A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 7

It wasn't long before Colt was back in the office calling for a crew, and having a hard time finding one. He returned to the dining room saying, "Crap, I can't seem to locate a crew? Can you help me, Richard?"

"Sure let me try." Richard replied, as he got up and headed for the office.

Colt looked at Andrew and said, "You think Kevin and Jerry would like that sort of job?" Then looked at JC for his approval.

JC just said, "Don't look at me, you have as much to say about who gets hired or fired as I do son, remember you and Matt are full partners in the company now." smiling at him, with an evil grin.

"What would they be doing Colt?" Andrew asked, with look of interest and question in his eyes.

"Cooking and flight steward type of stuff, along with getting the planes cleaned and ready for flight, etc." Colt stated, as he smiled at Andrew.

Matt said, "We could sure use them if they want the job. They could even stay at the ranch until they found something suitable in town."

Colt said, "Well they are on vacation right now, but we would still hire them if they want the jobs. But that don't help us for this trip, Richard?" Looking for some advice as he returned from the office with a smile on his face.

"No problem Colt, by the time you get to Cowboy, your flight crew will be on board waiting." Richard said, as he laughed, saying, "See, it just takes a touch of class, boys... Just the right touch!"

JC burst out with a big belly laugh, saying, "You show em! Bud, I knew you had a few tricks still up those sleeves of yours."

Matt said, "Thanks Richard, I think, Colt, we need to get a move on, the sooner we're gone, the sooner we're back?" Trying to get Colt off the hook from being embarrassed, then grinning at his cute lover.

"Ok, I'll drive us to the airport. See you all when we get back." Colt said, as he and Matt left the house arm in arm.

"Richard, I need to be in Denver this afternoon for some meetings. I think we will be there for a few days. Maybe we could take Little Colt, no need for the bigger plane on this trip." JC told Richard, as he got up, heading for his room to pack.

"Ok! I will get my stuff and meet you at Little Colt. By the way, it would be Little Colt or commercial. Buckaroo is on the way to Japan with Bill, taking care of other company business." Richard told him, as he too got up and headed off to his room to get his gear.

Andrew just looked at Mike and said, "Gees! Looks like they are leaving us to our own devices." chuckling at the remark.

Mike just looked at him with a cute grin and said, "Well, I've got some fences to mend, while they are gone." looking kind of disappointed at being left alone.

Andrew sort of picked up on Mike's mood and said, "Well, I will be here to keep you company, maybe we could take in a movie or something tonight?" smiling at Mike.

"Not a bad idea, bud!" Mike grinned back at him.

Colt and Matt had arrived at the airport and checked the outside of Cowboy. Finding John waiting at the top of the stairs, Colt greeted him with a friendly smile. Meanwhile Matt filed the flight plan before he too boarded, saying, "Hi there John, Colt tried calling you a while ago, but couldn't reach you."

"Sorry, I wasn't home; Richard got me on my cell." John replied, then asked, "Where are we off to?"

"First London, then Munich, going to pick up Earl and Jack, they are going to start working for us." Matt said, with a big smile showing his excitement.

On the flight deck, Matt leaned over and gave his partner and brother a deep passionate kiss, saying, "That will have to hold you for a while, love."

Colt just smiled and reached over groping Matt's crotch saying, "That's all mine when we get those other two."

"Always!" Matt chuckled as he got buckled up.

Cowboy was soon airborne and heading East with two very happy boys, on there way to get their friends they had missed for too long as far as they were concerned. James and I were so happy for them; they were really starting to become men. Very handsome men to say the very least. Earl and Jack were also nice young men, and we were both happy they too were going to become part of the extended family.

Back at the ranch, JC and Richard were aboard Little Colt, and ready to take off for Denver. The two of them had been friends for so long it was almost like nothing needed to be said. They just seemed to know what each other were thinking. Soon they too were airborne, and heading south for Denver.

