A Second Chance, Part III -- Life Must Go On
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 9

Morning arrived; Mike was in some minor pain. Being restless, he moved about a bit, waking up Colt. Colt just opened his beautiful brown eyes and saw Mike in some distress, saying softly, "What's wrong dad?"

"I need one of my pain pills, son, and I also need to take a pee." Mike replied softly, trying not to wake up Matt. Also grinning at his cute son.

"Come on, Poppa Mike, let me help you then." Colt said, as he slid out of bed, helping Mike slide out, on the same side, both hoping not to wake up Matt. But that didn't happen.

"What are you two gonna do, without me?" Matt squeaked out, as he slowly woke up, rubbing the sand from his sleepy eyes.

Colt just looked at him and said, "I'm just helping dad to the bathroom, want' a come with us?" as he started pulling Mike up from the bed. "I could use your help, and while we're in there let's take a shower?"

Mike said, "Sounds good too me, but I need one of my pain pills, soon." Then he got his crutches and started hobbling toward the bathroom, with a son on each side of him, supporting him, and lovingly helping him.

I thought as I told James, "Look at that wonderful sight, all of them naked as the day they were born, except for those beautiful necklaces."

"Let's join them love, and play in the water." James said, with a warm sexy smile, pulling me toward the shower, so we too could join them.

While in the shower, the family, all of them, took care of cleaning all their parts, including the ones that rose to the occasion. After everyone tended to their necessities, and dried themselves off, they returned to the bedroom to get dressed for the day.

As soon as they all were dressed; the boys helped Mike hobble out to the dining room, to find Julie waiting with a cup of coffee, saying, "Good morning, you three, the others haven't shown up yet. I figured I would wait until they did, before starting breakfast." She first looked at Mike, and then continued, "Is that ok, Mike?" with a warm smile on her face.

"Sounds ok by me, I just need one of my pain pills, and something to drink it down with." Mike said, smiling at her, then he looked at his two sons, "Thanks for all the help, boys!" He smiled at them with the warmest sexiest smile he had.

Colt got up and got Mike one of his pain pills, a glass of OJ, and a cup of coffee, placing all of them on the table in front of him. "There you go, Dad. Is there anything else you need right now?" Colt grinned with love in his face.

"No thanks, Son." Mike said, as Andrew entered the dining room, where both Colt and Matt got up and walked over to meet him.

Both boys took Andrew into a huge bear hug, squeezing him tight, then Colt said, "Thanks so much for taking care of Dad!" thinking. 'I really love this hunk, he is so damn cute' then continued saying, "Wouldn't mind having you around, if I ever needed help!" he then started laughing with a sexy laugh.

Matt chuckled at what Colt said, and told Andrew, "Me too, and believe me when I say thanks for helping pop there." shaking his head toward Mike, then he planted a warm loving kiss on Andrew's cheek.

Causing Andrew to blush a deep pink, stuttering, "Y... You're... You're welcome guys, I loved doing it!" then he walked over to get a cup of coffee before sitting down at the table. But you could plainly see he was turning a deeper shade of pink over his last spoken words.

Before anyone could say much more, Earl and Jack came into the dining room. Earl spoke first asking, "Is it ok if we get some coffee?" Looking directly at Mike, as head of the house.

Mike turned a bit and said, with all the love he could, "Look guys, you are living here in this house for as long as you want, so you don't need to ever ask for anything. Just help yourselves!" Then he looked at his sons and said, "Why didn't you tell them that?" Trying to look serious, but couldn't keep a straight face, breaking into complete laughter.

Julie spoke saying, "Colt, would you mind helping me in the kitchen, hon?" as she got up from the table, still laughing, then headed into the kitchen. Colt didn't say anything still laughing; got up and followed her into the kitchen to help prepare breakfast for the crowd.

It wasn't long before Colt started bringing out plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast for all to eat, asking Matt if he would get the silverware and plates out, and set the table.

After breakfast, Mike said, "I think guys, I'm going to try and do a little work in the office. If you will please excuse me?" Then he got up with crutches in hand, hobbling toward the office, with Earl and Jack helping him. When he got there, he just hugged the two of them, saying, "Thanks boys.... welcome home!" then he sat behind the desk.

Colt saw Earl and Jack come back into the dining room, saying, "What would the two of you like to do today. Pop will be coming home around noon, so we can mess around doing something, for a little while."

Jack said quickly, "How about let's go out to the barn, and groom the horses, I've really missed being around them since being away for so long." You could see he was excited about what he had just said.

Earl was eager as well, you could see it in his face, and the expression he gave Jack was that of tender love. He said, "Come on guys, let's do it." Pulling on Colt's arm.

