A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 16

The atmosphere in the cave filled with electricity as the sound of Colt and Matt's screams reverberated from the walls and filled the air. Mike and Andrew kissed each other quickly. The men blushed a deep red; maneuvered themselves into a sitting position, and tried, meekly, to explain what happened, but the two boys had already turned on their heels and walked out of the cave. Colt and Matt were totally mind blown to find Mike and Andrew naked in the cave, holding each other tightly, and kissing each other, in a way that Mike had kissed them and their other dad. They couldn't cope with the situation that appeared before their eyes. As they walked out of the inner room, they stopped, listening to what Mike and Andrew were saying.

Andrew and Mike managed to get to their feet. They looked into each other's eyes, and still saw the love that radiated between them.

Andrew kissed Mike, and croaked out, between sobs, "Mike, I know the love that we feel for each other cannot be a bad thing." They were both crying, in each other's arms. "We are part of a family, which is a beautiful thing." Andrew sniffled.

"Neither of us has stopped loving our partners." Mike blubbered. "We have only added a new dimension to something that is already a wonderful thing." Andrew sighed. "We have to make the others understand that what we feel toward each other, is not wrong. It is beautiful, and for some reason that I can't quite understand, it is going to be very important that we continue to love each other." Mike managed to say, between sobs. "I think It is something that our guardian angels not only approve of, but want us to do.

"Mike, that is a given. I will never stop loving you, any more than I will stop loving Richard. We have to make sure, that everyone in the family knows just how deeply we care about each other." Andrew said emphatically. Colt and Matt stood in the doorway, listening intently to the older men.

They thought about what they were hearing, and decided that they needed some time together, to let the new information sink in. They slowly trudged out of the cave and made their way to the riverbank, and they began to follow the stream closer to its source, away from the camp to reflect together on what had happened.

Meanwhile back in the cave...

"I know it seems strange to have different members of a group, join each other, but if you think about it You and JC are sharing your love with Colt and Matt, and that would not be considered a usual thing either. I do think, once the boys think about it for a while, they will, I hope, eventually come to the same conclusion. It is not like we are sleeping around on anyone. We are one big family." Andrew said with love in his heart.

Mike took a deep breath, looked at Andrew, and said, "I know you are right. The only problem I see is that we have to try to explain it to Matt and Colt. It is going to be a rather striking sight for them to have witnessed, without any warning." Mike kissed Andrew again, and said, "We had better put our clothes back on, and get back to the campsite, so we can explain it to everyone."

James and I sent soothing thoughts to Mike and Andrew, and calmed them down, so they wouldn't be so nervous when they got back to the camp.

They dressed quickly, and then kissed each other passionately again, before retrieving their flashlight, and backpacks. They checked the cave to make sure they hadn't dropped anything there, and walked back to the campsite.

They reached the campsite just as Julie had finished setting a hearty meal on a portable picnic table, where JC and Richard were already sitting.

"Damn, guys, that is really strange. Colt and Matt went to find you two, and now you guys are back and they aren't with you." JC said as he saw Mike and Andrew coming back into the campsite.

"Ah... well..." said Mike, "we can explain that, I think. I actually expected them to be here already."

"Maybe I should explain it," Andrew remarked. "Richard, and JC, We have something that we need to tell you."

Mike broke in with, "I think maybe we should take turns, Andrew. I'm sure you remember, we went to look for mushrooms. We didn't find very many of them near the river where I saw some, the last time we were here. Mostly what we found were Toadstools. We decided that we should explore the caves that are there near the river." He took a deep breath and looked at Andrew.

Andrew, who picked up the narrative, said, "Once we were inside the cave, we found several areas that had several clumps of mushrooms, which we gathered. We made our way back to the main entrance to the cave, and we noticed that it was pouring rain," Andrew paused and looked at Mike.

"Yes," Mike replied, "We stood at the entrance and were waiting for the storm to let up. The storm suddenly shifted directions and the wind blew rain in on us in torrents, soaking our clothes to our skins. It started to get much colder, and we were both getting very chilled. We kept waiting there for several minutes, and got soaked thoroughly again. We decided to move back farther into the cave, and took off our clothes, thinking we would be warmer, if we were naked than wearing those very wet clothes. When we looked at each other, we could see how beautiful each of us looked to the other one, and we both realized at that moment that we truly loved each other, the same way we loved you two."

