A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
(Copyrighted by the author)
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 29

A Second Chance III, Life Must Go On, by: Tickie; (Copyrighted by the author) Co-Author & Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent. Comments are appreciated at. dinggrey@gmail.com

Chapter 29

The arrangements had been made with Harvey, and the petition for the twins' adoption was complete and ready for tomorrow's visit to the County Courthouse and Judge Franklin’s office. Colt and Matt were two worrywarts, they had been nervous for the past couple days, that things weren’t going to work out as planned. But their worries were nothing more than the nerves a pair of proud dads, and a pair of young men that were worried that something would happen to take the boys away from them. This wasn't going to happen for I knew quite well, that nothing in their world could or would change what was planned.

Julie and Jo, as everyone called JoAnn, were fixing to serve dinner, when Mike and Andrew walked in from the barn, with Joel and Aaron, who had been checking out the operation of the ranch, some of the ways Mike had been doing things impressed Joel, and he was planning on incorporating a lot of new ideas at the lodge. Aaron, on the other hand was with Andrew and they had been going over the day-to-day operations, and he liked everything about the way that Andrew handled the other employees. ('hands' in ranch lingo) There were a few things that Joel did at the lodge that seemed to impress Mike as well, and he would also be changing some of the ranch operation to match that of the lodge. So it seemed that they all shared their knowledge and ideas freely. It was wonderful to see that there was a two way street. Earl, Jack, Kevin, and Jerry were all becoming much closer, and had gone into town many times together, shopping or just touring around the Casper area, sight seeing. It was kind of funny too, for they seemed like brothers, much like Matt and Colt, in fact, much more then just friends. It was good to see that, for unknown to them there would be many more visits once the new runway and additions were completed at the lodge.

Mike was in the living room, just before dinner, with Colt, Matt, and the twins, and said, "How would you little guys like it if we put up the Christmas tree tonight, Andrew and I went out today and cut down a real nice one." He had a big smile as he waited for someone to speak.

Luke said, "Can we, oh please, can we?" He was jumping around like the little boy he was. Of course, he had the biggest grin on his face you could imagine.

Mark got up and ran to his grandpa and said, "Really, we can do the Christmas tree tonight?" He then jumped down, and ran to his poppa Colt and said, "Come on, daddy, let's do the tree, now!" Colt and Matt just grinned at the two little guys and chuckled.

Colt looked at Mike, and said, "Now, see what you did?" And began laughing out loud, this of course, had the twins pulling at him.

Matt just said, "Okay, Okay, now boys, come with me, and you can help us bring in the decorations from the barn." Before he could say anything more, the twins were on their way to the front door, without even putting on their heavy coats.

Colt yelled, "Wait a minute guys! You need to get your heavy coats on first." The twins stopped dead in their tracks, turned back and pulled their new heavy jackets from the hooks by the door, then, in a hurry, put them on. Matt was just grinning, as he put his own coat on. Then Colt got his jacket and put it on too, so he could join them. They all headed for the barn, and started bringing in the boxes of decorations. They gave each of the twins a smaller box to carry, it was all they could do to carry the ones Colt gave them, but they did it.

As soon as they entered the house, and went into the living room, Mike smiled and said, "Boy, you guys are strong, those boxes are as big as you are." Of course, they were just full of light ornaments, but both the twins were excited, they could have weighed a ton, and they would have tried to carry them.

All the decorations were set in the corner of the living room, and then Colt said, "That's it for now, sons, we'll set the tree up, after dinner. Okay?" He looked at them with a smile on his face, but it wasn't the same smile he got back. No, both the twins had frowns on their cute faces.

"Awe daddy!" They both chorused, together. God, were they ever cute.

All of us were now watching down from above, with huge smiles, at what was happing in that wonderful house that was so full of love. JC and Richard had tears in their eyes, for they truly were missing being there with the family. Nevertheless, they also knew they would always be there in spirit, and they also knew the family really missed having them there as well.

The extended family had grown now, from eleven to fourteen, counting Jo and the twins. But believe me; the twins were considered much more than extended family. In Colt and Matt’s eyes, they had already become their whole life. Not to say that they didn’t love Mike and Andrew, for they did, very very much, and the rest of the extended family. But right now, their attention was on giving all the love they could, to two very special little boys that needed all the love they could give, and oh boy, did they ever give it.

