A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 2

<><><><><><> The Boys and Crazy Horse...

JC, Mike, Colt, Matt, and Richard left the restaurant after lunch, and it was almost time for Colt to return to class. Colt asked if he could have some alone time with Matt. So all the adults got out of the car and left the boys alone for there short bit of private time.

When the two boys were alone in the car, Colt leaned over and hugged Matt and kissed him for the first time, saying, "Matt, I'm really going to miss you this week, I hope you get well, so we don't have to be apart again." He was also thinking, `God I love my brother so much, it's starting to hurt.'

Matt thought, `That was a wonderful kiss, I love you so much.' Saying, "Colt I am going to miss you too! You will call me every night this week, won't you?"

"Of course I will, bro!" thinking, `I am in love with you, nothing would keep me from calling you.' Then Colt hugged Matt really tight, and whispered in his ear, "Until we see each other again, my wonderful brother, I love you."

"I love you too, my beautiful brother!" Matt whispered into Colt's ear, as Colt slid over to the door of the car, opening it, then getting out.

JC, Mike, and Richard said their private goodbyes to Colt, after he got out of the car. There were tears as the three adults got into the car with Matt, and the four of them departed. Colt headed back to his afternoon classes. The week was going to be hard for Colt. Now, with his new brother all registered and going back to the ranch for the week, he felt lonely, and all alone. He thought `God, I am going to miss Matt so much, and my pops too. I am going to call every night, and talk with Matt. It won't be long and we will never be apart again.'

Colt soon found Earl, and had to fill him in on all that had happened over the Thanksgiving holidays.

"Hi Earl!" Colt shouted, as he spotted Earl across the field, on his way to class.

"Hello Colt!" Earl replied. "How was your Thanksgiving?"

"You aren't going to believe what happened to my family and me!" Colt shouted.

"Well, you can tell me all about it after class, we need to hurry now." Earl told Colt, as they entered their English class together.

Colt tried to pass Earl a note, but then he decided not to, he did not want to get on the teachers bad side, not just yet anyway. Class continued, and Colt and Earl kept sneaking glances at each other throughout the period. Finally the bell rang, and classes were over for the day. As soon as the boys were out of the building and on the way to the dorm, Colt spoke up.

"Earl, I got a new brother during the thanksgiving break." Colt was very excited about telling Earl this bit of news.

Earl thought, `Now how could that happen so fast?' saying, "Really, how did that happen, Colt?"

Colt began telling Earl all about what happened, in as much detail as he could remember. After which he told him that Matt was going to be coming to school with them and be staying in his dorm room with him, when they both returned to school.

Colt kept his promise to Matt, and he called home at eight o'clock sharp, every night, all that week. He and his brother talked for at least an hour each time he called, and there were plans made for the holidays that would soon be there. Colt, after speaking to his brother, would always talk with his two dads for almost as long as he did with Matt.

Colt told Earl that he and his new brother would not be in school until maybe Tuesday of the next week, because Sunday was both of their Birthdays. His dads were planning some sort of surprise party for him and Matt.

Earl was happy for Colt, and yet he was somehow sad at the same time, wishing somehow that he could go to the party too, but he kept the smile on his face, and told Colt he was excited about meeting Matt, when they both returned to school.

<><><><><><> Return to school after the Birthday celebration...

JC, Mike, Richard, Colt, and Matt, all drove up to the dorm in plenty of time to be there well before the first classes started, on Tuesday morning. Everyone but Richard got out, and went into the boy's dorm room to say their goodbye's. The boys were in quite a hurry and had to run, as it was almost time for their first class to start, and Colt needed to show Matt where his first class was as they both had different classes to start with. So the two of them took off out the door and down the hall.

JC and Mike were still standing in the boys' room, not wanting Richard, who was waiting in the car, to see them crying. God, the boys were only out of sight for less than a minute, and they were consoling each other, while they hugged and cried onto each other's shoulders. God, how those two proud dads missed them! Their cute smiles and their voices would be sorely missed at home. After about fifteen minutes, JC and Mike used the boys' bathroom to wash up a bit, before going back to the car.

