A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 27

Everyone waited nervously for the valet to bring their vehicles around, and soon there was a convoy of guests making its way to the sacred place on Casper Mountain. Upon arriving, everyone began cautiously walking up the trail toward the bright light; making sure there were some working flashlights with them.

Mike was the first one to spot, what seemed to be, a circle of rocks with four small fires; arranged neatly, around a larger one, which was not glowing. The smaller fires looked as if they were burning brightly, but he noticed that the flames seemed to be cold, as he inspected them more closely. He was beginning to shake, now, as he turned to the group, following him up the trail. He said, somewhat breathlessly, "Wait! Something really strange is going on here?"

James and I sent our most comforting thoughts to Mike, Colt, Matt, and Andrew, knowing full well, that they were still hurting terribly, from what they knew to be the loss of two of their loved ones.

Colt pulled Andrew and Matt in close to him, and said, "Something is going on up here; I have a strange but comforting feeling in my heart, love. Do you feel it?" he was about to cry with what his mind was telling him. Tears were welling up in his eyes.

Matt kissed Colt tenderly, and said, "Yes, love, I feel it too." He looked at Mike and Andrew for support, but Mike was on the edge of tears, himself, looking for his sons' strength.

Andrew put his arm around Mike, kissed him softly on the lips, and said, "I love you, so much!" The boys both smiled at the sight.

Mike joined the hug, with his sons, saying, "I don't know quite how I know it, but something special is about to happen here. I just know it!"

Soon, everyone in the gang was standing around the fires, not knowing what was about to happen, but they were definitely drawn to it, like flies to honey. It was a beautiful moonlit night, as though god in his heaven had shined a spotlight on their precious site, but for some strange reason, there was a misty shimmering fog around each of the fires. The light from the strange fires was so bright that it almost seemed as if it were daylight.

Then, slowly, from out of the mist, four figures appeared; one of them was JC, only now he was a much younger man. Of course, Colt and Matt immediately thought. 'God, now he looks just like the picture of James. The second one was a strikingly youthful Richard. The other two were ghostly looking, and almost transparent. No one could tell for sure, who they were, although Matt, Colt, and Mike, were pretty darn sure they knew who was standing there. Their emotions were getting pretty intense.

JC walked over to Mike, and his two sons, and began hugging and kissing them. They all began to cry profusely, tears were streaming down all of their faces. JC was crying too. Everyone present heard the sobs. At the same time, Richard had walked over to Andrew, took him in a bear hug, and kissed him passionately, and they too were crying softly together.

Then JC stepped back, breaking the hugs, with tear stained faces still looking at him, he said, "God, I missed you all, so much." He was drying his own eyes, and he moved to the fire circle, then he looked at all of the people present, and started speaking softly, though everyone could clearly here his words.

JC began by telling everyone standing there, in the middle of the forest, in the mist and fog, "This is going to be hard for me to explain. However, you are all so special to Charlie, James, Richard and me. Will you please bear with me, if you can. First, I want to tell you that Richard and I, both, miss you so very much. And we certainly never wanted things to turn out the way that they did. Nevertheless, remember, Mike, Colt, Matt, and of course you too Andrew. We will always love and cherish the love we shared with you, for eternity. Charlie, James, Richard, and I will never be far from your sides. We all pledge that to you. We love you and we always will. We will do everything in our power to comfort and help you in any way we can." He paused and looked at Mike, pulled him into a hug, and kissed him, tenderly, then he turned to his two sons who were standing there, watching, crying their eyes out. He pulled them both into a tight hug, and kissed them many times, telling them, "Please don't cry for us, boys, I didn't feel any pain, and neither did Richard. It was like, one second we were just talking, and the next, we were standing in front of Charlie and James, who both had their arms, open wide, and greeted us with hugs and kisses."