"Mike is right," said Andrew. "We love each other, and there is no turning back. We can't deny it, either to each other, or anyone else. We are sorry if it hurts someone else, but that is the way it is."

Mike kissed Andrew and looked at JC and added, "Let's see, then we began to notice how cold it was in that cave, and we decided to lie down and keep each other warm. Well, we kept each other warm, all right; in fact, we made each other quite hot. We made love to each other lying on that moss covered cave floor. It was wonderful lovemaking. I felt very much the same way I feel when you or the boys make love to me. I can't help it, and damn it, I don't even want to help it. Nothing can stop my loving him, and I am sure that Andrew feels the same way toward me."

"Yes, Mike, I do love you and I am not ashamed in the least. Your love for me means the world to me." Andrew said with warmth in his heart, "There was one small problem. Once we had made love, we both collapsed in each other's arms and fell asleep holding one another, naked as Jaybirds. Eventually, we woke up and when we saw each other, we kissed each other, deeply. I guess we got quite passionate about it, cause we didn't actually notice that what had woke us up was Matt and Colt walking into the cave."

Mike chuckled, and continued the story. "You should have heard them yell. The sound reverberated throughout the cave. We could hear it echoing for what seemed like a very long time. I won't quote them except to say that they were not at all pleased to see us holding each other in a tender embrace and lying there, covered in cum. Before we could explain anything to them, they ran out of the cave. I don't know how much of what we were saying to each other, they might have heard, but when we were awake and in control of our bodies enough to get dressed and head back here, they were gone. We though they would come back here before we came back. I hope we can make them understand, how we feel."

JC and Richard each stood up and walked around the table. Richard stood behind Mike, and JC stood behind Andrew. Each of them put their arms around the person in front of them, Leaned over, and kissed their partner's partner on the top of the head.

Then JC pulled Andrew back against his stomach, holding him close, and he said, "Andrew; Richard, and I have been noticing how you two have been looking at one another, ever since we got home, after you first helped Mike, when he hurt his leg. We both saw it in your cute smiles. It was in your eyes, and in the subtle way you gently touched each other, every time you were near one another. Richard and I have talked about it, and we both feel that it is the most wonderful thing that could happen to this family. It means that when one or the other of us, joins Charlie and James, the people that are left behind, will still have someone they can love. The family is complete. We can all love each other, and share our love, openly and freely, without any regrets. I have loved Richard for many years. And he has told me that he loves me too. We never have touched each other, sexually, before. We certainly understand how you two were drawn to each other. You are both wonderful people; otherwise, Richard and I wouldn't have fallen in love with you. It's only natural that you would be there for one another when the situation called for it. Now we will talk to Colt and Matt, and explain to them that this was a natural and wonderful thing, and that we are happy that you found each other, and had the courage to tell us about it."

Mike had his hand on Andrew's, on top of the table. Julie was sitting across the table from them. She reached across and put her hand on theirs. "You guys all need each other, and the fact that you have discovered that you two love each other, just plain makes my day. I have been noticing the way you two have been looking at each other. I was going to talk to both of you, and let you know that you should talk to the other guys. I am so glad you did. I think it is so wonderful when people love each other. You all have something wonderful going on here. I know that all of you love each other. There is a deep bond that goes way beyond friendship and the physical intimacy that is shared. I love all of you and I see the love that you all have for each other."

While Julie was talking, Cole and Matt had walked into the camp and heard her. They looked at each other, and then at Richard and JC. They saw what the men were doing, still hugging Mike and Andrew.

Colt walked up behind Richard and hugged him, and Matt did the same thing to JC.

JC slowly turned around and hugged Matt and Richard did the same to Colt.

