A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 28

Andy asked the Andersen family to join him in the office there in the barn, so he could fill them in on what had happed to the twins; as he told them he would earlier. After everyone found a seat, he began, "Well guys, what happened to those boys was tragic. Apparently, their mother, June Stoneman was a single parent, after losing her husband, about six months ago, in a trucking accident. He was a truck driver and was killed somewhere in Texas. That forced her to move into a much smaller apartment, and take on two jobs. She had no other family, nor did her late husband. So she had to depend on her best friend to watch the boys, while she worked." He paused while that all information sank in on the family. Everyone was listening intently to what Andy was saying.

Andy continued, "Now for the really sad part. June left last night, to go pick up the boys' birthday cake, after picking it up, she was heading home and someone; I don't know who, at this time, ran a red light, and T-boned her, killing her instantly. When she did not return home, her friend called the police, and they went out to her friend's place and filled her in on what had happened. The boys were then taken to the police station to be cared for until they could be placed. I was called in to care for them and try to find a suitable home for them. That's when my mind went into overdrive, and I went back to the friend's house and had a long chat. To sum this up, I called Judge Franklin, and he suggested that I talk to Colt and Matt, and I was thrilled with the idea of having them here at the Lazy L with two of the finest young men I know." Both Colt and Matt blushed at the remark. They all had tears in their eyes, for they already knew about how much it hurt, losing a loved one. They all got up and shook each other's hands.

The Andersens simply said in unison, "Thank you Andy, for everything."

"No guys, it's I who should be thanking you, for taking the boys." Andy said with a cute grin.

"Well that is complete nonsense, Andy, and you know it; we will love them forever." Both Colt and Matt said, in unison, Then said, "Let's party!" They all returned to the celebration, that was progressing quite nicely, just outside the office.

The party was going quite well, but the twins were both starting to nod off. They were so darn cute. Both Colt and Matt were really already acting like proud dads, and that was cuter than the twins were, and that was saying a lot.

Colt looked over at Mark, and noticed that he was nodding off and was almost half asleep, and Luke wasn't staying awake very well either, so Colt said, "Matt, why don't you take Luke, and I'll take Mark, and we'll put them to bed." He was smiling at his brother, and his brother was grinning back.

Matt said, "Where are they going to sleep tonight?" pausing for a minute while he and Colt started walking into the house, carrying the nearly exhausted boys. "I know," he said, "They can sleep with us tonight, in the big bed." Then headed toward the master bedroom.

Colt agreed, saying, "That's a great idea, love." He was holding Mark so gently and lovingly that Matt smiled lovingly, as they walked into the master bedroom and the huge bed was there in front of them.

Mark opened his eyes just long enough to see the bed and said, "Boy, that's a big bed!" Then looked Colt in the eyes, with his deep brown eyes that were about ready to close again.

Luke didn't say anything until they were undressed down to there undies and placed into the middle of the big bed. Then he said, "Are you guys really going to be our daddies?" He had little tears in his eyes, as he looked at Matt.

Matt melted onto the bed next to him, and said, "Yes, of course, if you want us too, little guy." He had such a warm and tender touch, as he brushed the brown hair out of the boy's eyes, that were now gently closing, as he was drifting off to sleep.

Mark looked at Colt and said, "Luke told me you and Matt were going to be our daddies, is that true?" He was so cute and lovable, that Colt found that he had tears in his eyes now.

Colt held him close, as he kissed him and said, "Yes, Forever and ever, if you want us to be your daddies." Luke couldn't answer him though, because the poor little guy was already asleep.

Colt and Matt carefully got up from the bed, so as not to wake the two little ones, and looked at each other with pure love, and then, arm in arm, they left the bedroom, leaving behind two little angels, fast asleep.

Colt said in the hallway, "How does it feel to be a daddy?" He was grinning at Matt with the biggest widest smile he could muster.

Matt looked back at him and said, "Wonderful, Love, It feels simply wonderful, my sweetheart. How about you?" He grinned at Colt.

