Adventure of Eric


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Eric was, without even knowing it, a wet dream come true for a whole lot of gay men. He was 6'4”, 240 lbs of solid, defined, thick muscle, blond, blue eyed, with a silky cover of body hair. He didn't think in those terms at all. He was 23 and had finally gotten out from under the yoke of family expectations and the life he had always been told he was destined to live.

For as long as Eric could remember, his grandmother and mother put the idea in his head that he was going to be the guaranteed salvation of the family by being a member of a religious order preferably as a priest, but if not, then at least a full member. One son from every generation for as long as anyone could remember had followed that heritage, an insurance policy that all in the family would indeed be saved in the afterlife. Eric wasn't interested in religion that much. His love was physical fitness, weight lifting, tough sports. He longed to be just like his heroes Hercules, Superman, Atlas and many more that all were guardians of mankind, fighters of evil and extremely well muscled. All through Junior High School and High School, Eric was tops in wrestling, football, and soccer. When he started getting some grief from his mother that he was spending way to much time on needless sports and all that vanity body development, he would sneak to his special hideout, a deserted old barn on the family farm where he hid what weights he had. He had full access to equipment when at school as part of the teams, but that was it. He became quite inventive about using available objects around the farm to supplement his workouts, especially over the summer. When he graduated High School, he was pushed into attending the Community College so he would have a base on which his religious life could develop. Going to a full fledged University was out of the question since he was needed on the farm and his younger brothers weren't old enough to help out. Lucky for Eric, his counselors knew how his parents felt about such things and they helped him out with making sure he was qualified for scholarships. A number of Universities wanted him on full scholarship for wrestling and football, but since that wasn't about to happen, only Community College ones were looked at.

Eric never paid much attention to girls. First off, he didn't have much time for dating and hanging out like most kids, and he honestly didn't find them sexually attractive at all. A few just about tried raping him, but he thought they were just being girls and didn't give it much more thought. Sex didn't seem to interest Eric all that much throughout High School, well, maybe some thought here and there, but for the most part, no. Becoming just like his heroes was all that mattered.

By the time he graduated High School, Eric was a traffic stopper. Most of the summer, he worked on the farm without a shirt on or hat, ending up with a tan to die for that made his blond hair seem to shimmer and light up against his tanned skin. When he finally was a freshman in college, he noticed there were a number of guys that seemed to smile a lot at him and always went out of their way to ask him how his day was going. The college didn't really have a large varsity sports program, but they did have one for wrestling and football. They were part of a very small league that a number of Community Colleges in the region made up. They sometimes acted like minor league teams to some of the larger Universities. His college had a very tough, ex-marine coach who took quite a liking to Eric. He was 6'4”, 290 lbs of tough muscle, himself a lettered and scholarship winning wrestler who got even tougher while in the Marines. Unlike Eric, Coach Jed Daniels had jet black hair, always cut super close to the head but super bushy everywhere else on his body. The girls for the most part thought it was so gross that he even had thick hair on his fingers. Jed was married once, but that was a complete disaster and he was left with a bitter taste in his mouth concerning women. He pretty much was a longer, liked being in a small farm town and being left alone. He lost his best friend while fighting in Iraq. If that hadn't happened, Jed would probably still be in the Marines, but he became soured and bitter after loosing his friend.

Jed liked Eric the minute he met him. He saw Eric as down to earth, not into himself at all and serious about developing his body to the max. He wasn't interested in competing for any body building titles at all, even though Jed knew Eric would easily win them hands down. It amazed him after talking to Eric how little Eric thought or cared about things like that at all. Jed sort of took Eric under his wings so to speak, giving him ideas on improving his training and even helping him come up with better ways of using everyday farm equipment and things to work out with. Eric for his part, began to look on Jed as one of his super heroes, sort of like a modern day Captain America. Eric never really got much affection at home, just indoctrination about his destiny for the good of the family. His father was rather cold and seemed only interested in working the farm and staying away from the house as much as he could. It was like his duty to produce offspring was completed and he no longer had to worry about raising them, just make sure they were fed, clothed and sheltered. As long as Eric and his brothers worked the farm to his satisfaction, they didn't get much at all from him. Eric figured out his dad had a drinking problem but as long as he wasn't mean or nasty it didn't matter all that much to Eric. He had gotten used to how things were and that pushed him more into wanting to be just like his heroes. Jed was a new experience for Eric, sort of like the substitute dad he wanted deep down. He liked Jed's attention and helpfulness. Jed did his best to try and get Eric to understand that the only destiny he had was one he himself chose and fate would guide him to, if he followed his heart. That was a rather radical philosophy to Eric, but he had learned over time and throughout his education to respect all ideas that didn't hurt or demean anyone else. Jed kept the feelings he was beginning to develop for Eric hidden deep down. He was afraid of being hurt again somehow and he didn't want to force anything on Eric that Eric didn't want on his own. Jed figured out fairly quick how naive Eric was about sex and how desirable he was, so he gently did his best to make Eric at least somewhat aware. It wasn't easy for Jed as every time Eric let loose with that big smile he had, Jed just wanted to wrap Eric in his arms and let him know how beautiful he was physically and as a person.

Finally the day came when Eric had to pick what religious order he would join. There was one that was not located in any big city, but out in the country. They worked with geriatric patients and special needs men who pretty much were placed by families that didn't want to or couldn't handle their care or them. Eric liked the idea of taking care of others in a hand's on way. Visits were made, forms were filled out and processed and a weekend retreat at the monastery sealed the deal. He tried to talk to his mother and grandmother about how he felt about all of it, but it soon became obvious they weren't going to tolerate or bother to understand Eric's feelings about it all, so he just made himself accept his fate and duty. When Eric told Jed he was leaving college right after graduation and entering a monastery, Jed nearly exploded. He knew it wasn't Eric's idea at all but some crazy bullshit his mother had been feeding him since he was old enough to understand. Jed gave it his best shot, but couldn't convince Eric that he didn't have to go. To say that Jed became extremely depressed would be putting it mildly. Jed felt helpless. Eric was 20 years old and even though he was legally of age, his sense of obligation to what was his duty to family over ruled everything else. Jed surprised Eric when he grabbed him in his arms and hugged him so tight that even with Eric's superb strength, he thought Jed would crush his ribs. The kiss on the forehead stunned Eric as he there was never any outward signs of affection like that before between him and Jed. Something deep in the back of Eric's mind seemed to be screaming out, but Eric had no clue. He knew it felt good, great actually, but not much else. When Eric woke up that night after having a super vivid wet dream about Jed and him, he felt strange, especially since he felt no guilt at all. He couldn't remember all of it, but he did know it was just him and Jed.

As Eric got on a bus that would take him to the nearest town by the monastery, the only thing that made him sad was thinking about leaving Jed. He didn't wonder why that was the case right then, but he knew it had to mean something. The bus ride was long and tiring, especially since he couldn't exercise or lift weights. He was met by a monk that was in charge of the postulants, men who wanted membership in the order. The monk was very nice, although Eric thought he wasn't a warm type person. He was think and tall and about as old as Eric's dad. There wasn't a lot of conversation on the drive to the monastery which gave Eric more time to think about Jed. When they arrived, Eric was introduced to the other postulants and shown to his room. It was very sparse, with just a bed, chair, and night stand. He was told it was called a cell and that while in the sleeping part of the building he was to keep silent, talking was not allowed unless it was an emergency. He was given a sheet that had his schedule on it and was told he would be shown around the infirmary, what they called the building that housed the patients, and the grounds. He would begin his training after tomorrow and assigned another postulant as a mentor of sorts until Eric learned the routine of daily life. When he was finally left alone, the first thing Eric did was to look around the room to try and figure out what exercises he could do in the space available and if anything in the cell could be used for resistance. Being as inventive as always when it came to exercising, he worked out in his mind what he could do using the nightstand, which was heavy metal, and the bed. He found the bathroom in the hallway, brushed his teeth and washed his face, went back into his room and stripped down to his underwear. The bed wasn't as soft and thick as the one he had at home, but it was okay.

The next few days, Eric met the others he would be training with and pretty much living with for months until it was determined they would be given a trial membership in the order. The others were from all different parts of the country and all seemed very interested in Eric's physique. One thought it was grotesque and unnatural, another just kept his eyes open wide and stared, a few asked all sorts of questions, and one in particular tried his best to make Eric feel welcome. His name was Kevin. Kevin had a warm smile and quickly made Eric feel at ease. He got the others to loosen up and stop being so obnoxious. By the end of the first full day, Eric was part of the group and made to feel welcome. He found out what they were expected to do, the routine they would follow and how they were always going to be watched by the others in the order to determine if they felt the postulants were a good fit. Eric found out that after being given a chance to join the order, he would go through a 2 year period of wearing the habit of the order but not all of it, one year away from the rest and the next back at the main monastery and infirmary. They he would be given the rest of the habit they wore and told what he was going to be doing, if his education was to be continued and in what field of patient care. He could become a registered nurse, dietician, physical therapist, psychologist, or anything else needed, none of it under his control, but controlled by the order. Eric picked up very quickly how to take care of patients and loved talking to the older men in his care. They talked openly once they saw his warm, bright smile and stopped being intimidated by his build. He loved hearing their stories and telling him all about their lives. It was like he had at least 30 grandfathers and every one of them was different. There were local men who were hired on as orderlies or performed maintenance and trade like duties, but they were only around during the day. A few seemed to try and distract Eric with conversation and advances, which Eric ignored completely. One in particular, Jim, became more intent and even pushy about it. Just before Eric and the others were to take the next step in becoming members of the order, Jim managed to get him up in the attic of the Infirmary, using the excuse that he needed help fixing some plumbing that ran along the walls and he wanted someone who had some strength to carry pipes around. It did seem that Eric was the logical choice, so he was told to do whatever Jim needed him to do.

Jim was a real country boy. He spent some time in county jail and liked to drink and fight. This job was something he had to do in order to finish out his parole. It didn't pay all that great, but it got him spending money and enough to pay the rent. He was in his 30's and had quite a few tattoos. Never into total physical fitness, he did have a tough muscled body, developed as a survival tool while in jail. He knew how to fight dirty and keep himself from loosing any fight. His lack of education having left school as a sophomore in high school just made him seem all the more simple minded, which was far from the truth. It was very hot in the attic and both Eric and Jim were soaking wet by the time they made the last trip from the truck, loaded with heavy pipes and tools.

Damn its hotter en hell up here,” Jim said as he took off his shirt. “Don't jus stand there all wet an stuff, take off that damn shirt boy.”

That's okay, I don't mind,” Eric said flashing that killer smile.

Bullshit son,” Jim said seriously. “I ain't gonna be the one that hears all sorts of shit cause you passed out from heat sickness or whatever. Take off the damn shirt!”

