A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Author's Note: To my loyal readers I want to again say thanks for reading my story. I do want to let you know if you haven't figured it out yet that Part III chapters 1 thru 5 are flashbacks being re-lived to fill you in on Colt and Matt's lives while away from the family. Both before JC and Mike got them and the school years that were brushed over in Part II. Sorry if it confused anyone, please enjoy the rest of the story as it continues.

Chapter 5

<><><><><><><> Back in School for the boys...

Well the summer had ended for the boys, and there best friends Earl and Jack. They all had came back to the start of what was to be a wonderful, fulfilling, educational, exciting, and just plain great adventure into life. Earl and Jack had become much more than just a good friends to Colt and Matt; they had become part of their lives. They had taken to each other in only a way that James and I could understand. It was then we made up our minds we were going to do all we could to help both Earl and Jack. Poor Earl needed as much as Colt and Matt did, when we found them, and Jack needed Earl as much. The only difference was there was no physical abuse; the mental thought of not having a real family was hurting both of them.

James and I were so pleased with ourselves about what was accomplished this past summer that we were laughing and hugging each other. Not to say we didn't do more, But I will leave that too your imagination.

The school year was off to a good start; Colt and Matt were digging into their studies and doing quite well. Their love for each other was getting stronger, if stronger was possible. As James and I saw it anyway, and remember, we can see much more then even the boys themselves could see. And what we saw was pure love; there wasn't a hurtful bone in either of them. If there were an example of caring, the two of them would be the world's example.

Earl and Jack were so much in love with each other they were hurting, anytime they were apart. The fact that they were in different dorm rooms was not helping the situation at all. Colt and Matt knew this, and wanted to help them but didn't know how.

Colt said, "What can we do Matt? We need to do something for them, they are hurting so much, and all the time on the ranch seems to have hurt them now."

I looked at James with tears in my eyes, "We need to help them, hon! What can we do?"

Matt said, "Shit, they can just use our empty bed over there." Pointing to the always empty bed that neither of them ever used.

"That might get us into big trouble, Matt." Colt retorted, with an evil grin on his cute face, continuing, "But I don't really care, do you bro?"

"Of course not!" Matt smiled.

James pulled me into a warm embrace and said, "I have and idea, but need to check it out before I say anything, love. Just trust me!" he was thinking, 'Jack lives in the room next door to Colt and Matt's room, the one that shares the bathroom. If I can just send thoughts to his roommate he might be willing to swap rooms with Earl, if I can get the roommates interested in each other. I have to work my magic, the way I did once before.' still thinking, 'now how did I get Charlie and JC together.'

God, how I love James, I can read his thoughts as well, I guess he forgot. But I know if it's possible, he will make it happen.

It didn't take long, and James was able to get Jack's roommate wanting to move in with Earl's room mate, and the dorm director Mr. Two-Feathers was convinced that the move was the best thing for all the boys that would be effected. But little did he know that Earl and Jack had been secretly sleeping together in Colt and Matt's extra bed,  nights that they could, without causing undo concern or suspicion by there respective roommates.

This little plan worked well, and soon the four boys were inseparable, they were in the flying club together, and just about did everything together. Even the experimentation of loving each other. But never once did the couples mix, Colt and Matt were just too much in love with each other to share anything with anyone else, save only their dads, they both wanted so bad to share their love with them, knowing that it would never happen until they were of age. Because both JC and Mike had more than once told them that, in no uncertain terms. James and I were so proud of them for resisting their sons' advances on them. We knew from the start we had made the right choice in placing those wonderful boys in their care.

The flying club was also doing well. Richard had come to the school several times during that year, helping with all sorts of lessons and talks on the great adventure, flying private, as well as commercial aircraft would be. Also he pointed out the fact that many pilots had good jobs that paid well.

Now even Matt had become a private pilot, and was well on the way helping other members of the club. Of course Earl and Jack were high on both Colt and Matt's list of members to help, and help they did.

The Friday afternoon flights home to the ranch started taking on more passengers in the following years, it seemed that neither Colt nor Matt wanted to leave their best friend at school over the weekends any longer, and of course that included his boyfriend as well. So the flights home became a part of the weekends for all the boys, Colt, Matt, Earl, and Jack.

It got to a point that JC had moved a company van to Custer, along with the car, so they had enough room for all the would be travelers.

Earl finally got his private pilots license, and Jack was not far behind him and got his within only a couple months following his boyfriend.