"You couldn't have said it better in a million years, my love." They headed back out to the party, the two happiest men in the world, right then.

James, JC, Richard, and I were all smiling and happy that the family was on the road to recovery. And we knew the twins were in great hands in those two great young men. And would never want for anything ever again, most of all a loving family.

Back in the barn, the party was kind of winding down, and many of the guests had already left. Mike and Andrew were as big a hit as were Colt and Matt. For they were now as in love with each other as they had been with JC and Richard, respectfully. As Colt and Matt entered, everybody that was still there began to chant, "SPEECH, SPEECH, SPEECH" This took them both by surprise, for neither of them had any clue this was going to happen. Both boys looked to their poppa Mike and Andrew, for help. But neither of them said a word, they just looked at them in the same manner everyone else was. It was becoming a bit uncomfortable for Colt and Matt, so Matt looked at his brother and lover and whispered in his ear, "You always speak for me, now's your chance." Then poked him in the ribs with his elbow again.

"Ow! You and that elbow and me are not getting along very well." He said quite loudly, in a very joking manner. Then he stood up on one of the chairs, and smiled at the group of family and friends that had gathered around, then Colt began speaking, "Well, this wasn't planned, but neither was Matt and I becoming parents tonight. As for our birthday celebration was concerned, it was out of this world. Well, we loved having you all enjoy it with us, and we certainly hope you did just that, `Enjoyed yourselves.' For those of you who were on the mountain with us, what can I say; Mike, Andrew, Matt, and myself are closer now than we have ever been. We also know our beloved Dad and Loving friend Richard are safe in the arms of the almighty, and will be watching over us forever. Someone might say what more could anyone person or family want or need. Well, this family surely didn't want or need anything more than the love and friendship we already share. But no, our guardian angels seemed to have seen fit, along with Child Protective Services, Judge Franklin, and our many friends, have caused our family to grow by giving both Matt and myself a gift, that is way beyond anything imaginable, in those two precious angels, Luke and Mark. God, how lucky my brother and I are, but never forget it came at the loss of those precious little boy's mother, may god keep her and give her peace. I'm sure that our guardian angels will keep her safe with them, and I am equally sure that she is watching over her two precious angels, as much as Matt and I will be. I think I have said enough for now, so thank you all very much for coming tonight, and thank you for everything you have done for our family." Colt wiped the tears from his eyes, and stepped down from the chair into Matt's loving arms.

Matt hugged and kissed him, saying over the applause, "God, Colt, I love you, and thank you for just being you!"

Mike and Andrew were standing next to their sons, and as soon as Matt broke the hug with Colt, he was replaced by dads, yes, both boys had accepted Andrew as part of the family, and as they both had said on the mountain, they loved Andrew, as their new dad.

The party began to break up, and it was getting quite late; the extended family headed into the house, and branched off into their own rooms. Most of them just cuddled up and went to sleep rather quickly, for the day was long and full of fun, and emotional highs and lows.

Mike and Andrew entered the bedroom, to the cutest sight their eyes had ever beheld, seeing Luke and Mark peacefully sleeping, seemingly in total happiness, all cuddled up together, you would have had a hard time figuring out who's arms, and legs belonged to whom. Colt and Matt came in, saw their dads watching the twins sleeping, and smiled. They all got undressed and went into the bathroom, closing the almost soundproof door, and locking it, since they didn't want those two wonderful boys interrupting them. If the boys needed anything, they would knock, they all thought, and I would of course make sure they would if that became necessary.

James and I decided that we would lie down with the boys and make sure that they slept comfortably until the others were ready to join them.

