A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 21

The day was a hectic one at that, the ranch hands, under Ben's watchful eye, cleaned up the Halloween decorations and the mess that seemed to have piled up. However, they also enjoyed the festivities as much as the rest of the folks had. If truth be known, Ben had a few exciting times in the rack room with a good-looking young man whom he had never met before. I could tell you who it was but I think I'll just leave that up to your own thought. 

Colt, Matt, Earl, Jack, Kevin, and Jerry, all took two of the larger trucks and headed over with Julie to move all of her things. Her lease ran out yesterday, but they were kind enough to allow her one additional day to move out. (Really helped ha-ha!) Well, with the two trucks, the guys were able to move everything she had, in one trip. 

Kevin remarked, "Gees, I thought we had done enough moving for a while." chuckling at the rest of the guys, then said, "Did we hire out as a couple of movers?" He joked, as Jerry laughed as well.

"Never know!" Earl said, with a giggle, and then said, "But with this bunch you might be pilots one day; you never know, with Richard around". Then he smiled at Colt, with such a look of thanks in his eyes, that he was almost in tears.

Most of Julie's things were placed into one of the spare rooms in the barn until her new house would be completed. Moreover, from what Colt found out, it would be done in about three more weeks. Therefore, Julie would be a member of the Andersens' household for a little longer, and she was most welcomed.

Julie watched for a few minutes, as her belongings were carefully stored. Then she said, "I'm going in and fix a nice lunch, I have something special I want to take care of for you guys." As she turned to leave, she simply said, "Thank you boys, for everything!" 

She started to leave the barn, and as she did; Colt came over and hugged her tight, gave her a kiss and said, "You are so welcome grandma!" 

The rest of the boys including Matt chorused, "Your Welcome!"

The boys finished up in the barn, then carried in the items that Julie wanted to have with her, in the bedroom, which were not many, mostly trinkets and her clothing.

Julie had made a wonderful cheesecake and decorated it with colored whipped cream, with the words, `Thank You Boys' on top. It was a very large cheesecake. It had to be, with the family getting bigger every day it seemed.

Soon lunch was ready, Julie went out to ring the damn triangle and rang it a couple of times. It scared the crap out of me, for I remembered that last time I heard its annoying piercing ring, was when I dropped off a cute tattered and abused little boy, by the name of Colt, God, how wonderful he turned out. That damn triangle even shook up James a bit as well.

Colt and Matt entered the kitchen first, Colt said, "Can I help you with anything?" He was reaching over Julie's shoulder; stealing a slice of lunchmeat.

Julie smacked his hand with a wooden spoon, saying, "Stop that, you thief!" laughing at him, then told him, "You can carry the platters with the cheese and meats into the dining room, if you like. I'll bring in the hot bread and rolls." She was so cute, the typical grandmother for sure.

Soon the dining room was filled with the aroma of hot bread and French rolls; the aroma was the siren call to the bunch of hungry young men and of course older ones too. James and I wished we could once again enjoy home cookin', but once you cross the veil into the ever after, food just doesn't seem as important as it once did, until you smelled Julie's fabulous cooking of course. I did manage to sneak a little of that French roll that was on Colt's plate when he wasn't looking. I think Matt might have noticed it disappear though. He smiled, and I could swear he could see me. He didn't say a word to anyone though, so I guess I owe him an extra kiss one of these nights. The funny thing is, we got to enjoy some of Julie's cooking on Halloween, during the party, and once you have tasted her food, it is very hard to resist it from then on. 

Colt watched everyone as they entered the dining room, saying, "That party last night was great, I had the best time." he was turning his head; looking at each and every person he had shared himself with last night, except for the ones on the other side of the vail. He was thinking to himself, 'God I love Charlie, what he did for me that night, I will never forget.'

Kevin said shyly, "I had a great time too!" as he looked at the rest of the folks around the table with a cute shy little grin.

Jerry, watching Kevin with what could only be considered love, said, "Not as much as I did, hon."

JC simply said, "I'm happy that everyone had a good time, I think my sons did a great job, with everything. But for some of you, I guess I need to explain a few things." He then paused to fix his sub-sandwich, before continuing, "I think you all noticed that we had some strange interesting guests last night. Well, I can tell you that some of those people were our guardian angels, by the names of Charlie Lambert, the son of the founders of our company. He was also my first love, and life partner." 

