A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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Co-Author & Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 20

The boys and Cowboy were truly home to stay, for a while, they hoped. Larry came out and took the flight crew and Janet home, while Richard, and the ground crew that were now working at the hangers on the ranch, took care of Cowboy. Which included a complete wash of the outside and a thorough cleaning inside. Inspections of engines, and all ground inspections were always done as soon as it was possible, after a return; along with complete fueling. This way the birds would always be ready to depart within a moments notice.

Colt looked at JC and said, "Hi Pop, Matt, and I were thinking about something special for Halloween this year." As he put his arm around JC's shoulder, walking back toward the house.

"What's that?" JC asked looking at Matt first, then glancing at Colt. He was grinning just thinking, `I know what they want, a party, and I'm all for it.'

Matt spoke up with a cute giggle, saying, "We want to invite everyone to a Halloween party." He was hanging onto Mike as they talked. Mike was thrilled with the idea.

"I like it!" Mike jibed in with a chuckle. Then said, "I know what I want to be!"

JC looked at Mike and said, "I know what you want to be, a rooster, with a big cock!" He joked, which brought a huge laugh by everyone but Mike. He just gave him an evil little snicker.

"Just for that I'm not going to tell you guys anything!" Mike said, being sincere about it, then smiled at the family.

Colt said, "That's fair enough; let's just make it a surprise costume party, where no one tells anyone else what they are going to be." He was excited now about having the party.

Matt just yelped, "Great, I love costume parties, even though I don't remember us ever having one." He was joking now, but still everyone was happy and laughing at the thought.

When they entered the house, Julie was standing there waiting to give them a big warm hug and welcome home, saying, "Good to see you boys, and to see you smiling like that just makes my day brighter." Then she headed off into the kitchen to get dinner ready to serve.

JC said, "Oh yes, I heard from Kevin, he and Jerry will be here this week, so we need to plan on taking them up to the lodge." He was heading into the bathroom to clean up for dinner.

The boys and Mike just followed JC into the bathroom to do the same. While Richard and Andrew headed into their bathroom to get cleaned up as well. As soon as they all were ready, they headed into the dining room, finding Julie setting the table. So Colt walked over to help her with serving the meal. Soon Colt delivered the beautiful Prime rib, then the rest of the meal was placed on the table. Julie really had prepared a wonderful meal.

After everyone had, their plates filled to overflowing Colt spoke up, saying, "Well our dads have agreed for us to have a Halloween party, I think we could do wonders with the barn. What do you all think?" Colt continued to eat, while the others were thinking about what he had just said.

Andrew said, "Sounds great, I can help with the decorating if you need help?" then continued to chow down on the wonderful meal.

Richard looked at Andrew and said, "What are you going as?" chuckling at him.

Matt spoke up saying, "It's going to be a surprise costume party, and no one is to know what the other is going to be." Giggling at Richard.

Julie said, "Sounds like that's going to be fun, but in this family keeping your costume a secret is going to be near impossible. Knowing you all." She began laughing.

"True!" JC replied, with a grin.

"No one will know my costume." Mike stated, with a matter of fact tone.

"Careful poppa Mike, don't say that, or everyone will be snooping around looking." Matt piped up, snickering at his dad.

JC said, "Not wanting to change the subject, but who wants to fly Kevin and Jerry up to the lodge this week when they get here. We are going to send one of the 737's down to pick them up and get them back here." He began looking around the table.

Colt said, "Do they have to go before Halloween?" He was thinking, `Hell, they might like to stay for the party.'

Andrew looked at JC and said, "God, that would be great if they could." He was hoping his friends could attend.

"It's alright with me, how about you guys?" JC asked, nodding at Colt and Matt.

Colt just said, "Sounds good to me, Andrew, why don't you call them later and ask if they want to attend or go to the lodge. Let's leave it up to them." He smiled at Andrew with a warm sincere grin.

"Thanks guys, it would be fun to have them around. I've kind of missed them, now that they have come back into my life." He genuinely had a warm loving smile on his face at the thought of his buddy and lover attending the party.

