A Second Chance, Part V -- The Finale
By: Tickie
(© 2008 by the author and creator)
Editor:  Gerry Young and Radio Rancher

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Colt, himself, checked the radio frequency and found that it was correct. The radio was working they had just talked to air traffic control only a few minutes before. "Call the ranch and ask them to turn on the lights," Colt told the boys.


Luke opened the sat phone and dialed the number; the phone began to ring, ... and it rang, ... and rang, ...


Chapter 6 

A naked groggy-eyed Ben answered the phone, "Hello, who's calling at this time of night!"

"Is this Ben?" Luke asked.

"Who else would answer the damn phone at this time of night?" he answered, then shaking his head and thinking a bit, "Oh, shit, sorry Luke, what's wrong? I forgot you were coming in late tonight."

"Sorry, Ben, didn't mean to wake you, but the fuckin' runway lights aren't working. Turn them on for us, would you?"

"Just give me a minute and I'll take care of that, Luke."

"Thanks Ben," Luke said as he hung up the phone.

Ben cradled the receiver, then, still naked, he walked out of his room and down to the office. Seeing that the radio was turned off, he turned it back on, and pushed the override switch turning on all the runway and landing lights, lighting up the entire area like a Christmas tree. What a beautiful site that is in the middle of the night looking for a place to put a big bird down. Then he called the ranch house to inform Mike and the rest of the family that the boys were home.

Mike and Andrew were already up and put on their heavy jackets. As they were about to walk out of the house, Julie and Jo were coming in the back door. "Good morning guys!" Julie said in unison with Jo.

"Good morning to you both!" Andrew said.

Mike stopped, and looked back and said, "They're home, or at least they're about to land, and we're going down to meet them. Are you gals going to fix breakfast now?"

Julie just smiled and said, "You bet we are. Those are our grand-kids, too, you know!"

Mike just smiled and followed Andrew out of the house and headed for the hanger area of the airfield.


Hanging up the phone, Luke turned to Mark and his dad and said, "Woke up ol' Ben and he's going to go turn them on now."

About that time the runway landing lights lit up and it was the prettiest sight for sore eyes any of those in the cockpit on Buckaroo had ever seen. It was home, and all they wanted to do was be home right then.

Colt said, "I'm going back into the cabin, guys. You don't need me up here." He tapped each boy on his shoulder, letting them know he loved them.

"Ok, Pops!" both boys echoed.

Back in the cabin, Colt told Matt what had happened, and he laughed, "What else can go wrong on this trip?"

"Nuttin', honey, nuttin' at all!" Colt smiled back as he put his hand out and touched Matt's beautiful soft cheek.

Carrie, John, and Larry were just waking up when they saw and heard what had just happened with Colt and Matt. Larry softly said to Carrie and John, "I'll just go get the car and we can go home, ok? I don't want to be in the way of this homecoming."

Carrie simply said, "I agree. Let's just take all the crew and sneak away without saying anything."

Larry just nodded his head in the affirmative.

The boys brought Buckaroo in so softly that no one even felt the wheels touch the runway. The first thing anyone felt was the reverse thrusters and the brakes being applied as the plane began to slow down.

Mike and Andrew were waiting as they saw Buckaroo approaching; they looked into each other's eyes and saw tears. They hugged tightly and whispered into each other's ears. "Thank God our boys are home safe."

Buckaroo then turned back toward the hanger area and taxied up to his hanger and stopped. Luke then began shutting down the engines. Soon, a couple of sleepy and half-dressed ranch hands rolled the stairs up to the door of the plane, while Mike and Andrew waited patiently for their sons and grandsons.

Luke and Mark finished shutting down Buckaroo, and walked off the flight deck into the main cabin to a waiting pair of dads who took the boys into their loving arms and hugged them dearly. Colt simply said, "Well done, my sons; well done!"

Smiling at his boys, Matt said, "I told you, you could do it, and you did a fine job. Now let's get some food. I'm hungry enough to eat a horse, and his rider, too!" That got a huge laugh from everyone. 


Meanwhile at the lodge, after being told of the problems with Colt and Matt's injuries, Kevin and Jerry had been thinking about how to handle the Christmas vacation that was about to become a reality. While both were tired and in bed naked together, neither one was able to sleep; they tossed and turned; they hugged and kissed.

