A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
(Copyrighted by the author)
Co-Author & Editor: Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 8

Andrew returned about and hour or so later with and old movie and hot food, entering the master bedroom where Mike was dozing; he thought, 'should I wake him or not, yes or no?' As he pondered whether to wake Mike or not.

Mike stirred and tried to roll over on his left side, which caused some pain, waking himself up, seeing Andrew standing there watching him, he said, "You're back. I'm sorry for falling asleep on you."

"You must have needed it bud!" Andrew smiled, "What would you like to drink with your dinner?"

"Pepsi would do just fine. What movie did you get?" Mike said with an evil grin.

"Got us a love story, of some sort, it's a gay one; I hope you don't mind?" Andrew said, with a hint of being unsure.

"Sounds good to me, I am kind of lonely tonight, with JC and the boys all away." Mike said with a cute smile.

Andrew, before leaving for the kitchen, said, "Want to eat in here or in the kitchen?"

Mike answered, "Let's eat in here together, and watch the movie on this set," pointing at the huge flat panel LCD TV.

Andrew turned and headed off to the kitchen to prepare the take out food. Dishing it up onto a couple dinner plates, with some salad and the soft drinks, he returned to the bedroom. "Here we go, hot chow, and I hope, a great movie?"

They soon were settled down eating and watching the movie, 'Latter Days'. It was a very good film, even though it was an oldie, so to speak. After the movie ended, Andrew picked up all the dirty dishes and cleaned up the kitchen; then headed back to see Mike.

"You need anything else bud?" Andrew asked with a grin, in hopes that Mike would want his company. He sure would like to visit more.

Mike said, "I could use some company tonight, I'm feeling a little lonely, I might need some help later. Would you mind sleeping with me, Andrew?" Then thinking, 'Now why did I ask that? After the shower, and now I'm asking him to come to bed with me.'

Andrew thought, 'I would love to, but what will JC think of it? God, I don't want to piss him off', then saying, "What would JC think of me sleeping with you, bud? I don't think Richard would mind if I did, knowing the condition you're in?"

"Don't worry; guy, nothing is going to happen, OK? I just really would like someone to cuddle up to tonight. Please!" Mike said, with a sincere and warm smile.

"Sure why not, we can just lie here and watch some TV for a while then." Andrew replied, with a tender smile. Then proceeded to get undressed, then he crawled into bed next to Mike, rolled over on to his back so he could continue to watch the TV.

Later, Mike asked, as he placed his own hand on top of Andrew's hand. Both there hands were resting on top of the blankets. "Are you ok with this? I don't want you feeling uncomfortable you know?"

Andrew turned his hand over and squeezed Mike's hand, saying, "NO, bud, I'm just fine with this, I'm just getting a bit tired. It's been a long hard day, with all that's happened." He then rolled over and cuddled up snugly to Mike, and began to breathe softly and evenly, as he began to drift off into a deep pleasant sleep.

"Ok buddy." Mike whispered, "Thanks for sleeping in here with me. I'm rather tired as well." He turned off the TV and lights, using the controls that were at the side of the bed. Then he snuggled up, cuddling up closer to Andrew as sleep embraced him as well.

During the night Mike only needed to use the bathroom once, and was able to do it on his own. He didn't want to wake up Andrew, but that didn't happen.

Andrew woke up just as Mike was returning to bed, saying, "Why didn't you wake me, I would have been glad to help you?"

"It's ok, bud, I needed to try and do it on my own; which I did, without too much trouble. But thanks for offering!" Mike smiled, as he crawled back into bed, once again cuddling up to Andrew, placing his arm over Andrew's side. They both gave a deep sigh of contentment, and again, in no time, they were both back in dreamland.

Both Mike and Andrew woke, needing the use of the bathroom. They both noticed the smell of fresh coffee. Andrew said, "Good morning Mike, you need help this morning with anything?" He waited patiently, for a response displaying one of his handsome warm smiles.

"Well, I gotta pee first; I've got enough in here that it's up to my eyes. Let me see how that goes, ok?" Mike replied, with a look of desperate need in his eyes. Then he flipped off the blankets, slid around on the bed, and got to his feet with some difficulty, but he was able, with the crutches, to stand up and turn toward the bathroom, saying, "Will you please join me, Andrew, I think I am going to need your help in the shower?" Not waiting for an answer, he hobbled off toward the bathroom, by the time he arrived at the commode, Andrew was standing beside him, and they both relieved themselves together.