"Okay boys, I think it is time we all had a nice talk." JC began. "I think I should begin by letting you know that Richard and I have been noticing the signs of interest between Mike and Andrew. When they look at each other across the table, or when they enter a room that the other one is in, they have been sending each other smiles that each of them were afraid to respond to. It was cute to watch. Andrew would kinda wink at Mike. Then Mike would blush and turn his head. A few minutes later Mike would grin at Andrew, whereupon Andrew would look away, while grinning, himself. They have been doing it ever since Richard and I got back from that business trip we took. Andrew had been taking care of Mike, after Mike hurt his leg. From what Mike and Andrew have told us, they both realized they loved each other very deeply." JC paused and looked around, then he continued, "They were each afraid to tell the other one about it, because neither one of them wanted to hurt Richard or Me.

Now I am going to tell you something that Might shock you. Richard and I have known each other for a long time. Richard has been the primary pilot for the company since the days when Charlie was running things. Once Charlie and I found each other, I spent a lot of time talking to Richard. We would spend hours talking and playing cards or some other game, while Charlie was involved in one or more meetings that he had to attend. One day Richard received a phone call from someone in his family; I forget who it was, now, but while he was speaking, I saw tears running down his cheeks. Apparently, his Aunt Anne had passed away, and he had not even known that she was ill. He was thunderstruck. Charlie was still in the meeting or whatever it was, he was doing, and Richard and I were alone on the plane. When he hung up the phone, I went to him, and pulled him to me. We stood there for a few minutes, with him crying on my shoulder. After a while I took him into the bedroom and we lay down together. We held each other there in the master bedroom for several hours. It was not something we planned, and there was no sex involved, but I realized at that moment, that I loved Richard, and he told me later, that I kept him from doing something really stupid." Richard turned to JC and hugged him.

"I will always love you JC; you were so kind to me. I so much needed someone to hold me that day." Richard wiped his eyes and sniffled, then continued, "Auntie Anne was like a mother to me. She took care of me when I was little, while my mom and dad were at work. My dad died when I was twelve. He had been ten years older than Mom, and he had a heart condition. He died of a massive heart attack. Auntie Anne was there for me, then and she told me that she loved me, and would be there for me no matter what. After my mom died, I went to live with Auntie Anne.

I was fifteen when my mom died of lung Cancer. She was only thirty-five when she died. She had been a smoker most of her life, and by the time she stopped, cold turkey, she had been smoking three packs a day. The doctors had already found that she was getting emphysema, and they told her that If she kept it up, she wouldn't live another year." Richard took a deep breath, and continued. "I told her that I loved her and that I wanted her to live. When we got out of the doctor's office that day, and went home, she grabbed the three cartons of camels that she had in the cabinet, and threw them in the trash. I never saw her smoke another one, I don't remember when they discovered that she had lung cancer, but it wasn't too long after that doctor visit. Mom was dead before the year was over. Auntie Anne, was so loving and caring. I found out after I moved in with her that she and her life partner were Lesbians. I loved Ruth too, and I really felt bad for Auntie Anne, when Ruth passed away. She was devastated; I am sure that she died of loneliness. Charlie was a great friend for me too, when Auntie Anne died. All that was before I met Andrew. The two of them, Charlie and JC, watched over me, and, I believe, kept me sane. . Charlie and JC always treated me like part of the family; they accepted me with no question. If I had asked to join them in bed, I suspect they would have gladly allowed me to. After Charlie was gone, and JC and Mike found that they loved each other, I was still treated with love and concern. Eventually, I found Andrew, and fell in love with him. Andrew is a very loving person, and so is your poppa Mike. Whatever they decide to do, in terms of loving one another, I am all for it. Unlike what happened to Charlie, when James died, and for that matter, what happened, to a lesser extent, to JC, after Charlie died; I want both Andrew and Mike to know, ahead of time, that I want them to be happy together, if anything happens to me. I think about things like that a lot, now, ever since I had that heart attack. I am sure that JC feels the same way."

JC looked at Mike and Andrew, and said, "I think Richard put it pretty well. I only want the best for Mike, and if he also loves Andrew, then I want them to be able to show each other their love. Tonight, I think we should get together, all six of us, and celebrate joining with our two best friends, and make them completely a part of the family." He looked at Colt and Matt, and asked them what they thought. Both boys walked over to Mike and Andrew and drew them into a big hug.

