A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 22

As Mike and Andrew entered the house, they found Julie in the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast dishes. They both joined her and helped with what they could, or should I say what she allowed them to do. Then they all got a fresh cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table, it was cozier than the dining room, now that most of the family was gone.

Mike said, "Andrew, I think we should go into town today, and get some of those items we have been putting off over the last few days, with all the parties and other distractions out of the way now." He was grinning at Andrew and, and glanced over at Julie, who was now sitting in the kitchen with them, drinking another cup of coffee.

Andrew answered saying, "Sounds good to me, I have a couple of items to pick up for Richard and me, as well, if you don't mind me tagging along." He chuckled, and then said, "Do you really think JC and Richard will be back tomorrow?"

Mike replied, "If that's what they said, then, yes, I'm sure they will!" He continued sipping his coffee, glancing at Andrew as he spoke. "I just wish I could shake this feeling I keep getting. I don't know what it is, but I just have this feeling in my stomach, like it is upset, but it isn't like a normal stomach ache.

Julie asked, "You think I should plan on JC, Richard, Colt, and Matt being home for dinner tomorrow night then?"

Mike answered, saying, "Well, let's just see what they tell us, later today or in the morning. Then you can plan on that, Julie." Mike grinned at her. Then continued, saying, "I need to do a few things in the office, I should be ready to head for town around 10 this morning, Andrew. Will that give you enough time for what you needed to take care of?" He gave Andrew a warm smile.

Andrew said, "That will work just fine, I'll go out and see how things are in the ranch office." He got up, headed for the porch; getting his heavy coat on, and headed out to the barn. While Mike headed into the office, down the hall in the house.

Meanwhile on Little Colt...

Little Colt was finally above the bad weather, and everyone was looking down at the tops of the storm clouds, which seemed to stretch out in all directions, as far as the eye could see. Kevin and Jerry were awed by the feeling of flying in a small plane, for neither one of them had ever been up in a little plane before. In fact, Jerry had never been up in any plane before they came to the ranch in Buckaroo, with Earl and Jack. Moreover, Kevin hadn't been up in a commercial jet since he was a little guy of about four or five. Therefore, this was a new experience for both of them.

JC said, "Sorry about the bad weather out there, but it really is nice flying in Little Colt." He was smiling at the two boys.

Richard said, "The weather should break soon, from what I hear. And if you look out the front windows, you should see the sky lighten." He was busy flying, but still managed to let them all know that everything was okay.

JC said, "I hope the others all have a good flight." He was worried about his other boys, in the bigger planes. He knew they all were excellent pilots; nevertheless, he still worried about his family when they were away from home.

Meanwhile on Cowboy...

Earl kissed Jack, just as soon as they had Cowboy above the storm and winging his way toward England; of course their route would take them over Maine, then on over Greenland.

Earl spoke saying, "Wonder how the others are doing?" He looked at Jack with a grin.

Jack said, "Switch to the company frequency and see." He chuckled at his lover.

Earl switched to the company radio frequency, saying, "Little Colt or Buckaroo, are either of you guys on this frequency?" Knowing that they would hear the buzzer sound whenever a call came in on the company's private frequency.

Richard hearing the buzzer switched frequency, and said, "Little Colt here." He then motioned for JC to switch to the new frequency, so JC did, and listened in.

"Is that you Richard, this is Earl, in Cowboy."

"Yes it is, and JC is listening also." Richard answered.

About this time Colt answered, saying, "Hi you two, Colt here on Buckaroo." He looked a Matt and motioned for him to switch over to the company frequency. Which he did in a hurry.

"Hi you all, this is Matt, I'm here too!" He began to chuckle as he watched Colt's facial expressions.

Jack said, "That was some storm we left behind. I hope Mike and Andrew don't have anything to do outside, today." He said with a warm and sincere voice.

JC spoke saying, "That's their problem, we are up here above that nasty mess." He laughed.

