A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 26

I told James, "Love, it's a special day today, and what a beautiful day it is for Colt and Matt, Think we should wake them?"

James just poked me and said, "Why? They are already awake, just pretending to be asleep. I think they want to do more then just take a shower, on their special day." He was so darn cute; I just had to grab him and hug him, and of course passionately kiss him too.

Colt raised his head and looked over Andrew and Mike to see Matt looking back at him with a very sexy 'good morning' smile. Colt nodded for him to follow him into the bathroom, so they both slid out of bed without waking up Andrew or Mike, and headed into the bathroom; closing the pretty much sound proof door behind them.

Colt said, "Happy Birthday, my love." Then he kissed Matt, saying, "oh morning breath." then giggled, as he began to brush his teeth.

Matt, of course, did the same, then said, "Happy Birthday, my love." Pulling his brother into a loving hug, and now kissing him with real passion, for it had been too long without their sharing of each other's bodies.

They both got into the shower without Mike and Andrew, for they were both still asleep, and began slowly exploring each other's bodies; working themselves into what was once a morning woody into something much more substantial. They took turns giving each other mind-blowing blow jobs. Remembering how long it had been since they shared each other. And today was so very special for them, and they felt it was, after all, their birthday, and they wanted it to be, special, just the two of them.

Colt smiled and muttered through a passionate lip-locking kiss, "I love you, so much, my little brother, God I love you so!" He was hugging his naked brother so tight that Matt gasped for a breath, and then giggled as Colt tickled him.

"Stop that, silly, I love you too!" Matt said, through laughs from being tickled by Colt, and the pair continued playing in the shower until they heard someone coming into the bathroom.

Mike entered the bathroom, saw his sons in the shower, and said, "Good morning birthday boys." He was smiling, a real smile for a change, then he said, "Happy Birthday by the way!" now he was even joking, what a pleasant surprise that was. Then he continued, "Looks like you both are having fun this morning?" He then started brushing is teeth, as Andrew came up behind him and hugged his naked body.

"Good morning to you too! Mike pretending to be squeezed too hard.

Andrew turned toward the boys, and said, "Sorry, almost forgot! Happy Birthday, guys!" then turned back around and began brushing his own teeth, when he finished, Mike pulled him into the shower.

After the shower, all of them got dressed and headed out to the dining room, where they found Earl, Jack, Kevin, and Jerry sitting at the table, with hot coffee and Julie's homemade sweet rolls. God, they smelled so good, the fresh smell of cinnamon buns would make anyone hungry. As James and I took in the aroma, we both started salivating. Julie could make food fit for a God.

Julie stepped into the dining room saying, "Happy Birthday, boys, I made your favorite cinnamon buns this morning for you." Both Colt and Matt went over and gave her a kiss and big hug, and thanked her many times.

Earl, Jack, Kevin, and Jerry, all said in unison, "Happy Birthday, you two!"

Colt and Matt simply responded in unison, "Thank you!" both were grinning and blushing slightly, but you could tell they were happy, for the first time in many weeks now.

Mike and Andrew just sat down and helped themselves to the sweet rolls, and great hot coffee. They both were happy as well, it was so obvious to everyone seated at the table. They just had a wonderful glow about them, like two beaming lightning bugs. Even Colt and Matt saw that, in the shower, but didn't comment on it. Finally, both of them leaned over and kissed each other in front of everyone, as Joel and Aaron entered the dining room with big smiles on their faces.

James and I were both so happy for them all, everyone that morning, except for Mike and Andrew, had shared themselves with their partners, and did they ever. It was becoming like old times. Even though we also knew, and felt their still deep pain and loss of two wonderful people.

Joel and Aaron both said in unison, "Happy Birthday, Colt, and you too Matt." They were grinning at the boys, with happiness in their grins.

Colt said, "Okay, now that everyone is here, the dinner at the Corral will start at 5 pm, so if you guys want to do anything special today, you might want to remember the time is all. Also, we don't want presents, okay? There isn't anything we don't already have. Please don't take that wrong, we're just not into that sort of thing, now that we are older." He gave them all a cute Colt grin, as he looked at Matt for support.

Matt just nodded his head in agreement, for he had is mouth full of their favorite cinnamon buns. As soon as his mouth was empty, he grinned and said, "Right, if you buy me anything, it would have to be a new brother! Seems he is always speaking for me!" He was joking and laughing so loud you could have heard him out in the barn. In fact, I think the horses did, for they were acting up on their own, or maybe they too knew it was the boys' birthday.

