A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 17

Shortly after the sun rose, Andrew and Matt woke up in each other's arms, got up from the huge pile of sleeping family members, took care of their morning duties. Matt started the coffee and retrieved the bacon and eggs from the cooler. He started making omelets, using the mushrooms, green peppers, onions and any other ingredients he could find, that looked appetizing to him.

Once the smell of Coffee and the breakfast being prepared, made its way throughout the camp, the others began to stumble out of the tents and wander over to the cooking area. JC walked up behind Matt and nibbled gently on his ear, then he stuck his tongue into it. "I love you so much, Son, I'm so glad we can all have this time together, loving each other."

"I agree, we have really grown as a family since we got here, and it is fantastic. I can't help but wonder why we waited so long to tell each other how we felt." Matt giggled.

"Hey, where is my share of the ear fun?" Richard piped up. "That looks so sexy." He walked up to Matt and started on his other ear.

Matt squirmed and giggled. "Oh, God, that feels so good! My dick is as hard as steel, right now. One or both of you will have to do something to help me now, you know."

Richard and JC looked at each other, and winked. JC spoke first. "I got dibs on his front you take the back."

"Okay by me," Richard said as he and JC each grabbed Matt's shorts, and pulled them down. Matt hadn't put on any underwear, so there he was naked from the waist down. JC got down on his knees in front, and engulfed Matt's rock hard lance, while Richard started tonguing Matt's back door. Matt was in ecstasy.

Matt started making the cutest sounds imaginable. "Oh!!!! Oh!!!! My God!!!! I'm gonna... ah... ah Yeah!!!! I can't believe this!" He almost howled as he shot a load that was so big that JC couldn't hold it all in his mouth. Before he could swallow it, his chin dripped with the extra large load of juice that Matt had squirted.

When JC stood up after Matt's eruption, Matt started to collapse. JC grabbed him and took him into a warm embrace. Richard stopped rimming Matt and stood up behind him. He and JC held Matt in a bear hug for several minutes so Matt could get himself back under control.

"I have never cum so hard in my whole life!" Matt exclaimed, once he had control of his senses again.

"Matt, when you have a dick, as hard as yours was, it is only natural that it would squirt like a fire hose." JC pointed out, giggling.

"God, that was AWESOME! You two were wonderful. Thank you, both of you. I love you both so much." Matt giggled, as he hugged JC and Richard in turn. Then they all hugged each other together.

Andrew came over to the three guys and tapped Richard on the shoulder. Richard turned around and grabbed Andrew, pulling him into a hug, then he kissed him passionately.

"I love you, Andrew." Richard mumbled into Andrew's mouth.

"Andrew, I want some of that too." Matt giggled, as he grabbed Andrew's arm and pulled him close.

It wasn't long till everyone had pulled someone that they didn't normally cuddle, into a loving hug, which eventually led to something more passionate.

Julie had the food ready, and she began to gather her brood over to the picnic table and slowly got everyone served. Her pancakes were the most delicious tasting pancakes any of the guys had ever tasted. For some reason they all enjoyed them even more cooked on a grill over an open fire. Everyone had their fill of Julie's pancakes and generous helpings of bacon and eggs, and soon found a comfortable place to settle down and let their food digest.

Richard and mike were lying next to each other on their backs on the soft grass, talking together. Then Mike asked, "Richard, would you mind if I kissed you?" Andrew loves you so much and he's told me that you have the most wonderful lips and that you are a wonderful kisser. I would like to experience those wonderful lips of yours. I know we kinda fooled around a little, last night, but I never got much of a chance to be with you. We just had too many people to cuddle up with, and I fell asleep before I had the chance to kiss you last night."

Richard rolled over on his side and pulled Mike over to him. They pressed their mouths together. At first they just gently kissed each other, then they began to get more passionate; pressing their tongues into each other's mouths. They held each other tighter and their breathing became faster, and they began to rub one another's backs as they began to feel more and more horny. It was obvious that they were ready to go farther down the path of passion. Mike got up and pulled Richard up to his feet.