Andrew looked at Mike with a knowing smile, and said, "Of course I'll help you, bud." As soon as he finished peeing, he turned toward the shower and started the water flowing. He adjusted the temperature; he then reached out and gently grabbed hold of Mike, and helped him into the shower, leaving the crutches beside the door. Once inside, they both washed each other, not saying anything, but what was not said was a lot, they were looking and smiling and even laughing at times. They both helped dry each other, and got out of the shower. Andrew helped Mike get dressed before he left for his own room to get himself dressed and ready for the day.

Mike, on his crutches, hobbled out to the kitchen, to find Julie preparing their breakfast. Not wanting to shock her anymore then necessary, he spoke saying, "Good morning Julie!" As she turned to look at him, he continued speaking, "Now don't worry about me, I kind of messed up my leg yesterday, but I'm doing just fine." giving her a big smile, then he sat down at the kitchen table, asking, "Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee hon, it's a little hard for me to carry anything with these things." waving the crutches in the air, laughing about them.

"Sure honey!" Getting Mike his cup of coffee, and then placing it on the table, she said, "Where is the rest of the family this morning? I don't hear them up and about." giving him a warm smile as she headed back to the preparation of breakfast. But waiting for an answer to her question.

"Well, Julie, only cook for three this morning. Richard and JC are in Denver for a couple of days, and Colt and Matt are somewhere on a trip to Europe, picking up our lost kids, Earl and Jack. They should be coming home today sometime. Andrew and I are the only ones home right now. And thank god he was here when I hurt my leg yesterday. He has been a great help." Mike answered with a warm cute smile, as he continued sipping his hot coffee.

Andrew soon joined them in the kitchen, saying, "Good morning! How is my favorite girl this morning?" smiling at Julie, then giving her a warm hug.

Julie just smiled at him and gave him a loving tap on the shoulder, as he poured himself a cup of coffee, saying, "Careful, or I will burn myself!" He began Laughing softly, and then turned to sit at the table with Mike.

Somewhere out over the Atlantic; Cowboy was winging it's way homeward. Earl and Jack were on the flight deck, as Colt and Matt were in the Captains bedroom making up for lost time, thoroughly enjoying each other in the most intimate ways. They always loved the sixty-nine and loved every moment of it.

I looked at them and smiled at James, saying, "Want to join them love?"

"Of course, why would you even ask?" James said, pulling me onto the bed, next to the boys.

We too made passionate love, right next to the other lovers, and they didn't even know we were there. Not to say we didn't make their love making even more enjoyable for them; cause we both reached out to them in our minds, and made their love for each other stronger. When they had finished, both boys got up, showered, got dressed and headed into the main cabin of Cowboy, finding John sitting in the lounge.

"Hi John." Colt said, "Got anything good to eat? We're starving right now, smiling at John.

Matt just nodded his head, agreeing with Colt.

John responded saying, "I can fix something. What would you like? Do you think the other's might like some food too?" looking toward the flight deck.

Matt said, "Personally, I think I would like some food."

Colt grinned and said, "Sounds pretty good to me too."

"I'll just go check on the love birds and see what they want," Matt said, "I'll be right back, guys." Then he headed up to the flight deck, opened the door, and entered. "Hi guys, how's it going?

Jack turned toward Matt saying, "Ok, this is one sweet bird. I've missed flying It." smiling at Matt.

"Good, you guys need some food? Colt and I are starving." Matt said giggling at them.

Earl said, "Thought you would never feed us, keeping us pinned up here in this cage!" Laughing at his own remarks. Then saying, "We both want to thank you guys so much for everything you are doing for us."

Matt said, "Why don't you guys put this bird on auto-pilot for a quick break, and eat with us. Looks like the conditions are good enough for that." Then he turned and left the flight deck. As he returned to the main cabin he said, "John! Both Earl and Jack will be coming back here with us for a bite, how about fixing something fast for all of us?"