Matt got to meet Earl at lunch, and the three boys talked about everything and yet nothing at all, but there were bonds being made, bonds that would last a very long time. Earl was also a good student, and tried to help Colt and Matt with anything they needed. Earl and the boys became very close friends, and some of the other boys in the dorm wanted to join the new club that Colt and Matt wanted to start, after the Christmas holidays were over. They were going to call it `The Crazy Horse Flying Club'. Of course it was going to take the approval of the school administrator, and also some other school personnel, to assist the boys. Colt was going to ask Richard if he could come up every now and then to give talks, and help anyone that needed it.

During the week, Matt was called into Mrs. Whitefawn's office. She was the school councilor. Matt was told that he was going to be put into the same grade level as Colt, based on his test scores and attendance records from his old school. This surprised him, as he had figured that he had a huge amount of class time to make up. He was also told that both his parents were informed of this action and agreed with it.

Matt said, "Why is Colt going to be held back?" he was truly worried about what was happening. He was afraid that Colt would be upset with him.

"Colt is not being held back, Matt, he just missed much more school before he was adopted by your parents, than you did." Mrs. Whitefawn stated.

"Ok then, I just don't want my brother hurt. He has been hurt enough in his past." Matt said softly.

"That's very nice of you, son, not many brothers would think of their sibling like that. In fact, Colt is on his way here now, so we can talk more about this with him present." She said, as Colt knocked on the door, and Mrs. Whitefawn told Colt to come in and have a seat.

Colt entered the office, and saw Matt sitting there with a strange look on his face, and said, "What's wrong, Matt?" He was worried about his brother now as well.

Matt replied saying, "Well, nothing that I have any control of," Looking upset, still not knowing how his brother was going to take the news.

Mrs. Whitefawn spoke before anymore exchange could take place between the brothers, saying, "Well Colt, your brother Matt is going to be placed in the same grade level you are currently in. This is due to his school records, and the test he was given upon his registration here. This in no way is a reflection on your ability, Colt, the problem you had was due to the lack of attendance, while you were with your old parents, and we here at the school, completely understand what happened to you. I understand that you and Matt are very close to each other, from what your two dads told me. Is that correct?"

Colt nodded his head in agreement, and spoke, saying, "Yes ma'am, Matt and I are very close; we love each other very much. We have both seen our share of hurt and abuse in our lives. And I don't ever want to see my little brother hurt again, for any reason."

Matt spoke up before Mrs. Whitefawn could speak, saying, "Colt, that's almost the same thing I told her, just before you got here. Isn't that right Mrs. Whitefawn?"

Mrs. Whitefawn said, "Yes Matt it is, so you both are close, and I take it then, if I place you in the same classes together, you would help each other get good grades?"

Both boys spoke in unison, saying, "Yes!" You could see the grins on there cute faces, when they heard that.

Ok then, I will put the wheels in motion that will get Matt moved into your classes, Colt, that should make it easy for both of you. I will expect you both to keep your grades up, I know you are both very intelligent and I can tell that you both enjoy learning. I don't want to see either of you get into trouble now. I mean don't start causing mischief while you are in the same classes. If you do, I will have to move you into different classes again, but I don't believe either of you will be a problem for me, or the school, right?" Mrs. Whitefawn smiled broadly, and hugged each of the boys.

Again the boys agreed.

Colt said, "Can I ask you a question Mrs. Whitefawn?" with a serious look in his eyes.

She replied, "Sure, what is it?"

"Well, both Matt and I are learning to be pilots, and I have my private license, and we also have a wonderful instructor working for my folks. So I guess my question is; Would it be possible for us to start a flying club here at Crazy Horse?"

This took Mrs. Whitefawn by surprise, and she responded with, "Let me check on that one, it sounds like it might be a worthwhile club to have, and I am sure there would be some students that would like to be part of it, but I will have to see what can be done, and what the school's responsibility would be. Don't get me wrong now, but I will have to put this in front of the school advisors, and get their reading on it."

Colt sat up in his chair and said, "Thank you Mrs. Whitefawn for trying to help us."

That night in their dorm room, both boys got undressed, and climbed into bed together, neither of them ever slept apart again. They were truly one, and the same in there hearts and minds as well. Of course, this was something neither of the boys thought would become a problem. Until one morning just before their Christmas vacation break, when they got to bed later then normal, overslept the next morning and had to be woke up by the dorm director, Mr. Two-Feathers.

