A Second Chance, Part V -- The Finale
By: Tickie
( 2008 by the author and creator)
Editor:  Gerry Young and Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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 "NO WE AREN'T, DAAAAD!!!" Both the twins said rather loudly and with fear in their voices.

"Yes, you are; now stop it." Matt scolded the boys. "You have to get back in the saddle just like if you fell off a horse. You can't let this get to you."

"NO, WE DON'T!" yelled Mark as he ran out the door of the room.

"HE'S RIGHT ... Nooo... WE DON'T HAVE TO!" Luke yelled as he followed his brother out of the room, slamming the door behind him...


Chapter 5



Matt charged out of the room after his sons.


"Look, we have a little problem here; we'll meet you all at the airport," Colt stated anxiously to all on Buckaroo, closing the phone.


"Good luck, Bro!" came the reply from his brothers.


Colt also ran out of the room chasing Matt and his sons. As he turned the corner into the nurses' station area, he saw Matt grabbing the two crying boys, one with each hand. They were sobbing, still trying to run as the elevator doors opened. Larry stepped out caring a suitcase of clothes for the family. Seeing what was going on, he dropped the suitcase freeing his hands, helping Matt subdue one of the twins by grabbing Luke by the arm. Luke was no match for the bodyguard. Matt let go of Luke still holding on to Mark's arm. They quickly stopped the two young men and walked them back toward their room. No one said a word until they got back inside the room.


Colt spoke first. "How far did you think you would get in those gowns?" He was laughing, trying  to set a 'not-in-trouble' mood for the boys.  He did not want to have them thinking they were in hot-water for the outburst.


"Your asses are cute, but some might not like them naked!" Matt joked with Mark as he let him go; he immediately ran to his brother and pulled him close while Larry was half-guarding the door to the room.


"Sit down boys; there's something I need to explain to you," Colt told them, then moved a chair so he could sit down.


Larry left to retrieve the suitcase of clothes he left by the elevator.


Colt then told the boys, "Now both of you just sit down and listen up. I would say please, but right now you haven't earned that word." He paused to allow the twins to pull up some chairs to sit on, then he continued again. "First, neither one of you are in trouble; it's completely understandable what you did. But do you really think you were going to go somewhere dressed like that? Never mind, you weren't thinking, just like I did once. I can remember something I did with my dad once when it was just something one of them said that made me mad. So mad I didn't think either, ending up scared and upset with them. I took Star and ran away, only to be more scared and wish I had never done it. But my dads understood and loved me even more. But right now you both feel the loss of Cowboy; well so do the rest of us..." He was cut off by Mark.


"But it was our fault for not watching the radar, Dad!" he worriedly said with a very sad and tear-stained face.


"Even if you had been watching, son, the chances of you spotting something like that is hard. Those things come up fast and from what I saw, you did all you both could have. You did land Cowboy without even breaking out the cockpit windows; that in itself is a feat. You both should be proud of what you did up there. I sure as HELL am. You saved all of us, and we're all alive, and right now a plane is something that can be replaced. None of us can be, so I want to thank you for a good job ...  OK! ... And now stop crying and come here and hug me; God! I still love you both, more than you will ever know." He opened his one good arm and waited for the boys to come to him. They did. Both of them hugged their dads -- Colt first, and then they sheepishly went over to hug their other dad.


"That's more like it!" Matt hugged them back, "He's not the only one that loves you more then life itself, I hope you both know that by now. Now, how about us getting cleaned up and out of here. Larry, would you go see if you can find Dr. Brooks?" Larry nodded and headed out of the room.


"Were sorry, Pops!" Both the boys said as they started unloading the suitcase of clothes Larry had placed on the bed.


"This is sure nice of Larry thinking about some clothes for us," Mark commented.


"Sure was, now let's all get a shower and move out; I want to meet Buckaroo when he lands," Colt told everyone, "How am I suppose to take a shower with this damn thing on my arm?" He joked, hoping the twins would soon be on a happier note.


"Here, Pop." Luke pulled a plastic liner bag out of the trash can, helping his dad get his cast and arm into it. Then he took one of the shoe laces out of his sneakers and tied it around the top of the cast. "That should do it!" he bragged, "Now come shower with me."


"What am I supposed to do with this head of mine?" Matt joked with a big smile on his face, knowing he opened the door for a jibe.


"Bro, you help our other dad! ... I know what I would like to do with it, Dad!!" Luke said with a cute sexy smile, "But don't put the bag over his head either, Mark." He laughed at his own remarks.