I felt his love, and saw the tears start to fill his eyes as he paused for a moment, took a deep breath, looked at Mike, with love in his eyes, and said, "I love you so much Mike, it hurts, but you know the story, my love." Then he continued again saying, "Then there was James Andersen, my Uncle, and Charlie's first life partner, who was killed by a drunk driver, while on a business trip to San Francisco. Charlie stayed single for many years, until I met him on that special flight to Paris, but that's a long story, and I've lived it so many times, in my memory, that I can see it happening as if it were yesterday." He paused again to gather his thoughts, and take a few bites.

Matt seized the opening by saying, "Well, there were also a couple of our teachers there. One was killed by a couple of teenagers that are now serving out life sentences in jail, and the other one ran his car into a tree, not being able to live without his life partner. Sometime we can fill you in more completely, but it was such a sad story." He was kind of subdued, but still smiled at the rest of the people sitting around the big table.

JC smiled and said, "Thank you Son, for telling that part. The rest of the people there, that weren't part of the usual group, but they just seemed to have wanted to join in the fun, as guests of our guardian angels, and I thanked them last night for inviting them. Charlie told me that they found out about the party, and wanted to meet the people that Charlie and James love so much," He then grinned at the rest of his now expanding family.

Richard said, "That was nice of you JC, to explain that for us." He then continued to eat and give googlie eyes at Andrew.

Jack said, "Thanks; that filled in a lot for me, Thanks, you two. I had a wonderful time." He grinned.

Earl spoke next, saying, "Me too, that party was a blast, I never thought a Halloween party could be that much fun." He giggled, then continued with, "We need to have another one next year." He was looking directly at Colt and Matt when he said that. 

Colt just smiled back and, said, "That's for sure, we are already planning on that, bud." He answered Earl's comment.

Matt just shook his head in agreement, saying, "You bet we will!" then without missing a bite he kept right on devouring his sandwich.

Jerry, being the shy one of the bunch, said, "All I want to say is, thanks for everything you guys are doing for Kevin and me. I too enjoyed the party, thank you all very much." He grinned a shy little grin.

Mike said, "I didn't think that old barn could look so good, you boys did a great job. I too had a wonderful time, and enjoyed all the extra activities we had." He winked and grinned at everyone. He truly knew that the family had loads of fun.

JC, thinking for a few minutes, said, "Okay, now down to business again. Kevin and Jerry need to go up to the lodge, tomorrow, I have already talked to Joel and Aaron about meeting us tomorrow night." He looked around the table, then said, "Earl, you and Jack are taking that trip to England with Janet, taking Cowboy right, and you are leaving in the morning?" He paused waiting for their answer.

Earl simply said, "Yes we are, JC." Giving him a warm smile.

JC continued saying, "Okay, then Colt, you and Matt will take the trip to Ottawa with Bill, taking Buckaroo with Kevin and Jerry's belongings, tomorrow morning as well, right?" He looked at Colt for conformation.

"Yes Pop, that's right!" Colt said, as he continued eating, then gave his dad a cute smile.

"Okay then, that leaves Richard as my pilot to take Kevin and Jerry to the lodge, in Little Colt. Is that okay, Richard?" Knowing it was of course, he just chuckled at him, as he asked the question.

"Of course it is, silly; why did you even ask?" Richard replied, with a warm smile.

"I know you are always ready to leave on a moment's notice, but I will always ask, my friend." JC cutely replied, then continued saying, "Okay, It looks like we will pretty much all leave in the morning then, if that's okay with you two?" Looking directly at Kevin and Jerry.

Kevin replied, saying, "Of course, That's fine with us, we got the chance at a great party, by waiting, and we do appreciate that very much. Are you sure though that you want to do it? This isn't putting you guys out, is it? You know we can always fly up to Ottawa and take a bus over to the lodge." He smiled with happiness in his eyes.

"Well there is no need for that. We need to take care of some business up there anyway. This is our first chance to go up there since we made the final arrangements, and bought the entire property. There are a few things that need to be discussed with Joel and Aaron in terms of what we expect of them and the rest of the staff, up there. We plan on letting them run the place pretty much on their own. They have done a fine job so far, and as far as we are concerned, they deserve our complete trust. We have examined every aspect of the lodge and the people that work their, and they have a fine staff. Any problems that you may find that need our attention just let us know, and we will try to fix it. 

JC remembered to say, "Colt, you or Matt be sure and set up the truck transport of Kevin and Jerry's things to the lodge, don't forget that." He knew his sons better than that, but he was always reminding them of things.

"We will pop, please don't worry about it?" Colt said, with Matt agreeing with him. Then they both giggled at seeing JC grin.