Colt just smiled and poked Matt in the side again saying, "I resent that remark, little bro, now take it back or I will have to show you what happens when you cross the line." He continued the joking to a point where their wasn't anyone in the room that wasn't in hysteric's now.

"Ow! You're being mean to me! If you keep poking me like that, I will have bruises all over my side." Matt joked back. They were really having loads of laughs and fun, and everyone else was too.

Mike said, "God, you two you have to stop it; my side is killing me!" He joked back, with a warm grin on his face.

Everyone else just agreed with him and kept on laughing at the birthday boys. James and I were so happy seeing the lighthearted air that surrounded that room for the first time in too long.

Earl said, "I think Jack and I need to go into town for a bit today, does anyone else want to join us?" He was grinning at Colt and Matt, knowing that the boys knew all too well, just exactly what they were up to, but had no control over it.

Joel answered by saying, "Aaron and I would love to join you guys, if you don't mind?" He smiled at Earl, and then looked at the Andersen boys, with an evil grin.

Jerry jumped up and said, "I know I would like to go too." He looked over at Kevin to see what he wanted to do. Kevin just nodded yes to him.

Colt said, "Anyone else, want to go? There is still room." He looked at Matt who shook his head no, not wanting to interfere with the others, for of course, he knew what they were up to. So Colt continued, saying, "I'll have Larry here in just a little while to take you all there, unless you guys would rather take one of the vans? I think Matt and I will stay here and get things ready for tonight."

Earl said, "I can drive, let's just take one of the vans, guys. Is that okay with you all?" He was grinning a huge grin, knowing very well what everyone was up to.

Everyone that was going to town, just said, almost at the same time, "Sounds great!" So Earl went out and got one of the vans ready and parked it in front of the ranch house. Then he waited for everyone else to get their coats and whatever else they needed for their jaunt into town. Soon there were six young men, all eager to go into town; of course, Earl was all too happy to oblige, once all of them were in the van, he pulled out off the ranch, and headed into Casper for a fun filled adventure of trying to find just the right gifts for the Andersen boys. Remembering what Colt had said didn't even faze them, for they all wanted to get something, even if it was only a birthday card.

Colt went in and called the Corral to set the final arrangements for the dinner, and their guests. Which he told them, would be in the range of between 100 to 120 people. With a possibility of maybe 10 more. This wasn't near the capacity of the restaurant, but would be a grand dinner anyway. Colt wanted it to be very special for the entire group of guests, because he and his brother were going to also have a moment of silence for their dad and Richard, because both Matt and he wanted to have celebrated their birthdays with both of the two wonderful men that would not be there that night.

Andrew had gone out to the barn to be with Lady again, after the day before; he really felt a bonding with that beautiful animal, and the closeness he felt to JC when he was with Lady.

Mike was again working on the ranch's business, he had brought most all of it into the office in the house, for it was there that he felt closer to JC, and he too was wishing things could have been different. Matt came in and sat down and watched his dad working. Mike didn't see him sitting there, so he continued to work and think. Matt just admired him and the way he set about things that were important to him. When Mike glanced up and saw Matt sitting there, not saying a word, it shocked him. He asked, "How long have you been sitting there, Son?" He was grinning, but yet again wondering what possessed him to just sit there and stare at him.

"You fascinate me, Dad, you are so cute when you work, and more so when you are concentrating on something." Matt said, with the cutest little 'Matt only' smile.

"Well now, that's a new one! Never heard anyone that would just sit and stare at me before." Mike chuckled, with a warm blush on his face at what his son just said.

"That's okay, Pop, I'll leave you to your book work, see you later, Dad." Matt said, as he left the office, looking for Colt. Finding him just ready to go out the front door, asking him where he was going.

"Thought I would go see how Andrew and Lady are getting along, and make sure the hands have the barn ready for tonight's get together after dinner, bro." Colt grinned back at Matt.

"Think I'll join you." Matt replied, grabbing his warm coat, putting it on, as the pair left the house.

In the barn, Andrew was brushing Lady, and she was just nuzzling him every time he pulled the brush along her neck. Then he would kiss her on the nose and she would nicker something, of course he had no idea what she was saying. He was just so gentle with her and she was gentle with him.

