A Second Chance, Part V -- The Finale
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Dear readers,


First, I want to tell you that this is the fifth and final part to this story. I am dedicating the entire story to Jason /aka/ Jonathan Davis and his partner, Nicky, two young men who became surrogate grandsons to me, and who filled a huge place in my heart.


To many readers, this story has been something nice to read and enjoy. And I thank all my fans for staying with the story and for the many comments received.


It was only after his passing that I found out how much this story meant to Jason. And how his life and mine mirrored each other's, forty years apart.


It was his life's story as well as my own. Book I, seemed to have been the link in both our lives, and for this, I am grateful that I told my masked story. He saw through the mask and, by extension, me.


Not many have been given such a gift from God as I was, when God gave me a Jason to hold dear. If ever there was an angel on earth, he was that angel, I don't know how many lives he touched or saved with his way of words and his kind heart. I would ask that you, the readers, go to his Memorial on his author's page and see how many hearts he touched. Many of them speak volumes in their few words, written to Jason and Nicky.


It was Part I of this story that Jason thought was a mirror of his own life's story. Here, I quote from an e-mail Jason sent to an author and dear friend of his, months before he and I met, and months before he and Nicky became committed partners.


Dear Dave, go to this site and play the song, or go to "tickie" (tickiestories.us)  "and Author Tickie and the story "Second chance" and the 4th chapter. At the end is the song.

I am forever in your debt. Bill and I had a song, but THIS SONG IS FROM BILL. Oh, Dave, I believe he sent you and DD to me so I would find this song. Bill is telling me what you already told me.

I know it sounds weird but I don't believe in coincidences this strong. Even the story is about Bill and Me. Charlie and his second chance.

You undoubtedly think I am off of my rocker. Read the story. Hear the song.

If I am crazy, it is ok, cuz I'm happier than I have been in a long time. Thanks to you.


 I am yours forever,


All I can say is, these young men were very dear to me, and their untimely death has kept them from reaching the goals they so much wished for, and were striving to obtain.


It is with a heavy and saddened heart that I write this final part of the story for my sweet boys, and more so for Jason, who gave this humble writer A Second Chance at REAL love.


Chapter 1


As we start Part V of the story, I, Charlie, will continue telling it.  It is, remember, MY story, and it's how I remember it, that counts!  <evil grin>


Summer and fall seemed to have come and gone in the blink of an eye. The family just relaxed after a long and tiring high school period in their life's, where they were traveling almost daily back and forth to school by air. The boys were all out of school and just enjoying their freedom, knowing that it wouldn't be long until the twins would celebrate their birthdays. With the coming of winter in Casper, and of course the winters were cold, the boys would be hot-to-trot. They had been told many times about the special presents their fathers and grandfathers shared on THEIR eighteenth birthdays. The twins were hoping that something like that might be forthcoming. Yes, it was going to be a birthday to remember for the twins and their dads.


The twins have been trying for several years to get their dads to join them for some fun romps in the bed, but were always told that they were 'too young' and they just moaned in complaint about it. They even tried to trap them on their last birthday by coming inside, soaking wet and undressing in front of their dads, only to be told to get into their own room.


If James and I have anything to do with it, it will be a fun time for them. How many times over the years we have replayed that wonderful scene in our minds, just waiting for the instant replay, and knowing how this all was going to turn out.




"Hello boys!" Colt greeted the twins as they came in from town.


"Hi pop!" came the joint reply from Mark and Luke.


Colt got up and headed for the boys' room, following them. "Whatcha' got in the big box? Somethin' special for me?" He laughed, holding out his hands.


"None of your damn business!" came the reply from Mark with a snicker. "You're just gonna have to wait and see!" The snicker turned into a laugh as Luke began laughing with his brother.


Matt heard the commotion in the hall and stepped out of the office to see the twins as they started into their bedroom. "What's that, Mark?"


"Sorry, Pop, but nosy, there, was trying to peek." Mark giggled back at his dad.


"Peek at what? Let me see." Matt smiled back at the boys.


"It's none of your business, either, old man!" Mark cracked back.


"You guys better be careful, payback's a bitch, they say," Matt said as he turned toward Colt, grabbing his arm and pulling him back toward the living room.