While JC was talking to Mike, Colt and Matt, Richard was hugging and kissing his beloved, crying, Andrew; trying to console him, while JC kept speaking, "Charlie and James are both here with us, blessing what is about to happen." He paused again, holding his two sons, and Mike, who were whimpering, softly, then he continued, saying, "The worst part was not being able to say goodbye to any of you. But now all that is being remedied, as much as we can, with what we are going to do together, here, tonight, in this sacred beautiful place."

JC paused, then continued, saying, "This `Fire Ceremony' is symbolic of the, once separate, lives of, Mike, Colt, Matt, and Myself, as we were bound together in a holy union. Which was accomplished by this beautiful and wonderful ceremony. As you can see, the fire circles are once again set here tonight, in a symbolic manor, the meaning of which is no less important than it was on that day on The Lazy L, not so long ago, that the Andersen family became partners for life. The fire circle is built with high sides made of stones, and it will only be visible to those who are present here, tonight. Seven types of wood are specially cut, from specific types of trees, by Charlie, James, Richard and Me. Our prayers blessed the wood, and the fire circle itself. Normally in ceremonies like this, there are three separate fires prepared in the sacred fire circle, but tonight, as it was before, there will be five fires used. One large fire was prepared in the center of the circle, which tonight, represents the old Andersen family, and the holy union of four loving people." He paused again, for everyone, including himself, to gather there thoughts. JC then looked around at everyone's puzzled expressions, then he said, "Yes, I am sure you are all wondering where this is going, I'm sure, also, though, that once you see what happens, in the next few minutes, it will be easily accepted by all of you, with joy and a happy heart."

JC paused once more, for just a few seconds, then he took a deep breath, and continued. "The first part of the ceremony tonight, will commence. I now ask you all to please, just listen, and try to understand what is happening, while the ceremonies continue." As soon as JC finished, Richard, James and I, sprinkled Tobacco, sage, sweet grass and corn on the respective fires, that burned brightly, but had no heat in the flames, just a flickering beautiful light, as if they were on fire.

Then JC said, "Please, say your silent prayers for our partners, and our sons, at this time, and we all thank you." Then you could see each person standing in the clearing, offering their own heartfelt prayers. After all of them were finished, they each said, "Amen." JC took Mike, Colt, and Matt by the hand and lead them to a fire, and had them gently push their three small fires into the large stack of wood, in the center, which quickly lit like the others, with flames that were cold, yet glowed warmly, as if they were burning intensely. Richard, not saying anything, just took Andrew by the hand, and led him to the last of the small fires, and helped him push it into the center flame.

Then, JC said, "Will all who are present, please praise God, as these four young lives are merged together, into one holy everlasting union." he then continued, saying, "Mike, please know that I truly do want you to love and cherish Andrew, in the same way that you loved me; that is to say, with all your heart and sole. Colt, please love him as you loved me, too. This would be the greatest gift you could bestow upon Richard and Me. Matt; I am asking you to do the same. Please do it for me, as well as for him and yourself. Love him as much as you loved me, give him your respect, and please, never forget, that I always will love you all, so very much."

Colt began to speak, saying, "I can only speak for myself, but I promise that I will honor and love Andrew, forever, as my third dad, but I will never forget one of my first." He couldn't move, he looked at Mike, then his brother Matt, and continued to cry softly.

Matt took Colt's hand in his, and gently squeezed it, and then said, "Dad Mike, I will accept Andrew as my third dad, and love him deeply, and do my very best to make him proud of us." He was crying so hard it was hard to understand what he was saying, at the time. But it was clear to all present, that what was happening that night was the beginning of the healing process that would take many years to complete, if ever.