About this time Julie asked, "Could I get some help with clearing up the dishes. I think we need to do it now, I have a funny feeling you all have lots of things to get done today, with all you guys leaving in the morning early." Then she paused to take a breath, saying, "Now I have a surprise for all of you." She then looked at Colt and Jack knowing those two would help, giving them both a `come on and help' grin and a shake of her head motioning them toward the kitchen. Both of them got up and cleared off the dining room table in a hurry, placing all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher for her. Julie just waited for them to leave the kitchen with some dessert plates, saying "just wait for me to come in with my surprise boys, I'll be there in a second."

Both the boys went back into the dining room and handed out the dessert plates and forks, then took their seats.

"Close your eyes!" Julie said, as she entered the dining room, and believe it or not everyone did. It surprised her when she saw it. She put the cheesecake in the center of the table and said, "This is a special thanks for all you did for me, all of you, every last one of you!" she began to cry as everyone opened their eyes to see a magnificently decorated cheesecake.

Matt saw she was crying and got up, ran to her and hugged her saying, "don't cry grandma, please don't cry! We love you and what we did was out of our love for you." The rest of the room chorused, "We love you Julie!"

JC stood up and said, "Thank you Julie, you are truly one of a kind." And then started clapping his hands, everyone else stood, and joined him giving her a warm heart felt thanks for everything she had done for them as well.

After the cheesecake was vacuumed up, and I mean vacuumed, there wasn't even a crumb left on the platter. Mike stood up and excused himself saying, "This place is going to be lonely for the next few days, looks like Andrew, Julie and I will have to keep the home fires burning." Then he looked at JC with a sexy smile saying, "We will make the most of it tonight with our sons." Both Colt and Matt just grinned at their poppa Mike with their cute sexy boy smiles. He knew they knew what was in store for them.

The rest of the day for those leaving in the morning was spent getting their gear ready for the several different trips that were planned. The only ones that were going to stay at the ranch were Mike, Andrew, and Julie along with the rest of the ranch hands as always. Dinner was wonderful with Julie cooking one of her fabulous meals; dessert was passed up as everyone was over full with sweets from lunch.

The weather wasn't holding very well and they expected snow that night so the snowplow drivers were spending the night in the bunkhouse, so they could have the runway clear in the morning for all the birds that would be taking off, in three different directions. Also Bill and Janet would be coming out early in the morning with the flight crews for the 737s. It was going to be a very busy morning at the Lazy 'L'.

Earl and Jack headed for their room first, telling everyone goodnight as they left. They showered and of course took care of their other needs as well. Loving every minute of their alone time, knowing there would be many many more nights together.

Richard said, "I have a long flight tomorrow as well, you ready for bed hon?" He was looking at Andrew with that `come on love it's time for bed and fun' look. Both he and Andrew said in unison, "Good night all!" Then headed off down the hall into their room. Where there was loads of love shared that night, before they drifted off into a wonderful blissful sleep.

Kevin and Jerry said their goodnights to all and headed for their room with love in their hearts, not only for themselves, but for their new family. Yes they felt as if they were part of a family not a company. They only hoped that Joel and Aaron would be so nice to them. James and I planted warm thoughts in their minds; for we already knew they would be accepted with open arms at the White Rivers Lodge, by two loving people that were already excited about meeting them.

Julie excused herself from JC, Mike and the boys, saying, "See you all in the morning, I'll be up early and have you all a good breakfast waiting." Then she shuffled off to her room, picked up her guitar and began playing a soft little tune she loved so much. Oh yes she played the guitar rather well and the family enjoyed hearing her play when she had the time. (When she wasn't always so busy with the other chores, ha-ha-ha!!!)

JC, Mike and Matt headed into their bedroom while Colt buttoned up the house, making sure everything was shut down for the night. Then he too entered the bedroom to find his partners already starting to undress. He joined them quickly in their endeavor to be ready to enjoy each other's love, and as soon as they were all naked, they headed for the Jacuzzi.

Once they were all in the warm bubbly foam, and began to relax, Colt said, "God tomorrow is going to be a busy day." While saying that, he reached over underwater and took hold of JC's power tool and began to stroke it slowly, in turn of course, JC began to slowly stroke Colt's tool as well. Not wanting to bring either of them to climax, they both were just toying with each other, gently fondling the merchandise, so to speak Matt and Mike were not only watching this, but they mimicked the other two. After some time passed they were all so incredibly aroused, that they could hardly wait to get dried off and make their way into the bedroom and their wonderful oversized bed.