Colt just laughed; "Just you wait and see, big boy ... the both of you!" He let Matt lead him into the living room.


Luke smiled at Mark; "You're going to piss off our dads one of these days with that mouth of yours." But he was anxious to see what the pictures looked like. "Hurry up ... lock the door, bro." He then reached over to help Mark unwrap the box. "God, they are beautiful, aren't they?"


"Sure are! He did a great job, didn't he?" Luke said as he began putting the pictures back into the box. "Let's not wrap them. I think it would be nicer to give'em un-wrapped."


Mark nodded his head in agreement. "Then where do we hide 'em?"


"Just put 'em under the bed for now." Luke smiled back at his brother.




"Love, what do you think we should do tonight?" Mike asked, smiling at Andrew, with a devilish look on his face and in his eyes. "I think we need to go someplace away from the ranch, and maybe take Johnny and Grace, along with Julie and Jo, with us for the weekend."


"Why is that?" Andrew asked, and then, as if a light bulb had gone off in his head, he sounded off. "Oh shit ... now I know! Good idea, hon. Let's take them someplace special. Johnny can fly us."


"What's that?" Johnny asked as he entered the barn, looking at his granddads. "Fly you where?"


"We just thought it would be nice to let the twins and your dads have the weekend alone together," Mike quipped back with an evil little grin.


"What for? Thought we were going to have a big party tonight?" he said, smiling back at his granddad.


Mike looked at Andrew for some help, and then began to laugh; "Well, Johnny, I think we will have an early party, but later I know what's on the menu for them. So, let's all just go someplace special for the weekend and let them have the house alone."


Andrew started laughing, but managed to say, "Johnny, it's somethin' that happened between Colt and Matt on their eighteenth birthday with their dads, and being they're all celebrating their birthdays together ... let's just say, it's goin' to be very hot ... in ... the house ... tonight!"


"Oh, shit, yes!! Now I know what's goin' on." He snickered out loud, "Sounds great to me; let me call Grace and see if she wants to join us. Is that ok with you, Granddad?" Johnny was grinning, then continued, "Maybe we can go down to Denver for the weekend; that would be great fun. Whatcha think of that idea?"


"I think that would be a great idea, Johnny, if she wants to go." Andrew looked at Mike for approval, and nodded his head in agreement.


Mike agreed; "Sounds like a plan; let's see if we can get some reservations at the Cattlemen's."




So, the plans were in motion for the family to let the dads and twins have the weekend alone at the ranch. James and I were so happy for them. The crew from the lodge in Canada was not going to be able to come down for the birthdays. There were just too many irons in the fire with all the guests during the winter holiday season; guests who seem to come from all over the world to experience the pleasures of what the lodge offered in its seclusion and its wonderful staff of great young and handsome men.


Earl and Jack were  using `Buckaroo' on company business somewhere in Europe. They wanted so much to be there for the joint birthday party for all four -- their two very dear friends and the twins, knowing just how 'Special' this particular birthday was going to be for them all. The twins were no longer kids, but the young men of the family.


On the other hand, Christmas, this year, was going to be celebrated at the lodge by the entire family from what I was detecting in their thoughts. Of course there was nothing set in stone, as we sometimes say. But James, Richard, JC, and I were sure hoping for that. We all wanted to be in the same location this year so that we could watch our wonderful family celebrate the season in the old ways.


Johnny called Grace; she was excited about going to Denver with them and wanted to know the time. Johnny answered, "Soon as the party ends, we'll be taking Poppa One." Then he smiled himself before adding, "That's if I get off the phone with you and make some reservations."


"Ok, sweet'ums! See you at the party!  Bye.  Kiss, kiss," She said to him as she hung up the phone.


Johnny then called for the reservations at the Cattleman's and got them without any hassle; of course, he got three rooms. He wasn't going to let his granddads or his grandmas stay in the same room with him and his fiancé, Grace. He got rooms for Mike and Andrew, Julie and Jo, and, of course, Grace and himself. He left as soon as the reservations were confirmed, so he could pick up Grace for the trip; she was part of the family as far as he was concerned, and his granddads and dads were all for it, too.