Colt spoke saying, "You remember what pop just told you, if you want to do something, just do it." Then he started giving them both and evil little grin, saying, "But I wouldn't mind going out to the barn, either."

Matt just followed them out the door, and they all headed for the barn. As they approached the barn, they didn't notice Star was out in the pasture, and as soon as he saw the boys, he came running at a full run, back into the barn saying, "Hello Colt, I missed you!" Colt just patted him on the nose saying, "I missed you too boy."

All of a sudden Jack stood, frozen in his own tracks, just shaking his head in disbelief, over what he had just heard. He then looked at Colt and said, "What the fuck! Did I just hear Star say to you, "Hello Colt, I missed you?"

Earl, Matt and Colt were dumbfounded, at what Jack had just said. Even Star was shaking his head saying, "You can understand me, Jack?" Still bucking his head up.

Jack was shaking like a leaf in the wind, sputtering, "I just heard him again, saying 'You can understand me, Jack.' How can that be? I ain't never heard him before, or any of the others, either?" Jack was in total shock, of what had just transpired between him and Star. But it didn't end there, for Ginger came in and said, "I'm hungry, you boys going to feed us?" That did it, Jack almost fainted, and he fell to his knees. Earl ran to him, keeping him from completely collapsing onto the floor of the barn.

Matt thought, 'It has to be the transfusion that Jack got from Earl, at school, the same as what happened with Colt and Me.' then he began to speak, "Look guys, I think I know what happened. Jack must be like me. Remember Colt? I couldn't understand the horses either, until after you gave me your blood, in a transfusion in the hospital?"

"Yes, I do. And that's what made you able to understand horses, because I was already able to understand them." Colt said, with total understanding and conviction in his voice. Then, looking at Earl he said, "You, Earl, were able to understand them all along, right?" he waited for Earl to answer.

But before Earl spoke, Matt said, "Jack, you got that blood transfusion from Earl at school, when you got so badly cut in that fight in the mess hall, Remember?

"Yes" Jack replied, with apprehension in his voice.

Earl, finally able to answer the question said, "Yes, I have been able to understand horses, and other animals, all my life." still in shock over the unfolding events.

"So that's when you were able to understand horses, just like I did with Colt's blood." Matt said, without hesitation, and a firm knowledge of being right.

Colt, not thinking, asked, "Well, how come you didn't notice this before?" with a questioning look, then stated, "That fight took place a long time ago."

"Yes it did, Colt!" Earl replied, then said, "But remember, we haven't been back around horses since we graduated from high school. We started working right out of school. Shit we didn't even get a vacation, and still haven't had a vacation. This is the first time we've been back to the ranch in a long time." He was almost in tears, thinking about what he just said. He was holding Jack so close, not wanting to let go of him, for fear of loosing him again. This did not go unnoticed by Colt or Matt either.

At that moment Star nuzzled Jack and Jack looked into star's eyes, saying, "I want to thank you so much, Star, for getting me together with Earl. If it hadn't been for you, it might have taken us a lot longer to realize how much we loved each other."

Jack reached into his pocket and brought out the two carrots that he had grabbed from the refrigerator. He had remembered that Star had asked him to bring carrots, the next time he wanted a ride. Star gently took the first carrot and munched it, while he looked into Jack's eyes. I saw the love that Star had for Jack, and Jack thought how much he loved Star as well. He knew that Star was happy for him and Earl.

Star finished the first carrot and nickered. "Thank you Jack. You remembered that I like those things; it was really nice of you to bring them to me. I love you, Jack."

Jack handed Star the other carrot, and asked, "Would you like me to groom you now?"

Star nickered, "That would be really nice, Jack, You always do it with so much love, I can feel it right through the brush, and it feels wonderful. I am glad I can finally tell you directly how much you mean to me."

Jack smiled, and started grooming Star, which made Star ripple his muscles and almost purr, as he looked around at Jack and nickered, "Oh Jack, That feels so good, it's amazing how good it feels. You and Colt are the only people that give me feelings like that. Other people have groomed me, but it has never been like it is with you and Colt. I have feelings something like it, when Ginger and I make love, but somehow with her it is mostly just sex. I think she cares about me, but I know, when we mate, she just likes the feeling of me in her." I can't explain it, I don't have the words, but somehow, with Colt, and with you, there is that feeling of belonging together. We become one with each other, and I just want it to go on forever."

Jack stopped grooming Star and walked around in front of the beautiful stallion. He looked into Star's eyes and gently kissed him on the nose and hugged Star and said, "I know how you feel, Star, and I feel the same way. I owe you so much, and yet, there is much more than just my being grateful to you, for bringing me and Earl together. I can't explain it either, but, I know that I love you very much, and I always will."