I was so proud of what was now happening with our two special boys, and how they had taken others under there wings, and helped them. I was just watching them in one of their classes helping each other with a difficult problem, and then it dawned on me. What I finally realized was that they were communicating without speaking to one another, just pure thought. That was so moving; it brought tears to my eyes.

James was cuddling me, and said, "I know my love, they are truly our best work."

"How can you say that?" I said somewhat shocked, without thinking, and instantly regretted it, stammering out, "I...I...I'm sorry love, I just didn't think we did that much work on them."

"I know, but I like to think we had something to do with how they turned out." James replied, pulling me in to a bear hug, and started kissing me all over, and not stopping there either, but again I will leave that to your own imagination once again.

"Well, I am remembering something that happened just after their second summer vacation. Do you remember all the trouble they got themselves into, my love?!"

"Of course, how could anyone forget that, I bet they will all remember that forever!" James stated as he smiled at me.

Well I guess I had better let you all know what happened on that trying day. It was a normal day of school. While in the mess hall for lunch, a new boy that was just older then Matt, saw Matt hugging Colt in the dorm hallway earlier that morning. So he set out to find out all he could about Colt and Matt. What he found out had him seeing faggots, and he was going to take care of that problem. He knew he couldn't take on both together, so he caught Matt in the mess hall as he was leaving. Colt had already gone out the door, and Tony the new boy tripped Matt.

"Ow! Matt yelled! What did you do that for!?!?" Matt shouted as he grabbed his nose, then looked at his hand with all the blood running onto the floor.

"That serves you right you little faggot!" Tony yelled at him, as a crowd started forming around the two of them.

Earl was the first to see what happened, and he ran to help his friend Matt. Yelling at Tony, "You asshole! What did you do that for?"

Tony spun around to attack Earl, turning his back to the door. Just then Jack saw what had happen and charged in; grabbing Tony's hand not seeing the knife that Tony was holding. As Jack pulled Tony away from Earl, Colt came charging in, grabbing Tony's other arm, pulling it behind his back, screaming, "What the fuck did you do to my brother, you son of a bitch!?!" all the time pulling Tony's arm behind him, until there was a loud snap, and the sound was deafening, then Tony screamed in pain, dropping the knife to the floor, but Colt didn't care; he just kept pulling the boy's arm back, hurting the boy more. Colt thought, 'I don't care you bastard, you hurt my brother, I should kill you right now, and put you out of your misery.'

No one noticed that poor Jack was now bleeding profusely, all over the floor.

Colt only stopped when he finally heard Earl Yell, "Stop it Colt, you broke his arm!" Earl was scared that Colt was about to hurt the boy even more. Still no one noticed that Jack was bleeding badly.

"I don't care!" Colt yelled, "This bastard deserves it!" Colt screamed even louder. Then said, "For Christ sake Jack's been hurt. Someone get a doctor, NOW!!!"

Soon Mr. Two-Feathers came charging into the crowd, breaking up Tony and Colt, yelling, "Stop it now, you two! Stop it!" Then he noticed Jack bleeding, and took out his cell phone and dialed the schools medical wing. Telling the medics where to come. Then he grabbed Jack, and seeing he had a severe cut on his left side, he pulled off Jack's jacket first, then took off his dress white shirt, rolling it up as a pressure gauze, placing it on Jack's side, holding pressure on the wound. He showed one of the other students how to keep the pressure on it, while he talked to the others, and waited for the medics to arrive.

As soon as Tony's arm was broken, the fight drained out of him. So the fighting pretty much stopped. Jack was the most critically injured person at that moment, and was somewhat swiftly taken care of. Mr. Two-Feathers started talking to Matt, and Tony, as he checked them over, seeing that they were hurt as well. Turning to the crowd gathering, he barked, "First of all, I want anyone that saw what happened to stay here. As for the rest of you, break it up now, and get on to your classes, now! That is not a suggestion, it is an order. I mean it now! Get a move on!" He was really pissed about what had just happened. He continued, "Colt, are either you or Earl hurt?!"

"No sir! We are alright." both of them said in unison. He could see they were both shaken up quite a bit.