Richard said, "Yes, but we have to land in St. Paul, soon, I hope the weather there is better then it was at the ranch." Grinning at JC.

Colt said, "You'll be just fine, that's a good airport and has good food too!" He giggled.

Earl jibed in, saying, "You would be the one to think about food already, Colt." Laughing at him, Jack poked him in the side and started laughing too.

Richard said, "I'm a little surprised we all still have radio contact."

"Well, we are all on about the same course heading, until you guys land in St Paul." Earl said.

"That's true; in fact, we should be in contact with Little Colt, until he lands in St. Paul." Colt stated, and then he nodded to Matt with a cute grin.

"Of course, you guys are right, where is my pee brain this morning." Richard joked with the boys.

Earl said quickly, "Richard, you are breaking up, I think we are starting to pull to the east of you all, so please have a safe trip and we'll see you all in a few days."

"Thanks guys. You have a safe one too." Richard and JC said in unison.

"Yes, you and Jack take care, buds." Colt and Matt shouted into their microphone.

It wasn't long until Little Colt had to start his approach into St Paul, and they lost contact with Buckaroo and the boys. After a good lunch, they all boarded Little Colt again, and headed out over Lake Superior again for the boring part of the trip over the water. It seemed like hours had passed, when land was in sight. Kevin and Jerry were watching out the windows, as they approach the land of Canada below, and soon they were flying over the White Rivers Lodge.

JC said, "Richard, come in low, and give the boys a bird's eye view of the property." He was looking back at Kevin and Jerry with a smile.

Kevin said, "Thanks," but he forgot to push the talk button on the microphone, so no one heard him except for Jerry, who was sitting right next to him.

Jerry poked him and said, "You forgot to push the talk button." Then chuckled at his lover.

Kevin, making sure to push the microphone button, said again, "Thanks for the sight seeing trip." Then he looked back at Jerry with a sexy grin.

Jerry looked directly into Kevin's eyes and said, "God, how lucky we are, love, to have each other and to be working in a place that will accept us for who we are." He then leaned over and gave Kevin a tender kiss.

Kevin, kinda shocked, returned the kiss, saying, "God, how I love you, and yes we are so very lucky." Then he keyed his microphone and said, "JC, both Jerry and I want to again thank you for this great opportunity."

"You guys are more then welcome; just don't let my sons down. They both think you guys are great." JC stated with a warm loving smile at the two boys, sitting just behind him and Richard. Then he continued, saying, "We are on final approach into the lodge, so buckle up, guys."

Richard soon had Little Colt on the ground and taxing up to the hanger where Joel and Aaron met them, as they opened the door of Little Colt. The First one off the plane was JC, followed by Kevin, then Jerry, and finally Richard.

Joel walked up to them and said, "Hi there, I am Joel, and this here," pointing at Aaron, "is my life partner, and assistant manager of the lodge, Aaron," Then he looked at JC and said, "Welcome back to the lodge, Mr. Andersen." He was smiling, with an unsure look on his face. For this was the first meeting of the two men since the Andersen family had purchased the lodge.

JC grinned with a very warm smile and said quickly, "I am JC, not Mr. Anderson, and the formalities end right here and now." He broke into a cute laugh and that got Richard chuckling at his last remark, along with the two boys as well.

"Okay, sorry, I was just not sure, JC." Joel said, as he shook JC's extended hand.

"Well, let me remind you that you and Aaron are like family now, so please treat us as such." JC smiled then shook Aaron's hand, giving him a warm smile as well.

JC started the introductions by saying, "Joel and Aaron; this is Kevin Baron." gesturing at Kevin, then continued. "This is Jerry Logan, his life partner." He was now looking at Jerry with a sexy grin.

Kevin reached over and shook both Joel's and Aaron's hands saying, "Nice to meet you, I have heard nothing but nice things about you both."

"Me too!" Jerry said, as he shook the pair's hands. Then he picked up his belongings as the group started toward the lodge.