Eric looked surprised at Jim's order, but remembered he was told to do whatever Jim wanted. Eric lifted the sopping wet hospital shirt up his body, having a hard time pulling it past his shoulders. The wet material seemed to grab on to his sweating skin and hold tight.

Jim knew Eric had a super muscled body and watched Eric's muscles flex and strain as he tried pulling up his shirt.

Damn boy, you sure as shit got you one hell of a pretty boy body, don't yah?” Jim said with a whistle. “Here, let me help yah.”

Jim stood right up against Eric's body, slidding his hands up Eric's lats, moving his fingers under the material of the shirt slowly pushing up. He pretended to loose his footing a few times as his naked upper body rubbed against Eric's abs and chest and his thigh which was in between Eric's legs rubbed up against Eric's crotch.

Damn its stuck,” Jim said with an evil smile on his face that Eric could not see. “Here, let me move around behind yah and try getting it up.”

Eric was trying to tell Jim he could do it, but it all came out as mumbles since the shirt was covering Eric's face. Jim moved behind Eric took a long hard look at Eric's bubble hard butt and back muscles gleaming with sweat. He moved right up against Eric's body, his cock pushing against Eric's ass and his abs and chest against Eric's back. He didn't even try pretending he was pushing Eric's shirt up, he put his hands on Eric's lats and slowly slid them around to Eric's pecs, his fingers finding their way to Eric's nipples and slowly rubbing in circles. Eric stood very still, not realizing what Jim was doing. He thought it was strange but since he had no experience with another man sexually, he didn't think anything bad was happening.

Like that boy?” Jim whispered at Eric's ear which was under his pulled up shirt. “Yeah, I know you like it, huh?”

Jim moved his hands down Eric's ripped abs and slid them slowly down over Eric's cock and balls. Eric had a thick cock that swelled up to nearly 9” when hard and stayed 7” otherwise. His balls were thick and long, low hangers when set free. Eric froze at first, not sure what was happening, but then started to move forward to get away from Jim's body so he could bend down and force his shirt off of his head and free his thick muscled arms.

Where yah think your goin boy?” Jim growled as he jerked Eric into his body and tightened his grip around Eric's waist. His one hand started pinching and hard rubbing Eric's nipple between his index finger and thumb while his other hand grabbed on to Eric's cock and started squeezing and rubbing hard.

Eric got embarrassed as he felt his cock getting hard and even though Jim's pinching and twirling of his nipple hurt, it also started to send a new, thrilling sensation throughout his body and into his cock. The more he tried to move away from Jim, the harder Jim's hands worked. Jim managed to open the button on Eric's pants and get his zipper down, pushing his pants out of the way. He quickly had Eric's cock in his hand and was playing with the precum covered head and then stroking it long and slow. Eric panicked and really tried to get free, but Jim's grip just tightened and his hand worked even harder on Eric's cock. Jim had Eric in a position so he couldn't get enough leverage to get away as his arms and head were held tight by his pulled up shirt. Not being able to see what was happening made it even worse for Eric because all he could do was feel the new sensations he was experiencing on his body. Jim moved the hand he had on Eric's nipple to massage and knead Eric's pec and then work on his nipple again, slide up and down Eric's abs till his fingers slid on each side of Eric's cock and back again. Eric was really breathing hard by now and with the heat of the attic and his body from walking the stairs to the attic several times carrying heavy loads, he got a bit light headed. Jim made sure Eric carried really heavy loads since he knew it would make Eric sweat lots and even though he was in super shape, the hot attic air would suck the energy right out of him along with not being hydrated. His plan was working very well. It didn't take him long at all to get Eric to shoot off load after load of his cum, weakening Eric even more. Eric had never felt what it was like for another man to get him to orgasm. He couldn't control his body once it started and it was so extremely intense, with every muscle he had flexing hard to the max, his strength left him as he calmed down. He was panting, gasping for breath. Jim moved on, sliding Eric's pants down, making sure they were just at the right location to stop Eric from moving to much. He quickly slid his pants off and slid his naked body up and down Eric's backside, his thick cock sliding up and down Eric's ass cheeks as he continued slow jerking Eric's cock and moving his other hand down to cup and knead Eric's low hanging balls. Jim soon had his mouth on Eric's muscled back, licking and nibbling his way down to that magnificent hard bubble but of Eric's. When he arrived at his target, he quickly moved his hands to Eric's ass cheeks and spread them apart as his tongue attacked. Eric gasped and sucked in air as lightening bolts of new pleasure shot from his ass up his entire body. Within minutes, Jim knew he had control over Eric and used it to his full advantage. He put his hand on the middle of Eric's lower back and pushed down. Eric's upper body bent down willingly and Jim ravaged his ass even more. He would take a little break and fast stroke Eric's leaking cock which was rock hard again. Jim stood up and slapped Eric's ass cheeks with his cock, splattering his precum on Eric's ass cheeks and lower back. He began massaging Eric's rosebud with his fingers and slow jerked Eric's cock again. Eric panted even more and moaned and groaned, his cock and ass ruling his actions now. It was all new and his body demanded he go with it. Jim pulled back his foreskin and moved the head of his cock to the throbbing rosebud of Eric's ass. His fingers moved all around the head of Eric's cock, sending lightening bolts inside Eric.

There yah go boy,” Jim said as he laid his head on the back of Eric's shoulder. “Jim's got what you need right here. Yah want it bad huh boy?”

All Eric could do was mumble, pant and groan in response. Jim laughed and pushed his cock head against Eric's rosebud, slowly pushing his sphincter open more and more. Jim wanted to be sure he didn't rip anything inside Eric since he knew he was a virgin and never had his ass fucked before. Jim never asked but he knew just by the way Eric reacted and what his inside ass felt like. Jim thought Eric's sphincter was going to crush his cock head as it squeezed and released over and over again. Each time Jim pushed it in a bit further and let his cock get massaged before pushing in further. He didn't even get more then half of his cock inside Eric when he started filling Eric's ass with cum. He jerked Eric's cock so fast and hard, Eric actually came 2 more times. Jim laughed as his cock didn't go soft at all, but from the massage it was getting from Eric's tight ass, hardened right back up. He pushed harder and got it mostly in when his cock started poking and rubbing over Eric's pleasure spot. That made Eric actually shout out and pant. Jim laughed again and began slow fucking Eric, pulling his cock almost out and then pushing it all the way back in, making sure he moved his hips side to side and around when he hit Eric's spot. Eric's legs began to wobble. His body just wanted to melt down into a pile of muscle on the floor. Jim was having a harder time keeping Eric's body up, so he pushed Eric down to his knees and then completely down on the floor. He ripped Eric's shirt off and let Eric's arms flop to the floor. Jim liked this even better since now he was riding Eric like the bitch he was going to be for Jim. He fucked Eric like a wild beast, stopping now and then to catch his breath. He could now feel all of Eric's shoulder, arm and neck muscles with his hands, lips, tongue and teeth. He moved Eric on his side, on his stomach with his knees bent and his ass in the air and finally with Eric on his back, his legs still held in his pants, up in the air. Jim really liked seeing Eric's pecs flex and jump as he rammed his cock in and out of Eric's ass and Eric's abs flexing and pulsating as he was panting and gasping. Eric shot another long load of cum over his abs which Jim rubbed in and tasted. He finally jammed his cock in as far as it would go and grabbed on to Eric's shoulders, filling Eric's ass again with his cum. When he finally felt he couldn't shoot anymore, he yanked out his cock, stood up, let Eric's legs fall to the ground and then straddled Eric's chest, grabbed his head with both hands and forced his cock deep inside Eric's mouth.'

Clean me off you bitch,” Jim shouted. “Show your daddy some gratitude you slut.”

Eric at this point had no idea what Jim was saying. He was delirious and dizzy as can be from lack of air and having every ounce of strength in his body drained. He must have done what Jim wanted, since Jim encouraged him and let his head go as he slid up, laid down and face fucked Eric. He didn't cum in Eric's mouth, but he did piss in it, ramming his cock as deep into Eric's throat as he could and yelling at Eric to swallow all of it. Eric gagged and choked but most of it went into his stomach. Jim finally seemed satisfied and slid his ass down on top of Eric's abs. His hands latched on to Eric's pecs and he hard squeezed, massaged and kneaded them as he watched Eric wince and moan.

Enjoyed that did yah?” Jim said with a laugh. “Guess you never had no real man before did yah? Well, you's my bitch now and we are gonna party often my man. Now get your ass up and wipe yourself down, lick the sweat off my body and get your shit together boy.”

Eric didn't move right away, slowly trying to see if he had enough in him to get up. Jim stood up and began pulling Eric up by his hair. Eric managed to get partially up and fell back down on the floor. Jim used his feet to push Eric on to his stomach and then grabbed Eric around his neck with his hands and pulled up. Eric was either going to choke to death or get up to his knees. When he was up on his knees, Jim walked in front of him and took Eric's face in his hands and rubbed his face around his body as he ordered Eric to lick. Eric obeyed and Jim helped Eric stand up once he was satisfied Eric licked enough of his sweat off. He yelled at Eric to pull up his pants and get his act on track.

Oh, and you mention this little favor I dunn yah,” Jim sneered in Eric's face, “an I am gonna tell em you raped me, you hear me bitch? One good look at that muscled big body a yourn, and game over, I win.”

Eric looked confused and then it finally sunk in. He was being blackmailed by Jim. Like a flood the entire episode filled Eric's mind and he finally got it. He was just raped by another man. He started to sob and felt like he was worthless and it was all his fault for not fighting Jim to start with. How could he allow himself to be used like that? How could he like it so damn much? What had he done? He pictured himself kneeling all tied up in front of all the brothers of the order, ripped clothes and told how sinful and wicked he was before being thrown out of the monastery to fend for himself. It was a form of shock that was taking over now. He felt he couldn't say anything since he knew no one would believe him over Jim. How could he be so stupid and gullible? The worst part was that the thoughts of how much pleasure he experienced and how much he really liked it kept coming to the surface.

I'll let yah know when I want it again bitch,” Jim laughed seeing Eric's agony. “Understand how it is?”

Eric had tears running down his cheeks and he couldn't even look at Jim because he was so ashamed.

I can't hear you?” Jim shouted, taking Eric's ear in his fingers and pulling him down.

Yes, I understand,” Eric barely got out.

Good boy. Now get dressed and find a washroom to clean up yourself,” Jim said patting Eric on his head.

Just don't forget what I dun told yah,” Jim said grabbing hard on to Eric's crotch and squeezing. “You don't wanna cross daddy Jim boy.”

