A Second Chance, Part V – The Finale
By: Tickie
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This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

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Mike noticed everyone was teary-eyed, and he thought to himself, 'I just want this to be a wonderful time for everyone. That's all I want for Christmas!' He was thinking with just a little too much inflection in his voice, saying, the last part of his thoughts, "That's all I want for Christmas," just loud enough for someone to overhear him.

How right he was; that's all James, JC, Richard and I wanted for the family, and for Matt to get over those headaches; we all prayed for him. Only time will tell...


Chapter 7


Colt looked towards his dad, and said, "What's all you want for Christmas, Pops?"


Mike didn't think anyone overheard him and was shocked at the question from his son, "Nothing, just thinking out loud."


"Come on, Pops, spill it; I want to know what you want for Christmas," Colt insisted.


Mike just smiled at his oldest and said, "Just for everyone to be happy this year."


"Me, too, Pops; me, too," Matt leaned over and told his dad.


A few hours passed and everyone was chitchatting, and the time flew by rather quickly, when Kevin came on the PA system. "White River Lodge in sight; we should be on the ground in fifteen minutes, folks, and I think Santa is waiting! Ho ... Ho ... Ho! So buckle up. 'Santa's sleigh' is about to land." Everyone on the flight was again laughing at the merriment of Kevin and Jerry.


Someone yelled, "WHERE'S THE EGGNOG?"


Over the PA, "Last I tasted it, it was next to the fireplace, by the big, gaily decorated Christmas tree," he said in a very effeminate falsetto voice, rarely ever heard from the PIT of the COCK. This had, again, everyone in stitches laughing at their pilots.


It was good to hear them all begin to enjoy themselves. I know it was going to be fun for us. We already had our special presents ready for the family, but they will have to wait for Christmas morning for that surprise.


Soon they were landing, and pulling Blazing Star into his hanger so all could disembark inside the building.


It was truly a beautiful airfield that JC and Richard had ordered for the property. Many a guest had now traveled from faraway places to enjoy their time at White River Lodge. JC and Richard were poking me telling me to explain more. I just poked them back and laughed at them, then kissed James and JC, and hugged Richard.


Okay, now I will finish the story.


Well, there was not only a single hanger for Blazing Star, but there were several other hangers of different sizes—smaller ones for corporate jets, one larger one for one of the family's 737's. Also, there were some large underground fuel tanks for aviation fuel, along with two large snowplows with huge blowers on them for keeping the place open in the winter. There had been a few times that commercial airliners had to make emergency landings. That alone, in the eyes of the Andersons, was worth every cent they laid out for the airfields.


All the members of the family were excited being there, and all hurried into the lodge to find the place gaily decorated to the eyeballs for the season. There was a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the lobby. It was beautiful; it looked like it had a million lights on it, with streamers running from the corners of the lodge to the center of the treetop. Garland laced with lights was draped all around each window, with the snow outside.  Even the windows had been decorated by "Frosty The Snowman," and  the place looked like something taken right out of a Christmas Card.


Joel and Aaron waited for them by the fireplace. Joel reached out and took Mike's hand and said, "It's so nice you all made it up here. I want this week to be so special for you!" While he shook Mike's hand he was grinning and winking at everyone else as he noticed them gathering around.


Aaron was making his way around, greeting everyone with a piece of mistletoe while holding it over their heads, kissing each and every person. "Welcome to your home away from home," he kept saying like a little broken record, but it was so funny—him in his 'Santa hat' holding that little sprig of mistletoe.


"Where's the EGGNOG?" Mark yelled out.


"Careful! I know you're old enough, but that stuff packs a punch!" someone said.


Both the boys ran to the punch bowl and began dipping the crystal cups into the eggnog. "Come on, you old farts, it's Christmas time." Luke yelled over to the rest of the group.


"Wait a minute, GUYS! Don't be in such a rush!" Colt told them with a big grin on his face, just knowing his boys were going to have fun.


Jack grabbed hold of Earl, and led him over to the spiked eggnog, "COME ON, IT'S PARTY TIME!" he yelled grinning at the crowd of people. Of course, the crowd was just the family and hotel staff that was milling around watching the merriment that was taking place.


Kevin was the second in line after the twins, "Save some of that for me!" He chuckled for all to hear.


It was fun and everyone was having a good time. It was late in the evening when Joel announced, "Dinner is served. Would you all please join us?"


