A Second Chance, Part V -- The Finale
By: Tickie
( 2008 by the author and creator)
Editor:  Gerry Young and Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent. Comments are appreciated at tickie@tickiestories.us

Chapter 2


Colt yelled, "Slow down, boys; NO POOL YET; we just finished dinner!"


Mark turned around running backwards, "OH SHUCKS! I wanted to get naked and wet!"


Matt yelled out, "There will be plenty of time for that, guys!"


Luke stopped running and grabbed his brother's shoulder and whispered into his ear, "I'm hot, too, but we have lots of time." Then he said out loud, "Come on, you old farts!"


They all entered the house together as the boys stopped and waited for their dads to catch up with them. Colt went around locking up the house, while the twins were fidgeting, excited, but not wanting to hurry their dads. They knew that what they had wanted for some time was going to come true tonight.


"Boys, wait a minute!" Matt reached out and took hold of Mark's shoulder, stopping him.


"What's up, Dad?" Mark asked, as he grabbed his brother's arm, pulling him to a stop.


"Boys, I just want to tell you both something rather special to me, and I'm sure it's special to your other dad over there," he said, pointing at Colt, who was just smiling back knowing what Matt was about to say. "You both have made us very proud of you, and sharing our birthdays with you has been something very special to us both. But today, you both became young men, and I'm grateful for that day thirteen years ago when God gave you to us." Matt reached out and hugged both the twins together.


Colt joined the group hug. "Matt, I couldn't have said it better, hon."


Mark pulled back saying, "You both have been the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm sure to Luke as well, but can we just get on to the good stuff now?" He grinned at his brother and two dads as he twitched with excitement, jumping up and down like a little kid.


Luke looked at his twin; "Cool it, Bro, we have lots of time! You'll pop your nut if you aren't careful." Then he stepped back and looked at his dads and said, "I love you both, and you've made a big difference in our lives. Many nights I've thanked Charlie for bringing us all together." Then he smiled with that cute sexy smile of his. "Now, for the good stuff, if you ol' farts think ya have it in ya'!"


James and I were excited for them and we were sending down our strength -- they were gonna need it! -- and thoughts.


I'm going to let Colt tell the next part, while James, JC, and I have our little roll in the heavenly hay, so to speak, if I can only get this thing that's pokin' me in the eye, in the right hole! Ya see, we still enjoy each other, and with the show about to begin on the ranch, we're going to enjoy the fun, too.


Colt <><><>


"Old farts are we? You two will think 'old farts', when we wear your asses out," together, Matt and I said, then continued by saying, "Ok, boys ... err ... MEN! ... since you're NO LONGER BOYS ... let's go!"


Matt, Luke, Mark and I all entered the master bedroom. I closed the door as Luke turned and spoke, saying, "Ok, you old farts, you're gonna wear our asses out, are you? We'll just see about that; this day has been a long time coming, and now ... would you two please join Mark and me ... for some adult hanky-panky?" Both boys had the sexiest smiles on their faces.


It just flashed into my mind, how great it was with our dads; if it hadn't been so exciting, I think I would have cried thinking of JC, not that Mike wasn't in my thoughts. Nevertheless, I really still miss him so, and I know Matt does, too.


Matt's eyes darted back and forth between the two boys ... err ... YOUNG MEN! ... and me. A big, shit-eating grin crept across his lips ... and slowly ... seductively ... he began to unbutton his shirt.


But Mark stopped him and said, "I take that as a 'yes', you old codger?" Matt just twitched his eyebrows a couple of times while his grinning lips opened slightly, revealing his tongue sexily sliding across the bottom edge of his brilliant white teeth, before licking his own lips.


At that sign of encouragement, Mark started to undress him, and Matt reciprocated by starting to undress Mark. While they were busy undressing each other, Luke came over and started undressing me, while I returned the favor and began undressing him.


Soon ... or was it an hour later? Who knows? Time seemed to stop ... all shirts and tees were off and carelessly scattered across the carpet. We all were down to being bare-chest-to-bare chest with each other. Matt was passionately kissing Mark, and Luke was doing the same with me.