"Hon, I really think we should go down and get everyone, and not have them fly up here with Buckaroo," Kevin sweetly said to Jerry between kisses, and roaming hands.

"What makes you say that, cutie?" Jerry mumbled, while playing with a special something that was getting quite stiff.

"I ... I just think—stop that or I'll never..." Kevin moaned as Jerry slowly began moving his hand up and down the underside of his penis, "... be able to tell you, if you keep that up." Kevin rolled over toward Jerry and began to tongue him, passionately, all over his face; he worked his way to his ear, sticking his tongue deep into the hollow. Kevin was driving Jerry mad with excitement.

"Oh, Kevin, I promise ... I'll make love to you forever." Jerry couldn't stand the torment he was being put through with that probing tongue.

Kevin got on top and straddled Jerry's growing cock. Jerry pulled Kevin—by his dick—all the way up to his hot mouth and sucked on it for a minute or so. Then he pushed Kevin back and down, so that Kevin straddled his hips. Kevin reached down and stroked Jerry's hot hard tool a couple of times; then Kevin moved it around his own asshole until he felt the tip of Jerry's magic wand hit his hole. Kevin started lowering himself down onto that power pole of Jerry's. Kevin's hole opened up and took Jerry's timber in his ass; Kevin squeezed his rosebud tight around it.

Jerry let out a moan and a grunt, and then he reached down and grabbed Kevin's cock with one hand while the other fondled his balls. He then started pounding Kevin by raising and lowering his hips. Kevin returned the action, by raising and lowering himself, in time with Jerry's gyrations.

Kevin reached over and tweaked one of Jerry's tits, and pinched it hard. Jerry let out a squeal; he twitched and jerked several times. Then Kevin took his other hand and poked his middle finger into Jerry's belly button. That seemed to do the trick; Jerry's stomach muscles got very tight and started to quiver.

"Oh, God! Kevin, I love you so much, so very much!" Jerry said, as he shot load after load into Kevin's tunnel. When Kevin felt that hot cream shooting up his ass, he just let go, not saying anything, just moaning, then all hell broke loose! The dam burst. "Oh, God, I'm cumming!" Kevin shot cum all over Jerry's chest. One load hit the wall above his head and dribbled down to the floor. When Kevin stood up, Jerry's manhood was still hard, and as it came out of Kevin's butt, it slapped Jerry's stomach with a plop. Kevin slid down so he could lick Jerry clean.

"Oh, God, love, this reminds me so much of our time that first summer at the resort. It was the best thing that ever happened to me; I still can't believe it, I really can't ... I love you so!" Jerry said as Kevin kept sucking and cleaning his penis.

Kevin just continued to clean and lick all the cum and sweat off Jerry's body. He stopped just long enough to say, "What I was saying ...." While Kevin was talking, Jerry grabbed his cock again and was trying to pull him closer. "...aw shit, I'll never get it out!" Kevin grunted.

"You really want me to stop?" Jerry asked while he was stroking Kevin's cock very slowly.

Between moving around Jerry's body and licking it as he went, Kevin continued talking. "Fuck I just want to make it easier on the family... aw, fuck! You're getting me hard again!"

"Look at what you're doin' to meeeee!" Jerry squeaked out, as he pulled on Kevin's member, "I'm all sticky; how about a quick shower, hon.?"

"Only if we can continue this in the shower?" Kevin questioned an answer as he was being pulled by Jerry into the huge shower. Jerry turned on the water and began soaping Kevin from head to toe, and then back up the other leg until he found what he wanted. Kevin spun Jerry around so fast he didn't know what happened, and fell on the floor, or—should I say—slid down Kevin's leg until he was lying on the shower floor where they soon were in a classic sixty-nine position, hungrily working each other into another frenzy of love. Kevin shot his load first, into Jerry's waiting mouth; he swallowed every drop of the precious nectar. Jerry was so enthralled he couldn't hold back and dumped his second load of man juice into Kevin's hot and sucking mouth. Together they lay there and let the warm water wash over their tired and ready-for-sleep bodies.

They dried each other quickly; holding hands again, then got back into bed, snuggled up, and fell into a deep and loving sleep.


Back at the ranch, everyone was sitting around the dining room table, except for Julie and Jo who had already served and cleaned up the late night breakfast, and then retired to their own little love nest.

