A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 19

The morning arrived and things on the Lazy L were somewhat back to normal. With Earl and Jack gone for a week or so flying Bill off to Europe, the rest of the extended family was up and about, eating breakfast. Julie was going to be off, getting her things together for the move to the ranch, so Colt helped Julie serve breakfast, and then Julie was going to go back home to pack up. The boys were going to help her with her move once she was ready.

At breakfast, JC asked, calmly looking at first Colt and then Matt. "Boys, would you two like to fly me down to Denver today, so I can take care of the paperwork to purchase the lodge. All the papers are ready and we need to sign the documents together." He looked at Mike, with a warm caring grin. Thinking to himself, 'it sure would be nice if Mike would come along.'

"Sure dad!" Colt stated firmly, without even looking at Matt, he knew that they would never do anything to disappoint their dad.

Matt said, "Mike, why don't you join us, too, and we could make a couple days trip out of it. And maybe we could go out to dinner or something special." He really wanted Mike to join them and make a nice family trip for just the four of them. He was thinking, 'We just never seem to be alone anymore; it's even going to get worse.'

"I don't think I should, I have too much to do, with us just getting back from that camping trip, and all the work is piling up on me here." Mike said, with a sincere smile and firmness in his voice.

JC looked at Mike and said, "Andrew and Ben can take care of the ranch, and you know it, Mike. You need to come along, and be part of this family." He had a cute but stern smile on his face, as he got up to re-fill his coffee.

"I am part of the family, but I have a ton of work to do here, not in Denver." Mike retorted, with a frown. Then he thought about it for a few seconds, and a small smile began to appear.

Matt got up, walked over to Mike, put his arms around him, kissed him on the back of his neck and said, "Come on poppa Mike, we need to be a family today. I am sure that Andrew, Ben, and the ranch hands can take care of anything that comes up in the next couple of days. So please, Pop, join us!" He was using his cute 'come on pop, sexy smile ' that only Matt could melt ice with.

Colt just grinned and said, "Yep, Poppa Mike, you need to join us, come on you old stick in the mud!" He was joking with his dad, and of course, Mike knew it.

Mike hugged Matt back and smiled, saying, "Well, you twisted my arm enough, I really ought to stay and get this work done." He paused and looked a Colt as he broke the hug with Matt, then continued, "You really want me to go, love?" He was looking directly at JC.

"YES!" Matt answered, not waiting for JC to say anything. Then he continued, saying, "We need to have some together time, with just us four guys!"

Andrew laughed at the antics of the Andersen family, and said, "Mike, I can keep the place afloat for a few days! It certainly isn't going to run off, or fall apart in that short time. I think you really need to do it," still laughing at the boys' effort in getting their poppa Mike to go with them.

Richard started chuckling at the rest of the folks, then he said, "I'm just happy that I don't have to be the pilot, for a change." Giving Andrew a warm loving smile, thinking, 'great, me and my cute cuddly lover will be all alone in this big house tonight.' Then he got up, carrying his dirty dishes into the kitchen, and headed off into the living room with a fresh cup of coffee.

Andrew excused himself, then took his dirty dishes into the kitchen, then filled his coffee mug with coffee and headed out into the barn.

JC, Mike and the boys headed back into their bedroom and packed up a few things for a couple day's stay in Denver, also getting changed for the trip as well. Then they headed out into the kitchen to fill their thermoses with hot coffee. Julie had already gone.

Colt said, "Looks like Grandma Julie has gone, already. Shucks, I wanted to say goodbye. Guess that will have to wait." Then he chuckled to himself.

Matt packed up some homemade peanut butter cookies for the trip, saying, "I love you Julie, and your wonderful cookies," giving everyone an evil little grin, like 'these are all mine; you get your own.'

The all left for the hanger; and found Richard standing by Little Colt, saying, "I got him all ready for you, guys. Have a safe trip!" He then gave each of them in turn, a loving hug, as they got aboard, for the flight.

Colt and Matt did their pilot's check of Little Colt, no matter what Richard did; it's just something any good pilot does. Once they were satisfied that, everything was in good order, Colt started the engines, warming up the bird.

JC and Mike sat next to each other, watching the boys and smiling at them. Knowing they were in safe hands, After all, they knew that their sons were excellent pilots.

