A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Author's Note: To my loyal readers, I want to again say thanks for reading my story. I do want to let you know, if you haven't figured it out yet, that Part III chapters 1 thru 5 are flashbacks, being re-lived to fill you in on Colt and Matt's lives while they were away from the family. Both before JC and Mike got them, and during the school years which were brushed over in Part II. Sorry if it confused anyone, please enjoy the rest of the story as it continues.

Chapter 6

<><><> Well I guess it's time for the story to continue, I've had my fun reminiscing. I just hope you have enjoyed it as much as James and I have re-living it.

It was late, the caterers and band had packed up and left. Only six people were sitting around the fire circle. The fire of which had long since gone out. It was a beautiful moonlit night, lighting Casper Mountain. James and I were telling them how happy we were for them. I tried really hard to make Richard and Andrew hear us, as we sent out our thoughts: 'You have all done well, and everything will be alright.'

"We did it! They heard us hon!" James said with a warm smile, pulling me into a cuddle; planting a deep loving kiss on my lips.

"Well, my sons, how would you like to join Mike and me, in our room for the night? We are both rather worn out after this exciting day." JC asked with a warm sexy smile, caressing his necklace thinking, 'God, I'm so happy he was to be part of it all.'

"I would love to, Pop, it's been a wonderful day, and I'm getting rather tired after all the celebrating." Colt stated as he gave Matt a cute smile saying, "Will you join us, my beautiful brother and lover? God, I love you so much."

Matt just got up and said, "Will you two please excuse us?" He looked at Richard and Andrew who were still sitting on the rocks around the fire circle.

Richard just smiled and said to JC, Mike and the boys, "Sure, it was a wonderful day, and we both enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for making us part of it." He turned to Andrew, pulling him close, saying, "How about if we make this a night of it beautiful love?"

"I thought you would never ask, honey." Andrew said, getting up, then he pulled Richard up, leading him off to their room for the night.

I noticed that Colt, Matt and Mike were watching JC, as he was caressing his necklace. They too were playing with their own necklaces, as they saw him doing it. Their thoughts were pretty much the same, except for the boys. Their thoughts were more along the line of how happy they were that their dads would allow it to happen. Colt seemed to be the one that was scared, thinking, 'Pop will be upset, god, I know we are doing the right thing, Matt and I love them so.' Matt was communicating with Colt, telling him, 'Don't worry love, I know our dads better than you, they will accept it, I just know they will.'

They all entered the new master bedroom, and closed the door behind them. Without saying a word, they all stripped down and headed to the shower. There they each washed someone else. It didn't really matter who was washing whom, as it changed back and forth, depending on who was the closest. There were hugs and deep passionate kisses among them all. When the shower ended, the four of them were well drained, and more then tired enough to crawl into the big comfortable bed, to cuddle up together, and drift off to a deep restful sleep.

Richard and Andrew went into their room, closed the door, and began to do a lot more than just hugging. They were soon rejoicing in their own love making, then they headed to the shower as well; completing their pent up passion of the day. After which, they crashed together, cuddling up, in each other's loving arms and drifting off, into beautiful dreamland.

"Gosh Colt, what are you doin' down there?" JC said with a catch in his voice, as he woke up fully, looking down to see his first son, licking his love handle. 'What a wonderful way to wake up!' he thought.

Colt just raised his mouth off JC's member long enough to say, "I'm taking care of the most important item of the day, that looked like it needed some attention." placing his lips back around JC's manhood.

Mike woke while Colt was speaking, and noticed he and Matt were in a tangle, and were both sporting wood, also, so he followed Colt's example, and went down on Matt.

Matt just moaned, and rolled over onto his back spreading his legs to give Mike fuller access to his most private place. Saying, "Take me, poppa Mike, I want you inside of me." all the while he spoke, he was playing with Mike's hair, running his fingers through it lovingly. Mike started kissing his way up Matt's front, until he and Matt were passionately lip locked, as Matt pulled his legs up and over Mike's shoulders. Giving Mike complete access to his most private place. Mike reached up to the head board, got the KY, and began rubbing it all around Matt's rosebud, working his fingers in slowly, as Matt moaned with pure pleasure. While Mike was preparing Matt. Colt was doing much the same to JC, Colt took the KY from Mike, and started working JC's pucker with, first one finger, then more as JC moaned with excitement.

Colt was now kissing JC, then he guided his tool into the awaiting love shoot. As he entered, JC began stroking Colts love handle with a slow tender stroke working it fast as he heard his other partners making love. Mike leaned over and kissed Colt, while they both worked on their respective partners. And of course their partners were also stealing kisses from each other from time to time, or should I say when ever their other partners were not attached to their mouths.

