By John Yager

The following story contains adult themes and should not be read by those who are under age or otherwise restricted by the laws of their area from access to gay erotic material.

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We jogged easily over the well-trodden trail, Adam in the lead. I was about fifteen or twenty feet behind him, enjoying the view of his cute rear and nice legs.

Adam was quite a bit shorter than me, about five-six to my six feet, and I outweighed him by at least fifty pounds. He seemed to be in good shape, not heavily muscled, but toned. I was sure in an all-out race, I could easily take him, but letting him set the pace was nice. Like I said, I was enjoying the view.

We came over a slight rise and then broke out of a thick stand of young pines onto a narrow rocky space overlooking the valley far below. Adam stopped, breathing hard, and pulled his sweaty T-shirt off over his head. He turned to face me as I caught up with him. He used his shirt to wiped his chest .

"How are you doing?" he asked as his breathing slowed.

"Good," I said. Following his lead, I was pulling my own T-shirt off and using it to wipe the sweat from my chest and arms and shoulders.

"Will we have gone far enough if we head back now?"

"Sure, Adam. I said you should set the pace."

"Do you want to take the lead, John?"

"No, you're doing fine."

"You know what they say, if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes."

"I don't mind not being the lead dog and I don't mind if the view doesn't change." I paused and then, on a whim, added, "if I like the view." I gave him one of the sly smiles I'd been told ever since I was a teenager was real sexy. I'd known Adam now for almost a week and it was the first thing I'd said to him which might be considered a come-on.

Adam didn't respond verbally, but he gave me a really cute grin.

"Well, let's head back then." He stuffed one end of his shirt into the waistband of his shorts as he started back down the trail at an easy pace.

It was Friday afternoon of our first week at the center. We'd arrived the previous Sunday and been working intensely ever since. We were on a three week course at a training and conference facility run by our company. The place was an old resort hotel which had been turned into a state of the art computer lab and instruction center. The property was located on over a thousand acres of wooded hill country just north of the Kentucky-Tennessee line.

Adam had come with two of his colleagues, both women about our age, from our northern region. I was there from our southern region, and had also expected to be one of three from my area. As things had turned out, I was the only one of our group who'd come.

When we'd arrived the previous Sunday Adam was about the first person I'd met. We were checking in at the same time and were assigned adjacent rooms. I'd been in the process of unpacking when I'd heard a knock at the door which connected his room to mine. I unbolted the door from my side and found him standing there looking shyly at me.

"Hi again," he'd said. We'd introduced ourselves a few minutes earlier downstairs in the lobby. "I figured this door connected your room to mine."

"Seems so," I'd grinned. The door was never closed again during our time there and Adam and I had become good friends. We'd worked side by side over the first few days, and when, on Thursday, the instructors had told us to choose a partner for a case study which would take all the following week, Adam and I had looked toward each other and nodded.

Back at the training center from our run, we went up to our rooms to shower and shave and change. The evening was free but there was to be some sort of social event later. We'd gone into our respective rooms and as I let the warm water run over my body I found myself thinking about Adam. I couldn't help wondering what he'd made of my comment about liking the view of his rear. He'd grinned in a way which seemed to suggest he wasn't offended. But had he shown any interest?

When I came out of the bathroom, still drying myself, Adam was standing in the doorway between my room and his. He'd seen me naked before so I just finished drying myself.

"Can we talk?" he asked.

"Sure," I said. I tied the towel around my waist as he turned and headed back into his room. I followed.

Adam had pulled on a pair of clean white boxer shorts after he'd showered. They made him look boyish and very sexy. His light brown hair was wet and slicked back from his face. His body was smooth and very appealing.

As I followed, he went to the big bed and moved across it, stretching out on the far side, leaving room for me. He looked over and patted the space beside him.

"This towel's wet," I said. "I'll get your bed damp."

"Pull it off."

I did, stretching out naked beside him, propping my head up on one arm, looking over at him.

"What did you mean about liking the view?" he asked.

"Just what I said," I responded, tossing the ball back into his court.

"You liked watching my ass?"

"Yeah, it's a real cute ass."

Adam was silent for a very long time.

As his hair had dried a little, a thick lock had flopped down over his right eye. I reached out with my free hand and pushed it back from his forehead.