"Good as done, Matt! It won't be but a few minutes, and I will have some sandwiches fixed and on the table." John retorted as he left for the galley.

Soon Earl, Jack, Colt, John, and Matt were chowing down on some excellent sandwiches, chips and soft drinks.

Colt said, "Matt and I will take us the rest of the way home, if you two want a break?" smiling at Earl, then looked at Jack, saying, "How do you feel about it bud?" smiling at them both.

Jack spoke saying, "No, I want to take us home, it's kind of like we are working our way back to love, and a real home." he had tears in his eyes as he said that, then pulled Earl into a big hug, kissing him.

"Yes it is love, and I want to take us home as well." Earl said, as he broke their kiss long enough to speak.

Soon Earl and Jack were back on the flight deck, chatting away with each other. Colt, Matt and John just sat in the main cabin talking quietly.

Back at the ranch, Chuck had just arrived to check out Mike's leg.

He knocked on the door. Andrew answered it telling Chuck, "Come in please, how are you today?" Then led him into the living room where Mike was sitting on the sofa with his leg propped up on a pillow.

As Chuck entered the living room, Mike asked him, "Would you like something to eat or drink Chuck?"

"No thanks, I just need to take a quick look at that leg of your's. I'm kinda in a rush. I have to attend a meeting soon, in town. But thanks anyway my friend." As he was speaking, he walked over and took hold of Mike's sweats, and pull them down to expose the injured left leg. "This might hurt a bit." Chuck said, as he pulled the tape loose that was holding the dressing over the wound.

"Ow! That did smart a bit!" Mike grunted; with a half grin half frown.

"Sorry bud, nothing makes that any easier." Chuck continued pulling off the dressing, opening the wound to the air. Then he examined it with care, applying some antiseptic cream to the wound, then he placed a new dressing over it. Patting Mike's leg well below the injury, saying, "Looks good to me; just take care, and stay off of it as much as possible. Call me if you need anything. I will be back in a few days to check it again." As he got up to leave, he turned to Mike and said, "When will JC be home?"

"I hope tomorrow at the latest, but I'm not really sure. Why do you ask?" Mike said, as Chuck was about to open the front door to leave.

"Just wondering, it's kind 'a hard on you being alone, isn't it?" Chuck spoke with a smile on his face.

"I'm not alone, I have Andrew helping me, and he is doing quite well." Mike continued to say, as Chuck opened the door.

Chuck, before closing the door, said, "Good, Thanks for taking care of him, Andrew, you are doing a great job." Then he closed the door, got into his car, and drove off the ranch.

Back on Cowboy, Colt, Matt and John were still chatting away, when Matt said, "I'm going to call poppa Mike, and let him know we are on the way home." He then got up and went to the conference room to use the phone. Colt excused himself and followed Matt.

Matt picked up the satellite phone, dialed the ranch, and waited for an answer. While they were waiting, Colt said, "Put it on speaker phone, so I can hear too, love." So Matt pressed the button for the speaker phone. While it kept ringing, several times, and no answer, the boys were just about to hang up and try again later, when someone picked up the phone at the ranch.

"Hello, Lazy L, Mike Andersen speaking, can I help you."

"Hello poppa Mike, this is Matt, with Colt, we're on a speaker phone."

"Hello my sons, how are you? Have you picked up our lost ones yet?" Mike said, chuckling into the phone.

"Yep, in fact they are on the flight deck now, flying the bird home." Matt said, with Colt piping up, "Yep, have to put them to work, now!" Laughing at his own remarks.

Mike replied, "Good to hear all is ok with you guys." Thinking 'I need to tell them but it can wait until they get home.' Without conviction in his voice he said, "Everything here is ok now." he had a hint of hiding something in his voice, that did not go unnoticed by Colt.

"What's wrong, Poppa Mike, is there something you aren't telling us?" Colt spoke with worry in his voice now.

"We... Well, I don't want to worry you guys, OK." Mike said, with just the slightest hesitation in his voice,

"Spill it dad, what's wrong?" Matt stated, in a matter of fact tone.

"Well, I hurt my leg yesterday, after you guys left for the airport. And Chuck came out and patched it all up. In fact he just now left, after re-dressing it." Mike explained with some sense of hiding it from the boys.