"Ok then, both of you, go to the office, and wait for me!" He paused briefly, to look at Jack, lying on the floor. "Now! I said! I won't have you standing here gawking at this boy!" Mr. Two-Feathers stayed to help Jack, sending first Matt, then a few minutes later, sending Tony to the medical wing. Knowing that they were both too hurt to start any more trouble right then. At about the same time he told Tony to leave. Two medics arrived with a gurney, picked up Jack, then they all headed to the school's medical wing. As Mr. Two-Feathers left the mess hall, he told all the other student witnesses to go to the school office, and wait there for him to return, seeing Colt and Earl were still there he said, "And take these two with you!" giving Colt and Earl a nudge on the back.

While in the medical office with the three hurt boys, Mr. Two-Feathers called the office and told Mrs. Whitefawn what happened from his prospective, informing her that Matt had a broken nose, and Tony had a broken arm. He told her that the more serious concern was for Jack though. He was still bleeding badly, and he might need a transfusion soon. They are checking for a blood, and type match at the moment, so be ready for a call. Matt and Tony will be ok, and the doctor will have them both patched up within the hour. She informed him that she would call all the parents of the ones involved. She wanted this nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

Mr. Two-Feathers called back, asking if Colt or Earl were still in the office, as they were the only people with the matching blood type, at the school. Moreover, from what I already knew, they were more then likely the only ones in the state. Mrs. Whitefawn turned to the boys and asked, "Colt, you and Earl are the only students that have the right blood type for a transfusion for Jack, will either of you volunteer?"

"YES!" was their instant reply, in unison.

"Ok! Both of you head for the Medical wing. Quickly, and look for Mr. Two-Feathers when you get there, now hurry boys!" she said hastily.

After arriving at the medical wing, both Colt and Earl found Mr. Two-Feathers. He took them into see the medics that were helping the doctor in the emergency room, sewing up Jack's deep ugly wound.

"Which one of you has volunteered? We need to call your parents for their approval.

"Me, and you don't need to call my parents, cause I know it's ok!" Colt said.

"No, I want to!" Earl said, smiling at Colt.

"Well Earl, you know how your Aunt and Uncle are, and I don't want you getting in trouble." Colt said.

"We'll take care of the adults, we have pre-approval on some students, let me check your records, Earl, I know we have pre-approval for the Andersen boys." The medic checked the computer and said, "We have it for you as well Earl, so, do you want to volunteer for sure now?"

"Yes sir!" Earl smiled, with hope in his eyes, which were filling with tears now that his lover was in mortal danger.

I reached out and touched Jack, to help slow the bleeding, knowing that he would be ok now that he had the needed blood. It was so strange to know that there were four boys that could depend on each other for the rest of their lives, in case of emergencies. "Love, can you believe that, how wonderful it is!"

James just said, "Yes it is," placing his hand on Earl's shoulder, and kissing the boy on the cheek softly. Earl reached up and felt of his cheek, wondering who had kissed him, looking dumbfounded.

While Jack was being taken care of, Matt and Tony were also being treated, and soon Tony, Colt, and Mr. Two-Feathers were on their way back to the school office, to see Mrs. Whitefawn.

Reaching the office an hour later, she had a heart to heart talk with Colt and Tony, along with all the witnesses, as Mr. Two-Feathers watched, agreeing with Mrs. Whitefawn, when she had made the decision to expel Tony for his part in the fight, and had suspended Colt for 3 days for his part in the incident. Even though she felt sorry for Matt, Jack, and Colt, for really, all Colt had done was protect his brother he had gone too far and needed to be reminded of how to handle situations like this.

Well, by that afternoon, JC and Mike were both in the counselor's office. Mrs. Whitefawn began filling them both in on what she had done, and had asked them not to be to hard on Colt. She said, "I have pretty much explained things to Colt, and I really feel he is regretful of what he did to Tony. I also told him that even though he is suspended for three days, he is responsible for making up all the work he misses." then she continued, "As for Matt, his nose will be sore for a few days, and he will more than likely not be able to kiss Colt as much as he normally would." Then she grinned a knowing but loving smile. "As for Jack, I understand that he is close to your family as well, from what I hear. He is doing fine now that he received the blood from Earl, and will have to stay in the medical wing for the night, and depending on how he feels tomorrow, he might be able to stay in his dorm room with Earl to care for him, I think that's what the doctor would order." She just grinned again.

"Thank you for understanding our boys." JC replied, then continued, "How is the boy? His name was Tony, I think someone told me!" With a look of concern.