Andrew cleaned up the breakfast mess, and left the house for the office in the barn, to take care of the everyday business of running the ranch. While Mike, Ben, and some of the other hands got their wire, post, staples, tools, etc. to mend the fences at the eastern boundary of the ranch. Just before they left, Mike went into the barn office and told Andrew, "We should be back around four or four thirty. We can go out for dinner and a movie if you weren't kidding?"

"Sounds great Mike, see you then!" giving Mike an evil grin ...

John soon went up on the flight deck to see if the boys needed anything. Mainly because he was kind of bored, with no extra passengers to keep him busy.

Colt said, "Sure, I could use a Pepsi with ice."

"Same here!" Matt said.

Soon John was back with their drinks and some ham and cheese sandwiches, knowing they would be hungry as well. Setting it all on the console between them.

"Thanks for the food and drink" Matt told him, "Didn't think about the food."

Andrew was busy working when the phone rang.

"Hello" he answered.

"Mike has been hurt, get Dr. Chuck here fast." Ben shouted.

"What? Do you need an ambulance?" Andrew frantically asked.

"No, but we do need the Doctor as soon as he can get here." Ben stated firmly.

"What happened?" Andrew asked nervously. Picking up the second phone line dialing Dr. Chuck's cell phone, still listening to Ben on the other line.

"We were stretching some barbed wire and it broke whipping back around Mike's left thigh cutting him pretty deep." Ben said in a calm voice.

"Are you going to bring him back to the house or do we need to come out there?" Andrew asked.

Chuck answered his phone saying, "Hello, what's up?" knowing that if the Lazy L was calling on his cell, it was important.

"We will bring him back to the house as soon as we can get him there." Ben stated.

"Ok, I have the doctor on the phone now, so hurry." then he hung up the phone with Ben.

"Sorry Chuck, I was on the other line with Ben. Mike has been hurt badly, I take it. Seems they were stretching some barbed wire, and it snapped, whipping it back around Mike's left thigh cutting him pretty deep from what Ben told me," Andrew said, confidently.

"Ok, I overheard you talking with Ben. Where are they taking him?" Chuck asked.

"To the house, unless you want us to call an ambulance and take him to the emergency room?" Andrew asked.

"No, let me come out there, and take a look, if it's too bad, we can always take him there, but don't put a tourniquet on it, just apply pressure to the wound. I will be there in 15 minutes." Chuck said emphatically. Then hung up.

Andrew rushed outside to wait for Mike, Ben and the rest to arrive, then thought. 'I need to get to the house, and get a place fixed up for him.' He started running to the house, getting some clean sheets and the fold up cot and blankets, pulling them into the living room, in front of the huge bay window to get the most light. He began setting up the bed, with clean sheets and blankets. Then getting some large clear trash bags; laying them out over the bed to keep the blood from soaking the linen. By the time he had that done; Ben and the hands arrived with Mike. He looked pail and scared.

"Hi Mike, Chuck is on the way, come on in here; I have a bed set up in the living room." Andrew said, with sadness in his smile, not wanting to appear too down.

Andrew, Ben, and some of the hands carried Mike to the cot, and lay him down, propping up his head, and injured leg with pillows. By the time they had got him somewhat comfortable and covered with a blanket, Chuck drove up in the driveway.

Chuck entered without knocking, saying, "Ok who's the wise guy that thinks he is tougher than barbed wire?" grinning, but still with a serious look on his face.

"Hello Chuck!" Mike said, with a worried look and half smile. "I fucked up this time I guess; I hope it's not too bad?"

"Well, let's just have a look at it." Chuck said, as he began cutting away Mike's trousers. With Andrew's help, they soon had him out of them, and his injured leg exposed. "Can someone get me a pan of warm water. Please?"