The party wasn't going to be a big affair, just the family as they all wanted. With it so close to Christmas, they just felt it was a private affair for them. It was going to start with a wonderful dinner by Julie and her lover, Jo. Oh, yes, those two were in love with each other; it was no secret around the ranch, either. James and I knew it a long time ago, but the twins were the first to notice it; they were so cute. They never told on the gals; it was Colt and Matt who made the outing, by accident, one night at a dinner.


Julie came out of the house, picked up the metal bar, and began ringing the damned old triangle, and everyone knew what that meant -- it was dinnertime. But tonight's was special, and only for the family.


Mark and Luke were already cleaned up and sitting at the table with a knife in one hand and a fork in the other. You would think they hadn't eaten in a month of Sundays, or, could it be, they were just excited about what was to follow the party, waiting, waiting anxiously for the party to start.


While Johnny, Grace, Mike, Andrew, and Matt were coming in from the barn, Colt was already in the office, so it didn't take long for the bunch of them to gather in the dinning room. It was the thirteenth year that the four of them were celebrating there joint birthdays. And, Boy! were they a happy bunch?! The years had been good to the family and tonight wasn't going to change that one bit.


"Ok, you guys, here come the steaks, just how you all like them," Jo announced as she wheeled in the cart with all the food on it. There were tenderloin steaks with baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and barbequed baked beans (Julie's private recipe) which was something that the twins fell in love with many years ago. Julie and Jo were part of the family, so the party was complete, now. They all dug in and began to chow down on the wonderful meal.


"That was a great meal, you two!" Colt said, looking in Julie's and Jo's direction as he patted his tummy.


"Sure was, Grandmas," Luke and Mark said rather loudly.


Mike spoke, "Ok you all, I have an announcement to make." He tapped on his glass with a spoon, getting everyone's attention. "I know what's planned for tonight, for you four," he said, gesturing toward Colt and Matt and the twins. "Sooooo ... I had Johnny make some reservations for the rest of us. We're all going down to Denver for the weekend. So, Julie ... you and Jo, after we have our little party, get your overnight stuff. Johnny ... you go get Poppa One ready to fly, and Grace, my granddaughter, can you co-pilot for us tonight?" He was smiling at her with a grand smile.


"Thank you, Granddad Mike; I would be happy to. Of course, I have a very handsome pilot to co-pilot for." She reached over and took Johnny in a big hug and kissed him.


"Gees, honey, stop that; you're embarrassing me!" Johnny turned red, blushing at the attention.


"Better get used to it," Mark snickered.


Luke laughed, "Yep, you'd better, Johnny, or you'll be beet red all the time."


Colt spoke up, "Ok, ok, you guys; let them alone; can't you see there's real love there!" He was giving them the smile of approval, letting everyone know how he felt.


"Ok, that's enough, guys," Mike chuckled with a devilish grin. "How about the desert? Or did you forget it, Julie?"


"Now, that would be the day!" Julie sneered back, "I have a couple of grandson's that wouldn't let me ever live that down!"


Mark just smiled at his grandma. "I know you wouldn't forget the birthday cake, Grandma. You love us too much for that!"


"Careful Mark," Luke chided in with a snicker, "She might fool us, and tell us it was all just a big joke!"


Colt couldn't hold back the laughter. "Now ... that's ... hilarious ... you two!"


"Ok, ok, you guys; let me go get the desert ... be right back," Julie said as she got up from the table. Jo followed her. Turning back, she looked over her shoulder and asked, "Who said it wasn't a joke?!!!" She glared at them, but couldn't keep from laughing her way out of the dinning room.


A short time later, Julie slowly came back into the dining room looking very sad, and said, "Sorry, guys; there isn't going to be a cake after all!"


Mark and Luke looked like two lost puppies, with their faces sagging and a frown on their lips. "See, Mark? What did I tell you?" Luke spit out.


Julie perked up a little and added, "I didn't say there wasn't going to be any cake, I only said there wasn't a cake."


