the bed, saying, "Stop it! It tickles."

Colt just switched his attention from the left foot to the right one, then he licked his way back up to the ball sac and there he began to take one ball at a time into his hot mouth sucking them, oh so gently, driving Matt wild. Colt then reached for the tube of KY, and began working a good amount into Matt's crack, and cute rosebud. He worked it up well, then applied a good amount to his own throbbing manhood. Picking up Matt's legs and pushing them back up over his shoulders. He guided his pole into Matt's hot awaiting private spot, slowly working his way into Matt. Making that special bond between what only could be called the brotherly love connection.

JC woke up and saw his two wonderful sons in the act of loving each other, saying, "You guys are cute, have fun my sons." he got up, picked up his shoes and quietly left them to their own pleasures.

James and I looked at each other and just smiled, James said, "Now that's real love, letting his son's have the room alone." he had tears in his eyes, so I just brushed them away as we continued following the lead of Colt, and Matt. Before long, Colt, Matt, James and I were all exploding into bliss all together on the same bed.

JC went out into the barn, looking for Mike, finding him he said, "You wouldn't believe what I just got up from?" giving Mike a quick peck on the cheek, then gave him a sexy grin.

"What was that?" Mike questioned, with a warm loving caress, and returning JC's kiss.

"Just the two greatest sons in the whole world, making love to each other alone on our bed." JC answered with a loving smile, then continued, "I just got up from my nap and left quietly, so they could enjoy themselves."

Mike got up from the desk and took JC in a hug, saying, "What a wonderful father you are to our sons! It just makes me love you all the more." then he pulled JC back toward the house.

Julie met JC, and Mike as they came in from the barn and told them, "Dinner will be ready soon, how many will be here to eat?" She gave them both a warm smile.

JC thought for a second, then said, "Seven counting you hon. That's if Richard and Andrew get home in time. I haven't heard whether Earl and Jack will be home tonight or not." he looked at Mike for conformation.

Mike just shook his head saying, "I haven't heard anything yet either. I guess we need to ask the boys when they come out of hibernation," laughing out loud, knowing what they were doing in the bedroom.

Julie said, "I get the point, Mike, I stepped in on them a little while ago, but they didn't notice me. And I won't say anything more." she began to blush at her own remarks. Then she blushed even more, as Colt and Matt both entered the dining room, dressed only in their robes fresh out of the shower.

Mike choked back a smile, as he saw them enter, saying, "Have either of you heard from our other lost son's today?"

Matt answered saying, "Yep, they called a while ago, and they will not be home until tomorrow afternoon some time, I would think. They are going to spend the night in Charleston, and then get an early start in the morning. From what they told me." He was looking at Julie, all the time he was talking, while thinking 'why is she so blushed?' then he said to Julie, "Why are you blushing like that, grandma?" Of course, that did it; the entire room burst into a fit of laughter, at his question.

Mike spoke up and said, gently, "You had a visitor, briefly, a while ago and you didn't even notice." He was laughing so hard now, that his leg was beginning to hurt from the twitching of his leg muscles. James and I sent him healing energy, to ease the tension in his leg, and he soon began to feel relaxed.

Both Colt and Matt figured out what had just happened and both of them turned ten shades of red, as they tried to hide their faces.

Colt said, "I'm sorry Julie!" He tried not to look directly at her, but you could see that he really meant it.

Matt stuttered, "Me too, Julie! We are so sorry!" then he looked at Colt for support and then he grinned his famous Matt grin.

JC said, "It's funny, though, boys, believe me, she has seen us all at one time or the other, doing much the same." then he began laughing again.

Julie said, "Boys, there is no need for you to apologize. If anything, it's I who should apologize to you for looking in without knocking. I shouldn't have done that, although I don't suppose you would have heard me if I had knocked, since you were all wrapped up in what you were doing, so to speak." she giggled. "I was just trying to find JC, and I had thought he was taking a nap." she looked at the boys and smiled with her wonderful, grandmotherly smile, sending them a signal that all was ok. James and I looked at each other and smiled too, knowing the boys were embarrassed at being seen by Julie. Therefore, we sent our thoughts to them both. Telling them, 'It's alright; she loves you both, and would never want to hurt either of you.'

Richard and Andrew came into the dining room then, saying, in unison, "Hi all, we're home!" they smiled at everyone.

Colt said, as he and Matt headed back to the bedroom to finish getting dressed, "Have a good time?" He smiled broadly at them.