Eric shook his head to let Jim know he understood and Jim laughed as he walked away, heading down the stairs back to his truck, really pleased with himself. Eric got dressed and wiped his forearm across his eyes to clear off the tears. He slowly went down the stairs and looked for a bathroom on the top floor, careful not to draw any attention to himself. He ran the cold water and put his head in the sink, letting the water run over his head and face. He looked at himself in the mirror after awhile and fixed his pants and shirt. Both were drenched with sweat and he just wanted to get back to his cell, take a shower and hide in bed, which is just what he did.

After not seeing Eric at the pre-dinner prayers or at dinner, Kevin went looking for Eric. He knocked on Eric's cell door and when Eric didn't answer, he slowly opened up the door. Kevin was worried that Eric was sick or something. When he looked in, he saw Eric laying on his side in his underwear, facing the wall, his body jerking now and then and Kevin knew Eric was crying.

Eric? Its me Kevin,” Kevin said softly as he walked to Eric's bed. “Are you okay? You aren't sick are you?”

No, I'm okay, just tired and sore,” Eric sobbed. “Had a really bad day.”

Something wasn't right and Kevin knew it. He knew Kevin was assigned to work with Jim in the attic on some plumbing job and did see Eric carrying heavy loads of pipe and tools up the stairs. Kevin knew of Jim's reputation and heard about his past history. Something was really wrong and Eric was hurt emotionally. Kevin couldn't help but to look at Eric's magnificently muscled body laying there. He had never been up close to anyone with that much muscle in his life. Unlike Eric, Kevin knew about sex, desire and what 2 men could do with each other. He was at the monastery only because he was confused and unsure what his life was all about and what he wanted from life. As he looked over Eric's body, he noticed the wet spot growing on Eric's underwear right in between his bubble butt ass cheeks. Then he noticed the streaks of blood slowly joined the wet mess. Kevin was pretty sure he knew what happened but knew he couldn't force Eric to tell him about it if he didn't want to.

Eric, I hope you know you can talk to me about anything on your mind,” Kevin said as he sat on the edge of Eric's bed and gently rubbed his hand on Eric's shoulder. “I would never betray your trust or think bad of you in any way. I'm your friend and hope I always will be. Please don't be afraid you can't talk to me. Hell, even if you just need a hug, I'm here for you.”

Kevin wanted to cry just thinking about what Jim must have done to Eric. He knew Eric was inexperienced and very innocent. He kept gently rubbing Eric's shoulder, waiting to see if Eric wanted to talk.

Oh man Kevin, I'm such a stupid dumb ass,” Eric cried as he rolled over on to his back, sat up and dropped his head on Kevin's shoulder. “I sinned real bad and can't lie by saying I didn't like it.”

Hey, its okay Eric, don't say that,” Kevin said wrapping his arms partially around Eric's shoulder as he couldn't reach all the way around all that muscle. “Now just tell me exactly what happened. Don't worry, this is just you and me.”

Eric held Kevin so tight, Kevin thought Eric would snap his back. “Eric, don't squeeze so hard!. Gentle please!” Kevin laughed. “Just take your time, I'm here for you.”

Eric cried as he told Kevin all that happened. He admitted he had no idea about sex other then jerking off. He hadn't seen anything like what Jim was doing to him and how ashamed he was that he couldn't control how he reacted. He actually liked the sensations.

See, I'm a sinner and evil,” Eric sobbed. “How could I be so dumb?”

Eric, you're not dumb, just innocent is all,” Kevin said rubbing a hand on the back of Eric's head. “Jim is a really bad person who took advantage of you. He's the sinner and low life, not you. I can understand how your mind was controlled by the new feelings you were experiencing, believe me I know. You just go ahead and cry it out. You didn't do anything wrong. Jim raped you and whether you liked it or not, you didn't willingly seek sex with him, so its not your fault.”

I guess, but still, if I say anything to anyone he'll turn it back to me,” Eric said worried. “Who's gonna believe me? I mean look at me, Kevin, I'm a big guy. Jim's only 5'11 and only weighs 210 lbs. I should have been able to break free and even deck him. They know I was really into wrestling and football. It would still come out that I must have wanted sex and overpowered him.”

You got a point there,” Kevin said thoughtfully. “I doubt they'd take into consideration or believe this was your first experience. They probably would assume that with your looks you had all the sex you wanted in college.”

See what I mean? I guess its true. I'm just a dumb ass country bumpkin,” Eric said sniffling. “How could I be so dumb?”

Okay, don't worry, I'll think of something here,” Kevin said seriously. “You might have to fake an injury or something, a little white lie when you are told to work with Jim again. We have to keep you away from him however we can. Not to worry, I'll come up with something to get you out of this. You understand me?”

You want me to lie? I don't know Kevin,” Eric said as he sat straight up and looked at Kevin with a very serious look on his face. “I never lied. It is really one of the worst sins besides rape I can think of.”

Look, its not a real lie, its a white lie,” Kevin said holding Eric's chin in his fingers. “Its not hurting anybody and its just to save you from another rape. So it turns out its a good thing, not a bad thing, no sin at all. Eric, you are sweet and smart, but you have to get with it bud! Life isn't all this heavenly inspired crap. Its dirty, painful, hurting as well as good, kind and loving. You can't put your innocence on a billboard to let every evil scum bag your an easy mark. You aren't going to survive for very long thinking like you are now. You don't have to become mean or nasty, but you do have to stop trusting everyone you meet and think they are not after something from you. You gotta learn to look for signs of evil intent. A leopard doesn't change its spots and neither do the majority of humans. Their past is a pretty damn good guide to who they really are.”

Boy, I sure have a lot to learn don't I?” Eric said with a confused look. “Nobody ever talked to me about this stuff. See, I'm really dumb.”

You say your dumb one more time and I'm going to bite your nose,” Kevin said holding Eric by his shoulders. “You aren't dumb, just innocent, period. Look, nobody sat me down and said Jim was a bad ass who spent time in jail for fighting, drinking and assault. I listened, I asked questions and I observed. If you really take the time to look at him, you can tell he isn't some kind, meek, gentle soul. He looks mean, nasty and tough. Think about it Eric. You have to make some quick decisions when you meet somebody. Okay, granted, you can't always judge a book by its cover, but until they prove to you that they aren't what they seem, you have to go with your first impressions.”

I see what your saying, but Jim seemed nice,” Eric said. “I didn't pay attention to his tattoos and stuff.”

We have to work on that,” Kevin said with a smile. “Tattoos aren't always bad, but how he carries himself, what kind of tattoos, his general appearance, all factor into it. If you would have watched Jim when he wasn't talking to you, you'd see he had a nasty mean look on his face. I bet when he first met you he smiled and seemed nice and friendly.”

Well, yeah, he did as a matter of fact,” Eric said thoughtfully.

See, most people are like that,” Kevin said seriously. “They put on a front, like a wall to hide what they are thinking. Just because somebody smiles and shakes your hand doesn't mean they're nice. Look, you have to understand you are a hot, sexy guy. To lots of guys you are who they fantasies about when they jerk off. Don't raise your eyebrows and look confused Eric, its a fact. You are tall, muscled, blond hair and blue eyes with a smile to melt anybody. Guys who like to dominate muscled guys or any guy see you as an easy mark because of the way you are, innocent and completely trusting. You probably ignored it or just didn't realize it when guys and girls got this wide eyed or dreamy dumb look with a smile when they met you or talked to you. I know it happened, had to.”

Well, now that you said that, I do kind of remember that,” Eric said. “I just thought they were shy or something. I figured they felt threatened by my size and muscle. I never thought I was sexy or anything like that.”

Yeah, I got that now. You have to realize you are,” Kevin said. “Now hopefully you won't change into some self centered self adoring idiot now! But you have to keep in mind the effect you have on people and learn to read it. Enjoy it but don't live for it Eric, that's key.”

Wow, I never thought I could be seen that way,” Eric said confused. “All I ever wanted and still want is to be just like my super heroes. Honest. That's the only reason I worked so hard on my body.”

You're serious, aren't you?” Kevin said with wrinkled eyebrows. “Super heroes, like Superman and Green Hornet and those guys?”

Yep, just like them. I adored them completely. I figured you had to look like them in order to fight evil,” Eric said seriously. “I knew I couldn't hurt anybody or nothing, but I wanted to protect defenseless people.”

Eric, Eric. That is just so sweet,” Kevin said hugging Eric. “You do know that none of that super hero stuff was real right?”

Well, yeah, I did,” Eric said embarrassed. “But in my own mind I made it real and thought being just like them I'd become a good person.”

Well that's a relief at least, your not delusional,” Kevin laughed. “Okay, I have to go before we get into trouble. Does all of what we talked about make sense now?”

Yes it does, thank you,” Eric said hugging Kevin again. “I just wish somebody would have told me all this years ago.”

Well, you have a good night and don't dwell on that your a sinner and dumb shit,” Kevin said standing up. “Well have to figure out how to work on how you can get smarter about sizing people up, but its all doable.”

Thanks again Kevin,” Eric said getting up and walking Kevin to the door of his cell. “You are a real friend.”

Good night Superman,” Kevin said with a big smile.

Now don't be making fun of me,” Eric laughed. “That ain't very nice.”

Kevin laughed and covered his mouth so it didn't carry in the silent hallways. He had to work out a plan, real quick, to get Jim fired and away from Eric. He knew Jim would abuse Eric and continually rape him for his own sick pleasures. If he didn't act soon, Eric could suffer some really bad psychological damage.

Eric laid back down and smiled, feeling much better about himself now. He slowly fell asleep, thinking about all that he and Kevin discussed. For some reason before he fell asleep, a picture of Jed popped into his brain and he realized how much he missed him.

Two days later, the brother in charge of Eric's group said he had an assignment for Eric, to help Jim out again. Eric put his head down and said he was sorry but he hurt his leg helping a patient and was afraid he could make it worse by doing any heavy lifting and stuff. The brother said he understood and asked Eric if he wanted the doctor to check it out for him. Eric said no, stuff like that happened when he wrestled in college and knew how to make it better. The brother ran into Kevin and asked him if he wouldn't mind helping Jim out with work in the attic since Eric was nursing an injured leg muscle. Kevin gladly accepted the assignment and headed straight to the main building and ran up the stairs to the attic.

What you doin here?” Jim asked as soon as Kevin came into the attic.

Brother sent me here to help you,” Kevin said all bubbly.

Where's Eric at?” Jim asked with a mean look on his face.

He's hurt his leg and can't help you, sorry,” Kevin said. “But I can help you. Kevin said you were real nice to work with.”

He did did he? Huh,” Jim said with an almost evil smile. “Well, I guess we'll just have to make do, won't we then. You better take off that shirt. It gets real hot up here and I don't want you to get heat stroke or nuttin.”