As they all sat at the dining room table, ready to devour a wonderful Roast Beef dinner, with all the other goodies that Julie and Jo had out done themselves on. Nevertheless, Colt and Jack again helped with the serving of the meal, just as if there had been no change in the kitchen. Most of what was said around the table that night was about decorating the tree, or the upcoming adoption, pending tomorrow, at the County Courthouse.

After dinner everyone but Julie and Jo headed into the living room to help with the decorating of the tree, and the rest of the house as well. The outside would be decorated by the hands, the next day, and believe me, they had their hands full, [pun intended] for there were many many lights and decorations to put up, all around the ranch. There were the slay and reindeer that were to go on the barn roof. They were life size, and made out of fiberglass. They had spotlights trained on them, and were always part of the decorations that were put up every year. There was a huge snowman in the front yard; it looked just like Frosty.

It didn’t take very long to have the tree up and decorated, with all the folks pitching in. Once the place was finished and the boxes taken back out to the barn. The twin’s eyes got as big as saucers when the Christmas tree was finally lit and the sight before them unfolded. Julie and Jo fixed a huge pot of hot chocolate and a big platter of homemade cookies. The twins' eyes were about to pop out of there cute little faces, as they saw the hot chocolate and cookies. It seemed as if the little guys had never had much before, but of course, no one could blame their late mother, for we all knew how hard it must have been for her.

Luke looked at Matt and said, “All for us?” He had a cute, shy little smile.

Mark said, “No, silly, dat’s for everyone!” He chuckled under his breath, while Colt and Matt just beamed at their wonderful new sons.

Mike and Andrew sat on one of the love seats and cuddled by the huge fire that was burning brightly, as the only light in the living room now was the lit Christmas tree and the burning fire in the fireplace.

Earl and Jack were cuddled up on the floor next to Kevin and Jack who were sitting in the other love seat. Joel and Aaron were sitting on one of the couches cuddling, while Kevin and Jerry were closer to the fireplace, sitting on the floor as well. Julie and Jo were sitting on the other couch, and god bless her, Julie had her guitar, and began playing Christmas Carols.

It wasn’t long before everyone, including the twins, were singing along with Julie’s accompaniment on the guitar. It was so beautiful watching them all enjoying the season as much as they were. The twins were running from one person to the other; trying their best to sing the songs. Finally, the twins settled down, Mark with Matt, and Luke with Colt, the two dads were holding their two sons in a gentle embrace, as the night moved on.

After the cookies and hot chocolate were gone, Colt remembered the days when he, Matt, and his dads use to roast marshmallows in the fireplace. So he got up and went into the kitchen, knowing he would find some in the pantry; Getting a large bag of marshmallows and some long skewers, he returned to find only Mike, Andrew, Matt, and the twins remaining.

All the other’s decided on heading to bed, most of them stopped by the kitchen, after saying their goodnights in the living room, said them to Colt as they passed by. Not that it was too late, of course, but they wanted to let Colt, Matt, Mike, and Andrew, have some time alone with the little guys. But they also had some other things on their own minds as well, some sexy thoughts were floating in the air, and the others were going to indulge themselves in some of those thoughts. Julie and Jo also excused themselves, for they had to get up early tomorrow morning, as they always did. The two of them were still working out some plans that would let one of them sleep in every other day, as breakfast was something they felt only one of them needed to prepare.

Back in the living room, Colt took Luke, and Matt took Mark, and they began to show them how to roast marshmallows. Mike and Andrew were the guinea pigs, after the first few burnt, charcoal black marshmallows were handed to them, they politely said, in unison, "Guys, we've had enough!" Boy did they mean that, it's hard to eat rock hard marshmallows. But they didn't have the heart to say the real reason. Even though Colt and Matt knew, but they kept up the teaching process, as only patient proud poppas could do.

Before the roasting of marshmallows was over, there were two five-year-olds that had more marshmallow on themselves, than I think was in the bag. But they had fun, and so did the two ecstatically happy dads.