JC said, "I think when 'Buckaroo" gets back tomorrow, we should send it on to Salt Lake to pick up Kevin and Jerry. They should have plenty of fuel left, then it can be serviced when they get back here. How does that sound guys?" He was looking directly at his two sons, more for their acceptance of the idea, than as a statement.

Colt responded, "I don't think Earl or Jack would mind, sounds like a great plan, what do you think Matt?" He really liked that idea, cause it would give them time to plan and decorate for the Halloween party.

"Fine with me!" Matt said, as he continued eating his delicious meal.

"Maybe one of you should call them tonight and let them know about it, so they won't be surprised by an unexpected trip." JC said, as a suggestion to his sons.

"I'll take care of it!" Colt said, between bites of the delicious Prime rib.

Everyone continued eating with pleasure, the meal was truly scrumptious, and Julie had really outdone herself tonight. As soon as everyone had finished their meal, Colt got up and started clearing the table. Matt joined him, and the two boys did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while Julie went into the living room with the rest of the family.

Andrew indeed called Kevin and they had talked for sometime. When he returned to the living room, he found everyone chatting about the upcoming party. He listened for a while before he spoke, saying, "Well folks, Kevin and Jerry said they would love to attend the Halloween party. They almost told me what they wanted to be, but I stopped them." He was grinning at the thought of what those two would come up with. Then he continued speaking, saying, "They also said, they would be ready and waiting at the Salt Lake City airport's general aviation building. They have a friend with a small truck that will be there loaded with their belongings already boxed up. They should be there by ten-tomorrow morning, if that was okay? I went ahead and told them if it wasn't I'd call them back. But I remember, JC, you said that Earl would fly back as soon as he gets back here in the morning, so I just assumed ten in the morning was OKAY?" He looked a JC for some sort of response.

JC said, "That's OKAY!" then he looked at Colt, remembering he said he would take care of calling Earl and Jack, saying, "Don't forget to call Earl and let him know about the added trip, so he won't be unprepared." He knew his son wouldn't forget, he just loved playing with his oldest son's mind, then he grinned at him.

Colt gave his dad a funny look as he got up and headed off to call Earl or Jack. When he returned a short time later, he just stated in a matter of fact tone, "That's all taken care of, and it's not going to be a problem." He then looked at Matt, giving him a 'come to bed' smile, then said, "Excuse me, I'm kind of tired, I'm gonna call it a night." then started off toward the bedroom, turning back, saying, "Goodnight all."

Matt stood up and said, "Me too!" looked at his dad and said, "You two joining us?" giving them his cute sexy smile.

Mike got up pulling JC up as well, saying, "I guess it's time we headed to bed, love?" giving his love a warm beaming smile.

"Goodnight all, I guess it's our bedtime?" JC snickered at the others sitting around the living room, as he and Mike headed off toward their bedroom where the boys were already starting to undress each other. As soon as they entered the room, JC began undressing his lover and Mike returned the favor.

Julie told the rest of them she was going to bed as well and excused herself; going into the guest bedroom for the night. She set the alarm for early in the morning, as she knew that she needed to have breakfast ready and for a sustained period of time as well, with people coming and going during that time of the day. She got into bed after a long hot shower to relax her. Then she fell into a deep wonderful sleep, knowing she would not have to worry about a place to call her own again.

Richard and Andrew sat in the living room for a while until they too finally headed off to their bedroom for a fun filled night of play and sleep.

The Andersen family members were in their huge shower enjoying themselves and making sure that each and every one of them were truly loved by the others. As soon as they were dried off, they quickly headed for the big bed and climbed in cuddling up with each other spooned together as they always did, soon they were in dreamland again, holding each other tight. They were extremely tired after their showers, and felt enormously loved by one another.

Colt jumped out of bed in the morning at the sound of Buckaroo landing, it scared the crap out of him. He yelled, "What the fuck is that!" he was shaking like a leaf in a strong wind.