Andrew replied, "We sure did, the folks really are happy that Earl is back on the ranch. They can't wait to see him and Jack, they said." this stopped Colt and Matt in their tracks.

Matt said, "That's great, we need to have them come over here soon, and spend some time with us," looking at JC and Mike, nodding for a response from them.

Mike looked at Andrew and said, "That's a great idea. We'll set up something when we get back from our camping trip. How would it be if we have a BBQ?" he was making eye contact with Andrew, that he hoped no one else noticed. Something inside of him was questioning his attraction to Andrew and it scared him a little. Andrew grinned at him. He was thinking, 'God, Mike is so cute, I guess I should stop thinking of him that way, but he really is one of the greatest people I know. I would just love to kiss him. Damn. What am I thinking that for?'

Richard said, "I think Andrew and I need to get cleaned up before dinner." He looked at Julie and asked, "What time is dinner, Julie?" He gave her a warm smile.

"As soon as everyone is ready. It's all done and waiting on you fellas." was Julie's response.

Colt took Matt's hand and said, "Let's go get dressed, love," pulling him quickly, down the hall toward the master bedroom.

Andrew, pulling his eyes away from Mike's eye contact, said, "ok, Richard, let's go get cleaned up." He grabbed Richard's hand, leading him into their bedroom.

JC noticed Mike's demeanor, and was thinking, 'Is there something goin' on here?' then he spoke, saying, "Let's go get cleaned up for dinner, love." smiling at Mike, and brushing those thoughts out of his head, with James and my help.

Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and Julie excused herself for the night, telling them all, "I will plan on a prime rib dinner tomorrow for the boys' return, is that alright?" looking to JC as the head of the house, or at least she felt he was.

JC looked around the table and asked, "How does that sound to the rest of you?" he sounded pleased with what Julie had planned.

Everyone else, in their own way, said, "Sounds great!" so Julie excused herself and left for home.

The rest of them split up and headed off; doing their own things. Colt and Matt went outside and just sat holding hands, looking up at Casper Mountain, not saying much, while JC and Mike went into the living room and turned on the TV, sitting on the love seat cuddled up together. It was so cute to watch. Richard and Andrew went out and brought in some items they had purchased, taking them into their bedroom. Mostly, it was clothes and some personal items. The evening was just the typical night around the ranch. James and I were so pleased with the family that we had started. It was as if we were the proud dads to them all.

That night James and I made sure they all fell more deeply in love with each other, knowing how much we wanted them to be happy together, also knowing that it would be for eternity.

The next morning found the Andersen's sound asleep when the phone rang again. Matt, hearing it first, mumbled, "That fucking phone." He then moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed a robe. Then He headed for the office thinking again, 'I'm definitely going to get a portable phone for the bedroom.' as he arrived in the office and picked up the phone, he spoke, "The Andersen residence, Matt speaking," giving the other party the idea he wasn't pleased at having to answer the phone this early in the morning. Then he waited for the reply.

"Hello Matt, this is Kevin. I hope we didn't wake you?" he seemed nervous to Matt.

"Well kind of." Matt replied, rubbing his eyes, and yawning.

"I'm sorry; you want me to call back later?" Kevin said, with concern.

"No, that's alright. What can I do for you?" Matt exclaimed.

"I was just wondering, if we could come out and see you all, we are back in Casper, and your father asked us to get hold of him when we returned." Kevin said with hesitation, not wanting to wake the rest of the family if they were asleep.

"Sure you can. Julie should have breakfast ready soon. You guys might as well join us." Matt told Kevin, with a little warmer tone in his voice.

"Thank you. Jerry and I would love to come out and see you all." Kevin said, as he pulled Jerry over so he wasn't standing at the end of the bed in the motel room.

"Ok, then we'll see you when you get here then." Matt said, then continued saying, "You need anything else?" thinking to himself, 'maybe he would like to speak with Andrew.'

"Well, if it's not too much trouble, is Andrew handy?' Kevin said, with hesitation in his voice. Jerry looked at him and whispered, "You asking for Andrew?" Kevin just shook his head yes.

"Hold on, Kev, let me go get him for you. It'll just take a sec." Matt said, thinking, 'now that's cool, I knew that before he even asked,' then he left the office, and headed to Richard and Andrews room, knocking on the door, waiting for an answer.

"Who is it?" Came a voice that sounded like Richard, from inside the bedroom.

"It's me, Matt, and Kevin is on the phone in the office, and he wants to speak with Andrew." he said, then he waited for someone to appear, or answer him. He could hear some muffled sounds coming from the room.