He smiled at my attention and asked, "so do you like guys, John?" His voice was very low.

"Yeah, Adam, some more than others. What about you?"

"I don't know. I never thought I was gay but I've been wondering."

"Wondering, or just curious?"

"I don't know." He paused again and then asked, "so do you consider yourself gay?"

"I gave up on labels."

"You don't seem gay."

"What does that mean?"

"You know, the stereotypes, effeminate."

"I gave up on stereotypes, too."

"Do you also like girls?"

"Do you mean, do I like having sex with girls?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Yeah, I like doing it with girls, but I think I like doing it with guys better."

"What's it like?" Adam said, "with guys, I mean."

"Do you want me to show you? I don't think I can put it into words."

There was a long silence again, and when he didn't respond, I just leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Our mouths were closed and it was a very chaste kiss. Nice though.

"Hum," he said when I withdrew my mouth from his.

"Hum, okay, or hum, not okay?"

"Hum, okay," he grinned. "I've not done a lot of kissing, but what I've done has all been with girls. "It's different with a guy."

"It's different with me, you mean."


"Do you want me to do it again?"


I leaned forward and kissed him again, this time opening my own lips just enough for the tip of my tongue to run over his lips, letting him know I'd be glad to come in.

Adam's arms came up around my shoulders and he pulled me over onto him. I liked the feel of my body against his. His lips parted, just a little, and I pressed in, moving my tongue over his tightly clenched teeth.

His lips parted a little more and his teeth separated. I felt the tip of his tongue press forward against mine. He groaned and his body pressed up against mine.

I backed off and looked down at him. "Where is this going, Adam?"

"I don't know."

"Where do you want it to go?"

"I don't know. Until an hour ago I had no idea you were interested in anything physical between us."

I looked down at him and nodded.

"Why don't you just relax and let me take the lead?"

"You're okay with that?"

"Sure," I said, smiling at his innocence. "The question is, are you okay with it?"

"Yeah, John, I feel real comfortable with you."

"Okay then." I rose up and looked down at the length of his body. His chest and stomach were so inviting. His whole body was nicely toned and his tan skin seemed to glow from the exertion of our run and its exposure to the sun. Looking further down, I saw his cock was hard, forming a tent in his white boxers. There was a damp spot where the head pressed against the thin fabric.

I leaned over and kissed his chest, running my tongue down the valley between his pectoral muscles and then detouring to gently lick each of his nipples. Adam groaned at my attention and ran his fingers through my hair. I was glad to see he wasn't afraid to respond.

When I ran my tongue over his softly outlined abdominal muscles, he tensed and groaned. I'd found an especially sensitive part of him.

I looked up at him and saw his eyes were fixed on me, watching each move I made. I moved around and grasped his legs, pulling them out straight. Then I reached down and grasped the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down. He lifted his hips to make my task easier. Then, spreading his legs as wide as possible, I knelt between them.

Adam was tan all over. No line separated the toned skin of his stomach from the area below. His cock was hard, as I'd known before pulling off his shorts. It now stood up proudly, twitching slightly, its circumcised head wet and rosy. He didn't have much pubic hair and his balls were so free of hair I wondered if he shaved them.

"Nice tan," I said, smiling up at him.

"I've been using a tanning bed at my gym."

"Nice cock, too."

"Not as big as yours."

I didn't know he'd been looking.

"You're not as big as me. It all fits together."

"Thanks," he grinned. "I think I like yours better."

I knelt between his legs and lowered my mouth to his cock, running my wet tongue over his oozing head. He groaned.

"You've had blowjobs before, right?"

"Only from a girl. Only a couple of times."

"Blowjobs from girls don't count," I said, smiling up at him. "They don't know what they're doing."

"I know Becky, my old girlfriend, didn't like doing it."

"Figures. I bet she sure didn't take your load."

"Oh, god no. She'd just do it a little and then I'd end up jacking off."

"Did you go down on her?"

"No," he admitted. "I couldn't get into that either."

"Well, Adam, there you go."

I lowered my open mouth over his cock, taking him all the way in.