Colt said, “Come on munchkins, it’s time for one of our famous family showers. You two are really a mess.” Both the boys just giggled and grinned at him, with their faces all covered in a gooie white mixture, with charcoal black flake speckles. It was funny, and Mike and Andrew just laughed at the other four, as they headed off toward the master bedroom.

Mike said, “I’ll lock up tonight! See you all in the shower, save me a spot.” He looked at the boys, yes, all the boys, Colt, Matt, Luke, and Mark, when he said that.

Andrew just smiled and followed the rest of the family into the master bedroom. Mike soon followed them into the bedroom, to find everyone already undressed, and in the shower. He soon joined them and enjoyed watching the twins, getting scrubbed by their dads. If you ever saw two five-year-olds covered from head to toe in soapy white bubbles, with just their dark brown hair showing through. It was a wonderful sight, to say the least. Everyone finally finished, and soon were dried off, and headed back into the bedroom, everyone put on their undies.

Mark said, “I wanna’ seep with grandpa’s tonight!” He giggled.

“Me too!” Piped up Luke, smiling at his brother. Then both looked at Colt and Matt for approval.

Matt just smiled and motioned for them to get in behind their grandpa’s who were already in bed waiting on them.

The family was at peace and fell asleep rather quickly. For the twins, it was because they were exhausted, for Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt, knowing that the next day would make those two little angels sleeping next too them, theirs forever. Colt lay there saying his little silent prayer, for being given the chance of raising those two precious little boys. Matt was doing much the same, as he could sense Colt’s prayer as he said his own. It wasn't long before the ranch house was silent, and everyone was dreaming of days to come.

The next morning, everyone met in the dining room for breakfast, of waffles with maple syrup and real butter. Luke and Mark ate like two little troopers, while everyone else had coffee, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Colt asked, “How many of you are going to come into town for the adoption today?” He looked around the table to see everyone smiling at him, including Matt and the twins.

Matt said, “From the looks on all your faces, it’s everyone!” He giggled, and when he did, so did Luke and Mark. Don’t know if they really knew what was about to happen, but they were both in a good mood. Of course that could be just from knowing that it was Christmas time soon, and Santa was coming.

Mike grinned back at his two sons, and said, “Looks like we need to take a couple of the big vans then.” Then he looked at Earl and said, “Earl would you please drive one of them. I’ll drive one of them with the family, and anyone else that needs a ride.”

Earl simply said, “Silly! Why did you have to ask?” He warmly smiled at Mike.

“I will always ask, son.” Mike said, with a warm smile at Earl and Jack, who were sitting next to each other. They smiled broadly when they heard Mike call Earl Son.

The remainder of the day, up until it was time to head into town, and the County Courthouse was spent much the same way everyday was spent at the ranch. Colt and Matt took the twins for a snowmobile ride; it was Colt and Luke on one machine, Matt and Mark on one of the other machines. They took them to their favorite spot along the river, where they, as young boys themselves, spent many days swimming in the old swimming hole, of course it was frozen over now. But it was fun for Luke, and Mark, just being with their new daddies was wonderful for them. Colt checked his watch and said, “Guys it’s time to head back, we have important things to do, this afternoon.”

After lunch, Mike and Earl brought the vans around to the front, so everyone that was going to be at the adoption proceedings would have a ride. Of course, that was the entire extended family, including Grandma Julie. Jo said she would stay back, and have dinner ready for them, when they got back, knowing it wouldn’t be until late, for she was informed that there would more then likely be some ice cream, after the proceedings.

The two vans pulled out, Earl following Mike into town, they were lucky they found some decent parking close to the Courthouse. Everyone got out and made their way inside, where they found Harvey waiting for them. It was close to the appointed time, so we all followed, Harvey directly to Judge Franklin’s office. Colt and Matt just looked around, for they hadn't been in here since Matt's adoption, Andy Higgans was already there, waiting on us as well, so we all just sat there waiting. Luke and Mark were both nervous, as you could plainly see, but it wasn’t long before Judge Franklin stepped into his office. He looked at everyone and just smiled.

He started speaking, saying, “Hello, boys, how are you all today? You both look happy, it can't be because of this visit, must be cause of Christmas and the coming of Santa!” He smiled at the twins, which in itself was something rarely seen in a judges office.