"Christ, what are you yelling at, Colt?!" Matt yelled, as he jumped out of bed, waking up JC and Mike, who were just waking up staring at the boys.

"I think Earl and Jack are home!" JC burst out, with a huge belly laugh at his two sons. Then he pulled them back into a hug and said, "See what happens when you land 737's here at the ranch. We need to schedule them to come in at a better time." He was still laughing at the boys.

"It's not that funny, Pop! I could have had a heart attack!" Colt spit out with a frown, not realizing he was sporting a big woody that JC reached out and took a hold of, causing him to blush a pretty pink color. He was so cute.

"Not with this as proud as it is." JC chuckled at Colt, then looked over at Matt who was just as hard, and shaking just as bad as his cute brother was.

Mike just took in the sights and kept on laughing harder every time someone spoke. The situation kept getting funnier and funnier as the boys talked, he just couldn't hold back any longer and said, "I wish I had a camera right now, you two look so funny standing there shaking with those to poles wagging in the wind."

"Come on!" JC said, as he got out of bed with a morning woody of his own, pulling Mike up out of bed, continuing to speak, saying, "Time to get up and shower, the rest of the family is home, and I smell fresh coffee. That tells me Julie is up and breakfast will soon be ready as well." He was smiling at his lover and sons as he led the way into the bathroom and shower.

They all took care of their partner's problems, as well as taking care of the morning rituals. As soon as they finished drying each other off, they got dressed and headed into the dining room to find Earl and Jack sitting there with mugs of hot coffee and plates full of Julie's wonderful western omelet, with toast and jelly.

Colt spoke saying, "Good morning guys! You sure know how to wake up the family." Giving them a snicker, but smiling at them all the time.

"Sorry forgot how early it was, but we wanted to get back in the air soon. We need to be back in Salt Lake by ten this morning. But you already know that." Earl laughed; looking at Matt, then at JC and Mike as they also entered the dining room.

JC just nodded and said, "No problem, just a little loud this morning, you should have seen your friends here." Pointing at Colt and Matt, then grinning at them.

"Hey Dad, that's not fair! No telling on us now!" Matt joked.

"Why not?" Mike laughed, as he sat down at the head of the table.

"Cause it wouldn't be nice of a cute cuddly dad that wants loving, to tell on his sons." Colt giggled, sitting down next to Earl and Jack.

Matt spoke next saying, "We need to figure out how to land here without making so darn much noise." Giving Richard a stare, as he and Andrew entered the dining room, sitting down on the opposite side of the table. "Seriously though, it nearly scared the shit out of us this morning."

"Good morning all!" Richard and Andrew said as they sat down.

Everyone else just said, "Good morning." In response to their remarks.

Colt and Jack got up to help Julie bring in the rest of the breakfast.

Jack said to Colt as they entered the kitchen, "I'll help you, but we have to leave in a couple minutes bud."

"You don't have to, but thanks!" Colt said, as they both sat down at the table.

Earl said, "Sorry to have to eat and run, but someone has us going back to Salt Lake for a pickup." He was looking at Colt, with an evil little grin. Then got up motioning for Jack to follow him.

"Sorry guys, we are going to get the place decorated for the Halloween party tomorrow night." Colt said, with a cute grin. "You two are going to be there, right?"

"You bet we are, wouldn't miss that for anything." Jack shouted back, as he and his lover left the room.

"Those two make a great pair, I'm so happy they are part of this family now." JC stated with a warm smile.

It wasn't too long and there was the sounds of Buckaroo starting, and soon taking off. The noise wasn't as bad, most likely because everyone was up and the house wasn't as quiet as it was early in the morning, with everyone sleeping.

Mike looked at Andrew and said, "I think we need to move the horses into the east pasture today, so they won't get spooked by the spooks tomorrow night." He chuckled at his remarks, then gave a cute smile at his two sons.

"Poppa Mike, you are just too funny." Matt said, giggling at his dad.

"Spooks? Who are going to be spooks, I thought it was a surprise costume party?" Colt giggled at Mike.