Mike and Andrew were staring at their sons and grandsons, not knowing what they would have done if things hadn't turned out as well as they did.

Yawning, Mike said, "Everyone, I think I'm goin' to hit the sack; it's been one long and trying day. Ni-t'all," he said lightheartedly, "see ya tomorrow." Then he got up, moving away from the table, and pulled Colt up and hugged him. Matt stood up and hugged his dad as well. Mike then went over and kissed each of the twins on their cheeks—the ones on their FACES— and they returned the kisses; then he headed toward the twins' bedroom.

"It sure as hell was, hon; it sure as hell was! Good night ya'll; see you in the morning." Andrew said as he, too, yawned. It must have been catching. Then he got up and followed Mike out of the dining room.

Both Mike and Andrew had told Colt, Matt, Luke, and Mark they wanted to let them have the master bedroom permanently. That they were younger and they knew the love was strong between the twins and their fathers. He and Andrew had made that a promise when they were in Denver and they weren't going to give in. Colt and Matt both argued with them but their dads won out. Mark and Luke told their granddads that they didn't want to make them leave their bedroom either. But nothing would change their minds. However they did promise that there would be times, when they could all share their love for each other in the big bed. THAT brought smiles from all the boys.

After Mike and Andrew left, Matt said, "I think they have a great idea, I'm tired." He got up and took Colt by the hand and winked at the twins, "You two going to join us?"

Colt said, "That was so nice of our dads, and your granddads. I just wish they'd wanted to stay in the same room with us tonight. But I don't think any of us would get much sleep." He was grinning at the twins who were grinning back with two cute little evil grins at their dads.

"Who wouldn't get any sleep?" Mark chuckled while he was getting up and headed down the hall toward the bedroom with Luke following.

"Wouldn't be talkin' about me, now, would ya?" Luke snickered as he joined Mark as they were quickly followed by their dads.

Inside the bedroom the twins were soon stripped down to nothing. Colt was having a hard time with his cast. Luke went over to help Colt out of his clothes.

Mark was helping Matt disrobe. Of course, Matt didn't need the help but he accepted it eagerly. Soon they were all naked; they were moving around the bed, trying to figure out who was going to cuddle with whom.

"I hate this damned cast! It's always in the fucking way," Colt cursed, trying to get comfortable.

Luke got into the middle of the bed. Patting the mattress, he told Colt, "Just lay down here and put your cast over my side; that should help, Dad." Luke then snuggled up tight, by pushing his back into his dad's chest, telling him, "Just lay your cast over my side and rest your hand on my tummy." Mark saw what was happening so he grabbed a thin pillow off the chair so his brother would have something softer than that cast laying on him. "Thanks bro!" Luke told his brother.

Matt got in behind Colt and kissed both Luke and Colt then turned toward Mark and pulled him in tight for the night. Since Mark was the last one in bed, he pulled the covers up over everyone as he, too, got in and snuggled up, pushing his back into Matt's chest. "Goodnight Luke, Goodnight Pops, both of you!" He chuckled under his breath.

"Good night, boys, it's sure nice to be home and safe. And don't forget ... Chuck will be here tomorrow to check us all out," Colt said.

James, JC, Richard, and I were sure thankful all things turned out as well as they did. Our prayers had been answered. We all sent down our thoughts for a well-earned restful sleep to take them over.

Soon, they all drifted off into dreamland, and the twins at last were not worried about the turmoil they had just been through.


In the twins' old room, a few hours later, morning was again waking the grandfathers. As they were getting out of bed Mike saw that Andrew was sporting a nice stiff something he wanted badly. "Oh, my love, you have something interesting leading the way. Don't you?"

"Could be!" came the reply as Andrew snickered at his lover, as he headed into the bathroom.

Mike got out of bed and followed him like a puppy. "Wait for me, Andrew." Both of them were sprouting wood.

They both took their morning piss at the same time into the bowl. Their two yellow streams flowed, and danced together. They turned to the shower and said in unison, "You first." Then they both chuckled.

Andrew said with a warm smile, "Why don't we just take one together, love?"