Andrew began filling the Jacuzzi, while the rest of them got into the filling, relaxing hot tub. Once it was full, and the bubbles began their marvelous action, on the foursome, the relaxing effect it had, was simply wonderful, but not near as wonderful as what the family shared. It was more then just the relaxing effects. They shared each other's bodies, for the first time since their loss. It was now time; time to begin to fully share their lives and their love in the special way that they had shared each other as a family, and they were now partners, having the complete confidence that their partnership in all things had been blessed completely, by the ones they lost. What more could a family like theirs want or need. Well of course, not counting the two bundles of joy who were now sound asleep in the loving care of two angels that loved them very deeply, in the next room.

Colt pared off with Andrew, while Mike did so with Matt and they shared each other's now towering flag poles, waving the flags of love. It didn't take long at all for the release that they all needed to blossom and emerge, to a beautiful climax. This was truly a wonderful day for all of them. Drying each other off, then heading back into the bedroom, they all stood for a few minutes as they all put on undies, for the benefit of the two cute little ones that were still fast asleep. The plan was made so Colt gently picked up Mark and Matt did the same with Luke. Then Mike and Andrew got into the center of the bed, Colt and Matt placed the little ones in next to their new grandpa's, Colt placed Mark behind Andrew then got in behind Mark. While Matt placed Luke behind Mike, then he got in behind Luke. They all cuddled up and soon were fast asleep. James and I moved back to give them room and we snuggled up on the outside of the bundle of loving people, and joined them in their peaceful sleep.

James, JC, Richard, and I were happy to be part of the whole thing, and our own eyes were filled to the brim with tears, just knowing how much love filled that room, and would continue to do so, from this day forward. I said to all of them, "We did well!, Didn't we?" Knowing everything would work out well for the newly formed Andersen family.

James, JC, and Richard just smiled and said in unison, "We sure did!"

The next morning there were two cute munchkins eager to get up, and not knowing how to get out of their predicament, so they sat up in place and looked at each other Mark said, "come on, I gots' to pee, Luke!" Luke crawled over Matt, waking him up, while Mark tried to crawl down the bed and woke up Colt and Andrew. Now, the entire family was awake, and heading into the bathroom to pee. It was so cute too, for the twins just looked at all the adults, and stood there proudly, and they both peed into the bowl. While the rest of the men folk just took their turn at the bowl once the two little angels had finished.

Colt went to the cabinet and got out two brand new toothbrushes and handed one to each of the boys, telling them, "Here you go, guys, now go over there to that big sink and brush your teeth, make sure to get them nice and white for me. Okay?" He was smiling at the twins, with a warm loving smile.

Matt walked up behind them, and put one hand on each boys shoulder and said, "Good morning sons!" Looking at his brother, then his two dads, he continued saying, "How strange that sounded, yet, how totally wonderful it felt." He was smiling the brightest 'Matt smile' that anyone of them had ever seen, that included Colt as well, who just grinned back at his lover.

Mike and Andrew looked at Colt and Matt, then Mike said, "Are we going to shower as a family, guys? I don't think there would be anything wrong with it, if we just keep it clean?" Mike was testing the waters, so to speak, knowing his sons as well as he did, but he was more wanting Andrew to answer that question, than his sons.

Andrew detected the hesitation, and quickly said, "I think that would be alright." He paused, looking at Colt and Matt, then said, "That's if their two proud poppas don't mind?" He was now smiling at Colt and Matt.

Colt knelt down in front of the twins and said, "Would you two guys like to shower with your grandpa's and daddies?" He gave them a warm friendly loving look, as Matt also gave them a cute smile.

Luke said, "That'd be fun, but are you still going to be our daddies, aren't you?" He was glancing back and forth between Colt and Matt, with a worried smile.

Mark sensed his twin's question, more than he heard it, then ran up close to Luke and said, "Luke, you told me they were, last night, did they change their minds?" He was holding his twin brother now, looking scared.

Colt and Matt together said quickly, "No, of course we didn't change our minds sons. We love you very much."

Matt pulled both twins into a big hug and said, "Remember sons, yes you are Colt's and my sons, forever, don't ever forget that. boys. We have already come to love you very very much. And we don't ever want to see you go anywhere but right here with us." By then Colt had joined the hug as Mike and Andrew were watching with pride, at the new family, standing there in the middle of the bath room hugging each other, like there wasn't going to be a tomorrow.