Everyone else began to laugh at Luke's comment. "Think I'm stupid?" Mark chided back at his brother, then poked him in the ribs not thinking about the bruises.


"OW, THAT HURT!" Luke quipped, poking his brother back.


"OK ... OK, that's enough; let's shower," Colt said as he pulled on Luke's arm.


Larry had found Dr. Brooks and he returned to the room where everyone had just finished dressing in their fresh clothes; except for shirts, they knew the doctor would want them off until he examined them.


Dr. Brooks had checked Larry and John much earlier in the day, and now he checked out the others in the room. Not wanting them to leave so soon, he gave in when he was promised they would be seen as soon as they got back to Casper by their family doctor. He made sure they all understood their limitations, and their medication had to be taken regularly until it was all used up.


They quickly finished dressing and soon they were on the way to the airport with Larry driving one of the company limos. Arriving at the general aviation terminal they didn't see Buckaroo yet. Larry dropped everyone off and moved the limo back into the company garage located at the airport. He quickly returned but Buckaroo was still not in sight.


Luke was looking out the windows of the terminal when he began to cry audibly. Mark heard him and moved closer to his brother asking, "What's wrong, bro?"


"Look at that!" Luke was looking at Buckaroo coming in for the landing, and  then said, "I don't think I can even get on him, bro ... I really don't!" he pulled Mark into a hug and continued to cry.


Seeing what was happening with the twins, Colt walked over to them saying, "What's wrong, guys? Why are you crying, Luke?"


Then Mark began to cry as well, "Pop, it's ... it's we don't think we can even get on Buckaroo; it's like were getting back on Cowboy!! He stammered out as he and his brother continued to cry, holding each other tight.


Matt and Larry were approaching. "What's wrong, guys?" Matt said with a worried look.


"This has to stop. I know you're all missing Cowboy, well I'm going to fix it the best I can for now," Colt said as he opened his sat phone and began placing a call to Boeing.


"Who you calling, love?" Matt asked.


"I'm going to order a new Cowboy, right fucking now!!" Colt told everyone within ear-shot of them.


It only took a few rings and the call connected. Colt immediately asked for the custom plane order department. Soon as he was connected, he asked for an old family friend, Bruce. Once Bruce got on the line, Colt began telling him what had happened to Cowboy, and that he wanted a new plane to replace him -- a rush order at that. He wanted Cowboy II delivered as soon as possible. Also, he explained that the interior would be exactly as it was on the older planes, and the exterior colors and patterns would also be exactly as before. The only difference would be, he wanted 737/700ER's for both new planes. Yes, he also ordered a new Buckaroo, but Buckaroo was to be built on a regular schedule, while he even paid the additional cost of ten per cent of the plane cost for the rush order on Cowboy II. He wasn't promised a delivery date but was told it would be as soon as possible. Bruce was pleased with Colt's order, but was upset with his friends' near tragedy... it could have been much worse.


"Now that's done, and Cowboy II is ordered and will be delivered as soon as it's ready. And I ordered the extended range model; now we don't have to stop to refuel so damn much!" Colt stated with a chuckle to anyone who was in ear-shot. Then he noticed Earl, Jack, and Carrie were standing there with everyone else.


"Hey y'all, we're goin' out and get Buckaroo ready for the trip home, and some food to eat," Larry told everyone, then he, John, and the flight crew of Buckaroo headed outside to service the plane for the trip home.




An hour passed quickly and everyone left the terminal to board Buckaroo. Colt made sure Luke and Mark were the first ones on the stairs. He and Matt followed right behind them, making sure they were close at hand if the boys needed them. They were followed closely by the rest of the family and crew.


As they entered the lounge Luke spotted James' portrait laying on the bar, he turned toward Mark and said, "Bro, grab a screwdriver and a couple of screws please, we need to take care of James!" Everyone stopped just inside the doorway and watched, wondering what the boys had on their minds.


Mark returned with what he needed, walking up to Luke who was holding James' portrait next to mine, telling his bro, "I'll hold it while you fasten it to the bulkhead." Mark set two screws into the cracked frame, but it held it in place just fine. Both the boys stepped back from the picture; Luke in a matter-of-fact tone said quite loudly, "There you go, James, back where you belong until we can again put you in your honored place on Cowboy ... O... OH, SORRY GRAMPS' ... Cowboy II!!" There wasn't a dry eye on Buckaroo right then. It seemed like everyone just walked up to the boys and each in turn hugged them.


It was the same for the four of us, we were amazed at what those young men did. James just pulled me close and hugged me with many tears flowing.


"Colt, would you guys all like to eat now, or wait until we're airborne?" John asked.