Richard finished closing up Little Colt, picked up his gear, and followed the group to the lodge. There was a dusting of snow on the ground and it looked like there might even be more on the way. He thought, `I need to check the weather for our trip home, tomorrow.'

As the group entered the lodge, it was warm and cozy with a huge fire in the mammoth fireplace in the center of the lobby. Kevin and Jerry looked around with amazement, as they stood there in the middle of a truly gorgeous building. The sights and sounds of the fire crackling in the fireplace kept them in a kind of daze.

Kevin looked at Joel, smiled his charming smile and asked, "What kind of work do you have planned for us to do, Joel? This place is simply magnificent."

Joel looked at Kevin and Jerry, and mentally sized them up. "You boys both look to be in pretty good shape, and your smiles win you thousands of points. You are both very personable, and polite. I am sure you will fit in here in any of a hundred ways. I had rather considered placing you in guest relations, but if there is any particular job that interests either of you, just let me know, and we will see what kind of arrangements can be made."

Jerry smiled and looked at Joel. "Well, for me, I think I would like to work with the boats and getting the guests set up to go fishing. That was my favorite part of working at the summer camp where I was working, when I met Kevin. We fell in love, shortly after we met, and that part of our lives is very special to both of us."

Jerry giggled. Kevin leaned over and gave Jerry a big hug and a warm kiss.

"He is the most special person that I have ever known, and I love him completely. It is so nice to be able to work in a place where we can be ourselves, and not pretend that we are just good friends." Kevin smiled.

Joel smiled. "Well, one thing is certain, you won't have to worry about that here. We have a large number of guests that share their lives with other people of the same sex. We have had a large spread in one of the alternative magazines, within the last few months, and it has brought in a lot of Gay clients.

There is, no discrimination permitted here. There never has been, and as long as I work here, there never will be. In fact, affection between couples is very much encouraged.

We have a very impressive exercise facility here and an Olympic size indoor swimming pool. There are several scheduled clothing optional swimming parties during the week, and the weight rooms and saunas also have times set for clothing optional use. There are private rooms available, that can accommodate large or small parties of guests. These must be reserved in advance. We have Skiing and sledding available all winter long. We make our own snow, if there isn't enough natural snow, so we are able to provide winter sports whenever temperatures permit."

Both Kevin and Jerry seemed very excited. Jerry walked up to Joel and gave him a huge hug, then he did the same for Aaron. No sooner had he finished hugging Joel than Kevin took his turn. And embraced both his new employers. "I am really going to enjoy working here, Joel." Beamed Kevin.

"Same here," came from Jerry, at almost the same time.

"Alright," said Joel, "I am impressed with both of you, and it won't be any problem having you work here. Kevin, I think I would like you to start as one of our guest services coordinators. We only have one person on staff right now in that position, so that makes Aaron or me have to take several of those shifts. It will be nice to have another person to help with that chore. Jerry, I am going to have you talk to Mark Gardner. He is our outdoor supervisor. He takes care of the needs of the guests who wish to use our ski facilities and other miscellaneous, outdoor activities. You will learn a lot from him. Aaron, could you please show Kevin and Jerry their suite. I need to have a few words with JC, if you don't mind."

Aaron looked at Kevin and Jerry, smiled at both of the handsome hunks, and grinned at Joel. "I will be more than happy to show these gorgeous specimens to their luxurious accommodations." He reached out and put one hand on each of the boys' shoulders. "Come on you two, let's go."

He winked at Joel, who grinned and said, "Go on guys, Aaron will take good care of you. I'm sure he will give you everything you need." He reached around and slapped Aaron on the butt, and giggled. "See that they have what ever they want, Aaron."

The suite, that had been set aside for Kevin and Jerry, was absolutely beautiful. It had recently been renovated, to the max. It had a living room, two bedrooms, each with its own huge bathroom, including hot tub and a huge shower and steam room. There was a large projection High Definition TV in the living room, set up with a magnificent surround sound system, and it had the latest DVD system as well. The kitchen facilities were a dream come true, complete with all dishes and cooking equipment.