Andrew still laughing said, "Sure, we can move them today." Then he looked at Colt and Matt and said, "You two are something else, give your dad a break." Then continued more of a giggle then a laugh, as he sipped his coffee.

JC began laughing at the family and their antics. Then said, "Think I will just go into my office and hide for the day. I don't want to be in the middle of this fiasco!" still laughing as he got up and left the dining room, heading for his office.

Julie said, "You all do your things today, I'll take care of the kitchen mess." She got up from the table then turned back, looking at Colt, and continued, saying, "Anything special for the party you want me to fix?" giving him her tender loving smile.

"Let me think on that for a while. I'll let you know. Maybe some pumpkin bread and hot apple cider." Colt simply replied with his cute grin.

Matt said, "Julie how's the supply of peanut butter cookies?" He was giggling as he finished off the last of his breakfast.

"I'll make sure there will be plenty of them for the party!" Julie responded with a warm loving grandmotherly grin.

Richard excused himself and went into the office with JC; he had some things he wanted to chat about before the trip to Canada.

The morning went on as planned, and it wasn't long before the sound of Buckaroo was heard in the distance. Richard, Mike, and Andrew were outside, and saw the plane land. As soon as it was parked in front of it's own hanger, the stairs were rolled up and everyone got off.

Andrew ran up and hugged Kevin and Jerry, saying, "Sure glad to see you both, how was everything?" He was bubbling with excitement, seeing his old buddy again.

"Couldn't have been better." Kevin answered with as much excitement as his friend was showing. Then he said, "Didn't expect to have a private jet waiting for us this morning, but it sure felt nice, knowing we were wanted by someone." He paused and then turned and spotted Earl and Jack coming down the stairs behind them. Putting out his hand to shake theirs he said, "Thanks, guys, for the wonderful flight, and it's sure nice to have got a chance to know you both."

Earl said, "It was a pleasure to be of service, and believe us when we say you are going to love working for this bunch of swell folks." He had a mile wide smile on his face.

Jack shook his head in agreement with his lover, saying, "He hit the nail right on the head, guys, it's fucking great working for the Andersens." He blushed a bit as his own remarks thinking, `I shouldn't have used that word, but what the hell, it's how I feel so screw it.'

Andrew helped his friends with there personal small bags, and their belongings that were aboard Buckaroo, would stay there. The plan was to send the plane up to the nearest airfield to the Lodge, and off load it there. Then have it all, trucked to the lodge by a delivery service. In fact, Bill was planning a trip to Canada for some other company business later in the week. Earl and Jack were going to take that trip, Janet had another trip planned for England that would require Colt and Matt's services, at about the same time. But I am getting ahead of my story again. (I do that a lot, don't I?)

The guys, Anyway, Matt, Colt, Kevin, Jerry, Earl, and Jack, were all congregated in the barn.

James and I had some plans of our own, for the party. We had to be kinda careful, but we figured, since the party was going to be on All Hallows Eve, we had a few extra tricks up our sleeves, that we could manage. We talked to the guys' former teachers, Luke and Gerry. We all decided it would be fun to give the family and friends a real treat by playing a few tricks, ourselves. We decided that one or more of us would make appearances in different places at different times, in costume, so to speak. No one would recognize us, because we would change our appearance to something completely different. I thought I would show up as one of the ghosts from the Harry Potter stories. And James was considering one of the Ghosts from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. We had quite a shock, though, when the people in question appeared in front of us, and told us that they would love to come to the party themselves. It seems that, unbeknown to us, characters in books or plays, if written well enough, are in fact real, and have souls, and therefore can, and do exist in the spirit plane, along with those people that have passed on. James and I were surprised, to say the least. It was the first time that we had met any fictional characters. This was going to be a great party.

We had figured out that we could probably manifest ourselves in ghostly form for several hours. The others agreed that on this night, all of the factors were in the right order to allow many strange and wonderful things to happen.