"Oh, John!" he gasped. His hips were bucking up as he instinctively tried to fuck my throat. I placed both my hands on him, my right on his stomach just above his cock, the left further up on his chest, and held him still. I wasn't going to let him take control, knowing if I did, he'd come way too fast.

He settled down as I pressed him into the softness of the bed and let me establish a slow, easy rhythm. He was groaning loudly now, so loud I wondered if anyone in the hall or the adjacent rooms would hear him. I kept it up, slowly, steadily, until I felt his body tense. Then, not wanting him to come yet, backed off and moved my hands down behind his. I lifted them up until his knees were pressed against his chest and then began to lick his balls. There was no hair on them or behind them. The entire crack of his ass was smooth. I wondered again if he shaved himself there, but felt no hint of stubble. Interesting. I'd ask him later.

Right then, though, I had my thoughts and my mouth engaged with other things. I pressed my face into his ass and attacked it with gusto, running my tongue over his pulsing rosebud as he bucked and groaned beneath me. I stiffened my tongue into a hard tube and began to prod him in earnest. He smelled clean. He'd just showered, of course, so the aroma of soap overcame any more natural odors he might ordinarily harbor there.

Adam was moaning like a woman in labor. How, you may ask, do I know about the moans of a woman in labor. My only actual experience with such verbalizations are from watching a film on childbirth, but I have had a few close calls.

One girlfriend, about three years earlier, had found herself pregnant and informed me that I was the father. I thought it was unlikely. I'm always very careful about such things, not seeing myself as a fatherly type. When I didn't hasten to marry her, as she'd hoped I would, she decided the baby belonged to another guy after all and they were married fast enough to give the whole thing some degree of respectability.

Not that I wasn't flattered that the lady in question had staked me out for her first choice of husband for her and father for her child, but I was happy for all concerned that she found a more willing, even eager, candidate. I'm sure he's made a much more suitable father than I'd have done.

Meanwhile, Adam was moving into a state of sexual overload and I abandoned his cute ass to deep throat his cock again. He was soon back at the threshold of explosion and I decided this time to let him slip over the edge.

He was making a lot of noise by then, I think trying to tell me he was about to come, as if I hadn't figured that out. He told me later that he wanted to warn me, not knowing if I wanted to take his load. I had every intention of taking all he had, and happily swallowed his repeated and powerful volleys.

When he'd calmed down a little, he pulled me up to him, kissing me again and again on the lips and cheeks and eyes, telling me repeatedly that he'd never experienced anything like that before and was eternally indebted to me for showing him an aspect of sex he'd not even expected existed.

"But you've not come, John," he also kept saying.

"It's cool, Adam," I told him, "just sharing that experience with you was reward enough."

"No way, man. I owe you big time," he responded.

"I don't worry about that kind of debt, Adam," I said, "you're not obligated."

"I want to be obligated, John," he said, his voice low, almost a whisper. "I'll pay you back."

"Well, when and if you are in the mood, that would be great, but really, no obligations."

We went back to share a second shower, during which he seemed to really get off on washing my body. He spend a lot of time on my cock and I had to tell him to either stop or finish it. He grinned and said, "later." I wasn't quite sure what he had in mind, but decided to wait it out and let him choose the time.

"Do you shave your balls, Adam?" I did ask him. It seemed like the natural opportunity to ask, as we stood close together in the shower and I lathered his ass.

"No," he said, looking a little embarrassed by my question. "I never had much hair there and about a year ago I got myself lasered."

It didn't sound like something a straight guy would do, but I didn't tell him so.

That evening there was a barbeque and later some live music. All of us in the training course sat around in the large common room, drinking and listening to a surprisingly good local jazz trio. I'd figured, being Kentucky, any local musicians would play Blue Grass or Country.

It was a good opportunity to get to know the others on the course and I did a bit of table hopping. At one point I saw Adam was sitting with Laura, one of the two women from his regional office. I walked over and joined them. Laura was dark and good looking, probably twenty-six or twenty-seven. When the trio played a slow danceable piece, a slightly updated version of "Old Black Magic," Adam asked her to dance. They looked cute together, even though she was an inch or so taller than him.

When the music ended the trio took a break. The room seemed suddenly quiet. Laura went over to the bar to stand by Sarah, the other girl from their group.