Richard had checked the weather for the next several days, and it looked like it was only going to get worse, instead of better. If they were going to get home before the heavy stuff came in, they needed to leave, early in the morning, possibly as early as six o'clock, seven at the latest. The storm front that was building up from the west was threatening to be one hell of a storm. If it kept up at its present pace, it looked like there could be twelve to fifteen inches on the ground in places, and it was one wide front, heading down from the North. Richard and JC both thought they should plan on heading out as early as possible, to avoid the brunt of the storm. The lodge had a very sophisticated Radar system. It was one of the three dimensional displays, that showed exactly where the snow or any other bad weather was and its relative position.

Joel and JC discussed the operation of the lodge for quite a while, and worked out most of the finer points of how the Anderson family ran things. For the most part, whoever is in charge of a particular facility is considered the final authority over that facility. Joel had complete say in how the lodge was going to function.

"Joel, if I hadn't had complete confidence in you, I would have made other arrangements for the operation of this place. You and Aaron have been doing a wonderful job, and we couldn't be happier with the way things are going right now." JC grinned at Joel, and Joel's smile was a mile wide.

JC continued saying, "If you feel you need to hire any more help, just submit the budget for the extra manpower that you need, and hire whomever you think will best do the job you need done. We have decided to raise your and Aaron's salaries, by fifteen percent, retroactive to the day we signed the papers, giving us the property. There will also be a thousand dollar bonus for you and for Aaron, in your next paychecks. If you can tell me any other employee here that has performed significantly above expectation, let me know, and we will include the same bonus, for them as well. Just let us know which ones deserve it, and we will take care of it."

JC reached in his pocket and handed Joel an envelope. "You now have a Platinum MasterCard, in the name of the lodge; you and Aaron both have access to the account. You will each have to sign the documents, and Fax them to the office in Casper. The card has a five Million Dollar limit on it. If you, for some reason, need more, just let the office know, and arrangements will be made. Joel's mouth fell open and dropped to the floor. "If you need to purchase anything for the lodge, get it; there will be no questions asked. The whole Anderson family believes in your abilities and judgment." JC paused for a moment and looked up at Joel, smiling.

"Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Colt, Matt Andrew and Mike, all had prior commitments, or they would have all been here as well. We all love this place, and we love the things you have done to make and keep it the wonderful place that it is. I think of this place as a home away from home." JC grinned and gave Joel a friendly kiss on the cheek. "I can't tell you how much we like you and Aaron, and how much you mean to our family." JC enthused.

"I think Kevin and Jerry are already very fond of you and Aaron. They both seemed to drink you two in like water." JC giggled.

"Both Aaron and I were very impressed with them as well. I am sure we will all become very good friends." Joel replied with a warm and very friendly smile.

"Good, I like to think of the people that work for us as family, and you will find that we take good care of our family. There is more than employer and employee, when you work for us, I promise you that. That is why we have such a low turnover in our company." JC said with confidence in his voice.

Joel looked at the clock and noticed that it was almost time for the evening meal. "I hope all of you will join Aaron and me for dinner tonight. There is a very special menu planned, and you four are the guests of honor."

He picked up the phone and called Kevin and Jerry's suite.

"Hello, Kevin speaking, how can I help you?"

"This is Joel, is Aaron still there?"

"Yes, we have been talking about what a wonderful place you have here." Kevin replied warmly.

"Well, it is getting close to time for dinner to be served, and Aaron and I want all of you gentlemen to join us for dinner, tonight." Joel stated in a friendly voice.

"I see that he has the cutest grin on his face. I somehow think this was supposed to be a surprise." Kevin joked.

Aaron giggled. "Yes, and if you are willing, Joel and I would love to entertain you for the rest of the evening. Feel free to invite JC and Richard too, if you like. We have a certain suite that for some reason is not in use by guests tonight, that has been designed to provide the most wonderful pleasure filled evening that anyone can imagine. It normally costs our guests about ten thousand dollars to have the same experience, but with the 'employee discount, and all, it will only cost you a few kisses and whatever you might want to tip my staff, if you know what I mean."