"Oh, he was expelled for his attitude problem and the use of a knife on the school properties, depending on what Jack wants to do, there could be charges brought at a later date. Seems his home life is not that of understanding other life styles. It's a shame too. As for his broken arm, that will heal, but what's in his heart might not." She stated.

"Sorry to hear that, it's really a shame how parents behave." Mike said with a cold icy voice.

When Colt and Matt arrived after their last class for the day, they were met by a not so happy pair of dads, sitting in the counselor's office.

JC spoke as the boys entered, "Let me see, Matt!" He pulled Matt up close, so he and Mike could get a good look at his black and blue eyes and his fat nose. "Looks like your goin'a have a couple shiners there son. How do you feel?"

"Fine, it just hurts a little now." He said with a worried look, then continued saying, "Please don't be mad at my brother, pop and poppa Mike, please! He was only trying to help me, and Jack." Then he broke down and started crying, or more like sobbing aloud.

"It's ok son, why don't we all just go to your dorm room for a while, and have a good chat." Then both JC and Mike thanked Mrs. Whitefawn, took the boys and left for their dorm room.

On the way Mike was looking at Colt and he could see he was very upset, and about to cry. He reached out and took him by the shoulder, pulled him up tight and whispered in his ear, "It's ok son, we understand, we just need to talk a bit, don't worry."

When they arrived in the room, JC closed the door and told the boys to have a seat. The boys did as they were told and sat on their bed. Both now looked upset, and were already crying.

I told James, "We need to be here for them right now!" I reached out and planted thoughts of kindness in both JC and Mike's hearts, as if they needed it. They were both such loving and caring parents.

"They will be just fine!" James told me, almost as if I was over reacting. Then gave me a loving hug and kissed me deeply. "JC is my nephew you know!" smiling at me, as if I didn't know that.

JC started out saying, "Ok, now that the school has punished you Colt, you do understand what you did wrong, don't you son?" Waiting for Colt to answer.

"Y... yes sir!" Colt shook and continued to cry.

JC sat down on the bed beside Colt and pulled him into a warm hug and said softly, "Look son, we know you were just protecting your brother, and keeping Jack from being hurt worse, and I am proud of you for that, but you just kind of went overboard, don't you think?" again waiting for Colt to respond.

"Y... yes, but dad, Tony really hurt Matt, look at what he did to him. My beautiful brother has two black eyes, and a broken nose. And Jack was almost killed by that asshole, I... I... I'm Sorry for cursing pop and poppa Mike, I was just so mad at him. I know, I guess I should have gone and got an adult to take care of it, but he was already going for Earl too." Colt explained, still crying.

Mike was just sitting on the bed next to Matt, holding him, not saying anything, just listening to the exchange of words between JC and Colt. Even though he was rubbing Matt's back in slow circular motions causing Matt to relax a bit.

"Believe me son, we understand, and I guess maybe if I were in your place, I would have done the same thing. But that's not saying it was right. I guess what I am trying to say is, I'm proud of you for watching out for your brother, and your friend. OK! I'm just sorry there are assholes in this world that would treat us like that." JC spoke as he too started weeping tears of sadness for his two sons.

Then they all broke down crying, reaching out to one and other pulling and tugging at each other until they all found themselves hugging, crying, and kissing.

Mike spoke, saying, "Colt, do you want to go home with us, now that you can't go to school for the next three days?" Knowing what Colt would say, he still asked him.

"No, I want to stay here with my brother! Please!" Colt said hopefully, with a tear stained face. "We made a promise to each other, that we would never be apart again."

"I figured that, son." JC said, as he looked at Mike with a grin, "See I told you that before we got here didn't I love."

"Ok, ok you win that one hon!" Mike said, with an even bigger smile.

All this time Richard was sitting in the car, since he didn't want to be in the middle of this family situation. But as soon as JC, Mike, Colt and Matt came out of the dorm, they saw Earl coming across the parking lot from the medical wing.

JC yelled out, "Come hear Earl, please! I need to ask you a question?" Both Matt and Colt looked shocked, and stared at JC for a moment, not knowing what he wanted to ask Earl.

Earl came running up saying, "Sure, by the way Jack is doing ok, he is a little sore but they gave him some pain medicine. That put him to sleep for the night."

"That's good to hear son," JC replied, then asked, "How would you like to join us for dinner in Custer?" smiling at him.

"Really? I would love to!" Earl shouted, then with a little less noise said, "Sorry, thanks for the offer."