Adam returned to sit by me, nursing his drink and looking down at the well worn top of the table. He moved his glass repeatedly, making an intricate pattern of rings on the scarred wood.

"Laura seems nice," I said. "Is she someone you've dated?"

"No, not really," he said, looking up at me for the first time since he'd returned from dancing. "She and Sarah are good friends. They more or less saw me through a bunch of shit when Becky and I broke up."

"The girlfriend who didn't give head," I grinned at him.

"That's the one."

"Did Becky work with the three of you?"

"Yeah, but she left town after we broke up."

"That was probably for the best."

"Yeah," he agreed, looking up at me again. "It was hard working with her after we split up."

"But Laura and Sarah came to your rescue."

"Well, they helped," he said, pausing for a moment before he spoke again. "Laura and Sarah sort of dyke around together."

"Oh," I said. "I didn't realize they were a couple."

"I don't know if they're a couple or not. They both go off on tangents now and then." He looked up and gave me a slight grin. "They both like to explore the mysteries of dick from time to time."

"Is yours one of the dicks they like to explore?"

"Well, yeah, Laura and I did it a couple of times but I sort of figured she was just being nice."

"Don't ever consider yourself a mercy fuck, Adam. You're way too cute for that."

He grinned at me but didn't say anything more.

At that point the musicians came back and began to get organized for their next set. Laura and Sarah chose that moment to come over to join Adam and me.

"So, what do you think of the course, John?" Sarah asked. I figured she was just being polite, maybe trying to start a conversation.

"Okay, I guess," then feeling sort of feisty, I added, "it's looking up, though, now that I have Adam for a partner."

The three of them looked at me blankly but no one said anything.

"He and I are doing the case study together," I said, at which they all three nodded.

Still feeling a little mischievous, I went on. "I was sort of thinking maybe the four of us could cook something up tomorrow. We do have the whole day free. You know, maybe sort of double date."

"Which one of us were you going to ask to be your date, John," Laura said.

"Oh, I'm flexible," I smiled at the three of them. "You guys can decide how we should pair off."

"I think it would be nice to just do something as a group," Sarah said, and when I looked over at Adam he was grinning.

"I like being nice," I said.

"Well, sure then, let's do something."

"How about meeting for breakfast at eight o'clock and deciding then," Laura said, "you know, an outing of some sort."

"Sounds good," I said.

"Well, I think I'll go on up to bed," Adam said, "I'll see you all in the morning."

With that our little group rose and headed for the stairs. The girls were in rooms on the second floor at the extreme east end of the building. Adam and I were also on the second floor but at the opposite end. When we got to our rooms he stood at my door waiting for me to open it. I wasn't sure if he intended to come in, or if he was just letting me fumble for the key, intending to go on in to his own room through the connecting door.

"You were being kind of naughty down there," he said as we went in.

"I know. Sorry."

"Oh, don't be sorry, I was enjoying it."

"Do you think the girls caught on?"

"I don't think so, but I'll probably tell them tomorrow."

"Tell them what?"

"That you gave me my first man-to-man blow job this afternoon and then you fucked me tonight."

"Really?" I said, stepping back and looking at him. "I'm sure I'd remember that last part."

"I hope so," he grinned. "If it's as memorable as the blow job, I'm sure I'll not forget."

"So is that what you have in mind?"

"Yeah, John," he said. "That's what I want."

"I told you to forget about obligations."

"Well," he grinned, "I sort of figured the obligation was yours."


"Yeah, you should at least finish what you started." His grin really was infectious.

"You're sure?"


I drew him into a gentle embrace and kissed him on his warm lips. When we'd kissed before we'd been in bed. Standing, it seemed a little odd, Adam being so much shorter than me. It was a little like kissing a woman, except that he had the hard, trim body of a guy.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this," I said as our lips parted. "Any preferences which bed we use?"

"Yours, I think," he said. "We used mine before." He ran his right hand down my left arm and asked, "can we shower together again first?"

"Sure, anything you want."

"Would you let me undress you?"

"Yeah." I wasn't sure why he found the prospect of taking my clothes off exciting, but I was willing to play along.