"Well how bad, it doesn't sound good to me, if Chuck had to come back today, and work on it." Colt said, with worry now very obvious in his voice.

"Look boys! I'll be just fine, Andrew is here helping me, and there is no permanent damage done. I will mend just fine. So please don't worry about me." Mike said, rather firmly but fatherly, with all the love he could muster in his voice.

"Does JC know, dad?" Both boys said in their own way at the same time.

"Yes, I called him last night, and filled him in, along with Richard." Mike replied with a lower and more loving voice.

"Well how come you didn't call us last night? Remember you mean everything to us, and we have a right to know too!" Colt said, with more authority in his young voice. Then he said, "If anything ever happened to you or pop, it will kill both of us, you know that don't you?" Colt said with tears in his eyes now.

Matt pulled Colt close to him in a hug, and said, "It's ok Colt, he's ok. Stop crying now."

Mike heard that, and he too was now upset at not calling them, thinking, 'Christ they have a right to hear good or bad news, I have to remember that from now on.' saying, "I'm sorry guys; I will always keep you informed on important issues from now on. Is that ok?"

"It's Ok dad, we just worry." Matt said, holding Colt still in his arms, hugging him.

Colt said with a broken voice, "I love you guys so much! I guess I just hate the thought of either of you getting hurt."

"All I can say is, I'm sorry boys for not telling you sooner." Mike stammered, with tears in his own eyes.

Matt spoke, saying, "It's ok poppa Mike, we forgive you. We should be home in about four to four and a half hours."

Mike spoke softly saying, "Sounds great, I can hardly wait to see you both, and the two little lost sheep, as well."

"Well, we will soon be there with Earl and Jack in tow. Just have Julie fix us up with a nice dinner of something special." Colt asked with love in his voice.

"I will ask her, son, and I'm sure she will be pleased to make your wishes come true." Mike said, with a smile at the fact he soon would be seeing his lost boys coming home.

"Ok Dad, see you soon!" Matt said.

"Ok my boys, see you soon, bye for now." Mike said, as he hung up the phone, returned to the sofa, where he then propped up his leg again to watch TV. Thinking, 'what a wonderful pair of son's I have there, God, how I do love them.'

In Denver, JC was finished with his meetings for the day and both he and Richard were in their adjoining rooms, neither of them were doing much. JC knocked on Richard's door, waiting before entering.

"Come on in!" Richard said.

JC opened the door and entered, saying, "Want to join me for dinner?" Moving over to the empty chair sitting, then continuing, "and maybe a movie; I'm getting kind of bored," smiling a friendly smile at Richard.

"Sounds good to me!" Richard said, smiling in return.

As JC sat there smiling, thinking to himself, 'Richard is rather cute, I never noticed how cute he really is,' breaking his train of thought, saying, "Do you know something Richard? As long as we have known each other, I just noticed how handsome you really are. If I wasn't already taken by three wonderful men, I would be tempted to jump your bones right now," giving Richard and evil grin and a slight snicker.

"Well, thank you JC! I don't know whether to take that as a complement or an insult." Richard replied with a cute evil grin, as he began to laugh. Then saying, "I don't know about jumping your bones, but I might play with that ass of yours."

"Now, now, my friend, you are taken, and so am I." JC chuckled.

Richard said, "Well, we can dream can't we, nothing wrong with the look, but don't touch philosophy, is there?" snickering at JC.

"Come on; let's hit the town, bud." JC replied, changing the subject.

Both of them changed clothes and headed out for an evening in town, taking in an early movie and a late dinner.

At the ranch, Julie was busy preparing a wonderful meal for the boys' return. Her specialty, prime rib, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and strawberry cheesecake for the desert. She knew the boys would love it, as well as Mike and Andrew.

Andrew, who was just coming out of the shower after a day straightening up the barn, standing there with just a towel wrapped around his waist, said, "While I am still undressed, would you like to take a shower, Mike, before the boys get home? " looking at him with a helping smile.

"Na, I'll just let them help me later, but thanks anyway, bud." Mike said, looking up from the TV, then he said, "They just called a few minutes ago, and they are on the ground, and on the way home now." with a huge happy grin on his face.