JC spoke loudly, saying, "Now, I ask you to hand me the necklaces you are wearing, please." Mike was the first to remove his, then Colt, followed by Matt. JC took them, then removed his own, he held them on a long pole, and placed them over the center fire circle saying, "May God bless this union, with all the love that we all have shared, and now, from this day forward, and ever after, will be shared with Andrew. Andrew, I know you will be good to them, and they will be good to you. Love them as you have never loved before, for it will be returned to you ten times tenfold. Colt, please love Andrew as you loved me, and Matt, you love Andrew, too, as I know you can, and will. Dear God, please continue to bless this wonderful union." There was a flash of light, which looked almost like a lighting bolt from the night sky, striking the pole with the four necklaces hanging from it. The resounding crash of sound was so loud, and the flash was so bright, that everyone seemed stunned for a few minutes. After which JC started walking around the fire circle, first placing the necklace with the yellow ring around Mike's neck as he gently kissed him. Then he placed the necklace with the blue ring around Colt's neck and kissed him. Followed by placing the necklace with the red ring around Matt's neck and kissed him. Lastly, but of course not least, he placed the necklace with the green ring around Andrew's neck and kissed him. Then he said, "Now, all of you who are gathered here, you know that we have the four best partners in the world, in fact possibly the entire universe, standing before you. They are partners in life, as well; therefore, I now ask each and every one of you to say a heartfelt prayer for all of them, and bless them with your acceptance of this holy union, and for the unconditional love that they will forever share."

Andrew was so dumbfounded and lost in the reality of what was happening, that he couldn't say a word. He just stood there in a daze, with his mouth hanging wide open, staring into space, and Mike was not in much better shape. Then ... surprise of all surprises ... came the unexpected, gentle tender kissing by the boys. First Colt and Matt had a long kiss, as a steady stream of tears flowed down their beautiful faces, then they broke it, and Colt kissed Andrew, as Matt kissed Mike; then they switched partners, and Colt kissed Mike while Matt kissed Andrew, then Mike and Andrew kissed each other. As soon as they all finished kissing each other, everyone that was standing in the middle of the forest, quietly gave their heartfelt congratulations to the newly formed Andersen family.

Andrew looked at the necklace, and said, in a shaking voice, "My God, Look at this; my name is on it!" this caused Mike, Colt, and Matt to look at theirs, with a look of disbelief. What had happened was that JC's name was still visible, but was cast over, with a beautiful satin finish and Andrew's name was now added, in the same beautiful script as the original names.

Richard spoke, then, loud enough for everyone present to hear, saying, "Andrew, my precious love, I want very much for you to love Mike, as much as you loved me, and love Colt and Matt, as if they were your own sons, because Charlie and James have assured me that they already love you as their new dad. Be good to them, and hold them deep in your heart, and they will always love you, and be good to you, I will love you forever, until the end of time itself. Remember that, and also remember, that when JC and I leave here tonight, we can never be seen again, most anyone alive on earth, with certain rather special exceptions, such as All Hallows eve, if certain conditions exist at that time. There may also be certain people that will always be able to see us; those are the innocent people, that have not yet been tarnished by the trials of life. Please remember, we will always be watching over you, and everyone whom you bless with this new union. Love each other as we all have loved each other. Please don't be sad for us anymore. Try to remember that we are sharing our love with our loved ones. We are now in a much better place, and will be waiting for you, always."

JC then raised his hands, as if to pray to the almighty, then, as he brought them down, a misty fog rolled in around the cold flames of the large center fire circle. Around the circle were the two hollow somewhat indistinct translucent figures standing there, with Richard on one side, and JC on the other side. Then JC began to speak, again, saying, "I want all of you to know, that the two figures, you see between us, are Charlie and James. They are here with us and will always be here with you as well. Richard and I will soon be joining them, again. Please remember that we love all of you, very much, and we will watch over you and help protect you, always and forever. To Mike, always remember that I will never stop loving you, and to my wonderful sons, I will love you forever, as well. Remember, please don't cry for me, I'm happy, in fact we are all happy, and I'm with my first love again, and with my uncle James whom I love more than I did my own father. We now bid you our fondest farewell." All of them turned to walk away, then JC turned back, seeing Andy Higgins coming into view of the fires, so he waited for Andy, and the two little ones that Andy had with him, to come closer. Once Andy was standing next to the Andersen family, JC walked forward once more, and looked at the two little boys, and smiled broadly. He put out his hand and said, "hello Mark and Luke, I'm JC, and that man over there," He pointed at Richard, "Is Richard." Then he motioned at Mike, Colt, Matt, and Andrew and continued, saying, "Those men there, are the new Andersen family, and I am sure that you will soon come to know and love them; just follow your hearts, and you will never go wrong. They will be good to you; you need to be good to them, my young friends." The twins looked at JC, Richard, James and me, and had a strange look on their cute faces.