James and I watched as the young man and the horse passed their love for each other back and forth. I reached out with my mind and enhanced the feelings they were sharing, amplifying it several fold. Colt and Matt watched as the two lovers, Man and stallion, exchanged the love they felt.

"I can see that they really care about each other, Matt," Said Colt.

"Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it?" Matt agreed.

Matt was grooming Dark Star, and Dark Star, nickered, "Hey you two, Get a room, for heaven's sake," and Matt almost fell over, laughing. Colt giggled and continued to groom Ginger. She kept looking over at Star, with longing in her eyes.

"I wish he loved me like that." she whinnied.

Colt gently patted her, and said, "He does love you Ginger. It is just in a different way. You have given him some beautiful children, and he loves them too, but He loves Jack and Me in a completely different way. Just don't worry, though, we won't take him away from you, I promise."

Everyone watched as Ginger slowly walked over to Star and nuzzled him, and then looked into his eyes, and nickered, "I know you love him, but when ever you and Jack are finished playing with each other, please come play with me. I need you."

Matt first heard what he thought to be Little Colt approaching, a few minutes later he saw JC and Richard as they came from the hanger area. He shouted, "Pop and Richard are home!" as soon as he said that, the entire barn emptied of boys, running to JC first and hugging him. Matt reached him first, almost in a flying hug. Saying, "I love you, Dad!" followed by Colt just hugging him with a warm loving smile on his face.

JC spoke saying, "Careful, I'm and old man and you might bruise me!" then he laughed gingerly at all the boys, noticing Earl and Jack standing back with hesitant looks on their faces. JC just motioned for them to come over toward him, then he hugged both of them, saying, "Welcome home sons! It's been too long." kissing them each on a cheek.

"Thanks for having us." Earl said softly.

"Yes JC, thanks for putting up with us." Jack agreed.

Colt and Matt both also hugged Richard and said in unison, "Welcome home bud!"

"Come on in the house, I have some great news to share with all of you." JC stated, and then motioned to Richard to join them. Then he asked, "Where is Mike, I need to see him first."

Colt replied saying, "In the office, last I heard." Thinking 'the great news is the camping trip, I'm sure of that.'

Matt and Colt were tell-a-path-in the same thoughts 'Yes brother, that's got to be it.'

"Good, you guys see if Julie has lunch ready, if not, help her, Colt, then we can all have something to eat while I tell you all the good news." JC explained as they were walking into the house.

JC headed straight into the office, finding Mike sitting behind the desk. So he walked around behind the desk and helped Mike stand, and then hugged him so tight that Mike was having a hard time breathing. "God, I love you so, don't you ever scare me like that again, lover!" JC said softly into Mike's ear, as he nibbled on it, then he planted a deep passionate kiss on his warm tender lips. "Come on now, and join the family in the dining room, I have some great news to share with you."

So they both left the office, JC helping Mike hobble into the dining room, joining the others. Richard was out looking for Andrew, but soon found him and they too joined the rest of the family, in the dining room for lunch. JC led Mike to his seat, and helped him down, then went to the head of the table and sat down, with all seated and waiting for them to arrive.

JC spoke saying, "Well, you all know I was in Denver for a few meetings. Well those meetings were very productive. I was down there working on a deal that will, I hope, make this family much happier, and a little richer." He chuckled at that remark. "It's a dude ranch of sorts, up in Canada, that I have placed a deposit on, and we'll need to go up and take a look at it soon." He was now looking directly at Colt, and then he said, "I think you and Matt will love it, there are over 10,000 acres, with several streams, and a couple lakes on the property. Also, there's a very large Lodge with some extra cabins around it. And best of all, it's relatively cheap." JC was now grinning from ear to ear at his revelation to the expanded family.

Colt was the first to speak, saying, "My God, Dad, how did you find out about it? It sounds terrific, can we all fly up tomorrow and take a look at it." He too was now smiling at his dad.

Matt just shook his head and said, "That sounds like it would be fun, can we do that pop?" He too was excited and looked at Mike, then continued, "Poppa Mike, will you be able to go if we do?" He really was concerned for his Poppa Mike.

Mike said, "By tomorrow, I should be able to go. But I will check with Chuck first, but as of now, though, count me in." He was also happy, mostly for his boys, and of course, JC for his enthusiasm over what sounded to be a great deal.