"Let's go lie on the mattress in the tent. I think we will be more comfortable in there." Mike said as he pulled Richard with him, toward the tent.

Colt grabbed Earl and planted a kiss on his best friend. "Would you like to find a place somewhere and see how we get along together, like Poppa Mike and Richard just did?" Colt asked.

"I would love to," Earl answered, and he grabbed Colt and pulled him into the tent that he had been sharing with Jack and Julie. "Come on Colt, let's not waste any time. I really want to make love to you." The two of them made love to each other, and put every ounce of strength and passion into it. They both realized that they had been feeling closer to each other ever since Earl and Jack had come back into the family.

When they came back to Earth, Colt kissed Earl gently, and said, "I never realized just how much I loved you, Earl. This was very special. I am very glad that you and Jack have joined us, and now we will be even closer than before."

"Yes," Earl replied. "I have loved you and Matt from the first day we met. You two were there for me, when I needed you most and I really did appreciate it. I was afraid that since you and Matt were so close to each other, that you would never want to make love to me, but this was something I have been dreaming about for a long time." Colt kissed earl again, deeply this time, and they held each other tightly for a few minutes.

"Earl," Colt said quietly, as he rubbed his chin, "I'm sure that Matt would love to make love to you too." He looked into Earl's eyes, and continued, "He has told me several times that if you were available, he would have loved to make love to you. Now that we are all a family, I don't see any reason that we can't take turns once in a while loving one another in different combinations, do you?" Colt grinned.

Earl giggled, "I would love that, and I am sure that Jack would too. We have talked about how we should bring up the subject of trying it with different partners, but again, we weren't sure that you and Matt would want to share yourselves with us." Earl kissed Colt again, and started to get out of the bed.

"Wait," Colt called, "Don't go away yet, I need to love you once more, before we go back out there. I can't believe how wonderful it is holding you in my arms. Holding you is different from holding Matt, or anyone else, for that matter, and I really love the way you make me feel, when you hold me. You are so gentle, and delicate. I Love you so much Earl."

"I love you too Earl." Colt gasped as earl began to engulf him. Colt repositioned himself to take Earl's rock hard member in his mouth and they matched their rhythm to each other. Just as they both climaxed the tent flap was opened and Jack and Matt entered.

"You guys certainly make a lot of noise when you are making love. Can Jack and I have the bed for a while, please? You two have made us so damn horny that we can hardly stand it." Matt giggled.

"Okay, Love, but first, get in here with us, so we can have a bit of fun, with all four of us together." Colt giggled.

Matt and Jack climbed onto the bed and they each lubed themselves up. Matt entered Earl from behind, and Jack did the same for Colt. Colt gulped Earl's member deep into his throat, and Earl did the same for Colt. They were both fully hard once more. It was getting pretty intense, (or is that in tents?)

When things quieted down a little, Julie whispered to JC, and giggled. JC said, "Go for it, Julie I can't imagine the looks on their faces when you do that."

Julie took a deep breath and walked to the tent. She opened the flap and put her head inside. She cleared her throat, and said, "Oh, I was just about to tell you that there was food ready, but I see you guys are already eating. When ever you are ready there will be something ready for you." The guys blushed a deep red, and started sputtering.

Julie giggled and said, "It's okay, guys, I couldn't resist doing it to you, after what you guys did to me at the ranch camp out, the last time. I had to get you back somehow."

She pulled her head out of the tent and turned to the other four guys. "You should have seen the looks on their faces." she laughed. "They turned the most beautiful shade of red. Oh well, we might as well eat, they will be busy for a while, I'm sure."

Just as the five of them finished eating, the other four piled out of the tent and headed for the pond to clean themselves up for lunch. The water was still pretty cold, but they cleaned up quickly. They all hurried to the table after getting dressed, and enjoying another round of kisses.