Jim took his shirt off and rubbed his hand up and down his sweaty body. He quickly took notice of Kevin's eyes moving with his hands, eying up his hairy body and tats. Kevin took his shirt off and Jim liked what he saw. Kevin didn't have the big muscles of Eric, but he did have a nicely developed body, close to a gymnast. Jim made sure that Kevin lifted the heaviest boards and pipes and made him pick up the super heavy tool box and move it here and there. Kevin was drenched in sweat within 30 minutes and breathing pretty hard. It felt like the super hot air was singing his throat and lungs as he took in deeper and deeper breaths.

Told yah,” Jim said. “Hotter en hell up here ain't it.”

Yeah, that's for sure,” Kevin said.

Here, let me pour on some water for yah,” Jim said with a slight smile. “It'll help cool yah down.”

Kevin shook his head and Jim had him stand with his arms and legs spread apart in front of him. He pulled out a bottle of water from his cooler and slowly poured it on Kevin's head.

I'll rub it around so's you cool off better,” Jim said as he used his free hand to slowly rub the falling water over Kevin's chest, abs and back.

Kevin figured Jim was going to make some moves on him and smiled. Jim was falling into his trap so easily, horny bastard he thought. Kevin purposely let out some quiet moans and moved his body around like he was liking Jim's rubbing him. Jim smiled to himself and his cock started getting harder as he slowly felt Kevin's body. He moved his hand further down as he rubbed, slowly moving the waist of Kevin's gym shorts lower and lower. He decided he'd try something to see how Kevin would respond. He poured the water on Kevin's back really slow and spread it out. Then his hand took hold of one of Kevin's ass cheeks and began squeezing and rubbing it. Kevin flexed his ass cheeks and moaned a bit more, even throwing his head back as Jim kneaded his ass cheek. Jim dropped the bottle and put his other hand on Kevin's other ass cheek, kneading away. Kevin leaned backwards against Jim's body. Jim moved his head to the side of Kevin's head and licked his ear.

Like that do yah?” Jim whispered.'

All Kevin did was let out a long “mmmmmmmmm.”

Jim got bolder and nibbled and kissed Kevin's ear and neck. Kevin squirmed some and Jim moved his hands around Kevin to his thighs and started kneading and rubbing them, moving up to Kevin's cock and balls. Kevin was hard and Jim felt his cock throbbing against Jim's hand. Jim hard rubbed his hands up and down Kevin's body and crotch as he moved the front of his body up and down, side to side across Kevin's back, his arms pulling Kevin in tighter to his body. Being all wet and sweaty, their bodies just slid and made a few sucking noises. Kevin could feel Jim's cock rubbing against his gym shorts stuck to his ass cheeks, all wet and clinging to his flesh. Jim slid his hands inside Kevin's shorts and started playing with Kevin's cock and balls.

I don't think you should be doing that,” Kevin said as he stiffened his body.

Nawh, its fine baby,” Jim said in a deep sexy voice. “You know you like it, now don't yah baby, I know you do.”

Kevin smiled and let out a groan as Jim increased the pressure of his hands and arms on Kevin. Jim slowly moved down towards the floor, pulling Kevin's gym shorts with him. He pushed his face inside Kevin's ass cheeks and began licking and nibbling. Kevin groaned, reached back and spread his ass cheeks. Jim smiled and let his tongue ravage Kevin's rosebud and ass. He kept up his working on Kevin's cock and balls. Kevin's moans and groans got louder and louder. Jim worked his hands up Kevin's abs towards his pecs. He found Kevin's nipples and used his thumbs and index fingers to twirl and squeeze them as his tongue pushed inside Kevin's ass. Kevin yelled at Jim to do it all harder and harder, wanting his nipples to show abuse. Jim gladly complied. He started to slide himself up Kevin's backside, his tongue licking and his mouth nibbling as he went higher and higher. Suddenly, he held Kevin's body tight in his arms as he pushed his cock inside Kevin's ass. Kevin started to yell, so Jim wrapped his hand around Kevin's neck and squeezed, making Kevin stop yelling and gasping instead for air. Jim was a bit brutal shoving his cock inside Kevin, and began a very brutal fuck, biting and sucking on Kevin's ear and neck. He reached down with his other hand and started stroking Kevin's throbbing cock, keeping his other hand around Kevin's throat just in case he tried screaming or yelling again. Jim's fuck didn't last all that long as Kevin made sure his ass muscles were tightening and loosening to increase the pleasure Jim's cock was feeling. Jim's body started shaking and tensing as he started cumming inside Kevin's ass. Kevin really tightened his ass muscles, milking Jim's cock. When Kevin felt Jim's body go somewhat limp, he turned his upper body hard to the side, bent his arm and held on to his forearm with his hand and twisted his body back the opposite way fast and hard, his elbow smashing hard into Jim's ribs. Jim gasped from the pain and just about fell as his body moved away from Kevin's. Kevin did it again, this time hitting Jim on the side of his head, knocking Jim to the floor. Kevin reached down and pulled his shorts up, grabbed his shirt and ran down the stairs screaming and yelling “rape, rape.”

A few brothers heard him and came running to the stairwell. They were shocked to see Kevin, his nipples red and raw, his hair matted. He had the expression of total horror and shock.

Jim raped me brother!” Kevin sobbed hysterically.

Where? Where is he?” one of the brothers asked while the other 2 tried calming Kevin down.

Kevin pointed towards the attic and the brother lifted his habit and ran as fast as he could up the stairs. When he got into the attic he saw Jim laying down, cum still dripping from his exposed, hard cock, holding his head. He stood over Jim and glared, waiting until Jim noticed he was there.

The brothers with Kevin got him into an empty patient room and then into the bathroom. They grabbed wash cloths and started washing Kevin's body down. Kevin purposely winced whenever they washed around or over his nipples.

He raped me, he raped me,” Kevin kept sobbing. “My butt hurts so bad.”

One of the brothers stooped down, held a towel over Kevin's crotch and pulled down Kevin's shorts. He gasped as he saw Kevin's sphincter pulsating as cum and some blood was flowing out. He used a very wet wash cloth to wipe Kevin's ass gently. He told the other brother he was going to inform the superior of what happened and that the other brother should get Kevin to lay down and get him some pain killers. The one brother left quickly to tell the superior and the other got Kevin under the covers, patted him on his head and told him he was safe now and would be okay before quickly heading to the dispensary to get some heavy duty pain killers for Kevin. When they left the room, Kevin smiled to himself, knowing his plan had worked like a charm. Jim was soon to be history and maybe even in jail.

When the superior heard what had happened, he ran first to the room Kevin was in, examined him himself and tried to comfort Kevin. He took the pain killers from the one brother and made sure Kevin swallowed it. He ordered the brother to insure Kevin got one every 4 hours for the next 3 days. He then ran up to the attic where the one brother was still standing over Jim who was still on the floor moaning, holding his head.

Do you know what happened here?” the superior as the one brother.

Just from what Kevin told us. When I ran up here, Jim was as he is now, with the remnants of his ejaculation dribbling out. It looks as though Kevin fought him and hit him hard in his head and ribs. See the beginning of the bruise on his ribs?”

The superior carefully looked at Jim's body and his facial expression grew angrier by the minute.

Get yourself up and dressed, Jim. I never want to see you near this monastery ever again. You are a pervert and a retched sinner. I will not call the police since I will not let this monastery or its postulants become embarrassed by the shamefulness of your act. I will pray for you. Now go quickly before I forget who and what I am and revert back to being a military man.”

Jim moaned but heard every word the superior said. He slowly moved to get up and get his clothes back on. He had the beginnings of a black eye and the side of his face was swelling. He picked up his tool box and shuffled towards the stairs.

You realize that slut wanted it,” Jim hissed.

LEAVE NOW YOU SICK BASTARD!” the superior yelled, his fists tight and using all his will power to keep himself from beating Jim to a pulp.

Jim spit and headed down to his truck. He slowly got into it and his tires screeched as he quickly drove off.

You and the other brothers who helped Kevin will not mention this to anyone in or out of this community,” the superior said trying to calm down. “The shock of it all would greatly disturb our brothers. It is best we keep this quiet and do everything we can to protect our postulants from now on.”

As you say,” the other brother said. “I will insure the other brothers hear your orders and comply.”

The superior stormed off and the other brother went to Kevin's room and informed the other brothers what the superior had ordered. The one brother didn't like it and had to be reminded of his vow of obedience. He lowered his head and said he would comply.

Kevin was now in la la land as the pain pill kicked in. As he drifted off, he thought this was just wonderful. He had a great fuck, got off and took out Jim all in one shot and now was going to enjoy being higher then a kite for 3 days. This was indeed good.

Eric became worried when he didn't see Kevin in his patient ward or at prayers or lunch. He asked about him and was told that Kevin had taken ill but would return within 4 days or so. Eric asked to visit him, but was told Kevin needed rest and was not able to see anyone. Eric was told not to worry, all was fine.

The superior knew it wasn't in the spirit of forgiving, but he called Jim's parole officer anyway. They knew each other for years and the superior trusted him. He told him what had happened and that he didn't want to report it officially. The officer understood and said he would make sure no one heard about the incident. He promised the superior Jim would be thrown in jail for violation of his parole, now that he no longer was employed. Satisfied, the superior went to chapel to pray for his transgression and feelings of anger.

Four days later, Kevin was back to his duties. He pulled Eric into a bathroom attached to his ward and told him what had happened. Eric was all concerned that Kevin got hurt, but Kevin told him he loved it and got to take care of Jim all the same. Eric didn't understand at first, but Kevin carefully explained it all to Eric who finally understood. He wasn't a freak or bad person since he now knew Kevin had those same wonderful feelings he had. Eric felt good about himself now and happy Jim was out of his life.

Kevin and Eric were best friends. They went through novitiate and were both sent off to a teaching hospital associated with a university to become Registered Nurses. Both excelled and graduated top 2 of their class. They were assigned a floor of the Infirmary to supervise and perform patient care. Some how, thoughts of their experience with Jim kept coming back up and finally Kevin felt celibacy wasn't what he wanted for the rest of his life. He talked over his desire to leave with the superior and agreed to enter into a week long retreat and reflection before making up his mind. Kevin agreed. He told Eric about his decision and the how he decided to leave, what he knew he wanted and that he couldn't live a lie. Kevin told Eric he wanted to be happy and content and that wasn't going to happen in a monastic life. Eric became very sad, knowing he was going to loose his best friend ever. They had lengthy conversations about life and what they really wanted. Kevin was shocked when he discovered Eric only came to the monastery because of his mother and grandmother filling him with some stupid shit about destiny and family obligation. He finally made Eric see the nonsense it was and that he was the only one with the right to control his life. He wasn't indentured or a slave. Family salvation wasn't his problem but theirs, each individual was responsible for that and no individual could insure that for the whole family. Eric first became angry that he was so gullible and easily lead, being dumb. Kevin convinced him that was in the past and that his success in his studies and the honors he earned proved he wasn't dumb at all, just way too willing to let others dictate his actions. He was now a full fledged adult and could live his life as he chose.