It was a great meal and there were happy faces all around. The meal and chitchat lasted for nearly an hour when Colt glanced over and saw Matt holding his head again. "Matt?" he asked; "Are you ok?" His happy face turned into a worried expression seeing that Matt was apparently hurting again.


Matt raised his head from between his hands; "It's just hurting again. Luke would you grab my medication for me, please, son?"


"You bet, Pops." Luke jumped up and ran for the baggage at the front desk. It wasn't there. He looked up and saw Mr. Bailey standing at the counter not moving at all, just like a statue. He walked up and said, "Hello, Mr. Bailey; are you working tonight?"


Mr. Bailey jerked a bit and turned his head saying, "Hello, Luke. Yes I am. I'm always here at the desk and love working here. I get to see all the guests and talk with them. Can I help you with something, young man?" Then he stopped moving and just stared at Luke.


Luke smiled and said, "You sure can; do you know what happened to the baggage that was here?"


"Yes; it's been taken to your rooms. You and your dads are in the master suite at the top of the stairs. Would you like me to show you the way?"


"No, that's okay, Mr. Bailey. I can find my own way, thanks." Luke ran up the stairs into the Master suite and grabbed his dad's medication. Then headed back down and decided to sit backwards on the banister, sliding all the way; he was excited and happy about everything.


"Here you go, Pops!" Luke said handing the bottle to Matt, on his way to his chair, sitting beside his brother.


Mike stood up and tapped his glass drawing everyone's attention. "I would like to say a few words." He glanced around the table at all the family and dear friends. Yes he considered even the employees 'dear friends', and then began; "Tomorrow should be a fun day for us all. We're all going ice-fishing on the lake. I would suggest you listen to Joel and Aaron. They're pretty sharp cookies when it comes to ice-fishing; they seem to know how to catch the big ones." He began chuckling and so did most of the others, except for Joel and Aaron they were both blushing. Mike looked directly at Matt and added, "Are you going to be alright tomorrow?" Before Matt could answer him he looked at Colt and asked, "And you—my other son—will you be alright? I don't want either of you two hurting yourselves anymore than you already are."


Matt swallowed a couple pain pills with a glass of non-alcoholic eggnog, and said, "I'll be fine, POP!" Then he added, "If not, I'll just take a half-dozen more of these." He held up his medicine bottle and shook it a few times as he grinned at his dad.


"Over my dead ass you will." Colt gently poked Matt in the arm laughing at him, then looked at his partner and said, "If you're not feeling well tomorrow, I'll not leave you alone, hon; you can bet your sweet-ass on that," he seriously joked back at his brother and partner.


Mike watched everyone, and you could see he was still very worried about his second son. He thought, 'We all need to get to bed with the early fishing in the morning.' He was starring at Matt and said, "My boy, I think you ... all of us ... should hit the sack, it's going to be a fun and busy day tomorrow." He just kept smiling a mixed and worried smile.


"I think you're right, Pops," Colt said to Matt and the rest of the family, motioning them to move, with a wave of his hand.


It didn't take much for the twins to catch on and they were soon following their dads up the stairs into the master suite, closing the door behind them. Luke quickly opened his bags and took out the plastic bag for his dad's cast, "Come on, Pop, get your ass out of them clothes." He was stripping himself as he told Colt to get undressed.


Mark first helped Colt, then turned and helped Matt with removing his clothes, then stripped himself.


Once everyone was bare-assed, Luke took the plastic bag and poked Colt's arm into the bag and closed it; then he took out one of the shower caps, went up behind Matt, and placed it on his head.


Everyone cracked up except for Matt until he looked into the mirror to see himself naked in a shower cap that someone had marked up to look like an elf's cap.


It was so damn cute that James, JC, and I were laughing so hard, it hurt.


Luke took hold of Colt, while Mark took hold of Matt and together they drug them into the shower and then they turned it on. It was so nice. The water, from the start, was just the right temperature, and soon they all were soapy and slippery and were washing each other's important parts to very stiff and hard points of CUM-tension.


Colt was trying to figure out how he could take care of Luke, while Luke was working him over.