"Come on," he whispered, a little nervous tremor in his voice. He led me towards my bathroom and then, leaning me back against the door, pulled my polo shirt off over my head and tossed it on a chair. Then he knelt and removed my shoes and socks. When he'd finished, he reached up to loosen my belt and then to unfasten the closure of my slacks. He let them fall in a wrinkled heap at my feet. He then grasped the waistband of my shorts and pulled then down around my ankles. My penis was already rising, not fully hard, but definitely excited.

Adam leaned forward, still kneeling, and kissed the head of my cock, letting his lips linger there for a moment. Then, as if he'd worked up more courage, he opened his lips and took the head into his warm, wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around it several times but made no attempt to take more of the shaft into his mouth.

That would come later, I thought, if this goes on.

He backed off, letting my now rigid cock bounce up against my stomach, and looked up at me, smiling.

"I wanted to try that."

"What do you think?"

"Nice, I liked it. I wasn't sure if I would or not."

"Now what?"

"Well, I get undressed and we get in the shower."

"How about me undressing you?"

"Sure, if you want."

I stepped away from the pile of slacks and shorts and shoes and quickly put them on the chair with my shirt, clearing the path into the bathroom. Then, reaching out for him, I lifted his shirt off his slender body and added it to the pile of my own clothes. I turned him around and pulled him back against me. Reaching down, as if I were unfastening my own slacks, I unbuckled his, lowered the zipper, and let them drop down around his feet. He stepped out of his shoes and slacks and lifted first one foot and then the other, pulling off his socks and tossing them onto the growing pile of rumpled clothes.

We moved into the bathroom together and I reached past him to turn on the shower, adjusting the water temperature. We stepped in and I reached for the soap, working up a thick lather which I spread over his chest and shoulders.

It felt so nice touching him, feeling his tight body as my soap-slick hands ran over him.

Adam moaned and smiled up at me.

"Turn around." I said and realized my voice was husky with lust.

When he'd faced the wall of the shower, I put my arm around him, my left hand on his stomach, my right on his back, and bent him forward, at the same time kicking his feet as far apart as the space of the shower stall would allow. He was bent forward, his ass protruding back toward me. I ran my soapy hands down over the twin globes of his butt and then, as I came back up, let my fingers stray into the deep crack.

When my fingers ran over the bud of his ass, he groaned.

"Yeah," he said, thrusting back still further.

I did it again, letting my slick fingers linger there a moment and then pressed in. I quickly worked a single finger into his tight little ass, twisting it to spread the soap. When his sphincter had relaxed a little, I pulled out and replaced one finger with two.

He moaned.

I repeated the process, adding a third finger. When he was again comfortable, I pushed him forward a little more so the warm water from the shower cascaded over his back, carefully rinsing his ass.

I removed my fingers but he made no effort to move. As he continued to stand there, leaning against the wall, his ass pushed back, waiting, I hurriedly lathered my body and rinsed.

"Are you going to fuck me here in the shower?" Adam asked.

"No, I prefer doing it in bed, especially when it's your first time."

"Yeah, why?"

"You'll see. It takes time and a lot of patience the first few times. If we keep this going, maybe sometime I will take you in the shower, but you're not ready for that yet."

He was still leaning forward against the wall, supporting himself with his outstretched arms. Turning his head to look back at me, he said, "but you opened my ass up with your fingers. Shouldn't I be ready now to take your cock?"

I turned off the water and reached out for dry towels. I dried Adam first, running the thick towel over his back and then down his legs.

When he was dry I gave him a little shove and he stepped from the shower stall, waiting there as I dried myself and then joined him.

I placed my arms around his waist and swept him up into my arms. He giggled but relaxed in my arms and let me carry him to my bed. The covers were turned down and I lay him in the center of the bed, marveling at his lightness. He seemed to have yielded completely to me, ready for anything I might choose to do.

I'd put KY and condoms in the drawer of my bedside table believing, when I'd put them there, that it was wishful thinking on my part, but very glad now for my forethought. I removed them from the drawer and put them on top of the table by the base of the lamp, within easy reach.