Kevin went through with the retreat and still decided to leave. Eric cried as they hugged each other as they said their good byes, promising to keep in touch some how. Eric dove into his work and prayers like a fanatic. It didn't give him a feeling of peace but rather forced him to think about what he really wanted out of life. How did he want to live his life? What should he be doing with his life? No matter what he tried to logically tie back to monastic life, it always seemed wrong and the opposite of what his soul wanted. Finally he reached his decision and decided he too had to leave the monastery and find his path outside its walls. He went through the retreat as Kevin did and knew he was making the right decision.

He knew which city Kevin went to and he headed to the same one. He wanted to spend time with Kevin and build on their friendship. He found the address Kevin gave him before he left and rang the doorbell. A man in his early 40's answered the door. He looked at Eric and his face lit up as tears fell from his eyes.

You have to be Eric,” the man cried. “You have to be.”

Yes, my name is Eric,” Eric said confused. “Does Kevin live here? I'm a good friend of Kevin's from the monastery. I thought I could visit with him for awhile before heading back home.”

Come in, come in. Oh, where are my manners. My name is David. I was Kevin's partner, please come in,” David said after hugging Eric and directing him into the living room with his arm around Eric's shoulder.

Kevin talked so much about you. I feel like I know you,” David said still with tears. “I know Kevin would have been so excited and happy to see you again. I assume you have left the monastery?”

Yes, I have,” Eric said still confused. “What do you mean Kevin would have been so excited? Where is Kevin?”

Oh, sure, you wouldn't know, I'm sorry,” David said sadly. “Kevin is dead. He was murdered by that Jim guy.”

Eric burst into tears and David joined him, holding each other in a tight embrace. David managed to tell Eric about how he and Kevin had met at the hospital they both worked. They became lovers and then partners. Jim had been released from jail as he served out his time. He tracked Kevin down and kidnapped him, tortured him and brutally raped him over and over, eventually killing him. The police got a tip about Jim and when they searched the house he was living in, found Kevin's bloody body in the basement coal shed. Jim managed to get a gun away from one of the officers, shot one of the officers before he was shot dead. It was all over the news. Then David corrected himself, knowing that Eric wouldn't have read about it in the monastery.

I'm so sorry for you,” Eric said as he hugged David. “Knowing Kevin like I did, I'm sure he loved you so very much to become your partner and lover. He was one in a million to be sure.”

Thank you Eric,” David said giving Eric a kiss. “Life with Kevin was just living in paradise, no matter how bad things got. Kevin made it all okay and pushed all darkness away with his love. I finally have come to realize I was blessed to have had him for as long as I did and will always have him in my heart and memories.”

Eric held David's hand in his and cried.

So, what are your plans? You are welcome to stay here if you'd like,” David said rubbing Eric's back. “Its like you're family to me. You were an important part of Kevin's life.”

Thank you. I'm not sure just yet. I was planning on going home and getting all that mess cleared up,” Eric said wiping his eyes. “I wasn't sure if Kevin would want to see me or not. I suppose you know I have a rep for being naive.”

You know, the one thing that you did that drove Kevin up the wall was you calling yourself dumb,” David laughed. “Don't start going down that road again or I'll bop you one!”

Okay, fair enough. Do you suppose I could stay here for a day or two and maybe visit Kevin's grave?” Eric said seriously. “I really don't want to impose on you.”

Nonsense, you could never impose,” David lightly swatted Eric's thick bicep. “I told you, you're family. I'd love to go visit Kevin with you. I'm sure he'd love that, seeing you and I visiting.”

I know he isn't really there, just his shell,” Eric said. “Still, its like a link, a physical link to him. Like a phone connection I guess.”

Yeah, that's how I feel too,” David said grabbing on to Eric's bag. “Come on, I'll show you to the guest room and then we can have something to eat and I can bore you with pictures and stuff of Kevin and my life.”

I'd love that, thank you David,” Eric smiled, following David up the stairs to a very nice guest room.

They spent the evening going through tons of pictures and some video clips on David's laptop of Kevin and David over the years. Eric felt good that Kevin found someone and he showed how happy he really was. You could actually see it on Kevin, no doubt. He noticed the gleam and sparkle in David's eyes as he relived memories of Kevin. Eric knew they loved each other deeply. He thought it was proof that love between 2 men wasn't sinful at all, but just what it was, love, pure and simple, good. They had a nice meal and lots of wine. David was sitting almost on top of Eric, touching Eric's arm and back as they talked, sometimes leaning into Eric's body.

I miss him so damn much,” David said after a lull in the conversation when all the pictures and videos were gone through. “I never knew loneliness could be this hard. I know Kevin would want me to go out again and find someone new, but I just can't seem to move on just yet.”

Yeah, I can see Kevin holding on to your shoulders and telling you to move on,” Eric laughed. “That was Kevin for sure. You should you know. It isn't a healthy thing to just live in the past. Its not like you're betraying the love you and Kevin had. That will always be there, but he's moved on and you are still here on earth, physical and young, healthy and able to hopefully love again.”

Thank you for that Eric,” David said looking into Eric's eyes. “I know you are right, but now I have to convince myself too.”

David reached up and took Eric's chin in his hand and gently pulled Eric's head towards his. Eric had one arm across the back of the love seat behind David and his body was slightly turned toward David. David's lips gently kissed Eric's lips. Eric at first wasn't sure, but decided to live in the moment and maybe give David the comfort he needed. The kiss did feel awfully good. It was so long since either of them had any physical contact with another man. When David started to move away, Eric moved his hand from the love seat and put it on the back of David's head, gently pulling him back into a kiss. David's hands moved to Eric's muscled pecs and his tongue gently moved over Eric's lips. It didn't take very long for them to be seriously making out. Slowly and gently with some passion, not frantically like sex crazed animals. David managed to slide on to Eric's lap. He liked the feel of Eric's muscled body, his hands feeling Eric's arms, biceps, pecs and neck. Eric caught on and did a slow flex routine, pumping up whatever muscle David was touching. David moaned and even leaned in and kissed the flexing muscle. Eric pulled off his T shirt and let David examine his body.

You are a wet dream come true, you know that Eric don't you?” David said.

Kevin told me the same thing,” Eric said stealing a gentle kiss. “Would you like to see more of my body? Its here for you, right now, no obligations.”

You bet I would,” David said happily. “You'd do that for me?”

Yes I would David, if that's what you want, then that's what you will have,” Eric whispered.

Eric took hold of David under his arm pits, stood up and lifted David off of him and gently sat David down on the love seat. He slowly removed his shoes and socks, belt and slacks. He watched the lust build in David's eyes. Eric went into as good a muscle posing routine as he could remember seeing ages ago, but did it very slow and deliberate, trying his best to smoothly move from one pose to another. David's face was flushed, his eyes looked like they would pop out of his eye sockets and if he licked his lips any harder and faster, they'd wear out. Eric reached down and slowly pulled David up off the love seat. He then slowly removed all of David's clothes. With David about to hyperventilate, Eric gently engulfed David with his arms, pulling David's body into his. Eric then started slowly flexing and pumping his arms, abs, pecs and thighs, which made David go weak in the knees. David didn't know where to worship first.

Its all yours David,” Eric whispered as he licked Davids red, burning hot ear. “Do whatever you wish.”

David went bonkers, biting, feeling, massaging, kneading, kissing, licking, sucking, anything and everything he could possibly do to feel all of Eric's massive muscles and entire body. His undershorts were extremely wet all around the front as his cock seemed to leak precum uncontrollably. Eric's cock was hard and poking up out of the top of his undershorts. Eric stooped down, held David tight against his body and stood up, taking David up off the floor, their heads now at the same level. He slid one hand behind David's head and gave David a most passionate kiss. He couldn't help smile as he heard the long sigh and moan David made and his entire body seemed to just go limp. Eric moved his hand from behind David's head down his back and inside the waist band of his undershorts. He easily moved the undershorts down off of David's ass and past his thighs. They floated to the floor as Eric continued his passionate kisses. He put his hand on top of David's ass and slowly slid David's body up and down the front of his body, feeling David's precum flowing over his abs. David's head fell back, his eyes were closed and his mouth was opened, letting out these long moans of pleasure. Eric nibbled and kissed David's neck as it passed in front of his mouth. Eric moved his hands so they held David by his waist. He slowly lifted David up until his mouth could take in David's throbbing cock. Eric teased the head of David's cock with his tongue, obviously driving David wild as David's head seemed to moved all around, his fingers were dug into Eric's hair, pulling and pulling as he gasped and panted. Finally Eric opened his mouth wide and pushed David's body fast and hard into his body, his mouth engulfing David's dripping cock completely. Eric clamped his mouth on it and his tongue rubbed hard and fast on the bottom of David's cock shaft, sucking in a pulsing like rhythm. David gasped even more and started to yell out “oh yes” over and over again. Eric didn't stop until David had reached an intense orgasm and he drained every drop of cum from David. David was pleading with Eric to release him as he felt he was going to die right then and there from a pleasure overload. Eric released him from his mouth, slid David back down his body and gave David a deep, long passionate kiss. Eric told David to spread his legs on to Eric's hips which he quickly did. David's thick, fat cock was covered in precum and sat perfectly at the entrance to David's ass. Eric moved David down slightly and the entire tip of his cock was pushing at David's rosebud, demanding entrance. Eric teased David by gently pushing David down and pulling him up so that Eric's cock was covering his ass with a thick layer of precum and spreading his sphincter more and more. Finally with David screaming out, Eric pushed the entire head of his cock inside David's ass.

Is it okay? Not too much for you is it?” Eric asked gently.

Fuck no, just give me it, I want ALL of it,” David gasped and panted.