"Ok then, I'll just go get dressed, before they get here." Andrew said, as he turned and headed for his room.

Andrew reappeared in the living room as the front door opened with a start. He looked to see first Matt come charging in and running to Mike, then Colt came in relatively fast as well, followed more slowly by Earl and Jack.

As soon as Matt reached Mike, he leaned down and wrapped his arms around his dad, with tears in his eyes, and said, "Thank God you are ok, pop!" then he lovingly kissed his pop passionately and deeply.

Colt followed suit by hugging and kissing his dad with equal passion, and tears flowing, saying, "You have to be more careful, pop! I just couldn't bare losing my poppa Mike, or pop!"

AS soon as the hugging and kissing ended, Mike said, "Ok... Ok ... I'm just fine, just a bit sore, but that will heal in a few days. And neither of you know how much I missed having you here, when this happened, but Andrew there," Pointing at Andrew with a nod of his head, "took care of me, just fine." Then looking at Earl and Jack just standing there taking in the events that had just unfolded before there eyes, he said, "Welcome home boys, we all have missed seeing your smiling faces around the ranch." smiling a welcoming smile at Earl and Jack.

Earl said, "That feeling is mutual, Mike, I have missed being here, more than you can imagine, poppa Mike." he said that before thinking, then blurted out, "Sorry, is it ok for me to call you 'poppa Mike', Mike?" with a wonderful happy smile.

"Absolutely, you can call me anything you like, Earl!" Mike said with a warm smile, saying, "As long as I can call you 'Son', as well?"

"I would be honored Mike if you called me that." Earl replied, looking at Jack with a grin on his face, saying, "Come on love, say something, is your tongue tied?" laughing at Jack openly.

Jack just looked at Earl, then at the rest of the people in the room and said, "I'm not one to say a lot when I am as happy as I am. But I am so very happy that we are home, yes home, as far as I'm concerned this is my home. And as long as you want me here, it will be my home." He then walked over to Mike and leaned down and gave him a hug saying, "I too, would love to call you poppa Mike, if that's ok?"

Mike said, without letting Jack go, "The same goes for you as it does for Earl, if I can call you my 'Son' as well?" then letting Jack free, smiling a very warm happy smile.

Jack replied as he stood up with a wonderful look on his face. "Honored would not adequately express how that would make me feel, for you to call me your son." he had tears running down his face, as he looked for Earl, then moved toward his lover and took him in a big hug, and then said, "It's because of all of you that we are happily together again."

About that time, Julie walked in, and both Earl and Jack broke there own embrace, each in turn hugged and kissed her on the cheek. She just said, as she blushed a bit, "Welcome home boys. I have missed your smiling faces around here." then she said, "Dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes. You all need to get washed up soon." Then she turned around and went back into the kitchen to finish up.

Colt said, "Come on guys, let's get your gear and show you to your new room, and it's permanent if you want it?" then he started moving toward the front door, to help them with there stuff.

Earl, with a shocked look, said, "Your kidding, right? We are going to live here on the ranch?" again he grabbed Jack in his arms, with tears in his eyes.

Jack just hugged Earl and said, "I don't believe it either, love," then looked a Mike for reassurance, saying, "Colt's joking right?" then waited for an answer from Mike.

Mike just said, "If Colt said it was permanent, then it's permanent! As long as it's what the two of you would like?" with a look of complete honesty.

"What can I say but thank you all from the bottom of our hearts," Earl replied for both of them, as Jack just nodded his head in agreement. Then they too moved to the door with Colt and Matt, to bring in there gear. Colt then showed them to their room across the hall from the master bedroom.

Matt said, "Just put your stuff here, at the end of the bed for now, Colt and I will move our stuff a little later. We didn't take the time before we left here yesterday to have the room ready. I hope that's ok? We just felt getting you back here was a lot more important than whether the room looked all neat and spiffy." he gave them an evil grin and a slap on each of their backs.

Colt smiled and said, "In fact, after dinner, we can all pitch in and make this your room in short order!" He then took hold of Matt's hand, and headed to the master bedroom saying, "Get ready for dinner guys, we'll see you in the dining room as soon as we get ourselves cleaned up." closing the door behind Matt and himself.