Matt said, as he approached Andrew, "Do you have any idea what she just said?" He startled Andrew to a point that he jumped at the sound of Matt's voice. Causing Colt to giggle, letting Andrew know he was not alone any longer.

"No!" Andrew snapped back with a smile, "You know I don't understand them." He then said, "I suppose you are going to tell me, though?" He grinned.

Colt said before Matt could, "She was thanking you for being so gentle with her." She really said, "JC use to do it like that, and she loves it when you do it the same way."

Matt poked Colt in the side, saying, "He asked me, not you, turd wad." Then broke into laughter again.

"Ow, damn it, that hurts." Colt chuckled.

"Now you know what it feels like, Bro." Matt giggled back, as Colt started tickling him under his arms. This caused Andrew to shake his head and laugh at the boys.

Andrew just said, through his laughter, "God, you two are acting like ten year olds, not young adults."

James and I were so thankful that the family was getting to be working together as one again. We both knew about later, but we were so very happy for Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt, for they were really starting to become a family. Something we wondered about, and were hoping for, but we didn't know for sure, until a few days ago; the night the boys accepted him as one of the family.

While all that was going on, the ranch hands were setting up tables and chairs, and putting together the decorations for the festivities that would take place after the birthday feast.

Mike, Colt, and Matt watched the crew work, and then Matt shouted to the crew, "Thanks guys, it looks great, I know this is going to be a great party."

Then the three of them left the barn, and headed into the house. Time had passed, and it was already lunchtime, so Julie had prepared just some cold cuts and a potato salad for lunch. The bunch that went into town called and said they would not be back until later in the afternoon, so only the Andersen family and Julie would be there for lunch.

That afternoon brought the others back from town with all sorts of bags and goodies as Colt called them. Earl and Jack just smiled back at him, and Jack said, "Nothing for either you or Matt, so don't worry." He was chuckling at Colt when he said that.

Joel looked a Matt and pointed at Colt, saying, "I got you a new brother in this little bag." Holding up the tiny little black bag, then began laughing at the boys.

This bantering went on for some time, before enough time passed that Mike came into the living room and said, "Well guys, it's getting time to get ready for dinner, unless you want it cold." He laughed at his sons, and the others standing around chatting with them.

Colt said, "My, it is time we all got ready, the dress is casual, guys, nothing fancy for us either." He moved toward the new wing with Matt in tow. Mike and Andrew just followed their sons, yes Andrew was now really considering them his sons, but only to himself. He wanted it to be so, but he also knew that honor would only come from the boys themselves.

Ben, and most of the ranch hands, would be going to the dinner as well, only one hand would remain, on the property, just in case of emergency. Mike had asked for a volunteer, and when one of the hands did so, Mike asked the others if any of them would be willing to leave the party early and relieve the guy at the ranch. Ben smiled and said he would do it. That gave everyone the opportunity to spend some time celebrating the boys' birthday. Someone was always on duty at the ranch, to keep track of things and make sure it was kept secure.

Larry pulled up out front, driving one of the large company vans, and parked in front of the house, got out and went in to let the family know he was there. The other van the guys used for their town run was still parked in front as well. So there was plenty of transportation for anyone needing a ride. Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt, all would be taking one pick up, as a family. Everyone else was going to ride in one of the two vans. Some of the ranch hands were taking their own vehicles, giving rides to their friends.

The time had arrived to leave for the Corral, and everyone was excited, but not nearly as much as the two birthday boys were. Those two began to get all giggly and goofy at the same time, almost like they had been drinking something stronger than cola, their drink of choice. Upon arriving at the Corral, the valet began to park cars of the arriving guests.

As Colt and Matt entered the restaurant, the owner greeted them, which in and of itself was unusual, for he was hardly ever there. But for the boys, he was making this night a memorable one. He simply said, as the boys entered, "Happy Birthday, Colt, and Happy Birthday Matt, I hope you are having a great day, and I hope you will enjoy your meal with us tonight." He then lead them in to the restaurant.

There were two shocked boys standing at the entrance of the main dining room. In front of them stood a huge ice carving of a bucking horse, with their names carved on the bottom, Colt on the left side, and Matt on the right side, It was gorgeous, to say the least. The rest of the room was decorated with all sorts of flowers of blues, reds, and yellows. Crape paper streamers were strung all around the outside walls and draped from the ceiling. The head table was decorated with a banner that said, `Happy Birthday my Son's Love Dad', which brought glassy eyes to the boys, for they were truly happier than they had been for some time.