Mr. Two-Feathers knocked on their door, then opened it slowly, only to see the two boys in the same bed.

As the boys began to wake up, Colt shouted, "Sorry we overslept." Thinking `Shit, we are in trouble now Matt.'

Mr. Two-Feathers said, "It's ok boys, you have enough time, you just missed breakfast is all." He was thinking to himself, `Oh how cute the two of them are, they have to be two spirited boys.'

Colt spoke up saying, "Thank you sir!" as he shook Matt until he woke up; stretching his legs and untangling them from his brother's.
Matt squinted and smiled at the dorm director saying, "Sorry sir!" Then slid out of bed with a morning woody and headed for the bathroom.

Mr. Two-Feathers told Colt, "Son, I need to have a chat with you and your brother later, before you leave for home today. Can we talk during the lunch hour here at the dorm?" He stood there, thinking about what to tell the boys.

Colt said, "Sure, we can get a quick bite and come right here after that, is that ok sir?" His thoughts were running a mile a minute, `Now what did we do wrong, or is it because he caught us sleeping together? Whatever it is; I'm not going to change, I love Matt too much for that.'

"That's fine son, just come to your room after you grab a bite of lunch, and I will join you here." Mr. Two-Feathers stated.

As Matt came out of the bathroom naked, he asked Colt what happened. Colt told him that they had a meeting with the dorm director at lunchtime.

Both boys hurried into the shower as always, and showered together, then dressed and ran to find their friend Earl, and told him what had just happened.

Earl said, "You're telling me he caught you both in the same bed?" his thoughts, `Boy the two of you are in hot water now.' "Hope you don't get into trouble over that buds."

Matt said, "I don't think we will, our folks know all about us, and don't care."

Colt just agreed with Matt, and said, "I don't care anyway, because we love each other, Earl, and no one will ever change that."

Earl just smiled at them and giggled, saying, "I know you two, and you have my support guys. You really do love each other don't you?"

"Sure do buddy." Matt replied, as Colt wrapped his arms around Matt's shoulders.

As soon as the boys grabbed a quick bite of lunch, God, they were hungry, missing breakfast and all, they headed back to the dorm room for the meeting with Mr. Two-Feathers.

When the boys arrived at their room and opened the door, there was no one there yet, so they just sat on the one bed they both slept in.

Matt said, "Wonder what he wants with us, Colt."

"I Don't know, and I don't care Matt, we didn't do anything wrong." Colt said in a whisper, as the knock on the door sounded. Colt said, "Come in sir."

Mr. Two-Feathers opened the door and come in, asking if it was alright to sit on the other bed across from the boys.

Matt said, "Sure, no problem sir, can I ask you what we did wrong sir?" he asked, with a frown on his face, looking at Colt then at the dorm director.

Mr. Two-Feathers shook his head, saying, "Nothing, boys, you did nothing wrong. I just need to explain some things to you, that you might or might not know. I hope this will help you understand yourselves, and others like you, a little better."

Colt looked at Matt and said to the dorm director, "Thank you, we thought we were in trouble or something." Now relaxing and giving a sly smile.

"Well boys, are you aware of what the Native Americans call what you brothers are?" Mr. Two-Feathers asked.

"No." Matt said, somewhat relieved at the question.

"I'm not sure either." Colt replied with a puzzled look on his cute face.

"Well boys, you are known by many Indian tribes as Two Spirits. Two Spirits are males that love other males, in other words, gay, in simpler terms. There are different ways different tribes treat two spirited boys. I want to read you just a little something that is taught here." He began to read from his notebook.

For the moment, the ancient patterns of male love woven through the fiber of almost every (yes, variety allowed even for the occasional homophobic tribe) Native culture on the American continent is of greater interest. The many forms of this tradition have until recently been lumped by historians under the rubric of berdachism, "berdache" being defined by Webster's Dictionary as a "homosexual male an American Indian transvestite assuming more or less permanently the dress, social status, and role of a woman."

Not surprisingly, the experience of Native peoples is something other than either the popular or the professional stereotype. Though it would be presumptuous to claim to represent its essence from the perspective of an outsider, we can still look at certain features of two-spirit life in Native cultures, features that delineate how First Nations peoples integrated individuals with uncommon gender identity into their society.