Once they had all ensconced themselves into bed, without hesitation, they were all over one another like a bunch of worms entangling each other in the warmest of loving embraces. James and I both knew they loved each other but tonight we were going to make it a night they all would remember forever.

Colt was pulling JC into a beautiful loving sixty-nine position, with his dad on the bottom and he was hovering over him like a fly to his honey (pun intended) those two sucked each other, like a Hoover, while Mike and Matt were in the exact same position as their counter parts were. All four of them were deep into their loving and making love. They kept this up for what seemed like hours. Good thing they went to bed early, for they all needed a good night's rest before the busy day that was ahead of them.

It wasn't long before Colt and Matt both climaxed about the same time, each with their original partners, then they switched, Matt wanted to be with JC, and Colt wanted to be inside Mike. JC and Mike had not climaxed yet, but were very close, by the time the boys had switch places. Now, of course, Colt had Mike on his back with his legs resting on Colt's shoulders, giving Colt a wonderful complete access to his poppa Mike's most tender and loving spot. Colt took full advantage of the situation offered so lovingly by his poppa Mike. Mike gave Colt the love he needed, and then took love back from his oldest son, and they shared their bodies in ways that neither of them had ever envisioned before. James and I placed several novel ideas in all their minds, and it wasn't long before they were all trying some new exciting things, giving each other pleasures that none of them had even dreamed of before. This was truly a night that all of them would remember forever, as of course James and I would also. We made sure of that.

All the while Matt had JC on his back with JC's legs resting on Matt's shoulders doing much the same as his brother was doing to their poppa Mike. He soon had the KY in hand and was working it into JC's warm and loving tunnel, that was just pulsating with anticipation of Matt's manhood to enter the deep recesses of his pop. As soon as Matt pushed inside his pop, JC began to moan, saying, "Oh God, son, this feels so wonderful, I can't stop, I'm coooming, oh shit, I'm coooming..." Then without warning Matt let loose with a massive load of his smooth young sweet juice, into the depths of JC, filling him with his son's nectar.

With the sounds of Matt and JC, as they were coming down from there high. Both Colt and Mike were exploding in much the same manner as their partners had. Only Colt filled his poppa Mike's insides with his love juice, saying, "Daaaaad I'm coooming! Oh shit this feels so good!" As soon as he started unloading his juice inside his dad, Mike let fly with a huge string of man juice spraying all over his own chest and neck. Colt collapsed on top of him, spreading the man juice between them.

Time passed, and Colt said, "I really think we all need to take a quick shower after all that, shall we say, exercise." He was smiling the cutest, sexiest smile you could ever picture.

Mike just said, "I agree whole heartedly; let's do it!" He then got up from the bed pulling Colt up by his hand. Colt pulled on Matt, Matt pulled on JC, and there in the bedroom was a train of naked Andersens, all heading into the shower for the second time in the same night. They finished showering in a hurry, for they were spent and very tired. Even after all the energy that we had passed to them, they all just wanted to go to sleep now. 

Back in the bed, they all curled up in their spoon position and drifted off into a wonderful and peaceful sleep. James and I were just taking in the loving sights on the Lazy 'L', the extended family were truly at peace with the world that night. Of course the weather outside, little did any of them know, was getting much colder and the snow was falling hard and fast. There was nothing that compared with the beauty of the ranch under a blanket of freshly fallen snow. In the morning, they would all see the wonders of nature.

Morning came, all to soon, for the family, all of them. Julie, of course, true too her word, was in the kitchen preparing a huge wonderfully delicious breakfast. She could hear the snowplows outside, moving the heavily drifted snow, getting the place ready for a busy day. She thought, `God, I'm glad I didn't have to drive over here this morning in this nasty weather.' All the while, of course, she kept fixing wonderful things for the morning meal.

Funny thing was, that Earl and Jack were the first ones up, showered and dressed for breakfast. They sat in the dining room sipping coffee when Kevin and Jerry showed up, all ready for the big day.

Colt woke up, getting everyone in his bed out of it, with a gentle shaking, and said, "Come on sleepy heads; the world is on the move, I think we need to join them." He had to pee so bad he just left for the bathroom, in quite a rush. 

Matt was the next one up, and then he was quickly followed by JC, towing Mike, who wasn't at all pleased with having to get up in the middle of the night, as far as he was concerned. But of course he laughed all the way into the bathroom. Mike started the shower and they all got in, and took care of each other's morning needs, both mental as well as physical ones. For being up so late, the night before, the actually were beginning to feel rather good, now that they were actually starting to wake up completely.