The guys set to work to make the barn into a really spooky place. They had obtained a fog machine, to cloud up the area and make it difficult to see what was happening. They had placed lighting just so. To illuminate the ghastly apparitions that they planned to frighten their guests with. There were pumpkins placed in strategic places, each of which had a Lazar inside, that was controlled remotely. The light show was truly going to be spectacular. It turned out that Kevin and Jerry had a lot of experience at doing light shows, what with working at the various jobs they had had. We had a few things that would be quite special too. Of course, we didn't tell anyone what we had planned. It was really going to be different than the usual Halloween party.

When JC Meets Sherlock Holmes, it is going to blow his mind. He has always been a big fan of the fictional detective. Dr. Watson told us he would be there too, so it was going to be very interesting. Most people didn't realize that Holmes and Watson were lovers.

After figuring out that anyone we might pose as, could actually show up on their own, we decided that we would just show up as ourselves, figuring, that would be a big enough surprise.

There were several rooms in the barn that had been converted into different kinds of bedrooms. They were decorated in different ways. There was a room that looked like a bed of nails was there, but they were made of rubber. And the foam rubber sheet that lay was rolled up in the corner could be spread on top for more comfort. It was really cute. There was another room that had the typical rack to stretch the victim from the legs and arms. Of course, there were no straps to accomplish it. And of course there, again was a foam rubber mattress of sorts to put on top of it. The suit of armor was rigged to drop the axe he was holding at the flick of a switch when someone passed by him. And the sound system was really sophisticated. There would be the sounds of screams of horror, coming from different places throughout the barn.

Little did they know that we had a few other sounds we intended to make as the evening and night progressed. It was really going to be an interesting party. We intended to improve on most everything that had been planned.

James and I were like school kids planning pranks that would startle everyone, and especially the ones that had everything under control... or so they thought. Of course, Colt, Matt, Mike, and JC were the only ones that had seen us, but Earl and Jack had been told the circumstances of how the boys had been brought to the Lazy L, so our being there shouldn't be that surprising.

Halloweens had passed without our showing up, before, so James and I were certain that no one would expect us to be there. Well, surprise is a good thing.

When the boys finished their work in the barn, they all headed in to have a light snack and rest for a while before heading for bed. The next day was spent putting the finishing touches on the barn, and setting up the buffet style feast.

There would be everything anyone would ever think of that was associated with Halloween. There was a tub filled with water and a good number of apples for bobbing. Julie had made candied apples, and popcorn balls. She even made smores. And there was enough candy to feed an army of trick or treaters. Hot and cold apple cider was there, both hard and what amounted to not much more than apple juice. There was also a cooler full of the other drinks, usually available at a party, Beer, Wine and soda pop, etc. Julie had made a relish tray, with carrot sticks, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, and scallions. (Most people call them green onions, but they're really scallions)

Everything was ready. We all watched them set things up and then we set up our special added bonus surprises. Many of the electronic tricks, we could control ourselves without assuming corporal form. Ectoplasm is mostly electricity anyway, so mingling with a circuit board is child's play. We were going to make it quite interesting. The console that controlled the lights was also computer controlled. I rearranged the sequences so that when someone started one, they didn't get the one they planned, and I designed several that were much more diverse than any that the guys had come up with. James hacked the music and sound effects computer. I was so proud of him. He had been studying computers for a few years now, and he could do anything that was conceivable with one, and he was actually able to accomplish some things that were not really conceivable.

Julie, Colt, Matt, Earl, Jack, and JC brought all the food out for the buffet, shortly before six o'clock. Then they all headed back in to change into their costumes.

There was a gigantic spread, enough food for a huge crowd. All of the boys' friends were coming, it seemed. There were people that they had known from school, as well as people that they had worked with. All the staff and friends of JC and Mike were coming too. The crowd started arriving shortly after six.