Luke and Mark both just shook their heads in the affirmative, and grinned at Roy. Then Luke said with little nudge from Colt, “We are, sir.” The poor boys were staring at each other, wondering what was about to happen. But with the mention of Santa and Christmas, they began to relax some.

“Don’t be scared, boys; no one will hurt you here, and I'm sure you are loved very much at the Lazy L.” Judge Franklin said, and then continued, as he opened the folder Harvey had placed on his desk, looking at the papers then at Harvey with a warm smile, then continued to speak. “I see that everything here is in order, so let’s make this as short and sweet as possible. Andy, do you have anything you want to say?”

“No, sir; Child Protective Services highly recommends, this adoption be granted,” Andy answered. He looked over toward Colt, Matt, Luke, Mark, and of course the grandpas, with a broad grin that would make Christmas this year, very very special to a cute set of twins.

“Harvey, do you have anything more to add?” Judge Franklin asked.

Harvey spoke, saying, “No sir,” He too was smiling, for it was a grand day for his clients.

Judge Franklin said, “Mark and Luke, would you both please come up here, and see me for a few seconds?” The twins looked at Colt first, than at Matt, and then they looked at Roy. Colt just motioned for them to go up and see the judge. So both boys walked up to see Roy.

Roy whispered into Luke's ear first, and then into Mark's ear next, and then the twins whispered back into Roy’s ear. Then both of them came back, with cute little grins on there angelic faces, to their new daddies, and sat back down.

“I just have to do that for the record.” Roy said. Of course, there was a court recorder in the room, recording all of these proceedings just as there was for Matt's adoption.

Then Judge Franklin started speaking to all present, “I hereby so order, that this Adoption Petition of Running Colt Charlie Andersen, and Matt Nighthorse James Andersen, known as the Adoptive Parents, and the two minor children, known as Mark Stoneman, and Luke Stoneman, be granted by the powers of this court. In addition, be it further granted, that the said minor child Mark Stoneman, be known from this date forward by the name of Mark Justyn Andersen. In addition, be it further granted, that the said minor child Luke Stoneman, be known from this date forward by the name of Luke Michael Andersen, with all the duties of a natural parent and child relationship. Therefore, by the powers vested in me, by the State of Wyoming, I hereby so order. Case closed." Then he hit the gavel.

“I have one other matter before this court, at this time. Would Andrew William Kingston, please come forward.” Judge Franklin stated.

Andrew walked up to see Judge Franklin.

Judge Franklin just said, “All these documents are in order, do you wish to continue with this petition?”

“Yes sir, if you please, sir!” Andrew answered.

“Okay then. By the powers granted me by the State of Wyoming, I so order this petition for the name change of Andrew William Kingston, to the name of Andrew William Andersen, be granted. Case closed, and congratulations Andrew, and the rest of the Andersen family.” Judge Franklin said with a warm beaming smile.

It was wonderful standing there in the middle of the Judge’s office with the entire extended family hugging one another, the twins, and Andrew were swamped with hugs and loving kisses too.

Finally, Colt in a rather loud voice so he could be heard, said, “Let's all go to the ice cream parlor!” He took Luke’s hand, and Matt took hold of Mark’s hand, and they left the office and headed for the vans. It looked like a train of people leaving the courthouse for the vehicles.

Once they had arrived at the ice cream parlor, Luke said, “Can me and Mark sit with Uncle Earl and Jack?” Yes, my God, the twins were thinking of Earl and Jack as uncles now, also with Joel, Aaron, Kevin, and Jerry but not as much as they were becoming close to Earl and Jack, almost as much as they were with their new adoptive daddies. However, this was only because Earl and Jack were so close to Colt and Matt, and the twins sensed this closeness.

Colt smiled, looked at Matt, seeing an approving nod said, “Sure you can, little ones.” He and his brother were grinning at Earl and Jack, knowing those two had already fallen head over heels in love with the adorable little boys. In fact, the twins had already asked a few times if they could sleep with their new uncles. Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt had even discussed this among themselves, and come to the conclusion that it would be great for the twins to share their love with the other part of the family. In fact, there was also some discussion of letting them spend some nights with their grandma Julie. This would be handy, if and when their dads were away on business trips.