The twins at almost the same time said, "How come those two look like ghosts?" They were both pointing at James and me, as we came up to the twins and shook the cute guys little hands, then we each kissed the boys on the cheek. Both the twins smiled and said, "Gosh, that felt wonderful, Thank you."

JC then continued, saying, "Well Mark and Luke, those are the Andersen family's other guardian angels, just like Richard and I are now. You will grow to love them, as much as Richard and I do. Remember what I just said, follow your hearts, and you can't possibly go wrong." Then one last time, He said, "Andy Higgins, We all four thank you. I truly believe that you can help make the Anderson family whole and happy once again. Colt and Matt, you need to listen to Andy, once you hear what he has to say, whatever decision you make, we will bless it, knowing full well, that you will do what is right, and remember that, my sons!" With that said, Richard, JC, James, and I slowly faded from their sight, into the night, as the glow of the fires slowly vanished into the night, along with all signs of the fire circles. The only thing lighting the sacred place was the beautiful silvery moon, which seemed to brighten significantly, as the few clouds that had been covering it, parted. But as soon as everyone began to leave, the clouds began to gather once more, and a light gentle dusting of snow began to lightly cover the ground.

Mike pulled Colt, Matt and Andrew into a warm family hug and they all stood there crying, each wiping the eyes of one of the others, and they each kissed one another again while the snowflakes fell gently.

Colt looked at Andy Higgans and said, "Hello Mr. Higgans, what in the world, brings you up here with these two beautiful young boys, at this time of night? I noticed that JC knew all about them," he still had tears in his eyes, and Andy could see them sparkle in the moonlight.

Andy said, "Well, my young friend, I have been trying to find you folks all afternoon. And for heaven's sake, what was going on here tonight?" He was very pleased to have found them, but rather curious about what had just happened.

Colt looked at the two cute little boys, who were standing with Andy, and said, "Well, Andy, it's Matt's and my birthday, today, so we took everyone who is up here, and some others as well, who didn't feel like being out in the cold, out to dinner." Then he spread his arms, indicating the entire group behind him, "Then, as we were leaving The Corral, we noticed some strange lights up here, and we all decided to come up to see what it was. I can fill you in later on that, though, so what's up?"

Andy exclaimed, "Did you say today's yours and Matt's birthday!?!? You have to be kidding!" he was shocked, to say the least, and then he took a deep breath and said; "Can you all please come over here to the table, and have a seat? I have something very important to ask your family, even though JC gave a hint as to what I planned to bring to your attention." He was thinking, 'God, yes, I remember both of those boys were born exactly a year apart, on the same day, I just forgot what the date was.' He was still a bit shocked about the birthdays though.

Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt went over to the picnic table and sat down. Mike said, "I think Andy has something important to talk with us about. Could the rest of you folks please make your way down and on out to the ranch. There is plenty of dessert and we'll be there as soon as we're finished here, it is getting rather chilly, now that its beginning to snow," waving at Earl, Jack, Julie, and the rest of the guests. Then he asked Julie, "Would you mind fixing something nice, for the crowd. I know it's late hon?"

Julie looked at Mike and said, "I would love to, I want to know more about what happened here, tonight, though?" She smiled and continued on down the trail with Earl and the other guests.

Mike then spoke up, saying, "Okay Andy, now that it is just us, please tell us, what's up?" grinning now through some tears that were still showing.