Luke said, "Dad, you just back up against this wall." He was telling Colt this as he put him into position with his back to one of the walls where the shower was the narrowest. Then continuing, he said, "Come over here, Pop." He led Matt and stood him at the opposite wall facing Colt. Both Colt and Matt were facing each other each with enormous erections. There was just enough room for the twins to slip, slide, and squeeze between them, if they hugged each other tightly.


Of course, there wasn't enough room if something long and hard wasn't planted deep inside a couple of hot and horny sons. Luke slid his hot backside onto Colt's waiting pole, while Mark helped Matt slide his member into his tunnel of love. In this position the twins seemed to have the ability to rock back and forth rubbing their own cocks against each other, kissing passionately, arms around each other, while their hands—wrapped behind each other's backs—were pinching, twisting, tweaking, and rubbing their dad's hard nipples.


Colt, with his good arm, reached over Luke's shoulders and hugged—the best he could—while also tonguing Luke's ears, first one side, then the other as the boys were humping, and rubbing their young cocks together.


Matt, on the other hand, was doing his best to just remain standing; of course, I don't think he could have fallen with his spike implanted in Mark's love tunnel.


Mark was enjoying the attention Luke was giving his mouth, and the added pleasure of his brother's love tool warming his own.


It seemed like only a short time and there were gigantic eruptions taking place in the suite's large shower, that the twins were able to make smaller with designs of pleasuring their dads. They had accomplished that and much, much more.


Colt began to moan, and his legs started to buckle as he held onto Luke, tighter as each pulse of his cream was being shot into Luke's hot, tight pucker.


Luke, feeling his dad's nectar, began to let fly his own hot and forceful jet after jet of cream, shoot up between his and his brother's chests.


Feeling Matt unload his love juices into his backside caused Mark to let fly, grunting, "Oh, God, this feels so gooood!"


"AWWW! That was just the best, boys!" Colt stammered as his wilting member left Luke, allowing him to slide to the side enough to get under the shower spray.


Luke turned around and kissed Colt, "For me, more then you, Pops!" Then he, too, stepped under the same showerhead with his dad. Picking up the soap, Luke started at his neck, soaping him up from head to toe, and back to front, making sure to keep the cast dry while re-washing his dad.


When the boys broke, Mark had turned to Matt and kissed him just as passionately as his brother had to Colt, their tongues battling with each other.


"That was fantastic, boys," Matt said, as he too slid out of Mark. Then he turned his son around and returned the wonderful kiss they'd shared.


Mark slid under another showerhead, taking Matt with him, and then began to soap him up for his re-washing, getting all the cum and shitty leftovers off.  He looked at the shower cap and began to laugh uncontrollably thinking about how funny Matt looked as a near-naked elf.


It seemed like only a few minutes had passed, when, in reality, it have been almost an hour the four had played in the shower. They all looked like prunes as they dried each other off before crawling into bed together for a long awaited sleep. 


The next morning came early on the 23rd for the family, with Mr. Bailey calling each room at 6 a.m., so they could get an early start on the ice-fishing trip. As they each headed for the dining room to have a buffet breakfast, which was waiting for them, they noticed Mr. Bailey was watching a movie on the TV behind the reception counter.


Luke walked over and asked, "Whatcha watchin' there?" Grinning at him, he could see it was something that seemed to always be on when he came by.


"It's a Wonderful Life," Mr. Bailey said, in a matter-of-fact tone, "I love that movie at this time of the year. I wish my forename was 'George'."


Luke seemed to grin from ear to ear. "Well. Mr. Bailey, how would you like to be called 'George Bailey'?"


He was smiling and very happy as he spoke; "I would love that, Luke!"


Colt overheard the conversation with Mr. Bailey and Luke, and grinned as he simply said, "Good morning, George. How is your day?"


"It's great, now that I have a first name. Thank you so much, Luke, for giving me the name." George was now running around telling everyone about his new name.


"Congratulations!" came from several of the gathering members of the family as they headed into the dining room.


As soon as breakfast was over, Joel stood, tapping his spoon on his glass and getting their attention, "Okay, fellas, I would suggest you all go and get some good heavy warm clothes on. It's damn cold out there; right now it's about minus fifteen degrees, and it won't be getting much warmer today, and that is cold. Now go get your warm gear and meet Aaron and me at the dockside building. I'll explain more when we all get together there." He chuckled, as he took Aaron by the hand, leaving the lodge for the dock area.