JC then said, "Ok, we are how many? As I see it there are the four of us, plus Richard, Andrew, Earl and Jack, so that will do. Little Colt will hold us all, so that should work great. There is also an airstrip at the lodge which makes it even better for us. "He was now grinning at all the boys.

Earl looked strange, then he said, "Well, I guess we can wait another day before going to Charleston to close out our apartment, and get our things." He was also excited about the trip to Canada, and figured it was fine to wait another day. Then he looked at Jack and said, "Is that ok with you, love?"

Matt said before Jack could answer, "You guys can go anytime you want, don't let us stop you, if you want to take one of the big birds and go today, it's ok." He was giving them the space he felt they needed, then he said, "Of course, we would love to have you join us."

"Sure, I think it would be fun going with them." Jack said without hesitation, then smiled at Matt.

"Ok then it's settled." JC replied to all that were seated at the table, then said, "I have another surprise for you all; I have already talked to my sons about this but told them not to speak a word of it to anyone." Then he looked at Colt and Matt, saying, "You didn't spill the beans now did you?" giving them an evil grin.

"NO" Was the response of his sons. Both of them were wiggling in there seats with anticipation.

"Good! Ok, I told them that I wanted the entire family, that means everyone seated at this table right now, too go on a nice camping trip together, and take a vacation into the Wind River Mountains, like we did a few weeks back." JC said with authority, as the head of the house, so to speak, but really everyone had a true say in what went on around there.

Colt and Matt just said, "WHOOPY!!!!" striking out into the air with their fists, in triumph.

While Earl and Jack looked at each other, then looked at everyone with a very surprised expression on their faces, and then in their own way said, "Thank you for everything, guys." They were truly happy and thrilled with their new lives on the ranch.

"We had a great time up there the last time, and I just think it would be great fun to do it with all of us, the whole family, together, this time." JC stated, in a matter of fact tone. Then he looked at Mike and said, "I hope you don't mind me doing that, love?" Thinking, 'God I should have talked this over with Mike first.' Having an 'I'm sorry my love' look about him.

"I don't mind at all!" Mike said to JC, with a loving warm smile, then said, as he reached out with both hands, his right taking hold of Earl's left hand and his Left hand taking hold of Jack's right hand. "I think this will be a great way to welcome our newest members to the family." Both Earl and Jack now had tears in their eyes again, you could tell, because they were using the napkins trying to hide them.

Earl said, with a little grin. "Would you guys mind if Jack and I went into town and picked up a couple of things, before we go tomorrow, we are in need of a few personal items."

"HELL NO! Let's go!" Colt said, "Matt and I can join you for a little shopping trip, I'm sure we could find some things we need as well." Now Matt was looking at Colt, with surprise at his use of the word 'Hell'.

Matt just said, "Sounds like a plan to me!" then he smiled at the rest of them.

So the boys all excused themselves, and headed out to find the pickup, and took off for town, where they spent the better part of the afternoon goofing around shopping. Of course, neither Earl nor Jack were able to buy anything, while the Andersen boys were with them. So they just conceded in the fact that their money wasn't any good that day. It was getting rather late in the day, when the boys thought it was time to head back to the ranch. For sure, they didn't want to be late for Julie's wonderful dinners.

As soon as they drove onto the ranch, they noticed Andrew just leaving the barn, so Colt blew the horn and waved at him. Andrew waved back and stopped to wait on them.

As they all piled out of the pickup, they gathered their goodies from the afternoon's shopping trip, then met Andrew. Colt said, "Do you think we emptied the stores?" grinning at him.

"Looks like you guys might just have made a good attempt." Andrew chuckled, "You guys need any help?" he asked.

"I think we can manage, but thanks for the offer!" Matt answered quickly, as he continued on toward the house, followed by Andrew and the rest of the bunch.

Just as they had expected, Julie had dinner almost on the table, so Colt quickly ran to his room to drop off his loot, then headed into the kitchen, hugged Julie, and said, "Sorry we are so late, but is there anything left that I can help you with, hon," still hugging her.

"Sure, you can start taking this stuff into the dining room, the table is already set." Julie replied, pointing at the dishes that had food in them. "And there's nothing to be sorry for, love. You needed to help our newest additions." smiling her grandmotherly smile at Colt.

It wasn't long before everyone was gathered around the fire in the fireplace, just chatting among themselves, when Colt said, "Wait a minute, I have something I want everyone to do." he then lifted Matt's head from his lap, got up off the floor, ran to their bedroom, and brought back a bag of marshmallows. Saying, "Come on guys, we haven't roasted marshmallows for a long time now." he had the biggest cutest smile on his face, just knowing that everyone would enjoy doing it. Then he tore open the bag, while Matt ran to the kitchen to get the skewers.