I crawled over him, bent my face to his and kissed him softly on his lips. There was no hesitation now. His lips opened and he welcomed me into his mouth. I let my tongue roam, then, as he became more used to its presence, thrust it in deeper, letting him feel the pressure of it against the back of his mouth. When I sensed he was about to gag, I pulled it back a little so he could regain control, but still not removing my mouth from his.

When he relaxed, I pressed my tongue in again, each time a little further than the time before, until he was taking the entire length of it. I doubted if he was ready yet to deep throat my cock, but he was making real progress.

When I finally withdrew my mouth from his, he smiled like a happy child.

I kissed his chin and then again moved down over his chest and stomach, enjoying the slight saltiness of his skin. When I reached his cock I again took it all the way in, letting him see how it felt to be deep in another guy's throat.

"Oh, John," he gasped, "I want to be able to do that for you."

"You will," I said, lifting my head to look up at him. "It just takes some experience." I moved further down and lifted his legs, exposing his hairless balls and ass to my gaze. "Tell me about having the laser treatments."

"There's not much to tell. I didn't have a lot of hair there to start with, so I decided I'd just have it all removed."

"Did you try shaving first?"

"Yeah, but it was a bitch. I cut myself a few times and it never felt all that smooth. Finally I just called around and found a doctor who was doing laser hair removal. It only took three treatments. I've talked to a few guys who have had to go back half a dozen times."

"What did the doctor think when you said you wanted your balls and ass done?"

"I don't know. He never said a thing about it."

"Well, I must admit I like it."

"Yeah? Did you ever shave yourself?"

"Yeah, a few times, but like you said, it's a bitch."

"Would you consider getting lasered?"

"Maybe, I'd have to think about it, but right now I have other things on my mind," I grinned as I nuzzled my face into his crotch.

He giggled and his hands came up immediately to grasp my head.

I spent a long time licking his smooth balls, running my tongue down over his ass, and generally driving the cute guy wild. When he was begging me to get on with it, I spread his legs as wide as they could go and repositioned myself between them.

He didn't wait for me to lift his legs. This time he pulled them up himself until his knees were pressed against his shoulders.

I looked down at his ass, which was still open, pulsing and wet. I took the tube of KY from the bedside table and squeezed a glob onto my fingers, again working them into him. When his channel was well lubed, I spread more over the head of my cock and then opened a condom and rolled it down the length of my shaft.

"Is this going to hurt?" Adam asked, his voice little more than a whisper.

"Yeah, at first," I said, bending over him to kiss his lips again. "I think I have you opened up, but it will still hurt. Once I'm in, I'll just hold still for a while and let your body adjust. You can tell me when you are ready for me to really start fucking you."

"Okay," he whispered again.

"You're sure you want this?"

"Yeah, John, I really do."

"Okay, buddy, here goes."

I held Adam's ankles and positioned my cock against his ass. Then, with as much gentleness as possible, I leaned into him. His eyes jolted wide open and he groaned. I felt his sphincter tighten, resisting my entry.

"Push, Adam, like you were taking a crap."

It seemed to go against logic, but I knew from long experience that it worked.

I felt him strain and his sphincter stretched a little. I knew he was in pain.

I can still remember the first time I was fucked. I'd never put another guy through it, unless he really wanted it. I must admit, though, that the pleasure of having another guy's cock pounding into my ass is truly awesome, and not a pleasure I'd happily miss. Knowing the eventual bliss, I kept the pressure on, trying to take Adam through the inevitable pain with as much gentleness as possible.

I looked down at his cute face and gave him a gentle smile, letting him know I understood what he was going through. "It gets better, Adam. It gets wonderful. Just hang in." He looked up at me and nodded. His chest was rising and falling quickly now and he'd broken out in a thin film of sweat.

Yeah, I'd been there, too. That first time I was fucked, when I was a lot younger than Adam, I'd felt as if I was being ripped apart. I just wanted it so bad and wouldn't let the guy stop. Once the bad part was over, I was very glad I'd not given up.

In the twelve years since, I'd given quite a few guys their first fuck and all but one of them came through, loving it, loving me for what I'd given them. That one failure, who really was a first rate pansy, gave up, crying for me to stop. I did, of course. I'd never push a guy further than he was ready or willing to go.