Eric kissed David long and hard again and moved his arms around David's body. He started biting, licking and kissing David's body as he moved it down further forcing more of his long, thick cock inside of David. Eric couldn't believe he had any clue as to what to do, but somehow he did know and just went with how he felt and David's response. After moving David up and down his cock enough to really open David's ass up, Eric loosened his hold around David's body so that the weight of it pushed David further down Eric's cock. It didn't take long at all for Eric's entire cock to fill David. David swore and yelled and bit Eric as his body felt it was completely filled with Eric's cock. He then began moving around and up and down and jerking his body about, trying his best to take full advantage of Eric's massive cock. Eric helped move him up and down and then reached down, took a pillow from the love seat, got down on the floor and laid down, keeping his knees bent so they supported David's back. David immediately acted like he was riding a wild bull as he pushed his body up and down hard the full length of Eric's cock. Eric put his hands behind his head and just watched David's trip into ecstasy and pleasure. David looked at Eric watching him and leaned forward, still sliding his body up and down, forward and backwards, latched on to Eric's biceps and kneaded them, then Eric's pecs, back and forth. Eric flexed both as David had his hands on them. He would lift himself up like he was doing crunches, put his hand behind David's head and pull him into a long, deep passionate kiss. Eric's whole body tensed and he gasped over and over before his cock seemed to get even thicker before it started firing load after load of cum inside David. David's cock let fly with a load of cum that shot up in the air and landed on Eric's chest and face. When David calmed down some, he leaned forward and licked his cum off of Eric's face and chest. Eric held on to David as he turned on his side after turning David around slowly on his cock so David's back was up against his abs and chest. David's chest was resting on Eric's outstretched arm while his one leg was held up by Eric's other arm. Eric recovered and the arm David was resting on, closed on to David's body and Eric slowly started moving his hips forward and back, sliding his cock almost fully out and then back in David's ass. David actually passed out for a bit. Eric kept the pace slow and steady, driving David completely out of his mind. Eric managed to keep things going like that for almost 30 minutes, with lots of slow, passionate kisses. He sped up the pace of his thrusts and held David tighter, biting on David's neck and shoulder. Eric filled David with more of his cum and David's cock could only dribble a very small amount of cum as he had already cum again. Eric released David's leg and swallowed David into his arms. The fell sound asleep that way, both deeply content and happy.

Neither one stirred until morning. Eric sort of felt guilty and kept wondering how it was that he knew just what to do since he'd never really done anything like that before. David seemed somewhat embarrassed and nervous at first. Eric decided he would get things settled so that neither one of them felt weird.

David, I can see you're somewhat nervous and I feel a bit guilty,” Eric said as he held on the David's shoulders to keep him from running off. “I'm not quite sure why we should feel that way since I think we both enjoyed ourselves and it never seemed wicked or naughty at all. Why are we both acting the way we are this morning?”

You know Eric, I can't really tell you,” David said seriously. “Now that you brought it up, it does seem completely stupid for us to feel anything but great since we had a once in a lifetime, sex romp that took my breath away so many times I lost count. Neither one of us is committed to anyone and we're both free as birds. Strange for sure. Okay, that's it, I resolve we stop being goofy and just enjoy each other from now on!”

Deal, you got my vote,” Eric laughed. “I know exactly what you are talking about. Its like we should be hiding or ashamed of ourselves and yet I can't think of any reason to feel that way. I don't have any one special person and you are on your own. I don't think Kevin would haunt us for just being human and sharing some of our love with each other. Just so damn weird.”
“What do you feel like for breakfast?” David said after giving Eric a kiss on his cheek. “I can make eggs and bacon or french toast or pancakes, your choice,” David laughed.

Oh, no eggs Benedict huh?” Eric said seriously.

Well, I suppose I can find a recipe for that if that's what you'd like,” David said seriously.

Eric grabbed David in a hug and laughed. “Plain old eggs and bacon would be wonderful, silly.”

David laughed and got breakfast started, having Eric take care of the toast and coffee. They had a fun time all through breakfast. David told Eric the cemetery where Kevin was at rest wasn't that far and they would head out as soon as breakfast was over and they cleaned up. They showered and got dressed before getting into David's car and driving off. It was a beautiful day out and the drive to the cemetery was through the beautiful countryside. It made Eric feel at home again, as the scenery reminded him of the area he grew up. When they arrived at the grave site, David hesitated and then took a deep breath and led Eric to the crypt Kevin's ashes were laid to rest. Eric could see how hard it was for David to visit Kevin so he put his arm over David's shoulder and held him close.

You know, you'd think it would get easier visiting Kevin by now,” David said with tears falling down his cheeks, “but it never seems to get that way. Its like the anger and rage comes back that he was taken from me so fast and at such a young age by a mindless animal who paid the price for what he did to you and Kevin. I guess it'll never make much sense to me.”

I'm told that time is the greatest healer,” Eric said giving David a hug. “I'm pretty sure its a bad thing to hold on to that anger and rage for too long since it'll just eat you up in the long run. That's not something Kevin would want you to go through.”

I know, you're right, but I haven't been able to deal with it just yet,” David said.

They stood there, sort of lost in their own thoughts. Eric found himself gently rubbing the marble with Kevin's name on it, as tears fell from his eyes even though he had a little smile on his face.

David watched and could swear he felt the love Eric had for Kevin. He knew Kevin loved Eric even though they never showed each other that love in a physical way, but it was there for sure. For the first time, David actually felt like his spirit was lifted from mourning for Kevin. He still missed him terribly and wished he was still here with him, but it was different now. He could let that go and move on with his life. He owed Eric for that. He started to feel that Kevin made sure Eric came to him just when he needed the help or final push to get him to move on. He still felt some rage and anger, but even that seemed to slightly ease up. For the first time the thought of therapy flashed into his mind.

Eric, I have to tell you something,” David said as he looped his arms around Eric's arm. “I finally feel like I can move on with my life and that's thanks to you. Now don't give me that surprised, shocked look, its true. Its like Kevin sent you here to get me to snap out of it and get on with life. I honestly feel different. Its like a door opened and a breeze of fresh, clean air has rushed over my soul and cleared out the dark webs of sorrow and grief. I will never forget that and will always feel grateful to you for that gift.”

Well that's so very kind and sweet of you to say,” Eric blushed. “Maybe it was Kevin who pushed me to finally see I was the one who controlled my life and destiny and I didn't owe anything to anyone else. There was no contract or price agreed on for raising me or giving me love. If it was love, then it had to be given freely and without condition otherwise it was meaningless. I know that now and can live my life as I see fit. So maybe you're right. Kevin pushed both of us to get our act together and get on with life.”

And they say miracles don't happen anymore,” David said squeezing Eric's arm and resting his head against it.

They stood there for a bit and finally both gave the marble stone a kiss and headed back to the car. Not much was said on the way home, but both of them had a happy smile on their face.

So, what are your plans Eric?” David asked as they had a light lunch.

I'm not quite sure just yet,” Eric said thoughtfully. “I know I have to go home and straighten out my mother and grandmother. I'm pretty certain I'll no longer be welcome within the family, but at least they'll know how I feel and how wrong I think they were and are. Then I thought I'd look for my old coach, Jed and visit with him for a bit. If I feel like staying on for awhile, I'll try for a nursing job at the hospital in town. If not, then I'll pick some city to head off to and see if I feel like settling down or move off to try another until I find a place I feel at home.”

That's a very healthy outlook and sound plan,” David said. “Flexible and yet sound. You have a skill and can work anywhere you choose. There's nothing that says you need to stay in the midwest or south or anywhere else you might visit. No reason you have to stay around where your family is, especially if you're no longer welcome in the family.”

Yeah, that's what I felt. I almost feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me and I'm a young kid again, heading off on the adventure of a lifetime,” Eric smiled.

That's sweet,” David said giving Eric a kiss on the head. “A very healthy way to look at things. No pressure, no set agenda, no path predetermined. Who knows, in time I just might follow in your footsteps Eric.”

Does that mean you're gonna stalk me?” Eric said seriously.

No you goof,” David laughed. “I mean I like the whole logic behind what you plan on doing. Hell, I could sell the house and do the same thing. Look for a place to put new roots; a place I feel good in that doesn't have all the memories this town has for me. Who knows, I might meet another love of my life and be able to grow old together with them.”

There you go,” Eric patted David's back. “Free as a bird and on a quest for love.”

Oh great, now you make me sound like Don Quixote!” David laughed.

They spent the rest of the day going through memento's of Kevin and Eric helped David sort through things that he never touched since Kevin died. David marveled at how easy it seemed to be to do things now without bursting into tears whenever he touched something that belonged to Kevin. He kept thanking Eric for that gift and Eric kept telling him it had to be an allergy or something. They went to a very quaint restaurant for dinner and came home to relax with some wine and talk. The night progressed like a duplicate of the previous evening, except this time they hit their sexual exhaustion in David's bed. At breakfast the following morning, Eric told David he thought it best if he started on his journey. David tried to convince Eric to stay longer, but then understood how important it was for Eric to get his life in order and begin to really live it. David insisted on paying for Eric's bus ticket and even made him pack a few of Kevin's things. He made Eric promise to send him his address and telephone number as soon as he settled somewhere or just his cell phone number when he bought one, which David insisted Eric had to do before leaving. It was unthinkable that Eric didn't have a cell phone in this day and age. David made sure he took Eric to the mall and had David's cell phone number entered into Eric's cell phone. Eric's bus was leaving in the early evening, so they decided to have a quick dinner near the bus terminal. David made certain Eric knew he would always have a place to stay if he ever wanted it, no matter where David lived or with whoever. Eric was his family now and it would always be that way. He told Eric that he'd haunt him if he didn't get a Christmas card every year from now on. They laughed and promised to keep each other close to their hearts, as family now.

Eric felt a little bit sad when he boarded the bus after hugging and kissing David goodbye. He didn't care about the strange looks they got. Eric wasn't about to hide his feelings anymore. He wasn't doing anything immoral or obscene. It was a long 10 hour bus ride to the town near his home farm. He decided he would stay at a motel until the following day, rent a car and then drive to the farm. He had a few blocks to walk from the bus terminal to the motel, but he didn't mind at all. It felt weird in a way walking around the town he grew up in. He seemed to notice things he didn't pay any attention to before. After he got settled in his room, he found a telephone book and looked to see if Jed was listed. He saw he was and decided he would call Jed after he left the family farm, since he knew without a doubt that he would be told to leave and never return.

Eric had a really great nights sleep. He wasn't worried about what the day would bring, well with the exception of how Jed would react if at all. He knew he had no right to expect any great reaction from Jed as he finally figured out Jed was hurt deeply by his leaving. This was the new Eric and he would deal with it as it happened. His life would go on.

He had quite a time trying to find a car rental outfit, but finally got hold of one that was 10 miles away. He agreed to pay extra to have them deliver the vehicle and sign a lease for 10 days minimum. He had a good breakfast a the local diner, with a few of the locals recognizing him and stopping at his booth to chat. He found out that Jed was still the coach and that he still lived alone and kept to himself most of the time. The vehicle was delivered before noon. By 1p.m. Eric was headed to the farm. As his car pulled into the long farm road, he spotted his father's truck parked outside the house, laundry hanging from the clotheslines and his grandmother sitting on the porch probably setting up beans for dinner. She stood up and looked hard at the vehicle driving towards the house wondering who would be stopping by without being invited. Eric parked next to his father's truck and got out of the car. His grandmother looked confused at first but then recognized Eric who now looked more mature and very healthy.

Hey grams,” Eric said as he waved. “Surprise!”

Eric? Is that you?” his grandmother yelled.

She dropped her pot on the floor and began scooting towards Eric. He held open his arms and lifted her off the ground in his arms as he spun her around. She kissed him and hugged him and laughed like a little girl as he twirled her around and around.