Earl took hold of Jack in a tight embrace, saying, "I can't believe this love, we are back on the ranch, just like that first summer here." That did it, and they both broke down into a flood of tears. Crying on each other's shoulders with tears of happiness and love. Jack didn't say a word; he just passionately kissed his lover, and continued to cry. Earl spoke again saying, "Love, we need to wash up, and get presentable, I don't want them to see us crying like two little school boys."

Soon they were all in the dinning room for a truly wonderful dinner, Julie had excused herself, and had left for the night, but that did not hinder the rest of them from thoroughly enjoying the meal.

During dinner Earl said, "Jack and I need to get back to our apartment in Charleston to get our things, some time soon, And to let the place go, as well."

Colt said, "Well, as soon as JC and Richard get back, you guys can take Little Colt, and fly out and take care of that, if you think you can get all your stuff into him, if not you can take Cowboy or Buckaroo if need be." Laughing at the last part of his statement.

Jack said, "Little Colt would work just fine, we didn't have a lot of time together to gather much in the way of furnishings, most of what we have will easily fit into our new room here. And again, thanks for the new home, you guys," glancing at each person sitting at the table in no particular order.

"Ok, you can take Little Colt then, as soon as it's home, and serviced. But now relax and enjoy yourselves, Please?" Colt said with a warm and friendly smile, then continued to stuff his face.

After dinner, the boys, all four of them, headed into the bedrooms and began moving stuff, slowly making their old bedroom into Earl's and Jack's new room. And the master bedroom into a true master bedroom for four loving family members.

After the move was completed, they all headed into the living room, where there was a warm fire in the fireplace, for dessert of strawberry cheesecake and coffee. There was a feeling of warmth and love in the house that night, the only thing missing was the company of JC and Richard to round out the extended family, but that would soon be remedied, the next day, in fact.

Colt decided to call JC, and let him know they made it home. So he excused himself and headed for the office, Matt, like a little puppy, followed him, where Colt placed the call.

It was almost as if JC read the boy's mind because the phone began to ring as soon as the boys got into the office.

Colt answered it saying, "Hello, Colt speaking."

"Hi son! Nice to hear your voice." JC answered back, with a sigh of relief, in his voice.

"Nice to hear your voice too, pop! Matt is here too, so I'm going to put this on the speaker phone, OK?" Colt said with a smile as he looked at Matt.

"Sure, that would be great; I always love hearing both of you." JC said, as Colt pushed the speaker phone button, so half of what JC said was heard by Matt as well.

Matt just said, "Me too pop!" chuckling at him.

"Well pop, Earl and Jack are here, and all moved in to our old room for good, I hope." Colt spoke with a warm 'missing you' tone in his voice.

"Yep pop, they are so happy to be back here, you would not believe it, they are like the two little boys, we saw that first summer." Matt said excitedly, smiling at Colt.

"Well that sounds wonderful, tell them I can't wait to see them. We will be leaving tomorrow morning around 10:30, I think. That's when my last meeting gets over." JC stated, with a warm soft voice.

"Great pop, Earl and Jack will need to use Little Colt to fly out to Charleston. They need to get all their stuff and get rid of their apartment as well. You won't need Little Colt for a while after you get home, will you?" Colt asked of his pop.

JC just replied, "That's good news, and no, I don't need Little Colt for a while, anyway. I was also thinking about something we can all do."

"What's that pop?" Matt asked with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Well, I know we went camping, not to long ago, but I just thought we could put together a larger camping trip, back up into the Wind River Mountains again. Taking everyone, Earl, Jack, Richard, Andrew, all of us in fact. I think it's time we became more of a family, and had a real family vacation, so to speak. What do you think about that boys?" JC said, with hope in his voice.

"WHOOPY!" Matt shouted, grabbing Colt in a bear hug, saying, "God, that would be so kewl pop, thanks!"

All Colt could do was say very excitedly, "That would be wonderful pop; I can't wait to tell the others."

"Don't say anything boys, I would love to spring that surprise on them myself, if you don't mind?" JC asked of the boys, with a hint of fatherly love in his voice.

"OK pop!" Both boys said, in unison, then they both started laughing.

"By the way, how is Mike doing?" JC asked.