My God, was this wonderful, or was this WONDERFUL?!?!? Of course we all had seen each other naked before, and had even slept in the same bed, naked. However, we weren't there yet, and we were all kissing passionately, groping each other's cocks through our trousers. I don't think I've ever been as hard as I was right then, and, my God, we all were in Paradise.


This went on for several minutes -- just kissing and fondling each other. Then we swapped partners; Matt and Luke, and Mark and I, still shirtless, all close together. We were reaching out playing with nipples of the other, and I thought for a few minutes that I was gonna shoot my load even before we finished undressing.


I know this went on for at least thirty minutes, even though we were still standing ... and standing on wobbly legs, at that! ... and I was so fucking hard, it hurt. Finally, simultaneously, we each began ripping clothes from our respective partners, buttons popping all over the room.


When we were all totally nude, including all our jewelry, for we wanted nothing between us but our skin -- luscious, longed-for, lickable, kissable skin -- Luke finally spoke, saying, "Can we all just get the hell on the bed and just do what fuckin' comes naturally, and let's just see where it takes us."


No one else spoke. We all jumped onto the bed, twisted and turned into ... whatever position that seemed appropriate at the moment, with no pre-conceived idea of who was to do what with/or/to whom, and I was looking directly at Luke's rock hard cock; it was beautiful! I opened my mouth and began sucking it like a banana. Feeling someone engulfing my penis, I glanced down to see Mark sucking and licking it, playing with my balls, and I felt him also fingering the opening to my tunnel of love. Oh, my! I was NOT going to be able to hold out for long with what he was doing to me. I looked up to see that Matt was also licking and sucking on Mark's huge cucumber; what a creamy, dripping salad he'd never had before, and was it gorgeous and hard, NOT COLD either ... far from it. Then I glanced over to see Luke was fingering Matt's rosebud, and licking and sucking Matt's cock. A four-way daisy-chain! Wow!!!


My word, we were all enjoying this so very much; there are NO words to describe it. All of a sudden, the bed started bucking up and down, we were causing some bad turbulence on that huge bed. Naturally (Hee hee hee!), this just made our love session even more enjoyable.


We continued, each of us, feeling the balls, fingering the rosebud, of someone else. We were sucking, and we all seemed to know when that other person was about to cum, for we stopped soon enough to prolong the feeling, just knowing we were all moaning and groaning, and, yes, even screaming or coming up for air, if our mouths weren't attached to some other delicious piece of hot flesh. We never changed partners once we were connected. We just played more and more tricks on each other.


We "edged" again and again, bringing the other just to that point before losing control. To calm down the logical reaction to all the oral and throat stimulation, our hands would roam over the body in front of us -- tenderly, softly, lovingly, yet eagerly caressing, fondling, tweaking every inch of tingling flesh we could reach; we'd kiss, nibble, lick and suck on the thighs, ball-sack, and abs, and even tongue the belly-button, before returning to that prime, hot, throbbing, pulsing, twitching, leaking objective. Over and over. Again and again. Whew! We weren't just having fun -- no! -- we hungered and lusted after one another!


Now I know why they call what we were doing a daisy chain, for whatever one person did with the throbbing member he was sucking, it was like a wave of pleasure within seconds being applied back to his own member. It wasn't long before we started shooting our loads. Who shot first really doesn't matter; all I know is that Luke's nectar was the sweetest taste I'd had in a long time. That's not to say that I didn't love Matt's. No, not at all! His is just ... how shall I say ... more ... mature. And like fine wine --slowly aged!


As soon as we all had cum, we all rolled around on the bed into different positions and began passionately kissing. Luke and I, Matt and Mark, together, kissing, exchanging our juices; what a wonderful taste of Luke's and Matt's juices mixed. In addition, I am sure that Matt and Mark were both enjoying the mix of Mark's and my Juices.


There we lay, all together, totally spent, hugging, kissing, and just being together; two dads and two wonderful sons, sharing the most wonderful love a family could ever share together.


We seemed to all drift off to sleep together, holding on to each other, knowing we would be a family forever.