It wasn't long before Little Colt was airborne, and heading toward Denver Colorado. It was a beautiful day. The weather was calm and the sun was shinning brightly. The trip didn't take very long, it seemed like only a little time passed before Colt said, "Buckle up, you two, we're on our final approach.

As soon as they landed, and parked Little Colt, they all climbed out, and went into the general aviation terminal.

Colt noticed the clerk's nametag and said, "George, could you please have our plane topped off, and give it a once over. Then you can park it, we won't need it until tomorrow around noon-ish." He had a professional air about him, and so did Matt.

JC had already called for a taxi, and it was waiting for them, just outside the terminal building as they all left, carrying their personal items. Of course, Matt had his bag of Julie's wonderful cookies in hand, while the rest of the family just smiled at him.

Matt said, "You guys should have thought about getting your own cookies!" Joking with then, knowing he had plenty and would of course, share.

Mike smiled, and said, "That's what my sons are supposed to do, take care of their dad's needs." He was so cute, holding JC's hand as they sat in the back seat of the taxi, laughing at Colt and Matt sitting in the jump seats.

Colt spoke up quickly, "Your needs will be taken care of tonight, in the room." he answered, giving Mike a warm sexy smile.

"Yep, they sure will be!" Matt giggled.

JC had already told the driver where they needed to be. It wasn't too long, before they were at Loews Denver Hotel, where JC had reserved a nice, comfortable suite with a Jacuzzi and sauna in the room. After tipping the driver, they all headed into the hotel where as soon as JC identified himself and the family, a bellman came up with a cart, and loaded what little they had. Then he took them to the top floor of the hotel, opening the door to a gorgeous well appointed room.

JC, noticing the bellman's nametag, said, "Thanks, Jimmy, for your help and here is a little something for you." He handed Jimmy a fifty, which surprised him a little.

A few minutes later, and the family headed back to the front of the hotel, where there was another taxi waiting for them. JC told the driver where to take them and soon they were at the offices of the American International Depository & Trust. Once inside the building, a young man by the name of Richard, helped them. He took them into a private office, where all the legal documents were waiting for JC, Mike, Colt, and Matt to sign them. Once all the papers were signed and the bank draft endorsed, the White Rivers Lodge was now owned by the Lambert, Lambert, & Andersen, Inc. free and clear.

Colt and Matt looked at each other, smiled, and said, in unison, "Thanks Dad."

JC just looked back at them, and said, "For what? You guys have to take care of it." Laughing at the boys.

Mike just looked on, with a chuckle, saying, "See, I told you, I don't have a thing to worry about. I only have to worry about the ranch." He was still laughing at his sons.

Taking another cab, the Andersen family was soon back at their hotel, and their room. Getting cleaned up and dressed for dinner the family headed out to Brook's Steak House. This was a well-known restaurant that Charlie had taken JC to a few times, and he wanted Mike and the boys to see and experience the fine dinning it offered.

Colt wasn't impressed. He said, quietly, "I like the Corral just as much, if not better." Snickering with a little smile at his dad.

Matt just nodded, saying, "I have to agree with my brother, dad! Even though I hate doing that." Giggling at Colt.

Mike said, "Beef is beef, as long as it's tender." He continued eating his steak glancing at JC with a loving smile every now and then, as the night moved on.

JC asked, "What do you guys want to do after dinner?" Glancing at the boys.

"I think I would like to just go back and relax in the room." Matt said, with a sexy giggle.

"Is that all you think about?" Colt hissed with a giggle.

"It's better than some old movie, that we more than likely have already seen." Matt retorted, then swatted Colt up side the head, but he did it tenderly.

"Ow, stop that, you turd." Colt yelped softly.

"I don't know if you made the right choice, JC, about that lodge." Mike told JC with a grin. Then shook his head in disbelief at his two sons.

"Give em a break Mike." JC said, as he continued eating his meal.

Once the meal was finished, they all got up and headed for the cash register. JC had left a generous tip on the table. The meal had in fact been quite good, even if the rest of the family hadn't thought it was overly spectacular. They didn't mind the food. The only problem, as far as they were concerned was that that the food was not proportionally better than, for example, the corral. Obviously, no one really had a problem of paying what they considered a reasonable price for their meal.