What the heck is going on here?” Eric heard his father's voice.

It's Eric, he's come home!” gran shouted as Eric put her down.

Eric? What are you doing here?” his father asked without a smile. “Did they throw you out of the monastery or something?”

Funny dad,” Eric said with a sad look. “No, I wasn't thrown out, I left.”

Left? You just left?” his father shouted. “What the hell kind of irresponsible crap is that to pull?”

Not irresponsible at all,” Eric said sternly. “Honest and truthful maybe, but irresponsible, I don't think so.”

What's going on here?” Eric's mother said as she came out of the house. “Eric? Is that really Eric?”

Yeah, damn sure it is,” Eric's dad said angrily. “Damn fool says he left the monastery. Who knows what kind of crap this boy's into.”

What do you mean? Eric? You left the monastery?” his mother said concerned. “How can you do that? You know its what you were destined for. We're depending on you.”

No, I wasn't destined for it and you had no right to make me think your salvation was dependent on me, Eric said sternly. “That's YOUR problem, not mine. I refuse to continue living a lie. I never wanted to be in a monastery and I damn sure won't spend any more of my life doing something I don't want to do. Its over, I'm finished.”

Now just you hold your tongue boy,” Eric's dad said angrily. “Don't you be talkin to your mama that way. No sir, I won't have it.”

No, I won't hold my tongue,” Eric said calmly. “I spent most of my life up till now trying to live a lie because momma and granny fed me a lie. My life would have been a sad, pathetic lie, and for what? Just a sinful waste of a life, certainly not pleasing to God or me. That in itself is a big, big sin that you both need to seek forgiveness for. Me? I'm finished with it all, no more living lies.”

Eric's mother seemed to have lost control of her legs and she seemed to flop straight down to the ground, holding her head in her hands and crying hysterically. His granny went up to her and hugged her head into her lap, looking at Eric as if he spit on them.

How dare you call your own mamma and granny liers,” Eric's dad shouted as he stormed towards Eric with his fists bunched up tight. “You ungrateful piece of shit. After all the love and tenderness you got from them and how they doted over you all those years?”

Something you just don't seem to be able to understand,” Eric said standing his ground. “Love isn't given with a contract or expectation of any kind of payback. Its given freely and by choice, willingly from the heart, no strings attached. If there are strings attached, it isn't love but another lie. You love your children because they are your children and you brought them into the world. Not because they were going to do something for you or pay you back in some way. No, love doesn't have any sort of payback that comes part of the package.”

What do you know about life or love?” Eric's mother shouted. “I've struggled and worked hard all my life just so you could make the family proud and be someone to insure we reap the rewards of the almighty for providing him with a servant of the lord.”

And you honestly think God wants that,” Eric said with a very serious look. “You honestly believe that kind of servitude means anything to God? Where did you pick that pound of bullshit up? God isn't stupid or unjust. He doesn't let someone else pay the price of your sins or disbelief. His son was one thing, but your son is another thing altogether. Tell me you don't honestly believe what you just said!”

Its been that way for generations in this family,” granny shouted. “It has insured salvation for each generation for as far back as our family goes.”

Oh, and what you were visited by the dead and they told you that?” Eric snickered. “How in God's plan could you possibly be so gullible and naive? Oh wait, maybe if you write down your sins on a piece of paper and feed it to the cows on good Friday, they're all taken care of, is it like that?”

Don't you mock our beliefs you ungrateful thing,” Eric's dad shouted.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't?” Eric shouted back. “They are stupid, ignorant and completely unfounded in any doctrine of the church you so fervently cling to. As a matter of fact, if this was the 1400's, you all would have been burnt at the stake as heretics and followers of the devil.”

No one knew what to say back to Eric. His father wasn't so sure it was a good idea to strike Eric since he towered over him and Eric could obviously pound him into the ground with one fist.

Oh, and by the way, I have something else you need to know,” Eric said after walking right up to his mother and granny. “I'm gay. That's right, I love men. I intend to live my life with another man who will have me and love me. Its not sinful, work of the devil or anything else you poor ignorant sheep might think. Its how I am and how I intend to finally live MY life.”

Both his mother and granny screamed and began picking up the dirt off the ground and covering their heads with it. His father flopped down on his ass and looked like he was shell shocked.

You tell me you are a homosexual pervert?” his father said.

No, I'm telling you I'm gay, a homosexual gay man,” Eric said with a sarcastic smile. “No pervert at all, just gay.”

Get off of this farm before you curse the ground,” Eric's momma yelled. “Don't ever bring your perverted, sinful self here again, never. You hear me devil!”

That is just what I imagined you saying to me,” Eric said sadly. “So much for all that love huh? You just proved to me it was another lie. I'm rather ashamed that I come from a family built on lies and deciet. Well, its all good. Now I'm completely free from you all and can move on with life. Thanks for the room and food over the years. I'll pray for you and my brothers. Hopefully they will see you for what you really are and run for the hills before you get to ruin their lives.”

Eric turned, got into his car and sped away from the farm. When he was far enough away that he knew they couldn't see him anymore, he pulled over, held his head in his hands and wept. Hard strong sad tears that deep down he prayed he wouldn't have to shed. Right then and there, he held a mental funeral for his entire family, except for his brothers. He mentally cut the cord and he no longer felt any bonds with them. He was truly free of them now. He was sad and yet relieved. A major step in his moving forward with his life has just been taken and although emotionally sad, it was invigorating. He got to say what he wanted to say and left it as their choice whether to move on with him or just slam the door shut. He wiped away his tears and calmly drove on, taking the long way back to town to give his eyes a chance to get back to normal.

While at the motel, he entered in Jed's telephone number. It was Sunday afternoon and he knew Jed would be home. He pulled over under a large tree to be in the shade. He slowly selected Jed's name and hit the call Jed button. He felt nervous and yet all excited at the same time. After the 5th ring, Jed answered.

Hello? Jed speaking, can I help you?” Jed's deep, strong voice came on the phone.

Jed? Hi, this is Eric, I hope I'm not bothering you,” Eric said almost tongue tied.

ERIC!, ERIC? Is that really you?,” Jed shouted into the phone. “Where are you? Is everything alright?”

Everything is just fine Jed. As a matter of fact for the first time in my life, its all good,” Eric said happily. “I left the monastery and I'm back in town. I just wondered if you'd like to have dinner with me. If you're busy or anything, just say so, its all fine.”

Busy? Hell no!,” Jed said in a happy tone he hasn't used in years. “When did you get into town? Oh never mind, who cares! I'd love to have dinner with you. As a matter of fact I was just thinking about putting something on the grill when the phone rang. Tell you what, how about you come over to my house and we can catch up!”

I'd really love that Jed, if your sure its no bother,” Eric said with a smile.

Now don't make me remind you what a coach can do Eric!” Jed laughed. “Its no bother at all, believe me. I'm so damn excited to hear from you.”

I'm glad you are, since I'm so glad to hear your voice,” Eric said with relief. “I have your address and will be there in about 20 minutes if that's okay?”

Hell yeah, I can't wait,” Jed bubbled. “Go ahead and speed, the sheriff is taking his nap now, its safe!”

Eric laughed as did Jed. Eric got into his car and did in fact speed off towards Jed's. When he pulled into Jed's driveway, Jed was standing there, almost like a little kid all excited about getting on some new scary ride at a carnival. If his smile was any bigger, Eric was sure his face would burst. Eric's smile was just as bad though. Jed threw open his arms as he walked quickly to Eric as he closed the car door. They hugged each other so tight, neither one could really breath right, but neither one cared one bit. Jed had on a pair of gym shorts, floppies and a tank top which all showed off his powerful, hairy muscled build along with his sexy Marine tattoos that Eric always admired.

Damn you look good Eric,” Jed said as he inspected Eric. “How'd you manage to keep yourself in such great shape. If I didn't know different, I'd swear you got even more developed.”

Well Jed, I did actually get more developed,” Eric laughed. “I found all sorts of ways to keep up with my body building and weight training. It was much easier when I was away from the monastery at nursing school.”

You went to nursing school?” Jed asked seriously.

Yep, sure did. You're in the presence of the valedictorian of the University Nursing class,” Eric beamed. “I'm a full fledged RN, with enough credits to become a Nurse Practitioner if I go through a residency.”

Holy shit,” Jed laughed. “Oh, I'm sorry, you being a monk and all.”

Nope, I left the monastery Jed,” Eric said with a smile. “It took me awhile, but I finally know that I am the captain of my life's ship and control the journey. I have to live my life my way and as I choose, not as someone else dictates.”

God I'm so glad to hear you say that,” Jed said as he hugged Eric tight. “It broke my heart when you said you were going to enter a monastery because it was your obligation to your family.”

Well, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings,” Eric said sadly. “I have now rectified all that and am over all of that.”

What's wrong with me,” Jed said shaking his head. “Come on in and get comfortable. How about a drink?”

Thanks, that would be really great,” Eric laughed.

Jed steered Eric into the backyard and told him to have a seat and get comfortable. Jed had a very nice pool in his yard along with a large jacuzzi. Jed went into the house and returned with a few towels over his arm, a large pitcher of margaritas and 2 glasses. Eric jumped up and helped Jed with his load.

I don't have a swim suite with me,” Eric said as he laid the towels on the back of their chairs.

No problem at all,” Jed said. “I have a bunch you can choose from that I'm sure will fit just fine. Come on inside and get yourself comfy.”

Eric followed Jed into the house and was taken to a spare bedroom where Jed opened up a large dresser drawer that was loaded with all sorts of swim suites. Eric picked out a bikini style bright blue one.

Good choice,” Jed said. “That's a great color for you Eric.

Eric laughed and blushed, feeling silly that Jed paid him that compliment. Eric looked around and then was somewhat taken by surprise when Jed pulled out a bright red swim suite, took off his shirt and dropped his shorts, right in front of Eric, pulled on the swim suite and smiled at Eric. Eric was used to seeing team mates change without any thought of modesty, but as an adult, became somewhat shy himself. He blushed a bit and looked uncomfortable as Jed just waited for him to change.

Hey, don't be shy,” Jed laughed. “Its not like we both haven't seen bare ass before.”

I know, its just monastic left over's I guess,” Eric stammered.

Jed just laughed and stood there. Eric swallowed and just took off his shirt, slid down his pants and dropped his underwear. He noticed Jed's eyebrows lift up and a smile cross Jed's face. Jed headed back out to the yard with Eric in tow. Jed poured them both a drink and sprawled out on a lawn chair.

Okay, so bring me up to date,” Jed said to Eric.

Eric went through an abbreviated version of monastic life, school and then his confrontation with his family. He watched for a reaction from Jed when he said he told them he was gay, and Jed didn't even flinch.