Charlie <><><>


They lay there sleeping, lying naked on top of the bed. If you could've seen them, you would've had a hard time knowing which arm or which leg belonged to whom. Nevertheless, they were all happy and content. When they awoke, they all took a shower together and helped each other dress. I can assure you this was just the first of many times they would spend together as a family.  A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that 'the family that plays together, stays together.


James, JC, Richard and I, all enjoyed our play time immensely. The show was one that would've melted the northern ice cap, or your heart, whichever you would prefer to call it. It was fun and we loved each other and would forever. We also knew that our loving family was continuing on with their love for one another.


The bunch on the big bed began to awaken; one by one they all got up and headed for the showers and more. Much more love was shared that morning; no one was left out of the loop. Colt was with Mark, and Luke was with Matt enjoying the warm and cascading hot water, and hot cream of the morning.


Matt looked at the twins and asked, "How about us all going to Hawaii for a few days? We could take Cowboy, and you two sex fiends can fly him." He had a big sexy grin.


"God, that would be great, Dad! What we goin' to do there?", Luke snickered back thinking to himself, 'Would be great to get out of this cold-ass Casper'.


Colt laughed, "Well ... I ... I don't think you two would have a problem thinking up something to do, and it's a bit warmer there than here! Remember, we do have a great penthouse and private pool there." He was looking directly at Mark when he said that.


Mark just rolled his eyes, "That would be great -- nude swimming without freezing our nuts off!"


"Those were hot enough for me last night," Matt chuckled back at his son, while looking at the boys, and nodding at them, "Now, go get Cowboy warmed up, if you guys still want to go?"


It didn't take the twins long to get dressed and headed for the hanger. They were good pilots, and their dads were not a bit afraid of letting them do the flying. While the boys were getting Cowboy ready, Colt called Mike and the bunch, to let them know about their plans. He told them not to worry if they were gone for more than just a few days. Then he called John, then Larry, telling them both to meet them at the hanger as soon as they could get there; he wasn't in a big hurry, but the twins were.   


At White River Lodge, Joel was getting everyone together to plan the Christmas Holidays for the family. Aaron was helping with the planning as only an assistant manager could do. They both were so excited about their plans. Mr. Bailey would always seem to have new ideas for them to try and incorporate, which was strange but they did find his help gratifying.


Kevin and Jerry were busy with flying the beautiful new plane, 'Blazing Star', named after the two very dear, and missed, wonderful horses, 'Star' and 'Darkstar'. What else would you call a plane that had both the horse's heads painted on the nose? That was something that both Colt and Matt insisted on when the plane was brought into the fleet.



In Denver, Mike looked at Johnny and Grace sitting at the breakfast table and was thinking, 'I wonder when those two are going to get together for good.' Then he asked, "Are you two enjoying the little weekend away?"


"We sure are, Mike!" Grace smiled back answering his question, then said, "I'm gonna have sweet'ums, here, take me shopping today." She looked at Johnny, then took hold of his hand and squeezed it.


"She always wants to spend money," Johnny chided back, then smiled a devilishly evil, but warm, loving, grin that would have melted the North Pole.


"Well, why don't you two go have fun? Mike and I can take care of ourselves ... I think?" Andrew said, while sipping his coffee, looking at the two lovebirds.


Soon, Johnny and Grace excused themselves and left the hotel. Mike and Andrew just sat there at the table chatting about many things, but the most important was about their sons and the twins.


"You know what's going on with the boys and the twins, don't you?" Mike smiled at Andrew as if to say, 'I know you know, but what do you think about it?'


"Yes, I know! Why are you asking that?"


Mike thought for a few minutes before responding, "Well, I was thinking about us, you and me, moving out of the master bedroom and letting the twins and our boys have it together. Of course, provided that they all want the same thing. How do you feel about it, hon?"


"I would miss the closeness we share with our boys, but I know the twins would love it. From just watching them over the past years would tell you that in a heart beat." Andrew paused, then continued, saying, "Of course they'd only be across the hall."


"True! But I just think we should let them make up their own minds and not just push it on them." Mike paused to drink some of his coffee, then continued, saying, "I just want them to be happy, is all!"


"They just did that this morning!" Andrew replied laughing out loud. "But you're right as always." He continued to chuckle at his own remarks. 