Ben and the ranch hands helped park the vehicles in such a way that there wouldn't be any problem retrieving them when someone wanted to leave. Considering all the High-test drinks that were to be served, however, it was more likely that a good number of the guests would, in fact, stay the night. There was plenty of room to house them. The barn was nice and cozy. And there were plenty of places spread around out there, that were quite well suited to lie down and either sleep or enjoy someone's company. Colt and Matt had anticipated the need for that and had made the preparations accordingly.

All the guests had arrived before six thirty. As people arrived, they headed for the buffet, and helped themselves to the wonderful spread that Julie and the boys had prepared.

As the evening progressed, the guys started their antics with the lighting, and began to play the soundtrack. I had set the lighting panel to work normally for the first twenty minutes after powering up, then of course, all bets were off on what it would do to set any pattern they selected into motion. James had followed my lead with the sound panel as well.

All of our guests from our side of the veil were in the barn, not letting ourselves be seen. As the twenty-minute mark approached, all of us let ourselves become visible, to everyone, if they had bothered to look at us. Of course, we were semi transparent, to most everyone. Colt, Matt, JC, and Mike would see James and me, as solid. We had moved to different parts of the barn, so if someone noticed one of us they wouldn't necessarily see us all.

We were all having a great time. As we started to mingle, several people congratulated the hosts, on their special effects.

Mike was dressed as Chief Sitting bull, while Matt was dressed like Superman. He really looked adorable in those blue tights. Colt was dressed as Batman. Earl looked like Tonto, while Jack had on the costume of The Lone Ranger. Julie came in dressed as Miss Jane Marple. She looked just wonderful. Richard came dressed as the Raggedy Ann Andrew came as Raggedy Andy, And Kevin, and Jerry were Alexander Bell and Watson. They were just plain adorable.

JC came in dressed just like the picture of James. It startled me, and James jumped a foot. We were both standing near the back wall at that moment, and no one had yet seen us. It was so cute; James quickly changed his clothing and appearance to exactly match JC. When I looked at JC, I couldn't help think of how beautiful he was to me, then I looked at James, and I knew that I loved them both. I leaned over and kissed James deeply.

James looked at me and said, "Well, Love, don't you think you should look like your portrait too?" I thought for a moment, and quickly changed myself to match my painting as well.

There was a loud crack of thunder, that came from the sound system. As the thunder cracked, I reconfigured the lights, and a bright flash lit up the room like daylight. That gave James and me a chance to move over to JC and solidify ourselves. Once his eyes got used to the normal light level again, we were standing right there in front of him.

JC was totally surprised, to say the least. He rushed into my arms and kissed me. Then he approached James. "God, Uncle James, It is so good to see you." He gave James the same loving kiss he had given me. "Thank you Uncle James for being there for Charlie when he needed you. I will always love you for that. I wondered if you two were going to show up for the Halloween festivities tonight. I'm really glad you did. I have missed you." then he whispered to me. "I know you have been here with us, when we couldn't see you. I have felt your kisses and gentle touch, many times and I always feel better after you visit us like that. Thank you both for watching over us. I still love you, Charlie. I always will."

"James," I said, "go bring Mike over here. He will think you are JC. Then when he gets here, we will tell him what we want to do."

Just as I figured, Mike thought James was JC. He hurried over, and when he saw JC standing there, He looked back and forth between the two of them. It was so cute.

James whispered in Mike's ear. "I'm not JC. I'm his uncle James."

I stepped out of the shadows, and grabbed JC's hand. James and I have been here watching what you guys have set up here. There is a room in the back part of the barn, where James and I would like to take you two. It has been way too long since I have had the pleasure of making love to you JC, and James has had his eyes on you for almost as long, Mike. We would love to show you how we make love to each other, and maybe teach you something to help you pleasure each other. You never know."

As Julie was helping herself to a sandwich a man walked up to her and introduced himself. "Bonjure, madam. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, I have been waiting for years to kiss you." He took a deep bow and kissed Julie's hand. She blushed a deep shade of red. They found a nice comfortable room for some privacy.

Meanwhile, Colt and Matt saw their teachers standing in the corner, next to a door that led to a bedroom. They motioned to Colt and Matt to follow them. When the boys entered the room, each of the boys was hugged and kissed by one of the teachers.