Once everyone was gathered in the dockside building, Joel again started showing them some of the equipment for cutting the holes in the ice, while Aaron was getting each of them a fishing pole, tackle, and live minnows for bait.


Joel began, "First, you have to find a good spot—Not telling you mine!" He gave an evil little grin and then continued, "Then, take the chain saw—you'll have to cut about a two-foot square hole in the ice. Once you get it cut, you need to take the ice tongs and push down on the block of ice and get it to start bouncing in the water until you can hook the block with the tongs and pull the block out of the hole. I'm sure you all know how to push and then pull things in and out of holes."


Everyone roared with laughter.


He continued. "Okay. Then slide it out and to the side. It makes a good place to sit, once you cover it with a heavy blanket." He was animated in showing how to move the ice up and down, then pulling the ice out, moving his hands like you would spread a blanket over the ice, "presto you have a place to sit and fish. Also, be sure you have an ice skimmer handy. You'll need to skim the ice off the surface of the water, or it will freeze over again. After that, you just fish like you would normally."


Everyone clapped, with shouts of "Bravo ... bravo ... bravo."


Mike just smiled and said, "Okay, now everyone, we'll have a prize for the, biggest fish, the first fish, the most fish, and the littlest fish. How does that sound?"


Jack yelled out, "I'll take the prize now for the littlest fish." Then he laughed.


Everyone else joined him or giggled or wiggled their pinkie fingers at him.


"You must be talking about that one between your legs!" Earl snickered back at him, while everyone in the building was laughing. It lightened everyone's spirits and they all were having a blast.


Colt looked over at Matt and said quietly, "Are you going to be alright with this, hon?" He looked worried.


"I'll be fine. If it begins to bother me, I'll just head back to the lodge," Matt said to Colt, but it was overheard by the twins.


"Pop, if you can't stay, I'll go back with you. Ok? So you tell me!" Mark scolded his dad. It was funny, in a way, as you could see the real concern on his face.


"I'll be fine; let's just enjoy the fishin'," was Matt's reply as he picked up his pole and gear.


"I'm going with Pop!" Mark stated, and he, too, picked up his pole and tackle as he walked out of the building with Matt.


Mike and Andrew took their gear and walked out onto the lake and found a spot along with the rest of the bunch. It seemed like they were all pretty well paired off with their partners and found fishing spots relatively close together or they were going to fish in the same hole. Not THAT hole out here; too fucking cold for that. Joel and Aaron were running around on a snowmobile with a sled behind, loaded with blankets, goodies to eat and drink, extra gear, and the chainsaw so they could cut the ice hole (not asshole) for them. But they only cut the hole, the fisherman had to remove the block of ice and set up their spot.


It didn't take long as the chainsaw just ripped through the ice like a hot knife through butter. It was something to see the water clear but so dark almost black in color when in the summer it was a beautiful bluish-green and crystal clear. It didn't seem to take long until the ice was forming on top of the hole in the ice. So now they found out what the ice skimmers were for. They looked like ladles but flat with holes, you took it and skimmed the surface of the water removing the new ice all the time, while you waited for a bite.


It wasn't long before everyone had their hole in the ice and were fishing. They really weren't far from the lodge; it was almost within shouting distance, but definitely within walking distance. This made me happy, for I was still worried about Matt and those headaches. James, JC, and Richard were all worried but kept it to themselves, but I knew they were concerned, as well.


"I got one!" Earl yelled.


Jack was smiling at him and pretending not to notice, then faked a surprised look saying, "How big?"


"Help me!" Earl squeaked as he was fighting the fish trying to keep the line away from the edge of the hole. He knew the ice would cut the line if it rubbed the side of the hole too much.


About this time, Kevin came over. "Looks like a nice one, but don't horse him! I've ice-fished before, and you're doin' just fine, Earl." He was laughing at the pair; it was funny-looking for two Indian 'braves' trying to land their first trout through the ice.


Earl was still fighting the fish. "I've caught a lot of trout, but never through the damned ice!" For an Indian not to have fished through the ice before was something different, but having never been with a tribe before, he was simply a city boy.


Colt had to come over and see what was going on; of course Luke was hanging on his shirttails. "Looks like you're going to win the first fish."


But no sooner he said that and Matt yelled out, "I GOT ONE!"


Mark was jumping up and down with excitement over his pop's fish. He dropped his own pole into the snow so he could help his dad. "I'll help you, Pops!"