"LET'S EAT NOW!" came the echoed shouts from the two hungry teens.


Colt looked over at John and nodded, "Sounds good to me."


Everyone headed into the conference cabin and enjoyed the meal. As the food disappeared rather fast, with two teens devouring everything in sight, it came time to start the trip home.


"Boys!" Colt said looking at the twins, "I want you guys to take us home." He was watching their reaction close, hoping the worst was over but knowing that it wasn't, in his own mind.


"Pop, please don't make us fly home!" was the pitiful reply from Luke.


Followed by Mark's whining, "Ya', Pop. Please ... do we have to?"


Both boys were afraid, and you could see it in their actions, the way they complained all of a sudden about how much their bodies ached, or how sore their shoulders were, and how they had head aches. Thinking about what was waiting for them in the cockpit of Buckaroo.


"Sons, please, you have to get back in the saddle! I'll be up there with you, but you really do need to do this," Colt told them in a firm, fatherly tone, all the time smiling at them, making sure they knew he was behind them all the way.


Matt spoke, "I'll join you guys, but you really do need to take ... THE BULL BY THE HORNS ... boys. Quit complaining and move out! We'll be right behind you, OK ... now let's get this bird in the air, and home." He was grinning at his two wonderful sons, motioning them to move out.


The boys expressions would have worried the most seasoned pilot; their face's showed the fear their stomachs felt; their hearts beat so rapid and loud you could almost hear them pounding in their chests.




Back on the ranch, Mike was on the phone talking with the bunch at the lodge, filling them in on what had happened to the rest of the family.


"How are they doing?" Joel asked


"From what Colt told me they are all ok, except for him and Matt. He has a broken arm, and Matt has a cut of some sort to the side of his head. The doc wanted them to stay there, but knowing our boys, they wanted to come home. So, Earl and Jack flew Buckaroo over to pick them up," Mike explained.


"So are they still in Hawaii, or on their way home?" Joel asked while Aaron listened in over the speaker phone.


"I think they are about to leave anytime now, they want to get home and see Chuck. You know Colt and Matt; there just isn't any doctor like Chuck," Mike said as he looked up to see Andrew, Johnny, and Grace walking into the office. He mouthed, `On phone with Joel'.


"I can certainly understand their feeling there," Aaron said.


"Well, all we are really worried about now, is Matt; he seems to be the one with the worst injury, and from what he said `I'll be ok, I have a hard head.', but I still worry about him," Mike said looking at the others standing around watching him.


Joel questioned, "Is Christmas still on, Mike?"


"I think so; from what I know, all is a go, and I know everyone is excited about it. Don't change a thing. I know Colt will have a cast, so he might be limited but the rest should be fine," Mike explained.


"Ok, well Kevin and Jerry should be home with the last of the guests for this year. I know we'll all be happy to have a break," Joel chuckled.


"I'll have Colt get hold of you as soon as he feels up to it, after he gets home. Talk to you guys later," Mike said, laughing back trying to leave the conversation on a happier note.


"Bye, Mike, and thanks for letting us know," Joel and Aaron said in unison. Then broke the connection.


"When will they be home? Or have you heard, Gramps?" Johnny asked, still looking worried; he wanted to see his dads and brothers home safe.


"I don't know, but if they are leaving now, it should be in about five hours or so," Mike told them as he got up and headed for the kitchen for a hot cup of coffee.


Following him out of the office into the kitchen were the rest of the family. They all decided on some coffee and of course some of the great cookies Julie and Jo had just made that morning. They made enough to feed an army, knowing how much they wanted to just make things nice for their lost boys.




In the cockpit of Buckaroo were two teens worried to death and running through the flight-check list while their two dads watched with cautioned sets of eyes as their sons began the task of getting them into the air, and home again.


Luke brought the engines of Buckaroo online and began the journey out to the runway. With the sun setting in the western sky, Luke turned him into the wind and began their departure from Hawaii. With watery eyes, a couple of dads were watching the controls as their sons began the trip home, hoping it was just a good lesson, one they would not soon forget.


As Colt and Matt returned to the cabin, they found John and Larry chatting away about the last few days. "Well, guys, it looks like we're on our way home, sorry about the little side-tracked trip," Matt said as he sat in the overstuffed seat and buckled himself in.


"Well it won't be something I'll forget!" Larry chuckled, as he took a big swallow of beer. "Can I get you guys anything?" he asked.


"Nor will I; it was, traumatic, but exciting, I'll have something to talk about for a while," John said with an evil grin.