I was still watching Adam intently, watching his eyes, which I'd learned were the best indicator of where a guy was. Adam was coming to terms with the pressure of my cock. I could almost tell where he was in the process. His sphincter was stretching out nicely. I could feel the hard ring of muscle gradually relax.

Adam's groaning changed and he nodded. I knew exactly how he felt. It would have been an effort to speak at that point in the process, but the nod told me what I needed to know. I pressed further in.

I felt Adam's muscles yield and the wide flair of my cock head passed the ring of his sphincter. I stopped there, waiting as I'd told him I would, watching his face, watching his eyes. Slowly, his body surrendered to the invasion of my cock into his virgin ass.

After several minutes he uttered the single word I'd waited to hear.


I moved a little further in, pulled back until the rim of my cock head pulled against the inward side of his sphincter, then pressed in again, further this time, still watching his eyes as he gasped at the sensation of another man's body in his. It is a feeling no other human experience can rival.

In a little, back again, in a little more, slowly I moved forward until the full length of my cock was embedded in him, until my body was pressed against his and I could feel my pubic hair matted against his.

"Yes," he moaned again.

I quickened the pace, desperate by then to move. I began slowly, establishing an easy rhythm which I knew would bring us both to climax in a few minutes.

What I hadn't counted on was Adam's tendency to become very vocal as he approached sexual heights. It wasn't long before his moans became louder and gave way to garbled words. Even though I couldn't understand half of what he was saying, I understood what he wanted. He wanted it faster and harder and deeper and he got louder and louder as his demands increased.

I've heard straight men condescendingly refer to women who get really vocal during sex as `screamers,' and often wondered if such guys didn't realize how such vocalizations were, after all, a testimony to the pleasure the woman was experiencing. The guy should be pleased and flattered that he was causing such pleasure, rather than making fun of her for her noisy ways.

Of course most men who talk about women that way have probably never fucked a woman, other than a whore, and she was just putting on a show for him. The guy's talk was just the poor slob's way of bragging to his boring straight buddies who really, at heart, didn't like or respect women that much anyway.

But the fact is, Adam outdid any woman I'd ever been with. He was extraordinary! And I must admit that his expressions of pleasure drove me on, even though I did worry about the reactions of the people in the next room.

It was such a pleasure to find a sex partner, guy or girl, who enjoyed sex so much and didn't mind letting me know they were going crazy from the pleasure I was giving them.

"Oh, god, John," Adam chanted again and again as his sexual climax approached and his voice became louder. "Oh, yeah, do it. Harder, harder, do it again. Yeah, yeah, there, that's the place, do it again."

I felt his body going rigid under me. To his obvious displeasure, I slowed the pace, wanting to give us both time to calm down. There is no sense hurrying things. Getting a guy open enough to really fuck, open enough that both of us can enjoy it, takes a lot of time and patience. Why go to all that effort and not enjoy the rewards for as long as possible?

It's a lot like cooking a great meal. It can take hours to fix and then be consumed in minutes by a bunch of ravenous slobs. When I go to the trouble of making a really wonderful meal, I like to serve it in courses, enjoying each plate, interspersing the fine food and wine with good conversation. Good friends and fine food are meant to be enjoyed at leisure.

Adam looked up at me, wondering what was going on. I could read it in his face. I slowed to a stop and then bent forward to kiss him gently on his gaping lips.

"Relax, lover," I whispered as I lifted my lips from his. "You were getting too close and we don't want to come yet."

He groaned.

I smiled at his innocence and kissed him again.

"Consider this a long walk in the mountains with some wonderful places to stop and admire the view," I said as his body slowly calmed down. "It isn't a fifty yard sprint."

I gently moved my cock in him, keeping him fully aroused and me hard.

He groaned again and whispered, "oh, god, John."


"I never dreamed it could be like this."

"I know. It's wonderful."

"It's fucking amazing."

I kissed him again.

In that position my lower body was resting on his and my cock was deep in his gut. His legs were locked behind my hips, holding me to him. I was supporting the weight of my upper body on my bent arms, keeping my hands free to stroke his damp hair.

The guy was adorable.

I was amazed by his amazing combination of smallness and strength, the delicacy of a boy with the hardness and stamina of a man. I kissed him again and felt his tongue pressing past my lips. He was a quick learner. I liked that. I liked that a lot.