By now, Mike had the showers all running with hot water at just the right temperature for everyone to enjoy. Colt and Matt took the twins and stripped them as they both took off their own undies, and the four of them joined Mike and Andrew for a wonderful family shower.

JC and I watched that wonderful sight and grinned, remembering those wonderful days we use to do the same things with our families.

After the shower was finished, and everyone got dressed, including the twins in the same clothes they had on last night, which reminded Colt and Mat that they had to do some important shopping today for the boys. Mike and Andrew agreed, as they all headed for the dining room, finding Julie and Jack working on preparing a nice breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Julie was feeling like an over worked cook now days, with all the fellas and now the twins to cook and clean for. Colt and Jack both pitched in again to help, but while in the kitchen Colt looked at Julie, took her hand, and pulled her to the kitchen table. "Sit down, Grandma We need to talk for a little bit." he said, so she did.

"Julie, you are working to damn hard, and now with the twins joining us, and all I think it is time that you had a helper. Do you know of anyone who needs a job, someone you would like me to hire? Someone that could help you, like maybe take on the house work, for instance, and help you prepare the meals?" He had a warm loving smile on his face, as he asked her these questions. "I am not in any way saying that you aren't doing a wonderful job, but you have been working so hard lately, and we keep piling more and more things on you, that I think it might just be time for you to be able to relax and have some fun. Maybe you will be able to spend more time with Luke and Mark. I saw the way you looked at them when they walked in the room this morning, and the look they gave you when you smiled at them."

Julie thought for a moment and said, "You know I think you are absolutely right, in fact, I do, know a young girl, that has just been kicked out of her small apartment, like I was. The same company that bought my old building, bought her apartment house, and kicked everyone out. She is staying with some friends now, until she can find another place to stay. I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. I feel so silly. She is actually a pretty good cook, and she could really use the money." She looked at Colt with a loving smile, knowing he was sincere about finding her some help, and realizing that not only would it help her, the offer would be very good for her friend.

"Okay! I will let you be the judge of that, hon, if you think she is worthy of hiring, and you two can work it out, you can feel free to hire her. Just let me know how much to pay her." He grinned, and then said, "As for a place to stay, how about your place, you have an extra bedroom don't you? And if that doesn't work out, well enough, we can build another guest house. In fact that's not such a bad idea, either. I'll call the contractor and get him started on a second one, as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, if you want to have her move in with you, and she is agreeable to it, we will arrange to have her things moved, right away." He remarked, as he reached over and took hold of Julie's hand.

Before Julie could answer him, there was a loud roar of planes overhead. Colt knew what it was, of course, so he charged into the dining room and said, loudly, "Our new plane has just arrived." Everyone was shocked, to say the least, they all started grabbing their heavy coats since it was very cold outside, and you could see everyone's breath, as they left for the hanger area. It was so cute Colt grabbed Luke, and Matt grabbed Mark, and bundled both boys up in oversized parkas, since neither of the twins had much in the way of clothes yet. Then they left the house for the hanger, with the rest of the crowd.

Colt had Luke straddling his neck, sitting on his shoulders. And Matt had Mark on his shoulders astraddle his neck. They were all watching the planes coming in for a landing, and Colt was grinning from ear to ear.

The first one to say anything at all was Matt, as he saw the two planes taxiing up to the hanger area. "My God, did you order both of those, Colt?" He was in tears, as he read the name on the nose of the first plane, then said, "Poppa One, how fitting, my love." The plane was a perfect twin to Little Colt, right down to the markings; the only difference was the name on the nose.

Colt said, "No! I only bought one, and that's the first one. We needed a replacement for Little Colt, and when I thought about it, I just felt it was the right thing to do. Therefore, I had it named after our Dad. The other plane is just here to fly the delivery pilot home." He was looking at Matt and Mark as he said it.