Joel and Aaron were so busy they didn't even try to fish, they were having too much fun just taking care of the family; yes, they knew they were now part of a grand and wonderful family. Watching them all play and fish that day was something neither of them would soon forget.


But let's get back to the story.


Everyone was milling around and of the few fish that were hooked, only one was brought in to be measured and weighed, then it was released. It was Earl's and the others were not caught; they were just too crafty for the folks, and got away. Earl had the prize for the first fish for sure, and if someone didn't land another one soon, he might we be big winner of all the prizes. Prizes? What were they, anyhow? Mike hadn't told anyone what they were.


As time moved on, people were moving and Joel was cutting new holes in the ice for them to try their luck in different locations. When they moved from place to place, they couldn't put the block of ice back because the first blocks taken out had become frozen to the surface where they sat. But it didn't take long for the holes to crust over with new ice.


After Kevin and Jerry moved to a new location not far from their earlier one, Jerry was dropping his line. "Damn, this is deep; is there a bottom to this lake?" he asked of no one in particular.


Joel overheard him and said, "Well, it's deep here—about a hundred feet here—but there are places in the lake that are over two-hundred feet deep." Joel then kept busy cutting new holes for the other folks..


Suddenly Colt yelled out, "GOT ONE!" He began fighting the fish and it seemed to be a good one.


Luke was excited watching his pop playing the fish through the hole. "Don't loose him, Pop! You need my help, DAD?"


"Yep son, could you land him for me? This damn cast!" Colt cursed at it.


Matt wasn't but about twenty yards away and was so interested in watching Colt and Luke playing their fish that he almost missed the one tugging on his own line. "Whoopee! I got one, too!" he yelled out. Mark was now jumping around trying to wish it in, not knowing what else to do. "Come on! Come on! Come on!" he told the fish.


Of course both Mark and Luke had brought their lines in while the dads fought their fish.


Luke was just full of smiles as he landed his dad's, nice Lake Trout. "He's a nice one, Dad; I think he's the biggest today, so far." 


Joel was the official for the contest, and kept his findings to himself quite well, but you could tell that Colt's fish was a bit larger than the one Earl had caught earlier.


Matt also landed his and Aaron came over and weighed and measured it, and he was in the running too, for biggest.


Mark looked over and told his brother, "Don't know which one is bigger, but they're both nice fish."


The family were all having a good time, and enjoying themselves very much. Time was moving on. After a couple more hours of fun, everyone had caught a few fish, so no one was skunked, but some were bigger than others, yet no one knew for sure who won what.


Jack looked up and saw George coming out of the Lodge in a jog toward them, waving his hands and saying something he couldn't hear, "Hey guys, hear comes George. It looks like he wants someone," he yelled out.


Everyone who heard Jack turned toward the lodge to see Mr. Bailey coming out onto the lake and heading toward Matt, Colt, and the twins' location.


As George approached Colt, slowing from a jog to a walk, he said, "Colt ... there's a phone call for you. I told him you were busy, but he insisted I come get you." He stopped right in front of Colt.


"Who is it?" Colt asked with some annoyance in his voice.


"Bruce Williamson, is all he would say, Sir," George said to Colt and Luke, who was standing with his dad.


"Great, I was expecting that call. Thank you, George." Colt turned to follow George back to the lodge, but noticed Luke was following him. Turning back he said, "Luke this is sort of a private call unless you need to go back for some other reason." He smiled at his son.


While Colt was talking to Luke everyone started screaming, "STOP ... WATCH OUT!"


But it was too late. George had stepped into one of the open holes in the ice, and as he fought to keep from going under, all anyone could hear was, "Fuck ... glub ... glub ... glub..."

To be continued...

Darryl's Notes: Well that is quite a nasty kettle of fish, so to speak.
I know quite a bit about androids, and I know that George can withstand quite a bit of cold temperatures, but I don't know if he has learned to swim, or if he will simply shut down to preserve his systems. I don't know if there is any safe way for anyone to get George out of the frozen lake or if he will have to stay unconscious till the spring thaw. I guess we will just have to wait and see, won't we?

What is happening to Matt, and why does he keep having the headaches? I hope he doesn't have some sort of pressure building on his brain. Let's hope not.

I sure hope we find out what is happening in the next chapter. I can hardly wait.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher


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