Before long, the door opened and Andrew appeared, in a terrycloth robe, saying, "Thanks Matt for getting the phone." giving Matt a warm smile as they both headed back toward the office. At the office, Andrew went in and picked up the phone, while Matt headed back into the master bedroom finding JC, Mike and Colt still asleep, so he tried to crawl back into bed without waking anyone else up. He was successful, cuddled up with Mike, and quickly dozed off again.

Back in the office, Andrew said, "Hello, is this Kevin?" he was excited about the call.

"Sure is buddy." Kevin chuckled, then he said, "I hope I didn't screw up by calling this early, Matt sounded a little upset, being woke up." Jerry was watching him and grinned.

"Don't worry about it, Kev, Matt's a good guy, and he was just half asleep, and a bit groggy, still." Andrew said with a giggle.

"God, I hope not, I asked him about coming out and seeing his father about the job opportunity he offered us, when we were there for their commitment ceremony." Kevin said, with concern in his voice, and Andrew noticed it right away.

"Look, don't worry about it, bud. Everything will be just fine, I know the Andersen's well. And you calling early wouldn't affect anything, if JC or one of his sons wants to hire you, this call wouldn't make a rat's ass of difference to them." Andrew said, as he began laughing quite loudly.

"Well, Matt invited Jerry and me out there for breakfast this morning. Do you think he really meant it?" Kevin said, looking at Jerry for some moral support and grinned.

"Believe me, Kev; if Matt invited you, then you are both invited for sure. In fact, if you didn't show up, you would probably insult Matt. And you don't want to do that, my friend." Andrew said, warmly, and then he continued, "Make sure that hunk standing beside you comes along too." Chuckling at his own remarks.

"Thanks bud, we'll be there in about forty five minutes. Is that ok?" Kevin asked.

"Sure, guys, get over here. I can't wait to see you both again, and if the rest of the family aren't up by the time you get here, we can just sit outside and BS for a while." Andrew retorted snickering at Kevin.

"Sounds good to me, see you soon, bud, and thanks." Kevin said, as he hung up the phone.

Andrew placed the receiver back on the phone, and returned to his bedroom. As soon as he entered, he saw that Richard had already taken his shower, and was almost dressed. He looked shocked, then he said, "What's wrong, love, why'd you shower without me?" he even looked a little dejected and upset at the turn of events.

"Sorry, honey, I just figured we didn't have time this morning, I thought your friends would be on there way out to the ranch, and we need to be ready for them. I still love you, don't ever forget that!" Richard said, as he pulled Andrew into a warm loving hug and kissed him passionately on his tender hot lips.

By the time Kevin and Jerry arrived, everyone was up and ready for a wonderful delicious breakfast, of what, was still in question, but everyone knew that anything Julie prepared, would always be scrumptious, to say the least.

Almost everyone went into the dining room and they had seated themselves around the table, by the time that JC arrived with Mike in tow. The boy's all looked at their pops and smiled.

Richard and Andrew were quietly talking to Kevin and Jerry, when they noticed JC and Richard entering the room.

Andrew spoke up and said, cheerfully, "Good Morning, you two." He looked directly at JC and Mike, with a huge warm smile.

Mike nodded and said, "Good morning to you all, I see we have some newcomers here, this morning," giving them a big hearty smile, then he continued, saying, "Welcome to the ranch, I hope you enjoy yourselves."

JC looked over and said, "Yes, it's nice to see you both again, I hope you had a good vacation?" he grinned at them, both. Then he looked over at Colt and Matt, and said, "I think you two need to figure out where you want them to work," giving both Kevin and Jerry a cute warm smile.

Colt stammered, saying, "We have to figure that out?" he was now looking at Matt, and he frowned, slightly.

Matt just said, "Ok." then he looked at Kevin and Jerry, who were sitting on the other side of the table and asked, "Well, guys, we have two job openings, that I know of, that would allow you two to work together and not be apart. One of them is working as a flight crew on one of our 737's. And the other one, would be working on our newly acquired White Rivers Lodge, in Canada." Colt couldn't believe what Matt had just said, nor could JC.

Mike just looked on with amazement, at his youngest son. Thinking, 'Damn, he is amazing. He's definitely going to be the one that leads the company.'

Kevin said, "Now, that was fast. Can we have a little information about what those jobs would entail?" Both he and Jerry were wide eyed at the offers.