JC looked at the four young men, and said, "I see you have finally decided to share each other completely. I am very glad of that. You all look very happy today. I am very proud of the way you have pulled each other into one big family. I love all of you, and I am so happy that the family is now complete. Now any or all of us can love each other in any combination that we want, at any time we want."

James and I watched as JC, Mike, Richard, and Andrew got up from the table and went to the younger guys. They started the hugging and kissing party all over again. Each of them managed to kiss and hug everyone else. Even Julie got hugs and kisses from all the guys. Her smile was threatening to split her face in two.

When they finished the hug fest the men all decided to try their hands at fishing. No one in the group was any great sharks at fishing, but everyone agreed that it might be fun to try it, so they took the poles to the lake and dropped in the lines. They tried for over an hour and got not one single bite. Finally, Earl's line got tight and the line started to play out very fast. JC yelled, "Hold it! Grab the Reel, Earl! Start reeling it in! Slow and easy, don't jerk it. You're using light tackle. This is only four-pound test. That baby is pretty damn big. You said this was your first time, fishing, didn't you, Earl?"

"Yes, I have never held a pole before in my life. I'm scared I'm going to screw it up somehow." Earl gasped out. As he held on to the pole for dear life. JC helped him steady the pole and start to reel in the huge trout that was pulling so hard. It was pulling for all it was worth.

"That guy is trying pretty hard to get away from you but if you slowly reel it in I can net it for you." JC told Earl. "I'm going to let you do it yourself, unless you get real messed up somehow, cause it will be a lot more fun if you catch him all by yourself."

Earl got the trout pulled in, and JC scooped it into the net. That trout was damn good size, probably over five pounds. He flipped and squirmed till JC finished him off. Julie squealed in delight when she saw the fish. "Oh Earl!!!! That thing is huge, honey. We'll cook him right up for supper tonight. There is nothing as delicious as a freshly caught trout."

JC and Colt each caught small trout themselves, but no one came close to the monster that Earl caught. Mike and Matt didn't even get a nibble, and Jack's try would have been almost the size of the one that Earl caught, but it managed to break the line so it is swimming around with a hook in its mouth and twenty feet of fishing line following it, hundreds of yards away now.

There was plenty of trout for everyone to enjoy. Julie did a wonderful job of preparing it, and everyone was impressed with how good it tasted. Once they finished the meal, Julie decided that she would head back to the ranch, and get things ready for the guys to come back the next day. She had some business to attend to that she felt couldn't wait much longer, and she was getting a little restless about being away from home. JC rode back down to the trailhead with Julie, to make sure she would be okay on the steep rocky trail, that leads down the mountain. By this time Julie and Sugar were becoming good friends. Sugar's hooves had grown used to the new shoes now so she was doing quite well on the trail. Julie and JC talked to each other about the new situation that was happening with the family. Julie agreed that the family was becoming more than just a bunch of guys living together, helping each other run the ranch. It was indeed a real loving family. By the time they reached the trail head, JC had learned a lot more about Julie in terms of how she felt about the guys, and what her part in the family was going to be. JC helped her get her things and some of the other non-essential things from the saddlebags and into the Jeep. He watched her head back down the road toward the ranch and waved at her. She waved back and he headed back to the campsite.

Meanwhile back at the campsite...

The rest of the men all sat around and traded stories about their lives. Some of the things that had happened to Earl and Jack were not at all pleasant. The stories progressed from bad to worse,

Colt finally had enough and loudly announced, "Okay, I think we need to stop telling this stuff. My eyes haven't been dry for a while now, and Matt and I haven't even told our horror stories. Now that we are a family, there will be plenty of time to tell everyone's story, but I think we should get back to being happy. We all love one another, and we should enjoy the lives we have now. Let's try to put all the bad things in the past for good."