The owner, Chuck Johnson, took the two boys by the hand, and seated them first. Then he seated Mike and Andrew, followed by the rest of the extended family, including Julie, all at the head table.

Over the next half hour or so, the remainder of the invited guests arrived. Just to name a few of them, there were Judge Roy Franklin and his wife, Bill and Janet Combs, and the list goes on and on.

As soon as everyone was there and seated, Colt got up and made a short announcement and request, saying, "I just want to welcome all of our friends and family to our birthday dinner. Matt and I would, however, like to ask you all if you would please stand and say a silent prayer for our dad, JC and our mentor, Richard, whom we miss so very much, this night." As soon as he asked those present to do that, everyone bowed their heads in reverence, and said their silent prayer for the two missing members of the Andersen family.

James and I followed suit, with those present, knowing that all would be healed in the family very soon.

Matt was the one to say, "Amen" then he continued, saying, "Now, please enjoy your meal, and after the meal, we ask that you all too please come out to the Lazy L, for our birthday cake, which our Grandma Julie has prepared with her loving hands." This brought a blush on Julie's face, and she tried to hide it in her hands. That brought smiles from many guests and the family. Julie was loved by everyone, and not just for her wonderful cooking skills. Julie loved everyone, and was always there ready to help anyone and everyone, whenever anyone needed it. She always had a friendly smile and had plenty of warm loving hugs, which she gladly distributed freely to anyone that wanted one. James and I realized that she was a true living angel in her own right.

Once things settled down a little, we each went over to her and kissed her gently on the cheek, and sent her our love.

By the time dinner was served, there were a little over the 120 people in attendance, that the boys were expecting. The meal was grand, of course it was tender loin of beef cooked to order, and the restaurant had out done itself, for there wasn't one complaint that any of the Andersens heard.

The meal was served, which took a while, with that many folks to be served at one seating, remember the restaurant was only going to serve this party tonight, it would close after dinner, and the employees, manager and owner, were all invited to the ranch as well. For everyone that worked tonight for this meal, were friends of the boys, or their dads.

As the dinner wound down, Earl got up and said, "Okay people, it's time for us to sing the boys 'Happy Birthday'." Then he began singing, himself, soon the entire room full of people were singing the birthday song to Colt and Matt, which caused them both to blush a bit, doesn't it always do that to most folks?

After the song ended, Colt got up and said, "Well everyone, Matt and I and our whole family want to thank you for coming here tonight. I can't tell you just how much having you all here to celebrate our birthday means to us. Please remember to come out to the ranch, the barn is heated, and the place is ready for dessert to be served." He smiled his cute Colt smile.

Everyone in the room waited for the boys to exit first, which they did, along with Mike, Andrew, Julie, Earl, Jack, Joel, Aaron, Kevin, and last but not least Jerry. As they were standing just inside the front door of the Corral chatting to some old friends like most folks do, Mike said, "I really think we need to move on, guys," Looking at the boys with a grin.

Colt said, "Okay Dad, we're going." Then he pulled Matt's arm and headed out front, for the valet to get their vehicle.

Mike, as he stood outside, looked up at Casper Mountain and said, "My God, what's going on up there!" He was pointing up toward the mountain, at what looked like a very bright light, it was quite dark outside, but the mountain was lit up like it was almost daylight, but only in one spot.

Colt spun around and looked, for it scared him when his dad spoke so loudly. He couldn't believe what he saw. It was as if the place was on fire. This scared him. Matt was now looking up at the mountain as well. Pretty soon as people were coming outside, they all were seeing the same sight the Andersens were.

James and I, of course, knew what was happening, oh did we ever, so we both sent comforting thoughts to the family, also sending thoughts telling them they needed to go up there, and see for themselves what was happening. We were just a bit worried that they would not follow our thoughts. Then a flash of light from the sky hit the spot.

Colt said quickly, "We need to go up there, that's our guardian angels' special place, and it might be on fire." He was shaking, now, then he continued, "Mike, we really need to go up there!"

Mike, choking back what he feared most, said, with a catch in his voice, "I think we need to go see what that is, boys." He was looking directly at Colt and Matt, who were now staring at the same bright light.

Matt cautiously said, "I think so too, poppa Mike." He then looked to the rest of the gang that were standing outside the restaurant and said, "Come on guys, I think you should join us, I have a strange feeling this is important to all of us."

To be continued...

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