Mark said, "Is that our plane?" It was so damn cute; he was acting almost like it was a new toy. And Luke was grinning out from under the huge parka he was draped in.

Mike, Andrew, Earl, Jack, Kevin, Jerry, and Julie, all had tears in their eyes as they watched the plane's props stop turning. The pilot got out, and asked, "May I talk to Colt Andersen, please? I am Steve Young." He was checking the crowd for Colt.

Colt said, "Here I am; why don't you just follow me into the hanger office." Just before leaving the gang, he handed Luke to Mike. Then headed into the office with Steve.

Mike put him on his shoulders and said, "Want to ride on grandpa's shoulder?" He just grinned and straddled Mike's neck.

In the office, Steve handed Colt the invoices to sign, and as soon as that was completed, Steve just shook Colt's hand and said, "Sorry we can't stay, but we have another plane to deliver today." He walked out, seeing everyone milling around Poppa One, checking it out. Steve said goodbye and got into the other plane and they soon taxied out and took off.

Colt came out and said, "Well, did anyone look inside him? I think you have a surprise coming." He opened the door for everyone to check it out. Mike and Andrew were the first ones inside, then Matt and the twins got in. The twins ran up into the pilots and co-pilots seats, and sat down. Matt smiled and began to laugh, as Colt entered the plane he saw the cutest sight before him. Then he continued, "Matt, I think we have some future pilots there. Don't you think?"

Mike and Andrew laughed and said at about the same time, "Colt and Matt Jr.!! what a sight for sore eyes." They were both smiling now, and enjoying the humor in what was going on, and loving every minute of it.

Then Matt noticed the two small paintings of JC and Richard, mounted on the bulkhead. Richard's was on the left side of the cabin, and JC's was on the right side of the cabin. This brought tears to everyone's eyes, except the twins, and they were wondering why everyone was crying, and asked their daddies too. Colt tried to explain it, the best he could, with the help of Matt, Mike, and Andrew. After which, the entire bunch headed back into the house where it was a hell of a lot warmer than out at the hanger. Ben towed Poppa One into Little Colt's old hanger, and parked him.

Andy Higgans pulled up in front of the house right about the time everyone was entering. Colt, Matt and the twins stopped and waited for him to come up to the front door, then they all entered and went into the living room.

After exchanging greetings, Andy said, "I just brought out the little one's belongings from their old apartment. It seems they were behind in their rent, and as soon as the manager heard what happened, he called the office and complained." He laughed then continued, "So, I just went out there and got all their belongings, which, I'm sorry to say, wasn't a whole lot. I also found this Christmas Card, on the kitchen table." He handed the card to Colt who just smiled at the beautiful touching, card.

Matt and the twins looked at it and the twins said in unison, "That's us!" It was so cute the wonderful smiles the boys had on their faces, that were still partly hidden by the oversized parkas they were wearing.

Colt thanked Andy and asked him if he had time for coffee, but he declined because he was needed right away back at the office, so he left soon after. Colt and Matt told everyone that they were going to set up one of the roll-a-way double beds in the master bedroom for the twins. Until after the new year.

Colt found Earl and Jack and asked them if they would mind moving into the old master bedroom, which as it happened, was actually quite a bit larger then the one across the hall from the new master bedroom, where they were now. Colt explained that he and Matt wanted to give the room across from theirs to the twins, so the boys would be closer to their dads. Both Earl and Jack were tickled at the thought Colt would even consider them not making the move.

Earl looked at Jack for agreement which he got, in the form of a nod, then he said, "You know we would, Colt! Don't ever think for a minute, that Jack and I aren't grateful for everything you and your family has done for us." He paused, then continued, "And besides, we have already fallen in love with those two cute munchkins you are holding, and anything we can do to make them feel more secure and happy." Both he and Jack were loving the attention the twins were getting from everyone.