"Sure," Colt said, "I'll take a beer if you don't mind? How about you, love?" he asked Matt while looking at Larry.


"I'll take the same, Larry. Thanks," Matt grinned as he reached over placing his hand on top of Colt's, squeezing it, mouthing to Colt, 'I love you'.


Larry brought the guys each a bottle of beer, taking the twins each a snack and a soft drink.




It wasn't too long before Buckaroo was flying over the coast of the mainland and you could look out the windows to the south and see all the bright lights of San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Even at thirty thousand feet it was a beautiful sight for the twins. They had calmed down, and the lessons of flying home were taking hold.


Matt walked onto the flight deck. He put on the headset, saying, "I see you two are doing ok up here, it's a wonderful sight to see you both enjoying yourselves finally." As he was talking, he had placed one of his hands on the boys' shoulders, surprising them.


"OH, hi, Pop!" Mark said as he looked over his shoulder seeing his dad standing behind him.


Luke turned his head and looked at his dad and said, "Hi; it won't be long now and we'll be home; it's going to be about two in the morning when we arrive. Think grandma Julie will have some goodies for us?" He smiled at Matt with a twinkle in his eyes.


Or was it just the lights from the control panel reflecting off them. I just know the boys seemed to feel better after being forced to take the flight home. All of us, yes, James, JC, Richard, and I, were pleased and so very happy that Colt and Matt had turned out to be great parents for the twins, and it showed in the way they handled this part of the boys' lives.


"Have you ever been away anywhere that you didn't come home to goodies?" Matt joked back with the boys.


"No," came the joint reply over the headset, from two grinning faces.


"Did you guys let them know at the ranch of our ETA so they can have the runway ready for us?" Matt asked, knowing the boys wouldn't forget that important part of the trip. But he asked anyway.


"Sure did, Pop," Luke told him.


Matt just patted the boys on their shoulders saying as he left the cockpit, "Good work guys, let us know if you need anything."


"OK, POPS!" The guys shouted.




The weather in Casper was nice and cold as it should be in early December, but there hadn't been any snow in the last week so the ranch airfield was clear and the hands had the place ready for Buckaroo's arrival before they had turned in for the night. Andrew had made certain of that, he didn't want any other problems. He and Mike had gone to bed and set the alarm for about one thirty in the morning.


Julie and Jo had done the same; they wanted to fix something special for them when they arrived. They had a huge breakfast planned and they knew just what the fellows would like -- home-made waffles were the favorite of everyone on the ranch, but with home-made blueberry topping wasm, as Mark and Luke called it, their 'favortest' ...




Buckaroo was approaching Casper, so Luke announced over the speakers in the main cabin, "Home in sight. We should be on the ground in about fifteen minutes."


Colt got up and walked into the cockpit, "HI GUYS!" he shouted, then picked up the headset and spoke in a normal voice, "It's been a nice calm flight, boys, you're doing well."


"Thanks, Pop!" they said in unison.


"We're only about thirty miles out, Dad," Mark stated.


Colt got up between the boys so he could see out the cockpit windows, and was pleased to see the lights of Casper and home. "Sure is a wonderful sight, no matter how much fun it is to get away, it's always nice to get back home."


"More so on this trip, Dad!" Luke said into the mic.


"Yes, it sure as hell is!" Mark piped in, with a snicker.


"I just hope you two feel better now. See? It wasn't so hard to get back in the saddle, now was it?" Colt asked the boys.


"It was at first, Dad, I don't want to lie to you. I was worried most of the trip home, and we're not there yet!" Luke said as he watched the approaching Casper.


"Don't jinks it now!" Colt laughed rather loudly. He exaggerated the laugh for the benefit of the boys.


"Yes, bro, don't talk like that!" Mark quipped back.


"Why don't you turn on the runway lights, guys?" Colt asked.


"Sure thing, Pop," Luke said as he turned the radio to the right frequency to turn on the runway lights. Then keying the mic to activate, nothing happened, so he tried again, and again. "What the hell is wrong? They aren't lighting, Pop..."


"Do you have the right frequency on the radio?" Colt asked, not worried, but concern was still in the back of his mind.


Mark checked the radio setting, and tried his microphone by clicking it several times; still nothing. "Well, I don't know why they aren't coming on, Dad."


Colt himself checked the radio frequency and it was correct and the radio was working they had just talked to air traffic control not but a few minutes ago. "Call the ranch and ask them to turn on the lights." Colt told the boys.


Luke opened the sat phone and dialed the number and the phone began to ring, ... and ring, ... and ring, ...


To be continued...



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