When Matt returned, he handed a skewer each, to Earl, Jack and Colt, who were sitting closest to the fire, keeping one for himself, saying, "Ok guys, we all have to do the roasting, and feed the old folks!" laughing about calling the others 'old folks'

JC, Mike, Richard, and Andrew, each in their own words said something to the effect, "Who's the old folks here!" and all of them were chuckling at that.

Colt just said, "Ok, start cooking guys!" as he handed out the marshmallows, a hand full to each of the boys.

Colt treated JC, to the first one he had done, by pulling it off the skewer, and then popping it into his dad's mouth, then he kissed his dad on the lips. "There you go pop, enjoy."

JC looked stunned, but smiled saying, "Thank you son! That marshmallow tasted rather good with the added topping." he laughed heartily at his son.

Than Matt went to Mike, with the first one he had cooked, placing it into his dad's mouth, not to be out done, of course, he kissed Mike on the lips, saying, "There you go pop, I love you."

Mike knew what was coming, so he hugged Matt as he kissed him, saying, "Tastes great, both the fluffy white thing, and the pink lips too." giving both Matt and Colt an evil grin.

Earl just looked rather stunned, but followed suit, taking his first cooked marshmallow and walked up to Richard, asking him, "Would you mind me feeding you?" not waiting for his response, he placed the marshmallow into Richard's mouth, then kissed him on the cheek, saying, "Sorry that's the best I can do, with my lover in the room." sheepishly laughing at his own remarks.

Jack followed close behind, asking, "Andrew, do you mind me feeding you?" he did not wait either, and placed a marshmallow into Andrew's mouth, and kissed him on the cheek as well, saying, "Well, I would kiss you properly, but someone might get a bit jealous." that had them all laughing so loud you could have heard the entire family in the barn.

Well, this continued until all the little white, burnt fluffy things were consumed, and everyone had their share of laughs. The family was truly becoming a family, in the deepest sense.

It was getting late, so JC stood up and said, "Mike, would you join me, I'm rather tired, and I want to call it a day." then he looked at his two sons and they just looked back with a nod, letting their dads know they were going to join them.

Mike got up carefully, and the boys got up to help him, then they all, more or less, excused themselves from the others, said their good nights, and headed off to their room. Colt lagged behind, long enough to lock up the house, telling the others they could stay up, or do whatever they liked. Then he headed off to the master bedroom.

Earl and Jack likewise excused themselves, and left the living room to Richard and Andrew, who just sat on the sofa, watching the fire burn down. They didn't say much, just held each other in a warm tender embrace, with a few kisses. But it wasn't long until they too headed off into their room for the night.

In the master bedroom, the Andersen family were all in the shower, washing each other, Mike with a plastic bag taped over his injured left leg, but that didn't stop the love that was showing in all their faces. The warm and gentle caresses each was bestowing on the others. After some time had passed, all four of them, now fully standing tall, got out of the shower, and dried each other off. Then they headed for the big comfortable bed. Colt pulled down all the covers, and helped get Mike into a comfortable position, where they all could get into a daisy chain for some fun.

Colt said, "Last one connected has kitchen duty in the morning!" then he hopped onto the bed, as JC, and Matt joined him. Matt took hold of Mike's pole, and guided into his hot mouth, while Mike took Colt's tree into his own mouth. JC pulled Matt's manhood into his mouth, enjoying the taste of the young stud's joy juice, as he began to leak, while Colt sucked on JC's member, noticing that his 'old man' could still produce a delicious treat for him. Now that they were all connected in a love chain. They began to work each other long and slow. Mike was trying to be careful of his leg, but he thought, 'To hell with it, this is too much fun.' while the others were now using there hands to roam their partner's bodies. Nipples, belly buttons, love passages, and balls were all in play, and were they ever playing. The entire family was in heaven.

James and I got on the bed with them, and we happily joined in the fun, and increased the thoughts of pure love being shared there, in that big wonderful bed. Of course, they didn't know we were there, except that I noticed Colt look over to where we were lying, a couple of times, and I caught fleeting thoughts from him, so it is possible that he felt our presence, but in any case, we made sure they felt more love that night than they had ever felt in their entire lives. There were good reasons for this, but James and I were going to make sure that it would be like this, for as long as we could help them. They needed each other more now, than any of them would ever know.

They carried on for what seemed like hours, before they all came to a thunderous group climax, added to substantially, by James and me. We made sure they all climaxed together. The moans and groans were heard by the boys across the hall, I'm sure. But who the heck cared, for the Andersen's were home, and together again. Life was good. Life was very good!

To be continued.

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