Well, James and I were taking care of each other while the scene played out for us. But who wouldn't with the sight of those four loving hunks making out like there was no tomorrow. This shook me to the core for only James and I knew what was to come. Those thoughts we pushed from our minds as fast as we could. Then continued making our own love, as the loving family was still doing.

Colt began to moan saying, "Oh I can't hold out any longer, Pop, and with that, he started shooting his load deep into JC, at the same time stroking JC over the top, and flooding his chest with his creamy love juice. Colt just lay down on top, and slid up, smearing the sticky white stuff around. Then he pulled JC up off the bed, and headed for the pool entrance in the bedroom, saying, "Now it's time for a morning swim, pop!"

Mike and Matt had just let out a loud set of moans and groans, letting everyone know that they too had completed their lovemaking, with their earth shaking orgasms, Mike just pulled Matt up, and lead him to the pool as well.

All of them swam out from under the glass, into the outside area, to find Richard and Andrew sitting together on a lounge chair, hugging and kissing each other.

Colt yelled at them, saying, "Come on in here, you two, join us for a few laps. It will be good for you both." He grinned broadly at them.

Richard and Andrew jumped into the pool and began swimming their morning laps, as did the rest of the bunch. They all just swam more and more laps, until finally Colt said, "Well, Julie is off today guys, anyone want to come help me with breakfast?" He pulled himself out of the pool, grabbed a towel and dried himself off.

Andrew yelled out, "Sure thing, buddy, I'll help you," as he pulled himself up out of the pool, grabbing another towel, drying himself off too, as he left the pool area.

The rest of them continued playing in the pool for a while, while Colt and Andrew prepared breakfast for the rest of the family. Yes both James and I thought it was becoming more of a family, all the time. And we couldn't have been prouder of them all than we were this morning.

Both Colt and Andrew were naked except for the aprons they both wore, mostly to keep the frying bacon from splattering on their bare skin. Colt fixed the scrambled eggs and bacon, while Andrew did the coffee and toast, and set the table for the family, yes the family, it was getting bigger all the time. As soon as breakfast was ready, Colt yelled out into the pool area, "Come get it guys, it's hot to trot, Andrew and I aren't waiting for you." Then he laughed out loud.

The rest of them headed in, putting on robes that were hanging by the pool exit, then headed into the dining room, for a great breakfast. They all sat down and dug into the food without saying much, since they were all very hungry, after the morning fun, both in bed and in the pool.

"Colt! Did you or Matt have a fight with Earl or Jack!?!" JC asked with a hint of being a little upset at him.

Colt, shocked, said, "NO! Why would you think that, Pop?" thinking, 'What brought this on?'

JC looked at him sternly and said, "Well, I would have thought they would have been here yesterday for the party. I really wanted to see them again."

Andrew spoke before Colt or Matt could respond and said, "Oh, JC! Mom and dad said they were so upset about not being able to be here, but they had no choice in the matter."

"No choice? Why?" Mike spoke cautiously, with a look of concern.

"Yes why?" JC said, with a frown. Thinking, 'I can't believe those boys would have missed Colt and Matt's party.' Then continued, "I can't believe they missed Colt and Matt's getting hitched!"

"Well, from what they told Mom and Dad," Andrew spoke with a look of concern as well, then continued, "the airline they are working for, just refused to let them have the time off."

"Damn it! Why in the hell didn't someone tell me?" JC demanded.

"Sorry Pop!" Matt said, almost scared to reply. Thinking 'Shit, now what do we do? We should have told him'. Of course Colt could hear Matt's thoughts and was planning his own response to JC's question.

Colt spoke with a hint of fear in his voice, saying, "Really Pop, we are sorry we didn't tell you, but we didn't think you could help any. And we also didn't want to upset you yesterday."

"Sorry boys, I just wish people would keep me informed, those boys missed the party because of some asshole where they work?" JC spat out, with a look of disgust. Then he looked at Andrew and said, "Anything else going on with those two I should know about?" He was still frowning.

"Well Pop, from what I hear from them, they don't even get to see each other much anymore. Even though they live together in the same apartment." Matt said, looking nervous, and not smiling at all, almost a frown in fact.

"Pray tell, why?" Mike spat out. He too was getting mad.

Colt sheepishly spoke, saying, "Well, they are both co-pilots, and don't get to fly together. That means they are on different shifts, and schedules."

"Yes!" Andrew spoke, looking pissed now that the door was open to talk freely around the family. Then continued saying, "In fact, they haven't been together for the last two months, from what Mom told me. And I for one don't like my little brother being treated like that. But what can I do?" He truly looked lost. Richard took his hand, squeezing it lovingly.

"Are you all telling me this has been going on for the past two months?" JC stated emphatically.

Colt, scared to speak now, spat out, "NO! It's been more like the last six months, Pop. I'm sorry we didn't tell you."