Richard looked at Matt and said, "Want me to explain the flight crew job?" He gave a big warm smile aimed right at Matt.

"Sure, if you want to." Matt responded, grinning at Richard.

Richard just looked over at Kevin and Jerry and began, "The kind of flight crew we are talking about here, would be responsible for making sure the aircraft was always clean, inside an out. One of you would be a flight steward, almost the same as if you were on a commercial airliner, and the other would be a bartender, cook for who ever was aboard for the flight. You would also be responsible for the safety of the aircraft while on the ground, in any airport other then when you're home, here in Casper. That would entail guarding the plane, and making sure that no one got on or off without the need to do so. In addition, you would answer to whoever the flight was scheduled for, and of course the Captain and copilot of the aircraft, whether on the ground or in the air. I hope that sums it up for you a little." he finished with a broad smile, and a little chuckle, looking over at Matt, nodding for him to continue if he had more.

Matt said, "Thanks Richard! Now for the other jobs, We just acquired a new property in Canada, and it's a really nice guest ranch, lodge with a huge lake, with about ten thousand acres of wonderful pine trees, and some of the best hunting and fishing in the area. As for what you would be doing there, that would be up to our general manager Joel McCarren. He has an assistant manager by the name of Aaron Nelson, and they are a couple, as well. We are going to, pretty much, leave the running of the lodge in their capable hands. Of course, though, we, as the owners, will have some say, I'm sure, in hiring some of the people who will be working there. I would also think that the kind of work you would be doing will be helping guests and working around boats, horses, and just general site maintenance." he finished, with a sigh, saying, "Now that's done, do either of you have any other questions, or do my dads or brother have anything to add?" He half chuckled at Colt.

JC spoke up and said, "Well done, Matt, that was very well put. I just want to add one thing. My two sons, Colt and Matt, are both full and equal partners in all the endeavors of this company and therefore, what either one of them says or does, is with the full authority of myself and the company." He laughed out loud and then said, "Enough of all the formal crap, now let's eat."

Everyone just broke out into a roar of laughter at JC, then Julie said, "Colt honey, could you please come help grandma serve the food?" She was so cute and she gave him a wonderful grin as she turned and headed back into the kitchen to began dishing up the huge amount of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and of course toast by the loaf. She just looked at Colt and continued, "I think if this family gets any bigger, I'm going to need a kitchen staff to help me, soon. It is beginning to look like a full sized ranch." then she burst out laughing and so did Colt, as he put his arm around her and hugged her tight and they walked together into the kitchen.

Julie, with Colt's help, began carrying large platters of food, and placing them on the table, and everyone began to dig in and devoured the meal.

JC looked over at Kevin and Jerry, and said, "You guys want to join us, the entire family is going to go camping for a few days or maybe even a week, we are planning on leaving tomorrow sometime?" he truly was asking them to join them.

Everyone, almost in unison said, "Yes, please do, guys!"

Kevin spoke up and said, "We would love to, but we have to get home tomorrow, cause we have made other commitments. I sure wish we had known sooner, but could we please have a rain check on that?" He and Jerry were glancing around the room, as Kevin spoke, trying to see the reaction of everyone at the table.

JC shook his head and said, "That's no problem fellas, I understand about commitments, I think all the more of you for sticking by them. Have either one of you thought enough about which job the pair of you would like?" He was thinking, 'maybe I need to rephrase that.' saying, "Maybe you want to work away from each other, I shouldn't be so sure of myself." he had a strange look on his face for a few seconds, then he broke into tears laughing so hard. Then he said, "Now that was a stupid question, wasn't it?" looking directly at Kevin.

Kevin broke out laughing at JC, along with Jerry, and half the rest of the guys at the table and said, "I think it was!" then he continued by saying, "Can we think about it for a while, and let you know? I think Jerry and I need to talk about it together." he was now just smiling at the Andersen's.

Colt, tired of being left out of this conversation, said, "I think you guys need a little time to think about it for sure, it's a big decision to make, on the spur of the moment. So take all the time you need, just remember, you are wanted, so just let us know what you want to do." he too was now happy that the two new arrivals were about to become part of their extended family.

James and I were just watching this exchange of chatter and we were happy for them all, for now, Andrew had some of his old friends about to become part of the group, so that meant that James and I had some new members as well, to watch out for.