Colt said, "I'm really sorry that I freaked out like that, when I saw you two making out. It's just that it was quite a shock and a surprise."

Matt piped in, "I was surprised, myself, but I didn't really see any harm in it, myself. In fact, I made Colt stand still, and listen to you guys talk. When we left, we talked it over and decided that if you love each other, there is no way we should be upset about it. Whatever the arrangements are, I will gladly go along."

Julie had already retrieved the mushrooms that Mike and Andrew had brought back and they were now part of the wonderful stew that now simmered on the huge pot on the camp stove on a low flame.

The smell of the delicious food was breathtaking. Shortly after all the discussion was finished, Earl and Jack dragged themselves into camp, looking like they were drowned. Their clothes were clinging to their bodies and were soaking wet.

Julie giggled and told them, "Get your cute bubble butts into that tent, right now, you two, and get yourselves dry and presentable. I don't want you catching pneumonia. Now! Get going!" She said it like a drill sergeant, but the effect was kinda lost when she began to giggle.

Earl and Jack giggled too, and they both ran into the tent, like a couple of school boys. It was so cute.

James and I laughed, thinking what a wonderful family they were. Things were really resolving themselves. We were so proud of all of them. I think the most wonderful thing was that we didn't even have to prod Colt and Matt to make them consider what it meant for Richard and Andrew to be part of the extended family. They discussed it and came to the right conclusion all on their own.

After everyone had a hearty supper and sat around telling ghost stories, and generally having a wonderful time, Julie made some hot chocolate, and everyone enjoyed the delicious drinks and soon decided it was time to head for the tents. Julie, Earl, and Jack opted to share a tent for the night. Julie said that she wouldn't even notice if they had some fun and frolic. She was pretty tired and figured she would be asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Earl looked at Jack. "Do you think we should make love with her lying in the same tent?"

"Earl, we have had so little time to be together, that I wouldn't care if we were in the middle of a shopping mall. I want to show you how much I love you. Anyone that wants to watch is welcome as far as I am concerned." Jack said softly as he kissed his lover.

"Well I can't argue with logic like that." Earl giggled, as he started to undress Jack, one piece at a time. Jack didn't waste any time doing the same for Earl.

Julie, who was lying on the other mattress, smiled and turned away from the two handsome young men. She thought, 'I am so happy that they feel comfortable loving each other while they are in here with me. They are such gorgeous hunks. If I were a few years younger, I might just try to convince them to make love to me. Come on now Julie, you don't have the right equipment, to satisfy them, you silly girl.' She yawned and turned over and soon fell asleep.

James and I noticed that sleep was probably the farthest thing from Earl and Jack's minds. We gave them a huge boost in energy, to help them sustain their passion, although we both noticed they could probably do just fine on their own.

Jack held Earl in his arms, and kissed him deeply. "I love you so much." he said. Earl began to gently rub his fingers in circles around Jack's nipples. He slowly moved his hand lower and lower, gently touching Jack's stomach and moving on down to his belly button; an adorable inny, and an oh so cute treasure trail. Jack began to get goose bumps on his goose bumps.

"Earl, I love you very much, but, could we please get in the bed and continue this in there?" Earl took jack by the hand and pulled him toward the sleeping bag that had been spread out on the air mattress. Once they crawled into the warm cozy sleeping bag, they began to explore their bodies more completely. They made love together, beautifully, and finally fell into a blissful sleep; having seen more stars than filled the heavens.

Meanwhile, in the larger tent...

Matt, Colt, Mike, JC, Richard, and Andrew, found ways to share their most precious love with each of the others, they all shared love with first one and then another of the people who loved them. This time everyone shared in the love that they all felt for each other. Yes, sex played a role in the ecstasy that they all felt, but the love that was being shared actually was more important to them all that night.

James and I passed along loving thoughts, which only magnified the already intense love that filled the tent. The lovemaking continued long into the night, and the sun had long since made an appearance in the cloudless sky, when everyone began to return to the world around them.