Kevin replied saying, "Well, I can't speak for JC or Richard, but you can certainly count us in. and if I know JC and Richard, like I think I do, they would enjoy that as well." Since Joel had been using the Speaker Phone, JC and Richard had also heard the invitation.

JC grinned, "Richard, my dear friend, do you think you might be interested in something like that? After all it isn't all that often that we get to use a pleasure palace." Richard grinned a mile wide.

"You know something, JC; I think I would really enjoy that. I have been thinking about your beautiful body for quite a while, now, and we haven't had any time together, since that wonderful camp out. Let's do it. Remember though, we will have to be in the air no later than seven o'clock in the morning, if we have any chance of beating that storm."

"Let's go down to the dining room and get stuffed." Joel said, and the crowd on the other end of the speakerphone all agreed. The connection went dead and everyone left for the dining room.

When they reached the dining room, Richard, JC, Kevin and Jerry, were mind boggled, to see the way the staff of the lodge had decorated the dining room in preparation for this feast. There were streamers and bunting on the walls and the chandeliers had been hung with crepe paper, and balloons. The tables were adorned with white linen tablecloths and blue cloth napkins. There were bread sticks and hot sour dough bread. There were bowls filled with mashed potatoes and a huge rump roast. There were cranberries and a beautiful Jell-O mold. It was Lime Jell-O Marshmallow Cottage cheese surprise. There were numerous delightful mouthwatering deserts as well, and everyone enjoyed the meal immensely. When everyone had finished their delicious meal, they all decided to head for the luxury suite.

Everyone entered the special suite that Joel and Aaron had arranged for the evening. Those two wanted this night to be very special for there new owners and the two new members of the lodge staff.

"This is simply amazing to see." Kevin and Jerry said, almost in unison.

Richard was really tired from the exhausting flight and in the morning was going to have to repeat it going home. JC was also tired but wanted to go along with the plans that Joel and Aaron had arranged for them.

Kevin and Jerry were game for anything, but they would never be part of anything sexual that involved either of them fucking anyone other than their partner, this was something that the two of them would not budge on. It was kind of a commitment that they took with each other when they first fell in love, some years ago. And they have been faithful to each other ever since, and they had no intention of changing now, or ever.

Joel and Aaron were not into switching partners for fucking either, but for other sorts of play, they were willing to do most anything. And they hoped the others were as well.

The suite had three king sized beds, in three different rooms. One large Jacuzzi, and a very nice steam room adjoining. Of course, it had a huge shower and the living room was large and had a big fireplace that had a roaring fire burning. The bar was well stocked with a full assortment of wines and booze along with the customary soft drink mixers. There was a cute sexy bar tender, by the name of Justin Conner, who looked to be in his mid twenties. He was wearing only a Speedo, and there was a waiter by the name of John Wilson, who was dressed the same as Justin, he also was in his mid twenties.

Joel spoke saying, "These two young men." Pointing at both Justin and John, "are here to serve you, in any manor you need, they both are licensed masseuse and give great massages."

Aaron said, "Why don't we all get comfortable, and shed these clothes." He was starting to unbutton his own shirt. While the rest of them began undressing each other. Richard was helping JC, Kevin and Jerry were taking each other's clothes off, while Joel started helping Aaron with his. As soon as everyone was undressed and looking at each other with interest in their eyes, Aaron spoke again saying, "Now, find a place to light and our waiter's will help you. Just call them over when you need anything, if they are busy, just call out for me or Joel." He had the cutest sexiest grin on his face, and so did Joel, in fact.

Everyone just spread out [pun intended] Richard and JC were on one of the overstuffed couches, while Kevin and Jerry were lying on a big furry rug by the fireplace, Joel and Aaron were talking to Justin and John, giving them last minute instructions. It was so damn sexy and cute; all of them in that wonderful suite naked, except for the two waiters who wouldn't be clothed for long either.