Matt said, "Yes Andy, what's up, with these two handsome little guys?" He smiled at the little boys, then looked up at Andy again.

Andy hesitated a fraction of a second, then he said, "Well, this is too weird, but these two little guys are Luke and Mark Stoneman. It was strange that JC knew them, but then it was even stranger that JC was standing there at all, but I will never doubt anything that happens here. The boys are identical twins, and believe it or not, they are five years old, today."

Colt said, "You're kidding, right?" he reached across the table with both hands, taking Luke's hand in his left, hand and Mark's in his right hand, then he held up Luke's hand and said, "So, Luke, it's your birthday," then held up Mark 's hand and said, "And Mark , it's obviously your birthday, too." He knew which boy was which, how strange that was, they were identical twins.

Then Matt smiled his special Matt smile, and said, "Happy Birthday, boys. You know, both Colt and I share today as our birthdays too," Then he looked at Andy, knowing that something wasn't so happy for the boys, you could see it in their tear stained faces, as well as Andy's, serious look. He then said to Andy, "Okay, Andy, come on, spill it. What's wrong?" he was certain that this wasn't a social call, especially at this time of night.

Andy looked at the Andersens, and said, "Well, I really don't know just where to start!" He paused, looking, first at Colt, then at Matt, took a deep breath, then continued, "I guess what I need to ask you both is this. Would you like to have two kids of your own?" He paused, and waited for the boys to respond.

Matt looked at Colt and said, "You would, wouldn't you, love?"

Colt just nodded yes, and said, "Of course, Love, I have thought about it, and I think it would be wonderful, having our own children." He was looking at Matt, then he glanced over at Mike and Andrew, with a 'help me' look.

Mike said, "It would be pretty darn nice to be a grandfather." He smiled at his two wonderful sons, that were about to make a very important decision in their young lives. Then he said, "Andrew, you are part of the family, now, what do you think about having grandchildren?" He was smiling warmly, now, at his new partner.

Andrew, still dumbstruck from the events of the evening, said, "I think it would be very nice, having a pair of little ones around, to spoil." He too now had a broad smile on his face.

What a wonderful change we guardian angels, thought... This is the best thing that could have happened tonight, for the family.

Matt then said, "Andy, I think you have our answer, but if you have any doubts, at all, I will tell you that my answer is an absolutely resounding, yes, I would love to have kids." He grinned at Andy and the two little boys sitting on the other side of the table." Andy, I take it that you have someone in mind for us?" He said, looking into the eyes of the two little boys.

Andy spoke, saying, "Well first, let me tell you what happened, today. We tried very hard to find relatives for Luke and Mark, but, sadly, there are none. The reason they are without family is a very sad one, to say the least, and right now, I would rather not go into it, with the boys present. When we get somewhere private, I will fill you in completely, and you will see just why I hesitate to go into it now. I was about to give up on finding you tonight, but then, one of your ranch hands answered the phone in the barn. He told me that you went out to dinner, and that you were all going back there for dessert, and, knowing your family as well as I do, I figured you went to the Corral. Sadly though, by the time we got there, you had already left, but the valet told me that you and your party had gone up on Casper Mountain, so I followed you up here. Thank God, you were still here and I found you."

Colt then said, "Andy, somehow, I have a feeling that a certain pair of guardian Angels had a hand in bringing everyone together. Are you telling us that you want Matt and me to become parents to these two fine young boys?" He was smiling now, hoping with all his heart that it was true.

Andy just smiled and said, "Of course, Colt, I certainly do. I have already talked it over with Judge Franklin, and he is in total agreement with me. As long as you guys want to have them, he will make it happen." He was so excited, now that he knew that the two little guys were going to have a wonderful home.

Mike spoke up, saying, "Look, Andy, I have an idea. Why don't we all head out to the ranch, and join the others for something good to eat, and some birthday cake. I know that Julie has put together something really nice." He was looking right at Luke and Mark, when he said "Birthday Cake"; the two little guys grinned and giggled, but were still quite shy.