Colt and Matt were the first ones to rush out to relieve their morning pressure and clean themselves in the beautiful cold pond. They didn't stay in there very long. They hurried back to the tent to get ready for the day. As they returned, to the campsite, they found Julie getting bacon and eggs out of the cooler. She cracked, and dropped, half a dozen eggs into the batter she was making, for her wonderful pancakes.

The rest of the guys made their way to the pond, to quickly bathe. The operative word was indeed quickly, too, because that water was very cold. Julie giggled as she glanced at the shriveled up equipment on the men as they quickly passed her on their way to the tents. Earl and Jack got dressed and joined Colt and Matt at the table, while the older guys seemed to take longer to finish getting ready. Once the wonderfully delicious breakfast was inhaled, everyone pitched in to clean up the area, and dismantle the camp. Matt, Mike, and Andrew volunteered to ride back to the trucks and retrieve the supplies and equipment that had been left there, to be picked up later.

They had fed the horses their morning ration of oats. Before they headed back to the vehicles. The horses had been able to graze all afternoon, the day before, so there was not any urgency to have the oats, except for the fact that all the horses really loved oats.

It didn't take long to load the panniers and saddle packs on the three horses that they brought with them. They soon headed back to the lower campsite, which had pretty much been dismantled and readied for transporting. The horses, who were going to carry riders, were also asked to carry a few things in their saddlebags. Each saddlebag carried some of the lighter but somewhat bulky things such as the plastic flatware, and paper plates that were to be used during the rest of the trip. Sugar was given the honor to lead the horses up the mountain trail. Julie asked Sugar if she would like to carry her, and Sugar readily agreed. She would only be carrying her one rider, Julie, and she had nothing in her saddlebags. Of course, little Dotty walked right up next to Sugar; getting as close as she could. Then Julie walked up to Sugar, kissed her on her nose and gently rubbed Sugar's neck and kissed her again. "Thank you very much, Sugar. You have been a great help to us, by taking care of Dotty. She really loves you, doesn't she?" Sugar nickered and flung her head up and down. Julie continued, saying, "Yes, Sugar, she is beautiful. She looks a lot like her daddy."

"Julie." Colt said, as his mouth dropped open, "How did you know she said that?"

"I'm not sure." Julie replied. "When she nickered, I just felt like that was what she was saying. I have never paid attention to her, or any of the horses before. This time I really listened to her."

"It was amazing to have you talk to her that way. I didn't realize that other people could learn to listen to the horses. I am really proud of you." Colt said with a loving smile.

"Well, I am not sure that I really understood her, so much as I sort of felt what she said. It was more like it was what I would have expected her to say, and I just answered her." Julie giggled.

"It doesn't matter, since she understood you. You might not understand her but you still love her and she can tell." Colt told her.

The family continued to head toward the main campsite. With the pine trees, and the gorgeous meadows of wild flowers, and tall green luscious grasses, they stopped at several little creeks and springs along the way to allow the horses to water.

At one of the springs, Andrew commented, "God, this is just so beautiful; Thanks for thinking of bringing us up here." He was smiling so widely, that we all had to smile too.

James and I could feel the love that was flowing from one to the other back and forth.

Mike looked at Andrew and then JC, then he smiled at Richard, and said, "I love this place; too. I know what I want to do besides fishing, later!" He was smiling broadly, and everyone knew what was on his mind, because they all were smiling with the sexiest grins, and were adjusting their equipment -- not the riding equipment, either! Well ... I suppose you could think of it as riding equipment, depending on how you looked at it ... or how they were sitting on it.

It didn't take nearly as long as they thought it would, to get there, and everyone took a deep breath as the beauty of the area caught the attention of everyone. Even James and I took a deep breath, as we gazed at the scene before us.

Once everyone recovered from the shock of the beautiful view, they all dismounted and began to remove everything from the horses.

The whole family began to set up the camp, for the rest of their camp out. First, the horses were unpacked and unsaddled and allowed to run freely.

Julie and Colt began to set up the camp stove and table so they could start making lunch. It had been quite a ride, and everyone was ready for something to eat. They had already decided to use the same campsite as they did on the last trip up there.