Kevin and Jerry excused themselves, thanking everyone, moving around from person to person and making sure they shook everyone's hand and thanked them for all their help. Then they personally thanked Julie, for the wonderful meal, leaving to find JC and Mike in the living room. They went up and thanked them both again for the wonderful job offer. They stepped outside, finding Andrew, Colt and Matt standing on the front porch, looking up at Casper Mountain.

Jerry just reached out, took hold of Matt's hand, and said, "Thank you for everything. " while Kevin was shaking Colt's hand telling him," Thank you for the wonderful offer, We'll be getting back to you before the end of the day, and let you know. Is that alright?" he was smiling at Colt, as he looked over to see Jerry smiling at Matt.

Matt, hearing Kevin's remarks to Colt, shook his head, as Colt spoke, saying, "That will be just fine. Just be sure of what you want to do, is all we ask." he walked out to their car with them, and so did Matt.

Just before Kevin got into the car, Colt pulled him into a big hug and gave him a peck on the cheek, saying, "Drive carefully, my friend."

Matt was standing next to Jerry, and gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek too, saying, "Be careful, and it's been fun, seeing you guys again. Now, please let us know what you all decide on." then waved goodbye to them as Kevin drove off the ranch.

Colt looked over at Matt and then walked up to his brother, pulled him into a hug and said, "I love you, so much. You are just downright awesome, you know that?"

"Of course I do!" Matt said, with a chuckle and a punch to Colt's arm. They walked back into the house arm in arm.

The boys walked into the living room and found JC and Mike watching the news on TV. JC looked up and said, "I think we need to start getting the gear for the camping trip together soon, guys, what do you think?" He gave the boys a thoughtful look.

Andrew was coming into the living room and overheard what JC had just said. He looked over at Colt and Matt, saying, "I'll help you guys get the stuff ready for the trip. Earl and Jack are due in today right?" he asked.

"Yes they are." Matt replied, "In fact, they should be here pretty soon." looking at the mantle clock. Then he headed for the office and radioed for Little Colt, hoping that they were in range.

"This is Little Colt" came the reply, over the radio.

"Lazy L here," Matt replied.

"Hello Matt, is that you?" Earl radioed back.

"Sure is bud, how far out are you guys?" Matt asked.

"We should be there in about thirty minutes or less." Earl said, with a chuckle, telling Jack, "quit licking my ear, you silly sexy hunk." not paying attention to the fact that he had is microphone keyed.

Matt broke out laughing so hard he couldn't talk, but he pushed the microphone key to speak, saying, "Will you two guys ever get enough of each other?" still laughing as Colt walked into the office, looking at Matt, wondering why he was laughing so hard.

Matt just said, "Those two hunks are crazy in love with each other. I don't think it's safe letting them fly anything other than a kite." he joked with Colt and continued to laugh.

Earl said, "NO, not now that we are back together," laughing into the microphone.

Colt reached over and keyed the microphone, saying, "Put a lid on it, for now, and get your butts home. We need your help getting all the crap together for our camping trip, you turds." then he broke up giggling.

"Ha, turds, are we? You just watch out; your ass is mine when I get this bird on the ground." Jack yelled back.

Matt poked Colt in the chest and said, "It's your butt they are after now." giggling at his brother. Then he said, over the radio, "Be safe, and we'll meet you at the hanger, and give you a hand with your gear. See you soon, guys. Over!"

"Soon, guys" was Earl's reply, over the radio.

It wasn't too long before Little Colt was on his final approach into the ranch. Colt and Matt ran out to the hanger to await their friends' return. Earl brought Little Colt in without a hitch and landed him perfectly, taxied up and parked the plane just outside the front of his hanger. Opening the door, they were met by Colt and Matt, with huge warm hugs all around. Then they all started unloading all the gear that had just been brought back from Charleston, putting most of it into the hanger until later, when Earl or Jack could take the time to figure out just what they wanted to bring inside to their new room. Once Little Colt was unloaded and all the items that were going into their room were placed in there, Earl and Jack got cleaned up and went back into the main part of the house.

Upon entering the dining room, they found that Julie had a nice lunch ready for all; it was just a simple meal consisting of sandwiches, and chips, for she had a wonderful prime rib dinner on the menu for the evening meal.

Julie just walked out onto the front porch, and banged on the annoying triangle and she rang it loud. Everyone practically jumped out of their skin, at the sound. For she didn't use it that often, and it wasn't a pleasant sound at that.

It didn't take very long before everyone sat down at the dining room table and began eating. There was not much conversation, other than when Colt spoke up saying, "I'm really excited about tomorrow's camping trip, how about the rest of you?" he was giggling.