Andrew agreed with Mike, and said, "Come on, guys, let's go." He got up, and started down the trail toward the vehicles.

Colt and Matt got up as well, and asked, "Would you two young gentlemen like to come live with us?" The two little guys were so scared and upset that they pulled back toward Andy.

Andy said, "Let me bring them out to the ranch, I'll just follow you." He then winked at them, knowing everything would be alright, once they were there.

Everyone piled into their respective vehicles, and soon were headed out to the Lazy L. The night was still young, James, JC, Richard and I were so very happy about what was about to happen. We just knew the boys would make the right choices, this night, with our guidance, and thoughts of happiness.

Julie had just enough time to prepare three very large cobblers, one apple, one peach, and one cherry. They would be served warm, with loads of ice cream. She also had pulled out the extra large coffee pots, and started them brewing. She was wondering what Andy was talking to the boys about, thinking, `why did he have the two little boys with him, could those be relatives, or orphans. No that couldn't be, but it would be wonderful for the family to have them'.

Colt called Julie on the cell phone telling her to change the decorations on the Birthday Cake, and what he wanted on it. She was very happy to do just that. Then he closed the phone, telling the rest of the family what he had just done, and everyone else thought it was a grand idea.

The barn was already for the after dinner party, and most of the guests had been on the mountain and saw what had happened. Of course those that came out to the ranch instead of going up the mountain were getting their ears filled with all sorts of weird tales of what had just happened.

When the Andersen's pickup pulled in to the driveway and parked quickly followed by Andy Higgans, Judge Franklin came over right away and met Colt and Matt, pulling them off to the side and said, "Sorry guys I didn't fill you in at the dinner but I just felt it wasn't my place to tell you. And from the smiles on your faces right now, as you look at the twins, I already know your answer. So let's make this short and sweet." He was smiling a mile wide at that moment.

Colt said, "Well, you have that right, Roy! Matt and I have decided they are keepers for sure." He was so happy right now he could have jumped out of his own skin.

Matt nodded with a huge smile and said, "There you go again speaking for me, but your right my brother, oh are you ever right. Yes Roy, we want them very much indeed, if, of course, they want us, of course." He was also so very happy and it showed not only to Roy but to everyone else that had gathered around the twins and the family.

Judge Roy Franklin simply said, "I really don't think that's a problem, give them about one day on this beautiful ranch, and being with the two most wonderful young men I know, and all will be just find." Pausing again, then said, "Okay then, you have Harvey draw up the petition and have it on my desk." He paused thinking for a few seconds then continued, "The 20th of December, lets say 3:00 pm in my office and this will be a done deal. How does that sound to you guys?" He was looking at Colt and Matt with the expression of you had better say yes, or a lot of terrible things would happen that we wouldn't like. His face contorted, with a friendly look on it, he was trying the best he could to be funny. Ever think of a judge being funny, now that's a joke in itself.

All both Colt and Matt could say was, "Thanks, we will do our best with them." Colt reached down and picked up Luke while Matt did the same with Mark, then they pulled the boys both into a big hug. The twins were still rather shy, but they seemed to be accepting Colt and Matt as good guys. They put their little arms around their respective new dads, and hugged them back. Roy, Andy, Mike, and Andrew just smiled at the sight, knowing that everything was going to be great beyond measure, for the family.

Colt spoke first, saying, "Well Luke, would you and Mark like to have some of our Birthday Cake?" The twins just nodded yes, with big smiles, and hugged Colt and Matt even tighter.

When they got to the table where the Birthday cake was, Mark's and Luke's eyes about popped out of their cute faces, when they read the writing on it.


Happy  Birthday


Colt  Matt  Mark  Luke

Colt just smiled along with Matt, and their two dads, and of course, their new sons as well... The Andersen family was well on the way to a new and exciting life on the Lazy L.

To be continued.

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