Mike summed it up pretty nicely when he turned to JC, and said, "JC my love, I know you wanted us to experience that finer things, but, JC, they are not using the best cuts of meat. I am sure that the meat had been marinating all day, for it to even be as tender as it had. It turned out to be, pretty good."


Back at the ranch, Richard and Andrew were taking advantage of being all alone in the big pool, by swimming in the raw and having a lot of fun doing it. They even had only the underwater light lit and it was beautiful. They were truly in love with each other more than with anyone else. Soon they looked like a couple of prunes, so they got out of the water and headed into the living room, where there was a nice warm fire burning. They cuddled up on the rug in front of the fireplace, knowing that they would not be disturbed.

Richard kissed Andrew and said, "I don't ever want this night to end, God, Andrew, I love you so." pulling him even closer in a tender hug, naked skin to skin felt so wonderful, and manhood to manhood was even better.

Andrew whispered into his lover's ear, "I love you even more than that." He then worked his way around into a sixty-nine position, pulling some pillows off the couch making it softer for his lover.

They, in turn, made passionate love for most of the night, never getting up and going to bed, they just lay there in each other's arms and kept the fires glowing (both of them) all night. Keeping warm with every second of the night, loving one another.


Back in the hotel now, the Andersen family was in the sauna, enjoying each other's beautiful bodies, in the steam and the heat, they were getting rather aroused and were planning on a wild night in the king-size bed, knowing it was smaller than home. They didn't care. It was just going to make their love for each other closer.

Colt went to the Jacuzzi and filled it with hot water, then Matt pulled Mike and JC over and got in. Sliding down in front of Mike, Matt began fondling his dad's groin manhood.

Colt gently slid JC around in the Jacuzzi so they were facing each other, then he too began playing with the steel pipe between his dad's legs.

JC was soon returning the favor, of course it wasn't needed to get Colt aroused, he was already at full staff and waving in the bubbling waters. Colt kissed JC, sliding his tongue in to the waiting mouth, playing tongue to tongue.

Before long, Colt pulled Matt away from Mike and began doing to him what he had been doing to JC. Leaving Mike to pull JC into a loving hug. This went on... and on... for a long time. Finally without anyone shooting a load, (a miracle in itself) they got out of the Jacuzzi and dried each other off.

Mike led the way into one of the beds with JC in tow, and he had a hold of Colt's hand, who also had a tight grip on Matt. It looked like a train snaking through the hotel room heading for the bedroom, and then the bed.


Somewhere in Munich, Germany were two loving young men pleasing each other in a beautiful down feather bed, they are so soft and comfy.

Earl said, "You know how lucky we are?" He was naked, holding his lover close,to him; happy beyond belief.

Jack asked, "Lucky? What are you talking about love?" Looking at Earl with a questioning smile.

"We are lucky that Colt and Matt hired us." Earl giggled, kissing Jack again, for the hundredth time that night.

"I hate to tell you this, love, but it was JC that hired us." Jack grinned back, while he played with someone's tool.

"Are you sure about that? I thought it was Colt that called us." Earl stated, with a chuckle, then started stroking the pipe attached to Jack's groin.

Jack moaned, blissfully, saying, "God, Earl, that feels so good! Don't stop, ever!" paused for a few seconds then said, "It was love, but JC had him make the call." He continued to moan and groan loudly.

"Quiet, Love, someone will know what we are doing in here." Earl muttered with a slight groan of his own.

"Who cares? My love... Who cares?" Jack said, with closed eyes as he continued to stroke Earl.

"Not me, that's for sure... All I want right now is you... all of you... every square inch of that lovely body of yours. You belong to me now forever." Earl mumbled between kissing and fondling his lover.

Jack broke the kiss and let go of Earl, saying, "God, you handsome stud, I want you inside me now! Right now...!" He rolled over onto his back and pulled his legs up to his chest, giving Earl a look at his most beautiful spot, saying, "Take me now... Please love, do it now..."

Earl reached for the tube of KY on the nightstand and began to work it into Jack's gorgeous love canal. "God, Jack, my precious, I do love you!" He was being so gentle and loving with Jack.