I admire you for having the nerve to set things straight,” Jed said seriously as he reached over and patted Eric's leg. “Its one thing to change direction but to completely flip your life around and move in a new direction isn't easy.”

Well, it took me long enough and I decided I'm not willing to live a lie anymore,” Eric said sadly.

He told Jed about his loss of Kevin and what they went through with Jim, how Jim murdered Kevin and how he helped Kevin's partner move past grief after being stuck in it for 3 years. Jed was listening intently, only interrupting Eric now and then to clarify things Eric said. Eric was surprised when Jed got up, moved next to Eric and stooped down, pulling Eric into a hug.

I'm so sorry you had to experience that,” Jed said sincerely. “I wish there was some way I could have either protected you from that or prepared you at least.”

Jed, its fine, honestly,” Eric said surprised. “I had to go through all that in order to get to where I'm at right now. Otherwise I might have continued to live a lie and ended up a sad, lonely, bitter man.”

Okay, enough heavy stuff,” Jed said with a tear in his eye. “Lets get goofy and hit the pool and jacuzzi.”

He stood up, grabbed Eric's hand and pulled him off the chair and towards the pool. Jed climbed on to the deck around the pool and dove in. Eric followed him and they started to play around like young kids. Both laughed and teased, having a lot of fun. Both had been checking each others bodies out the entire time, trying to hide their interest. Jed had them move to the jacuzzi, refilling their drinks and placing the glasses on the ledge with glass holders. They went over some great memories they shared and laughed about silly things in general.

So what are your plans Eric?” Jed suddenly asked.

Well, I thought I might stay around awhile, getting a job at the hospital,” Eric said. “I have to find somewhere to live first though since the thought of living out of a box doesn't really appeal to me.”

You are welcome to stay here if you want,” Jed said seriously. “I have the room and I'd be thrilled actually to have you stay with me.”

That's awfully nice of you Jed,” Eric said surprised, even though he was hoping Jed would suggest it. “I'd be honored and most grateful to stay here.”

There was an almost uncomfortable silence that Jed finally broke.

Eric, this isn't easy for me to say,” Jed said. “I always felt something more for you then just being a mentor. It took me loosing you to realize how much I did feel for you. Knowing I would be with you and hear your voice made me smile and in a hurry to get to the gym. Before you came into my life, I was bitter, lonely and sad. Nobody knows this, but I was deeply involved and in love with someone. The military didn't tolerate gay relationships so for both our careers, we kept it secret and hidden. He was killed in Iraq and I couldn't express my grief or find a way to fill the void he left in my life. Like you turned to physical fitness to become more like your super heroes, I turned to it to exhaust my body and mind and give me a vehicle to vent my anger and pain. I was bitter, lonely and sad as I already said, and then you snuck into my life. If you want me to shut up, just tell me. I just couldn't keep it bottled up in me anymore. Its slowly killing me and I'm tired of it all. I don't quite know how to fix it or what to do, but I figured I owed it to my sanity and maybe you to let you know what I'm going through.”

Eric listened carefully and his heart was breaking at the thought of this wonderful man being in so much intense mental anguish. He was so physically strong and seemed to be so driven to excellence, pride of self and completely self assured, but it was just a cover, a walled fortress he was forced to build because of how society functioned. Eric never stopped looking at Jed as he emptied out his heart to Eric. Eric decided to let Jed know how he felt in one bold move. He moved across the jacuzzi, got in between Jed's legs, put his hands on each side of Jed's head and pulled him into a long, passionate kiss. Jed's eyes almost popped out of his head as he melted into the most tender, passionate kiss he ever had. His entire body reacted with chills, a feeling of electricity shooting up and down his entire nervous system. He gently wrapped his arms around Eric's body and held him tight as he returned the passionate kisses, groaning and moaning as Eric's body rested on top of his body, in between his legs. Jed didn't want to let go of his hold on Eric.

Jed, I probably should have let you know how taken with you I was and didn't even know it,” Eric said softly. “I was too naive and out of touch with real life; I just didn't understand those feelings at all. I should have realized it when you hugged me when I was leaving for the monastery and I kept reliving that hug over and over all the years since then. I should have realized how much I felt for you when just the flash thought of you made my cock twitch and throb. I'm sorry for all the wasted time we could have had together.”

Jed squeezed Eric, sighed and burst into sobbing tears. He felt the flood of pent up emotion, desire and longing flow out of him as if a dam had finally broken down the walls holding back the waters of agony and loneliness. He kissed and squeezed and cried, not knowing what he should do, all the emotions taking control. Eric knew Jed needed to let it all get out of his system so they could move on with what would probably be their life together, at least he hoped it would be so. Finally, Jed calmed down and while trying to apologize broke into a hearty laugh as Eric used his lips, tongue and teeth to silence every attempt by Jed to apologize to him. Jed kissed Eric gently and with such a look of joy on his face. He moved Eric's body around, stood up, cradling Eric in his strong arms, stepped out of the jacuzzi with Eric's head on his shoulder walked into the house and into his bedroom. He gently laid Eric down on the bed, removed his bikini swim suite and touched Eric from head to toe with his fingers and lips. He removed his bikini suite and slid on to the bed next to Eric, cradled his body in his arms against his body and continued to gently worship Eric's body. Eric pulled Jed's face to his when he could to gently kiss Jed and stroke his face ever so gently. A few touches on his cock by Jed and Eric's cock was hard and leaking precum. Jed let some build up on his index finger and slowly licked it off while keeping his eyes locked to Eric's eyes. He slowly kissed and nibbled his way down Eric's body until he reached Eric's cock and balls, licking gently and teasing just the tip with his tongue. Eric's back arched up and he moaned, feeling like an electric jolt shot from his cock to his brain. Jed worshiped and caressed Eric's balls and slowly sucked Eric's cock from base to tip in between. He got in between Eric's legs, nibbled on his thighs and lifted his legs towards Eric's chest, nibbling and licking from Eric's balls to his ass crack. He reached for Eric's hand and moved it to Eric's thigh. Eric grabbed both his thighs, holding his legs up and wide for Jed as Jed worked slowly and passionately on Eric's rosebud and perineum with his lips, tongue and teeth. He was so gentle and loving and Eric knew it and loved it. This wasn't sex at all, Eric knew this was Jed showing him his love. It was all for Jed to show Eric his love for him. He only allowed Eric a few moments of tasting his precum and worshiping his cock before he returned to his control of the pleasure banquet he was having with Eric. Jed eventually had just about his entire tongue deep inside Eric's ass, who's body was slick with a thick layer of sweat and seemed to be a babbling fool, slithering all over the bed as Jed slowly took him further and further to the point of no return. Eric was panting and gasping as Jed finally moved his attention back up Eric's body, just about devouring Eric's mouth in a deep, long passionate kiss. Eric held on to Jed as hard as he could, wanting Jed to completely envelope him, absorb him into himself. Jed pushed the head of his long, fat cock inside of Eric's ass, pushing past the sphincter with ease. When he pushed his cock in further, he bit hard on Eric's neck. Eric jerked his body down and all of Jed's cock filled Eric's ass. Jed began a very slow and deliberate fuck of Eric. He wanted to watch every expression on Eric's face. He wanted to see if he could take Eric to the height of pleasure, that was his goal; that and making sure Eric knew they were making love. Jed slowly moved from one position to another, bringing every part of Eric's body into the act as he could reach. Jed slowed down whenever he felt Eric was about to go over the top and reach his orgasm. Jed wanted this to last as long as possible. He knew he could get Eric to cum many times as well as himself, but that wasn't the point at all. It was keeping Eric at that heavenly state of pre-orgasm for as long as he could. He kept that up for over an hour before finally giving in to Eric's pleading and begging to fill him completely with his seed. He moved back on top of Eric's body and locked Eric in his arms, his entire body flexing and moving tightly over Eric's flexing muscles, his fucking movements becoming more intense. Eric cried out and started filling the slick area between their abs with his cum as he experienced the most fantastic orgasm of his life. That sent Jed into his super hero orgasm which he swore gave him an out of body experience. When they finally calmed down, both were completely exhausted and drained of all energy.

Jed woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss. He smiled as the moonlight lit up Eric's perfect body, his muscles slowly moving with his deep breaths. When he returned from the bathroom, he gently turned Eric over on his side, snuggled up behind Eric and pushed his still hard cock back inside Eric's ass. He pulled Eric tight into his body and snuggled his face alongside Eric's, slowly stroking Eric's hard cock as he fell back asleep. Jed was already awake and still holding Eric with his cock inside of Eric's ass. He just watched Eric, feeling his body and stroking his cock, fully enjoying the wonderful feeling of having Eric completely his. He was going to do whatever it took to make certain Eric knew of his deep love and that he wanted Eric to be his for the rest of their lives and beyond. Eric woke, stretched his arms and legs before realizing he was in Jed's strong grip and Jed's cock was inside him. He purposely stretched harder, arching his back and pushing his legs and shoulders back into Jed. Jed bit him on the neck and proceeded to fuck Eric as if he was a bull in heat. Eric yelled out and panted and moaned, loving the rough fucking he was getting. Jed filled his ass with a large load of cum and very quickly pulled out of Eric, pulled his body down on his back and devoured Eric's cock. Eric didn't take long at all to fill Jed's throat and mouth with his cum, which Jed drained completely from Eric's cock. Eric's entire body went limp. Jed turned his body around and got on top of Eric, pushing his still dripping cock into Eric's mouth. Eric took to it like a baby to a teet, sucking it wildly. Jed pulled up Eric's legs and sucked out his ass and fucked him with his tongue. Eric was thrilled when Jed's body jerked and stiffened and Jed pushed his cock deep into Eric's throat, coating it with a load of cum. Eric sucked and used his hands to lift Jed's hips so he could get Jed's cum on his tongue. Jed fell to the side of Eric and Eric held on to Jed's cock as if it were his air supply hose under water.

I suppose we should get out of bed, shower and stuff and maybe have some breakfast?” Jed panted.

If you feel we have to,” Eric moaned.

Jed pulled Eric to his side and smacked him on his ass cheek. “Yes, we have to love of my life. This is all just something you're going to have to get used to for the rest of your life you know. I have no intention of giving you up or letting you go ever again.”

Promise?” Eric said.

Promise, cross my heart and hope to die,” Jed said as he gave Eric a hickey on his ass cheek. “Now I marked you with the mark of the Jed and you are mine forever.”

Oh, is that how that works,” Eric laughed. “I'm glad to hear it.”

Eric did get a job at the hospital and continued his residency to become a nurse practitioner. Jed was his rock and support, his love and life, as he was for Jed. Jed loved Eric so much, he even willingly let Eric top him so he could feel Eric inside of him and be filled up with Eric's seed. After that experience, they routinely made love with each one filling the other with his seed, sealing their love for each other.