Mike answered saying, "Sounds good to me." He opened the shower, turned on the water, and adjusted the temperature. Andrew stepped in and Mike followed. Mike reached for the soap and began washing his lover's muscled back, lathering it up good. And then with both hands, Mike worked his back muscles and washed him clean, all the way down his backside. Mike then turned him around, kissed him, and then he started down from his neck. Mike then found those beautiful, amber nipples; he bit them gently, getting a mouthful of suds, and washed them until they were hard. That sent a chill down to something that was still growing. Mike washed all of him; he paid the most attention, however, to one long beautiful part, which was standing proud. That caused a similar part of his body to stand up and pay attention. By this time, Andrew's legs looked like they were about to give out; they buckled, and he was whimpering and moaning.

Andrew spoke uncontrollably, "I'm so ready .... God, I'm hot, don't stop, take me now! Take all of me, love." Andrew, knowing he was ready—oh, God he was so ready to shoot—said, "Please don't stop."

Mike turned him around to wash off the lather, then turned him around again, got down on his knees and licked at his stud's proud manhood; he licked his balls, first one, then the other, taking them both into his mouth—oh, such a delicious mouthful—then Mike sucked them one at a time.

"Oh, shit, that feels so goood; don't ever stop, Mike, my Mike; don't stop!" Andrew shuddered.

Mike just kept working on his tool, and playing with those love-eggs until he could tell Andrew was losing control. Then Mike stopped, slithered up, and kissed him, over and over, until Andrew grabbed him, and gently pushed Mike back down to Andrew's waiting, throbbing cock; Mike again took him all the way in. Mike's nose rested in his pubic hair and he smelled him again. He felt him stiffen even more, as small little jerks rippled down Andrew's jelly-like legs.

"Oh, Mike, take it all, take it all, oh, oh...oh...oh," Andrew moaned, collapsing to the tiled floor of the shower.

As Andrew went to the floor, Mike just went down with him, and said, "Come on, cutie!" Mike kind of mumbled it, though, because his mouth was full. Mike sucked every drop. After he drained him, Mike stood up, and pulled Andrew to his feet and kissed him. Mike passed the love-juice from his own mouth to his lover's; Andrew drank it in, along with Mike's tongue.

Then Andrew pulled Mike in close to him, turned him around, and started on Mike's back. Andrew soaped Mike up and down between his legs, playing with Mike's balls from behind him, which drove him nuts. Andrew pulled Mike's soapy body back against his own. Andrew reached around his lover, and soaped up his chest and stomach; then, he worked his way down to Mike's manhood. Andrew started to really lather his cock, stroking up and down, up and down, faster, and faster, with one hand while the other was pinching Mike's nipples one at a time. He traced his free hand's fingers all over Mike's chest and stomach. It was wild. It was hot. And he was about to explode. Mike flinched when he moved back up to his nipple and pinched it again.

In a shaking voice, Mike said, "Oh, Andrew, my Andrew, I'm about to loose it, oh ... ohhh. Andrew stopped, spun Mike around like a top, and went down on his cock in one swift move. He managed to get to it just before Mike lost it. Andrew sucked and licked until poor Mike caved in on the floor; he pulled him up and planted a huge wet sticky kiss on Mike. Their tongues danced the dance of love together. Mike just looked into Andrew's eyes and told him, "I love my Andrew more than life."

Andrew looked at Mike with an evil grin, saying, "I love my man more than that," while he continued stroking Mike's back.

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do."

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do!"

"No you don't!"

"Yes, I do.  Yes, I do.  Yes, I do!" they played, and kissed again, smothering their laughter.

Mike stared at Andrew, with a huge grin of his own, and said, "You devil, you; what's on your mind now? You look like you're plotting something wicked." Mike was looking deep into his eyes. Mike smiled back at him. "I think we need something to eat. Maybe something other than each other would be a good idea; wouldn't it!"

Andrew agreed, and headed for the bedroom, Mike just followed him. Both got dressed rather quickly and headed into the dining room for breakfast where the rest of the family had already gathered.

"You guys look happy today," Luke told his grandfathers as they walked up to their rightful place at the head of the table.

Andrew picked up the coffee pot and began pouring himself and Mike a cup, saying, "You might say that." Then he looked at Mike and grinned as he handed him his cup of coffee.

"We sure like your old room, boys; it's just right for us, and the smaller bed ... FORCES us closer together," Mike said to everyone, as he took the cup of coffee from Andrew.