Earl looked at Colt and Matt, saying, “Thanks, I know how much you two love them. I just want you to know, we love them dearly, too. But remember we don’t want to do anything that would come between you guys and your new sons.” He was worried about the twins asking to sit with Jack and himself.

Matt said quickly, “Nonsense! You guys are our brothers, and that makes you guys their uncles. In fact, if Colt doesn’t mind, they can sleep with you two tonight. If you want them too?” Matt smiled at the twins, and Colt, then looked at Earl and Jack, as the pair's eyes became watery, it was wonderful seeing them so happy.

Colt immediately said, “That sounds like a really great idea, Matt, would you two like that?” He was smiling at Earl and Jack, and watching the twins' reaction as well.

Earl and Jack said in unison, “Would we!?!?! God yes!” They were so excited about the twins spending the night with them, they almost forgot the little guys were sitting at the table with them. Earl immediately looked at the twins, then continued, “Would you guys like to spend the night with Uncle Jack and me?”

The twins looked up from their strawberry sundaes, and said, “Yep!” then continued to eating their treats, grinning between bites.

Earl motioned for Colt to come with him, so Colt got up and the pair walked into the entrance of the parlor, then Earl said, in a whisper, “Brother, I know you and the rest of the family have been kind of restricted, since you guys birthday. And we kinda figured, you all need some private time too. We also know that with all the added guests, it’s been hard on you guys. So having the twins stay with us tonight is long over due, we are a family, right? So don’t forget to ask us to watch them, now and then.” He was so cute about it that Colt almost kissed him but then he thought better of it.

“Thanks brother; I love you, thanks for everything you and Jack do for us.” Colt said with a warm and tender smile.

“Heck, It’s Jack and I who should be thanking you guys, for now, we not only have you and Matt, we also have some of the cutest most loving nephews in the world.” Earl smiled, with love in his heart at Colt, as they headed back to the rest of the gang who were about finished.

The rest of the day went well, everyone had fun, and when they got back to the ranch it was already getting dark outside, but the twins wanted to go see Dotty again. So Earl and Jack asked their dads if it was alright for them to take them out to the barn?

Matt nodded his head, and said, “My god! Guys, we trust you both, completely, so for heavens sake, enjoy them, just don’t spoil them anymore than their grandpa’s are doing now.” Colt even laughed at that remark, and so did the twins. When they finished visiting Dotty, they came back in the house in time to clean up for supper.

Julie and Jo had a nice dinner of hot tomato soup for starters, fried chicken and homemade French fries with assorted veggies. For dessert a double chocolate cake, and Oh boy, did the twins, ever dig into the cake. It was so darn cute; Joel and Aaron had their digital camera out, taking more pictures of everyone. They wanted to do something special for Christmas is all they knew.

The twins were so tired that they were falling asleep in the living room, next to the fireplace, when Earl said, “Mind if Jack and I put them to bed in our room, guys?” He was looking at the Andersen family, knowing it was okay, but he just wanted to make absolutely sure it was still alright with their dads.

Mike looked over at Matt and Colt with a grin, as Colt said, “Sure that would be nice, guys, and thanks guys a whole lot, for doing that.” Then Colt looked at Mike and Andrew; winked and said, “That’s for us tonight, and I know you get the meaning.” He then chuckled.

Earl and Jack took their two giggling new nephews into their room helped them get undressed, and put them into the center of their bed. No sooner than they hit the bed and the two Munchkins were out like a light. Earl looked at them laying there, and smiled at them and his lover, and said, “Aren’t those two cuties the most adorable little boys?”

Jack replied, simply saying, “They sure are! You know love, we should think about doing something like this, too, if we can swing it; maybe not twins, but a little girl or boy would be wonderful.” He had the most loving smile on his face, as he spoke to Earl. After tucking in the twins, they left the room, heading back into the living room, finding everyone gathered around the fire and the lit Christmas tree again.

The remainder of the evening was wonderful, and everyone enjoyed each other’s company. But Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt wanted to spend some quality time alone. Colt just said, “Earl, will you please lock up for us tonight?” and winked at him, and began to giggle.

“Of course I will, bud!” Earl answered with a sexy grin.