"May we have the pleasure of showing you how we make love?" Gerry asked.

Matt and Colt were bowled over by the thought of making love to their favorite teachers. They had always been secretly in love with the two men, and would dearly love to have taken them to bed, but of course, that would never have happened. It just wouldn't have been right. Of course, tonight is a different story. Colt and Matt took their teachers' hands and led them into another of the bedrooms where they enjoyed themselves tremendously.

I think at one time or another everyone spent at least a little time with someone new to them. Richard and Andrew spent quite a bit of the party together. Eventually however, Richard noticed Izak Asimov. They spent several hours discussing his stories. Richard was honored to meet the great writer, and Izak was actually interested in knowing about aviation, where Richard had a fount of knowledge. It was gratifying to see how well they got along. That left Andrew free to make love to Mike for a while. JC had found that Kevin and Jerry were sitting alone, so he asked them if they would like a threesome. It seemed to work out that everyone had a great time.

The barn was filled with happy people from both sides of the veil having a wonderful time. Everyone seemed to find someone that they wished to love and make them feel good. There was happiness and joy in the hearts of everyone.

Finally, everyone fell asleep. James and I made sure that everyone found a good place to sleep. No one had much sleep actually.

We all decided that we could spare the energy and we gave those that were tired all the energy they needed, so they would only need a few hours of sleep.

When morning finally came, people were in their own beds. James and I spread ourselves between all those that loved us and that we loved as well, which of course was pretty much everyone. Colt and Matt woke up first. They kissed each other and ran to the bathroom. Their mad dash woke up Mike and JC. Everyone was naked. All their clothes were neatly placed on chairs.

Mike told JC, "I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that I made love with my uncle James, and that you made love to Charlie. Then we switched partners and you made love to James and I made love to Charlie. Then Colt came in and made love to James and Matt came in and made love to Charlie. Jack and Earl made love to their teachers that came to visit us that time, and then everyone switched partners again. I have no idea how we could have made love so many times in one night."

Just then, Colt and Matt came back to the bed. They had heard the conversation between JC and Mike.

I was lying next to JC, I planted a gentle kiss on his forehead, and James did the same for Mike. It was so cute. They both reached out and felt the bed then both James and I became solid for them and they kissed us deeply. They both kissed us and then they said in unison, "Thank you both; our beautiful angels, for a wonderful evening. We all love you very much."

"I had the same dream," Colt gasped.

"Me too," answered Matt.

James and I got up and gave the boys the same treatment we had given to Mike and JC.

"We love you, Charlie and James. Thank you for the wonderful time." the boys chorused.

"Let's go get breakfast going. I bet that Julie is still asleep. I don't smell coffee." Matt said, he and Colt headed for the kitchen, where they found Earl, Jack, Kevin, and Jerry pulling things out of the fridge to start breakfast.

Colt greeted everyone. "Morning everybody. I think Julie must still be sleeping. Let's fix breakfast and let her sleep."

Julie had indeed been to bed. Hercule kissed her deeply He was still in solid form. "Thank you my dear lady, you have made me very happy. It is time that I take my leave. Perhaps we will meet again; possibly in, say a year from today?" She had enjoyed her evening with Hercule Poirot very much and his parting was enchanting. He was the consummate Gentleman, and waited patiently until Julie asked him if he wanted to make love to her. Of course, when she had asked him, he agreed instantly. He told her she was beautiful, and that she had done a wonderful job of dressing up as Miss Jane Marple. He told her that he had loved Miss Marple for years, but had been too shy to ask her for a date, and besides when ever he visited her there always seemed to be a murder to solve. He and Jane had both retired several years ago, and no longer had to solve crimes, so he felt free to join in the festivities, without having to solve a crime. I am happy to say that no murders were committed during the night at the Lazy L, but a lot of people had a wonderful time. I am hoping that there will be another wonderful celebration of Halloween next year as well. I don't see any reason not to.

To be continued...

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