"Our sons have kind of taken us over," Matt snickered, at his boys.

Both were just smiling at their grandfathers, knowing all too well what those two were up to as they had overheard the sounds coming from their old room during the night and morning. "We heard you two, and the shower running." Mark was grinning evilly, saying under his breath, "Wish we'd been there."

Nervously, Johnny asked an important question. "Pops, both Grace and I want to spend Christmas with her folks this year. Will that be ok with you? I really would like it if I could. It's not that I don't want to be with all of you this year. You know y'all mean the world to me. It's just I want to be with Grace, and it seems that she's always doing things with us, and nothing with her folks." In his own mind, he was worried that he was about to hurt his dads' feelings, and the rest of the family as well.

"Son, you're an adult now, and if you want to spend Christmas with your cutie and her family, it's alright with me. We'll miss ya, but I know you're in love," Colt answered his son without even looking at Matt.

Matt didn't say anything for a few minutes, almost to a point where Johnny thought he was mad at him for asking. Matt had both elbows on the table holding his head between his hands. He looked like he was thinking.

"Did I upset you, Dad?" Johnny asked with a worried look.

Matt just shook his head 'No' but kept holding his head. This began to worry Colt, "Are you alright, hon?" he asked softly.

"I'm ok, just my head is killing me right now," Matt moaned. "Johnny, it's fine with me. Sorry I'm not too enthusiastic about it, but my head really hurts right now."

"Have you taken anything for it, hon?" Colt asked with a frown on his face and concern showing in his eyes.

"I hate takin' all that crap, I just wish this head would quit hurting all the time." Matt frustratedly said, then got up and told everyone, "I'm going in and lay down for a while until this headache goes away." He walked out of the dining room.

With a worried expression Luke said, "I'm worried about Pop! He keeps getting these headaches all the time now."

Mark spoke up with concern, "You're not the only one, brother of mine. I'm scared the crash really hurt him more then he lets on." He reached over and took Luke's hand in his, and squeezed it showing his brother how much he meant what he had just said.


Over the next few days, Dr. Chuck, as the twins and family called him, came out to the ranch several times checking on the family of wayward travelers, making sure they were getting the best care he could offer. Mark and Luke were doing fine; some of their aches and pains were subsiding and the bruising was turning to an awful green look, but the pain was going away.

While Colt's arm seemed to be healing—or at least the pain had gone from the break—the bruises were much the same as on the boys. Matt, on the other hand, was doing okay; the wound to the side of his head was looking nasty but seemed to be healing. His hair was beginning to grow back, but he had Jo cut the rest of it off so as to have a decent, even, hair cut. He did look funny to the rest of us; he always wore his hair rather long, and now with a butch haircut, it just looked strange. It was the reoccurring headaches that had Chuck worried, and he was going to schedule him in for another MRI as soon as possible.

The day had arrived for them all to take off for the lodge and the Christmas vacation, and the ranch was going to be shut down for two weeks. Everyone was going to be at the lodge except for Johnny and Grace. They were going to be at Grace's family-home. No one would be left at the ranch except the security force that was now part of the ranch. You might just say they had a rent-a-cop service ever since they had a run-in with some bigots when the twins were in the last year of high school. It was something the family wanted to forget so nothing was ever much said about it. One day, the boys were followed, in town, and attacked. But the attackers were hurt more than the boys were; the twins were no push-overs, and they got their licks in, but Colt and Matt didn't want to ever take a chance; hence, the ranch now had 24/7 guards on both ranches.


Later that day Kevin and Jerry arrived in Blazing Star, landing that afternoon to pick up the family and those who would also be part of the Christmas get-together. The luggage and presents were all at the hanger and the ground crew had begun loading all the gear and some of the other special items that had been ordered and delivered to the ranch.

Kevin stayed aboard while Jerry got off and went up to meet the family in the house. As he entered,  most were sitting at the dining room table chatting. "Hi all; ready for your ride on Santa's sleigh?" he asked with a huge smile on his handsome face.

Andrew got up and hugged him saying, "I am!"

Julie got up holding a big shopping bag full of goodies—cookies, brownies, and candy of all kinds, "Me and my bagful of goodies is ready, cutie pie," she said with the warmest smile. Taking Jo by the arm, they left the dining room as the rest of the troop followed.