On Cowboy, Luke was getting things ready for the trip while Mark was goofin' off. "Bro, getchur ass up here and get the galley warmed up for John, you know how he is."


"OK, BRO!" Mark yelled back, then headed up the stairs, looking back, seeing his dads coming toward Cowboy.


"Hon, you know we don't have too much time to spend in the islands, with Christmas just around the corner," Colt told Matt as they approached Cowboy.


"I know, hon; but this is special for us all, and I think we really do need the time alone with our sons," Matt commented.


As they approached Cowboy, Colt looked up and saw Luke in the cockpit and smiled thinking, 'What a handsome set of twins we have. Thank you, God, for giving them to Matt and me.' Then he asked, "Have you thought about how lucky we are, Matt, having the twins?"


"Yes, I do, but don't forget Johnny. I know the twins are special because of our shared birthdays, but Johnny's a great kid, too! And soon we'll have a daughter; Grace is a gem as well." Matt smiled back at Colt, then looked up into the cockpit, "But you're right; they are a handsome pair!"


Colt and Matt climbed the stairs into Cowboy, and found the twins working. "John and Larry should be here soon," Colt told Mark, as he was heading toward the flight deck.


"Great!" Was Mark's reply as he disappeared down the short hall.


It wasn't long before John came aboard, followed shortly by Larry. Larry said, "Sooo, we're headed for the islands, huh?"


"Sure are, and we won't be there too long, either. Christmas is just around the corner, ya know," Matt told him as he and Colt took their seats in the lounge.


"John will have us some food, soon as we get this bird in the air ... IF those two in the cockpit ever get with the plan," Colt laughed, looking at Luke sticking his head out into the cabin.


"Ok, old man; was just checkin' to see if all were aboard," Luke chided back at his dad.


"We're all here, so let's go, guys!" Colt told him.


It wasn't long and you could hear the engines start coming to life. "That's a great sound," Larry commented to no one in particular. "I'm glad you guys are making this trip to the islands; I need to pick up a couple of goodies for the holidays."


"You should've said somethin', bud, if you needed stuff," Matt chuckled.


"Nothin' I couldn't have lived without, Boss!" Larry told him, then sat down, buckling up for the take off.


"Ok, ALL YOU OLD ASSMITES, buckle up; us kids are about to get your butts out of this freezing land!" Mark said over the speakers, as Cowboy started to move out of the hanger. After taxiing to the end of the runway, they turned him into the wind without the least hesitation; Luke pulled the throttles back, and with the roar of his engines, Cowboy began speeding onward and upward, leaving Casper, and the frozen ranch behind -- not for long, though, because the boys and their dads loved it too much to be gone for very long.  


At the lodge, Joel and Aaron were busy, alright, busy putting together their plan for the holidays. Kevin and Jerry were on their last pickup flight, picking up a large group of folks in Miami, Florida. It was a gay club that had chartered the flight and reserved the lodge for the last session before Christmas. Normally the lodge would be booked solid for the Christmas/New Years holidays, but this year was very special for the family as a whole, and the lodge was going to be closed except for the Andersens and close friends. Yes, close friends, too many to name here, but James, JC, Richard and I would be there with only bells on... I'm sure you get the picture; if not, well, you need to go back and re-read this story again. <evil grin> 


Part of the plans were going to be an overnight on the trail, in the middle of winter, in Canada; 'burrrr' that was going to be fun, I'm sure of that. Of course, that wouldn't bother us angels, but the live folks might find it causing them to be closer than normal. Or would it?  Snowmobiles were fun and they were going to make good use of them this year. Artic tents were purchased and on hand, already, for just this reason, but Mr. Bailey had suggested that they buy them, and setup overnighters as part of the winter programs offered. Colt, Matt, Joel, and Aaron all thought it was a great idea, but the first time the plan will be tested ... will be for the family holiday, itself. 


Back on Cowboy, Larry was holding a briefcase. "This, old man Greg sent for you guys to work on." He laughed as he handed it to his boss.


"Oh, he did, did he?" Colt chuckled back at him; he took the case and headed into the conference room, motioning for Matt to join him.