JC got back to the camp during some of the worst things being related, and he finally spoke up and said, "I agree with you, Colt, now that we have this wonderful family, and we are here for each other, we don't have to dwell on the bad times. Those should be buried in the back of our minds, and yes, I have some horror stories in my past as well. I will only say that since I fell in love with Charlie, my whole life turned around, into a wonderful one, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

James and I watched them as they all started thinking about getting into bed. It didn't take long for them to decide that they were in the mood to have another night of loving fun. It seems the mountain air stimulated them in more ways then one. Of course, James and I had managed to send them a few ideas as well. It was so much fun to watch them having the times of their lives. We were more than glad to help them any way we could.

That night they decided that they would stay with one partner for the entire night. Mike and Andrew formed a couple and Colt joined with Jack Earl chose to 'sleep' with Matt. That left JC and Richard to join each other, which, of course, they did, happily.

James and I found a nice soft place to cuddle each other, and we made passionate love, and sent warm love to everyone.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Julie arrived back at the ranch and was greeted by all the ranch hands that were still there. Everything seemed to be in order, so she headed for the kitchen. She checked to see what she would need in the way of supplies for the next day's meals, and made a list. She baked several pies and prepared a nice salad along with some cold sandwiches that she left in the fridge, for the boys. She left instructions for the boys as to how to reheat the pies and how long to let them sit before cutting them for serving. She stuck a note on the fridge door, letting them know what to expect, and she headed for home. There were several things that she needed to do at her place, so she decided that home was the place she needed to be that night. It had been several days since she had collected her mail, and she had been expecting an important letter to arrive soon.

When she opened the door, she found quite a pile of mail that had been shoved through her mail slot. She picked it up, took it to the kitchen and laid it on the counter. She quickly heated the milk, spooned in the chocolate, and marshmallows, and stirred up a frothing cup of hot chocolate, to drink before going to bed. She looked at the pile of mail, and was rather unsettled when she saw the return address. It was from the Real Estate Company that she was renting her house from. She opened the envelope to find notice that her house was being sold to a large land developer and would be demolished to make room for a large housing development. Needless to say, she was not at all pleased to hear that.

Meanwhile back at the campsite...

All the gear that was not needed for the rest of the trip had been stowed for travel back to the trailhead. It was all packed in neat bundles and ready to be loaded on the packhorses or in saddlebags. The eight men had everything ready except for the camp stove and utensils etc that would be needed to prepare breakfast when they woke up. They were all pretty well worn out from the day's activities, but no one could get to sleep. After a while, Colt heard one of the horses say "Bear!!!! Bear!!!! Bear!!!!" Colt sat up and said, "Did anyone else hear that?"

"Yeah I did," said Earl. "Star just said there is a bear out there."

JC spoke up. "Don't panic, guys. He is probably just looking for food. You did secure the food containers, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did that myself," Colt said, as he reached for his jeans. "I'll go check to see what is going on." He pulled on his jeans, a shirt, and his heavy boots, and headed outside. In the dim light, he saw a huge shape by the food prep area. Colt had the rifle in his hand and slowly walked toward the intruder. "Hey! Get out of here." he said in as deep and powerful a voice as he could manage, which, as it happened wasn't all that menacing.

The bear turned around and faced Colt. "I'M HUNGRY," It roared.

Colt jumped back. W-W-What did you say?" he stuttered.


Colt had to decide what to do. Slowly he backed up and inched himself closer to the tent. When he got there, JC and the others were whispering to each other.

Matt said, "He talked to you, or I suppose I should say he yelled at you."

"He says he is hungry. Should we offer him some food? I have always heard you shouldn't feed bears."

JC looked at Colt, and said, "Son, I will leave that decision to you. You can understand him, and he seems to understand you. Why don't you talk to him and find out what he wants. If he is really hungry, I don't see any real reason not to feed him. Just tell him that we will be leaving his home in the morning and we will leave what ever we have that he would eat here for him."

Colt looked at JC and smiled. "I thought you would say that. Let me go talk to him."