When our lips parted he smiled and said, "I think I've settled down now."

"You think so?"

"Yes, John, please start again."

"Okay, slowly."

I pulled out almost full length, bending my head to look back down over his chest and stomach, enjoying the view of his body and of my own cock as it came into view. It was wet and slippery, covered by the tight, almost transparent skin of the condom.

I hate condoms. They are a fact of life, of course, but with a lover whom I've gotten to know really well, with a lover I can truly trust, I love bareback. There is nothing like the unmatchable feeling of skin against skin. There is nothing like the feeling of my seed shooting unencumbered, deep into the being of another person, or of another guy's seed shooting deep into me. At such moments I feel most connected with that other person. I feel the deepest bond between us. I was beginning to hope this thing with Adam would go on and reach that point.

I pulled out slowly until only the head of my cock was in him, then reversed direction and, just as slowly, pressed back in.

Adam sighed.

I repeated the process again and again, maintaining the slowest possible pace, driving the guy wild. Only when he began to hump his body up against me did I respond to his desperation. From that point I quickened the pace with each stroke, building slowly until we were again fucking with the speed and ferocity of crazed beasts.

Adam's moans gave way to growls. His growls gave way to cries.

We were moving in unison now, our bodies in perfect synchronization, moving in unison towards one end.

His outcries soon degenerated into pure animal sounds. They became guttural, rising like growls from deep in his chest, driving me on to fuck him harder and harder until his body had been moved back against the head of my bed and his legs were shaking as if he were experiencing a massive seizure.

"Yeah, John, yeah, oh god, yeah."

He came with a torrent of semen. It shot over his head to hit the headboard of the bed. Some of it splashed over his face, clung to his hair. Other white globs accumulated in the recesses of his chest and dripped in long, lewd strands from his chin.

His ass clamped and I went into my own spasms of sexual delight, filling the condom with my seed as our bodies fused and our chests heaved.

"Oh, John, oh, John," Adam moaned again and again.

If anyone were listening, it had to be clear that I was one player in this game. There was no other John in the training group and Adam had certainly cried out my name many times. It must have been equally clear that, apart from me, the other player was another man. I suspected that Adam's voice would have been recognized by anyone, whether neighbors or passers-by, but the room, after all, was known to be mine so any denial on my part would have been useless.

As we came down from our sexual high I rolled off Adam and took him in my arms, pressing his body against mine as we gently kissed. Taking tissue from the bedside table I dabbed the drying puddles off Adam's hair and chest and kissed away the last remains still clinging to his face. He grinned and snuggled against me. We lay like that, kissing occasionally, muttering our contentment, drifting closer toward sleep.

Adam turned around in my arms and spooned back against me. I put my arm around his chest and pulled him back so his shoulders rested against my chest and I could gently kiss the top of his head.

He cooed like a happy dove and pressed back still more so my half-hard cock pressed into the crack of his ass. With his right hand he stroked the bicep of my left arm. His touch was gentle, loving.

I felt my cock hardening in his wet, slick, hairless crack.

He turned his head a bit toward me and whispered, "could you stick you cock back in me?"

"I don't think I should fuck you again."

"I guess not, but just stick it in a little way. I feel sort of empty back there."

I obliged him, pressing my cock into him a couple of inches and just resting there.

He cooed again.

In that position, we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning as Adam and I walked into the dining room for breakfast, we were greeted by smiles and a few knowing nods.

Adam blushed. I just smiled. What more could I do?

We walked across the large room to the table where Sarah and Laura were already eating.

"Good morning," Laura said as we joined them. "Are you two still up for an outing? We hear you had quite a party in your rooms last night."

"I think we'll be fine," I said, not wanting to let her have the last word. "What about you two?"

"Oh, we had a very restful night. She paused and looked from Adam to me. We suspect the pairings for today are a foregone conclusion."

"Yeah," I grinned. "If we're double dating, I know who I want to be with."

"Well, John," Sarah joined in, "Laura and I want to express our thanks. We've been hoping for months that Adam would find someone and, so far as we could tell, that someone needed to be another guy. It took him a lot longer to figure it out."

Adam and I just looked at each other and smiled.

The end.