Just as they sat down and opened the case, the company line rang.


"Hello," Colt answered.


"Happy Birthday!" came a joint reply from Jack and Earl, somewhere over France.


"Hang on, let me have the boys put this on in-flight communications." Colt headed up to the flight deck and motioned for the boys to connect the call through in-flight communications so they could all be online at the same time.


"Ok, guys, everyone is online now," Colt said.


"Hello, Uncles!" The twins shouted in unison. "Wish you two could have been at the party, yesterday," Mark stated.


"Sorry, guys, wish we could have made it for sure, but Happy Eighteenth Birthday," Jack said with a chuckle knowing what had happened, even if no one had told them yet.


"Hi, guys!" Matt snuck into the conversation.


"Hi, Matty!" you could hear Earl say.


"We're heading for Hawaii, and loads of fun with our dads; it's gonna be fun, I hope," Mark said.


"Whatcha you mean, 'FUN you HOPE'!" Colt chided back, laughing.


"Can't wait for Christmas, you guys!" Earl and Jack excitedly said in unison.


"Me, either!" everyone seemed to have said at once.


"Will you guys be at White River for Christmas?" Luke asked.


"You couldn't keep us away!" was the reply from Buckaroo.


"But I think we might have to land there, instead of the ranch; you know how busy your dads keep us." Earl laughed out loud into the mic.


"That's ok with us," Colt added, saying, "It was nice putting in that airstrip, wasn't it?"


"Yep! You come up with good ideas now and then," Matt joked; you could hear everyone laughing at Matt's remarks.


"Well, the break will be good for everyone, and I am so planning on a great time this Christmas," Colt said while he was looking into Matt's gorgeous brown eyes, while licking his lips.


Matt's sexy smile was a turn-on for Colt. "I know, hot stuff, what you have on your mind!" Matt said as he poked at Colt's ribs, sliding his hand toward his nipple.


"Now! Now! You two ol' duffers!" you could hear the twins saying, then continued, "Hold that for tonight!"


"Keep your eyes on the clouds, you two," Matt chuckled back at the twins. Of course everyone hearing it, cracked up.


James, JC, Richard and I were laughing at the banter that was always being exchanged within the family. It was evident there was plenty of love shared with everyone. It was something that seemed to always be part and parcel of the makeup of the ranch, and how everyone that came in contact with it, or became part of it, acted afterwards. It truly was a place of caring and love.


"Speaking of clouds, these are getting pretty dark up here!" Mark worriedly said to his brother, who was looking scared. About this time, Cowboy started plummeting and vibrating, cabinet doors in the galley were opening and slamming shut. The alarm in the cockpit began blaring it's warning. Everyone on the phone heard it loudly; Colt and Matt jumped up from the table and were headed for the flight deck, while John and Larry tried to keep things from falling out of the cabinets, by locking the doors.


Earl and Jack, together, yelled into the phone as the connection was broken, "GOD HELP YOU GUYS; BE SAFE!!!!"


"DAAAAAD!  HELLLLLP!!! The twins both yelled! Both were fighting with the controls trying hard to keep Cowboy from falling faster and faster toward the rough seas below.  They didn't need to ask for help; their dads were well on their way by the time they did.


Colt and Matt slid down the aisle on their asses into the cockpit, trying to hold onto anything they could grab, to stop themselves.  Colt was yelling questions rapidly:  "WHAT'S HAPPENING UP HERE?!?!? WERE YOU GUYS DIDDLING?  WEREN'T YOU GUYS WATCHING THE FUCKIN' RADAR?"


"DON'T FIGHT IT!" Matt yelled at the boys, then he grabbed Colt by the shoulder and said, "DON'T YELL AT THE BOYS!  They're under enough stress already!"


"I CAN'T PULL IT UP!!!" Luke yelled.




"DON'T FIGHT IT, GUYS; DON'T FIGHT IT!  WE HAVE TO STAY CALM!" Colt yelled back over the sounds of the howling of the alarm, rain and wind. "SHUT THAT DAMN ALARM OFF!!"


With a frantic expression on his face, Mark yelled out, "WE'RE GOIN'..."


To be continued...


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