Mike said, "There won't be one, if the gear isn't all got together this afternoon guys." he too was giggling as he looked over at Earl and Jack who both were still infatuated with each other, holding hands while they stuffed their faces with their free hands. It was so damn cute.

JC just smiled and said, "Leave them alone, I think they are really cute together." he had both Earl and Jack now blushing bright red, at his remarks. Nevertheless, that didn't stop the rest of them from joking around about their love for each other.

James and I laughed at the wonderful sight. There, sitting at the table were eight of the happiest guys in the world, besides us. We were so wound up with excitement at the upcoming camping trip that we could hardly keep from sending them all ideas of leaving today instead of tomorrow.

The afternoon passed, very quickly, while the crew of eight handsome guys gathered together, and placed in the main part of the barn, all the equipment and non-perishable supplies, ready to be loaded into the packsaddles and panniers, the following morning. Once all was ready, the group closed up the barn for the night.

Colt and Matt were the last to leave, and they both talked to the horses telling them that tomorrow was going to be a lot of fun for everyone.

Colt said, "I love you, you big beautiful stallion," as he gave Star a kiss on the nose. Of course, Matt called over, "Thanks, you big stud." Then Colt shouted out loud, "I was talking to Star, silly, but the same goes for you too, Matt. Then, he shouted, I love all of you wonderful horses!"

Matt hugged Dark Star, kissed him, and said, "I love you too wonder boy, be good, everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow." then he also said, loudly, "I love you all." He pulled Colt by the hand, leaving the barn for the night.

Julie had already placed the dinner meal on the table, and what a meal it was. Prime Rib, cooked perfectly, with mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, corn on the cob, large vegetable salad, with assorted dressings. And for dessert, she had made her famous Strawberry Cheesecake. All was made special for Earl and Jacks return. They would never have to leave again unless they wanted to.

"Come and get it!" Julie yelled into the rest of the house. Then she watched as the family started to arrive in the dining room. It was so cute as they came in arm in arm, almost like they were joined at the arms.

First, it was Colt and Matt, then came Richard and Andrew, followed by JC and Mike, bringing up the tail was Earl and Jack. They all were so handsome in Julie's eyes; she just smiled at them as they entered. Thinking 'I wouldn't trade this job for all the money in the world.' She had set up nine places at the table for tonight she was going to spend the night. She was going camping with them the following day. Moreover, she was happier than she had been in years.

There was just a mixture of chatter all throughout the meal, everyone was happy and exhausted, it had been a long long day with all that happened.

JC looked around the table and said, "It's so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. I'm certainly enjoying myself." smiling at everyone and no one in particular.

Mike said, "Thank you love, I am really looking forward to our camping trip and this meal is out of this world. Thank you Julie, as always its great." he smiled at her and then grinned a very happy and contented grin.

It wasn't long before the meal was completely consumed and everyone was stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable.

Colt, Matt, Earl and Jack all got up, and walked outside for a while just taking in the wonderful Wyoming night air, enjoying the sight of Casper Mountain as the night began to overtake the day.

The older bunch, JC, Mike, Richard and Andrew walked into the living room and just flopped down in one of the over stuff chairs, (speaking of over stuffed, pun intended) they were truly in agony.

A few hours later, the younger crowd came inside and told the older ones they were going to bed.

Colt just said, "Pops, it's going to be a long hard day tomorrow, we're going to hit the sack." looking over at their dads, who were now getting up off the chair they had been sitting in.

"We'll join you!" JC and Mike said in unison, looking at the other's in the room, excusing themselves.

Earl and Jack said, "Us too, it's been a very long day for us." Everyone knew it had been for them, so they all said, "Goodnight boys, we'll see you in the morning." they left and headed into their bedroom.

Richard and Andrew just quietly said, "Goodnight all." Then headed off into their bedroom.

Julie watched everyone going to their respective rooms, so she just went quietly into the guest room across the hall from the old master bedroom that once was Colt's and Matt's. They never slept there much, but it use to be their room. The guest room suited her just fine. It had been tastefully redecorated in somewhat muted tones, that were just pretty enough that Julie didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable sleeping there.

The Lazy L was soon asleep and the sounds of snoring were very evident throughout the house. James and I just felt the warmth of the old ranch house, and reminisced about our days we spent together there. Never forgetting that first night, he hugged and comforted me, in front of the lit Christmas Tree. That day still has me weeping thinking of how James and I first found each other and fell in love.

To be continued...

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