The pond near this site had bright sunlight shining down for a good percentage of the day. So by the late afternoon it was not nearly as cold as the other one had been, so once the tents had been erected along with some other things, everyone but Julie decided that a nice dip in the pond would be just the thing. Andrew and Matt were the first two out of their clothes, and into the water. Matt was right behind Andrew, and he wrapped his leg around Andrew's, and they both found themselves sitting in the water. They were giggling like schoolboys.

Andrew grabbed Matt and pulled him on top of himself, and began to tickle the younger man till he cried for mercy. As they played in the water, the others began to follow suit. Mike and Colt jumped in and were soon sitting in the water splashing each other, Matt and Andrew. Colt submerged himself and made his way over to Andrew and Matt. He grabbed Matt from behind, pulled him under for a few seconds till Colt ran out of air, and had to surface. As they both came up above the water Andrew leaned over and kissed each of them. The two boys got Andrew under the water till he started thrashing, needing air. They pulled him up into a tight three-way hug. The family was becoming closer all the time.

When the guys in the water looked around, they spotted Mike and Richard lying on a blanket, a few yards from the water. They were holding each other, and kissing passionately. The wet ones all climbed out of the pond and walked over to Mike and Richard and shook the water out of their hair, onto the two guys, that were making out. Mike and Richard let out chilling screams as the water hit them.

Julie was still busy cooking and hardly even looked at the beautiful bodies that were being displayed so brilliantly, till she heard the screams. Although if truth be told, she did sneak a glance at them every once in a while. She had a very big grin on her face, as she busied herself.

James and I were pleased to see that the guys were not in the least bit self conscious about being naked around Julie, anymore.
Eventually, the guys all had turns showing each other how they felt toward everyone else.

The biggest surprise was when Colt pulled Earl over to show him the love he felt toward him, and Matt, seeing what Cold had done, did the same for Jack. As Colt and Matt held Earl and Jack, the two newcomers, began to cry. Colt and Jack held their respective friend, and hugged him, tightly.

Earl spoke first, "Colt, I can't help crying. I have loved you and Matt since we were in school. I have always wanted to cuddle with you and or Matt, but I was afraid to ask, because you and Matt were so close, and I didn't want to screw up our friendship."

"Same here," Jack echoed. I thought you would hate me, if I ever even tried."

"That is really amazing." Said Colt, "Matt and I, both felt the same way about you two. We wanted to get closer to you guys, but you were such a close couple, that we were afraid to even ask you if you wanted to join us in our lovemaking."

Just then, Julie walked over to the guys, and spoke up,

"I think it is high time you all had a romp together. I have seen each and every one of you at one time or another, giving one of the others the once over. So stop pretending that you aren't interested. Fix up a bed big enough for all of you, and have the time of your lives. I will sleep a lot better, knowing that the family is becoming closer and that everyone loves everyone else." When she finished she walked back to the stove, and started checking on the food.

A few minutes later, JC came up behind Julie, as she finished flipping the steaks. He gently turned her around to face him. He pulled her into a warm hug, and kissed her gently on the lips. "Thank you Julie. I am so glad that you are such a good observer. I don't think any of us realized that our feelings were being reciprocated, and now we can all feel free to express our love to one another. You are simply amazing."

They all had a good meal, then they fed the horses, and managed to arrange the bedding in the large tent, so that they could all share the huge bed, and each other. Everyone decided that they would go to bed early so they would have plenty of time to enjoy the activities that they had all imagined might happen someday, but were afraid to ask about.

James and I watched them for a while, as the family played together. It was so beautiful to see the love that they all had for one another, and the interesting ways they managed to show each other. They all shared in the lovemaking, changing partners frequently, but yet each of them giving themselves completely to the one they were with at the moment. In fact, before they all fell into a beautiful blissful sleep, they had all shared their love with everyone else. We sent them energy and love.

James and I got so aroused by the passion that they had, that we joined them on the huge bed, and made passionate love together ourselves, while they all slept, cuddled together.

To be continued...

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