The first step on the path to a two-spirit life was taken during childhood. The Papago ritual is representative of this early integration: If parents noticed that a son was disinterested in boyish play or manly work they would set up a ceremony to determine which way the boy would be brought up. They would make an enclosure of brush, and place in the center both a man's bow and a woman's basket. The boy was told to go inside the circle of brush and to bring something out, and as he entered the brush would be set on fire. They watched what he took with him as he ran out, and if it was the basketry materials they reconciled themselves to his being a berdache.

The Mohave ritual, usually carried out when the child is between the ages of nine and twelve, has a different form, but keeps the central element of allowing the child's nature to manifest itself: A singing circle is prepared, unbeknownst to the boy, involving the whole community as well as distant friends and relatives. On the day of the ceremony everyone gathers round, and the boy is led into the middle of the circle. If he remains there, the singer, hidden in the crowd, begins to sing the ritual songs, and the boy, if he is destined to follow the two-spirit road, starts to dance in the fashion of a woman. "He cannot help it," say the Mohave. After the fourth song the boy is declared to be a two-spirit person, and is raised from then on in the appropriate manner.

What manner was that? It consisted of teaching the young boy to do women's work as well as that reserved for men. He would also spend time with healers, often two-spirit people themselves. Above all, his childhood was marked by acceptance and understanding. That did not necessarily insulate the boy from being ribbed about his `otherness.' Joseph Quinones, the cousin of a Yaqui two-spirit youth, relates that: "One time we kids got down on him for not being typically masculine, but my Great Aunt, who is the clan matriarch, came down on us real strongly. She said it was part of his character, and we should respect him." {see author's note}

Mr. Two-Feathers continued after reading from his notes. "Boys, so what I am trying to say is that you are who you are, you were born that way, and nothing you did, or could do would change that. Therefore, I don't think you have to worry about trying to hide what you are while you are here at Crazy Horse School. What I just read you was something that is taught in Native American history, so most of the students here have already been taught about gay persons. Now away from the school, I would tell you not to be so open about your love for each other in public, for there are those out there that would try to harm you."

Matt said with a look of disgust on his cute, but red face, "Why would anyone want to hurt us for something that don't hurt them."

Colt responded saying, "Matt that's why our old parents treated us like they did. I guess they just didn't understand or didn't care."

"That's right Colt, your old parents didn't care or didn't want to care. But something else might have played a part as well, that is called religious persecution, and no tolerance of what they don't understand." Mr. Two-Feathers stated.

Matt just shook his head and said, "Well our two pops aren't that way, they love us for who we are." As he said that, he began to cry and reached out for Colt, grabbing him in a big hug.

"Its ok Matt, our pops really do love us." Colt hugged his brother as he spoke, then looked at Mr. Two-Feathers saying, "Thank you for telling us that, but I think Matt and I could use a little time alone right now if that's ok sir."

"I'm sorry boys if I upset you in anyway, but you both are good boys, and don't worry about it. Just be yourselves, and you will always be happy together, I can tell." Mr. Two-Feathers got up, shook both the boys' hands, and excused himself, closing the door behind him.

Colt and Matt just hugged and kissed each other for a few minutes, then got up and went to the bathroom, and they both washed their faces, then headed off to class again for the afternoon. It was Friday, and just as soon as the last bell of the day was rung, the two boys charged out of the class to find Richard waiting for them, in the car. They ran to their room and dropped off all their books, knowing it was the start of Christmas vacation.

James said, "God how I love those two boys my love, I don't think we could have helped them find a better set of dads, do you?" He hugged me very tightly as he spoke to me.

"No my love, those two are very, very special little ones, and I too love them dearly," knowing that both James and I made the right choices for JC, and Mike.

To be continued...

Author's Note: You may want to read the complete article about the Native American two-spirit persons at the following website.


Editor's Note:
Tickie, You have written another fine chapter of the continuing story of "A Second Chance". As several readers have stated, This is a powerful story and it is so heartwarming to read a story that brings out love between people, young and old alike.

I know there are going to be happy and sad times ahead for the people you are bringing into our lives. We will laugh and cry with them in the chapters to come, and I for one can hardly wait to read the next adventure as it comes my way. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to edit this wonderful story. I am eager to read the next chapter and I am ready as always to sit down and have a good cry and a wonderful laugh.

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