Luke simply said, "I'm following my nose, and those goodies of grandma's!"

"Not without me, you aren't!" a giggling Mark said, as he tagged along behind his brother.

Mike, Andrew, Colt, Matt, Earl, and Jack just trailed along behind the boys. Even with all the gear already loaded onto the plane, they all were carrying more stuff—not as if they were going up empty-handed.

It felt strange to the twins climbing onto 'Blazing Star'. They had been on him before but not without being the pilots themselves. Now it was their uncles who would be flying them to the lodge. Yes, the twins thought of Kevin and Jerry as their uncles as much as they had thought of Earl and Jack in the same manner. It was truly a huge and extended family. They all loved each other and what was once Charlie and James's family had grown into something wonderful.

Kevin was waiting at the door when they arrived and boarded; the seating wasn't as plush as it would have been on Buckaroo, but it was a nice plane and he was proud that he and Jerry were the pilots of Blazing Star. He was so grateful to the Andersons for what they had done for him and Jerry. Neither one of them had such a wonderfully planned future as they now had, and it was only because of JC and what he had done for them.

"Please be seated and we'll get this bird in the air," Jerry joked with the family.

"LET'S GO!" yelled the twins in unison, laughing and excited about the trip; it would be the first time they had not been at the ranch on Christmas Day since they had become part of the Anderson family some thirteen years before. They were excited, but yet again, apprehensive about being away from the only real home they could remember.

Colt and Matt were feeling much the same way. I could sense it; it would be the first time those young men would be away from the ranch on Christmas and they were both wondering how it would be, being away from the ranch on Christmas Day for the first time in their lives since they had become Andersons. It even brought tears as they looked into each other's eyes. "What are you thinking about, hon?" Colt asked Matt as he gripped his hand.

"Just thinking about not being home for Christmas. You know it will be the first time for us not being on the ranch at Christmas." Matt said as he leaned over and kissed Colt on the lips.

"I was just thinking the same thing, honey, and it's a little sad I know, but let's make this the best Christmas ever. OK?" Colt whispered back.

After seeing everyone else with tears, Earl thought to himself, then whispered into Jack's ear, "How lucky we are, that all our family is still with us."

Jack whispered back, "Thank God for that; thank God. I don't know what I would have done if we had lost them."

Kevin came over the PA system; "Fasten your seat belts, we're on our way. 'Over the river and 'cross the hills, it's up to the lodge we go,' he sang. On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen ... awww, shit, we don't have that many horny engines. Increase the fuckin' throttle ... oops. Sorry, folks." The passengers were roaring with hysterics as they heard Kevin's merriment.

"YOU GUYS BEEN DIPPIN' IN THE EGG NOG ALREADY?" Colt yelled, "That's against FAA rules and regulations you know!" Then he burst out laughing so hard his sides began to hurt.

"WHERE'S OURS?" The twins echoed.

All that could be heard from the cockpit as Blazing Star came to life with increased speed, was, "HO! HO! HO!" and soon the ranch was beginning to vanish into the distance as "Santa's sleigh" flew toward their Christmas vacation.

Mike noticed everyone was teary-eyed, and he thought to himself, 'I just want this to be a wonderful time for everyone. That's all I want for Christmas!' He was thinking with just a little to much inflection in his voice, saying, the last part of his thoughts, "That's all I want for Christmas." Just loud enough for someone to over hear him.

How right he was! That's all James, JC, Richard, and I wanted for the family ... and for Matt to get over those headaches. We all prayed for him. Only time will tell...

To be continued...   


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Some Editor's Notes:  This was quite a meaty chapter, in more ways than one.  It seems that the family that plays together stays together. 

I am very glad that everyone is ok. Well, Matt is still having those headaches, and I hope they can take care of that situation in a hurry.

This Christmas it seems that everyone will be having the time of their lives, in the lodge and there will be fun and frolicking for everyone. 

This story has touched many lives and brought us tears of both joy and sadness.

I met someone who is now a dear friend, mainly through this story, and among other things, this story gave him the incentive to begin writing his own story. 

I am very happy to be a part of bringing this story to you, and I am eagerly awaiting each new chapter, just as I am sure that you are.

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