Ben ran to the kitchen to get the water, and Chuck continued to look at the wound. Then he reached into his bag for a syringe; giving Mike a shot of pain killer and another of something that deadened the area so he could get a better look, and to ease Mike's pain. When Ben returned with the water, Chuck began to work on the wound with all the love and caring he could give, and still get the job done. As he worked on it, he said, "Well, looks like you did a job on yourself there Mike. I'm going to have to put in some deep stitches, then more, as I work my way out. It's a good thing you didn't cut any arteries, looks like mostly vascular, and muscular tearing." After about an hour or so, Chuck stood up and looked down at Mike, then said, "You should be just fine, of course you will be sore as hell for about a week I should think, and you won't be able to take baths or go swimming. I don't want you to get water into that wound. As for showers, you will need to cover the wound with some plastic, and tape it tight, so it keeps the water out. You will probably need some help in the shower for support as well, because you tore the muscles pretty bad too. Do you have crutches? You will need to use them as much as possible until that wound heals."

"Yes I think so?" Ben said.

"I will help him, in the shower department until JC or the boys get home." Andrew said, with a loving and caring smile, holding his hand out taking Mike's, then squeezing it.

"Ok, I will leave this pain medication for you; just follow the directions on the package. I will be back tomorrow to see how you are doing." Chuck stated as he gathered his equipment, placing it in the bag. Standing up to leave shaking Andrew's and Mike's hands.

"Thank you so much, Chuck! It's sure nice to know you have a good man on call when you need one." Mike said softly, with a look of relief.

"That's ok guys, that's what I am here for." Chuck said, as he left the house.

Mike looked at Andrew, saying, "Thank you for your help too." smiling at him then continued, "So much for the dinner and movie tonight."

"Well I can solve that problem, bud. I'll just run into town, rent a movie and get something good to eat. How does Italian sound?" Andrew replied with a cute grin.

"Sounds good to me, but could you help me with a shower before you go? I feel like crap, and more than likely look that way too, I would think." Mike asked with a cute 'help me please' smile. Heck, if he wasn't careful, he could come in a close second to Colt, in the cute smile department. Andrew smiled back at Mike.

"Of course I will," he giggled. "Let me go get the crutches for you, I think they are in the barn." Andrew said, as he started to leave, but he was stopped by Ben.

"I'll get them for you Andrew." Ben said, as he turned, to leave the room, then headed for the barn.

Andrew reached out and began taking off Mike's boots and socks, saying, "You look funny with boots on, and no pants." then he started laughing, with a tender loving look. As soon as he had Mike's boots and socks off, he pulled him around on the cot, so that he could get both of Mike's feet on the floor, asking, "Think you can stand up, bud?"

"I'll give it a try?" Mike stammered, as he tried to stand up. His leg gave out a little; he felt no pain though, because the medication was still working. He was thinking, 'Thank god for the pain killer... I really need to get this first shower over with, while it lasts.' saying, "Let's do it bud, while this pain killer is still working. I am afraid if it wares off, it will be a while before I want to do this again."

"Ok, let's get some of this plastic cut and taped on you then." Andrew said, as he cut the plastic bag and taped it over the dressing the doctor had placed on Mike's leg.

As soon as Andrew had Mike's leg ready for the shower, Mike stood up again, using the crutches Ben had dropped off; the two of them were off to the Master bedroom where Andrew helped Mike sit on the bed. Mike proceeded to get the rest of his own clothes off. Andrew got himself undressed, and was standing there in front of Mike, naked as a Jay bird. He felt kind of funny standing there in front of a naked Mike. Thinking 'God he is a gorgeous hunk, I feel so weird standing here naked in front of him. Christ we've seen each other naked so many times. Why now am I getting excited? Stop it,' He kept thinking 'Stop it, he's taken and so am I.'

Andrew went off into the shower, got the water running and adjusted to a comfortable temperature, continuing to try and will his hard-on down. He was becoming embarrassed at having such an erection. He just waited and waited for some time for it to go down.

Finally Mike called out, "What's the hold up, bud, I would like to get this over before this pain killer wares off."

"Sorry Mike, I'm just a little embarrassed right now." Andrew said, as he walked back into the bedroom, still sporting an erection.

"Shit man, don't worry about that! I will probably have one before we are done." Mike said, with a chuckle and smile.

"Shit it don't make sense, Mike, I've seen you naked before you know." Andrew whispered softly.