About that time, Jo came into the dining room wheeling another cart with ... not one, not two, but three cakes on it -- two small ones, and one large one. Each of the small round cakes were decorated -- one with 'Happy Birthday Luke', the other with 'Happy Birthday Mark', and the large long skinny one said, 'Happy Birthday Colt and Matt'. "Ok the two round cakes are for you twins ... you don't even have to share them with anyone else. The long one is for the rest of the family." Jo took each of the round cakes and placed them in front of the respective twin, then placed the longer, skinnier cake so that it pointed across the table from the twins to Colt and Matt. Soon, everyone broke out in laughter at the sight, just knowing what was going to happen later.


Mike spoke up with a snicker; "Jo, you trying to tell us something?"


With a devilish grin, Jo looked at Mike and said, "Now, what makes you say that, Grandpa! As I hear it, you, JC, Colt, and Matt had a very special eighteenth birthday once ... a lonnnnng time ago!"


The sight was one of a very excited and giggling family as they finished up the meal with the wonderful desert. After clearing off the table, Johnny handed his brothers a small box and said, "These are from Grace and me; hope you like'em."


The twins opened the boxes immediately. Luke spoke first; "It's awesome, bro, thank..." before he could spit it out.


Before he could say anything else, Mark finished the sentence for his brother and himself;  "...you so much. Are they really gold coins?"


"They sure are, and they're special with your names and birthday engraved in them," Grace and Johnny almost said in unison.


"Here, guys; this is from Jo and me." Julie handed a box to each of the boys to open.


They ripped off the wrapping paper so fast, it looked like lighting had struck; then came the boxes themselves. "Oh, how nice!" both boys said again in unison.


"Well, hold them up so we can all see," Mike told them.


Luke held his up and said, "They're very nice sweaters, Julie and Jo, just what we need for this cold Casper winter." Then he grinned at his grandmas.


"Sure are nice, and thank you so much," came Mark's reply.


"You're welcome, boys!" Julie and Jo said together.


Then Mike handed the boys each a long box; "Now, I hope you take care of these; they're hand-made buy someone very special."


The twins tore into them rather fast. "Slow down!" Andrew said quite loudly, "You don't want to break them before you use them."


Mark opened his first, jumped up, and ran around the table to Mike, first, and hugged him, then over to Andrew and did the same, saying, "Thank you, thank you both; they're great fishing rods; just what I always wanted! Thank you, Granddads!" He even had a little tear in his eyes.


All Luke could say was, "Ditto, ditto, I love it, Granddads." He, too, had tears in his eyes.


Colt and Matt had told everyone not to get them anything for their birthdays; it was only a special day for the twins, and he and Matt didn't need anything but their love. James and I sent as much of that as we could and always would. But what they didn't know was about to burst their hearts.


Colt went into the office, and came out with two brief cases. He handed one to Mark as he placed his hand on his shoulder and gave it a little squeeze, and the other to Luke, squeezing his shoulder as well, "Now don't even think of opening them yet, you hear?" He then looked over at Matt gesturing for him to speak, "It's you're turn, hon." Then he sat down to watch the show unfold.


Matt began to tear up a bit just knowing what they were going to do next. "Ok, you two monsters, you're all grown up, or at least you think you are!" He smiled at the twins and then continued. "I want you each to put the brief cases on the table and open them. Don't take anything out yet, OK?"


The boys did as they were told, and both looked a bit worried. Mark spoke first, joking with his dads; "What's with all the important stuff?"


Luke jabbed him in the ribs, "Shut-up that mouth of yours!" Then he looked a Matt with a serious expression.


"Ok, boys; don't get your fur all ruffled up," Matt told them, and then continued; "Take out the white letter-sized envelope first and open it." He waited for the boys to do as they were told.


Both boys ripped open their envelopes and were shocked to see Credit Cards in them. Mark started to speak "What's this..."


"...we all ready have Credit Cards, Pop," Luke finished Mark's sentence again. The boys did that all the time. It wasn't something that shocked anyone anymore.


"Guys, those aren't Credit Cards; those are Debit Cards for your bank accounts. You each have a million dollars in your accounts," Matt said to a shocked pair of boys, along with shocked looks on the others' faces. "Now, open the large tan envelopes."