"Quit playing around, I need you now, love, God, do it... I want you inside me... I want to be one with you, forever..." Jack said, as he squirmed with delight at the attention Earl was giving his love tunnel.

Earl moved around on the bed, until he was lined up with his lover's hole and pushed his tool in slowly, but with force, not stopping until he felt his love eggs resting on Jack's cute round globes. Pausing for a minute, while, he gently kissed him, with passion. Then he began the long slow withdraw; just far enough, not to come completely out. Then he plunged back in with a sudden force that made Jack slide up the bed an inch or two.

"Do it again! Faster, love... faster... God you are so goooood at this..." Jack was begging him to hurt him with love.

Jack was on the thin edge when Earl yelled out, "God I'm comin........... Oh shit... I can't hold it baaaack..." Earl jerked with mounting tremors as he shot load after load of his hot cream into his lover.

Jack just unloaded several masses of hot juice between himself and his lover at the same time Earl shot his load deep inside. He grunted wildly "Oh god I can't stop... don't stop now... for Christ sake don't stop now!"

They were ever so tired it was now near four o'clock in the morning. They were totally spent and laying in each other's arms, not wanting to even move. They fell asleep stuck together, knowing they would always be together, and loving every minute of it.


Back in the hotel in Denver, the Andersen family were just getting into bed, Mike pulled Matt on top of him, as he lay on his back wanting his son inside him tonight; it had been a long time since they had this arrangement. Mike just said, "Son, I want you inside me tonight, I've missed you in there."

JC looked at what Mike and Matt were doing then said, "Colt, let's follow their led, I want my son inside me too." JC got on the bed so he was also on his back but opposite Mike so they were head to foot. This way both he and Mike could use their hands to assist the other couple.

Colt got the KY from his shaving kit and headed back to the bed. Climbing onto JC kissing him as he slid his erection against JC's throbbing tool. "God, I do love you, dad... you know that don't you?"

"No more than I love you, Son." JC mumbled, as he gritted his teeth from the pleasure he was receiving from his son's ministrations of his tool.

"I love you so much dad... Oh God, your so tight still..." Matt moaned, as he slid his steel pipe into the waiting channel of his loving dad.

Mike was in shear ecstasy, saying, "I love you too son, I love the wonderful feeling of you inside me..." He was squirming each time Matt drove in deeper... and deeper.

Their love for each other was so evident. Not one of them would have stopped for hours if they could have kept themselves aroused. Nevertheless, the love that was present that night was beyond anything they had shared before. It had been a long time since the four of them shared each other as they were this night.

James and I were so turned on by what was going on, throughout the world with the extended family, that we decided to join each and every one of the couples. We were in heaven (pun intended) loving each other on two continents, with the ones we loved so deeply it hurt. Knowing there would always be love in that family.

James said to me, "There will be true love for sure, for all of them," he then paused for a second; pulling me into a tighter embrace, looking me directly in the eyes, with his deep dark beautiful blue eyes, then continuing, "for their patriarch taught them well! God how I still love you so very much! And I will love them for all time, as much as I love you my Buckaroo." He was so cute, just like the Jim I knew from the start.

Morning arrived in Denver and the Andersen family overslept, which was unusual for them; they truly exhausted themselves the night before, and enjoyed it very much. However, all good things come to an end when someone has that well-known call from Mother Nature.
Colt was the first to stir, trying to move from the bed, which was, of course, impossible, he was entangled with his pop and poppa Mike and had to wake them to get up.

Colt said softly, "Dad, I have to go bad, sorry!" He worked himself out of the tangled mess then headed for the bathroom, followed by JC, Mike, and Matt; he succeeded in waking up the entire family. Which was a good thing cause they really needed to get back to the ranch?

As they all drained the weenie, they looked at each other and decided, without saying a word, to take their morning shower, together and take care of anything else that came up, (which did with a little help from their partners) then finished with the morning chores. Once they all were dressed and packed, they headed for the hotel's breakfast cafe. It was a quiet little place, kind of resembling a French sidewalk cafe.

After breakfast, and a taxi ride to the airport, Colt and Matt got Little Colt ready for the flight back to Casper, and home. The flight was uneventful, but the trip certainly wasn't. They were home, the proud owners of a beautiful Lodge; nestled in the southern woods of Canada, and they were already in love with their new acquisition.