"Well it's the first time, it's just you and I here alone, buddy, so don't worry." Mike assured him, saying, "Now, let's get this over and done with, please."

Andrew just reached out and pulled Mike to his feet and helped him into the shower, where he helped him wash those places he had a problem with. Soon as they were finished, in the shower. Andrew helped Mike dry off, asking, "You want to get dressed or just put on your robe, bud?" Andrew gave him that cute smile again.

"Just the robe, I would think, I'm not planning on going out dancing tonight." Mike chuckled, then said, "Now, if you want to get a good movie and some chow. I'll just lie here until you get back."

"I would love to keep you company tonight as well. Does Italian still sound good?" Andrew asked, as he started to leave the room, still naked, forgetting his clothes.

Mike chuckled saying, "Sounds great, but I think I would get dressed before leaving for town!" pointing at the pile of clothes laying in the middle of the room.

Andrew turned around to pick up his clothes, he was turning every shade from pink to red and Mike could see it, still laughing at what just happened Mike said, "Will you stop dwelling about what happened in the shower. We are just two men who's partners are away, and right now, I miss the hell out of JC. In fact, while you are gone I am going to call him and let him know what happened. I don't want him worrying about me."

James said, "Well what had just transpired was nothing more then two friends helping each other." smiling at me.

"Well, let's just drop it there; you and I both know what's going on." I told James, as I kissed him.

As soon as Andrew had left the house, Mike picked up the phone and called JC's cell.

"Hello." JC answered.

"Hi love, are you able to chat a bit, hon?" Mike asked.

"For you, anytime hon."

"Well, I fucked up today." Mike tried to laugh, but with little success.

"Now, what did you do?" JC replied, knowing Mike was putting on a front for some reason.

"Well, Ben and I were out stringing wire on the east boundary, and the damn wire snapped and caught me in the leg, and I've got some stitches and have to be off the leg for a bit." Mike told him, with a sigh of relief, as he finished.

"How bad is it?" JC worriedly asked.

"Well, it's about four inches long, and an inch or two deep. Chuck patched me up ok, and Andrew is helping me with my shower, and getting around. So please don't worry. I'm calling you so you know I am ok." Mike stated more of a matter of fact. Then with a little less trepidation in his voice, he said, "I miss you, love, but I will be just fine until you get home." then thinking, 'He needs to know what happened.'

"Well, I can come home, now." JC answered, with deep concern in his voice.

"No, I'm ok and Andrew can help me." Mike replied, then said, "There's something else you need to know too love."

"What's that?" JC asked.

"Well, some things got a little carried away in the shower, being as we were so close to each other." Mike said, worriedly.

"Hush love, we all know how that can happen. I'm not the least bit worried about you, my love." JC assured him.

"I'm just sorry it happened is all." Mike sighed in relief.

JC replied, "Don't be sorry. Things happen, and I understand; now you get some rest, and I will get home as soon as I can."

"Thanks my love, for understanding me." Mike whispered into the mouth piece. Then said, "God, how I love you!"

"No more then I love you!" JC said firmly, then continued, "Now don't worry, and have a good night my love."

"Good night, I love you so." Mike said, as he hung up the phone.

Colt placed a call to Earl on the cell phone. Waiting for him to answer.

"Hello" Earl answered.

"Hi bud, we are on final into Heathrow, can you meet us at the private aviation terminal in about 30 minutes or so?" Colt asked.

"Sure, you made good time bud!" Replied Earl.

"Ok, I will need to top off, before going on to Munich." Colt said.

Earl just simply said, "See you soon buddy, and Thanks for everything."

"You're more then welcome, my friend, see you in a few!" Colt said as he closed the cell phone.

"Ok Matt, he will meet us as soon as we arrive. Pull into the private aviation terminal, love." Colt said, smiling his special little 'Matt I love you' smile.

As soon as they were stopped John open the boarding door of Cowboy while the stairs were being rolled up followed close behind was a taxi.