Richard was so shocked at what was going on; He just sat there in a daze, not knowing what to do, as he thought to himself, 'I know where this is going, if I know JC, and of course I do.' He smiled to himself.

JC sat there fuming, not able to speak, then he got up from the table and went into the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

While he was out of the room, Colt spoke quickly, "Shit, he is pissed, guys. What do we do now?" He had a real look of fear in his eyes.

Matt just took Colt by the hand and sent silent thoughts, 'Don't worry my love, he's not pissed at us.' then he spoke, saying, "I don't think pop is pissed with us, guys. At least I hope he isn't." half grinning, half frowning.

Before anyone else could speak, JC returned to his seat, not saying anything, just thinking, 'Those two will not be treated like that, as long as I am around.'

Mike spoke, saying, "Well, I for one would love to see them back on the ranch. I miss them two little turds." Laughing at his own remarks, hoping to lighten the mood some.

Andrew broke out laughing at Mike's calling them turds, saying, "Well, I never thought of them as turds, but I do remember that first camping trip they took." he was thinking, 'God, Mike is so cute, and is almost like Richard.'

Mike said, "I remember that too, they looked like little pigs, coming home that night." smiling at Andrew, thinking, 'He is acting almost like JC, and he is cute too.' Then he quickly pushed that thought out of his head, somewhat blushing.

Colt said, "I just wish they were here now, I really do miss seeing them." showing signs of teary eyes. Which was not un-noticed by JC.

"That does it!" JC said, with a look of determination in his eyes.

"What's that mean, Pop?" Matt stammered, with a worried look.

"Son, that means I want them here now, I mean now as quick as we can get them here!" JC snapped, saying, "Colt, you and Matt find out where the hell they are, right now! Then come back here and tell me."

The boys knew by his tone, that they needed to do as he said. So they got up from the table, and ran into JC's office, to use the phone.

"Richard!" JC looked at him, then continued, "I don't care where those two are, I want them working for me, as soon as possible!! Do you understand me?!" giving him a look that meant business.

Andrew said, dumbfounded, "Are you saying what I think you are saying JC?"

"If you are thinking I want those boys back on the ranch? The answer is YES!" JC stated, without blinking an eye.

Richard simply replied saying, "No problem, JC, we can put them to work when ever you are ready."

Mike spoke, saying, "Colt and Matt can go get them with Cowboy or Buckaroo, no matter where they are." Thinking, 'Shit, I miss them too.'

"Right you are!" JC stated, then continued, "The boys can go get them as soon as we know where they are." Now he was starting to smile, even though the boys had not yet returned from the office.

In the office, Colt was dialing Earl's cell phone number first. He figured that Earl would know where Jack was, at least. Matt was watching with a worried look, yet again he was excited at the thought of seeing his best friends again.

"Hello." Colt heard as someone answered the call.

"Hi, Earl is that you?" Colt said, with hope in his heart.

"Sure is, bud, how you doin'? Long time no see." Earl answered, with a little chuckle.

"We are doing great; do you have a minute or two for some questions? It's important buddy, it really is." with sincerity in his voice.

"For you bud, anytime, shoot!" Earl replied, with concern.

"I really don't know where to start, but first, where are you right now, and where is Jack?" pausing for Earl to respond.

Earl said, "Well, I am in London right now, waiting on the next leg of my trip. Jack, I think, is in Frankfurt, about ready to leave for Munich for a layover there, but why do you need to know that?" sounding puzzled, at the question.

"Well, Pop is really pissed that you and Jack couldn't come to our commitment, yesterday, and he plans on doing something about it, I would guess, from his attitude this morning at breakfast." Colt said reassuringly.

"Really, what do you think that would be?" thinking, 'What now, I don't want him pissed at us.' continuing, "I hope he isn't pissed at us, it was not our fault, you know, we tried to get the time off." Earl said, sounding worried now.

"He knows it wasn't you guys' fault. He just wanted to know where you both were. I would suggest you let Matt and I go back and tell him, and wait for us to call you back. Other than that, just hold your shorts on buddy. Pop can and does, get his way most of the time you know?" Colt said, with a firm steady voice.

Earl just said, "Ok bud, I will just wait to hear from you. Don't keep me waiting to long, I have to leave here in about 4 hours."

"Ok, will call back soon, take care bud." Colt said, and hung up the phone, heading back into the dining room with Matt following like a little puppy.

Upon entering the dining room, Colt spoke, saying, "Pop! Earl and Jack are both in Europe right now. Earl is in London, and has to fly out in about 4 hours, and Jack is in Frankfurt and is about ready to leave for Munich and there he will lay over for a return flight tomorrow." Smiling at his dad with hopes he had done well.