Justin and John first went over to Richard and JC. Knowing those two were very tired, he wanted to give them what they needed most, a good massage. Justin took Richard and lay him out and began working him from head to toe and back to front and ending with a great sixty-nine. At the same time John took JC and worked him over, much the same as Justin was doing to Richard.

Joel and Aaron went over to the rug and joined Kevin and Jerry, Aaron took Jerry and rolled him face down on the rug and began a massage on him. While Joel took Kevin and began the same treatment. Both ended in a classic sixty-nine position with each other. Now all that was needed was some time and enjoyment by all.

James and I were watching this night turning into a wonderful experience for Kevin, Jerry, Joel, and Aaron, knowing well, that tonight would form the bond of true friendship among the new members of the Andersen's extended family.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Mike and Andrew had gone to town in the afternoon, finished their shopping and returned to a wonderful dinner with Julie. Of course, what dinner with Julie wasn't wonderful? After an evening of watching TV in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace, the three of them got up, and headed off to bed.

Mike walked into the master bedroom, and it looked so big and lonely with the quiet of the night and only Julie, now in her room, and Andrew, off in his room. Mike decided on taking a hot bath, alone. So he started drawing the water in the Jacuzzi and before long, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Mike shouted.

"It's just me!" Andrew shouted back from the bedroom door.

"I'm in the bathroom, come on in!" Mike yelled back at Andrew.

Andrew headed into the bathroom and saw Mike standing there, filling the Jacuzzi, wearing nothing at all. He drew in a deep breath and said, "Excuse me, I didn't know you were about to take a bath. I'll be back later." He turned to leave but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Please don't go, Andrew, why don't you join me. I'm so lonely right now. I don't know why, but I still have a weird feeling about being here alone tonight, I guess. In fact, I was about to ask you to join me in bed, if you want to." Mike said, as he turned Andrew around and pulled him into a warm loving hug. Then he started undressing him, as he asked, "By the way, what did you need Andrew?"

"Nothing really, I was lonely too, and was about to ask you the very same thing, now isn't that strange?" Andrew said, with a warm sexy cute smile.

"Not at all." Mike said, as he just continued undressing Andrew and helped him into the Jacuzzi. Once they both were amerced in the hot water, they enjoyed each other's company for what seemed like hours. Finally, they got out and dried each other off, and then headed into the bedroom got into bed and cuddled up and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile back at the lodge...

Everyone was having a blast, but the night was waining and Richard knew he needed a good night's sleep before heading home in the morning. So he simply said, "Sorry to break up such a good thing here, but I am totally spent. That was a wonderful massage, Justin. Remind me to get another from you the next time I am here. But I have to get some sleep, for the long trip home tomorrow." He looked at JC with a smile, then headed for the door.

JC said, "That goes for me as well, I want to thank all of you for a wonderful evening, and you too John, for that great massage. I will have to do that again, the next time we're up this way." He too smiled at everyone, then joined Richard and headed off to their own room. Once there, he set the alarm, then climbed into bed with JC. They snuggled up together, and were asleep in no time.

James and I sent them all love and healing energy. We watched the celebration and sent the entire party extra energy so they could have a good time for as long as they wished.

The rest of the gang stayed in the suite until the wee hours in the morning, enjoying all the games and fun that they could. They had all swapped spit and more, with each and everyone else. If truth be known, Joel and Aaron shared more than spit, but so did Kevin and Jerry. But they all wound up sleeping on the big fluffy rug in front of the fireplace, without blankets as it was very cozy. Justin and John had left for their own rooms, sometime during the night, but who was watching the clock.

James and I had slowed down the passage of time, somewhat, and the entire party had lasted a lot longer than anyone realized.