Earl got out of the taxi, paying the driver, then picked up his bag, and started up the stairs into Cowboy. As he topped the stairs he met Colt and Matt as they were coming off the flight deck. "Hello you two, what a sight to behold my friends!" he shouted, as he first hugged Colt, then Matt. "God, how I have missed you both." Earl said. He was just bubbling over with excitement.

"Well, the feeling is mutual my friend." Matt stated with that cute Matt smile of his.

"Well we will be off as soon as we top off bud, make yourself at home while we check out Cowboy for the next leg." Colt smiled.

"Mind if I help ya? Seeing as I'll need to get used to doing it as well?" Earl responded hopefully, with a look of thanks in his eyes.

Matt just said, "Of course not, in fact you may just get to fly us home later!" chuckling aloud.

About thirty minutes later and Cowboy was re-fueled, and the threesome was off for Munich, to pick up Jack. It wasn't too long before they arrived in Munich; re-fueled, and picked up Jack. The reunion between Earl and Jack was so moving that Colt and Matt told them both to enjoy each other until it was time to go. But before they departed Munich, they all had a wonderful meal prepared by John. After the meal, they all took some time to get a few winks of much needed sleep. Colt and Matt were really very tired from the flight over, and needed to get some rest before starting back, and the other two needed some special together time which they managed to use to good advantage.

Colt and Matt used the Captains bedroom, and told Earl and Jack to use the Owner's private bedroom. Colt and Matt cuddled up together and fell asleep fast. While the other two made up for lost time. But afterwards, they too, fell fast asleep.

"Look at those boys, all of them, how wonderful they are, love." I said to James; as we too, lay down to have some fun, as if we needed rest, that too is a wonderful sensation, not needing sleep either.

James just said, "I know my love, I know!"

Several hours lapsed; Earl and Jack were the first ones up, and stirring in the lounge, and chatting with John.

"Well, it's about time to wake the sleeping beauties, so we can get this show on the road." John said, jokingly, "I'll fix some breakfast as soon as Colt and Matt are up and about." He then went to the intercom and buzzed the Captain's bedroom saying, "Time to get up sir! Earl and Jack are in the lounge already, and I will start breakfast as soon as you are ready."

"Go ahead and start it, we'll be out very soon." Matt stated, as he woke up Colt with a warm romantic kiss on the lips.

"Good morning my love." Colt smiled and kissed Matt lovingly, in return.

As soon as the boys came out of the bedroom to a wonderful breakfast, they began to chat with there old friends.

"Now that you work for us, you two can fly us home." Colt told Earl, continuing, "You have the most stick time, so you are hired as a Captain of your team, and Jack there is your Co-Pilot. Is that ok with you two?" Colt questioned.

"Sounds great to me!" Jack replied, "It's been too long since we have been working together, I wouldn't care if I had to sweep the floor, as long as Earl and I are together again."

"Well I feel a little awkward taking the Captain's place' right off the get go." Earl spoke in a sincere and happy tone. "I'm just grateful you hired us like you did, my friends."

"Ok, as soon as we are done eating, let's get this bird in the air." Matt said jokingly with his cute Matt grin.

After breakfast was finished, Earl and Jack took charge, and completed their pre-flight checks, made sure the aircraft was in ship shape, filed there flight plan and got all the necessary clearances to depart Munich. It wasn't long and they were homeward bound.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

I want to let all my fans know that my stories also appear on http://storylover.us/ just look for Tickie under Hosted Authors. I also have a Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tickiestories where I not only post my stories but photos of my characters and other items of interest.

Editor's Note:

I love this story, but then you probably already knew that. I am glad the boys decided to hire Earl and Jack. Obviously, they have come to care a lot about their friends, and I am sure there will be lots of adventures to come. I know that Mike is feeling pretty sore right now. I mean his leg hurts, not sore as in angry or upset, and he will be very glad to see his boys home, all four of them. <grin> I think the older men have come to think of Earl and Jack as another pair of sons that they care very deeply about. I can hardly wait for the next chapter, so we can find out what happens next.

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