So they all headed to Custer for dinner. The boys missed the evening meal anyway, and the dads wanted to leave on a happy note. They did just that, and left the boys after dinner in their dorm room, studying. Saying their goodbyes, many hugs and kisses were exchanged that night.

Well after that trying day in the boys' lives, things started turning better as the school years moved on. The flying club was getting popular and there were more students joining all the time. Colt was elected president each year he was at school, but vice president would switch between Matt, Earl or Jack, and one of the other two would be the secretary. It was almost as if we had something to do with it. "James quit grinning at me. You know I didn't have a hand in it!"

"Ya, right," he said. "I bet you didn't!" James hissed at me...with a cute grin.

"No, really, I didn't! But I would like to think we had a hand in how they are turning out."

As the boys continued there were many trips to the mountain carving that all four of them traveled up to see the progress of the work. It was just fabulous how much had been accomplished on the mountain in the years the boys were there.

Also Earl and Jack both were becoming a couple, as close as you could get, without a commitment ceremony. James and I figured that wouldn't be too long in coming, after school was out, and the boys were of legal age. Both of them had earned, with Richard's help, their private pilots licenses. They didn't have a plane to fly, but when ever they were home, and at the ranch for the weekends, or holidays, which were often, to say the least, they were able to fly Little Colt. In fact, their were many weekends in their senior year of school, that all four of the boys would fly cross country to get the needed hours for higher classes of license. Neither JC nor Mike would worry, as the boys were excellent pilots, and would never put themselves or others in danger.

Adoption of Earl, by Andrew's parents took place on a wonderful day just before Colt and Matt's birthdays of their senior year. So there was a huge celebration over that particular weekend. Both James and I were so very pleased with ourselves over that handiwork. But I guess we need to give some credit to JC and Mike. HeeHee.... So now Earl has a big brother, someone he has been looking up to, ever since that first summer at the Lazy L.

It was getting close to the end of high school for Colt and Matt, they would be graduating together as were the plans all along, and it came time for the class rings, and of course the Senior Year's Yearbook. The big problem was that Jack was not planning on ordering them, because his parents felt it was a waste of money, so guess what, Colt and Matt ordered them for him. With Earl's approval of course.

For the last few weeks of school, it was hard for all the boys to start saying their farewells, to the many students that were their friends and acquaintances over the years at Crazy Horse. There were the friends in the flying club that would soon have to elect a new president for the first time. Colt and Matt told them they would be more than happy to come up for some of the meetings, and put on classes for them. But Richard would also be available, if they needed him.

The day of graduation was upon them, JC, Mike, Richard, Andrew, and Julie, all came up for the commencement. There were four very handsome boys decked out in there caps and gowns. The digital camera was working over time, taking pictures for the book of memories.

Just before the commencement started, Colt, Matt, Earl and Jack were all in Colt's dorm room having a little party, with their pop and poppa Mike, along with Richard, Andrew and of course grandma Julie. She had made a wonderful carrot cake with raisins, and nuts, and was it ever tasty.

"This cake is wonderful grandma!" Matt told Julie, along with a big hug and kiss. Causing Julie to blush a bit.

Colt just hugged, and kissed her saying, "I love you Grandma Julie, you are always so nice to us."

Earl just said, "Thanks for everything all of you have done for Jack and me. We really wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for you all." He was almost in tears as he spoke.

"What can I say after all that? I guess just a simple thank you!" Jack replied, shaking everyone's hand and hugging Julie.

"I think we need to get moving people," JC stated as he checked his watch. "Don't want to miss the most important day of our boy's lives. And I guess ours too." he pulled Mike into a hug. "I think we did a pretty good job of it, don't you my love?"

"You bet, but we did have a little help from a pair of guardian angels." Mike whispered into JC's ear. Then licked it with his tongue and chuckled.

The ceremony was a wonderful affair, and there were many tears shed that day by all present. By the time it was over, and the boys had their diplomas, it was soon time to get back to the ranch. There was only one problem Little Colt could not hold all the folks needing rides home, so we had to shuttle them back to the ranch. Colt and Matt did the flying, and made two trips to Custer that day, and enjoyed every second of it.

I looked at James and said, "Well done, my love!" pulling him into a warm and tender hug, planting a big passionate kiss on his cute sexy lips.

"You bet hon, we can be proud of them all." James replied, between the hugs and kisses.

To be continued...


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