Morning came all to soon for JC and Richard, though, even with the extended time we gave them, but they got out of bed and headed for the shower, taking one together, along with getting the morning chores out of the way, packing their belongings and heading down to the lobby. There, finding Aaron working behind the counter, JC jokingly spoke, saying, "Did you get any sleep last night, Aaron?"

Aaron answered, "Oh yes, enough!" He looked up and smiled at JC, then he spotted Richard and said, "The morning weather report said the storm is moving in here faster then you thought." He looked worried when he said it.

Richard said, "Let me make a quick phone call, and check it out." He went behind the counter and used the phone there.

JC asked, "Is Joel coming down?"

Aaron replied, "I don't know if he is up yet. Do you want me to get him for you?" looking at JC for any indication that he wanted to see Joel before he left.

"No, that's not necessary; we can talk on the phone, anytime. Just tell him I really appreciated the warm welcome last night from the both of you." Pausing for a few seconds then he asked, "Is the dining room open yet? I think we have enough time to eat before we leave." He chuckled.

Richard returned, saying, "Well the storm is coming fast, but if we leave within the next hour we should be fine." He looked a little worried, but smiled.

"You know you guys can stay until the storm passes, don't you? In fact it would be fun to have you stay a few days this time." Aaron warmly stated to both men, then said, "Oh, yes the dining room is open with the buffet, in fact I have a few minutes. If you don't mind I'll join you." He grinned at JC.

"That would be great, Aaron, please do join us?" JC said, as he and Richard headed off toward the dining room. Once there they all dug in and chowed down on the fine assortment of food and drink.

As soon as JC and Richard had finished eating, they got up, excused themselves, and headed for Little Colt. Richard did a good pre-flight inspection of him and made sure all was in order. Then started him and let him warm up for a little while. JC was standing inside the hanger office where it was a little warmer. Richard came in for a few minutes as well to get warmed up a bit.

Little Colt was warmed up in short order and both JC and Richard got on, then buckled up. Then taxied out to the end of the runway and began their trip home. Not long after they were airborne Richard said, "Oh yes I also called Colt while I was checking the weather and they were leaving very soon too. And I also called Mike and let them know we were leaving as well." He grinned at JC.

"That's good to hear, that would get them home before us then, right?" JC questioned.

"Yes they don't have to make any stops for fuel like we do." Richard answered. Then said, "Once we get to altitude I will call on the company frequency and see if they are on their way yet."

"Sounds good to me!" JC smiled as he looked at Richard, then he looked out across the now open water of Lake Superior again.

The buzzer on the radio sounded about an hour into the trip indicating that Buckaroo was calling, or at least someone was calling on the company frequency.

"Hello, Little Colt hear!" Richard said into the microphone. Mouthing to JC to switch frequencies.

"Hi Richard, Colt here, we are just starting over the lake now, where are you guys." Colt said, then looked at Matt and grinned. Matt switched his set to the company frequency and listened in.

"Well we have been over water now for about forty five minutes I guess. The weather here is getting very bad. I'm trying to climb out of it now." Richard said.

JC keyed his microphone and said, "Hi boys, this is some nasty shit we're flying into. How is the weather for you guys?"

"We're above it dad!" Matt said, he looked at Colt with a worried look.

"Can you guys turn back if it's that bad!" Colt said, he too was worried, but he also knew that Richard could fly well and would not take any chances.

"I don't think we can turn back, it's closer to turn do south and fined land as soon as we can." Richard said, he looked calm though and JC was calming down just seeing him that way.

"Well be careful Richard, and keep this channel open until you guys are safe." Colt said.

"We should be over lan...

To be continued...

Author's Note:

I again want to thanks my co-author for his input on this chapter, he is a great asset to me and to my loyal fans. Thanks Darryl, so very much.

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Editor's Note:

Oh dear, is it a cliff hanger if they are way above the cliffs?
I am a bit worried. Yeah that's it a bit worried. What has happened?
I can't imagine what could have gone wrong.

I hate it when something bad happens and the chapter ends.

Let's just hope for the best. Shall we?
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