Matt said, "Thanks, guys, really I do thank you. We'll make the move after the first of the year, once the holidays are over, and everything settles down a bit." Matt smiled at their dear friends, then he looked at Colt and said, "Are we going into town, now? I think these two munchkins need some new clothes. How about you?" Giving his brother a loving smile.

"Got it, yes! Let's get one of the pickups, and get this shopping thing over with." Colt chuckled.

The new family headed out to the barn to get the truck and found Dotty standing just inside; she looked at the boys, all of them, and ran right up to Luke and nuzzled him, and gave a little nicker. Both Colt and Matt smiled, Matt said, "She just said she liked you Luke, maybe when she grows up a little more, you and Mark can ride her. We have some other mares that are due soon. I think we will be able to find you both some nice horses." Colt and Matt were both shocked at what the twins said next.

Mark just said, "Yes she said she liked Luke, but that's okay with me. Luke and I will share her." He was so cute saying that, knowing right then there was a bond between the twins that was strong, no matter what had just happened in their young lives.

Luke grinned at his brother and said, "We can take turns brushing Dotty. And thank you Dotty for liking me." He too was so cute, and the love he had for this twin was something we all noticed, right away.

Colt pulled Matt in close and said, "My God, we have two more horse whisperers in the family, love!" Both he and Matt were truly shocked, and so were we.

"That's just wonderful, love, just wonderful!" Matt grinned.

Colt, Matt and the twins headed into town to shop for their new little sons. The rest of the folks on the ranch decided to just have some fun; most of them took the snowmobiles and headed out for a day on the ranch.

Colt and Matt were in town when it came time for lunch, so they took the twins to the Corral. Most everyone there became positively ecstatic at seeing the twins again, with their proud new dads. There were a few employees that didn't know what had happened the night before, but the ones that did soon filled them in, and then the boys were treated like royalty. The manager treated the adorable little guys each to a big strawberry sundae, and did they ever love it. Colt and Matt were beaming with pride, like a pair of lions guarding their pride.

JC and I looked on with warm hearts and warm smiles, for JC was truly seeing his sons in a new light, now, and was he ever proud of them both.

After Colt and Matt spent most of the day running all over town, getting clothes and goodies, for the twins. They were all getting exhausted from the in and out of stores. The twins, on the way home, God, that sounded so nice to Colt and Matt, were so tired that they fell asleep, in the back seat of the pickup.

The rest of the day was spent getting the roll-a-way bed into the master bedroom, and putting the twin's new things away. Then, talk about the center of attraction around the ranch. It seemed that everyone was either holding, cuddling, kissing, hugging, or just talking to the twins. The poor little guys never felt as if they were on display before. But they were becoming closer and closer to their new dads. And of course, the new daddies were so excited; they were like two young men on cloud nine. Time seemed to fly by, and for the next few nights in a row, Mike and Andrew shared the big bed alone. While Colt and Matt were sleeping with the twins in the roll-a-way bed, still in the same room. It was funny though, it became quite a guessing game, as to where Colt, Matt, and the twins would sleep, one night it was six in the bed and then the next it was two in the big bed and four in the small bed. The twins were having loads of fun, playing the sleeping game, as they called it. They loved all their new family, and loved to share their sleeping time with any or all of them.

Julie had brought JoAnn out to the ranch, and she was doing very well, and Colt did as he promised, and hired her, at Julie's request. She had moved in with Julie, for the time being, and Colt had already notified the contractor to build another house just like Julie's. Mike and Andrew were also happy with JoAnn; she seemed to be very nice and was really becoming part of the family, with Julie's guidance.

James, JC, Richard, and I, all grinned broadly, at the antics of the family. JC and Richard were missing the closeness they once shared with the ones they left behind, but they knew that all was right, and everyone back on the ranch really did miss them, as much as they missed each other. The big day was about to come for the twins' adoption, so we all sent our love and strength to the new Andersen family, for they would soon be united in an even tighter bond...

To be continued...

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