Richard and Andrew joined the others in the dining room, getting their morning round of coffee. Then sitting down at the table, next to Kevin on one side, leaving a spot for one of the Andersen boys.

Colt, Matt, JC, and Mike all entered the dining room together. The boys got coffee for the dads, as well as for themselves. Colt and Jack got up, as they were getting use to the idea of helping Julie with serving meals. As they entered the kitchen where Julie was busy doing the last minute touches on the meal. Colt just leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, saying, "Good morning grandma! You do know we all love you, don't you?" 

Julie looked at them with a very wide smile. Then said, "Yes, actually, I think I did notice that, some time ago. I love all of you very much too. Everything is ready, if you want to just start taking things out to the dining room, please!" She picked up a couple plates of food herself and carried them into the dining room. 

Jack simply said, "Good morning." And then picked up a couple plates and followed Julie into the dining room.

Colt just followed them in, with his hands full of food, that just simply smelled out of this world, but then, what food of Julie's didn't smell that way.

Julie looked around the table and said, "Goodness, you boys look so handsome in those uniforms." She was grinning from ear to ear as she just stared at the boys.

"Thanks you!" said the uniformed Colt, Matt, Earl, and Jack in unison. They all were blushing at her comments.

JC spoke, saying, "I can hear the plows at work, wonder how much snow we did get last night?" He grinned and kept on eating.

Richard said, "Looks like somewhere around a foot or more, from what I saw out of the bedroom window." He smiled as he continued to eat.

There was a lot of chatter around the table about all sorts of things, but mostly it was about the events of the day at hand before them. After breakfast, everyone but Julie went out to the hanger area. Those departing had their personal items with them. As soon as they all gathered at the hanger area where the ground crews had Cowboy, Buckaroo and Little Colt all plugged in, and warming up; the runway was plowed and ready for the departures, it was time for the all to head out.

Colt and Matt went to Buckaroo, boarded him, putting their gear aboard, then got out and did their preflight check before going back to say their goodbyes to the others.

Earl and Jack had done the same to Cowboy, then headed back to the group to say their farewells to the family.

JC, Richard, Kevin, and Jerry were in Little Colt, getting their gear stowed, and ready for their flight. As soon as they were ready to leave, Richard and JC got out, and went back to see the rest of the family, before departing. Kevin and Jerry had already said there goodbyes to the group.

Back in Cowboy's Hanger...

JC said, "Well it's time for us to leave, we should be back the same day you guys come back." He was looking at Colt and Matt as he spoke, giving them a hug and kiss, then he turned to Mike, hugged him and kissed him.

Richard said to Andrew, "I love you; we should be back in a couple days. Take care, I'll miss you, my love." He then hugged and kissed him with passion. 

JC and Richard were the first to leave, they both waved at the gathering as they boarded Little Colt. It wasn't very long before Little Colt came to life and taxied to the end of the runway and took off into the night, yes it was still dark out, and it was still snowing pretty hard.

The next bird to depart was Cowboy; the noise was quite loud this morning with the silence of the fresh snow on the ground, and the white stuff still falling. It was falling so fast that the ground crew was almost ready to plow the runway again, to make sure it was safe to take off, but It seemed alright.

The last one to leave was Buckaroo, with Colt and Matt saying the last goodbyes to their Dad and Andrew. Buckaroo taxied out to the end of the runway and took off into the night as pretty as could be. There wasn't a plane left at the ranch. They were all winging there way to their various destinations as planned. 

Mike turned to Andrew and said, "Damn, I just got a cold chill!" He shuttered with a strange cold feeling as he continued. "It must be this nasty cold weather this morning." He grinned at Andrew, then said, "I think I could use another cup of hot coffee. How about you?"

Andrew shook with goose bumps, saying, "Yes, I sure could use a good cup of hot coffee right about now. It's funny, I got that same weird feeling, it must be this damned cold weather for sure." He took hold of Mike's arm and gave him a hug, and then the two men walked back to the house, arm in arm.

To be continued...

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It's a good thing that Charlie and James are always looking out to make sure that everyone is taken care of. I wonder if in the next chapter, we will learn more about Joel and Aaron? I am looking forward to really getting to know them. They seem like really nice guys, and they love each other. I know they will be good to Kevin and Jerry. This should be a very interesting trip. Don't forget to come back for the next chapter. I know I will be here.

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