Mike, Andrew, Colt, and Matt all excused themselves and without fanfare, they parted company, and headed into the master bedroom. Mike started filling the Jacuzzi, and the others started undressing each other, it didn’t take Mike long at all, and he was right in the middle, and was undressed just as fast as the rest were. Once they were undressed, they hopped into the Jacuzzi and settled down for some overdue family fun. They all wanted tonight to be very special, for they hadn’t had a chance, since the ceremony on the mountain, and the sudden parenthood for Colt and Matt.

JC and I knew all too well, that was not something that anyone in the Andersen family would ever regret, to the contrary, in fact, they would cherish that moment in time, forever, and so would their guardian angels. We also knew that this night was very special to the four men now sitting in that hot tub, relaxing and exploring each other’s wonderful bodies.

Seemed that Andrew and Colt paired off, while Mike and Matt were also paired. Both pairs were now working each other’s poles that seem to be standing as tall as the Christmas tree in the living room. They kept this up so to speak, for some time; none of them wanted to climax, for they all wanted to share much much more in the bed. After about an hour of playing together, in the Jacuzzi, they all climbed out and dried each other off, changing partners often. That was part of the fun they were sharing.

There was very little chatter, but Colt did say, “Now, it’s bed time!” He had a cute sexy smile, with a hint of sexy in it, and he was stroking his manhood as he spoke.

The others just giggled at him and quickly headed into the bedroom, Mike pulled the covers back, and all four of them, hurried to get in. No one knew who would be with whom, they just simply began to hug, and kiss each other, until they all seemed to have found a comfortable place, and in loving arms. It started off, Mike was on his back, and Andrew was hovering lining up his pole for the warm cave he wanted so much to enter. While Matt was on his back, and Colt was about ready to put his love handle into his love’s most special place. Once all the connections were made and the two on the bottom were looking at each other, their hands playing with their joined partners nipples, Colt leaned down and kissed Matt and their tongues darted around in the dark, looking for a place to play together. While Mike and Andrew were doing much the same. The only difference was the kissing was moving all over Mike’s face, to include his ears, eyes, and Adam’s apple. It was hot, on that bed, but the room wasn’t. After all, who needed heat, that night for there was more heat and love in that room then anyone could have imagined.

This all went on for a quite a while, until Mike and Matt looked at each other and began to stroke each other’s poles. While Andrew and Colt were working hard, at the penetration of their lovers hot canal.

Mike began to gasp for air as he felt the hot cream begin to pump thoroughly into his love shoot, as Andrew began to groan loudly, in wild passion as he released his load into his lover. Mike just said, “God, I’m coooming, oh shhhit, love. You make me feel so wonderful!!!! I love you!!” And with that, he shot his load all over his own chest and Matt’s hand, that was still stroking him.

It wasn’t long and Colt let out a moan and began to jerk and twitch wildly, as he began to unload into his brother, saying, “God, I love yooooou Mattttttt.!” Matt let lose with a big load of man cream, all over his own chest and Mike’s hand that had only stopped until he himself could regain some resemblance of control over his own hand.

Right there on that big bed were four of the happiest men in the world right then, and could you ever tell it. They all began licking each other clean and it wasn’t long till the four of them were curled up in each other’s warm embrace.

Colt said softly, “Thank you Earl and Jack, for giving us this wonderful treat.” He poked Andrew as he said it.

“Ow! You and that darn elbow I think we need to sand off the sharp edges of that thing; It's a deadly weapon, Colt, really, we’re going to have to get you and elbow pad.” Andrew joked back, then continued, “Yes, this was wonderful; remind me to thank them in the morning.” He then cuddled up closer to Mike.

Mike just muttered, “Yes, it was very nice of them.” He was being held tightly by his younger son, and he got a big kiss on the back of his neck.

Matt just said with a snicker, “That’s just for loving us, Pop.” Then he too, said, “Thank you my brothers, for watching our little ones.” He was so damn cute, and that 'Matt smile' could melt the coldest heart in the world.

James, JC, Richard, and I looked down at those beautiful men, and sent our comforting thoughts, and all the energy we could spare, while we too, joined them in bed that night, cuddled up with a truly great family.

To be continued…

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I am really anxious to find out what will happen next. Things are really going smoothly. I hope things keep up that way.

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