JC just looked at Richard and said, "Put them on the payroll as of today." Then he turned to Colt and said, "You and your brother get either Cowboy or Buckaroo ready now, and go get them both. I don't care where you have to pick them up at." Then he stopped speaking for a few seconds, as he watched the reaction in the room. This was of total surprise to almost everyone but Richard. Then he continued by saying, "Colt, you call them both back, and tell them to quit there jobs without notice, those assholes don't deserve notice, for treating my boys that way... Yes MY boys!" He smiled the biggest sunbeam smile I had ever seen on JC.

Jubilantly, Colt jumped up and hugged JC, then said, "Come on Matt, we have some phone calls to make, little brother!" smiling from ear to ear at JC.

Both Colt and Matt took off like a shot from the dining room, back into the office and started calling Earl again.

The phone rang a few times before Earl answered. "Hello, is that you Colt?"

"Sure is bud, are you sitting down?" Colt said loudly.

"Well, actually yes, why?" Earl mused.

"Well you call your asshole boss, and tell him you quit as of right now. JC has put you and Jack on the company payroll as of about 5 minutes ago. How does that sound?" Colt said excitedly, waiting for the answer.

"You got to be shitting me Colt, why would he do that?" Earl said, with some reluctance in his voice.

"Well, to tell you the truth, Pop got pissed, cause you two didn't make the party yesterday, and it seems he found out about the problems you and Jack have had even seeing each other, when you are off. So he told Richard to put you on the payroll, and for me and Matt to come get you in one of our planes." Colt said, somewhat out of breath with that statement.

"Your kidding me now, you and Matt are coming after us?" thinking, 'They are just pulling my leg'.

"Yes bud, just as soon as we can get one of the planes ready to go, and a crew together. We will fly into London and pick you up, and then on to Munich for Jack."

"Have you talked to Jack yet?" Earl asked.

"No bud, I kind of thought you could do that for us, that way we can get moving faster. Just make sure you tell him to quit them assholes, and wait in Munich for us." Colt stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Ok Colt, I will do just that. Will you call me and let me know when you are arriving?" thinking, 'Why in the hell did I say that, of course he will call Me.' then said, "What a silly question, of course you will call me. I guess I am just flabbergasted over all this." Earl replied, with tears in his eyes. All he could continue to say was, "Thank you my dear friends. I will be waiting for you two. And I will have Jack on the edge waiting as well, count on me."

"We will buddy, and say hi to Jack for us, until we see you in London. Take care, and be safe." Colt told Earl, with as much excitement in his voice as he could muster.

"Thanks again!" Earl said, then hung up the phone.

Colt grabbed Matt and hugged him, saying, "I can't believe what just happened this morning. It's almost like pop just gave us our friends back, as a wedding present!"

Matt just kissed Colt tenderly, and said, "I know love, think we should let the rest in on the itinerary?" Laughing aloud.

Without saying anything more to Matt, Colt pulled him off down the hall, and back into the dining room, where everyone was still waiting. Both of them returned to their seats after getting them each another cup of coffee.

Matt spoke, saying, "Well, thanks pop, and poppa Mike, for our wedding present." giggling that cute Matt giggle.

Mike looked at him and smiled saying, "Wedding present?' with a questioning look.

"Well you gave us back our friends, pop and poppa Mike. To us that's a wedding present of sorts." Colt chimed in before Matt could say anything.

JC said, "Your welcome boys, but I think it was more of self-satisfaction that I did what I did, I miss them too, so now everyone can enjoy their company when you get them home. By the way, home is here, on the ranch as well." smiling happily for the boys.

"You're kidding, right?" Colt shouted. "They are going to live on the ranch with us?"

"If they want to, son, that will be up to them, I was thinking they could have your new bedroom in the new wing. Seeing you two will never use it, and the junk and clothes you have in there will definitely fit into our room, and walk in closet." JC said, as he looked at Mike, saying, "You don't mind, do you love?"

"Why did you even ask me that? Shame on you, love. Our sons are always welcome in our room, the word 'our' means all four of us, as of yesterday, or do you remember?" Matt stated with an evil grin on his face, followed by him getting up from his chair, then pulling both the boys and JC up holding each other in a four way hug.

Colt spoke saying, "Matt and I have to get moving, we have a couple people waiting for us somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, who are as excited as we are."

I looked at James and said, "Now, that's something I didn't see coming love. Did you?" Holding him close to me.

"Nope, but I am sure happy it did. But again, he is my nephew, isn't he love?" James said as he pulled me into a warm embrace, kissing me passionately, our mouths in a lip lock for a long long time. Did I mention how nice it is here not needing to breathe unless we want to? You would be amazed how long a kiss can last when you don't have to stop to take a breath.

"Well I would never have guessed that, you hunk!" I mumbled through our locked lips.

To be continued.....


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