"Doing better each day, from what he tells us. Of course we have only been home a few hours now, but we plan on taking care of him personally tonight, in great big wonderful bed, if you get the idea." Colt said, looking at Matt, with his famous warm sexy smile, along with that cute evil grin of his to go with it.

"That's good, wish I was there, but we can have fun tomorrow night as well." JC stated with love in his voice.

"Ok pop, we all love and miss you, be careful and come home safe tomorrow." Colt said, and then Matt spoke almost at the same time, saying, "Yes pop, we love and miss you."

"Me too boys! See you tomorrow, good night, and sweet dreams!" JC said, with love, then he hung up the phone.

Colt and Matt then went to the living room, to find everyone just sitting staring into the fire. Colt spoke, saying, "JC will be home tomorrow around noon. He told us to tell you two." pointing at Earl and Jack, "He was sorry he missed your arrival, but he will see you tomorrow." Then the boys just went over to Mike and said, in a whisper, "Poppa Mike will you please join us in our bedroom?"

"Thought you would never ask, sons!" Mike smiled warmly, with a sexy little smile.

Mike, Colt, and Matt excused themselves, saying, "Time for us to take care of our pop here, so we'll see you all in the morning."

The others just said their good nights, as Mike, and his sons left for their bedroom. Mike was hobbling along on his crutches, with the boys both supporting him.

Andrew excused himself, started locking up the house, and went to his bed. Earl and Jack did the same, and soon everyone was in their own rooms, doing their own things.

Mike and the boys were soon in the shower, washing each other gently and tenderly. The two sons were washing their dad, and seeing to his needs. Once they were all clean and dry, the huge specially made, air bed was the next logical stop of the night, but that was not the end of their chores.

As soon as Mike was placed, lovingly on the bed, the boys, climbed onto the bed, with him, and began to hug, kiss, and cuddle him all over, making sure they did not put and undue pressure on his injured left leg, but that did not stop them from getting him and themselves aroused, and standing tall. Colt took Matt's manhood, and started sucking it for all he was worth. While Mike took Colt's throbbing member into his own hot mouth, working it hard with his tongue, Matt took Mike's steel hard rod deep into his own throat, sucking it fast and hard, thus forming a three way daisy chain. Each one of them showed the enormous love they all had for each other. The whole place was filled with the incredible wonderful love of a beautiful family.

Each one of them was not only working on the hard object each held in their mouths, but each started probing a finger in the their partner's love canal. Working the hot insides with all the love and tenderness they could muster.

James looked down at the love on the bed and said, "Love, lets make it better for them." as he held me tight kissing me passionately and moaning into my ear,

So we both sent out thoughts of pure love into their bonding, and what they experienced that night was beyond anything any of them had ever experienced before. We forced them all to hold their climax as long as possible.

The love making continued for what seemed like hours, and when I think about it, since we kinda helped out a little bit, hours did pass for them, and for us as well. God it was so wonderful to see them so happy.

Colt mumbled, "M...y g....God, I'm about loosing it...." He shot his load down Mike's throat, at the same time Mike was shooting his load down into Matt's stomach, as Mike was shooting his cream down over Colt's tonsils into his belly.

Soon they were all relaxed, tired, then finally drifting off to a warm loving sleep. Cuddling with each other as a true loving family should be, there was only one missing element, their beloved partner and dad, JC. Of course that would be remedied the next day.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

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Editor's Note:

Well it certainly is wonderful that the whole family will soon be together and everyone will enjoy the upcoming camping trip. I wonder what kind of fun they will have during that trip. I also wonder if there will be some extra combinations created during the trip. I noticed the interactions between Mike and Andrew, and those of Richard and JC. I think there is beginning to be some bonding taking place, that might bring everyone a little closer together, and maybe they will all become a real family, together. Of course, that is only speculation, we couldn't predict what will happen, after all, the boys and the older men, will have to decide, how they will act toward each other.

Having Earl and Jack away from the ranch for as long as they were, made Colt and Matt, as well as Mike and JC, realize just how nice it was to have them back home, and what wonderful boys they are. They really did miss them very much, and even surprised themselves, once they realized just how happy they were to have them home. Ah yes, this is still another beginning to a great adventure. Don't miss the next exciting chapter.

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