Colt held the rifle and slowly returned to the bear. "Mr. Bear," Colt said softly, "I will let you have food, but I don't know what you like. Do you eat meat, grain, or something else?" The bear looked directly into Colt's eyes, and softly growled, "I would be happy to have anything you give me. Thank you for asking. You are the first human that has bothered to talk to me." Most of them just run like hell when I say anything to them."

"Well you did rather shout, when you first talked to me, then, didn't you?" Colt pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess I did, didn't I. I'm sorry about that. It's just that I am so damn hungry, and I haven't found anything for days."

Colt looked at the bear and said, "Okay, let me get to my cooler, please, and I will get you some fish and maybe something else. I really don't know what we have left. We are just getting ready to leave in the morning, and our supplies are mostly gone."

The bear backed up and moved off to the right to give Colt room to get to the cooler.

There were several trout left over that they had planned to take home with them. The fish were already cleaned. Colt tossed the fish to the bear and smiled. "There you go, I hope that helps you. I would never want to see anyone go hungry." Colt smiled.

The bear took the fish and practically swallowed them whole. Once he had finished them, he looked up at Colt, and said, "Thank you. I will try not to be so loud next time I see you."

"You are welcome. I will remember you, and the next time we come here, I hope we see you again. Don't get too close to humans though. Some, if not most of them, would shoot you without even a second thought. They think you are going to hurt them and they get scared. When people are scared, they react by trying to hurt or kill the thing that scares them." Colt told him.

"I know." said the bear, "I have lost most of my family to hunters. I don't even know why I didn't run away when you came out of that funny looking cave, but somehow I just knew you wouldn't shoot me. I heard something in my head tell me that you were good and kind, and that if I asked you, that you would give me food."

James and I giggled. "I'm glad we told the bear that Colt wouldn't hurt him." I said to James. "That is why he didn't attack Colt."

"He needs to learn not to yell so loud though, James told me, "If I hadn't calmed Colt down some, I think Colt might have fired on him, when he first let out that roar."

Once the bear had eaten the fish and padded away, Colt secured the containers and headed back to the tent.

"I can't believe how calm you were with him." JC told Colt. "I saw him look at you, then he calmed right down. It was as if he could see it in your eyes that you weren't going to hurt him."

"I think, maybe he could. He was so beautiful; a real handsome specimen of his species, but then that is redundant, isn't it?"

They all climbed into bed and had a nice time for a short while before falling into a peaceful sleep.

When they woke up, the sun had made its way up in the sky, and they all got cleaned up and dismantled the camp, after eating a hearty breakfast. There were several hunks of meat left in the cooler, that Colt hadn't noticed the night before, so he opened the packages and left the meat on the ground, for the bear to find. They loaded everything onto the packhorses. Saddled up and started down the mountain. As they headed down the trail, Colt, Matt, Earl, and Jack all heard a hearty "Wow!!! Thank you!!!" from the campsite.

"I think he liked it." Earl giggled. As they made their way to the trailhead, to go home.

Once they got back to the ranch, they unloaded the horses from the trailers, groomed and fed them and got them back into the corral, then they stowed the tackle. They left the equipment and provisions that were left over, on the floor of the barn, for the ranch hands to take care of.

They headed into the house to find a note on the fridge telling them that there were cold cuts and salad in the fridge for them and a huge pan of peach cobbler, that should be heated in the oven at about two hundred degrees for about fifteen minutes. Once they had eaten the delicious meal and stuffed themselves to bursting, they all headed for their rooms for a good night's sleep.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Another great chapter, Darryl has come up with. Thank you so much for your wonderful addition to the story. Now he has me wondering what's new with Julie and the Andersen family.

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Well that was quite an interesting trip. Lots of issues were resolved, and the family is now a lot closer. I wonder what is going to happen to Julie? Is she going to have to move? Where will she go? I wonder. Do you think that bear will find its way down to the ranch? What will happen to him?

Thank you Tickie, for letting me write another chapter of this wonderful family saga.

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