Colt was just watching and smiling at the twins. It was the first time in a long while that they were serious. "About time somethin' got your tongue." He laughed along with several of the others.


Luke said, "Mark, these look like legal papers; can you read them?"


"Sure." Mark began to read the documents in silence. Then, with a gasp, he slowly asked, "What's this? We are equal partners in Lambert, Lambert, and Andersen, Inc.?" He just looked at his brother, then grabbed him around the waist and hugged him saying, "I don't believe this; I don't believe it!"


Luke started to cry, ran around to Colt and hugged his dad, and then over to Matt and did the same thing, hugging him so tight that Matt had to push him back a bit. "Don't cry, boys; it's just a company, and you both have earned the right to part of it." Then he looked over at Johnny and said, "Don't worry, son, your turn is coming sooner than you think."


"Dad, I'm not worried. I know you both love me and will always do what's best for me." He, too, went over and hugged both of his dads. "I just want to say thank you for saving me from that monster." Johnny then returned to Grace and gave her a hug and a kiss.


Matt then started speaking again. "Now you're both equal partners in the company, but you have to wait until you're twenty-one before the banks will let you do some of the important things. Just remember ... as far as the family is concerned, you're full partners. And as such, you're going to have to do equal work." Then he began chuckling at the boys..., "And that includes tonight's activities."


Both the boys were blushing, but got up and headed for their bedroom. Quickly, they retuned with a big flat box.


"I guess we're about to see what I was told to keep my nose out of, earlier today," Colt speculated.


The twins opened the box and each took out one of the pictures, holding them so that neither one of their dads could see.


Luke took his to Colt, and Mark took the other one to Matt, then simultaneously handed them to their dads.


Luke said, "Here, Poppa Colt, this is for you! He was smiling as Colt took the painting.


Mark pushed Matt back and said, "Sit; this is for you, Poppa Matt." He handed it to Matt and both Matt and Colt turned the pictures around, and both started crying... They were shocked at what the boys had done.


The picture that Matt was given was a painting someone had done from a photograph of Colt when he was just fourteen, riding on Star. It was beautiful, so beautiful that Matt handled it with reverence.


The one Colt was given was one of Matt riding on DarkStar when he was just thirteen. It, too, was gorgeous. Colt began to cry as he looked a Matt, then at their sons.


Matt just said, "Those are so wonderful; who did the work? I don't care. I love it. You couldn't have given me anything nicer, guys." He took the painting into the living room and took down one of the old pictures that was hanging next to the fireplace, and hung his up. He stepped back and gazed upon it with awe.


Colt followed Matt into the living room and took down the other picture on the opposite side of the fireplace and hung his painting there, too. "They are truly beautiful, guys. I just love them both, and I sure miss Star."


Colt called the boys to him and hugged them for a long time. Then he said, "The night is young; don't want to spoil it." Then he smiled at his boys.


Matt grabbed them both, hugging them, and then he kissed them both. "That's just a starter for later, my boys." Then he smiled at the entire family. "I think we've had a wonderful little party."


Mike spoke up and said, "I think it's time we got our show on the road; how about it, Johnny? Go get Poppa One warmed up, and the rest of us will be down in a few minutes."


"Ok, Pop, and hope you four enjoy you're weekend. I know there wasn't any cream in that cake tonight, but I think you guys will make enough of that to make up for the lack of it." He laughed his way out the front door, while there were two dads turning a deep pink and two teenagers turning a bright red.


His comments didn't go un-noticed, either; there were comments from Mike and Andrew that made them blush even more. But it was all taken in fun. Everyone headed down to the hanger to see the family off.


Johnny had Poppa One out and warmed up when they all arrived. Colt said, "Thanks Mike, and you, too, Andrew, I know it was all you guys' idea, and I just want to say thanks again. You all have a safe trip now. We'll see you in a few days." He then waved at them as they all boarded Poppa One.


Mark and Luke were waving at them as they taxied out to the end of the runway, turned and started their take-off. Once they were out of sight, the four Andersens headed back toward the house.


Mark and Luke yelled out in unison, "Last one in the pool ... not naked ... is a rotten egg!"  


They took off, leaving Colt and Matt following, heading for the heated pool.


To be continued...


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