God how time flies, Colt and Matt were now in Japan with Janet on a business trip, and Earl and Jack had come home and then left again, for a trip with Bill to San Francisco. Both the big planes were in use. It was funny though, when Earl and Jack had come back from Europe, they landed not at the ranch, but at the Casper airport. They gave everyone the reason that they had just forgotten. But we all knew what they really meant, they didn't want to be the first ones landing at the ranch in the big birds, they truly wanted that honor to belong to their friends, Colt and Matt.

Julie was just finishing packing all her things, and would be ready for the boys to arrive back; they were going to move her and her things to the ranch. The cottage was coming along quit well, the materials were all on site and the contractor had a very large crew working long hours on it. He would have it completed, on or before the date he promised. Julie's furnishings would be stored in the barn, or the guest room, until her new little house was ready. Colt had made sure that everything was ready, so as soon as he and his brother got home from their trip, they could start her move.

Colt and Matt were flying `Cowboy' and that was kind of cute for that would be the first 737 landing at the Lazy L. They were do home anytime now, and it was going to be loads of fun for Richard and JC, for they truly wanted to see the big planes in their new hanger. Yes, each plane had it's very own hanger, with it's name over the doors. Earl and Jack would be home tomorrow, in `Buckaroo', they would all be home again, the entire family.

JC was sitting in the office when the radio sounded off, on their private frequency, "This is Cowboy, over"

JC picked up the microphone and said, "This is the Lazy L, hello boys, how was the trip?" He was smiling proudly at the sound of his boy's voice on the radio.

"The trip was fine, just happy we are almost home, Dad." Colt said, as he saw Casper in the distance.

"Me too, how much longer before you'll be landing?" JC questioned.

"Casper in sight now, should be pretty soon, Dad, see you soon." Colt said, as he looked at his cute brother, who was intensely plotting the new approach to the ranch.

Matt said, over the radio, "Hi pop, we're almost there, if you want to see us land, you need to get out of that office!" He giggled over the radio, then his attention was back on the task at hand; that of landing Cowboy.

"Okay, boys, I'll see you soon, over and out." JC said, he got up from his desk and headed out to the airstrip, on his way, he stopped long enough to have Richard, Andrew, and Mike join him as they waited for the first landing of `Cowboy' at the Lazy L.

They were standing by the hanger waiting, when JC saw a tiny looking plane, in the sky. There in the distance was the most beautiful sight, Cowboy, with his flaps down floating in air, heading directly toward the end of the new runway, with the best two pilots in the world at his controls. Well, at least to the Andersen family, they were the two best pilots in the world, bar none.

Richard just said, as he looked on, "What a beautiful sight!" To him it was the most beautiful thing in the world. He was in love with flying, and you could see the longing in his eyes, just wishing it was he and not the boys, landing here for the first time. But he also knew his time in the limelight was gone. And the new generation was at the controls.

It was a wonderful sight as Cowboy's wheels touched down, leaving their little marks on his new home. The boys had returned home, yes home for real, this time, they were now at the ranch. They made a great landing, and now they were parking Cowboy. Once the engines were shut down, the boarding door opened, and they moved the stairs up. Colt; followed by Matt, came running down and both dropped to there knees and kissed the ground in a gesture mocking and old tradition.

Colt and Matt said in unison, "We're home"...

To be continued...

Editor's Note:

My this was certainly a busy chapter, and it brings us farther along in time. Julie's cottage is ready for her to move in. Everyone is finally home at the same time, and the whole family is happy. If this were a movie I would be very scared. I can hear the music playing now. I think I just heard that organ playing in a minor key. Oops, sorry, I got carried away there. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. Or is it treats? Never mind. I can't keep track of things. You see I am getting old. Don't tell anyone, Okay? I don't want anyone to know that I will be turning sixty next month.

Well that's it from me till next time.

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Author's Note:

I guess someone is getting older, well you have a ways to go to catch me. But here is wishing my co-author and editor a early 'Happy Birthday'. Thanks so much for all your hard work in making our story come out as well as it did, oops not finished yet. Still have some exciting times coming.

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